The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on April 1, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1896
Page 5
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AMOKA, IOWA. AFTM THE REVEILLE MAN Mr* can Teiis iiitti ft thing of f wd , About KoKhtrest loft* ftistof y THatMeMh'tKiiom (The Best Sulky Plow in the market for the money. This little plow is making friends everywhere among the farmers. Thousands of them are being sold and are giving the best of satisfaction. Call and see a sample at it All (Somes About AS thft ftesuit of the Alleged Indian Battle iH hbnias Goiinty* J JMJ^^M j^^^ymAjl «^g^^^^| ^^^^^^> * ^jjjftojjit SEEDS -ai ?•••*.& .'*& {-ft Wilfrid P. Jones. Bradley & Nicoulin making a finer line of Surreys at a low price, considering the quality, than you can buy ' Remember, they are all hand-made, and of the latest styles. We also carry a _ __^. ^ i .. . J i. n M t rtx-* T\/-v -M<-\4- V\mr nni"11 \7 ere .eme, , e of Top Buggies and Phaetons, as low as $45 and up to *ioo. Do not buy until you ook over our stock. Also have, a line of Brown corn planters, steel disc harrows, and the Standard mower at reduced prices. Here are a few pointers which it will pay you to look up. We have A New Deal in building material .and will now handle hollow bricks for foundations and range work. By their use a dead air space is obtained which will prevent frost, entering your cellar ; they'are easily laid, make an attractive wall, and cost less than brick. Drain Tile. We have a niuch lower price on all sizes of drain tile than ever before. fewer Pipe. ^^^^^MBBHi^BBnHHHMM**"** Ask a road supervisor who has used sewer pipe for culverts, and he will tell you there is nothing better made. fosts and' Fencing. Our posts are going like hot calkes, but we have several cars on the road and will endeavor to keep up with the large demand, We will make attractive prices on our hog fence and our 4'ftr fence. Now is the time to do ypur hauling while the roads are good. Our large stoqk of jjardwood lumber, wagon stock, roofing, .etc., always on hand. , A, Hamilton & Co, Cor. State and Warian Sts. Clothing Co. CJ> Have opened their doors to the public and are now ready for business. Knowing- our ability to meet all competition we feel confident of a .liberal share of your patronage. We shall endeavor to give all courteous treatment as well as reliable goods at the lowest prices. Bear in mind the fact that we are not here for a short period, but have come to stay. Our stock is composed of nothing but the latest things from the eastern market; everything is fresh from the factory. We have no old goods to sell at any price. If vou want to do business on a cash basis — which means buying goods at lower prices— you will only be studying your 'own interests in concluding to look through our well-selected line of clothing and gents 1 furnishing goods. Don't feel because you not needing anything in our line that we do not care to see you. Our salesmen will always be pleased to, show you goods. We want to get acquainted with you. Yours respectfully, To the Editor: The ttolfe Reveille replies at length to toy cMltcisftt of the pretended Indian battle in Pocahontas county, published a couple of Weeks ago in Trti tJp- PER DBS MoiSES, and while admitting substantially the truth of everything 1 was dontehdlhg for, seems to be hot entirely happy t remarking that some of thy statements are at least questionable and some " real amusing." 1 am certainly pleased to have been able to amuse so august a person as the editor Of the Reveille, and 1 would ask your kind indulgence for a little space with which to amuse him again. He starts out by saying I misquote the title of his article, " The Last Indian Bak tie in Iowa. His flies sho\V teat he called it " The Last Indian Buttle." Now if it was " the Instludlan battle" and Was fought In Pouahontas. county, was it not the lust Indian buttle in lowal The editor thinks I have claimed more than I um entitled to in regard to being "the first white settler," et.., and suys: "Hemight have been the only white man on earth and still bo liable to err as those of other color," (meaning, of course, citizens of Pocahontus county.) This Is probably truo. And further, " It is certain the trapper Weeks had his dug outs along the DCS Moines long before