The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on May 6, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1896
Page 5
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Great Carriage Sale [ttlCAllS ElEtf A Letts tern Afflas j««, flew tof Pat ift ea tfe« 1 V I This Young Man ^$V3 A ^"\ A P* I /^ A P\ of ele S ant carriages, including l\ C/All LvJrMJ Surries, Top Buggies, Phaetons, 1 -—=—=========^^ arL d Road Wagons, lias-just been received at The Wigwam. The finest line oi vehicles ever exhibited in the county. It will pay any person interested in fine vehicles to call and see them. Wilfrid P. Jones. A Hat Sale. __^^^^^^MM^aa»aa»» Saturday, May 9th. THE LOCAL FIELD. Our hat stock is a very strong one, comprising all the' latest styles at prices to suit the dSsest buyers. We want to interest you in this line, and on sale day will offer A On, an up-to-date Fedora hat at T ^ ^ We have all the latest things in Derby hats up to 513.50 in price. Take your ^ ^ O choice at If you-want to see a fine line of Fedora hits—all latest styles—at rock-bottom prices, we have got them on the sacrifice $| list for this day at *• Call and inspect our hat line on May 9th and you will find everything as represented. The Grand Army boys have a plan to attend the national encampment at St. Paul in September in a body. They are saving the rentals of memorial hall for the purpose, and those members of the post who are unable to pay their way will be assisted. The aim is to have every member of the post attend. The meeting comes the nrst week in September, Marshal Horan caught a new tramp Monday and lodged him in jail while he went to dinner. While in the new tramp con versed with an old tramp about Algona, and without delay pried open the county bastile and skipped for the west. The old tramp walked out leisurely but did not leave. His time was up that day and he still nan his dinner due him, so he sat about until he got it. The normal school adopted State Superintendent Sabin's suggestion and observed Monday in honor of Horace Mann,-the great public school man of the last generation. There was a biography by Ada Smith; His Works, Grace Gaffney; quotations by members of the school; His Influence in America, Lawrence Wilkinson; His Influence on he World, Mary Gaffney; select read- ng, Frances Farley. ¥he death of A. L. fceeley fefnoVefitne discoverer o! the grave oft thef&nioufi Indian battle grotihdofi the fies Motfles, nearly west if om the t»luta dfeek Lu* theran chufoh, W, H, Ingbata first I etune upofl the skeletons of the Sioux While out ofl a hunt In iSSfl, but it was hot until I860 that Mr, Seetey, adtlHg upon information contained in a leltef written by Afflos S, Oolites, unearthed Patokape and his companions. This letter, yellow with age, Patokape's skull* and some other reminders Of the battle, were preserved by him and are now among his effects. Last July the editor with a party of visitors called at Mr. Seeley's, and under his guidance ylsited the battle ground. He pointed out the deserted grave and the various spots where the Sioux were found, and told the story of the battle, reading the letter, which Is today the only record there is of what actually occurred. This letter, written by Dr. Collins, now for the first time printed, is as follows: In April, a year before -Fort Dodge was established, Povveshlek was chief of the Musquaqua tribe of the Sacs and Foxes— Uved In Tama county-60 warriors under Kokomah fought a party of Sioux on the Bast Des Molnes river-killed W, took one prisoner and lost four. After the battle Buried their 4 dead braves. The Sacs and Foxes left for their homes In Tama county, traveling day and night as fast as possible. They thin spent 6 or 7 days and nights 1.ort- IfyinR their town when they burned their prisoner, a boy 14 years old, and scattered fn small parties to prevent the Sioux from ge of 1 the WlUxfamong the Sacs and