The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 5
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'•'' *' . , , •",,'* ' J %"~ ' - *' H ~ r f '~''y i ^^i^ " THE Jt ^X^.jt^LjJtL£ J ^^LtSiaa£i^aaMMMMi u ) P AT AT IP U MUUWi The Best Sulky Plow in the market for the money, This little plow is making friends everywhere among the farmers. Thousands of them are being sold and are giving the best of satisfaction. Call and see a sample at Wilfrid P. Jones. XOW.A-, Grand Opening Sale OF SPRING AND SUMMER 5 Tl oil m POE A NEW BOHOOL HOUSE, Saturday, April 2^th. The Kraft Clothing Co. are after your trade, and in making this sale propose to spare no efforts in making it the most interesting ever held in Algona. Let us impress on your minds that we are here with you to stay and that we have nothing but new goods, bought at the lowest prices ever known in the history of the clothing market. Owing to the large amount of clothing required for our different stores and our ready command of cash we have been able to pick up some remarkable bargains, and we propose to give our customers the advantage of them. Here is a starter m the way of men's strictly all-wool suits, guaranteed fast color, sell everywhere from $8.00 to $10.00, sale price S*'" 3 Q< => Here are others at prices that are remarkably low Men's all-wool Black Cheviot suits, worth $9.00, at ..... • • : Men's all-wool Black Cheviot suits, worth $11.00, at ...... Men's all-wool Chick Cassimere suits, worth $11.50, at . . . Men's all-wool Grey Tibit suits, worth $12.50, at ...... $7-90 ^4L, 'SSSSmm Don't think that because these are cheap that they are not good. It will only take a. minute of your time to convince you that they are record breakers. A youth's suit for $1.98. In this line we are especially strong, and on sale day we are to give you some strong inducements as follows : The School Board Ask for $7,000 for a New Building—Election Set for Mny 4. As was indicated last week the school board have decided to call an election to vote on building a new school house. Something has to be done and they decided after investigation that building at once will be both cheaper and more convenient. The committee appointed to look for a suitable room to rent for the present term found that the lack of blackboards, water closet facilities, etc., made it impracticable to go outside the school building, and they accordingly decided to use the basement room for part of the primary department. This will be for only the eight weeks of the spring term. Seats have been arranged in. the hall for high school recitations. This is of course very inconvenient and is only a makeshift. If the new building is voted it can be made ready for the opening of the fall term and a vote is asked early on that account. If it is not voted tbe district will be to the expense of renting rooms and fitting them up, besides doing something to make the old depot building fit for winter. The plan talked is to build a four- room brick building near the Northwestern track, to accommodate the Milwaukee depot and also about 100 now in the main building. The attendance is now 557 in the high school building, .an average of 55 to a room. In very few schools is the average allowed to go above 40 to a room. HORSE breeders will be pleased to learn that L. T. Martin of Livermore will be on hand to see them again this spring in his old occupation and attend to their stallion colts.—4t2 SEE Orr before you let your job of painting. His prices are right.—412 Money to Loan on improved farms. Farm L,ands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON, Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa, A neW . |lrt faM Vlft Iv&d &t ffaflfe Jim StaCy Is ftuftdtftg a neat tfottage ifl the Southeast part of tdwih It 18 eft* closed. jGeo.'& Clarke Wefiite/lfrdfl dflufily Monday to attend t6 a railway c"as8 he has thefe. W»W»Wheetef haft beefi snakte? hands with old friends a tew days, His shadow grows no less. j.', H. Conner went to Esther villa yes* terday to arbitrate a dispute betweeh ft contractor and the parties he Is work* ing for, Chas. Kraft, the* new* clothier, cele* brated his first week io Algotia with a serious attack of pleurisy. He is OUt again and as well as ever. Many friends of Mrs. M, O'Kotlrke will be glad to learn that she is itn* proving in health. Her life was dis« paired of ft few Weeks ago. Company P will have a full dress in* spection next week Thursday evening at 8 o'clock, Col. Harry Wilktns In charge. All the members are expected to he on hand promptly. Arbor day is set for April 24, It is no more than fair that Directors Cowles and Swotting take a turn at tree planting. No one has yet been able to make maples live in front of the school house. The plans for Chubb Bros.' new hoine are about completed and contracts will soon be