The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 4
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v • /• ~ DESJtOlNES: AMOKA. IOWA. WEDNESDAY. APRIL 8,1896. i (Mfre&t Atlantic Meafhlj „ «s»se* Senator AUiwniS a presidential candidate. After a fair review of his cateer it sflbHvp its praise: "Sei«a sale toan, an eminently - Atetesman whose election to tbe dency would mean that tie weight of hit office would always be on the ride of * dean, honest administration.*' And again: "In all Ibis account there . is evidenced* sound-beaded man, of integrity of character, of high principles and possessed of wide experience," But the Atlantic does not i-eaily favor Senator Allison" 1 ! nomination, because "he is not a leader." It say* bis moderation of opinion has "prevented him • from ever becoming a great champion of a great cause," and It concludes " perhaps daring the next few years, •when the country will be readjusting her position among the nations, a man of this calibre may be the beet man to have at tbe head of affaire; but a pilot in smooth waters is one thing, a captain is quite another." Tbe merit of this summing up depends entirely upon tbe definition of leadership. Senator Allison has not been a leader in the sense of originating new policies nor of startling the country by his championship of them. But in the sense of being a moulder of legislation, of actually shaping results, he has been a leader of unsurpassed ability in congress. There are two Muds of leadership. One is spectacular such as President Cleveland's leadership of his party. It makes an inspiring show, but where are the fruits of it? It is like a brilliant cavalry dash in war. The other kind of leadership is that which quieMy brings opposing interests into harmony, conciliates factions, devises compromises, organizes a great coherent -working force out of representatives of different sections with widely divergent interests, and which -without any display, and without any startling announcement of policies, quietly but effectively works into legislation the average good judgment of the country. This leadership is tbe leadership of a great general who plans Ms campaign in his tent, very often a campaign of waiting, but a campaign which in tbe end reaches tbe goal with the least loss of life. Senator Allison has never in his 35 years of public life made himself conspicuous nor aimed at cheap effects either at home nor in congress. But in that 35 years be has exerted a powerful influence in shaping legislation, and today the men most willing to trust him in the presidential chair are tbe men who -have served with him in congress, and who know best tbe effectiveness of his quiet and conciliatory methods. The Atlantic puts all the emphasis on the importance of a captain, while merely admitting the value of a pilot. President Cleveland has fully illustrated what may result from tbe application of this idea. He bas assumed a high seat, has courageously insisted upon having hie ideas prevail, and bas issued bis commands in a loud tone of voice. - In consequence a political party ushered into power by an overwhelming majority goes to total wreck. There is no reason why a little tact, a little of tbe piloting tbe Atlantic speaks about, should not have secured « lor tbe democracy a measure of success. The republican party has within itself : interests as divergent as the democratic. Any political party that is national must have them in the fierce struggle of class with class and of section with section that is inevitable in this commercial age. Tbe republican party can be wholly blocked in the coming congress and in many succeed* ing ones by unwise or dictatorial or one-idead captaincy of the Cleveland variety, Tbe Atlantic bas its empba* , sis misplaced. The country occasion-' ally needs a captain to command, it must always baye a pilot with clear vision, a firm band, and an acquaintance wit}i tbe, waters be is navigating, ^te direct its course. Jfc is not only -"possible," as tbe Atlantic suggests, , ttet a man )ike Alljion may be the head of affairs yea_rs, but it is ex- probable. It is In fact so probable that among the many able ^4 distinguished men who are today ;heing ardently supported there is not .,pn$ wjjpge e»ccejs, gives as great prom- Jse<tf a, successful administration, nor would give as fle hm brratKS*, dow- his cxHtxnittee work £a!tfaftt%, sad grown usefulness. fb« State Setter Reporter f*j* him * deserved ooffiptltse&t: « *be fttqpteef Sbtwuth wnttty coaW s»«t, fc*atfeejr*ailiiwi dbftfeoek, bra Majfte.ifc« geni in the b<rete lathe present ggBEfl'al _ „ My. A&Tfog eretofdlficmaoti ift Mmtetf Uwtttis«aroigc«t«ns the gB&Settt, be farther trpkaS of t» * ** u . rt S^fSL }i:i ^ :i)Drait ' owaerittib*. An ardent and loyal repao j*t Mr. who woDJfl saortfloe the interests of itbe oommon people in order to secure apolitical e. T*KmglK»t the Bessicm drawing to a cilose, Air. Mayoe lias »n»- •prered neariy li mat every wM call during thetrhitei-.