The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1896 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1896
Page 2
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^P?w^ ^j «• ." *' «* ',- ' i \ ? " ^ * V( J v t/iw* WtaWKKOAY. APB1L & 1896. *{ " ¥.'< ,-»: / aiwcat&m. the swp«riB- the priscfpal erf a ease wfeeeeza a netastated & , idbftei. after barfag feeett ssE§psad*d for *fSeiatU0a of the rale*. The~ deefewa. l» i&k ease has been looked forward to with a great d«ai of interest 1hy aD Jwtsoos interested in edar«a$ianal wotk, and tbe natter has been the «objseS of dfernssiioa in erery hxHise- IwM siaee ft first came to pisbllc notkre l>y the metfaa of tbe board c-fedscatioa ittttpboMing Profeaaor Tusrcbaill for «aspetsding yocag Page. The ca.«e has been bitterly f oaf ht by both sides, and a large sttmber of aathoriiiea were died by both parties ia support of tfce argntaents. Tbe boy's fa&her says he majr appeal to the supreme eosri, CALLED TO HANG SOME ONE. 6*« * TMifirt far One C«»«. Oaesia*. April 4.—Tb« dfmeirt erer awardaa in tbe «oaa^r dfetrieft e«wr«. was given to A. S. Kinuer. wbo seed Jofcn Smiih slander. Kioser alleged Smith called Man a Sfelel a* a psblie gatfeering. and safefy Sne injury Tbe jury gave Mm a verdict oil tb« Bort- Tdm of tagttm r, April 4. — A. yotiGsr man named Layton. wrho has gradually been losing feis mind of late, iweat insane at a Salvation Array seeting and was taken haute; in an Dr. Bnrch, W{K> waa. called in. unable to control him. so vioEent had be bewoie. aad he eacsped throajrit tte door. While the doctor waa preparing- to send for assistance. Layton returned with a rope and made a desperate effort to bang' the (Joctor. Three policemea responded to the calls sent in for aid, asd it took tfeeir nclserl strength to overpower the madman, who persisted in bis Hea that fee was called to hang some one. * Tfcroirm ctet atnd April 3.—A fanner named Itarfs.. wMte retornins? Iwtiie from qne. was thrown from his wagon near BennettsriHe and killed. His dead body was foond beside the road. BREVITIES. The at»norasfiirm«tit is made that the Chaa;an«|rna Assembly will -not faol«f a session at Colfax Shis year. •John Jf«yaroe r of Shenandcah.. a respected e«tia»a 74 years old. suicided by hanging- himself m the wood hoose. Te-Esporarr derangeasezit is assigned as the canae for the rash act. He leares a -roife frai co children. The Harrison elevator Iromed - at BcrEiBgrton la»t -week. It was owned by the National Linseed CHI company. Lous- on th« b-aOdotg* and grain stored therein is estimated as from S-JO.COO to «apSttt« off gftaltf- Pal Rfe> and Santa data by t wbo eeropw-J theat sc*erzl ' ia HSHM&. fe terefetowto twe Spaaish. 0«»eral Lois Maria Pindo and General Airaro of the destroyed eisies. ftaw been ordered to rrtora to Spam by Captain Ooerat W*jie*. Tfe« eaptatn general is badly wotfrie* over toe Fttaatkm. Hetboaght he had Pfnar Del Bio so strongly BURGLARS' LARGE HAUL. of at Victor. VICTCE. April 4.— Thieves pried open the front door of Ford Conneley's 5ewelry store and tfaea blew- ED the •afe. It was completely shattered. They seeaned 8SOO worth of jewelry and ZGaeie their escape. A pease was sesre in jorssoiE a* soon as lisa fcsrglarv •wa» discovered,, brat as yet no trees of she robbers fast? been /otrad. The "Jewelry Jba«I only recently been pur- fehaaedL Ko erne seeius to have heard tbe explosion, -which nrast hare been a ' Mrs. Ida Severt, of Fremont, administrator for the dead Irene Serert, has ree«s£ty brought suit against J. A. Gffrm for $10.000 for sednction and against S. A. Gann and R. J. Boatman jointly for $!O t <MO for abortion. Barling-ton dispatch: Howard H%bee. the 13-year-old son of Colonel Htgbee, who was supposed to have been kidnapped, was found late at night wandering in the snbnrbs. He eoald give no explanation of his where- afcotits daring- the day. He is either injured or demented. Jacob Epiera, aged 45, was found alongside the Chicago Jk Northwestern track^ at Boone, with his head jj and one arm eat off. It is thought he J attempted to jnmp off a moving freight I drain. Eplers was employed at the | Northwestern round hoase as a sand- is drier. lie leaves a family. i Frank Seller died at Dnbncine recently from the effects of an injury re- tfeat it was absotately sibte fot- Macro's forces to break in. Bat hi the middle of the night of March 25 t&ey caoze and literally laid the town in ashesk Of seTeral hondred not more than two dozen left aniajirrcd. . April 4.