Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on March 23, 1953 · Page 14
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, March 23, 1953
Page 14
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14- TCao Wircmntmaa ' By HAROLD V. COHEN Local Scrappings Vladimir Bakaleinikoff is ail ing at the Hollywood home'of his brother, Mischa BakaJeim koff. the Columbia Pictures' musical director. Bak was taken ill at the conclusion of his West ern toir with the Sinfonietta . . . Peaches is spending Jier spare time away from the Cas ino fh the dentists chair. . Tom Flanagan, managing direc tor of Station Representatives Association, Inc., speaks at the regular bi-weekly luncheon meeting of the Pittsburgh Radio and Television Club in the Hotel Pittsburghe; on Wednesday Tiny Miller will be working with vrankie Sawhook am? his Jesters at the Barrel in Butler this week. ' ' Kkkie Wertz, of the Play-home School, flew home to Wilkes Bar re recently and on the return trip she wm studying her line for the net Playhouse, Jr., production. The Land of the Dragon." So the pilot and co-pilot "checked her out" by cueing Bicki on her lines all the way back to Pittsburgh. Not only that but they've promised to come to the show, too. . . . WWSW announcer George Bowes, who mans the mikes for the station's night-long 919 Club, cut another birthday cake yesterday. . . . Big Jack Prince will be leaving "Guys and Dolls" on the oad short i to go into the Broadway company. Observation Post: No complaints about the Academy Awards this year although an Oscar for "The Greatest Show on Earth" in a field that also included "High Joon" and "The Quiet Man" did seem just a little far-fetched. But then the voting on. the best picture grows more and more unpredictable. Remember when "An American in Paris" surprised everybody by coming in first last year? ... It was a great night for the DeMille family. C. B. also got the Irving Thal-berg Memorial Award for Producers and his daughter, Katharine DeMille, accepted the supporting actor Oscar for her husband. Anthony Quinn, whose performance in "Viva Zapata" turned the trick. Nobody gave Quinn an outside chance; the dopesters figured Victor McLag-len's job in 'The Quiet Man" had it sewed up. More of Same: After seeing -Angel Face," it's perfectly easy to understand why Jean Simmons tried to break her contract with Howard Hughes and RKO. ... If 3-D, Cinemascope, Cinerama, etc., outmode . the present flat screen, watch the rush of the major studios to sell their vault-loaded treasures of old movies to television. ... Excellent reports on Dick Powell's first as a movie director, "Split Second." One of the trade papers reviewed it the other day and intimated that Powell had the Hitchcock touch. ... What a treat in stylized acting there Ls in "The Importance of Beiog Earnest. ... Remember when Robert Ryan, who practically steals "The Naked Spur,' was the rather second-rate juvenile of a second-rate Clifford Odets drama, "Clash By Night," at the old Ms on? It starred Talhilah Bankhead and was produced by Billy Rose, and Tallu's clashes by day with Billy over this show makes some of the most interesting reading in her autobiography, "Tallu-lah." The flu bug hit Maestro Tiny Wolfe over the weekend and sent him home to bed from the Copa bandstand. . . . Samia Ga-mal's "White Cargo" hit