Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine on August 18, 1949 · Page 1
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Portland Press Herald from Portland, Maine · Page 1

Portland, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 18, 1949
Page 1
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CBS in MAINE WGAN Portland S«» »p T»ur Il«l WGUY Bangor 115* *n Tr«r Dial VOL 88. ESTABLISHED JUNE 23. 1862 MORE MAINE NEWS In Th« PRESS HERALD, Highlights In The News * Senate To Vote On Clark Today * A n t i - R e d Pole Seeks U. S. Aid Washington. Aug 17. l A P ) -The Senate late today agreed to rote Thuraday upon the nomination of Attorney General Tom -. Clark to be an aimo- eUte jiutlee ot the Supreme Court. The Senate alxo will be aaked to aet Thursday upon the nomination of Senator Me- Grath i D - R I i to nuereed Clark a* attorney general. Washington. Aug 17 Hjpi Tadeun/ J R n k o w s k l . Poland's consul itenerixl in Montreal, re Ilirnrd tndav ami aikrd for pollt ea a * % l u m m Hie United States ' 1 am a Catholic and I ranno accept the onslaughts of th CommtintM government upon th Cathoiir Cl u r r h he said Arthur Bliv«. Ume former U »mba«.-.arior lo Poland said, h · a* c o n f i d e n t tlie request fo .a.^!um uou'd be granted He sal Rakomki nou i* m this Counlr · ith hi w i f e and daughter an pian* to live w i t h friend* in Lo Angeles USAF Bill OK'd Washington. Aug. 17 I I P ) -- Th« Henate Armed Servlcen Committee today disregarded Fmldent Truman's budget recommendation* and unanl- moiuly approved a bill author- tell^ the air foree to eontlnue building t o w a r d 70-group ·trength. The meamire ealU for an air force of 502.000 officer. and men. present manpower wiling, and 21.0*0 plane*. The bill aUo freeze* the army'n prevent manpower celling of I37.CO* officer* and men. RiMton. Aug 17 ' A P i - A proposed blanket «s cent* an hour minimum wage Uw In Maiuiachu- »etu tonight won the endorsement of the Houne Wayi and Means Committee. At the present tune, the itate sets minimum wages by Industries. The proposed bill, would cover aHJ wage-earners except golf caddlesr- casual em- ploye*, persons receiving tips such as waitresses and residential Jan- Itori given living'quarters. CMllnued *n Page 2, 5th Col. PORTLAND, MAINE, THURSDAY MORNING, AUGUST 18, 1949 *****--32 Pog«s Senate OK Bnt*rMl An Boconrt Class Mall Matter PRICE FIVE CENTS \ Weatherman Says: Maine -- Considerable loudlnes.sl wi'.n hower.s and cool weather today and tonight Maximum near 80 ajid minimum tonight 80 Oen- Controversial Truman Plain Wins 57 To 30 Jobs, Jobless Pay Offices Shifted Washington, Aug. 17. (UP) --The Senate today approved President Truman's reorgan- zatlon plan transferring the Federal employment and jobless pay office* from the Federal Security Administration to the Labor Department. The roll call vote was 57 to 32. A f t e r trouncing him Tuesday, by defeating his proposal for a new Department of Welfare, the Senators turned around and granted his wish to strengthen the Labor Department. The plan become* law automatically at midnight Friday under the new reorgalnzation law passed this year The House has already voted Its approval An hour later the Senate ap- ·roved. 7 to 0. Plan No 7--A proposal transferring the Bureau of Public Roads from the Federal Workt Agency lo the Department of Commerce There was little dispute over this plan although Scna- '.or» Carl Hnyden D . Arl? and Continued on I'age 2; 4th Col. Rent Controls U. S. T Mill To t» PM ^. H ' rald Photographer Hennessy w r t n e . ,, fD £»CAT10N-Promlnent at dedication ceremonies Wednesday of the new out-patient clinic at St. Andrew's Hospital Boothbay Harbor, are. left to right. Di. Philip O. Gregory, head and w.H^T,H M H rS -, OC ? rBe , A - 0rp ««W. Doctor Gregory's mother. l h d o c t o r ln who " memory the clinic was dedicated. moderate