Mr. Call strayed so far From civilization." Of course there were trappers all through this section long before any settlements were made, but the " trapper Weeks" with his "dug-outs" was the creation of Frank Calkins' fertile brain, the hero of one of his stories written for the Youth's Companion. FJ auk writes for money, the editor ot the Reveille for glory. An early settler by the name of Weeks moved Into the Hand settlement in Humboldt county somewhere from 1858 to 1863. He (the editor) says "How about old Abner Boll?" Now I would ask hiurto refer this conundrum to Abner. I do not wish to divulge family secrets. The Reveille continues: "From these people (Abner and Weeks) Mr. Ralston obtained his points, NOTHiHKCT but from EAIILY- SETTI..EKS who had conversed with them, and they in turn got their information from Lott, whom tlie editor himself in an earlier number of his paper admits loft the country before the battle occurred. This reminds us of the story of " Cousin Sally Dillard." A great effort is made to prove that Ma). Williams came to this county . before we made our settlement. I am only too happy to admit this. The major came to Fort Dodge with the soldiers, as sutler; and Fort Dodge is not north of theDubuque trail, but directly on it, the trail having mostly been made by the heavy army wagons. The Reveille says: "He follows his lead blindly, for doesn't everyone know that Lott could have talked to people before they located in Pocahontas?" True, true; of course they don't. But here is an admission for which wo feel truly grateful "that it is not necessary for a person to have Pocahontas c.ounty mud on his feet before he can know anything." Or perhaps he intends to say, by implication, that when they become residents and the mud penetrates the other extremity the reverse Is true. This construction would give us an easy explanation of these blood-curdling stories. , : . Now just a few words about the terniina tion of that terrible battle. I quote: "In the dead hours of night they (the Sioux) sneaked away, bearing among other -rito- rniES the BODY OP THEIR LEAUEII, BIG TKEE " Again, " It has been estimated (by whom?) that the Sioux, including their chief, Big Tree, buried ten of their warriors." So they brought them back and buried them, after all! But I quote again: " Just after darkness had set in the Sioux, seeing the odds were too much, gathered up their fallen warriors, and under cover of dtrkness stole quietly away following up the Pilot creek with their dead." I confess this con fuses me just a little. They must have dug them up again and carried them away the second time—but, great scott! what does this mean: "About this time (several years after) at a place on the creek bank, near the site of Rolfe, vyas found the skeleton of old Big Tree, and a big one he was, too. Those who were pros ent when the skeleton was found estimated that he must have been a man over seven feet in height, and just as large in proportion." Now this is too much. They stole away with him as a TKOI-UY, then brought him back and buried him, then dug him up, and stole away with him again, and now have brought him back and loft him on top of the ground. I give it up 1 But other skeletons are also found under the foundation of the old Rolfe court house. Now the old settlers familiar with the inside history of the "old Rolfe court house" and its environments will not be surprised at this statement, nor blame the builders lor piling brick on top of them to keep them * ,•-*• Red Clover, White Clover, Alsyke Clover, Alfalfa, Kentucky Blue Grass, Field Peas, and Timothy, Flax, nd... Seed Wheat—Hard Fife. <\n For sale at the old stand by Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. r- II I CABLED FIELD* HOC FENCE, 24to58 in.HlOH. iFVEJisraiE: oo., mis :K:.A.:D:B, At this time of year Farmers are making plans for their spring work, and among other things are looking for the best fence with which to enclose their hog pastures. We do not claim to have the only good fence on the ' market, but we do claim that it is as good as the best and better than nine-tenths of the so-called hog and stock fences. Its original cost is cheaper than boards and its durability is four or five times as great, without requiring constant repair. No fence at all is just as good as one through