The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 25, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 25, 1896
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ESTABLISHED 1865. ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAttCH 25, 189& YOL, XXXt-tfO. NEED NOT CUT BAIT, You can find the fish without any trouble at the grocery opposite the post- office, imoked 1.1 L.O . . . Herring, Halibut White Fish. Herring, White Fish, Mackerel. FOR A Bid CHAUTAUQtJA. Spirit take is Making Pi'eflafattofis tot ftitie SnHitiiel* Meetings with a Splendid Pi'of Mitt* A Law Suit at West B«hd Develops a Queer State of Affaits—General Northwest News. Codfish and Pollock. You can find all the above at M. Z. Grove & Son's. TBI/BFHONB 19. Galbraith & Co, Have just received a fine line of } ress Goods, Spirit Lake Is getting its ChautauqUft program into shape. The season this summer will be from July 2 to 18 inclusive. A partial list of attractions is already published and will be of local interest; July 4 there will be an oration by a statesman of more than national fame—Hon. J. P. DolHver. Gen. Gordon has been secured for one of his matchless lectures. Rev. Robert Mclntlre of Denver, one of the most eloquent and masterly orators of the nation, will lecture and preach. Booker T. Washington, the colored college president who attracted the attention of the world by a speech at the Atlanta exposition, is booked for a lecture. Bishop Fowler, who was regarded by many as the best lecturer of the last assembly, will speak twice. The Ottumwa Male quartet, one of the best musical combinations in the west, has been engaged for the first week, and the popular Sappho Lady Quartet of Minneapolis for the second. Miss Genevleve Clark Wilson, a better singer than has yet graced our program, will be here for a week. There are other important musical attractions. Prof. Fail-bank, who served so acceptably in '94 and '95, will again be musical director, and Mrs. Emery, our gifted accompanist, is coming. Mis& Garghill, teacher at Evanston, will have charge of the classes in elocution and appear occasionally on the platform. Prof. Cumnock says the really great elocutionists of the country may be counted on the fingers of one hand, and that this lady is surely of the number. Mrs. M. .M. Bailey will lead the round table and deliver a popular lecture. Two matchless stereoptlcon entertainments are in the list. hard coal and at flight with potatoes, and the following thoffiing finds his footns as warm afid comfortable ae could be deeitad. The potatoes give Off ft bright blaze and turn into a llve^ fed mass of fife* They form very few ashes; Maj. Baldwin calculates that two and one-half scuttles of potatoes will last as long as one of hard coal, He believes the farmers Can afford to burn them Bailey W&ttts Mofe DntttS. Britt Tribune: A petition Is being circulated to Senator Funk of Esther- v.llle asking liltti to secure an appropriation to dam the outlet of the Okobojt lakes so as to keep the water and fish In Iowa. If they will put in the petl> tion a proviso that the legislature will also damn the fellow who runs the hotel at the lakes and charged us 60 cents for a piece of fish an inch square last summer, we will sign the petition too. IjUVorne's Storm Cnvos. The following curious announcement is tn the LuVerne News: Notice is hereby given that proposals for the erection of six caves, to be erected at the various school houses In the district township of LuVerne and county of Kossuth will be received at the News office, where specifications will bo seen until 2 o'clock p. m. the llth of April, 1890. Burt*B Proposed Fire Protection. The authorities at Burt have in view a portable engine and a sufficient amount of hose as being about what is needed. The Monitor says: A number of business firms on either side of the street have volunteered to put in cisterns, which in addition to wells about town, would insure plenty of water in available distance. Foods Have You Tried Them? If not you should, as they are very nice. TBI/BFHONB HO. Wash Fabrics, etc. r e have finished invoicing, and have a lot of ^mnants of various kinds of goods that we pe closing out cheap. G. L. Galbraith & Co. are not advertising holiday goods any e for the present, but we want all the jple to remember that our goods are .'