The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1896
Page 7
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m THE WPMK MIS ALGONA TnWA. WtaTOffliPAY. MARCH *!% fe* siee readers of thlfl fed'ptf —fl to learn that there 18 at P dreaded disease thai science has en able to feure In all Its stages, and t is Catarrh. Mall's Catarrh Cure la only positive cure now known to medical fraternity. Catarrh being onstltutlonal disea&e requires a con- ftutlonal treat.nefat. Hall's Catarrh Ures taken ihternally, actlhg directly Son the blood and mucous surf aces of hpe system, thereby destroying the Bundatlon of the disease and glylnfc the Itlent strength by building up the con- tttutlon and assisting nature in doing work. The proprietors have 60 much slth In its curative powers that they One Hundred Dollars for any case hit It falls to cure. Send for list of ilS. Address CHteNBY & CO., Toledo, (X •'gold by druggists; 75c. Gold in CLtculatloti. f The editor of the Waseca Radical che'erlysays: "We have plenty of gold and it Sirculates freely in our midst." Yes: Keeley is fixing a great many of be boys that way. i Mr. Gladstone Usually has three books in eadlng at the same time, and changes from ,to another as he thinks his mind has ched the limit of absorption. If tue Baby Is Cutting Teeth, ,„ sura nnd use that olil and well-tried ttmoiir. MBS. VIHSLOW'B SOOTHING SYKur for Children Teething. t Hew York, whose charter dates back to Inovear 1B04, was the first incorporated |ity within the limits of the United States. •Kavr I* Vhe time to cure your Corn* »lth UlttrtoroornB. It lakes loom out perfectly. glvM " ... .. Ask your druygUt for It. 150. JEtotV trt Ertrtt ttafttfe* Monty. Before the merry Christmas bells have censed to ring, how to fill out Easter boxes Is discussed. Washington's gayest and brightest yolltig people are already at work planning liott to get their Easter money. It must be earned. One's own exertions must pay the price. One church guild agreed last year upon a dollar each, another any sum possible, while still another con> gregation raised an Easter fund by their mutual efforts. Birthday bags of red calico, six inches square, and drawn together by a narrow tape, were sent to each one As many pennies as years were put in and pasted on one side of each bag was this .1 ingle, written on paper: Place in this bag (and shed no tears) As many pennies as you lived years, And to the ladies who fear to tell, oiuion to tho tt. The most valuable bible in the world .belongs to a Chicago man. He bought it at The Bray ton Ives sale of rare books for 114,800. • ._ Every mothei- »ho«ltl nlwnyn l»»ve »t_hnnfl i bj.tU of i arker'H Glnuer Tonic. NoiU ntt el«oi so [OOd for pain, weakness, CO'.QO. und gleeploasueas. Tobacco wan first described by Spanish vriters in the year 1495. " A Cup of Parks' Tea at night moves Ithe bowels in the morning." Who then ls' r free? The wise man who Can command himself.—Horaco laegeman'a Camplior loo wltli Glycerine. line original and only genuine. Cures Chapped Bandit ItndFace, Cold Soros, &c. C. Q. Clark Co.. N. Haven, Ot. O charming little Lenten sinner, I've set my anxious heart to win lior, And—if she will decide upon it— The right to; buy her Easter .bonnet. • Hypocrisy, the only evil that walks in- irisible, except to Gocl alone.—Milton. . . tladness Comes Tith a better understanding of .the transient?nature of the many phys- ills, whichwanish .before proper, ef v 3r t s _(Tentle efforts—pleasant eitprtsp cightly directed. There is comfort m the kno\yledge, that so many forms of ickness are not due, to-.tray actual dis- tsase, but simply to a constipated condition of the system* which the pleasant family "laxfctivev Syrup of Figs,'promptly removes. That is why it is the only remedy with millions of families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by all |who value good health. Its beneficial •fleets are due to the fact, that it is the one remedy which promotes internal ^cleanliness. without debilitating the lorgans on which it acts. It is therefore tail important, in order to get its bene- Bcial effects, to note when you purchase, that you have the genuine article, which is manufactured by the California, Fig.Syrup Co. only and sold toy all reputable druggists. , . ... If in the enjoyment /of good health, »nd the system is'regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. It licted with any actual disease, one _ay be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should Hvo the best, and. with the veil-informed everywhere,. Syrup of igs stands highest and js most largely ed andgivefemost general satisfaction. MONEY! /.' You can make lots of it bV •} pecurhiK tho nirerioy }n your i town for theiMISSES USS'B IMf B07SD PAWN? --"•- •""""SSUBINOGVPS. NeodnocreaninK. 