The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 7
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'': '•' "• ";%?•:'•• -m** •««*«*' '^^^^^^^Sfi&mM&'^'Mi^M lea «2* of ttorta-ir«y waff,, my 9*3r »« be Of no assistance to yon. <*' * ««* is toot rt'spoasible lor any c01 ? that happen to our taen when off ttfid the hiohed instrntfiehts of torture. moneu there igfttorl continues to agbnttetho fld nerves 6i toany of us. that toVet6fat6 foe to t'N&XT f b f ttfc fHfcdNfe" LASt SUfrJBAYS lifted tJp rfbitph Out 6* the frit &fid ftift fa the l»hm4MH6»'' 20. Sold , Sty comfort, May bs con- tie T timely and steady ns6 of Stomach t ftttto, ^blch'llkwrW ptets Stomach t , neuralgia, bilious, bowel, Stem- lnerrecomplaints. , Hatct ott the SpUisttrt . Hichmynde— Woman, fioctor, will ^bave her rights until she is allowed ' ot — H'ml ft Woman -who doesn't husband and . ; votdoesu't d«tt»e one. llotv'8 TIilS. One Hundred bollara Reward e-ose of Catal-rh that can not be by Hall's Catarrh Cure. - j CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. K Tthe undersigned, have known P. J. ov for the last 15 years, and be heve norfoetly honorable in all businegs ^actions and financially able to carry f a nv obligations made by their firm. It ft'Truax, Wholesale Druggists. Toie- K Waldiug. Kinnan & Marvin,Whole- I Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. all's Catarrh Cure is ta!:en internally, e directly upon the blood and mucous looea of the H/Bte-tti. Price, 7(5c per bot- Bold bv all druggists. Tostimonuils L traffic in slaves was suppressed in the Iriot of Columbia in 185". jlonicscclccrs' Excursions. n April 31st and May 5th, the ri, Kansas & Texas Railway Mis- com- y \vill sell tickets at very low s to points in Missoxiri, Kansas and las. For particulars address, H. A. rri'ev, 310 Marquetto Building, Chi- .0 111., or T. 33. Cookerly, 503 Locust |ot, DCS Moirjes, Iowa. ..rine the absence, for throe months, of iRev Mr. Cochrano, of tho Unitarian •ch at Bar Harbor, Me., his wife wiU ai l to all his ministerial duties. A Spring Trip South. L May r>, tickets will bo sold from Icipal cities, towns and villages the north, to all points on the lisvillo. & Nashville _ railroad iTcnncssee, Alabama. Mississippi. rida and a portion of Kentucky, at [single fare for the round trip, itets will l)e good to return within inty-one days, on payment of S3 to Intat destination, and will allow p-over at any point on the south- End trip. Ask your ticket agent hut it, and if lie cannot sell you bursion tickets write toC. P. Atmore, neral Pn&sengcr Agent, Louisville, ,or.T. K. Riclgely, N. W. P. A., |cago. 111. .ho liquor traffic can be unproved when Idevil can be made ashamed of himself. OtJ ftantiot keel) a good inaft down. God has decreed for him a cettaln point of elevation. He will bring him to that though it cost him a thoti* Band worlds. You BotnetitneB findtaeti fearful they will not be properly appreciated. Every man coraes to be val- tted at Just what he is worth. You cannot -write him up, and you cannot write him down. These facts are powerfully illustrated in my subject, ft would be an insult to suppose that you were not all familiar with the life of Joseph. Ilbw his jealous brothers threw him Uito a pit, but seeing a caravan of Aara* foian merchants trudging along on their camels, with spices and gums that loaded the air with aroma, sold their brother to these merchants, who carried iHim down into Egypt; Joseph was there sold to Potiphar, a man of influence and office. How by Joseph's integrity he raised himself to a high position in the IMffi ^deficit O&eriia ai* [gnofaHee afid flirtfgsst! new* pacing fF0« dufip6fi W iieaiini fof the fcddy »*a • a*,.™6eth F*y g6ffi| td the Pt6i bf Newgate Arisen to shake Its ebduf. a&y as the angel came td th§ pf isoti at Phllifrel, dfitlng olfeh the d6oT6 ajad siiappiiig lease the chain, as well- as the lives of thousands of feildwefs M Jesus who 1 haV& devoted themselves to the tempofal a&d spiritual *eifahs « the face, are mbfcumenta 6f the Chris* tlan religion that shall &bt crumble while the world lasts. A tna& said to me itt the cats: "What Is fellgwn? Judging from the chafactef of many professors of religion 1 do tiot ad- mife religion." 