The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 15, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 15, 1896
Page 4
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«*Uflx»t th fc*& Cnfcss frOtt liatjt*, **~""^ '"' ''' ""'•-"•"*' •>'•' •',""- ' '• -"" -"•, J-^ .11.56 40 ftftu: montH8,jiji.ii.. r ...» ^f*nriw {nonttis.aj;.ei^,...».« egWpiAdnMfttMW+ertU*. ^**t5j^H^ 6M **'** l * 8Wd * d **' -' laftpBWttdfi. , 10WA, WEDNESDAY, APttlL 15,1886. and to oppos* the platform he We do not EXtRA are not has annouDced. tbaUhe friends of 6ttve* hope to «*>- troltbe county convention. ananit»ett8 as ^IB the need df code revision; and there flo ifieafld a ubanlmous feeling aby , Where tbat a code c^atttiHlng ft lot of *»e» legislation id desirable, still pub* lid Opinion Will undoubtedly sustain Drake and the assembly in hold making laws at noofi Sfttatdij-, *«ordinf lag &s extra session to complete the -«• «ork begun. Fully $60,000 baa been •> Spent now on tbe new code. The work could not be finished at this session, and if it should be left to the next assembly it would all have to be done . over. An extra session is therefore a '.-jreai-economy. The one thing which .commends the new code is the prospect "that Senator Funk and his committee ~5»Ill get the laws governing the assess- ment and taxation of property into .. some shape. It would be a public misfortune to have the work they have -clone this winter go to waste. The Twenty-sixth general assembly • -disbanded Saturday at 3 o'clock. Our *;.legislative letters have kept our read- f «rs fully posted as to its achievements. - The concluding letter in this issue , : . sums up fairly the laws enacted and the -• -nerits of the men who have enacted 'r"them. On the whole it has been a . : "hard-working and meritorious legislature. The code commissioners' in- terpretation of the latitude given them was unfortunate, the squabble on the soldiers' monument medallions seems unreasonable, a great deal of time was - wasted on the age of consent and other measures of like kind that should have been settled in ten minutes. But all in all the session has been of value. It is a pleasure to state that Senator Punk and Representative Mayne have • Aeen conspicuously connected with the -.measures that meant business, and '." Aave been conspicuously not connected with the measures which merely con.. sumed time. toprevions Brraagefiaentj but ia order to give toe enrolling committees aa opportunity to finish their *ofk so thai bttl» could be signed la the presence of the t»o booses a* required by the coastftattoa, the docks Were stopped and both bodied lingered around tbecapitol, practically it, session, un- Hl 3 o'clock in the afternoon, •fte time was filled tafrottj 12 o'clock ttntil 3 by getting lunch, exchanging compliments and photo graphs, visiting and preparing to take final leave. The senate presented Lieutenant Governor Parrott With a chair and gavel and to Mrs. Parrott the senators gave a beautiful cut glass bowl, as a testimonial in recognition of her many kindnesses to the wives of senators during the winter. The presentation to Mrs. Parrott was by the wife of Senator Rigged, Mrs. Parrott responding grace- folly. Secretary Bullard of the senate, who made such a splendid officer, was presented with a chair. All the clerks and employes were thanked. Speaker Byers and Clerk Rowcn of the house were presented with gold watches both responding with splendid impromptu speeches. The speech of presentation to the speaker waa made by Representative Temple. Representative Byington, a democrat from Johnson county, made the presen tation to Clerk Rowen. The final action of "both branches of the general assembtf in regard to the soldiers' monument is embodied in the following joint resolution : First, That the commission be directed not to place upon -the monument any medallion portrait of any person living or dead or snch special recognition as exalts one soldier above another of equal or more deserving record. Second, That the It THIS Ifoepopellsteineetin .50 for seals for » --.