The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 7
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. Areat F alls > Mont " electric ' ap that all fm&Hc and . is done with its-fiid. ,' and wonderful fiiibstituCe for brittle glass is announced bf riHma journal devoted to the glass porcelain trade. The substitute is l to have all the flfofrefttee df^o»* Sass except that it Is flexible. It aade of cultodian wool. i tn believed that the shooting stars I artail solid -bfidies, revolving found i sun As they are traveling in a Itrary direction to the earth the bcity with which they enter our at- igphere is very great—ott an average lut 30 miles a second, foe greatest depth, writes Prof, iley in his "Story of the Earth," at lich earthquakes are known to Origt- le is about thirty miles. It has also L ca i c ulated that a heat sufficient to jit granite might occur at about the hie depth. It may be of interest to learn that of 114 new stars discovered within the •t 300 years four were discovered by L Fleming of the Harvard observa- ly-namely, one in the constellation I Perseus in 1887; one In Norma, in B3, and one each in Carlna and Cen- urus during the present year. It Piltschikoff, in describing recent lotographs of lightning, names three fces of Hash—band lightning, tube ihtning and water-spout lightning le flrst two he found to occur in all Hi-ins, the third he met with once only lorn the measured width of the band Ihtning on photographs and the com- Ited distance he estimates the actua Idths to be from about 15 to 80 yards AT WEST POINT. ,rhe course of study that the cadets [ West Point go through during their lir years' stay is most comprehensive [comprises civil and military engin ling and the science of "war, modern Luages, law, history, geography [mtal philosophy, drill regulations anance and gunnery. •Bach congressional district and each bitory is entitled to have one cadet bo must be recommended by the con essman from his district and who i ! en appointed by the president. Th ,ident has the privilege of appoint besides, ten cadets at.lars&. Expensive Dignity. |"Ho's a great editor, isn't he? said one tportor to another. I •'! should say so. Why, ho gets so used ^ suying 'we' that he often pays two fares i tho tram cars." The Honest Man. bhe Heiress—Am I the only girl in the hole wide world you love? tie—No, dear, but you were the only girl ;new who could afford to marry me. Last year 105,000,000 tons o' coal were 'ned in the United States. The marching Of tne Mdeti to httreh is one of the sights of west 3 oint. the interior of the chapel whietr hey attend Is beautiful in its vefy elm"- Jlicity and contains among othef me* nontoes a nuihbef 6f captured battle lags, two of them English, these flags re carefully preserved under plate ;lass set into the walls. LABOR NOtfeS. The habit of wearing wooden shoes s growing among the poorer people of Cincinnati. The iron moulders of the United States have gained twenty-four local unions and 4,00(T membership during he past year, A Chattanooga judge has ordered a company to refund to its employes 16,000 deducted for rent and medical )urposes. The Chicago Plumbers' union demands that a cabinet office be erected, secretary of labor, who shall directly represent labor. The Cincinnati Commercial Gazette says: "The expectation of better things near at hand is the main support of the iron trade while the wait continues." Trade unionists of Cincinnati are now devoting their entire attention to two needed reforms, cheaper car fares and the introduction of civil service into the government of the cities of Ohio. Since the labor troubles in the upper peninsula of Michigan, 10,000 iron and copper miners in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota have become organized and two advances in wages have been secured. Just a year ago the trade unionists of Dayton,, O., established a free employment bureau. The first annual report shows: Males who applied for situations, 3,689; females, 4,451; situations secured for males, 868; for females, 2,621. Trades unionism Is growing rapidly in Cincinnati, there having been a large increase in organizations and membership during the past year. A labor organ for the city has been established, "The Union Label Advertiser." The idea of restricting still further the immigration of undesirable aliens Is growing more pronounced among members of congress. The restrictions that have been enforced witbin the last three years have produced favorable results. HIJMOHISFS COSHER, feOME MfeW JOKES FOR OUR LfeAfo Wit, ttildom