1 said; "Now sup- gosfc We went to att artist in the city of ftome and while in his gallery asked htm, 'What is the aft of painting? would he take us out in a low alley and show us a mere daub of a pretender at painting? or would he take us down into the corridors and show us the ftubens and the B>aphaels and the Michael Angelos?' When we asked him, 'What is the art of painting' he would point ta the works of these gneat masters and say, 'That is painting.' Now, you propose to find the mere caricature of religion, to seek after that which Is the mere pretension of a holy life, and you call that religion. I point you to the splendid men and women whom this gospel has blessed and lifted and crowned. Look at the masterpieces of Divine grace If you want to know what religion is." We learn also from this story of the Cana&nltlf, thel* Sh«e$ afitl thltt mmi but ^heft he lot «6wfi raw* a-ffc&fig ths pastufgs hfe law seftr« ftp sheep- and 6Xeft ted fat 16 kill, s« he he W6uld steal them Hatoft thess fitelee e*efl te^af hsffle, t«s the tsfdfihet hd« « Ifl the would k&6% it, tte §heeu ahd stopped te had e*e6uted his missida, distant the sheep begafi to bleat and the o*en to tseitow. The eeetet was 6tit, aid Samuel said to the blushing Snd e-onfti&ed Saul! "What teeaaeth tfcfe bleating 6t the sheep that 1 hear- atd the bellowing of the eattle?" Ahl V^,J3k.. IT ntttJJf-tiJat ^,.JKO¥vh .> .,:/ '-jUj£f>. vs,;^A fv •.- .-^.a.^^.3 friend thatt te tray that n« iii faite^ '¥fi§ tet pmdhlf «* earn cftfi et« $&fne Ijeofile 86SM W h&Ve" nfl am! ftofc Deysftd iaSfeitff & coliecWefi 81 €1 6k C tftrfible WHh cut* «Wldt«l it, W ^" ! ^ffSM ti^Sfttfct * «* MM to* £*££ «Jtjh, i t * tinman 19 really Ufiiuchy Unless hi afid *6 which rimi-ll* ean make a Iraitt Iftte by g6ihg to the Utter ttf dfc* e&MfUferty/ 1 ' 1 anything else. . It la ar highest' duty IB to love God and > his commandments. •A Clip of 'Parks' Toa st night movos IbowelB in the morning." "Virtue if the root of conscience, Conscience— happiness and cheer; I Cheerfulness Inspires successes, Success is the crown most dear." iso's Cure for Consumption is our only icine for coughs and colds.— Mrs. C. Itz, 480 8th ave., Denver, Col., Nov. 8, "J5. fhere is a billionaire family in the world, I Rothchilds, whose combined wealth is Bmated at $1,000,090,000. Beud'to Ur. K!liK'.931 ArcUBt.,_ Ulu., 1'a. P. handsome monument will soon be |cted to General Sherman in Lancaster, i his native city. I Just how It tla«i« it U not Ihe «ine«<lon. le enouiiU to knew ihmHIndercorns Mtkcs outthe Ins, and a yery pleuslijg rajlef It is. lOo, at druggUti II f oel rattier sad when I think of ref us; him " "Never mind, my dear. I felt isarae -vvay whpn I first refused your Tier." •• , t "Jhavo iirled r»rhcr'» «ln««r Tonic wot v»r. ixnd to will you ' realm, until under tho false charge of a vile wretch he was hurled into the penitentiary. How in prison he commanded respect and confidence. How by the interpretation of Pharaoh's dream he was freed and became the chief man in the realm, the Bismarck of his century. How In the time of iamlne Jo- ?eph had the control of a magnificent storehouse which he had filled during seven years of plenty. How when his brothers, who had thrown him into the pit and sold him into captivity, applied for corn, he sent them home with the beasts of burden borne down under the heft of the corn sacks. How the sin against their brother which had so long been hidden came out at last and was returned by that brother's forgiveness and kindness—the only revenge he took. You see, in the first place, that the world is compelled to honor Christian character. Potiphar was only a man o the world, yet Joseph rose in his esti mation until all the affairs of that grea house were committed to his charge Prom his servant no honor or confl dence was withheld. When Josepl was in prison he soon won the hear •of the keeper, and though placed ther for being a scoundrel, he soon convinced the jailer that he was an innocent and trustworthy man, and released from close confinement he became general superintendent of prison affairs. Wherever Joseph was placed, whether a servant in the house of Potiphar, or a prisoner in the penitentiary, he became the first man everywhere, and is an illustration of the truth I lay down, that the world is compelled to honor Christian character. There are those who