.. Just as Any Other Time [for the holidays, Stock is always com" |te. Prices are right. Come and look. A West Uend Prosecution. Geo. R. Cloud was in West Bend last week to prosecute A. B. Goldstone of Corwith, who was held for obtaining money under false pretenses. The Journal gives the facts: Last May J. S.Williams sold one "A. Goldstone of Corwith a stock of boots and shoes, taking in payment therefor four notes for $115 each, payable at different dates. When the first one became due it was paid all right. But when Williams tried to collect the second note, Goldstone wrote him that he was unable to pay it and wanted more time. Mr. Williams then commenced an investigation and found that the man he had been dealing with was S. B. Goldstone, the husband of A. Goldstone, and that in settling for the goods he had signed his wife's name to the notes, representing at the time, as the evidence at the trial showed, that he was A. Goldstone. Mr. Williams had him arrested for obtaining goods under false pretenses, but through some technicality in the information he was discharged, and last week Williams had him arrested again on the same charge and brought here for preliminary examination. Goldstone is a Jew, and as shown by the evidence at the trial, has been doing business in his wife's name ever since their marriage. They have been located at Gilmore, Renwick, Corwith, and are now at Gilbert in Story county. Williams will probably lose at least $340, whether Goldstone is convicted or not. OITY SCHOOL NOTES. Several rooms in the schools are now considerably crowded, having about sixty pupils to each room. The pupils of the physics and chemistry classes are now enjoying a series of practical experiments. A new ten-foot step ladder suddenly collapsed with Janitor McMurray a few days ago, and he narrowly escaped being seriously hurt. The usual spring vacation begins next Monday, the 30th Inst., and continues one week. School opens again April 0. Owing to ill health, Miss Jones has secured an assistant to do half her work during the present week. Miss Jordan is her assistant. A new kind of crayon, said to be "absolutely dustless," is now on trial in the high school. It is certainly a great improvement over any yet used. The members of the physics class spent an hour on Monday at one of the city photograph galleries, observing the mechanism and practical workings of the camera, kodak, etc. The following were among those who visited the schools last week: Mr. Edgar Butler, Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins, Mrs. Rev. Landis and little daughter, Misses Putch and Little. The boys are beginning to agitute the question of foot ball. Of course they cannot play on the school grounds for lack of space. As to whether they play elsewhere will no doubt be left to the wishes of the parents of each boy. The ninth and tenth grades organized under a new constitution on Mon- eay last, with the name of the Delphian society, and are now a full-fledged society with an excellent constitution, The older society could no doubt get "pointers" from them. PROFESSIONAL. ^» - *"^^^^^X*«^^*VXXX^X'^ l 'S^XX"*X>X*S CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. Here are a few pointers which it will pay you to look up. We have A New Deal in building material and will now handle hollow bricks for foundations and range work. By their use a dead air space is obtained which will prevent frost entering your cellar ; they are easily laid, make an attractive wall, and cost less than brick. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office in Gardner Cowles 1 new building. SULLIVAN & McMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Ferguson bl JOk. OEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B. Quartern.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALOONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. Drain Tile. We have a much lower price on all sizes of drain tile than ever before. E. V. SWETT1NG, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Sewer Pipe. L, K. QARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State at., one door east of Cordingley. Residence, McGregor St., east ot the public school building. TWO LIVES SAVED. Mrs. Phoebe Thomas of Junction City, 111., was told by her doctors she had consumption and that there was no hope for her, but two bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery completely cured her and saved her life. Thos, Eggers, 189 Florida street, San Francisco, suffered from a street. Ban Francisco, sunereo. irom a dreadful cold, approaching consumption; tried without result everything else, then bought one bottle Dr. King's Now Dlscov Complete stock of idertaking Goods. 