a new low for the season at the Nixon around $6,500. . , . The Carnegie Tech Scotch and Soda kids are burned up at the administration for refusing to permit their 1933 show to be televised on a network program this summer. . . . Selma Cohen Is the new press representative for Francis Mayville's International Repertory Company here. She replaces Dee Stout. . . Joe Hiller will be 61 tomorrow. . . . The Homer Bergs (Marilyn Mc-Meekin, the McKeesport radio lovely) have named the new arrival Kent Alan. Addenda Jule Styne, producer of -nazel Flagg" and the hit revival of "Pal Joey," is considering a new version of Cole Porter's musical, "Anything Goes" for next season. It originally starred Ethel Merman. Victor Moore and William Gaxton. . . . Dorothy Me-Goire and her husband. John Swope, will operate the La folia. Cat., Playhouse this summer in the absence of Gregory Peck and M el Ferrer. ... Sir Cedric Hardwicke has taken over the leadii.? role in the new Andrew Rosenthal drama, "Horses in Midstream." with Diana Lynn and L1S1 Darvas. Hardwicke is also directing the play, which opens on Broadway In a eon-pie of weeks. Here Prior to 14 dp Am J PfrA i 4 i !i i 'ii, liS -i . W NEW PLAY Constance Bennett will open a week's engagement at the Nixon tonight playing the lead in George Ration's new comedy, "I Found April." The play is en route to Broadway where it will open after Holy Week. John Baragrey is her leading man. Life With Mother' Tickles Funny Bone at Sequel to 'Life With Father' Retains Much of Clarence Day's Original Humor By WIN FANNING In his three major works, -God and My Father," "Life with Father" and "Life with Mother," the latter published posthumously, the late Clarence Day seems to have left behind tne most indestructible prose comedy of recent years. For no matter how it is twisted, jumbled about and watered down, it still tickles the funny bone with amazing consistancy. In "Life With Mother," a play by Howard J-Jndsay and Russel Crouse who wrote its predecessor. "Life With Father," the playwrights and the Playhouse company put Mr. Day s account to the acid test. And despite an extremely slow-moving first act, a wholesale telescoping of the stories upon which it is based and a "Father" whose mild "damns" would have moved the elder Day to an even stronger epithet, the warmth and unique humor of the original come through almost unscathed. Not a little credit for the evening's enjoyment must be given to Miss Mariam Lewis, in the title role. By. projecting a vast personal charm over the footlights, Miss Lewis succeeds in drawing a rounded portrait of Mrs. Day which even her son found somewhat difficult to convey. "Vinnie" as her husband called her, is not the major figure in "Life With Mother," any more than she was in "Liie vun rnii. Both plays are drawn from ma terial in -the book by the latter title and Father is not a character who can easily be pushed into the background. Miss Lewis' performance is, therefore, all the more remarkable. Mr. Al Spindelman does not have quite so much luck with Father. He looks the part, reads his lines with accomplished ease and generally conducts himself with aplomb, but he just isn't Father Day. Jackie Lee Tops New Bill at Copa Jackie Lee. a newcomer in the singing ranks whose Essex label recording of "Love Mood' is on the local best seller list, moves into the Copa to begin a one-week's engagement tonight. An accomplished hot pianist, Lee will also feature his instrumental prowess at the downtown nightery. Comedian Ronny Sterling and Madeline, his "straight man," will add to the evening's entertainment at Lenny Litman's club. Tiny Wolfe and his band will provide the music for dancing and the three floor shows nightly. Shotr Time j-innnnnnjLO a rw iwwrn'V 1- XIX Constance Bennett In "I Found April." Tonight at :30. 