3lllng from; five to thlrty-elgfc* tifper cent, profit. i once for circulars and terms. (Clifton Springs, N. Y. ur agents - A Foreigner Exclnlme.1: "In Tills Country There Is so Much Money tlie Street Swccys Dress Like Gentlemen." i 11 How many years on earth they dwell, We guarantee no one shall know. One from another here below! More than $100 was the result of the most delightful evening, at a private house, where grandparents and babies, from 8.1 down to 1 year, filled the bags. Sunday school children made and sold caramels and popcorn balls. A younger matron on Connecticut avenue kept books In her husband's office for a week. Another merry voimg mother received large wages as nurse girl in a friend's household. A tall dark-eyed society girl took ladies to drive at 50 cents an hour, on Woodley Lane road,'or to Chevy Chase "Hunt Club," she herself driving her ponies and two-seated cart. She earn^ ed $25 and had no end of fun. The young gentlemen of "her sat'! .offereu. ^o pay $1 each' for a drive of five hilles. "Agreed," she said. "To-morrow morning at 10." , At the given time and place thirty-, five young men met the tally-ho coach. The young lady sat beside her brother, "who held the ribbons,"; but on their return tlie fares were 1 paid to her. In Fairfax county, Virginia, a society of bright girls gave straw rides to their friends. Madame R entertained a glee club and paid to a young, fashionable, girl the florist's price fpr decoration. So great praise was given the- artist that she went as decorator to the finest houses at the capital; all for her Enster money, so beautifully earned. Little Dorothy B , whose father; is in the house of '.representatives, brought into church on Easter day $5 she had earned in selling flowers "to the members" at 10 cents a bouquet. The one dollar club were very ingenious in their methods and very successful in their reports to the president at the entertainment given for the general church fund. In prose and rhyme,'in blank verse and jingle, theii stories were absurdly told. For the best report the following took the prize. Only one of the verses can flud Nor friend nor foe, Could ask for more, Than begging work From door to, door, To humble pride And earn for you The dollar asked, The dollar due. —Philadelphia Inquirer. easily. »«t the little *lfi tvhfcted Id dc» grMt fhtngs. So Slie piled ttp some of tbe sticks bf hard wood on Met arms nnd strnck out brfttely for the °Knf', poor, little x girl! They gfew heavier every short step, and, before she was well otit of the shed, one stick went one way and otte Another, and then the whole went down. But she picked them tip again and tugged "Don't bring so much, dfti'lltog," called mother, catching sight of the toiling little figure. "Bring only two sticks." , A But Kitty did not like to give up. \Vitll uncertain little steps she kept on until she struck lief foot against ft small stoiie. And then lassie and wood and all went oveiV , Mamma was about to go and help her, when bet' brother .Tim cnme aroilttd the shtid into sight. He was ready foi* his supper, and would have passed Kitty without much notice if he had not caught a glance of the Woebegone little face. "Ho, little sister! what's the matter? Hurt your foot? Such a heavy load? Yes, too heavy for Kitty. But brother's big and strong. See, now!" He flung the wood over one arm, and held out his other hand. "Take hold." With a warm, strong grasp, he took her baud, and, suiting his steps to hers, led her along with petting and encouraging words. The mother could not have said all that she felt to Jim. But the touch of her hand on his head was very tender as she whispered: "You're a roal help and comfort to Kitty and me."