&naaerotedhls whole time to theupbttUaiagol'iaietoBrt iatere«t8 of 1*e people of Iowa. A member who speaks only on rare occasions, Mr. May&e never fails to command the close attention of the boose. A member of seven of the leading committees of the bouse, Mr. Mayne has devoted a great deal of Ms time to committee work the past winter, g-hring every bill submitted close attention, and permitting Dotting to escape «ernHny. The people of Kossntib county having once secured sucb a representative, should continue to accord Dim political preference, and of they do, tils present loyaJ representative in the bouse will be beard from in tbe arena of clean politics in the year* to come." LATE TOTnSTG'B LETTEE. Both bouses bare agreed to adjourn at noon, April 11, wMcn will be nextSatnrday. IMs is exactly tbe prediction made last week. There is nothing in the adjournment resolution about a special session. That matter must be determined by the governor. It has been evident for the past two weeks tlxat the code would not be and could not be completed at the present session. If it is ever made it must be at a session called for that purpose. There is no use in postponing it for the next legislature, as that body would find itself in exactly the condition of the present assembly. When the Twenty-sixth general assembly adjourns on Saturday it will have been in session just ninety days. 'The pay of members, therefore, will average tG.ll per day, and tiiat will fix tbe salary for the extra session held next winter. Members are filled with tbe home feeling and will soon be with their families and friends engaged in their ordinary pursuits. The members have done the state no harm, and possibly some good may come out of their work. Tbe senate defeated the bill -which permitted the manufacture of liquors in the state in localities where the sale is permitted. Fourteen republicans voted for the measure and twenty-seven republicans voted against it. The bouse adopted tbe constitutional amendment changing the ratio of representation so that each county will have one member and counties having three-fifths of the ratio fixed by the legislature after each state census shall have two. On this plan there would be an increase of nine members in tbe bouse. Inasmuch as this amendment will have to pass both branches of the legislature twice and then be voted on by tbe people, it is evident that there will be no increase in the membership of the house for a number of years. Senator Funk's Spirit Lake dam bill has now passed both houses and when signed will be a law. * • Van Houten's pure food bill passed the house after having been adversely reported by the committee. Mr. Van Houten made a strong speech in its favor. Tbe bill provides that persons selling or manufacturing adulterated food or drugs shall be fined $20 to $100 for tbe first offence and $100 to $500 for the second and each subsequent offense. Tbe definitions of adulteration under the act are specific and comprehensive and include "nearly everything that could be reached. The Soldiers' home pension bill passed the senate. It gives pensions of soldiers in tbe home in excess of $fl per month to needy relatives, and where there are none the money is to be retained as a trust fund, to be .returned, to the soldier or his heirs after his discharge from the home. The valued policy insurance bill and Spaulding'sjbill in relation'to the rights of strikers were both defeated in the house. Senator Kilburn, belner anxious for a straight vote on his Joint resolution to amend the constitution permitting women to vote, called it up and the final vote resulted 23 for to 88 against. Lacking the constitutional majority, 86, it failed to pass. tad *be never even £b« leUertu There *e*fia* to be ptenty of tnonty In tbe *or3dlor.