The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1896
Page 5
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I . . .. ^^---^^.gg^lll^ ' '-*^f--££ffi5 A Sulky P WESLEY BADLY SCOROHEB Disastrous Biftfce th«W tog-Tile ton Will Ke&eh thtd thefliottsattds, IS WHAT EVERY FARMER WANTS. [The Case Triumph, John Deere, Moline Good Enough, The Poole, and the Kid Take the lead. Call and see samples at Wilfrid P. Jones. Supposed to Have BxpldSibnofa Started from tht Details of the Fits. Bradley & Nicoulin making a finer line of Surreys at a low price, considering the quality, than you can buy lere Remember, they a/e all hand-made, and of the latest styles. We also carry a jline of Top Buggfes and Phaetons, as low as $45 and up to *ioo. Do .not buy until you llook overou7 stock. Also have a line of Brown corn planters, steel disc harrows, and the IStandard mower at reduced prices. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. •E. G. Bowyer went to Chicago Satur\ day to buy new goods. 1 P. A. Wartman came home Monday from his achool at Pes Moines. 3 W Sullivan's brother is up from Iowa City for a viait of some weeks. Mra. P. H. Vesper is enjoying a viait from her sister, Mrs. Williams of Le- I Glair, la. About twenty Presbyterians went up 'toBurt last evening to attend Prof. Bice's meetings. Miss Clara Hamilton is at home at C. B. Hutchins' from her school at Carleton college in Minnesota. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hedrick, Mrs. R. H. Spencer, and Amy Hedrick are in Chicago to hear grand opera. Lieut. Foster is in Huinboldt this week surveying some islands, or what used to be, in Owl lake, which used to be. Mrs. Ashford of Nevada, .la., and Mileyof Elmore, Minn., are visitors here with their sister, Mrs. I*. U : Parish. : Mr. and Mrs. E. M, Getts of Pelta, Colo., are here on a visit with Mrs. Getts' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robt Henderson. County Surveyor Tellier has been platting an addition to Hanna, Hanna is about the boomingest town in Kos- autb this spring, and that suggests the old query, "What ia the matter with Hanna?" Eugene Tellier went to .Humboldt last week to visit his brother, who was kicked in the face by a horse. He found him able to be up, but pretty badlv bruised.. He returned to Algo; na, as his services were not absolutely necessary. Miss C. T. Podd has a recent letter ? from Mrs. G.'H. Wood worth in which she states that she will graduate from ? the Habneman medical college this spring. She will then take a supplementary summer course, and besides will be in charge of a number of char- I jty patients. She has completed a four tyears' course in three years, | J, H. Call spent Sunday and Monday f in Algona, being on bis way from Los Angeles to Washington to consult with Secretary 01 ney about the land cases the government is stiH prosecuting. This was ft flying visit, but be expects to bring bis family and spend part of the summer here. A. P. Call came from Slou* City with him and stayed over Sunday. mid, apply to R. P. Hedrick, agent of Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway at Algona, or address C. P. Wenham, ;eneral steamship agent, 48 Adams St., Chicago, 111.—ItFeb—2tMeh-2tApr Money to L,oan on improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & Sox. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. SEE our stock of carpets. Wo have the largest line ever shown in Algona. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. A M. & G. M. JOHNSON have just received a cur load of the U. S. Combined check row and drill planters.—52t2 A MAN with family wants work OD farm for one who has no family; house to be furnished. For particulars inquire of E. H. Dorsett, Whittemore, la SOME full-blood Brahmahens for sale lt2 JOHN G. SMITH. THE earliest seed potatoes in lows for sale by M. B. Pulton.—U2 DR. QUINN, the optician, will be a Pingley & Pugh's store the coming week, March 30 to April 4. THE WEEK'S MEETINGS. Seed Dakota -white fife and Pakota blu,e stem fop sale at Northwestern elevator. Aieo, just arrived, a car Joad of old pro- Gens pil weal, for sale at one cent a pound in one hundred pound sacks F08 R|W— Two h,qu,8e$ and lota (J. E, petepeoo'f) for rea* wrfw wtertwap. Jnq,»ire of J»s. Orr, agent,— §g The Women's "Relief corps will meet tomorrow evening at 7:30 sharp. Rev. T. P, Bowen will hold services at St, Thomas' church, morning and evening, next Sunday. There will he a special entertainment at the normal building Thursday evening, March 28. Admission, 15 cents. The ladies of the Presbyterian church will sdrve supper at the Grange hall Friday, March 27. Supper, 15 cents. Everybody is invited. ««„„.