-»-. ,r —• °^ Bancroft bought the store at Ramsay. Schools. Miss ne's place in the Wesley Algona Is to have a tnight as well give Brtkt Tribune: Mlefacitefj. We M . B , them one, we don't use And now Editor BraBtiignn has 6 bov His boy and Editof Mayne's dauehter c*fl play together. GooS luck to both. Ed. Marlow s little boy was taki>ti from Burt lately to Cedar Rapids to his eyes operated on. fie Was have cross eyed. Ida, one of i^arr-K-srsars Henry Siler and Miss Mary Rahca are to be married at the Prairie church April 21. The bride Is Martin Rahm's oldest daughter. Al. Adams was A pril fooled. He expected a number of" people to pay up delinquent subscriptions; Not their one of them came. HEWS AITO OOMMEHT. Some of the newspapers are discuss- what is " logical" in legislation, - when a moment's consideration shows - that legislation has little to do with * " logic. There is no principle of govern<-: ment, however satisfactory in any ^ given application, that can safely be . carried to a "logical conclusion." In- dividualiHm is good to a certaim point, . socialism is good to a certain point, and good government is a compromise • between the two. "Logical conclusion" men are almost invariably cranks in a legislative assembly. The papers , Say it is " logical" to manufacture beer , !n the state if it is sold in the s.tate. ' Follow out the logic. Why should restrictions be put upon the sale of heer if it is legal to manufacture it? The _ logic of it all is as free sale of alcohol as of tea or vinegar, and no one can , -escape it. Liquor legislation is ex- perimental. The people are cutting and trying, as they are with all other 7 legislation, and because they allow a restricted sale o/ beer is no more argu- • ment for permitting manufacture than Is the free furnishing of text books an argument for the free furnishing of , .clothes and meals to school children. . , —»« commission be directed to have inscribed upon the monument the name of each regiment and organization, the number of men enlisted and the date of its muster and dis charge. This is all the action that was taken in regard to the monument by the Twenty-sixth general assembly and it means that the medallions already prepared must be omitted from the monument. Finally it was ordered that the medallions prepared for the monument and already paid for are to be preserved in the historical department, so all U well that ends well The medallions are to be left off the mon- but they are to be preserved by the M E> Bo - Vle ba « bought a handsome residence in Whittemore, aad it is said ^ 1m ^ l "R. new sy is hidden In the dim but not distant future. Some Hllle boys up near Spirit Lake have been greasing the track lately for the fun of seeing the trains stand still. They were finally caught. Burt Monitor: Jno. Hanna will leave the Algona creamery at the close of this week, and goes to take charge of a creamery up near St. Paul. Henry Thompson and J. W. Llili- bridge went out hunting and killed a pet ferret for a farmer up north. The Champion says §5 was forthcoming. Mrs. J. S. Williams of West Bend stepped on a spike in a board to bend it over. Instead of bending, it went through her shoe and foot and she has a dangerous wound. Dr. Peters of Burt wenttoSwea City to operate on Nels Bengston, whose eye was knocked out by a foul ball The eye had to be removed and Benir- ston has only one eye. J. L. Blunt's old Fenton friends will be interested in learning that he was ma bad runaway at Ruthven last week His companion was, badly bruised but ne came out without injury. The Burt Monitor says there is to be a new postofflce at Lone Rock, in the north west part of the township. Ed- nro « T^.if Ulll *„*._!._ ____ . . " __ A ttiMsSrd of fbtle Wdfk Jtone at the IfefcfllAr April Sfessioti-Mtich IB Bridge and Grade Work. fhe county is to have cheaper grading this year than last. The county board met Monday in regular session and opened the bids. For the