southwesterly Ue to »mds Pndav considerable cloudiness continued cool Eartport to Block Island -- Soul.'ierlv w i n d s 15 to 20 mph to- da^ considerable cloudiness with »nouer« ovr all v t t l o n s Visibility becoming lair Mln !S8 Out In Many Small Cities Reduced Budget Forces Action C l e v e l a n d , Aug. 17. ( UP) -Rents In many of the Nation's smaller towns end cities will be econtrolled soon, Housing Expediter Tlghe Woods said today Woods announced that he will econtrol rents in a third of the reas now under Federal rent ontrol. starting within 10 days ut persons In large cities ap- arently need not worry The housing expediter said the reas to be decontrolled will be ^^l v l°°iTM O Inlo^ over the 100 000 mark " Woods said the action was made necessary by congressional cuts In his budget, which reduced , It from $26.000,000 to $17,500.000 "Tills severe blow," Woods said. "left me with only two choices either I must fire one third of my employes and attempt to maintain token rent control, or I m showers M«x Ir.town 7fi Y»-a.r Rro 70 HlKhest and lour.M temperatures on record for A \ i e 18 96 In 19171 and 4S in lOs^ | Ma.nr m a x i m u m vadings i Green' i .P ami Caribou 7S R u m - forrt 70 Eattport 71 Augusta 80 Olr! Trmn 78 M n l l n o r k e l and Hou.'on 77* · E in [i m M l f · , *·'! U.. A n « » l » - »·** M « m l ·.! 1.w II.T.n * N*w O r l « * n i v f i i M m »» O ,» fhiUrt.-ii.hA M E » » t » r r.r Th.,..,. 4 1 · I. tn a Huh i|rt« Hith 'id' $ 11 t m 5 5 1 i m I I 3*1 » m must decontrol a third of the arens now under Federal rent control "I have decided on the latter Alternative " Woods said there were about Continued on Page 2; 6lh Col. Train Kills Saco Crossing Tender Henry D. Cleaves, 64, Struck On RR Bridge IftM'tel DUpalrk) Blddeford. Aug. 17.--A 64-year old railroad crossing tender wa fntallv Injured tonight when h was struck by a Boston -bourn express passenger train on thi Saco-Lowell yard bridge A spokesman for the Boston and Maine Railroad said Henry D Cleaves of Saco apparently wa. walking the track when he wa. struck Cleaves was apparently caugh unawares when the Boston bounc Continued on Page 2; 8th Col. Boothbay Harbor Dedication Honors Late Dr. Gregory Trjbute Is Paid To Nova Scotian At Opening Of St. Andrew's Clinic No. Deering Bus Schedule Shift Listed New Service Effective Sept. 4 A new fall schedule of bus ^...^v. lr .,,-,,- ,,,,» cuiugizea oy seivlce. effective Sept 4 and de- HIP Rev Harrv Emerson Fos- Igned to increase the number o dick, DD. · ministci-cmciitus of Boothbay Harbor, Aug. 17- The numory of a Nova Scotia- born doctor who delivered three generations of townsfolk In this Httle Maine resort community was perpetuated today In Ihe dedication at St Andrew's Hospital--which he founded 41 years ago--of a model out-patients clinic The late Dr orv old Maine 1891 and _. George A. Greg- who was graduated from the Medical School in immediately began practice here was eulogized by Vital Port Of Foochow Falls To Reds Chinese Nationalists Withdraw Forces Hong Kong, Aug. 17. (UP) The Nationalist Gojjcrnment today admitted the Communist capture of Foochow, ^ne of its two principal East 'Coast ports and thk main debarkation point for tioops and supplies from For- mo.sn. An official Centra] News Agency dl.spatch from Nationalist headquarters on Formosa said the Nationalists had ordered the withdrawal of defense forces to an undisclosed destination. Government headquarters at Foochow moved Tuesday to Pingtan Island, 50 miles to the southeast The Communists already have Continued .on Page 2; 6th Col. Lonely Heart Jury Runs Into Snag Requests To Hear Pair's Confession New York. Aug. 17. (AP)--The ury In the lonely hearts murder trial deliberated the fates of Marha Beck and Raymond Fernandez for more than an hour to- light, then ran Into a stumbling See Page 3 Porteous Mitchell and Braun