ftBrt SfrttieV dMfclftftl ftfi<! Selected—•TefHble lnflnehf.6—A Chick- Aft thM'n JPHrtencfe of Mind—Srdt tit- to Sr«ftfa—Why Shonid H*» Thyself vau ¥6 lit tie tffclteci Slate* ttaefc |ioit» Stole Into my room today A little breath b! Spring, A premonition of the May And the sweets that May will hrlag. It was a burst ot woman's sottg. Eight little blithesome bars-A song that speeds the World along Its pathway in the stars. It bade my heart be brave and gay, It made my soul serene; It spurred me on by labor's way— This spring song by my Queen. —Tom Hall in Truth, Heard Dortn* tho Frenhat. The crane, who was wading in the water to take the rheumatism out of his legs, remarked to the river: "I hope you are well, but your face looks swollen." "Sure,", said the river. "I have not been out of my bed in six months." "Do not let me detain you if you were about to rise," said the crane. "Thank you," said the river. "I am better, though not up to the mark- high water mark." "In for a Httle sport, eh?" laughed the crane; "going to try to break tho bank, eh?" "Cert," said the river, "but I see you are ready for high water." "As how?" asked the crane. "Set up on piles." and the river chuckled. "That's fair," said the crane, "but I shall put in a. long bill for damages, all the same." And he wandered up stream, looking for another sucker.-.Toronto (Can.) News. vaus OWN from the Spa, fefadteM, P&~.' o few fceople ate acquainted the rapid advance of Siedieal loleftce, fthd^too many doctdra aw tftiii pted* dinfr ift the old paths, once it eowess to pass that pebple knofr themfleiveS, that ail physicians ate abreast of the, World's knowledge, touch Of our eui* feflrif will come to an end. Medical scientists are hdt delvln'6 into the depths of knowledge for the mere ben* eflt of brother physicians, but for the benefit of the world, They place ifl the hands of the well man a tneaHS of keeping well, in the hands of the etck man a means of recovery^ To the paf-. eht they give the power of saving the child. Science is working for yoU— will you accept the proffered help? Mrs. George Rowend, an estimable lady Who resides at No. 2?6 Bast Main Street, has cause to feel grateful toward the science of medicine. ! She Stated to a reporter that she had been suffering with a female trouble for many -.'e-irs. She had been doctored for the ailment for a long tlme^in fact, nearly all her life— ana had never received anything more than temporary relief. During the last three years her condition grew worse and was aggravated by an affection of the heart. Her health was so poor that she found It almost Impossible to perform her household, duties, "1 never believed in proprietary medicines." said Mrs. Rowend, "but one day last fall 1 read an article in a newspaper Which told of the cures effected by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, ana I decided to try the medicine. Before I had taken the contents of one box I began to feel better. The depressing weakness which had bothered me for so many years began to disappear, and the action of the heart at once became strong-er and more regular. "I took nine boxes of the pills and I am now feeling better than I have for several years, and I have unbounded faith In the medicine." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain nil the elements necessary to give new life and richness to the blood and restore shattered nerves. They are for sale by all druggists, or may be had by mall from Dr. Williams' Medicine Company. Schenectady, N. Y.. for 60 cents per box. or six boxes for S2.50, the . The 860,6.00 ftiitft 6f ttstegr&fih frttt ih the United fitrtw weufd sfclend l«s« Boston to S&fi tff &ncfeeo 106 tlttee. Theffc &fe *6ra thttti tele* phones in bftfi In the United Statet fifid they ftfe used about 2,060,860 tiffie daily, • Wdotefe manufacture efflgibys 820,' 060 Americana. when the .vessels now belfag built ate completed the Ubited States \tlil have a navy of forty-ftva vessels, r&ng- ing in elie from 11,800 tans te 120 tofts displacement. Saved Ffom Kcstfuctiort. This is what happens whet the hid- hevs are rescued from Inactivity by Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, tf they cgat^e Inactive they are threatened -with Bright's disease, diabetes or some other jtoftltdt whifih workd theif destruction. Malarial, bilious and rheumatic ailment and dyspepsia are also conquered by the Bitters, -which Is thorough aitd effective. tack of Culture. Harry— What girl -was it you had in tow last evening? ' Willie (indignantly) — What you are pleased to call tow is