— A private from PnerSo Cortez states that only ninety cases of grans were tamd on the steamship Bernisida. It appears that the men and the greater wrtton (ft the cargo were sncwessfnlly landed in Caba. The men were nnde'r he eotnoiand of Sergeant W. H. Cox. who is considered one of the best artillery instructors and most efficient handlers of batteries in this conntry. The taen were sc-enred by the Cabans for the purpose of organizing- their own men into effective battslionsand training them in the H.V? of guns proetsred from the United States. MABBED. April ^.— The Spanish Trans-Atlzntia i-Seamship Company I have two out of the six ships they are remodeiiag as crnlsers nearly ready to pot to sea. Each is armed with sir 12- fnch brecch-IcacHng gtjns. and several rapid firing j?tins also will be added. A carcfnt stndy of all her resonrces show that in event of xvar with the United States Spain eonEd master every available merchant steamer she controls. Turning them into v.-arships they won!d f ornbh about thirty fairlr formidable cruisers, MEXICO AND VENEZUELA. <rf .J»iWHHf"8Nf Crrr or ytEXstrr. AarS 3.—Tb« press's ss65S3fi^?- tS^&ivs*'^d at flic opeo- Jag- «rf enyEtress. ailaded to the Anglo- Veaezaelaffi eoaSrwrersy as follows: feat. feppSy. the crisis has -fefeto seessed to threaten war fcetweea Swo great nation* into which the Aag-I«y-Sa»ja race is dmded, aad n*Kr SJjaS ottr sister refrablie,Veneatnela. i* carrying: OB at Washington peaceful negroisaSsotis wiJ& her pxrsrerfnl adter- sary. tt sssv not te cat 9? place for the Jfesietm ewreraiE'jnt So state her opinion with regard to the Monroe doetrine. Tfce MtxKaji po-srernnaent cannot baf declare 55* partislUy for a doctrine wbich eostl«HTQS as criminal any attack? es»a tie part erf the monarchies of Europe apainst the republics of Aioerka. 2gaiass She indepensJeni nation* of this continent, now all sabjecS to a popolar form of gra—ernnient. The wfc^jfe rA fjnr history, and especially the strasele of ocr people to shake off the yoke of a foreign empire, which is European both in its orisrin, form and resources, and the torrents of blood shed in tliaS strangle are snScseni y to the world of oar lore of independence and onr abhorrence to all ostside interference. I5a6 ii is thai to the United States. eraring-tothe immensity of its resoorces. -s the or/8i?a;ioas of assisting other rcpnbik-s of the hemisphere against toe attacks of Enrope. Each one of thes.i r-jpnblios ought, by means of a declaration sike thafe of President to Moarrje. that every attack on the part of a forei^ra power wiJh a view o£ ccrtatlin? territory or independence or of alienating- institutions of any one of the republics of America would b« considered by the nation making such declaration as an attack upon itself, provided that nation deliberately attacked or threatened in that manner, bespoke the ait! of other nations opportnaely. In this manner the doctrine now called by the name via Key West. April 4. — I of if on roe '.^ou!d become the doctrine The eoart martial is bnsy in vat-ion* I of America in the fullest sense of the word, and orijrtna":n» in the United State*, would belone to the intemattona* ?aw of this continent." fragments. Officers all over the state have been notified to be on the lookout. ORR NOT GUILTY. Kbt Aprprupriate Ooods Entrusted to HI* Care. FJUUUJ, April 5.—Lake Orr, charged by J. F. Thomas, his employer, with grand larceny in making away with good* entreated to his care as manager of the Chicago Bargain Store, was discharged after a trial lasting two days. Thomas Is a Chicago merchant with a braiseh store in Iowa Palls. Counter-salts on varioKS charges axe sow threatened. neavy one, as the safe was broken into J eeived & few honrs earlier. He was an ! old miner and while hoisting a tab of dry bone to the month of the shaft a piece fell off, fracturing his sknlL He wax 63 years old and one of the most experienced miners in this region. At Washington recently the jury in the Conktin wife mnrder case acquitted the defendant, Phil Conklin, of Oska- loofea. The jury went out at 0:30 and came in a I 5. The first vote stood eleven for acquittal and one stood out. .Conklin and all his women folks wept, and then he shook hands with all the jurors and they, too, cried, and everybody cheered. A ^lalvern dispatch says: "William Deford, of Lyons township, is in jail, charged with incest, Mrs. Frank Hanner, his daughter, being the alleged victim. Deford was arrested on complaint of the woman's husband, who claims to have witnessed their illic t relations. The woman is alleged to have confessed to her husband that she had sustained criminal relations with her father since she was 12 .years parts of the Havana province and death sentences were recently passed on the seventy captured insargents. who will eoon be shot. TAMPA. Fla.. April G.