Co. 2-1911 Here's Your Winning Combination--- Door* to »«fe» spring open, prizes »re won and »ucce*n in ninny a game i» achieved when you have the right r o r n b i n n l i o n . So why not take «d- v « n l « K r nf t h r onr r h n t ,, .Ore to put extrn cash in your - o f f e r , l e t 2 1 9 1 1 oprn the door lo the. "telephone and c h a r g e ,(' ,,.rv, e of the Portland Press Herald. EvenmE L*prr« n n d Sunday Telegram classified adver- ti.ine d e p a r t m e n t You can t u r n your no-longer-used article* i n t o ranh w i t h claWied Try the w r v i c e which brings our d e p a r t - ment ax clo»e to you as your nearest phone 2-1911 rips andjrcduce the In-town run ning tlmle for residents in th. North Decrlng area, was an nounced Wednesday by official. f the Portland Coach Company The change will give North Dcerlng patrons half-hour service at night as well as during the day nd will reduce the time from North Dcerlng to Monument iquare about six minutes by rout- ng of buses direct from Allen's Corner tn the square via Washington Avenue and Congress trcel Pcihons wishing to go lo Wood- Continued on Page 2; 8th Col. Meanest Thief Robs Local Pair Steals Old Age Pay From Kitchen Table An elderlv and frugal-living Lancaster Street couple lost $42, their total month's Income f r o m old age benefit checks, to a thief w h o entered their k i t c h e n Wcdne.sdav and look the monev from a table In broad davllght Police Wednesday night were on the lookout 1 for a man Ihey Ihoughl might have stolen the morfcv "We re certalnlv going to do our best on this one." said Capt Francis A Hinds, Incensed at th* mean theft Joseph Whitlock, 84. of 11 Lancaster Strcel. had brought the Riverside Church. New York, as a .small town doctor who. "kept up to an astonishing dcgiee with the best t h a t was being done in his profession" Doctor Gregory died in 1946 at the age of 81 Tablet Planned Doctor Posdick spoke prior to placing a cornerstone in the new Continued on Page 2; 1st Col. block.' ~ The Jury sent out word It wanted a look at the confessions al- cgcdly made by the accused slayers during questioning in Michigan The prosecution quickly agreed, ut Defense Attorney Herbert E. loscnberg studied some law books and said he would not consent. The State has asked a first egree murder verdict against the wo. charging they murdered an Ideily widow for her $6,000 sav- ngs Such a verdict makes the eath penalty mandatory. Continued on Page 2; 7th Col. JUNGLE FOWL TAMED^-MfM*M«fiett2 ^uwwwi, «. The th?M V**' 1M AntlMlnt 8trert . SouthpSrttaJiS" obtained from the 8tat« Game Farm at Dry Mills. John^Bentley 8 superintendent of the farm, says It was originally hoped that the female birds would brood youpg ruffed grouse, but they didn't show much Interest In the project. The somber-hued birds highly valued for their feathers by fishermen who tie nies, are "fast fliers and fast fighters." according to Bentley Sen. Mundt Raps Vaughan As A Tinagling Bargainer' Maragon Indictment For Perjury Demanded At Five Percenter Hfearmg Washington. Aug. 17. A P i Senatoi Mundt called MaJ Gen R-SD today Harry Vaughan a ' finagling bargainer 1 full of "intimidation, bluff and bluster" and Senator McCai thv i R - W i s demanded thai John Maragnn be Indicted for peijurv. Vaughan Is President Truman', army aide. Maragon. a onetime Kama, 'Ity shine bov. ha f s become the rlcnd of many a Washington of- icial. including Vaughan. Mundt's outburst came at Senate investigations subcommit- ee hearing after a former Agii- ulture Department employe said faughan had put the heat on ilm to give more sugar to a New ersey mola.sse.s company. The employe. Heibert C. Hathorn. said Vaughan made the · ·*·"«*»·* V,it. i,i\s,,i, amu v u u K i i n i i macie nie money home from a bank where'atlempl back in Ihe days of sugar Continued on Page 2; 3rd Col. Iralloning. Beran Charges Czech