1 XT ARMORY Shrine Circui. Today at 2.39 and 8.30. rtATHOVSi Hamt Strtet Theater: Th Rojal Tamil.- Ton!ht at 8:30. Craft Avenu Theater: "Hit With Motbtr." Tonifht at 8:30. tm rLASETAaiVM "Easter The Awakening. ' Today at 2:15 and 8:30. AST ClSEM.t -Devil m tnt Klein" ( English languagt version t. at 11:20. 1:30. 3:40. 6:50. 8 and 10:10. CASIXO Peaches In burletaue. Matinees continuous Irom noon to 5. Tonight at 8:30. ft Hon .Danny Kie in "Hans Christian And-rsen" at 11:33. 1:46. 8:57. 8:08. 8:1 and 10:30. ARK IS "City Beneath the Sea." with Robert P.n and Antftorty Quinn. at 10 45. 12:41. 2:37. 4:32. 8.28. 8:34 aud 10 20. tlXlt Shlr Booth and Burt Lancaster m "Come Bark. Little Sheba." at 11:15. 1:25. 3:35. 5 45. 7:55 and 10:05. ITZ James Stewart in "The Naked Sour." at 10:15. 12:15. 2:15, 4:15. 6.15. 8:15 and 10:15. SQCIBRXL HILL Miccaet P.edrat In "Tnt Imcortanet ef Beint Ernest." at 6 03. 8:05 and 10:07. STABILE T Robert Mitchum and Jean Simmons in "Angel Face." at 11, 1:15, 3.30. 5.45. 8 and 10 15. WABXEft Wa t Disney s "Peter Pan," at 11 43. l.3, 4:01, 8.10, 818 and 10.28. Broadway Playhouse Mr. Spindelman appears to be a victim of miscasting. It is apparently not in his nature to be the martinet who demands that his new ice box be delivered with ice; who requires absolute obedience from his four red headed sons, and irt whose eyes a woman's place, is decidedly confined to the home. In short, Mr. Spindelman is just too good a Joe to step into the shoes of Clarence Day Sr. Of the four Day children Master Danny Hovorka walks away with acting honors. Constantly reciting vaTous scraps of poetry with dramatic emphasis, he keeps the adults on their toes and easily put his "brothers" in tfie shade. Actually, the boys with the exception of Master Hovorka, are given rather few of the better lines. So if they fail to stand out it is not the fault of Mr. Louis Everstine. Mr. Robert Stonebridge and Master Wayne Claeren, all of whom make the most of the material given them. Among the supporting cast the performance of Miss Jean Bruno, as Father's former sweetheart, Bessie Logan, is outstanding. Mr. Russell Whitney gives an excellent account of himself as "Cousin Cora's" husband, and Phyllis Jones handles "Cora" with credit. In a very brief scene, Michael Mur-tagh, as the coachman, gives Father his comeuppance with rare high comedy. Mr. William J. Ryan's settings are outstandingly well done, making full use of the large Craft Avenue stage to create an atmosphere of upper middle class living in the 18S0's. Miss Elizabeth B i r b a r i s costumes seem particularly appropriate and attractive. "Life With Mother" may not quite capture the magic of Mr. Day's writing, but it will certainly capture and hold your interest for an evening at the Plavhouse. MOST TALKED OF PICTURE IN A OECADE! knqHik Vtrsit fiT3T!rP 3 "Easter The