let. It is to be large and finely finished in hard wood throughout. It will be one of Algona's handsomest homes. Nicoulin Bros, have four teams breaking their quarter section north of Hobart and will BOW flax and timothy together on it. The theory is to get a flax crop this year and next year a timothy crop. A few friends of Mr. and Mrs. G, J. Adams met last evening in honor of their fiftieth wedding anniversary and presented him with a gold headed cane and her with a gold ring. It was an enjoyable occasion. Elizabeth Klein of Prairie was to have been brought before the commissioners on insanity Monday, but died Sunday night. She was a member of the late Goo. Helfrlch's society at Prairie, one of the six maiden ladies. ~L, .THAT '< Red Clover, i White Clover, Alsyke Clover, : Alfalfa, ''.,* Kentucky Blue Grass, Field Peas, and Timothy, Flax, . Seed Wheat-Hard Fife. For sale at the old stand by Lenette W. Butler, ' Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. , and r& <•>' i?<* That Tired Feeling Strictly all-wool suits, colors guaranteed, worth #6.00 to 7.90, sale price. ........ . ................... $3.98 A fine line of all-wool ones at ............ . ....... 5.90 We have them running as high as $to.oo and $12.00— take your choice for $7.90. We want you to inspect our line of Children's Clothing. How is this for low prices: Children's all-wool suits, fast color, 4 to 14 years, sale price 990; they are worth $3.00. HATS ! Here is a hummer. A $2.50 Derby at 99 cents. Many things that we have quoted here are away below what we can buy them at wholesale today, but we want to get acquainted with you and take this method of doing it. Now don't say it is easy to quote prices on paper. We don't believe in advertising what we don't intend to do. Make no mistake. We are offering goods for this day at prices that are ridiculously low. Attend this sale and you will and that everything will far exceed your expectations. jggpRemember that prices quoted are for the one day only. Kraft Clothing Co. The new clothing store— Cowles' block. HE LIVED AT IBYIHGTON. The Mechanical Genius Who Is to Hulld a Floating Palace Over Niagara Falls Graduated from Kos- BUtll. REMEMBER..,.. I am stillinthe Ice Business. Prices as low as anybody's. Good service or no pay. THE DISCOVERY. SAVED HIS USE, Mr, G. Cailleuette, druggist, Beavers- vine, HI., says; "To Dr. King's New Discovery I owe my life. Was takea with La Grippe and tried all the physicians for miles about, but of no avail and was given up and told I could not live. Having Dr. King's New Discovery in my store I sent for a bottle and began its use and from the first dose degan to get better, and after using three bottles was up ana about again. It is worth its weight in gold. We won't beep store or boose without it." Get a free trial at Dr. L. A. Sheet? 1 drug store. 3 Peter WmkeL I Good Painting CUBE FOB HEADACHE. As a remedy for all forms of headacbe Electric Bitters bas proved to be tbe very best. It effects a permanent cure, ana ,tbe most dreaded habitual sick headaches yield to its influence. We urge all wbo are afflicted to procure a bottle and give tbisjrem- edy» trial. In cases of habitual constipation Electric Bitters cures by frmng tbe needed tone to tbe bowels, and few cases long resist tbe use of tbis roegfcftne. Try it once. I#it8$ bottles only 50 cents at I* A, £»•<»>**> (jrpg store. 4 The papers have had a great deal to say lately about one Leonard Hinckle, who has planned a great floating hotel to hang over Niagara Falls. They credit him to Webster City, but before he went to Webster City he was a resident of Irvington. He knew the Beed family in Albion and followed them to Kossuth in 1857, his sole possession a violin. He was a kind of carpenter in those days and built Mr. Reed's house on the ridge. He had an old batch hall of his own which burned down, and he was noted for always wearing shoes made of gunny sacking. Tbe soles wore out every two weeks and be sewed in new ones. In tbe early years of the war he went to Webster City, where be had a sister. Since then he has made a great name for himself if anything comes of his floating hotel. GET Orr's prices on your -job of paint- Ing before you let it. It will be to your interest.