— Sydney Dayre, in New York Observer. Wnys of the Moose. Ambrose seemed to know n great deal about the moose, after all. He told the boys how, back from the narrow valley and the swift, winding stream, the country was nil a wilderness; hillsides clad with birches, maples, and evergreens, and resting at their feet little lakes so numerous that no man knew how many there were. Often when these lakes were shallow the yellow pond-Illy Avlth its oval leaves crowded the surface. At other seasons the tender bark of the mountain ash and the moose-woods are tho favorite food of the moose; but now there is nothing he likes so well as the long tubular roots, of the lily. In the very early mornings and In the evenings, about the time of the harvest moon— the full moon nearest Sept. 21—a hollow sound, not unlike the sound of distant chopping, may be heard. It is the sound of moose calling to their mates or the angry challenge of fierce rivals. It is the sound, which the hunter imitates to attract the moose. But there are only a few places where the moose will answer-—shallow spots in certain well known lakes, and it is said to be nearly useless to call anywhere else.— "Their First Moose Hunt,".by Tappaii Adney, In St. Nicholas. Almost ted. THOUGHT HER CHILD GOING TO bife, WAS terrible Ordeal of » Mother— tittle Girt Atraest fradeii feftted In the Sick b* A stofy that will the Htart of tevery Mother. From the Journal, toetrolt, A very grateful mother Is Mrs. A.Jb. tiartness, of 6t6 Grahdy Avenue, De» troit, for the wonderful cure Which hef daughter has received by the use Of t)r. Williams' Pink Pills. Said Mrs. Hartness: "Yes, my daughter's life had been saved by Using Pink Pills, thanks to a kind friend who recommended them "Blanche was sick for over threa years. She had the care of the toest physicians procurable, The Electric Dancers. Upon a piece of sheet iron forming the cover of a wooden box are placed small figures held erect by means of four supports made of horse hair. As soou as the handle, A, is placed upon the contact, B, there occurs a strong vibration of the plate, the figures move about in all directions, seem to engage in conversation, turn around and leave each other only to find them- pnysicians procurauie, and ho expenSS or trouble was spared to give her relleti She was so thin that She was fairly skin and bones, her digestion was put or. order and she had the most awful head* aches. We gave up all hope of her recovery. Her long, thin, listless face made me hearly half crazy, and we dia every thing In our power to give her strength and induce her to take an ln^ terest in anything. . . "One day a friend told me about the Pink P11U, and Mr. Hartness went down town and got three boxes. She had taken about one box, when, to my amazement, one morning, I heard ner playing on tho piano. I could hardly be« Ueve'it, for it had been over a year since the piano had been opened. "Soon she began to take short rides on her bicycle, nnd soon she went singing around the house, our own happy, hearty little daughter once more. "She thinks nothing of a spin on her Wheel over to Mt. Clemen^ or Pontlac, and is as well as she ever was. "I had a girl living at our house who was a great sufferer from impoverished blood, and who received Instant and permanent relief from the use of one box of the pills. "If this information can be of any use to help some poor sick one, It is given with the greatest of pleasure. The proprietors of Dr. Williams Pink Pills state that they arc not a patent medicine but a prescription used for many years by an eminent practitioner who produced the most wonderful results with them, curing all forms of weakness arising from a watory condition of the blood or shattered nerves, two fruitful causes of almost every ill to which flesh is heir. They are entirely harir is and can be given to w»alc and sickly children with the greato. good and without the slightest danger. Pink Pills are sold by. all dealers, or will be sent post paid on receipt of price, GO cents a box, or six for $2.50—by addressing Dr. Williams' Medicine Company, Schenectady. N. Y. • A Blessing. "How do. you like the now boarding place?" ' , ,, . Oldboy—Couldn't be improved on; there's never enough of anything for oil. "Great Scott! Why do you like it then?" "There's nothing for hash." "ttaitf" (JtfAfffift M, Aftothe? step and bick _!oV6y" have been a dead man.