« The Irvington Cemetery association char- will hold its annual meeting for the 1 election of offlcers and such other business as may come before it on the last Tuesday in March, the 31st, at 2 p. m., at Irvington. G, M, Parsons, secretary. A meeting for the organization of a woman's Christian temperance union is called for Wednesday, April 1, at 3 Pm., at the Congregational church. All white ribboners and those interested are urged to be present, Nellie Ham* Jlton, temporary secretary. The Women's Library Aid society held its first meeting under the new name and constitution Friday after* noon, March 13, A very pleasant hour was passed in studying England, and during the afternoon the librarian very courteously invited the ladies to etep into the other room and inspect the new books, as they had just been placed upon the shelve*. This was m,ucft en. • -•-' the books having beep arranged DEUNK AT THE FIEE. ome of the Fire Fljjhters at Wesley Poured the Liquids Down Tlielr Throats—Other Notes. WESLEY, March 23.—Quite a number of young men from Britt were here on Sunday who were badly under the influence of whisky, and their conduct was not commendable. We can say the same of some of bur " goody-goody "citizens of Wesley. If one is allowed to judge by the number of men to be seen behind barns and sheds picking the sorka out of their bottles and drinking the contents, we are led to believe that our drug stores did a flourishing business Sunday afternoon. It issaid there is a limit to all things, and we believe there will be to this, even in Wesley. Rev. C. E. Pluminer went to Sexton Thursday and staked out the ground for the new church to be built at that place the coming summer. WESLEY, March 24.—A couple of suspicious-looking characters were seen prowling around, on Monday morning, about the time the fire was extinguished in Andrew Eckstrom's house, and were put under arrest and held during the day, but there being no positive evidence against them they were let go. The Wesley Co-operative Creamery company began operations Monday, and i quite a number of teams drove up with I milk.. P. M. Bacon says everything is opening up favorably. A couple of plain drunks were arrested on the street today. There being no jail in which to put them while they sobered up they were locked up in a box car. The first thing our city duds should do is to build a calaboose. Quite a force of men were kept busy all day Monday cleaning up the rub bish from the fire. WESLEY, March 28.-Once ngaln our little city has had a very disastrous fire, and once again we have been obliged to call oh the Algona fife department for help, which met ft prompt response. Sunday morning at 9:30 8. E. Grove's large livery barn was discovered to be on fire. In a few minutes the flnmea were coming out through the sides and roof. The horsea were all run out In time, except seven head, which wore consumed, along with 4,000 bushels of jratn, twelve buggies, and all harnesses 3elonging to the barn. In a few mlti- utea more the flames spread across the street west to J. S. Gallagher's barn, which wua stored full of farm machinery, which was aoon destroyed with all its contents except a few wagons that wore run out near the door. The next to go was L. C. Galer'a granary, con* talning 4,000 bushels of oats which he had stored waiting for a bettor price. From there the fire crossed the street to D. B. Bacon's paint shop, and in a few minutes that was burned down. G S. McPhorson's horse burn, east of Mr Grove's barn, went next, burning 200 bushela or more of grain. By the ho role efforts of our townspeople the Jenkins lumber yard was kept from being taken by lire. Just south of Grove's the building was on fire several times, but by the timely application of WHler It waa saved. The burn aouth of Frlnk's old store building had a cloae cull, the aides being charred, and waa on fire several times. Grove's store building, north of the barn, was badly scorched, but as the wind waa blowing from the north it was easily saved. It was a good thing the wind ctime from the north. If It hud been in tho south the entire business portion of tho town would have gone up in smoke, as wo have no flro protection whatever, not even a well thatcannotbe pumped 'dry, or that was not pumped dry during tho fire. Following are tho estimated losses aa nearly aa cun be learned at this writing: S. E. Grove, barn, horaea and buggiea, $6.000, inaurunce $1,200 on barn; J. S. Gallagher, barn and farm miichinery, $0,000, no insurance; L. C. Galer, granary and