Foxes were two large Indians named Kearkurk and Patokape, the latter was almost BO years old and a prominent brave. After the first flre the Sacs and Foxes rushed Into flfcamp of the Sioux when an old squaw shot him in the breast with a -charge of small shot. He started to run away and when at a distance of. 30 rods the squaw rtot him with an arrow through the body. The above statement comes from, an old trapper who was well acquainted with the m-ominent Sacs and Foxes connected with the above, and «>«Aiwpfl the history thereof is a living mffipte e* what ,ean be teeeffipUshea by pet&if tern use of the fight kind of flour. His mother begaa fight when she went to housekeeping by securing a sack of the Wilson Mills * lv ^x, , , s '' *, 11 <''' ; i?. and she has kept right ever^ince by continuing its tt«. ^| See what a boy she has raised—all on account ol ma ; t ...„, flour she used, Others can do the same, ' MILLET AND FLAX SEED-Plenty of it now on hand, For sale at the old stand by • Leuette W. Butler, Administrator J. J.'Wilson estate.--A Quick Meal itr* • ff« Kraft Clothing Co. The new clothing store, Cowles' block. ORIGINAL NOTICE. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF KOSSUTH County, Iowa-May Term, A. D. l 898 --£ eo °f s First National Bank of Garner, Iowa,, A. W. Sohmalle, New England Loan & Tiust Co., and'Walter Wiiaman, ^^f^'hereuy nq- To the said defendants: You are heresy no etheTwifaalegal'attoT as money justly due # °ff 7°^$ y 8Ig gumlS 'IflssssENkS&a Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith.! Abstracts, Real Estate,-^ Collections, ALGONA, IOWA. Mrs. Hunt, the old lady at Burt who with her aged husband was found unconscious at her home a few weeks ago, died Thursday as a result of the exposure then suffered. The facts in the case, which at first were thought to have been suspicious, were that Mr. Hunt had fallen in a fit of some kind, and that she had fainted away, both lying unconscious until found by the neighbors. She was about 80 years old. Algona will have a new school house. The election Monday did not bring out a big vote, but what there was of it was the right side. 134 for bonds to seven against. The board,will proceed at once to select a lotion somewhere between town and the Milwaukee depot, to dispose of bonds and to eet plans for a new building. They hope to get ready for the opening of school in September. Authority was given the board by vote to dispose of the old depot building as they see fit. eart. Northwooa, worm couuujr, *«"»i his present residence. The above statement is considered strictly correct. Algona, Iowa, 17 AngwM860. ^^ Dr. Collins has the battle the .April before Fort Dodge was established, which would be in 1849 but Capt. Hewitt did not come to Clear Lake until 1851, and tradition has It that he was there the year before this battle was fought. The general opinion is that Anrll 1852, is the date. At the time or the receipt of this letter no one knew of any grave on the battle ground, as it was grown over. It was by unng a stick to find soft ground and digging that Mr. Seeley discovered the grave and the skeletons of the four Musquak- ies, just as described in the letter. The accuracy of the letter as to this Is its chief warrant to credibility otherwise. THE UPPER DES MOINES has made inquiries at North wood, but Ben- srart, or Burgitt, as some refer to him, went to California many years ago and » is what we all want these warm days. A good, square meal, prepared in a tew minutes with little heat. That s what our "Quick Meal" Gasoline Stove **Uto -^^gi will do. No smell, no smoke, no danger. QUICK MEAL plenty of heat in the right spot. That s »*fc4tf why 4 ey are so popular. We have them FOR 5B3.5O i ^-^ • *• -i^ up, to suit the requirements of anyone. ! Before you buy, see a " Quick Meal. It is the best. QUICK MBW. mx* ff^. CUICK MEAL |||i(* tf*- QUICK MEAL ^WKIIT THtrJ "'M, >v& coun tor insurance o» of clven by the said ae»v.