—It is rumored here that in a battle which occurred Tuesday in Pinar del Rio betv.-eea the forces of Maceo and Coionel Snarez the Spaniards lost SOO men. The insurgent loss was also heavy. >* o details of the battle are given. Colonel Suarez was seriously wounded. NORTHERN AFRICAN TROUBLES CUf* WAS LOADED. HhooU HJm*eif and War MJUMRT Crrr, April 4. —Tony Brinsk- ton, druggist ot Kockford, accidentally shot himself in handling a revolver. The bullet found lodgement in the bowels. He is in a very critical condition. Myiteriotw Death at Jeffenon. JETfT.Bsas, April 4.—Henry Mocal, a well known farmer in the north part of this county, was found at his home, ebot through the heart, and a shot gun was rfound lying near by. The gun is usually kept near where it was found, and whether it is a case of suicide or accident is not known. ~ ^ . Shot by Hi* Hired Man. GESSVA, April 6.—Charles Hoff- jniefcter, u. substantial German farmer living south of'town, was accidentally shot by a 32-caliber revolver m the bandfc of his hired map. The doctors pronounce the woupd fatal. An Indictment April for Mnrder. 6.—The Carroll jury indicted Peter Weise for the murder of Ben kevieh last February, and returned a bill against George Bowen, a prominent attorney, • Charging embezzlement. pn Bill CoiuttitutlonaJ , April e,^Jn response to from Governor Drake, , Attorney General Jlemley has handed an opinion upon th,e cigarette which he declares it to be con- at 4 Crossing, pil 4,—Mrs. was instantly killed and l le r M& pjpbably fatally injured by an '|p8Di8 Centjral freight train oa the ' Cherokee. old. It is announced that the executive council has completed the annual assessment of the valuation of the railroad property in the state as required by law. Very few changes are made in the assessment of the different roads, and the total assessed value remains practically the same as in 1895. The total increase of assessment on the different roads and branches foots up §508,708, but the total decrease on the other hand foots up 5503,847, and thus makes the net increase but §4,951, Jndge Gibersdn, of the Cedar Rapids superior court, recently handed down bts decision, granting a tern porary writ of injunction restraining Ignace Sindellar fj. 0 m the further sale of intoxicating liquors. The hearing was had a couple of weeks ago and was the outgrowth of an unfortunate affair just previous to the last city election. John Rodeck, an old German, met a number of friends one afternoon, and as a result of numerous drinks became so badly intoxicated that he died that night, the result of alcoholic coma and exposure, Jfjs widow has brought numerous suits for damages, and th'ese injunction proceedings were the outgrowth of the matter. The hearing attracted ft great of attention and the judge's France llakes Some Mysterious Moves TVith Her >'avy—The Soudan. TOCLOX, April 3.—There are signs at the dock j-ards and arsenals of preparations for a grave event. Orders have been received to prepare a number of war ships for active service. It is believed that the move is more of a precautionary measure than indicating- the probability of an outbreak of hostilities. The French Mediterranean squadron, however, wilt lie strengthened and the second class cruiser. Cecille. has sailed on" a special mission to the African coast. WADY-HAI.FA, April 3.—Confirmation has been received here of the news from Suakim that Osman Digma with a large force is threatening Sinlcat which is only a little over fifty miles from Suakim. The Dervishes are advancing- northward in force, and an attack is expected in a short time. MONROE DOCTRINE. In Southern Africa. PP.KTOP.IA. Transvaal. April 3.—Presi- ! dent Krngcr has received from Governor Sir Hercules Robinson, of Cape Colony.a reply to hi.s offers of assistance in quelling- the uprising- in Matabele- land. Kir Hercules Robinson declined the offers of a.sM-rtance. and thanked President Krnger and the burghers | heartily for their offer. In the massa- t ere ot" white men at Inyali the Matabeles killed six persons, v.-ho in turn killed fully fifty of theilatabeles. Waller's Story. LOXDOS, April" 6.—John L. Waller, ex-consul at Tamatave, Madagascar, has arrived here. He declares that he was subjected to the most abusive aad humiliating treatment while enroute to France, and in the prison was also illtreatcd. He also declares that in applying for pardon he made no agreement whatever to waive his claims for damages against the French goverr ment. AFRICA tU««OlLS. tot tt« CAP* Tow*. April 4.