- Perhaps., "f f ow life yeT hftti'S." faick Hovey's hands w6ftt tojJi AS they did so a dofceH bandits sprafig from theft eofccealmefat and sttfrouad* ed him. CHAP?Eft 111, "Really, gentlemen," said he, good" faaturedly, "you almost surprised ffie! i wasn't looking tot an audience way out here; 'deed 1 Wasn't. But 1 am pleased, gentlemen, ffiofe than pleased. Your Very looks den6t6 your intelli" gettce, fttid ftn intelligent crowd is the crowd 1 like to meet. All joking aside, boys, it would be impossible to find your equal this side of the Rockies, and right here I'm' going to put my statement to test. Step forward, gents, and let me show you this little—" "Hoi" on dere, keep dem ban's up!" commanded the wily leader. And Dick Hovey, simple, harmless Dick Hovey, obeyed. CHAPTER IV. Again the stillnesa wab .broken by Dick Hovey's voice. "Oh, certainly, gentlemen, if you wish It. But dead straight, now, I have a little article here that Is bound to interest you all. Its equal has never been known. Step up, boys, and see for yourselves. Take them from my pockets if you will. They won't hurt you; they won't bite you.. Warranted not to kick, bite, break or go off halfcocked. Here you are, boys, just one apiece. I've got just an even dozen. There, you wind it up so, nnd it goes off so. Hear that! Ain't it beautiful? And only twenty-five cents apiece.". "ti&, ha, ha!" ia«g6M Heft. tJiS McCleliafi ,ffftlief, the, g>Mt 181 meat deputy, aliaS Cleft ttbv* ' f #& t M, ha!" lie fe-j^aleaY ... it£ fetches 'em wheft fifle Mr tiftiy make 'em laugh,'* three pistbl shots ill faiiid brought a dozen assisting detmHea wi|B< hofses from the pa& below, dnd'ftf the last fays of the sua were kweittg, the mountain peaks good-by twelve 6f the worst moonshiners in Deathtfap^ Lodge were safely landed in the COUf* ty"jall, :',•:. / .' CMAPTfiR A manth later & banquet was held la, Washington in honor of the great Ge«u U. M. Tfftilef, government detedtivft*, It was a grand affair, All the «higU ladies of thj> land worshipped at hia spurred feet, and now it Is whispered that he is about to make a highly sue* cessful entry upon the dramatic stage. (The End.) Slint the Dooi-l CHAPTER V. Every bandit dropped his rifle and took one of the toys. 'They were intensely amusing and had never before been seen in the mountains. "Now," said Dick, "connect them all together and we have a miniature brass band. Here," to the'leader, "connect yours to mine and the music plays thus!" •- ....•• Jawklns—These self-closing doors arfl a great invention. Hogg—Yes, indeed; they always givo a rap on the heels to the fiend who tries to go out leaving the door open. room: NO AGENTS, •liut sell direct to the consumer ftt vrhqleBale prjoes. ship anywhoro for examination before sale, Everything warranted, 100 styles . of Carriage", W styles of \U»rni>Bi, it Styles Hiding Bad- JdlM. Write for catalogue. ' IttKHAKT VAIW^C^ A 1IAU* • NKBS M0> VO., KLKIliUT, The Electric Dancers. selves together again an instant after- war^. From their costume merely 1 might be thought that they were at an evening party and from the often regular motions that.they execute that-the party was a dancing one, A music box concealed in' the apparatus adds to the illusion and consoles children for remaining alone at home, while their parents' are amusing'themselves at a distance. . . The mystery is simple. The battery, p, furnishes a current that passes through the plate and the point, D, whose position for exciting the electric- apparatus and giving the vibration the amplitude that the child prefers for his puppets is determined by the screw. HOW ARE YOUR FENCES? A Very Important Question wltli Farmers and Others Just Now. Probably 'there. Is nothing that interests the land owner more at this time of the year than fencing. They are desirous of securing the very best article' they can for.the ipurpose.tbey desire to use it for and at the cheapest price going. While this is good business, price should not take the place of quality. In building a smooth wire