usually spoken or by people of culture as blond tresses. Precious Metals. The groat mining camps of Cripple Creek, Colo., and Morc-ur, Utah, as -well as those of Wvoruine, Idaho and Montana, are best readied via the Umax PACIFIC. The fast time and through cftf service on "The Overland Route" are features appreciated by all. For Information regarding the above camps address your nearest M c.nt. or E. L. LOMAX, "GenM Pass. & Ticket Agent. Omaha, web. Tnscott has been discovered in the Yukon mining country, but Charley continue traveling incog. __ ^ Th e soil of Cuba in KO fertile th'nt in som sections four crops a year are raised. Under the Weather. That ia the common complaint, You feel dull. Tout'appetite te P° OI> ' Nothing tastes good. YoU don't sleep well* Work drags. You cross every bridge before you come to it. There's lots of people have felt like you until they toned up tho oystem by taking the great spring remedy Ayer's Sarsaparilla It's been curing such cases foi? 50 years. Try it yourself. Send for the "Curcbook." 100 pages free, J. C. Ayer Co., I ( owcil ( 3Mfl*s» %, •> '•> .^BHSSBgW jladness Comes l/ith a better understanding of the >• ' transient nature of the many phys- cal ills, which vanish, before proper ef- 'orts—gentle off orts—pleasant efforts- lightly directed. Th.ere is comfort in Ihe knowledge; that 'so many forms of lickness are not due to any actual disease, but simply to a constipated condition of the system, which the pleasant lamUy laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- 7 removes. That is.wliy it is the only remedy with millions of families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all Ivho value good health. Its beneficial Effects are due to the fact, thaHtis the one remedy Which promotes internal fleanliness without debilitating the organs on which it acts, It is therefore 111 important, in order to get its beneficial effects, to note when you pur- fhase, that you have the genuine arti- Ile, which is manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by 111 reputable druggists. * If in the enjoyment of good health, *nd the system is regular, laxatives or Ether remedies are then not needed, II ,micted with any actual disease, one .pay be commended to th3most skullul physicians, but if io need of a laxative, ne should, have the bast, and with tha rfell-informed everywhere, Syrup ot Figs stands highest and is most largely sed. and gives most general satisfaction. 12 A OftY TO SALESMEN .. VBRIGUT SALESMEN to iutroduce , »p, TV»K W1TTT' '|VU<a*A.« J *l'S r ,,,—,, grotUeet, meet (8IUPUS k/ooB, , "THE EARTH GIRDLED," amon, Hawftii, tho South Boas, Australia, India, igyut, Palestine, Europe uud all their wonders. Jfii'ilhng <ocperi?uce» a,mong eiivages, cannllmU «n<j flld rucos. Amazing Iwatnon superstitious, "art. SMILES BETWEEN SERMONS. "Wouldn't you oblige," said the re< porter who gets novel interviews, "bj telling me what book helped you mosl in life?" And after a thoughtful paueq the great man answered: "My banls book." — Family Call. New Churn : And how am I to know when I'm getting near the gold? Old Digger: Well, just koap on digging till yer pick »rztu yaller like mustard, and you can reckon you are coming on it. — Sydney Bulletin. Jo^es: It is a fashionable congrega-. tion, isn't iit? Smith: Very! Their minister may believe wliat he likea about the Bible, but if he should ever advocate the taxation of church prooer- ty Jie'd have to go.— Puck. Beware of Ointments for Catarrh 7. i>at Contain Mercury, As mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell and completely derange tJie -whole system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never 'be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do is tenfold to the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, O., contains no mercury, and is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure, be sure you g9.J the genuine. It Is taken internally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. Sold by druggists; price, 76c per bottle- ' "" ,~ ------- ----Fifty-cent gas is the rage in Kansas City. It is so cheap that the very air is burdened •with a large quantity in various stages of strength. • • I never used so quicic a cure as Piso's Cure for Consumption. J. B. Palmer, Box 1171, Seattle, Wash., Nov. 35, 1895. .The tombs of the Persian . kings -were caves in rocks, inaccessible . except by an apparatus of ropes from above. FITS— All Fits stopped free by Dr.Kllnc's Grout Kwvetoatorer, Ku Kltajifter the Jlrstijay's vie. Marvelous cures. 