«*B* fteoffle. Alter ail the faH tifcfeiwiBi problem is fcow to fit «ar- tasltes to furnish something the world waatB or tfaiekelt wants. The collateral is the thing. Tbe liquor maSufaolure bill wa« beaten last Thursday «• it deserved to be. The tiedyird Leader saya THE UPPER DssMocsfesij"evasive" and "deceptive" la saying that silver is a Ml le- Cal tender, and then adds that it is a legal tender for only $S. The Leader is mistaken. Silver is a Ml legal tender for any amount Silver pays anything and everything where a man does not specifically contract to pay some* thing else, in which case he ought to pay what he agrees to. Attorney General Eemley holds that tbe anti-cigarette bill is constitutional. Gov. Boies is out as a candidate for delepate-at-large to tbe national democratic convention on a free silver coinage platform. That insures the liveliest political contest ever seen in the state. Will Kossuth Bend a gold standard administration delegation again, or will the silver men stand by Gov. Boies? The Courier correspondent, "Farmer," still bas the idea that Congressman Dolliver has somewhere endorsed President Cleveland's proposal to retire tbe greenbacks. As a matter of fact no republican of prominence bas done so. In the current Forum "Farmer" can find an able review of this whole matter by Senator John Sherman. Senator Sherman has been roundly denounced from time to time as a " gold bug," and a defense of our present silver and greenback currency from him ought to be refreshing reading. No abler statement of the republican program has been made, and tbe Forum can be had at tbe postoffice. An extra session of the legislature is not desirable, but Senator Funk is correct in saying: "It will be a great deal easier to defend an extra session than it will to explain how a great many bad things got into the code if it is railroaded through." There seems to be some foundation to tbe claim that some of the political leaders are in favor of anything to beat McKinley. There is no such sentiment among the republicans of Iowa. If Allison cannot win, McKinley is the undoubted choice of the state. NEWS QOMMENT, FOLITIOAL NOTES. McKinley was a free silver coinage advocate in 1878. It is said that A. L. Hager will be re- nominated for congress in the Ninth or that Speaker Byers will succeed him. E. P. Heizer is taking care of Congressman Perkins' interests over west Isaac Struble is a candidate again, but Perkins will win. It is reported that Congressmen Clark, Curtis, Henderson, Lacy, Hepburn, Cousins, and Dolliver will be nominated by acclamation. The democratic state convention to choose delegates and alternates to the democratic national convention has been called to meet in the city of Dubuque, May 30. Senator Healey was not able to be in Des Moines when the vote on manufacturing liquor was taken. But he wrote down to say that he should vote against the bill if he were there, Lafe Young: We do not believe that the republicans of Iowa in their desire to secure the nomination of Allison are willing to enter into any conspiracy simply to defeat MoKinley. Four hundred and forty delegates to the national convention have been chosen. Of these McKinley claims 235, Reed 58, Morton 54 Allison 84, Quay 85. and unknown 84. McKinley has over half thus far. Congressman Hull allowed himself to be identified with the Des Moines mayorality fight, and now he wishes that he hadn't. His chance for renomination is slim, Jas G. BerryhiU will doubtless carry Polk county and may be nominated. Senator Funk said in his speech on adjournment in the senate: I have come to the conclusion after the hardest winter's work I have ever done that the wisest plan is to postpone this work. I have no fear of my constituents. My conscience is clear. I have no fear of newspapers who are attempting to influence this legislature. I am a newspaper man myself. I am willing to take my chances with my people. I believe it is m the interest of the people of Iowa, ' * foe Regtefe* says the !* *ell but very *eafe- Emmetebnrg is getting ready fot A Fourth of July celebration already. Will Algoa* do anything thi* J-eat? Th6 Reporter wants Arena's dog *&* la* ia Wesley. It says It means less dogs and mote money ia tbe treasury. Ike Harrison and Wes. Manna are building their store room 120 feet long at La Verne. That is a metropolitan length. A big cold storage building full of ice and beer at Emtneteburg was Mown over a week ago, tbe loss about $1,900. Tbe foundation gave out. The West Bend Journal asks a question that ia pertinent, in Algona: *' Where tbe d—— is our side walk com- mlttee?'' It adds that there is not a half block of side walk in town without from one to a dozen boles. Cbas. Stover, a class mate at Iowa City of Mies Jessamine L. Jones and J. L. Bonar, bas been elected principal of tbe Estherville schools. He was in Algona last week visiting the schools in the interests of tbe state university. G. 8. Foster of Algona is going soon to survey tbe new town of Ottosen in Humboldt. This is the old "Russell Switch" up on tbe southwest boundary of KosButh, and is said to be already well on tbe way