fence you do not build it for temporary use hi* expect it to last you for years and to get this kind of an article it requires a certain amount of good material to make it. • . The De Kalb Fence Co., of De Kalb, 111.,, has the largest and most com• plete line of smooth wire fencing of any, plant in the country. We desire particularly to call your attention to their goods and write them for/a catalogue which they will mail you free. No line of goods has grown so rapidly in demand or given such general satisfaction as the fencing manufactured by this company. Their steel web picket fence for lawn and yard purposes, their cabled field and hog fence for farm use, their cabled poultry, garden and rabbit fence for its use, are all they claim for them. You will hardly do yourself justice if you do not thoroughly investigate their lines before placing your order, i BIRD TALK. . The meadow lark has a plaintive whistle. The humming bird has a squeaky, little voice. The red-headed woodpecker sings like a tree frog. The bluebird sings, in flight and at rest, a soft, pleasing warble. • The brown thrush is one of the sweetest of singers—a very gifted vocalist. The Maryland yellow throat has a vigorous, rich but monotonous note. The chickadee in summer calls "chick-a-dee." In winter, "day-a-day." The UnkimlcBt Cut of All, As Shakespeare says, is to poke fun or sneer at people who are nervous, under the half- belief that their complaint is imaginary or an affectation. It is neither, but a Berious reslitr. Imperfect digestion and assimilation of the food is a very common cause of nervousness,especially that distressing form of it which manifests itself in want of sleep. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters speedily remedies nervousness, as it also does malarial, kidney, bilious and rheumatic ailcueuts. The weak gain vigor speedily through its use. ' Ploying Highwayman. Bob—Ever play highwayman? Charlie—No. How do you do it? Bob—Hold up your bauds. Charlie—Like this? Bob—Now I will take these apples. Charlie—Now, what must I do? Bob—Oh, you must sit down and mourn r our loss. •• ' Businesslike. • . Wiggles—Is that a good business college where your son is being educated'?. Waggles—I guess so. They're very promp about sending in their bills, The best paid official in the British sei vice is tUo lord, lieutenant of Ireland, who receives ?100,000 'a year. . • An Engine on tlie Toy Railroad. There is in Chliia one of the smallest railroads in tho world, The gauge is under two feet, the engine cylinders 5X10 Inches, the drivers. 24 inches in diameter and : the water tank holds 00 gallons, ' youthful iea»9ft h«I Ltt'at Drug TOMADEMARKS The Cireat SworilninUcrH, The Italian cities produced some excellent swords. The Smiths of Milan and Florence forged blades of exquisite temper, to which .they, applied tasteful decorations. Beuvenuto Cellini made many a 'noble masterpiece in the endtu-ing steel, and Andrea Ferru- ra, whose swords were In high favor in England and Scotland, has left his signature on some weapons of fine temper and rare workmanship. There were celebrated gword .cullers in France, the armorers of Bordeaux being especially 'notable. The German jinlth excelled jii the manufacture of icavy armor, and the hilts of Nurew- >erg were admirable. It will take, lowever, less than' the fingers of one Hind to tell off the really great sword- makers of England— those worthy of asting ftwe.-"The Goodly Sword," by Mary Stuart McKinney, in March 3t, Nicholas. Book Agents: Miss Smashum—I don't care for men; in fact I've already'said '-no" to seven of them. ,• * ..i . Miss Comely—Indeed! Belling What were they iry C<>- "» 9 Molue An Enffiue PR tli* T»y If this was the stajidard-Blxu engine In this country Hardware stores would keen them, same as they do sausago- cutters, Railroad managers would or r der them by the gross, and loepiuotlve engineers woulcl be thicker ttmn flew in a do«-konnol -Locomotive Engineer. TJ»e Qop.4 *'Run out to the shed, Kittle o»e, auci bring a bit of wood for mother. J'4 go inysetf, owly father will be here to supper soon, and Vm Jn £ hurry- Only -our'e such ft pjite of a tWttg.' a Jlttle-your'e such ft pjite I?Hty was proud of Uel»g asked to suoli ;* big tlUng. an 4 Uve in the Ftoto of W*M ft»4 rtfi .flftttia > ou When you buy Ask for the best and you'll Get Ayer's. Ask for Ayer's and you'll get The Best. YOUR DEALER FOR BE W, N. U. i>. M.