north 60 cents end of the county they Were aa follows: Broadwell, 61 cents for first 100 feet, . one cent extra each extra 100 feet; a* 9 Hatch bid 6 9-10 oti the first 100 feel; Sampson, t; Ordway, 71; Alpheus.John- soB, 8; Haight, 6i. E. B. Brand well, who lives near Fonda, was lowest. Last year the bid for this district was 7i cents. For the south half the bids were: Haight, ? cents for first 100 feet and 1 cent extra for each 100 after; Hatch, 7 for first 100,1 extra to 400 feet, H to 600 feet, 2 extra to 1,000 feet; Broad well, 7i for first 100; A. Johnson, 8. W. Wj Haight got the contract. He had the north-end contract last year, and is also a Fonda man. Our home men were a little too high. The south-end coo- tract last year Was 6 15-16 cents, a shade lower than this year. But altogether the grading comes cheaper than it has ever before been done. In 1893 grading cost 14 cents a yard, and in 1894 it cost 9 cents. DR. LACY AGAIN. The county has appealed the suit brought by Dr. Lacy in which he got a verdict for $234 at Emmetsburg, and now he has bills for $68 for attending Geo. Simmons, $41.25 for attending H. Gurten, and $131.90 for attending E. E. Worthing, all diptheria cases. The board decided to let them lie over until the supreme court decides whether township boards must call the county physician before hiring local physicians. Dr. Lacy talked of bringing another suit at once. CHANCE FOR A §200 SUIT. J. C. Schreimer went on to a bridge in Burt township with a steam thresher and broke through. He has put in a bill for $200, alleging that the bridge was defective. The board refused to allow it, and suit is likely. NO THIRD OFFICIAL PAPER. The Bancroft Register asked to be made a third official paper, but the board decided that they would have no more official publication than the law actually compels them to. ' FANCY PRINTING BILLS. The Courier and Republican were allowed $72 each for printing the financial report of the county, a two column table, in all $144. A SINGULAR. DISPUTE. Along in the cyclone period the board appointed a relief committee and turned over the court room rentals to it to use. The relief corps got an idea that the A Kossuth farmer recently renewed subscription to the Dea Moines Capital because of its cheerful tone. Xafe Young has just celebrated his jefoth year with the Capital, and while ..3*e has made it a notable paper in many - ways, its pre-eminent quality was Struck by our local subscriber, Mr, "Young has somewhere in his office an unbounded and never failing supply of ^barreled sunshine. His paper beams •tfith it, and if Jt can be called an organ >,pf anything it is an organ of good Others "strive for oheerful- witb wight and main," it is Lafe's birthright, The ups and downs of and politics do not disturb his nor leave him with any •ainefctbe world. The 0 nJy iq tbe Capital Ja a parti' for the. bright side pf life, may Jay Jt down and feel t-lmt pt been radical in this or thai }n Jqca] politics, but they will "jrar J»y i$ d^wn feeling that tbe, ou> ie (JarHer or happiness further re 'Wil, The injuqnce j 0 y goflfl, in a state. The most important bills passed were as follows: Raising the age of consent from 13 to 16; the act of regulating loan and building associations; tbe act prohibiting insurance combines; the act taxing the gross receipts of express companies $1 on each $100; the act changing the burden of proof, putting it on the telegraph company when the suit is for damages caused by negligence or delay; the act making corrections and amendments to the jury law; the act prohibiting druggists from selling beer- the act totally prohibiting the manufacture or sale of cigarettes or cigarette paper except by wholesale to residents of other states; the act imposing a collateral inher itancetax: the act requiring all moneys issued by the government to be subject to taxation; the act authorizing guardians o insane persons to mortgage the property i their charge in the interest of the'estate etc. No change was