towards a boom town. West Bend Journal: We learn from THE UPPER DES Momss that a mulct law petition is being or will be circulated in Kossuth county soon. Should the promoters succeed in getting tbe required sixty-five per cent, of signatures we do not believe there is a town in the south half of tbe county where an ordinance could be passed allowing a legalized saloon. All who expect to go to Fort Dodge next Wednesday to try the examination for the cadetship at Annapolis should take a certificate of physical condition from a local physician. Candidates should understand before going to tbe expense of making a trip to Fort Dodge that tbe medical examination at Annapolis is very severe. It is useless to win in the competition only to be rejected at Annapolis. Forest City Summit: It seems Forest City bad a European hotel nearly forty years ago. Tbe Algona UPPER DBS MOINES had an interesting "Chapter of Early-day History" last week, taken from tbe pioneer journals of northern Iowa, and this reference to the Forest City hostelry, John Mabin proprietor, was found in the Algona Bee of Jan. 15, 1859. The house stood on the corner now occupied by the residence of John Neil and was destroyed by fire early in the 60'a. Burt Monitor: About all the papers of tbe county have said "it is rumored" that a petition is to be circulated for signatures to permit saloons in this county. Now it is most likely that there is nothing in this "rumor." H ever, if such a petition ever comes around we hope the Monitor readers, one and all, will refuse to sign. In order to get saloons, tbe petition must be signed by 65 per cent, of the voters. We hope tbe requisite number will not be found. Kossulh county is doing well without tbe saloons which is the home of everything that is evil and corrupt. woiat of fttgotft THIS BENNETT MITCHELL'S NEPHEW. J. M. Chappie of Ashland, Wie., la Coming to tbe Front as a Literary Light. In a late issue of the Chicago Times- Herald J. A. Watrous tells about the career of J. M. Chappie. Mr. Chappie is a nephew of Rev. Bennett Mitchell, and consequently a cousin of David Mitchell of Algona. His father was on the road formerly and was occasionally seen in Algona. Watrous describes his rise as a newspaper man in Wisconsin. He has published one novel which has had quite a run, and has lately been east arranging for the publication of a second. Watronssays: "Mr. Chappie is a genius. He has an idea that there is a demand in the west for a better magazine than has yet been published, and I believe he will not abandon that idea until he has tried the experiment. Besides being a successful publisher, a bright editor, and a writer of books, he is a very attractive public speaker. I am sure much more will be heard from and about this young man, not yet 30years old." On his way east Mr. Chappie stopped at Washington. Here is his description of the attendance of the president's family at church: "Along waddled our president, Grover Cleveland—not a spark of expression in his cold eyes—which I thought before gray were Tbe Iowa Falls Sentinel is forty years old, It is older than apy paper published north or west of Hardin oovmly. The Fprt Dodge Sentinel dates from July 81, J85Q, but its Iowa Ftvlla namesake was issued March, S3 of that year, Qhas, Aldrioh's Webster City Freeman did not Appear until June 29, 1857, and third in the of pioneers is the AU gona Bee dating Deo. 37 of the same year, .Mason City's first paper, tbe Press, was not issued until the summer of 1858, the Hancock Sentinel and Hum' boldt Independent following in i860, s, C, Platt, tbe present proprietor pf the Sentinel, celebrates tbe fortieth anniversary with a beautifully printed and ably edited «4fttoHi Tfai paper to JBever been in better haads in ill $04 booor&ble C&reer than Jt ij Up in Fen ton a county plat book sold for ,$3, Buffalo Center has voted bonds for a $12,000 school house. Duane Tallman is making a bicycle of his own at Bancroft, Wesley challenges Algona to foot ball. Let the kickers organize, Wra, Weisbrod and John Bellinger are building big barns in Fenton. The Bancroft Register says a mulct petition is to be circulated in the county. The Wesley Reporter advertises a new Kassutb county plat book at half price. Linn Keithe is building a home a half mile south of bis father's in PJuuj Creek and is ready IP move, J, Q, Graham has been at Sheldon ar« te extend the telephone line to black—under which were heavy, flabby circles. He seemed to act like a bad boy sent to Sunday school. His Prince Albert buttoned tightly, his sparce hair combed back. Behind, Mrs. Fol- soin, his wife's mother, a sweet little old