Gov't Is Holding Him A Captive Archbishop Breaks 2'Months Silence; Hits Violation Of-Constitutional Rights Prague, Czechoslovakia. Aug. 17. AP»--Archbishop Josef Beran iroke a two months' silence today ind accused the Communist gov- rnmenl of holding him captive n violation of his constitutional iiic siocKy little ,60-year-old loman Catholic primate has not ppearcd in public since June, 19 when a sermon he tried to preach was shouted down by Communist lecklcrs. He claims now thai he las been Interned and Isolated in ils Prague palace. Archbishop Beran accused the overnment of illegally seizing hi.s onsistorv administrative office) nd confiscating the funds of his "rague diocese. He made the charges in a let- *r to the state procurator prosecutor) which was given to he foreign press through church and diplomatic channels In his letter, the country's leading Catholic official asked bluntly "Is the Roman Catholic Church in Chechoslovakia still recognized by the state? If so. by what law was Ihe Roman Catholic Church deprived of Its legal Independence in Internal matters?" Archbishop Beran's questions and charges indicated the church hierarchy might be trying to force a break in the deadlocked church-state fight. This was emphasized bv the decision to give the Catholic leader's letter publicity through the western press and through western broadcasts which arc beamed back Into Czechoslovakia. The C o m m u n i s t-controlled Prague press repeatedly has claimed the archbishop was free Continued on Page 2; 7th CoL Halhoin said the firm Vaughan wnnled to get t h e sugar for. the Allied Molasse.s Co , of Pertlh Am- bov N J . had been a "flagrant and w i l l f u l vlolnloi" of a'depart- mcnl ordei suspending it from icceivmg any moic molasses. Hathorn said Vaughan made It plain that he could get Hathorn .s Job 'Unduly Charitable* Here Mundt broke In to sav lhal previously he had thought of Vaughan as a "fumbling bungler." "In this case." said Mundt "he was a finagling bargainer." "Perhaps." Mundt continued. "I Foreign Arms Program Touches Off Hot Talk Truman's Billion Dollar Bill Subject Of Lively Debate On House Floor Washington, Aug. 17. (AP)--President Truman's $1 450 000,000 foreign arms program touched off hot debate in the House today, while Socialist Norman Thomas urged Congress to delay the measure and try first to bring about universal disarmament. The House rang with arguments for and against the have been unduly charitable, and I just want to say, I don t like it all ' j McCai thv made his demand for n perjurv indictment of Maragon aflci Milton R. Polland testified Cont'nued on Page 2, 3rd C'ol. the fight for approval of the ful progiam. Russia is not maintain ing 200 armed divisions "for tru mere purpose of parades," he declared "This Is an insane program, i program of wai," declared Rep rcsentative Marcantonio of New York, only American Laborite In the House What has happened in the countries of Europe, he said, was purely domestic--"their revolution* were purely domestic.' Representative Smith (R-Wis) Issued a statement saying the bill violates the spirit of the United Nations Charter and is militarily indefensible In the age of the atomic bomb. "I believe it is necessary for Congress to go halfway now," said Representative Vorys iR-Ohioi Continued on Page 2; 3rd Col ' Democrats Welcome Grant To Meeting In Waterville Portland Educator Confirms Interest In Campaigning For Top State Post Blaine Davis n Classified 30. 31 IS,r,l.l DU.ilrhl Waterville, Aug. 17.