--4t2 TAKE a look at the different kinds of smoked, salt, and fresh fish at Moe Bros.' this week, Auction, I will sell at public sale at my farm one mile east of Algona, commencing at 11 o'clock a, m, on Thursday, April g3, 1896, as follows: Ten good brood mares, JO good work horses, 40 good milch cows, all fresh, 60 sows, all to farrow in May, Free lunch at noon. Terms of sale: Twelve months' time will be given on approved notes without interest if paid when due, otherwise to draw eight per cent, interest from date of sale. Five per cent, off for cash. C. L, J). A, HAGGARD, Auctioneer, Old settlers of Plum Creek will re member the Dockstader family, who lived near the Bohn farm, Mrs. Dockstader lives in Des Moines and her oldest son gets a. $2,600 salary in a wholesale grocery house. The other children have good situations. The county medical association met yesterday, Drs. Hill, Hall, Bliss, and Bowen in from the outside. A most interesting meeting was held, and the following delegates to the state association were chosen: Garfield, Morse, Kenneflck, Bliss, and Bean. They go to Des Moines today. Guy Taylor and Amie Puegnet were up by Armstrong last week on a bunting trip, bagging with other game eight brant. They brought down with them the old flint lock recently found in the bed of Swan Lake, lost it is claimed in 1854. It is quite a curiosity as is also the old hand-made beaver trap. Those who visit the school building and see tbe crowded condition at present will certainly favor some change. One change is to build a new building. The other is to rent and fit up rooms somewhere and repair the old' depot school building. THE UPPER. DES MOINES believes it is economy to build. The members of the fire company gave a swell banquet last night in the city hall to the mayor and the council. Music by male quartettes and by Guy and Nellie Taylor and C. H, Slagle on mandolins and guitars, and speeches by Mayor Haggard, Councilmen Vesper, Chapin, Wadsworth. and by Guy Grove added to the interest of the occasion. It was a spread fit for a king. The county board paid the steam heat men off and are not holding any money for O, W. McMurray in his garnishment suit. A county cannot be garnished unless it wants to be and the board decided to be rid of any further bother. Mr. McMurray's hotel has all the pipes in, but no heaters, and the contractor has quit the job. He will have to buy heaters and attach them himseif. Is often produced by simply thinking about house-cleaning. It might be avoided largely if at this interesting period of housekeeping when the husband takes his cold lunch at the back door with the tramp you had visions of freshly-painted walls, clean floors, and velvety carpets to compensate you for your labors. We can assist you in driving away the blues by selling you the Sherwin-Williams paint— the best mixed paint made — mixed all ready to apply, then by getting a good paint brush' you can get your husband interested in using it, and by the time he has the floors and wood work painted he will like it so well that he will get some of our buggy and wagon paint and- paint up the old buggy and wagon and make them look like new. Then our carpet lining— which is so cheap— put under your carpets will make a desirable cushion for it, and keep, it from wearing, as well. Let us help you clean house— and save you many unchristian-like thoughts. % ""''.^-S •4 •'X 1 ^'1 ^ C. M. DOXSEB, The beat salve iu the world for bruises, , Corner is e*pscte4 Monday jo bis revival meetings, wbjcfc wJU wttt M»y @. 8 w« Wra, DeLair got drunk and disorderly Saturday and was captured by Night- watch Hunter and put in iail to await a hearing. When El well broke the jail open he escaped and was in hiding until Monday when Marshal Koran and Hunter found him hidden in a cellar in town. He was brought be/ore 'Squire Clarke, who sentenced him to 30 days work on the streets. He is at present engaged in cleaning the mud out of the gutters. Mr. Huey has a kiln burning at Hamilton Bros.' yard, and tomorrow will make a final report on Algona clay. He has eight pieces in the kiln. The test is to determine whether there is too much Ume for good tile, Mr. Huey tried all the various clay banks and finally settled on a patch east of the Northwestern depot as. the best, If this fails the tile business will go with the V 'Y," the shoe factory, and the Belmond extension, A telegram Saturday morning announced to Mr. and Mrs. H. F, Watson the sudden illness of Dr, Ppmerine at Mount Hope, Ohio, They started on the 3 o'clock train, but a telegram came at 8 o'clock announcing hie death. He was about 23 years of age and the blow is very sudden and very unexpected. He met many Algonians while here to be married to Mr. Watson's second daughter, Lura, and made many friends at that time. Mrs. Pomerine is left with two little children to mourn her great bereavement. It is pretty certain tfcat a new time card wiU to on with tbe Northwestern next Sunday, Jfc \» no* ep certain what it winter, bnfc as nearly ajs can be g9 ejfe4 H win fee M Ipltoro A Ig. • t now on sale at Goeders Don't fail to see them Sportsman's Havana filler, Sumatra wrapper, J3 positively fixe . '\ : M j l '-? : f|lfct,« m it 5c Cigar jnth3Algonamwrfcet tod|y. Itsif**!******; SCHU&WAUBHOUSL The Fan Tan IS A ' ' !'' Clear Havana ;-| 5>Ktk *("%•** •••" " """WW^^W*^ 1 * For 5 Cents,

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