lady with iron gray hair, but in the rear was Mrs. Cleveland, a real queen, Her sweetly curled lips, sharp nose, and deep black eyes seemed to acknowledge recognition, although looking directly ahead. Quaint, motherly, and lovable—Americans will always love her. And yet what a sad face'it was, One could almost imagine the procession a funeral cortege." PEOPLE'S PARTY CONVENTION. Ue Selected Next Wednesday at Burt tp Help Get the Hall Holllug, The county convention of the People's party will be held at McDonald's hall at Burt on Wednesday, April 35, at 10 o'clock a. m, for the piy-pose of nominating delegates to attend tbe state convention at Des Moines, April 22. All populists and others in sympathy with the reform movement and willing to unite with us are invited to bo present, S. II. MoNuw, Chairman. of t»a»fc>ttt**-A$i»olflt* of Wit Mfcrthftl A£*ro»*a- Som* Boutin* jf fitter*. AI/KW A, March 28.— Tbe city coan- dl awt In regular session at the conn- dl room, Major fltaggard In the cbaf r. Members present: Vesper, Rice, Heft- derson, Siagle, Sajrers, and Cbapto. Absent: Wadsworlh and Ferguson. Tbe minutes of the regular meeting of February SS, read and approved. Tbe misnlea of the meeting of March 16 held fot tbe purpose of organization read. It was moved and seconded that tbe following bills audited and approved by the finance committee be allowed and warrants drawn for the same: ^.W. Sampson, street work... .......... $ 325 E-J-GIlinotti, supplies .................. 45 ChriscMlles & Herbst, supplies .......... 400 Walker Bros., supplies .................. 11 If Courier, printing ......................... 1165 J.B.W01ey, tAltff ..................... 4000 Wm. Flinders, labor ........... . ......... 75 James Murray, labor .................... 75 F.Sapeltal, delivering election booths. 50 W. Hohtt-same ........................... 60 W. H.Horan,8alair ...................... *0 00 Spin-beck & Lambert, supplies .......... 1 75 W.I». Nugent, room for holding Third ward election ........................... 200 Ferguson supply Co., supplies .......... 110 Geo. E. Hamilton, work and material on hose tower ........................... 718 Wm. Miller, lighting city lamps........ . 15 00 M. E. Norwood, mortng city fire bell. . . 5 00 A. H. Naudaln, coal.... .................. 4580 M. Starr, printing ....................... 740 Ayes — Vesper, Rice, Henderson, Slagle, Sayers, and Cbapin. Noes— none. It was moved and seconded that warrants be drawn for tbe pay of the judges and clerks of election for tbe election of March 2, 1896, as shown by the amounts returned on the poll books from tbe various wards, as follows: F. H. Vesper, Judge First ward .......... 9225 J. W. Wadsworth, same .................. 225 S. P. Christiansen, same .................. 225 T. H. Wadsworth, clerk ................... 225 C. T. Laage, same ........................ 225 S. H. Pettibone, judge Second ward. ..... 2 75 W. K. Ferguson, same .................... 275 R. A. Palmer, same ........................ 2 75 C. D. PetHbone, clerk ................... ... 275 G. H. Lamson, clerk ....................... 2 75 Tbos. Henderson, judge Third ward ...... 2 50 J. D. Magnusson, same .................... 2 50 J. D. Shadle, same ......................... 250 H. L. Carpenter, clerk .................... 250 E. T. Burbank, same ....... ............... 250 J. F. Nicoulln, judge Fourth ward ....... 2 50 B. B. Bayers, same ....................... 250 F. C. Wlllson, same ........................ 250 E. S. Salisbury, clerk ...................... 2 50 Geo. E. Hamilton, same ................... 2 50 Ayes — Vesper, Rice, Henderson. Slagle, Sayers, and Chapin. Noes — none. The settling committee report that they have examined the reports and accounts of tbe city treasurer and city clerk and find the same correct. It was moved and seconded that tbe report of the settling committee on the reports and accounts of the city treasurer and city clerk be accepted. Carried. The report of the finance committee as to the financial condition of tbe city is received, read, and placed on file. Ordinance No. 15— an ordinance providing for a tax on dogs, is reported from tbe ordinance committee, and placed on its first reading and read. It is moved and seconded that tbe rules requiring three separate readings on three separate days be suspended and that ordinance No. 15 be put on its final passage. Ayes— Vesper, Rice, Henderson, Siagle, Sayers, and Chapin. Noes — none. Carried It was moved and seconded that ordinance No. 15 be adopted and passed as read. Ayes— Vesper, Rice, Henderson, Siagle, Sayers, and Chapin. Noes — none. Ordinance No. 15 declared passed. The petition of E. J. . Gil more and others for a sidewalk on Moore street along the east side of block four is presented and read. It was moved and seconded that said sidewalk be laid as petitioned for. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the collection of the water rents be done by the superintendent of water works. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the salary of the city clerk be fixed at §50 per year. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the roll be called for the election of city clerk. Carried. Upon the call of the roll for city clerk A. Hutchison received the votes of Vesper, Henderson, and Siagle, and J. L. Bouar received the votes of Bayers and Chapin. A. Hutchison having received a majority of the votes for city clerk is declared elected. It was moved and seconded that the roll be called for tbe election of a street commissioner. Carried. Upon the call of the roll Walter Henderson received the votes of Vesper Henderson, Siagle, Sayers, and Cbapin. Walter Henderson having received a majority of the votes is declared elected street commissioner. It was moved and seconded that the purchasing committee be instructed to build a shed sufficient to hold the tools of the city. Carried, It wns moved and seconded that the finance committee be instructed to have paid and cancelled $1,000 of tbe outstanding warrants. Carried. The mayor then announced the appointment of L. Horan as city marshal. It was moved and seconded that the appointment of L. Horan as city marshal be approved. Carried. It was moved and seconded that the council adjourn. Carried, CHAS, A, COHENOUR, City Clerk. ' A history oHhe . ctety will be given by Mil. All are invited to join and Preaching services at the ... church will be held after into Friday, Saturday, andSu* instead of every night. 8 _ held every Saturday at 2 o'clock preaching following fit 3 p. in, Sabbath of the bible and other ant subjects will be discussed. All" i*« cordially InvUed'to attend, w th* The mayof desire* id »e notice to all property owner* it Algonft that th^ alleys abutting their properties must be cleaned at once and kept in good condition. Sanitary reasons as Well « tbe matter of fife protection demand that there be no delay in this work, and unless it is done Boon the city will lake it in band and the expense in each case will be charged to tbe property. ttttne or y the clerk LEGAL. ^N^ON^*^»^^*^> SHEBtFFS SALE. Notice IB hereby given that by special execution, to me directed b of the district court of Kossnth countr Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lands, teni! ments, etc., of Miles W. H. Haloes, Eliza A. Haines, W. C. Danson and K B. Butler, W. R Bosslngham. M. Richardson, J. c. Blacttfott! U. Groot, and F. T. Chandler, defendants. In favor of Cedar Rapids Savings bank, plal&Hfi I will offer at public sale, to tbe highest and best bidder, for cash, at the door of the conn house, in the town of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 18th day of April, 1S9G between the hours of 0 o'clock a. m. atid 4 o'clock p. m., on said day,' all of said Miles W H. Haines and Eliza A. Haines' right, title and Interest in and to the following described real estate, situated In Kossnth county, Iowa. to-wit: The west one-half of the northwest quarter of Section No. Nine, Township Ninety six, Range Twenty-nine. Sale to commence at the hour of 2 o'clock P M. of said day. Witness my hand this 30th day of March 1896. C. C. SAMSON, " *4t2 Sheriff KosButh County, Iowa. ORIGINAL NOTICE. To Edgar W. Eskridge and C. 3. Bolton= You are hereby notified ttat there is now on file in the office of the clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa in and for Kossuth county the petition of E. S. Ellsworth and L E. Jones, claiming of you tbe stun of 93,073 as money justly due from you and interest thereon at six and one half and eight per cent, from the first day of May, 189oT'with attorney's fees, on yonr promissory note bearing date January 4, 1893, and asking the foreclosure of a mortgage given to secure the payment of said note on the southwest fractional quarter and the north hall of the southeast. quarter of Section Nineteen, in Township Ninety-nine, north Range Thirty, west of tie 5th P. M.. in Kossuth county, Iowa, and that unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the next May term of said court, which will commence at Algona, in said county, on the 15th day of May, 1896. default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered as prayed in said petition. C. M. NAGLE, 3t4 Attorney tor Plalntifl, ORDINANCE NO. 15. AN ORDINANCE