— It is difficult tc obtain accurate infonnatkm regarding ihe rebellioa of the natives of Mata- beielaizd. IS is noi denied, howerer. tfeat the sfhiaticm leeonies darker every day. The sHnation is made worse by the scarcity of arms and ammoniiton for defense. It is an open secret that every good rifle procarable was sareggied into the Transvaal ns to Jameson's raid and after- captured by the Boers. The British are now in the position of hnntefs eattfirbt in then- own trap, and until the weapons of defense arrive from Enif- lasdthey are almost helpless. The natives are aware of this, and should they ecHobiEe in the uprising the result coald not be otherwise than disastrous. The whole country ontside of a radius of ten miles around Bralawayo is in open iassrreetion. all of the Matabeles and others are Socking- to the Ma tapo hills. where the son of She fate King Loben- g-aia has been raised to Ms father's rank preparatory to taking command of the insurgent natives. Advices from the Transvaal show that the work of preparing for war continues day and night withoat any effort at the con- eealtae-m of the armored forts being baiH for the protection of Pretoria. li is rumored that Sir Hercules Robinson. the governor of Cape Colony, seeing the approach of ciocids. is desirous of resigning before the storm breaks: and the other officers would like to d«.> the same. Under the erscoarage-aierst of (jenaaDy. the British prestige in Sonsh Africa has been radely shaken. Mo«t energetic steps will be necessary to establish the stata quo which prevailed before Jameson's raid. It had ieaked out that the British Chartered Company is greatly alarmed, and has called on Governor Robinson to ask for reinforcements from Great Britain or India. QUEER ft AMES. Fond ot Tarittef fatfclhfc fc^l «—*-* to -tttttf 0*0. * J There isn't a great deal df fanny j jng to tne Bine Book, which jjfcont what ereryWdr gets trbo tot Uncle Sani, be his or her what ii niay, but tfcefft is a little. 1O haps It seems fnnnier than it realty n| bn account of its environments, Bit ft! does seem a trifle ridiculous to k dry-as-dnst chronicle of "Where twft, 3 fsrhere appointed from, where employ * salary*" the naine*of ' RUSSIA AND FRANCE. Receives Endorsement Vrom the Central American Republics. Cm- OF MEXICO, April G.—The Universal publishes telegrams from all over Central and South America regarding President Diaz's utterances on the Monroe doctrine in his recent message to congress. President Barrios, of Guatemala, praises the statesmanlike tones of the message. Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay Argentine and Brazil all favor a Latin American union, and spe.-ilc in glowing terms of the noble and courageous president of Mexico. Chili favors the union, but prefers that the United States be kejlt out of the conference. The other republics heartily endorse President Diaz's message. deal ruling has been awaited with much anxiety. A team of horses driven by Mrs. Horace Bennett ran a«'-oy at Jefferson. The woman died in tho fright. Sioux City dispatch: William P. Royee. who last f»l| murdered Nora ' Gets S3.300 for Killing „„ Outlaw. GuTjiRiE.Okla., April 3.—The noto nous outlaw, Carl 'Thorn, alias, Diamond Point, who led the raid at Coffeyville, Kansas, and who,' while a member of the Dalton gang, killed fou: wen, was killed by United States Marshal Ueorge Kit-hards, of Dover Both outlaw and officer exchanged tun shots, Richards gets §3.200 reward. No High Hats In Oftlo, COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 4.—A uovcl measure, aimed at high theater hats has been enacted into a law by the legislature. H provides that any manager permitting any person to wear a hat or other headgear i u tv theatre obstructing the view, shall bo guilty of » wibilemeunor and i,haU be fined Manitoba's School Trouble. OTTAWA, April 4.—The government received a telegram from Winnipeg stating that the dominion commissioners and provincial officers failed to come to any terms in the Manitoba school question, so the dominion .delegates will return without having accomplished anything. TERSE NEWS. 810, A Kansas paper says that about the only pomon in Wichita who does not go to hear Mrs, Lease p V e>.ch is Mr her husband. This of .Sunrtuy is ry in his drug Btwo and he cun- spaj-e the time fo go to eared guilty 4*8^73 3 The republican state convention of selected delegates who will vote for Reed. Governor Lippett and entire republican state ticket are elected in Rhode Island by pluralities of about 11,500. Fire destroyed a