--A former lepublican showing Democratic canlngs -- and a desire for the Democratic nomination as candidate for governor -- received a cordial hand pf greeting at a Democratic executive committee meeting here tonight Eailc S. Grant. Portland edu- calor who campaigned recently in ehalf of GOP Gov Frederick G -aync. says he definitely Is in- eicslcd in Ihe Dcmocralic nomination for governoi at the party piimary in June. Grant, v»ho was invited to at- ended by James A Morang. Randolph, state commillce chaiiman vas greeted waimly by parly lead- rs meeling at the home of Mrs -icona A. Mathieu, Kenncbec County commit tee woman, to plan in October conference. Giving committee reports foi the conference were Morang, State Senator Jean C. Boucher of Lewiston. Miss Lucia Cormier of Rumford, Democratic National committeewoman. and Edward H Bel- ilveau of Waterville. city Democratic chairman. State Representative Edmund S Muskic. minority leader in the House of Representatives and State Representative Louis Jalbert of Lcwiston also'attended to plan for the Oct 14, 15 and 16 conference Miss Cormiei said she will call a meeting of the Maine Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs. Oct. 15, as a pait of the conference. That night there will be dinner to which all Democrats who have held or campaigned for high offices In Maine will be Invited. historic plan to help arm "friendly nations" aboard Military aid from the U S i urgently needed because Western Europe lives in the shadow of th huge Russian aimy. said chair man Kce i D-W Va of the For cign A f f a l l s Committee, leading Cuban Sets Off On Channel Swim Hopes To Beat 1 U-Hour Record' Cap Grli Ne«, France, Thursday, Aug. 18. (AP) _ Jose Cortinas. 32-year-old Cuban, started swimming 'across the English Channel this morning at 12 45 a. m. (6.45 p. m. est Wednesday). Cortinas said he hoped to beat the men's channel record of 11' 2 hours. "I promised the crew of the boat accompanying me to double their pay if I do beat the record," he added. The price for the craft Continued on Page 2; 6th Col. Acts To Help Tito In Fight With Moscow Shipment First To Red-Ruled Nation Washington, Aug. 17. (AP) -- The United States ha* granted Yugoslavia permission to buy the materials for a steel mill from an American company, Government officials disclosed tonight. The decision marks th* biggest s t e p yet by th* American Government to strengthen Marshal Tito In his fight with Moscow. It is the first time sine* the cold war began that the Administration has agreed to ship "war potential" goods U a Communist-ruled nation. ' The shipment was approved after months of argument between the State and National Defense Department* and other top agencies of tbo Government. The mill, valued at approximately $3.000.000, will be built by the Continental Foundry and Continued OB Page 2; 2nd C«L So. Portland Fire Drives 9 To Street Dense Smoke Hampers Firemen South Portland. Aug. 17.--Nine persons were driven from their home. 45 A Street, by fire tonight as the City Council, a few Blocks away, was discussing with Fire Chief Horace S. Jose the purchase of new fire equipment and hose. Driven to the street were Mr. and Mrs. Millard D. Carey owners of the two and a half story wooden building, their son Michael. S, and daughter Patricia. 18. Mr and Mrs, Philip Brann- Mr and Mrs. David H. Everest and son. Peter W. Everest The blaze started in a pile of rubbish In a shed adjoining the Brann apartment and traveled to the third floor attic through wall partitions, according to Chief Jose He was unable to estimate the damage immediately Firemen were hampered in fighting the stubborn fire by dense smoke billowing from sec- Continued on Page I; Sth CoL Today's Guide Comics :raig' Crossword deaths Xinne Editorials financial Goren laworth ^etourncau Letters McCrum Moore Radio 8 29 8 31 2 Social 26 Sports Senator Smith 7 Theaters 19 Time For Fun 29 Uncle Ray 26| Women's 18! 27 17, 18 22 top $ iop hop ave LANCASTER'S AUGUST FURNITURE SALE Save up to 65% LANCASTER FURNITURE 240 Middle St. A New Retailei ADDED TO Portland Retail Group 3 PAGES OF REAL OPENING VALUES IN THIS PAPER Enterprise Stores NEWSPAPER!

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