which your stock is constantly breaking. On orders of 50 rods or more we put it up. You give the order, we do the rest. We have hog fence, chicken fence, stock fence, lawn fence —any kind of wire fencing you want. We have a large stock on hand and can put it up on a day's notice. G. M. DOXSEB, TAYLOR'S ning April 1, 2, 3, and down. AMBIIOBE A. CAI.U Dingley & Pugh's are beauties, Kraft Clothing Co. Easter services at the Congregational church next Sunday begin at 10 o'clock. Subject at the Methodist 'charoh next Sunday morning, Resurrection of the Body. Special meeting of Prudence lodge No 205 A?F. & A. M., tomorrow eyen< Sg. Work on third d'egree. Vising brethren invited, A union meeting of the chwrche o'clock until all cents. are served. Supper A NEW line of nice glassware at Grove & Son's. A, M, & G. M. JOHNSON have a few of the Owens foul seed separators left. and the work they will 4o.— 51t3 QUR boiled ham is floe, Try it and say so, too* Mae Bros. AMONG THE ADVERTISERS. birthday spoons Galbraith's spring announcement is made this week. Charley Johnson has bought into the livery barn with Norton the past week. •Goeders says he is haying a great sale of shoes. He is selling shoes for $4 that shoe stores are asking $5 for. Hogs nre down to $3.25, corn and oats at the old price. Hogs and cattle are very low and going lower apparently. The Wigwam sent out over $800 of new machinery Monday. The street was lined in front all day with teams. O B. Durdall is home from Chicago and a whole dray load of new goods was unloaded last week, He hasn't room enough for his stock. Frank Nicoulin has been getting out some handsome advertising cards for his buggies and carriages the past week. He intends to'push the carriage business this season. Tomorrow, Friday,' and Saturday are Jas, Taylor's Easter opening days. He is just home from Chicago with a handsome stock of spring novelties, and it will pay the ladies to attend. John Goeders is planning to take out all the partitions in the rear of his store and have a room the full length of the lot, 130 feet. It will give him the longest store room in town. The Hurt Monitor speaks well of Mr. Ktmball, who has bought the Lund elevator, It says; The entire neigh' borbood will join with all of Burt citizens in regretting their departure from our midst,. Theneople of Algona will find Mr, Klmball a wan with whom it We will show you a better line than ever, As in the past we will do all we can to please our patrons. It will be our aim while we remain in business to lead in any line of goods we undertake to sell. We want new customers; we want your business; we want you all to call and see what we can do for you, 'Come at all times. Yours truly, Jas, Taylor. there is in Iowa- Mr. Chas. Kraft, who is to take charge, is a genial business man and will quickly make friends in Algona. It will pay anyon« to step in and see the new goods und meet Mr. Kraft, _ A M. & G, M- JOHNSON have the finest and largest stock of implements and carriages to be found in the county, and at PRICES that will please you. We are glad to show you our goods. Call and get our prices.—-51t8 "Do YOU believe," said he, love can exist without jealousy?" "Yes, but not without insurance. Love aims to protect and p™^"-' Examine the Royal Union. J. p«rpi ijancis and Toww ought and sold on commission. 35. C, MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algoija, |qwi>, TAICE a look at the different kinds of racked, salt, and fresh fish at Moe 3ros.' this week. "that She— provide. , L, Don- is a pleasure to do hsstn^s, and we CJ&UUUUP VMO +•»"#*" " ••i>"«-- '- -=-- ahoo, district agent. Algona, Iowa. OUR poultry is fine this week and aell it cheap. Moe Bros. PRP;J> fruitel A large variety of best an4 cheapest &t Grore $ Eo.a'8, exposes pf making the loan. wish, him aothlog but success Sunday evening, " sermon of Brpfc' ., this wee new payable wro»»Uy Money to Loan n improved farms. DON'T let apyone lead you astray on e tea question. Grove & Son pave the best. ___________ ,.,.„..„„,._ Masou Tatty Wrlefc »»<J The Mason City Brick and Tile pany makes the best tile in the world. The hollow building blocks will raafce any »* aed'fjre proof J. A. 9f CO. MUft geliyered, in tt»e we s J rt «J loj vtiimW'] ,W¥ ¥l:^jL^'d^«L-~-«^

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