1 D. • HAGGARD. q, y. PEEK 'Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smith,! ?stracts, ! al Estate,^isw • flections, AJ.GONA, IQWA. WATER OK NO PAY, expert drillers. Address, A UY & PETTIBQNi, iisad Stones Monuments, E, G, BOWYER, tbe new stand in the Cowles block, has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELRY. OPTICIAN. Eyes tested free of charge. Large line ot optical goods always on hand, Impairing of flne watches a specialty. OUT WATER OR NO PAY, The undesigned has a complete Steam Cable Will Drilling Outfit, ftndBpHcltst IJM> VWft ». Doxsee & Foster, Bros, in a Circus War. Detroit and Michigan is to be the scene of one of tbe liveliest circus wars on record the coming season. James A. Bailey is determined to drive the Ringling Bros, out of the territory by making it so unprofitable for them that they cannot afford to come. To accomplish this he will fight them with two shows—the consolidated Forepaugh- Sells Brothers' circus and menagerie and the Buffalo Bill Wild West. Mr. Bailey owns the Forepaugh show, and Sells Brothers are equal partners with him in the consolidation, He also controls the wild west show, Tbe plan is to send tbe former ahead of the Ring« ling Brothers and keep tbe latter close behind them, billing both shows where- ever the advertisements of the Ringling Brothers' circus are displayed, The Barnuro & Bailey show will spend the season in the eastern states unless it should become necessary to bring it west to assist in tbe overthrow of the Rlnglings, Tlie Boom »t Hanna, The new town in the southeast cor* nerof Kossuth is on a boom. Two lumber companies have bustled their stock Into shape this week and are now ready for business. Two elevators will be built as soon as the frost is out of tbe ground. Goodwin Bros, have had application for lots upon wbiob to build a hotel and store building, and parties are now prospecting with a view of locating a faiek and tile factory. The M. & St. L. Ry, bae agreed to build a station and stack yards. Tbe ku Verne News says' This sudden impulse of enterprise bids fair to giye CorwUh -- J jfuVer»e»h«9ky rival before tbe ends, Tbe fajww in tbe y> „,.,, of DLaBBji feel elated over the prospects of ft pew town. Ask a road supervisor who has used sewer pipe for culverts, and he will tell you there is nothing better made. Posts and Fencing. F. L. TRIBON, M. D,, Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence in the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. MCCOY, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Residence, McGregor street. Office with Dr. Garfleld. ery and in two weeks was cured, Naturally he is thankful, It Is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine in colds and coughs. Free trial bottles at Sheetz 1 . Regular size 50e and $1. 5 OLD PEOPLE. Old people who require medicine to regulate the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electric Bittera. This medicine does not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other Intoxicant, but acts as a tonic and alterative. It acts mildly on the stomach and bowels, adding strength and giving tone to the organs, thereby aiding nature in the performance of the functions. Electric Bitters is an excellent ap- petiiser and aids digestion. Old people find ft just exactly what they need. Price fifty cents per bottle at Dr. £,. A. Sheetz' drug store. » A. M. & G. M, JOHNSON have a lew of the Owens foul seed separators left. Call and the work they will do,—5H3 Our posts are going like hot cakes, but we have several cars on the road and will endeavor to keep up with the large demand. We will make attractive prices on our 2£-ft hog fence and our 4-ft. stock fence. Now is the time to do your hauling while the roads are good. Our large stock of hardwood lumber, wagon stock, roofing, etc,, always on hand. J. A. Hamilton & Co. Cor. State and Harlan Sts, PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. E, S, GLASIER, D, D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST, A, L. RIST, D, D,S. Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. PR, PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat l&geuveaa. City, lo-w*. Operations performed. Diseases treated. Spectacles ntted. Stolen. From the office of J, A. Hamilton & Co,, March 14. Gold filled, screw case, open face, stem winder. Size 16, Elgin works. NO. 1183658, Will give $15 reward for the return of the watch, and no questions asked and immunity from prosecution guaranteed. 5gts J. A. HAMPTON, BVCKWCN'S ARNICA 8ALV& The beat salve lu the world for bruises, cuts, sores, yilcerB. ealt-fbeum, feverspWj The State University THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS for IRQSU Estate, J4aj, Baldwin.of Patte?. & w,, &&J oeen, —• • • _ &t£& JC33t§n&£®i3a^©» an^is well pjcsse4 with the results. I e f tne^en " . « ..» T4a fAArla hia atnvfi in ttlfi morDlDfif witll 1 ri&£fl99 SJftW AffljA In Geo, O» Qdll £iUild|O&f iFM? J|3wll* Isftff ff|f9**w #M *W^* flS*^»***^(J *»*iff? * * *$g^,T*v ^"ws= . ,'<>.^&*.^™^~~-,^&!L^ WANTED Will begin the year 1893'96 .On September 1 alls or no pay , ,.... _ perfect aatlsfaotipa PJP mpney Price S5o a bP?- Spl4 by fc. A. Mil*. Beginning Mareb J» 1880, we wjil wU 25 milk eheofce for f J, an4 J3 for 6po, pbeok g Qg4 for qne awt pf milk f refl )n any part of town. At the time we sball r§4»c§ our pHoe on CREAM to, Gflo § gallon, J5o a quart. Milk a»d cream, njsy be o,«U»re4 by telephone No., 7. . M, & a. M. JQi«*aQ.$r get la ef tbs Henuty Pwggy

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