Aw2Heniiig" 4r A IftsDirotio Tt All Who Set Itl 4i also Micro-Zoo Tkt Talk ff tht Ttwn THE REDHEADS plus a gala revue DINNER $2.50 up 2 Skews Nifey ante 5115 Mia. Dtwattwa McKeesport 3-4111 CcocktailsA 7 LOBSTER fV ' STEAKS WQT K chops X 1 OYSTEUS l CLAMS NH , J Short Oinntrsl Cotsor SolodJ PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: TTfln N(bulv IFaUim Shirley Booth In Come Back, Little Sheba9 at Penn By HAROLD V. COHEN Hear this. Nobody ever deserved an Oscar more than Miss Shirley Booth for "Come Back, Little Sheba." It is the kind of a performance that strikes a match to the screen, and endows the profession of acting with a towering dignity. Thanks to her, the haunting, poignant quality "Come Back, Little Sheba" had on the stage, it has recaptured in the movie version. Out of the agony of a temporarily reformed alcoholic who is trying desperately to make the best of his dreary life, Mr. William Inge has written a pitilessly penetrating drama that bites deep into some human weaknesses and speaks a num ber of terrifying truths. Having had the quick sense to recognize the honesty of "Come Back, Little Sheba," Mr. Hal Wallis, who produced it for Paramount, has had the good sense to turn the direc tion over to Mr. Daniel Mann a young man with a fresh and uncluttered viewpoint. Mr. Mann staeeri the Broadway original and Hollywood has not laid a hand on him. . The affecting way Mr. Inge graphed "Come Back, Little Sheba" is the same way Miss Booth and Mr. Burt Lancaster, a very pleasant surprise, inciden tally, are playing it. As the lazy, messy wife who runs a sleazy household, Miss Booth is both maddening in her shiftlf ss-ness and heartbreaking in ner devotion to Doc. He has been seeking comfort in whisky for the aimlessness of his everyday existence and is engulfed in self- pity. Without saying so until a drunken delirium overcomes him again, Doc has resented Lola for 20 years because he had to marry her in college and feels that this stopped him from being the success he might have been. Into this role, Mr. Lancaster pours an overwhelming sadness, and a hungering de spair. Back on the campus, Doc had dreamed of being a physician. But a springtime indiscretion with LoJa forces them into an early marriage and he becomes a small-town chiropractor whose only solace is in drink. As "Come Back, Little Sheba" opens. Doc is well along in his cure for alcoholism with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous, but when a pretty co-ed who lives with them does things which recall tragic memories of his own, that is more than Doc can stand. He hits the bottle and goes off the deep end. In the end, after he has come home fttb WEEK! Beors Open 0:30 A. M. SAMUEL GOLDWYN'S "Kane Christian Andoirocn" STARRING DANNY KAYE I i 1 FBICES IMIS EXGAGFMXKT OJTtT 19:3ft to 5. 85c o .1 to close, 1:3 CHILDREN ALL TIMES. . . . .f)Ofl TAX ICLIDED Yom'vo lofftrf Too plus t 5806 PENN AVE- E. LIIENTT JJJ mmm E.MtlGHT THEATRE BLDG 050MT flfR, MV. X rrsm rwHiKK PBon:f M. 1-9905 HI 1-03 1 C 0T. SHOW 8 TO 2 XO COVER NO MIV CENTRE AVE. Y.M.C.A. PRESENTS "COMMAND PERFORMANCE" STARRING AN ARRAY OF TALENT IN PERSON m CORNELL COOPER MART DEE VELMA CARET RUMMY BISHOP It CUDDY ALtERTS it HOLLY GRAHAM BOMB BUSTERS it ARABELLA WAILY RAND it CHUCK FLY BOBBY JULE it ARABELLA WALLY RAND WALT HARPER ORCHESTRA THE "Y" CHORALE it WALT HARPER ORCH. SCHENLEY HIGH SCHOOL TOMORROW NIGHT 8 P.M. TICKETS OX SALE AT DOWXTOWX AXD CENTRE ATE. T. M. C. A. s AJID VOLKWEIN S. 632 LIBERTY AVE. LEE FLORAL SHOP, CENTRE AVE. -lll:Mri FOR WORLD SERVICE FI ND mmmhmh THEATERS i in.... i mni mar AOC RE-OPENING MARCH 16 It tt. SB. Most SOI VF.MRS FOR THE I.AHIFS Awsfido. tothtrtw WATCH FOR I BIG ATTRACTIONS CLUE DELL 'DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK" tt. 30. 