ramshackle tenement house in Brooklyn, and ten inmates were biu-iied to death in their beds. T. Simon Sam, formerly minister of war for Hayti, has been elected president to succeed President Hippolyte, deceased. The Omaha city council, by a vote of 13 to 4, passed the curfew ordinance over the mayor's veto, and the law will go into effect at once. The recent Oklahoma convention to select delegates'to the St, Louis convention voted down a resolution instructing for McKinley. It is looked upon us a victory for Reed. The Missouri supreme court has affirmed the sentence of the Taylor brothers, convicted of the murder of the Meeks family no ar Miluu. The execution is set for April 30. A dispatch from Jamaica says: The American schooner William Todd, from Mobile, Alu., was fired upon by two Spanisli gunboats six miles oft' the Isle of Pines. Four solid shots crossed the .schooner's bow after the captain the United States colors. The vessel was boarded and searched by un armed bout . s c . OW nothiug , Qf ^ rewarded tho Indications That They TVIll-Combine to Resist British Aggression in the .Sondan. PARIS. April 4.—In the chamber of lepnties Jf. Bourg-eoLs. prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, made reply to the interpellations submitted by Mm. Deafosse. Pierre, Alype and .ebon, in which they asked for in for-' mation on the situation in Egvpt. 31. Bourgeois ttsclared that Great Britain ad installed herself in Egypt without laving- been invested -with a mandate to do so by the powers or by the sal tan of Turkey, and had therefore caused permanent uneasiness. The sultan's mandate had not been secured.althoueh Egypt was a dependency of the Ottoman empire, whose integrity the powers had agreed to respect. The action of the Russian and French delegates on the Egyptian debt commission in protesting- against the illegal appropriation of Egyptian funds" for the Soudan expedition, had established a reservation in regard to the Egyptian question. M. Bourgeois added that Russia and France were never more closely associated than at present. I The cabinet, he concluded, was continuing the negotiations concerning Egypt «"ith firmness, and was inspired with confidence in defending, with Europe, their common rights and interests. Upon the conclusion of M. Bourgeois' statement the chamber, by a vote of 300 to 213, adopted a vote of confidence in the government. The concensus of opinion in the lobbies is that part of M. Bourgeois' reply to the interpellations clearly indicated that he was trying to procure a conference of tue powers on the Egyptian question. ST. PETERSBURG, April 5.—The Vie- domosti, in the course of a. violent article, says: "Balfour's statement that England is not bound in any war simplifies the Egyptian situation". This was the last chance to announce .the European significance of the Suez canal. While the English are in Egypt there can be no peace for Europe. England is encircling the world with her territory." , PARIS, April 5.—The senate, by 155 to 85 votes, refused the government a vote of confidence, and this was due to the inability of the government to add to the explanations on the Egyptian question. All the senators left the chamber. After the vote the senate immediately adjourned until April 31. A meeting of the ministers was called to discuss the situation. Grorer f This distinguished namesake ot president is drawing wages from l cle Sam and has to sign the pay: cf did last year at any rate^-along < .._. Another Indian policeman named Offr .rer Mountain Sheep. s Political names are Hot common, they do get on the rolls. Hoke Red Thunder. This is a direct,! bid for sympathy from the great afii I good secretary of the interior. Most of the first names are Anglo. Saxon, and they are to the true names of tbe Indians as a plug hat upoo Apollo Belridere. Dismounts Thrice is one man's name. That tells a story jof ho-w when a little boy came into th« •world, and with the first thin, sharp sqnall he ottered getting the newfound air oat of his longs to gei more in. and so keep ap this process by day aad night antil the world ended f« him, the father stepped out of the te-! pee and he saw a man get off his horse three times. One wonders what was ap. Was he thrown off? VThat was he about, anyhow? That was wbat went into the mind of this man's father. He wondered at it and so named the chili for the first thing he saw. Bnt how it cheapens all to tack on before the name the handle "William." Henry£ for Horsas is another such name. So is Ivaa Star Comes Oat Where got he thst Ivan? So is James Clinches and John Crazy Dog. But what is William Walks Under Ground? A mole? How cane GsoSrye Chips 07 his first name? And what eastern man will think of chips as anything else tiran what aa ar would cut from a piece of wood. Plalnssiea v,-ill smile a little at that noticn. Brian Poor Tt:.t-t!er! That tolls of z storm mattering Iz the wes-: -when this boy was born, and the fatter thought the rumble a tame affair. T&ere are plenty of men named Lfebtfoot, and one man calls himself Jar-i-3 C. Light- aing. Some day if they d.