made in any law ap plying to railway companies, and none wa expected. There were fewer railway lob byists th,an usual. There were about 118 general laws passed while the acts legalizing the doings of town councils and various public officials not so numerous as in the past. gar Tuthill is to be postmaster, is a creamery and store at Lone Palo Alto There Rock. iron contract for the and ordinary let at were Appropriations were made for the suppor of the various state institutions with more liberal hand than usual. By a special tax the state university will get $250,000 for new buildings; the Cherokee asylum was given §300,000; the Clarinda asylum about the same, The Fort Madison penitentiary is to be almost doubled in its cell capacity A memorial and historic building was ordered to be built in Des Moines. The agricultural college and all the other institutions in the state were given liberal sums, The message of Governor Jackson calling the attention of the state to the necessities of the state institutions seems to have had great weight, In this connection it may be noted that the state revenue for 1891! was fixed at *1,400,000, and a like amount for . ., county will put an bridge over the Des Moines at 'Burg. It will be 120 feet cost $1,455. A pile bridges for $2.92 a foot. .Spencer Reporter:' The Misses Madge and Lillian Gilmore came up from Algona, Saturday, to visit their father over Sunday and returned Monday. The motherless girls and father enjoyed the vasit very much. Emmetsburg Reporter: The M E people of Algona are planning to build a new church this season. They need one badly and have been thinking of building one for several years, and now that they have started will build a good OD0( Ledyardis to have a $1,500 United Presbyterian church with audience room 32x40 feet, swell pulpit, choir room, and^ corner belfry tower. It will money belonged to them, and went up and drew it. The board adopted the following resolutions: Resolved, That the auditor be instructed to request the president of the women's relief corps to return the money drawn from the auditor, and that the same ke turned over to the committee appointed by the board of supervisors to assist in looking after the county poor; and that Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setchell be appointed such committee. Resolved, That the auditor continue to lease the court house hall at §10 a night and janitor fees, said amount to be turned over to Mrs. Lantry and Mrs. Setchell, who are hereby appointed the relief committee NORTH-END COUNTY DOCTOR. Oft lots 3,4, Week 90, Algdnl; inability to toy. The report o! Mrs. Lantfy and Setchell of moneys collected aim expended for the poof waa approved. Taxes of Celestia Butterfield paid on certificate 4656 refunded oh all but ft valuation of $125 for 1893; erroneous assessment. fcoad asked by Wm. Kerr laid. Time of paying damages on the road asked by F. Nicoulin in Hum Creek extended 30 days after the end of the case of Nicoulin vs. Schiek. Tax of Geo. Turner on lot 8. block 8, Algona, and personal tnx abated for 1895; inability to pay. Auditor is authorized to lease school lands for 1896. Burton a Committee to report on grade between 25-36 and 26-85, 100, 28. Auditor's school loans approved. Chubb appointed to buy three carloads of oak plank. Supervisors allowed following mileage and pay: Chubb, 12.24; Barton, $13.68; Burton, $15.48; Smith, $15.36; Hollenbeck, $13.44. Schedule of claims. BRIDGE FUND. Mike Brass, work on bridge 8 3 00 JohnKeiT, hardware 110 Paul Zalkoske, work on bridges •. 5 00 H. L. Ward, same 9 00 Hamilton & Co., lumber.... 15700 John Kerr, nails 100 J. M. Farley, nails, etc 1795 J.W.Robinson, same— 1155 BruerBros.. lumber, 1000 A. Moore, hauling 5 00 Mrs. J. D. McDonald, nails 100 F. L. Thompson, repairing bridges.... 4 75 Miller & Robertson, nails 1 00 Frank Hume, lumber 87,85 John Ward, work 5 00 Peter Ewen, same 7 2"< F. S. Norton, lumber 37 66 J.W.Sampson, repairing 1 00 A. Johnson, same 2033 McDonald, Richardson & Nafus 15 30 John Paul & Co.. lumber 1108 POOR FUND. A. H. Dorweller, merchandise. 