effect to despise a religious life. They speak of it as a system of phlebotomy by which the man is bled of all his courage, and nobility. They say he has Demeaned himself. They pretend to have no more confidence in him since his conversion than before his conversion. But, all this is hypocrisy. There is a great deal of hypocrisy in the church and there is a great deal of hypocrisy outside the church. It-is impossible for Joseph that the result of persecution is elevation. Had it not been for his being sold into Egyptian bondage by Iris malicious brothers, and his false imprisonment, Jo;.eph never would have Everybody ac- 'Blessed are they become a governor. cepts the promise, hat are persecuted for righteousness sake, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven," but they do not realize the act that this principle applies to worldly as well as spiritual success. It is true in all departments. Men rise to ligh official positions through misrepresentation. .Public abuse is all that some of our public men have had to rely upon for their elevation. It has brought to them what talent and executive force could not have achieved. Many of those who are making great effort for place and power will never header, ybU cannot keep ati Still. At just the Wfbng time the&l will bleat and the oxen will bellow, Achan cannot steal the Babylpalsh garment without being stoned to death, nor Arnold betray his coUfatry without having fata neck stretched. Look over the police arrests. These thieves, these burglars, these counterfeiters, these highwaymen, these assassins, they all thought "they could bury their iniquity so deep down, it would never come to resurrection; but there was some shoo that answered to the print ih the soil, some false keys found in their possession, some bloody knife that whispered of the death, and the public indignation and the anathema of outraged law hurled them into the duttgeon or hoisted them on the gallows. Francis L, king of France, stood counseling with his officers how he would take his army into Italy, when Ameril, the fool of the court, leaped out from a corner of tho room and said: "You had better bo consulting how you will get your army back;" and it was found that Francis I., and not Ameril. was the fool. Instead of consulting as to the best way of getting into Sin, you had better consult as to whether you will be able to get out of it. If the world does not expose you, :„„. td wait faf It, Thousands, 6f people would elate sympathy a&d help" who ask fof it, and Uevef get it gome barbef is losing the chape W make a great hit by not inventing a Padefewskt Hat? ¥ottici . When there is a snow storm the fancy of very young men lightly turns t6 thoughts of tracking fabbits. Most people's CroWttifig proof that they regard a man as a good friend, is that they abuse their kin to him. The martyrs among women are nearly always women who are treated particularly well by their men folks. The women can always depend upon this: that a man at his meals will ask for something that is not on the table. It would be pleasattter living in the World if there were not so many fools in'it, but more diflicultto "make-a living. Thero never was a man who would die for a woman, and never a man who has not said he would flo it cheerfully. When the average woman attends a she wants to see a noble youth ..„..._ the'tmlij "let's ton $he ftfdfes&of'ioitt.—f tt*fiit& , tfaif oflter.^ia th« mlddte df , third act ths^outig tfb-man with At < big headdfe&s'hii-fied afoufid ifi he*, seat and spoke to the youth ifflffledV ately behind her. "8h i ," she jald, ,"jf '^ you will chattge,youf brand afcehewlflg^ gum I'll take otf Wife hat. I'm efetttiii' tired of that wlati ""'"" Chicago 'Tribune. triumph over a lot of unprincipled old married men. There is only one thing for a man to do when he finds himself married to a woman who enjoys spending money, and that is to learn to enjoy earning It.