--': all die oft th-J; 3 names on?e fisec will be as honorable as that of ths man who once kept bogs and whose descendants nor are rather prond that their name is Howard, or Hog-Ward, to get down to the bones of the thing.—Xesr York Press. ABYSSINIA. Wholesale Murder. ROCK ISLAND, 111., April 3.—It is believed that Henry P. Bastian, n farmer who lived near here, but who suicided on March 13, was the murderer of five persons who had worked for him on his farm. Tlu- bodies of two victims have IK-I-V round and search is being- made for the others, who disappeared very invstm-imiciv. Fzeta About the Country In Which lit Italians FeU. The chief exports are gold, ivory, slaves, coffee, butter, honey and was! Abyssinia is a very mountainous country. Many of tae peaks are always covered with snow. The literature of Abyssinia amonnts to little. What there is deals wiih religious matter. ~The country is so situated that the climate fs one of the most salubrious on the face of the globe. The area of the country is about 200,000 square miles. Its inhabitants number a little over 4,000,000. Adowa, where the Italians met defeat, is the second city in Abyssinia, having about 7,000 inhabitants." The people are mostly agriculturists. Cotton, cloth, leather, parchment, iron and brass are manufactured. The majority of the inhabitants ot Abyssinia are of the Caucasian race and are well formed and handsome. The language of the religion and literature of the country is the Geez, which belongs to the Ethiopic class of languages. . According to the Abyssinians the queen of Slieba was their ruler and from her son Menelek their kings are descended. The Galla race, which came from tea south, constitutes a large part of tha soldiery. Thev are fierce and turbulent. The word Abyssinia is derived from the Arabic word Habesch, meaning mixture, and refers to the mixed character of the people. Abyssinia Is one of the most ancisat monarchies In the world. Until recently, however, the king was generally afraid of his chiefs. The prevailing religion of Abyssinia . is a very corrupted form of Christian- Ity. It Is professed by the majority of the people and by the reigning princes, armed contraband ohm-a'cter arching- party. Prince Bihinarck was 81 yoars old on the 1st. A St. Petersburg- dispatch s ftys ; Tho newspapers vie with one another in ."•aping abuse upon Engluucl. Yieclo- .nohli BupplomeutB its lusuul vJtnpevtt- ;iou by !U i attack u 1)Qn J5 mp0 i W WiJUaiu of Uennajjy, "Uorwany," if S i!??t' !^ Q 1 Wf <v BUh * es PvodomiuwUu the triple u Jutuce. The suwomuov £ Tho N«gus liittubers Theni, NBW VoitK, April 3.-A Herald's special from Rome says: The Ne^us Wenelik has ordered tho massacre of a number of prisoner*, and sick persons who have fallen into the hands of his forces during- tho present campaign in Abyssiniu. Northern Maine is this year the most delightful of hunting- grounds, F J (Traoy, of StacyvSUe, encamped near o, tHteon-Hwe pond. On a c i ear afternoon ho saw near the pond, at one' ,tiJ»p, four black ducks, three moose una fourteen deer uU within rifleshot' A farmer in Beech Springs, Va., ae- oused » neighbor -of stealing » calf Tvow him, a»a & luwbijit was the result, not bo found. ««d. the Egyptian Medical Receipts. Georg Ebers, Uie Egyptologist, ha| discovered that many o! the que# med|cal receipts found in old English and German books came from the 89' citnt Egyptians. They were not knows to the Greeks, but were spread frod Salerno, the great medical school of tb* Middle Ages, to which they must hay? come through. Coptic and Arabic iran|- lations. Public bebta or According to the latest statistics, jl>e public debt of the European patio?! aggregated $23,320,QO&000, O r about $* per capita for the wh9le popul*Uo|S- ' The heaviest per capita gt the iode§te|« ness, $100, is in Portugal". France comes (I next with $135. England's rate Is abbtf IJ06. Switzerland is the smallest, ?5. The B §mith—You are in rather a jnoodl tonight, Joces. Joues—yea, j just got & W1J tor dlwaqoii pin ray wife prpseote^ me my birthday, aj^ i ftw

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