8 Mt. Ess Marilva Monror, Richard Widmark si WH. Vstl 312B OLEL AT SILVER CREEK" T?fh.) Aodig Murphy PITTS3UR6H "ISLAND OF DESIRE' (Ttcli) Linda Darnell gLt I26B ' "LITTLE HQ HORN" J. Ireland, M. Windsor IteiRfcOW GardlRS "IIRD OP PARADISE" CTech) Lim.lt Way, 2 of llat.lt Jlr tft Hloay. HtKtMosrt 2-6323 PADLINR X. 8. A. Htnphrty Bofart, Kim Bontrr ROUTE 19 "LAST CF THE MOHICANS" Randolph Scott 25 Rft. Ir.. Mt. trtatst ": tsoars Wihinston In-a-Car Healtrs. 1st Shaw 7:30 SILVER LAKE RE-OPENING naV i THURSDAY, MARCH 16 SOUTH PARK TWO TECHNICOLOR HITS tt. 88. EatrsBM ts "GOLDEN HAWK" Stirling- Haydra. Bhondt fltmlac Sl Pwk. Cal.nial 3-7737 "MAGIC CARPET" Lorilla Ball, Jahit Agar SUPER 7 1 "THE CLOWN " Red Skelton, Jane Greer 2 t.7i.5lnt Vwtsa 807" Cartoons and Short Wfiford Starlit tosla 19, 8 Mltat frt Wsst Vint MONDAY, MARCH 23, from the City Hospital, Doc and Lola look intOjthe dismal future afraid of , what lies there but realizing they are hopelessly bound to one another and must face it together, no matter what. Miss Booth, in her first screen role, is magnificent. Her naturalness lends uncommon weight to Mr. Inge's startlingly life-size portrait of a woman who has lived in the past. Lola was pretty, exciting and desira ble then. Now she is a plump, ungirdled slattern who has let herself irretrievably go. But Miss Booth gives Doc's wife heartbreak and compassion, and encloses the part in a choking pathos. As for Mr, Lancaster, he taps a talent Hollywood has heretofore never explored, and brilliantly underlines the sad- deningly frustrated Doc. Playing the callow co-ed who sets off his explosion, Miss Terry Mpore is exactly right, and Mr. Richard Jaeckel couldn't be any better as the brawny young athlete who pursues her with only one thing in mind. Mr. Philip Ober has a good bit as one of the stalwarts of Alcoholics Anolymous, and the screen version adds an A A meeting that is quite touching and reveal- ingly illustrated. But Miss Booth is the real force behind the overwhelming tug and the blistering realism of "Come Back, Little Sheba." May her Oscars multiply. Jan Murray Back At the Carousel Comedian Jan Murray, who has scored a success in radio, TV and the theater in addition to his original field of night club entertainment, will open a one-week return engagement at Jack Heller's Carousel tonight. On the same bill with the funny man from the Bronx and Borscht Circuit will be dancing Ricky Holland and the music of Luke Riley and his orches tra. There are two shows nightly. j Iho PLAYHOUSE A HamM St. yi TnlM 8:39 "THE ROYAL FAMILY" fabulou Cemttfy 4 Craft Avt. T6NICHT 1:30 "LIFE WITH MOTHER" Miloriout Comedy Hit Tlcfcots: Gmbefs, Home's or roopfcoot MA. 1-4445 5I.Ti";E CI.1CUS -Hunt Arrncrr Twi DailyMARCH 13 Tfcra tt Ticket Now or Salt HUNT ARMORY frta 10 A.M. If Sitting MATINEES SI.33, S24S CMMrtR S5t EVE. a4 SAT. MAT. $1.31, S2.lt, 12.81, S3.2S Novtr B nonuY cisiiop Soo Mildred Don, f"OME- ?ihJ?Z" Jlf ("sTIiaT! TiM'tl J L" MA IlSfcfc I a-.sn r.M. J 'S IbWT IMPS .3Q s Hi CP OJ uv, " V ' RE-OPENING FOR THE SEASON MARCH 16 MONDAY, MARCH tt HBBMB 1953- r 1 COLONIAL HANOI. OPEN SUNDAYS far DINNER 12 NOON TO P. M. DINNMS IAN0UETS ft from 2. SO WEDDINGS INVITIO ROUTE 30. IRWIN MHts fosf of Wtsfiafkoas SrMft UlRoHdywioo 1-3244 or Irwift, 1TZ4 ompiion Oinina Room Sin Lunchaeni. Dinaors Banautt-Focilifiat O NOW! RADIO A TV STAR OF N.I.C. 