— From the Southwest. you will tell it yourself. There is an awful power in an aroused conscience. A highwayman plunged out upon Whitefleld as he rode along on horseback, a sack of money on the horse- money that he had raised for orphan asylums, and the highwayman put hie hand on the gold and Whitefleld turned to him and said: '.'Touch that if you dare-that belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ." And the ruffian slunk into tae forest.' Conscience! Conscience! Tho human had a pistol, but Whitefield shook at him the finger of doom. Do not think you can hide any. great and protracted sin in your heart, my brother. In an unguarded moment H WORDS WITH HISTORIES. Onyx is so called from its likeness to a finger nail. (Greek onyx, a finger nail.) Heretic means one who chooses. THE WHEEL. la Elkhart, Ind,, they cdmpel cyclists to pay a tax and carry a license tag on their wheels. . The Brooklyn bridge has been made free to cyclists, who have hitherto beea compelled to pay toll. The club bicycle show is probably ' the biggest bunco game which the trade has yet had to go'up against. Two Canton, 0., undertakers are reported to be furnishing their customers with either coffins or bicycles. • • Four cavalry officers attached to the ' office of the Belgian minister of war have been replaced by bicycle riders. In New Orleans the initiative has been taken in a movement to organize a local board of trade of cycle dealers. , Chicago wheelmen are pleased with the prospect that wheels will be carried free this year on the suburban trains. Springfield, Mo., women have taken to cycling as a Lenten observance. They favor short skirts and leggings. • W. H. Kelly, of Phillips, the tallest man in the state of Maine, is a bicycle rider. He stands 6 feet 10 inches. Greek haireses, choice.) To abandon means to desert your jolors. (Latin a, from; bandutn, an ansign.).. A determined effort is being made by Minneapolis and St. Paul wheelmen to have a cycle path constructed between those two cities. will slip off the lip, or some slight action may for the moment set ajar thit door that you wanted to keep closed. But suppose that in this life you hide it and you get along -with this transgression burning in your heart, as a ship on fire within for days hinders the names from bursting out by keeping down the hatches, yet at last in the judgment that iniquity will blaze out before God and the universe. Learn also from this subject that there is an inseparable connection between all events however, remote. The universe is 'only one thought of God. Those things which seemed fragment- parts of that great thought. How far apart seemed these two events—Joseph sold to tbe Arabian merchants and hia rulership of Egypt, yet you see in what a mysterious way God connected the the sinner is on his way to God as soon lie turns his back on siu. Vegetable Sicilian {Will restore gray hair to its youth- |ful color and beauty—will thicken [the growth of the ruMr—will pre- Kent ba|dness, cure dandruff, and rail scalp diseases. A fine dressing. iThe best hair restorer made. IB, P, Hall & Co,, Props., Fnslma, N, H, Sold by all Druggists. nature, always WsT^MiW »°»«»MPWPi»WFW»^ M a S'» ; ^^^m^^rM^m^i.'i'^if^ w?5.«49!i «»Cj2W!3 ( hw. MS y« any man not to admire and confide in a man who shows'that'he has really become a child of God, and is what he professes to be. "You cannot despise a son of the Lord God Almighty. Of course we have no admiration for the sham of religion. I was at a place a few hours after the ruffians had gpne into the rail-train and demanded that the passengers throw' up ' their arms, and then these ruffians took the pocketbooks; and Satan comes and suggests to a man [ that he throw up his arms in a bypo- i critical prayer and pretension, and I then he steals his soul. For the mere | pretension of religion we has abhor' rencej Redwald, the king, after baptism, had an altar of Christian sacrifice | and an altar for sacrifice to devils; and there are many men now attempting I the same thing—half a heart for Gpd [ and half a heart for the world—and It Is a dead failure, and it is a caricature I of religion, and the pnly successful assault ever made on Christianity is the inconsistency P£ its professors. You may have a contempt for pretension to religion, but when yon behold the excellency of Jesus Christ come out In the-Ufe of one of his disciples, all there is good and nPble in yp\ir soul rises up into admiration, and yeu cannot help it Though that roan be as far beneath you In estate as the Byptian slave oj whow we'are discoursing was beneath his rulers, py au irrevocable Jaw pf W f-»- TT-.P .