30 00 Wheeler Bros., coal , 713 A. H. Naudaln, coal 6673 Luchainger & Harrison, mdse 1007 F. H. Bunker, indse 1678 F. W. Brlnkman. coffins 32 75 L. A. Sheetz, drugs 2485 Frank T. Miller, same 17 25 F. Winkel, meat 1325 S. D. Myers, taking child to poor farm 2 00 Shadle & Long, meat 418 J. C. Cooper and J. J. Rink, digging graves, cl'm'd $8 500 J. J. Cordingley, meat 12 70 Boeltcher & Dauder, meat 370 Langdon & Hudson, groceries 2557 Schutz & Smith, same 130 Luchsinger & Harrison, mdse 6 34 H.Biinkman, money 1500 John Goeders, mdse 890 H. McCutchln, mdse 95 S. Barton, com. work on poor farm.... 6 18 J. L. Button, coal o 00 W. J. Studley, drugs 5000 Frank Heal, drugs 8 00 Walker Bros., mdse 31 og M. Z. Grove & Son, mdse 3130 Walker Bros., mdse, cl'm'd $2.71 2 31 W. A. Wright, mdse 460 H. McCutchin, mdse 11 35 J. W. Robinson, hardware 983 Cook Bros., mdse. and coal "S 67 Frank Hume, coal 3145 STAtEMfiOT, flit t tenth Count? State Bank,,,, ASSETS. Loans and discounts ...... .-.,.,. Good.. ............... $109,950 >„ Past due .............. . 4,68640 Cash on hatid and cash items ..... Due from banks and bankers... Overdrafts Realestate Personal estate &»«3 Capital stock Sight deposits LEWIS H. SMITH. Casnlef, Jos. W. WADSWOBTH, Asst. Cash JOHWG. SMITH, DlrerSl, Sworn to and subscribed by the above n2S'» • Lewis H. Smith. Jos. W. Wadswotth ?5 John G. Smith this 13th day of April, linS" 4 [L. s.] H. E. RIST, Notar L LEGAL, 'N^-S^WN^' ORIGINAL NOTICE. DISTRICT COURT OF Rnqmrm. arSaas- county, Iowa, apeHttan'5 tte^atattffS ^^'S^S^^S^- fe£Sl^rWrta- * wit) r&c6 oi f per cent, per annum nav &D16 semi-annualiy until p&id. and \vith fan • n per cent, per annum Interest on all Jas. Patterson, mdse. 90 OFFICIAL FEES. for the first three months of 1896.' Last 3 months were - . . is gaining. The clerk reports §227.35 for the quarter, and the auditor $156.30 AROUND THE COUNTY FAIR GROUND. Resolved, That the sum of §100 be stand on the corner of Elaine and Logan streets. T democrats. streets. This will be bad location for ty when a deed from the S. G. A. Reed estate for six rods of land off the west end of lot seven is presented to the count.v mum-m- ^d that whatever is left at ter payta?ft» said land shall be applied in '- • S - John Goeders,' mdse !! '.'" 20 46 Ed.Kunz, mdse .'.'! 07 30 Mrs. A. E. French, board of Thompson 35 00 John Paul Co., lumber 14 71 G. H. Lamaon, looking after poor 12 00 • COUNTY FUND. M. Starr, printing lei 10 Courier, same 97 go Upper Des Moines, same !.!!!.'!' 53 75 LuVerne News, same R "T Burt Monitor, same !. "" 750 Wesley Reporter, same " • 750 S wea City Herald, same 718 Obed Robinson, justice fees " " 5 50 H. L. Ward, trustee o QQ Same, assessing Buffalo, cl'm'd $44... 40 60 J. L. Cotton, same Whittemore 24 00 G. H. Lamson, Algona 74 00 T. M. Bilsborough, Union 34 00 John H. Bruns, German 4900 John Wood, Greenwood "' 40 00 C.H.Stable, Springfield 30 oo |M._H.Stoddard, Burt v> . 16 00 r, „ Armstrong', Irvington, cl'm'd's'o'i 50 00 t' §• In U ? e S ? rairie ' Ol ' m ' d S5 °'' ''' 45 °° S. E. Hart, Hebron oa nn DurantBros., mdse..... "" o «X E. H. Clarke, col. taxes " 756 B. F. Reed, salary 19400 Whittemore Champion, printing ..." e " S. E. Reed, assisting supt 1° o Thos. Dailey, bailiff....." 14 r Dr. Morse, coroner !,! 7 r\ G.O.Austin, justice ' '" 105 P.M. Trimble, same ! .".'i no M. Z. Grove & Son, oil ... 04 Paul Fechner, justice fees BO B. F. Crose, state cases '." "6 B. H. Spencer, expenses 03 county taxes for the year 1804 and sum of Ten Dollars (810.0 inTown S hiyNin7t7nve eC (l ? ?fo^nf a Ran^ SflSffiiSSSa les 6SP vn ml ^ S - Y °Jl ar « alS <>^SSSMS' nn- S^P-^S EPlffiSnfES loUO. of Sfliri nntiff rt* TT-««-..