'MEET YOUR MATCH o JAN MURRAY plMS RICKY HOLLAND. Dce Starlef . J SHOWS AT 8:45 A 12:15 PARTUS A BANOUfTS O DINNERS FROM 4 P. M. frtt forftltf StrWco O JACKIE O HELLER'S :ars COCKTAIL LOUNGE 1301 FEDERAL ST.. NORTHSIDE CHARLES XOTARO, PROP. PfcoRe: CI. 1-T347 1 win KWMr - cm mi a i t. . v FRIDAY. MARCH 17. t:30 P. M. SUNDAY. MARCH tf. S:CS P. M. OTTO KLEMPGRER: GUEST CONDUCTOR. In l.thvta rfria) . Eqmont Overture D-mtjor Violin Concerto Fifth Symphony ISAAC STERN ,vo'Si!,NT TICKETS AT KAUFM ANN'S, CIMBELS. HORNE'S FRIDAT. Irt riOOt: M.50. $4.25. $4.00, 13.73. $3.00.- 2J0. B1.50. lit BAL.: $4.00. $J 23. $2.50. $2.00. $1.75. $125. 2td L.: $2.00. $1.50. $1.25. BCHBAT. lit FLtIB: $4.00. $3.50. $3.00. $2.00, $1.50. lit BAL.: $3.25. $2.50. $2.00. $1.75. $1.25. 2td BAL.41.75. S1.25. $1. $tni itastptt Stlf-AMrmtd ttetltta tits Bail trtsn ts 1305 First in Btak Bltf,. Plttiatrta 22. Pa. NIKON -i o::e im A NTW J? Ju c r HERBERT EVERS. MARJGRIE PETERSON, LOUISE LARABEE and EVELYN VARDEN (SEATS AVAILABLE AT BOX OFFICEI MAIL ORDERS- ALSO ACCEPTED V"M SSSJSSi IX BlPCti EVES.: Urrk. S.V90; Meet. ?.2S; Rale. S2.60. $1.95. 1..V. rnlbKl mLU. MAT.: reli. 2.?n; Mess. $2.60: Bale 01. S. $1.30. BAT. MAT.: Orra. S 25; Men. $2.n: Bale $1.95. $1.0. (All Tat lael.) 11 1 21 03EBS ! DEC COIL LIAR. ZDJIITSt. Y -X j Stfm U&titgtr Mbmmmt XNl?! Nathaniil SMtkrf ST . X " ?V y5JP MwUcbI OirodaY IBOX OFFICE SALE OPENS TODAYI MAIL ORDERS ALSO ACCEPTED rHr iii tt iu MAIL UnUBn RktU MWbtritU Tlwttft -lt, nH-Hlrti eitara ttitltot. Rirrti EVES.: Orth. 3.0; Men. 1.3.25; Bale. S2.H0. !.. St.30. rnibCAl WED. MAT.:-Orrh. 2.iO; Mess. $2.0: Bale. 1.M, flO. BAT. MAT.t Orrh. $3.25; Meat. $2.60; Bale. $1.95, $1.30. (AH Tat Cel.) rj iso ' 03E5S! OEG. K0:i., flFn. OtK.TSr. 7tk Taaatrt Gailo ATS Stbseriotioa Play First Personal Appearance of a GREAT STAR '.' GREAT CITY! AIMED 4$ IM6RE, JR. tnt JOHN C. WILSON srtttnt AI7GARET in jv A Now F1y by TERENCE RATTIGAN ALAN KEVIN NERIERT vecd McCarthy dergiiof tIBBBBBSSStBOHBBBSmiSBttBMMBOBOOBBBBaBBBBBBBHMtMHBj f : Encltsia' Is ny Check or M. 0. far S : :far at S...... aaek la for till.. Matlnea. 5 Evtalnf... AHaraata Data j NAME address ! CITY ZONE Seat eJiosk or aMatf rtr aarablt la Nlsoa Thealrt aita aelf-atresae4. ataaipet, rotara aaTelooe. (PHeca lacl. sat.) 3 :t r" a t MONDAY. MARCH 2 STATE ,,S5 rrr : 7 ' " Plptr Uunt hit. Cohum Hat Anybody Sn M Cal" Tch and Jfeph Col ton- Barbara Stanwvck -Man With t Cloak. "awjcn DELLEVUE M.t"sl7tZ - M r H y a Monro. Joseph Cotton-Jean pptrs Niasart" Technicolor I . Also Short feii&ject. GARDEN fSORTHMDE) soaisatt.it Marilyn Monroe . Joteoh Cotton "Nistara-' ( Technicolor t anl Kirtiy Grant-Martha Myer "Tukon Gold." GRAND rARxrr.tr vaaaoaiaat Ahhott an costel!o-Chat. luthton '-Ahhott and Costello Meet Captain Kidd" Color at 2-3:37-551-t:05-10: 19 and Buss Bunny