• _i -,- J tJVi a vartn succeed, just because they, are not of enough Importance to be abused. It is the nature of men—that is of all generous and reasonable men—to gather about those who are persecuted and defend them, and they are apt to forget the fault of those who are the subjects of attack while attempting to drive back the slanderers. Persecution is elevation. Helen Stirk, tho Scotch martyr, standing with her husband at the place of execution, said: "Husband, let UB rejoice today;,we have lived together many happy years; this is the happiest time of all our life; you. see we are to be happy together for- eyer. Be brave now, be brave. I will not say 'Good night' to you for we shall soon be in the kingdom of our Father ^^ .... together." Persecution shows .the he- tary an d isolated are only different roes and heroines. I go into another • " department and I find that those great denominations of Christians which have been most abused have spread the most rapidly. No good man was ever, more violently maltreated than John Wesley—belied and caricatured and slandered until one day he stood in a pulpit lft London, and a man arose in the audience and said: "You were drunk .last'night," and John Wesley said: "Thank God, .the whole catalogue is now complete. I have been charged with everything but that!" His ..followers were hooted at and maligned and called by every detestable name that infernal ingenuity could invent, but the hotter the persecution the more rapidly they spread, until you know what a great host they have become and what a tremendous force for God and tbe truth they are wielding all the world over. It wns persecution that gave Scotland to Presbyterianism. ft was persecution that gave our land first to civil liberty and afterward to religious freedom. Yea, I might go further back and say it was persecu- v tion that gave the world the great salvation of the Gospel. The ribald mockery, the hungering and thirsting, the unjust charge, the ignominious death, when all the force of hell's fury was teUT I'UIOKS OS 1't.AXET, JK., OOOOP. • We are not in the senseless combine 'to charge two prices for Planet, Jr., tools It is all nonsense in these hard times to ask for fancy prices toy garden cultivators and drills when iron and ,-wagea are BO cheap. Show our prices to your hardware merchants. Show them to everybody! Planet, Jr., combined drills, other seedsmen's price $9.00, our price $6.75; Planet, Jr., double-wheel .hoes $6.00, our price $4.50, and so on! Potatoes, $1.50 a barrel. All prices for seeds ,low. Cut This Oat nncl Send Money Cut this out and send money along •with order to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis-, to insure getting above low prices. Mammoth catalogue, 5c postage. _ _ w.n. French doctors have taken a picture of an unborn child by means of the Roentgen rcys. _ ___ The Pilgrim — Easter » umber Will be ready the early part of April. Everything in it will be new and orig- It will contain articles by dipt. W. two into one plan. linked together. So the events are You who are agod Would ba dearer llintT which does not require to be taken olf to- renew, does not harbor germs, but destroy* them, nnd nny one can brush U on. Sold by all paint dealers. Write lor card With samples. ALABASTINE CO., Grand Rapids, Mich, hurled against the cross, was the introduction of that religion which is yet to be the earth's deliverance and our eternal salvation. The state sometimes said to the church, "Come take my hand and I will help you," What was the result? The church went back and it lost its estate of holiness, *nd it became ineffective. At other times the state said to the church, "I potiphW and Pharaoh ,„ esteem. Joseph, When the empress, threatened ,„_! 