*I. r__ . *"i •** JJ »- against — J '- • ' w , .. „, „^. m,m a default will U. C. BLAKE and J. C. RAYMOND, Attys-forPJalntlg. ORIGINAL NOTICE. To Edgar W. Eskridga and C. J. Bolton- L. H. Mayne takes a look at Ale-ona and remarks: -Algona is to have a brick and tile factory. As usual the thing hung in the balance until A A Call took the matter in hand and then U became a sure thing. Algona is certainly fortunate in having such a citizen as A A. Call to help build up the town. A few such public spirited men aa lie can build up any town." FOLITIQAI, NOTES. It is now everywhere conceded that Cleveland will accept a nomination for a third term as president. Mav 1s de Tm a p q , c » uuty Convention comes May 18. Will Col. Ryan lead a Cleveland delegation from Kossuth or u -^ eiana imchon lead a Boies " lie rub. Goy. OFFICIAL BONDS. Bonds were approved a Jos. Cosgrove, deputy sheriff F. Johnson, constable, $1 01 Brayton, constable, |500; Johnson, justice, $500, 24- IT T ,-,,---,— ' barber on prisoners....!! i 00 L. J. GInrlch, trustee on | O. Fui'SteHbeZ'f?. boai'd of flnnnH^at-l^ ' t nr Nels M. 5 Hollenbeck is appointed a committee . in June on a bridge between in Prairie; to report on bridge on section line between 13-24, 95, 27- to between 22-27, 33-34, 27; to build grade be*2, and southeast 21, on an'd 20-27, "97, constable fees, eld, S5.50 .justice . J, C. Schrimer, damages by breaking of bridge, cl'm'd $200, no£ allowed g j| £v%?L 2 ? on ?> expenses in Lacy case A.'. build grade 4000 325 6784 2700 3180 1000 , , -- Will Col, delegation? There's perewnjaj Constituencies should bear in mind that it is not the noisy legislator who earns his salary. There are scores of faithful, hfird- wovklng legislators who gave painstaifing and careful labov to perfecting legislation in the committee rooms. They were never anxious to bo identified with pprticuJav measures for personal glory, but were con • tent to serve tUe interests of the state- Such men are be^ep than fine gold, and constituencies ought to find out and „«»-. ?2J OS gav £ an elaborate silver peeoh at Kansas C ty Thursday He is going to be the free silver wwSdate for presidency at Ohigago if Iowa stands A Jefferson dispatch says that R, F. Joran of Boone and Dan Danforth of Oalhniin vi be the Tenth distrto delegates to the ° admoctl0 co ^enti o r Both are ?" P ^ n iL a JlS 0 , Int , 6 « a committee to FrankAudorfer, trustee I 20 110 HH you and jud prayed in sail as ... : —-• -••*.». VI-fcJiK, Attorney for Plaintiff. SHEBIFFS SAIE. .'» house, S i t suth, Iowa betweenthe hou of fl d °° r ol the coart 8> c . ount y of Kos- 1896 ' o OD biH oy M. H. Smith between 27-28 100 97- to .•eport on grade Chubb is >woen ZI-ZK. j(ju, 27- X'?r« mer ' ex Presson transit between southeast 8307.43 son ' boardln e prisoners,'cid. ?L 2 £' , J J?°S I 7 ! 1° re-1 H ;£" ^°\!^. b ^' i™fce 'aiid commit- ~' tee hi " ul1 ^ to on . _., between road in 25, 15- to build 01 oo 400 300 2 50 9443 504 400 5 75 360 000 11 80 M of esawC ^ mmence at 0>e hour of 2 o'clock P, gWitnessmy hand this o 0th day of Mavchi -^H____SS£JJ«J^ S su?i. C Co S u^ S Fo^ a . ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT of S. o/ Tfte Capital papery which {ry]y ' . I eiate them. If I dared tp dp so j i to ?, lve - R ^ 8t pf ? ome we w b e»'s i . The Register notes the wide tire wamn » »"d says ; The bill by Mp. Ke of w± U n th ' enco «Wio& the use of brbad I tire wagons on country roads bv remitting n portion or the road I taxes Tof the S was .to A. H. Naudain','coal.'. W. 0. Grier, reporter...... ^ffi, e 5u Patte i. 8 °n, oil. 8280 100 0. L. Luud, coal SSJW^^g*^«S«rji Kossuth said repbrt will be aU?B5? y °l ^^ 1890 ' OT tratrix P di S cS g edau§VTbo a nd a s B ^f«?i I S iniS - cases A Wesley Out of t|» 0 00 W9. TftUes Wesjeyjte . n m «. followius DronoKiHr,^\ m ;{ a J wbtoh time the vote: ''%fiaii P thl Tnrtl rt " £ e submitted to * bonds In the sum of sh pew &L nt Wstrtot Usaa (87,000) JSr t£» purooM school house?" " D our «^4s tn|s iath flay O f April. A. a_M^DOXSB£grS^ 8 ' * Wl *4& to sata estate JQ tfte, uflder- » any y ft |e there are m.Qre cpnaoieMlous leg- J» every general awejnWy tljaa the ja vQOtog |o belieye m fid - tfce mot

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