'Treatise tin.l S2 trial bottle f rey , ''- A Temptation Overcome. A thirsty looking man wandered into a State street saloon the other evening, threw 15 cents down on the counter and said huskily: "Gimme a big glass." The decanter and a large tumbler were placed in front'of him, and he began to pour out a drink. When the tumbler was half full he stopped and looked at it as if estimating the quantity-a? compared with the size of his thirst. The result appeared to be unsatisfactory. He resumed pouring and slowly filled the glass to within half an inch of the top. The bartender hastily took off his coat and vest, removed his collar and necktie, and then hesitated. "No," he finally said, putting on the garments again. "I'd like first rate to go in swimming with you, but it's too blamed cold!"—Chicago Tribune. An AstntO' Woman, Jack Robinson (at the door)~Mrs. Robinson (hie), do you knowsh w'at'a matter with me? Mrs, J. Robinson (severely)—Yes, sir. You are drunk, very drunk! J. R.—Mrs, Robinson (hie), correct; y'r smart woman; you guessed It the first time!—Chicago To Date. ,,,WI .uvu^. l>,,tlbXi!4,|{ Ifpttlllall nf,il>§9«.>if,»".v, (jig revelations. 4«>orjglr.<il photographs of curious aeen urn! strange places .N No cwjitttl PC experience Bquirud, exclusive territory. TSxtruproinury IB- '.iicemeutfl uo4 illustrated circulars free. Be quick. ffldss AC1E 1) €u«itnaaU,O. MONEY • Yon can wake lots of it 1 yon can wake lots of it by ir-fefeS^"" seourinp the Rsercqy in yoiu »town for the M139I8 USE'S IM?80V|!B PATENS S JJ»S AtfS KSAS7SJSO ?W?. Need no /nxMWJni?. »^ent9 are Belllee from flye to thirty-eight . per day. JQO per oenf, profit. 4te at once for olroul^rs and terms. , JUPP, QUftoJi " ' A Gentle Reminder. Anthony Hope Hawkins, who eliminated his last name when, be took to literature, will visit this country next winter. Hogeman's Camphor Io« wltji. WyoerJne. fie origin*! ana only genuine. Ourw Obftpped Hands rod Face, Cold Bores, &o. 0. 0. Clark Oo.i N. H»ven, Ct After every inundation in Egypt the land is covered with innumerable frogs;, and these the storks gobble with great gusto. If the Baby Is Cutting Teettl, Be sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. MM. LOW'S SOOTHING SIBUP for Cbildres Teething- "Golly! Pat reminds me ez bow I'sa aeern tell dat steal 'tracts lightnin'. Guess I better be gettin' out o' here," It should be noted that General Weyler is a, steadfast friend of electrocution. Most of his executions, are done by wire. Good reasons why'yoH vhould n«o HInaercorns. ,kes out ihs o..rns, ami then you have ueaca und , surely « gjpj uxejunge, J6p, at druggists, The young man who is waiting for something to turn up finally discovers that he has been turned down, — — ^ - p - ? - ^~, - fr? - ~rr- Evcry dollar »«ei»t l« y«pkei''»«ln(itcrTonlii is wull invetiod. It MibdU'js puln, and bimgs betlei digestion, batter stteu^tb tma better heaUn. The crater of Aetna is a quarter of a miU high on a plain three milos across. «« A Cup of Pfti'Us' Tesv ftl; night moves the bowels to the morning-" Papa (on top of the stairs)— Is that young man gone, Mamie? Mamie— Yes, papa, awfully. JT e Vtfq T WT RUS_.QFF, AlMStlS* w«*«"*»-w* Uuof.nijnered, "That man," said the cannibal warrior, "had the most argumentative nature I ever encountered. "Po you mean the one that you just ate?" ''Yes, We had a dispute on certain points of ethics and the result was tn'at I had him for dinner." "Well, that gave ypu the best of tbe controversy," "Yes, but he never gives in. He doesn't agree with me yet."—Washington Star, Wanted GooU Onus. "You don't seem to care much for original jokes," said tae contributor with a sneer, as he gathered up his manuscript. "No," replied the zero blooded editor, "we'd rather have good ones."—St. Louis Republic, Not Interesting to Nof»n, Newly Arrived Spirit—Who was venerable looking personage that yawned so disina-Uy while J wag talking about the tremendous min they are OR tbe earth? Resident was NoatrHpeuYer R,Qa<j, OLD FOLKS. Obcd Thornton of Arcade, N. Y., 13 nicely past his 102d year. He was ono of twelve children and his own children were also twelve In number. Another of the old ladies -who saw Napoleon is Mrs. Augusta Manthies, who lives near Shamokin, Pa., aged 104, and who was the subject of a recent thrilling fire rescue. John Rogers of Oakland, Cal., is 104 years old, and a Veteran of 1812 on the British side. He was born in Malta. Another person who remembers 1812 Is Isabella Graverat, a Chippewa, who recently visited Detroit to give testimony in a lawsuit. She passed through