'with death he made the 'Tell the empress I fear noth- ein," Suoii a scene as tha* ^^ tlw aflwiratlon <**!;_![ There 'was wwething in Agrjypa Felix whipb demanded jheir wpwt ft>r Paul, the rebel against #*«»»«*• J not ftey men look back and group together a thousand things in your life that once seemed isolated. One chain of undivided events reaches fro~i the Garden of Eden to the Cross of Calvary, and thus up to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is a relation between the smallest Insert that hums in the summer air and the archanger on his throne. God can trace a direct ancestral line from the blue-jay that this spring will build its nest in the tree behind the house to some of the flocks of birds which, when Noah hoisted tbe ark's window, with a whirr and dash of bright wings went out to sing over Mount Ararat. ' The tulips that bloom in the garden this spring were pursed by the snow-flakes. The furthest star on one side of the universe could not look toward tho furthest star on the other side of the universe and say: "You are no relation to me," for from the bright orb the voice of light would ring across the heavens responding, "Yes, yes, we are sisters." Nothing in God's universe swings at loose ends. Accident are only God's way of turning a leaf in the book of his eternal decrees. From our cradle to our grave there is a path all marked out. Each event in our life is connected with every other event in our life. Our losses may be the most direct road to our gain, Our defeat and our victory are Wn brothers, The whole direction of your Chas. King. U. S. A,, ex-Uov. Geo. Peck, of Wisconsin, and other noted •writers. An entertaining number, well illustrated. Send ten (10) cents to Geo. H. Hoaft'ord, publisher, 415 Old Colony building. Chicago, 111., for a copy. It is said Dr. Jameson's medical practice in South' Africa was worth "$IB,000 a year When Traveling, •Whether on-pleasure qent^ortyiBlnesB, take on'every irip a bottle of Syrup of Figs, as it acts most pleasantly and effectually op the kidneys, liver, and bowels, preventing fevers, headaches, find other-forma of sickness, for Bale Jn 60 cent and $1 bottles by all leading druggists, Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only. Men who have fjeeu a good deal of life don't always end by choot-mg their wives go well, ____ If the Baby Is Cutting Toetli, Be mire and USD that old and well-tried »ei'n ed X; Wwwow'n EoonilKO BTBOr for CWldroa Tecthlus. There is nothing the devil fears BO much BS tho truth, Mus. Plain Medicated MbcrBauds,., Ko Grease 1 or Aci(t Guaranteed to Cure, Konoy back if yon are not BatiHfled, All druggists orpend 26 coutu to " -, ' MEDICATED RUBBER CO., ' (uNINOOHPO|)*T«o} < 285 Dearborn St., .,,CHICAGO. es Claims* Ion Suresr Every enemy of God Is the foe of mtm, W.N.U, D. M.--1240 When unbwurmu HdvortlfcctueuU! kindly montloq part of th« will crush you." What was the result? After the storms have /spent their fury the church, so far from having lost any. of its force, has increased and is worth infinitely more after the assault than before. .Read all history and you will find that true. The church Is far more indebted to the opposition of civil government than to Its approval. The fires of the stake have only been the torches which Christ held In his hand, by the light of which the church has marched to her present ploripus ppsl- ,tion, In' the sound Pf racks and im» plements pf iprture I hear the rumbling of the Gospel chariot. Th,e scaffolds, of martyrdom have been the stairs l?y which the church n^punted. iearn also frero pw subject th^t ?Jn will cgme tP exposure, L,ong. long ago had those brothers spl4 Joseph In* to Egypt- They baa jn&4e th,e ojd father believe tfcat W s favorite life was changed by something which at the time seemed to you trifling, while apme occurrence which, seemed tremen- ddus a«ected you but little, God s plans are magnificent beypnd all comprehension. He molds us, and turns and directs us, and we know it not. Thousands of years are to him as the flight of a shuttle, Tbe roost terriflc occurrence dees not make Gpd tremble, The most triumphant achievement upes not lift him intP rapture. That one great thpught of God sees put t&rpugh the centuries, and »&Uen,6 rise ana f&H. eras pass, and the wer changes, , but God stiU keeps the undivided, mastery, Unking event to event a,nd cen* tury to century pne event, one yelqpment velgu.8 &r , TP QQ<J <*ey are all one p)w, 9» Great ana mar BOt «9wer SrfW > 8$ t&,e brothers,. Put J? PUt. -• Tb9 0 , iSE^Wate w toffi'to JprjgguJio^ s^e- Fain of tea con ceiitrate's its Misery la if yo« •went to feel It cop* its hcaline a cure. Try Waiter Baker & Co,'s Coeos Chocolate and you will understand why their business established in J7SO has flour ished ever since, U>ok out for Imitations ,, D9r«ho?tQf Walter BaKer

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