Cartoon Review-Feature Lenfth. BNTCRTAINMINT AT YOUR n.lBlot. tabliby Dtlnay 115 LISERTT AVE. GRaRt 1-6248 FOR A CRAMD EVEHIE9 OF ILIlJdM3iliIa.hr ENTERTAINMENT SEE ANO HEAR CHARLES "Buddy" MARTIN AT THE GRAND AND ORGANO NO COVBR NO MINIMUM MIXID O Frooch rViorf C DRINKS JUMBO SHRIMP, Ctlt Stow 'C PJftifcortt't it Rkyfkai Styiht ROOMIE STERLIK6 TJkj Mtjic MACEUKE SHCSSSAI JiTt V930l2iO jT-m5 43&r no cove A MO ADMISSION. -mM. f week - starts tc:;ite 8:33 (CdDmstonn IBcBUQiUKBttft COMfOr bf CEORGC BATS ON with JOHN IARAIREY O TJ: PRICES : : I STATE ! EVES.J Orca. $4 33; Mess. 83.90; Bale. $3.25. $2 60. $1.95. St. 30. WED. MAT.; Orck. 83.90; Mess. $3.23; Bale. $2.60. S1.93. 81.30. HAT. MAT.t Orrh. S3 90; Mess. 83 2S: Rale. 82.60. $1.95. S1.30. (Be Offico Sale Optaa Man., March 30) 1 J:-t' 1 if. CATS OR. ImBITT 1 1 J Qetta of Qotrer . f ' ( PEACHES NOW! w1" orr m,ln 10:43 A. M. ''ONI' O THf YtAO t ST' Nt- r.r Tla... . BURT LANCASTER ACADEMY AWAXfJ aaUaaalBBTaak WaiiCr "COME DACK- Vkl IITTIC X. AW 9L xtrm .lafofof Trent R3 MRTCri in Technicolor TOM A JERRY g, "JOHANN MOUSE1' iimnis THEATRES ) re TIP TTBONC rOWEB-PirtB LAIJBIf '' mt MISSISSIPPI GAMBLE!, !' TECH. tritk ICU. ADAMS tot iEBBT MABfIX IEWIB :(- "THE StOOOE" t 1 lit: JTBCKiTEB JOKES-rttABLTON BESTOW "RI BT OETBT" - tat uneo a iws aia t Soil TT I i ONE OP THE BEST P '3 BOBT. TATLOB-ELEANOB PABBX, "ABOVE AND BETOND"., YOUR FAVORITE STANLEY.WAtN jWaaBTMNATPlS fZ, n rrnn flews RAKED CIASIA ..CUILTY LOVE c::eit kitcik jmi sixks;, Startt A3R BAXTEB BIOUBB CO"Tt FRia r1 1 HELD OYER WALT DISNEY'S Atb Ar FINAL Wi-J ransom oscFMt oarttitaal catacfata JkSae. Wil Mt I rar Opea to 12:30. ?e: 12 SO-5 00 T3 C I M.lc: 5:00 P. M. Close. Sl.S. Chfi -C I tt all tiaii .lOr. rrtres inrlote BWt Peatart Tiaiet lota.: 11:43. -aBS8r 4:01. 6:10. S:lt. 1.2M. iz SQUIRREL HILLX Emtart tt Bsrrav Datn Bait S:4S ELD VE ! Sra WLLKf 8I1IW. BITfT lltl,U" T "IMPORTANCE OF BEING EAR? Color tf Ternaicolni Starr tai Bttaatl tstarm-lats SreoMKTl not i-.r.A. "is wuwu' tKSfiAN It ftinn. ThoitiM "JAZZ KIKG Color by Ttcrumtfea,. CXCI7I.... Vie. Mstnrt-JetB "tatrwtn s4 Mmvb. tit r. WsHtk 1,", CXSiCrfl.a toW Tsnr-E. !' "absve sua acvasaW tiio "Baty Peam SSKXSLIf in Mirttfl-JfTe. 'THE Biorot'-fcjaa tail Trtlt Frta) BEc STRAC3...... "ASOVC NB IUU4'. MARCS Anne Buner-JJor. I Ct ELS KSLLTW0C0. Trren. riirer-f ivf AM 'MlSSI&SIPM tllUlZ KELMAI.... 'M. lirl-t t ana ttu leoiba- Ofl tiao NOtYLAXa.. Mrlt flrr "MtGlIt RtSAL.....i kMioei Btaeittet 349 RI MimnB-Lil .i. Latin tl Mt QlI-C. ttOTCsttlA. Snataast titt Ptetlat. BOO taw bCTBA -ataB' Miriltn Mntiffie-Jo. iia 'Prlnca al Dein Slmin-.leiT "THE aTOOOE" also -Ika Meet Trap" KENTON. Mona Mt ARSENAL..- LaaceioeelMt Moot. Ci ft-Anne Btxter 1 fMtl' i!M'sitt Patilis Irall" Minlrn Mtmrne-Joi. Cottet MM.ARA' Color "Attrotlci ttl tht tlst" hr"ne I'owrr-t'iT: li ir:t -Mittltswi tltistir" 1 smetliln. tsr (hi $irli" FLAZA. AMtRIOQE.... Mont. Clitt-Atin. PixtW I tNFIS" Hir.ll. Sail "lr Cam liti" Rubt. Rin -City Sfflenta tt City $et' MANOS. ilto "kUhataa Aaole STRAND.... IVAN'HOE' Colir also "Tht Boasters' A P. NBIS CZKSCIAL.. Rt. Biman-Pttl Awitlal "Sevir Wtn tt t Wsc" II i III . I 111 , , l mi IB " j f 2ND tl WEEK! " I JAMIS STEWART : I U JANET LEIGH v V'THE NAKED SPUR'' J) , 1 0"'-'''i . m bbbbbJ

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