the place in 1812, but; her age is unknown. Three singers are still living who took part in tha .first performance of "Elijah" In Birmingham, England, 50 years ago. Recent deaths: John Swim, Delaware, Ohio, aged 103; Mrs. Hannah Cuddebach, Vermilion, same state, 105; Louis Allard, Cohoes, N. Y., 100; Possum Steve Ross, Massillon, Ohio, estimated age, 108, ; Patrick John Hinde of Norwalk, Ohio, IB just past 100. Pioneer William Scott of Delphos, Ohio, is the same age, andj Bays he's the only Jackson-Democrat living. " _ • Spring Excursions to Great. Southwest! On April 21 and May 5, 1890, the Santa Fe Route will run a series oi! homeseekers' cheap excursions from the east to principal points in Arkansas, Arizona, Central and Western Kansasj Southern .Missouri, Oklahoma, Indian Territory and. Texas. ' ( Ticket rate will be about one fare nor round trip, with liberal limits and jstop-over privileges. These Santa Fe •Route excursions will enable you to take a spring outing and see a new 'country, By addressing G. T. Nicholson, G. P, A., Monadnock Block, Chicago, you may obtain free literature descriptive of lands in the Great Southwest. Fair Play, ' Editor— The proof has made another mistake. He has it that Weyler has proclaimed "marital law" in western Cuba, Assistant— Meant "martial law"of course. Editor— Certainly. We must be careful not to charge Weyler with excessive severity- __ _ _ A Spring Trip South. On April 21 and May 5, tickets will be sold frpm principal cities, towns and villages of the north, to all points on the Louisvilje & Nashville railroad in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida anrl a portion of Kentucky, at one single fare for the round trip. Tickets will be good to return within twenty-one days, on payment of S3 to agent at destination, and. will allow stop-over at any point on tlie south' bound trip. Ask your ticket agent about jt, apd if he .cannot sell you excursion tickets write toC. P. Atmpve, General Passenger Agent, Iiouisvijle, Ky., orJ, K. Ridgely, N. W, P. A., Chicago, in. _ _ • A Parallel Case, Tommy— You know when you was sick last bummer the doctor sent you away for awhile— said a change -tfould do you good. Mrs. Pigg— Yos. "I wonder if I wouldn't feel better if I was took out of school for awhile and sent to the theater every day instead?" The Pilgrim — Easter Number Will be ready the early part of April. Everything in it will be new and. orig-i inal. It will cootain articles by Capt! Chas. King, U. ti. A., ex-Gov. Geo, W.i Peck, of Wisconsin, and other noted! writers. An entertaining number, ytelfl illustrated- Send ten (40) cents to Geo. ( It. Heafford, publisher, 415 Old Colony] building. Chicago, IU., for a copy. } Some gleaners of ^uwnn family statisti say that a wun or wam«n of correo* high, aji The nervous system is weakened by tho ^mtpr Every nerve Is strengthened In the euro ol It by Chosen-by the The Wai- Department proposes to test the bicycle thoroughly for army use, and recently advertised for proposals for furnishing five bicycles for the purpose. Result: Bids from $50 to $35 each for other machines; our bid of $JOO each for Coiumbias, their invariable price. ^ j, And the Government selected ——~- : -- STANDARD OF THE WORLD The experts who made the choice decided that Coiumbias were worth every dollar of the $JOO asked for them. If YOU are willing to pay $100 for a bicycle, why be content with anything but a Colombia? The handsome Aft Catalogue that-'tells of Columbia and Hartford t bicycles is free from any Columbia agent j by mad for two 2-cent stamps POPE MANUFACTURING CO,, HARTFORD, CONN. Branch Stores and Agencies in almost every city and town. If Coiumbias are not properly represented in your vicinity, let us know. tr-T \* l«n i-T 2fc <o -V— •"< . - ... -> T>V *-r* •ft, •• >— -p. : f* '", TTMIOW FENCE CO vy**V yp- — ir^ "^ IT • v »* w w ^ *r •. T- i -~ WHY pbouldn'c • a furmer keep » gOQa .y. . • 11.11° ,. ,,!•>—n horgst One rcnaoii Is' (s oftea the righv c»ro for tbew. Such tilings es Curbs, Spavins f Wo can prove «. If you think a lioree worth having & » horse worttj gavi"*, wrlw lor j«ir- - nculara. ^rice *1,60, Smaller size M cents, inll. SMOKING TOBACCO, 2 oz, for 5 A for 5 Qcata, ow, Health fvy Tbero," L\OS & CO, TOWCCO WORKS, Durtw, !L 8. Give a Gootl, Mellow, Healthy, Pleasant Brooke, fvy Tbero," WE HAVE NO AGENT*, »" 'W'JLMBL? "*bWt «>,U ®™$ tQU»0«Oe, — il """"""™»' ' Wrjto for wb&t you \rnol to ?BP MUCBJIS IN. YJSSTOEOT CO., JHniiS? . Colw, iPl 1i*ta» «*»»)W»i ? :

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