-1237 NO. 13 UN THE RI D. , If you pay 84 to 80 for shoos, examine the W. J-. Douglas Shoe, and see what a good shoo you can buy for OVSR \OO STYLES AND WIDTHS, CONGRESS, JiUTTON, and JjACK, uimlo in all kinds of the Iwst selected. leather by Blilllcil work-,, men. "Wo make and sell inovo $3 Bhoes than any o th or itmnufnvturcr !n tho world. None genuine unless name and price is stamped on, the, Ijoltom. Ask your dealer for our 85, 84, S3.50, 88.50, 8K.3B Shoes; Sa.CO, 8% and 81,70 for boys. TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE, Ifyourdealqr cannot supply you, send to factory, enclosing price and 30 cents to pay carriage. State kind, stylo of tog (cap or plain), size and width, Our Custom Dept. will lill your order, Send for now JlUlb- trated Catalogue to IJox Ji. \7. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, mWb/bfyWb&rtMWWWbW^ JoUe ou tl»e One of the smallest New England colleges has for janitor a colored man, who has tilled the position to tho satisfaction of all concerned for over ao years. It is not often that the students get the laugh on "Sam," as they familiarly aud atl'ectionately call him. One autuniu day, Just after the college had beguu, when he Wft8 overseeing tho burning over of part of the, caw- pus, a freshman coming along cried: •Well, gam,-that's most »s black as von are!" "Yes, wh," promptly replied "ana west spring It yul be ' - P1U VQU tlKT THIH COFFEEV Had. the. Ladies' Aid Society, of our Church out'for.tea, forty of them, and nil pronounced the- GermanvCofteeherry' equal to Bio! Salzer's catalogue tells you all about it! 35 packages Burliest vegetable seeds ?i,00, P.oet paid,' jf you will cut ">»• put^ »iid send with 15c; stamps to Jobja^A- Salzer Seed Co., La CroBse, Wls., you will get free a package of above great coffee seed &nd our US page catalogue! Catalogue alono 60, • ;,. • ' ' '_ v Pr. Kitasato iu Japan lias succeeded in jpoculutwg for leprosy and says that tbe disease is curable, j_ A Guide »nd Coiuisolor, .A 8 the Holy Book Is tlie religious guide and counselor of tlie civilized world, SQ AVebstev's International pictionary is the guide and never filing counselor of the etudont and the mun of letters, as _we» as tlie educational world. * * There is more kernel aud less shell and husk iu Webster tBan jn ouy other dictionavy publiBhed. It is the 6t*ma»rd.—Ic-wa ScuooU, Pes Moines, ' ' 18U5. Steel Web Ticket Fence. Cabled IieW and Hog Jeuee. Also CABl«P l>oyi/TRY, GARDEN ANU «A«iUT VWNCP, we roanufaeture o cpmplQte line of Smooth Wlro Fencing anOjuttr«nteo every article tobs c'nsiao ualit we an save you money, pr QATAUQGgE - REE, If you co'nsiaor quality we pan save you money, 121 High St., pr/jpe»'jjur> SS*«< . , T ,^,.^ r c«rc«l It) JO tft! <!»}•«. Vou w bP tmited ftthpray for ihosm price under sumo guiminiy* K J«u ivwgr, I will poatraot to p»y ral)routl fure uua limel &u "• -- — ---—**—oatHiyet^wtHWPiw • bi»ve »onqu aw\ pifc The mills and tactories eBtablished . this pountvy by tbe Salvotiou Aj-my give to 1 us green as yo,u a,re! !fav4 Hlww tt It i« said thft.t You Mottfce was "silent In sevo« l languages." Before the opening of a striking, «»»iW l S» ho was walking the streets with hea.d depvep- ed, whe» some busybody approached Mm. determined, to extort ftw» him •.^ord ii» vegai-d to the campaign; «HO are mattws coming pn, general' jwe gg44 pnly iu boxes, COOK REMEDY CO. _ Seneca w»s wt R hftl?-CUnt,tiau philos- puber, bwt n grasping juoaey lender «»d wtto died. wortB over a,QOO,OQQ. reeowrneucj Ouve fpr ii , 1S05, "Hast INCO-CAPCI itftftUos 9* PWe ooa9eofc?,tesl,<ii;WB3 wbleh la »JW " TO . = . ' "... . A lnt^k.n A'j^j-l^k T*. Inn-noD *>i*» •ntvl t« nw4«li 4fufia wWeh la ft »r«o ^U4"^ to th» n }»»Te» tug M v»* ft h»tw bww» own Wn. mi w* It snows the purtwt to w? ^Uwfc^ Sia^K H 4y «w W« *&<%«$SSP «5 y«u ftB$ lit 4W»»Ji W I^M*«} 1 WS $« f Wff ' , 4*|S»Wfc»*a||*«l ^W'C*^R' J *sHaf Biuoklufr. cliowluii and suufif tftUMtii «A^ aJs,OMj9 »WflM Stol»*<*ftaH}feJi^S

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