providing for a tax on dogs; Be it ordained by the city council of the cny of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That any person residing in said city of Algona, Iowa, being the owner of one or more dogs, shall pay to the city clerk an annual license fee of one dollar for each male dog, and three dollars for each female dog owned by said person or persons. Sec. Z. That upon payment as defined is Sec. 1 of this ordinance, the city cleric shall number and list each dog for which such payment has been made, and shall furnish the owner with receipt and metal tag having stamped upon it the number of the dog as listed and the year for which said tax is paid, which tag the owner shall attach to a collar to be fastened and worn about the neck of the dog so listed. Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the city marshal to take up and impound any dog found running at large in said city of Algona, Iowa, not bearing the tag as provided In Sec. 2 of this ordinance. Sec. 4. That any person claiming said doc so taken up by the city marshal as provided in Sec. 3 of this ordinance, shall be entitled to the same on payment to the city marshal of the tax as provided in Sec. 1 of this ordinance and one dollar for the expense of impounding Sec. 5. That no one appearing within fortv- eight hours to claim such dog impounded as provided in Sec. 3 of this ordinance, or appearing and claiming such dog, shall fail to pay to the city marshal as provided in Sec. 4 of this ordinance, it shall be the duty of the city marshal to kill and bury such dog. Sec. 6. That the license year shall be considered as commencing Jan. 1 of each year. Sec. 7. This ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after May 1, 1896, and upon its publication in manner and form as by law provided. Dated March 28,1996. Attest: D. A. HAGGARD. Mayor. CBAS. A. COHEKOUB, City Clerk. ADMINISTRATRIX'S NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. In the matter of the estate of S. G. A* Scad, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above- named estate; You are hereby notified that on or before the 18th day of May, 1866, said administratrix will file with the clerk of tie district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, her final report and ask to be discharged: and you are further notified that all objections thereto' must be filed with said clerk on or before tbe first day of said term of said court, which will convene and be holden at Aleona, in Kossnti county, Iowa, on the 18th day of May, 1896, or said report will be approved and said adminis- tratrix discharged and her bonds released. MRS. LIZZIE B. READ, By E. H. Clarke, Wm. He ft tUer», Jivin Bancroft, km boon In Pee q w t fo r y 0|ir p og . Those having dogs wJthin the corporate limits whfph they desire to pro, •f rv» tor M,uw use should go to ofece Pf the city dark before May*i » ext ™n| ^W? JPtwrtWorte and tag. May UU foga gnon which, The wtfl b The Pilgrim-Easter Number is now ready. Everything in jt is new a, n< \original. It- contains articles by Capt. Charles King, U, S. A., E*-Gov Geo, W. Peck of Wisconsin, and other noted writers, and is an entertaining number, well illustrated. The ticket agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St Paul railway has a limited number to dispose of at the rate of ten cents each, and those desiring a copy should call on him without delay,—8t§ Special meeting of Prudence lodge d?re r e° W ^ venlo&l Work'on third The Wpmana' Library Aid LETTERS TESTAMENTARY. THE STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH OO0N- ty— ss.—To ail whom these presents shall Whereas, Mary M. Warner, of the county and state aforesaid, died on or abont tie 23d day of December, 1S95, leaving a last will and testament, and therein nomlnatiiig B H. , Whereas, Said will having been admitted t*> safd count?- re ° 0rd by ""* dtswict wurt of< R££ W ' t ^ ere £ ore ' fcnow ye that the said R. H. f?^L has b ,^ n a PP°Wed by the said wrart as executor of the goods, chattels, rights, credits, and effects of the estate of the said ; Mary " deceased . wltt fall power and au- the said property «io same » a y >» ">uSd in this state, and to do and perform all other acts oi In testimony whereof I have hereunto set dand affl * ed tie sea} of the district ««« *««! day of March. 1806. „ B. F. CHOSE, Clerk of the Uistrici Court. Notice is nereis' NOTICE. ren that the deceased. Ail per• to satFestate it to the under- ' to* 1 Dated this isth 4»T of Mawsh, A, JJ. 1890. ?PI44JfTw. BCffl* I be fit subjects ordinance ADMINISTRATION NOTICE-

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