——.—- - ana[Elizabeth Kleinpeter, whit assumedVa agreed to be P»}* "^nmvinKto- ant Ciias. B, Monroe, WWj^f'gff^ecronty, scribed premises, situate* in K 098 ^ 1 " orSec- ;agewa8 [elend One of the most interesting and instructive lectures ever given in Algona was listened to Saturday afternoon by those who heard Mrs. Carpenter of ChioaeoTon art She talked of what is caUedTmpres^onism as distinguished from realism, of those who are more particular to get life and spirit Into a Sure than they are to be merely ac* mirate in detail, She is an accomplished student and a very !»*?«««[ talker. It 5s to be hoped that she will visit Algona again, and he gives the version of- the battle in his Red Men of Iowa as related in this letter, although the letter itself was not seen by him. He says that at that time "portions of skeletons and other relics of the battle were scattered over the ground. There were bones bearing themarks of the merciless torn- ahawkT parts of skulls, pieces of pottery kegs, guns, and other articles." Mr. Fulton, hoover, accepts the story of burning the captive with hesitation. "The truth of this statement may be regarded as doubtful. It is at variance with the usual custom of the Sacs and Foxes in their treatment of prisoners.'' But the bitter hostility of the Sacs and 'Foxea against the Sioux must be remembered. Even as philosophic an Indian" as Black hawk cou,ld not speak of the Sioux except in the bitterest terms, THE UPPER DBS MOINES has already published a sketch of this battle, and reviewed the half-century feud which preceded it. It was the- last meeting Keen the Sioux and Sacs and Foxes and on that account one pf the most memorable engagements ever fought in the Mississippi valley. C. M. DOXSE&, Hard.-wa ., I, Special Silk and Satin Sale For 10 Days Only. Five hundred yards Silks and Satins, regular price 60 to 75c, sale ^Qc FOB the democratic state convention, to be heW at Dubuque May 20 exour- sion tickets will be sold May 18 to 20. by the Chicago, M hvaukee & St. Paul i-ailway, at one full fare for the round 'trip,— price—your choice, Two hundred yards Silks and Satins, regular price 40 to 50c, sale price, C oVeutf seven (?7) Vest of tUeWU P.M.-cw taiuing twp hundred p^ f ? l Sh ail imiflings •with»utoBvovementsanawttn RU BJH l »*"e" commences »w ** B »9 "*v ^'^"iv'„ A n ISBB Notice w Wff'vj'&'^A Sag has been appointed an? »as malltfea as „ 1 W.Pftttorga decease^. .AH • to aajfl estate o the in4« r- (ft against thg oierfc PI tn,e John T, Pavis died suddenly in Al- ffona Saturday of heart failure, The funerSiwtts held Monday at2 P^look, Sector MiUer offloiating, Jas, O. Taylor nnnt, in attendance, Mr, .Pavis was born in New York, Jan. 9,1818, and was a carpenter by trade, He wentto OaUforniain 1854, was In tbe navy the first year-of the war, being dismissed on acoounti of sore eyes, He came to KoBTOtfc in J8T8 and a year later opened bis farm in Pentop, H^^Aild- nresent wife ip 4 808, Jie ttau BVPUHJH* ren by a former- wife, »11 deao but one. Mr, Davis had many friends who will JegretW death hap come even in Ms ripe old age, T n Raymond went to Fort Podge Mwday to try ft famous fcuYerw ww pv S ffln $rt SVerae four years ago Mr~ - ---*-j to go north, P»,a Min«e< arm Loans »t « PP r Cent ' And the expenses of maHiPg the loan can be paid at option of the borrower, n»«ftUyu»les60ther' The loan can be paid JNO. OOED&RS, wise ip.ii). . SHOE dressing, the best ip the market, for all kinds of shoes, We GEQ. I* ^AOTH» Co. REMEMBER 1 am still in the Ice Business, Prices as IQW ^s anybgdy's. Goad service or no pay. "O. Restaurant ]. ^..-Luncli' Counter,; ga|^'^gi|ai«m«S >£tQ.(e JM^^I** 3rMi* JfeWsfM i*^J* iRfr.^ l»^.wS? ^|ii Hpnors-WQrW's 'PR; Peter Winkel GoodPaintin P^^'-flB^P^^PJ-T ^fW^r '* ^ T ^17~ Tiii> ; ^ ^ V*' p^ v ' ,\ fei. v'; v (v v >®» •

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