oats, fully covered by insurance; D. B. Bacon, point shop, $300, no insurance; G. S. McPherson, barn and grain, $200, no insurance. About 2 p. m. the fire department of Algona arrived with their fire apparatus, and even with the meagre supply of water left they succeeded In putting what was left of the fire under control, and our people feel grateful to the company for their prompt response to our ciUlfor help in one of the worst fires Wesley has had for six years. It is supposed tho fire waa caused by the explosion of the oil atove in the office of Grove's barn. About a month ago tho oil stove exploded in the office of what is now A. S. White's livery barn, and it was with groat difficulty tho barn was kept from burning. The experience some of our citizens are having with oil stoves ought to convince everyone that they are not just the thing with which to heat an office in a livery barn. The smoke of the fire was seen at Corwith, and a large number of people from that town drove over to help ua. Many also were here from Algona and Britt. ' , n . Two or three tramps took lodging in the city calaboose Saturday night, but Marshal Frink let them ouj Sunday morning a few minutes before the fire started. When Mr. Gallagher's barn burned our city bastilo also went up in smoke with the other buildings. Red Clover, White Clover, Alsyke Clover, Alfalfa, Kentucky Blue Grass, Field Peas, and Timothy, Flax, id... Seed Wheat—Hard Fife. For sale at the old stand by Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. m:E3 At this time of year Farmers arc making plans for their spring work and among other things are looking for the best fence with which to enclose their hoc pastures. We do not claim to have the only good fence on the market, but we do claim that it is as good as the best and better than nine-tenths of the so-called hog and stock fences. Its original cost is cheaper than boards and its durability is four or five times as great, without requiring constant repair. No fence at all is just as good as one through which your stock is constantly breaking. On orders of 50 rods or more we put it up. You give the order, we do the rest We have hog fence, chicken fence, stock fence, lawn fence —any kind of wire fencing you want. We have a large stock on hand and can put it up on a day's notice. C. M. DOXSEB, Jno. Qoeders' TAKE a look at the different kinds of smoked, salt, and fresh flab at Moe Bros.' this week. THE latest novelties in dress mings at Galbraith & Co.'s. trim' A XEW line Grove & Son's. of nice glassware at Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair, Yis ttof - ft?*** ANOTHEIl WK8LEY IJLAJ5E. Only a Smiill One, However, Compared -with the First. WELEY, March 23.—Sunday night at 11:30 the alarm of fire waa given and very quickly everybody was out. Andrew Eckstroro's house, just south of tho State bank, was discovered to be on iro, the smoke coming out through the roof and sides. Axes were soon procured and in a short time the flro was located, but not until tho house was badly damaged in efforts to get at it. How the fire started is a mystery. It looks aa though it had been set by some one purposely. Mr. Eckstrom was not at home and it is said there had been no fire in the stove during the day. Had this lire gotten under headway the Central hotel and all the frame buildings east of the State bank would have burned, aa nearly all the wells in town bad already been pumped dry. If Sunday's experience don't make our citizens think of the need of water works we don't know what will, unless they get to that country of which Col. Ingersoll says there is no such place. If we can't have water works let us then have a well with water in it that can be drawn with a tip pail and a clothesline, if nothing else. It would beat nothing all to pieces, and then those who have wella with water in them won't have to stand over them with clubs to drive away people who go after a pailful with which to fight fire. An Explanatory Card,' WESLEY, March 24.—To the Editor: Fearing there might be some reflection cast upon the Aigona fire company on account of toe shamef ul disturbances on our streets last Sunday afternoon, J desire to say as a clllsen, of, Wesley and a spectator, that in every respect your fire company conducted themselves as gentlemen, »»a,»s a po»pany tor A display of marvelous beauty, comprising all that is new in Spring and Summer goods. Dress Goods, Carpets, Matting, Ladies' Gapes, Clothing Furnishing Goods, Hats and Caps, Etc. Shoes. -, indeed,!* evewtbip g **w* with the library

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