The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1896
Page 7
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^fff^v^w ;.'4 ! Sf? ,? |e e*a? of Russia, calls his bftby girl diminutive that translated means tie Bln^oyed." int t.eo ttehcfcel Von ttonhers- bk, whd recently tll6d In Germany, Isaid to be the lafit descendant of the ihe family. |v. Sit John Wat-fen Hayes, Bart., recently died at the age of 97 at llands, England, was the oldest \yman of the Church of England, peaker Reed has -written an intro- |lon to the works of Henry Clay, a plete edition of which is soon to ap- Mr. Reed is a great admirer of Fance has jtist recalled the Count Ivre De Behaine, who, for fourteen Js, has been her ambassador at tho |can, and sent in his placee a cer' Nisard, who is stone deaf, ie German-American citizens ot llinore are taking Steps to commetri- fe the one hundred and seventy-fifth flversafy of the birth of Baron De the revolutionary soldier^ which occur on June 29. ie appointment of scientific adviser lie London Trinity house, which has in abeyance since thaj resignation !)r. Tyndall, ahd which was formerly by Prof. Faraday, has been re- bd, and has been accepted by Lord fleigli. Ihe lato John Brown of Pittsfleld, was a cousin of Oasawatomio Brown and an abolitionist himself, fras 96 years old. He knew the plan.3 led up to the Harper's Ferry affair, • is said to have helped out his namo- pecuniarily at the time. Eing Leopold of Belgium, when in jjdon recently, clad in a hooded blue |e smock, went wight-seeing in the Jerground city. He went beneath Ibed of the Thames, rode on the elec- |railway to the city end of the tunnel I back again to inspect the working Is below Stamford street. It is said the king has in. contemplation a |lar railway in Antwerp. bawald Neflihg'er, a German, had ade a cup of common pepper* corn, which holds 1,200 other ivory cups, with a handle to each, all gilt on the edges, with room for 400 more. A half-dozen Italian opefa-hotwes were opened this season with Wagne- Han opera. Thirteen began with operas by Verdi, three with "Carmen,'' and nine others with various French works. Professor Poinacre of Paris, in \\K studies of the effect of the moon on ttie meteorology of the earth, has disco*-' ered that it has 1 an influence not oni/ on the production of cyclones, but aL-o oh their direction. At Johns Hopkins university recent!? a patient under hypnotic influence was successfully operated upon for disease^ kidney, no anaesthetics being used. The case was the first in which hypnotism has 1 been Used in that institution. One of the popular mistakes of thft day is that, one can travel cheaper lit Europe than in the States. Traveling first-class there costs quite as much as in America, and the tourist does not get anything like as good accommodations for WORTH KNOWING. rt of Dahomey is to be colonised Alsatians and Lorrainers who served in the French army. Illinois doctor reports a case jt'e blood poisoning set in from freer Skips and the :>p.tient.lost a leg. PAPER. Paper is made out of almost everything which can be pounded into a pulp. It IB said that at'present over ttfty kinds of bark are used. Among the incongruous substtuicea which have been used for pulp may be mentioned banana skins, bean stalks pea vines, clover, timothy hay, straw weeds, hair, fur, wool, asbestos and husks of every kind of grain. Leaves make strong paper and nearly every kind of moss can be utilized. There are patents for making paper from shavings and sawdust, from thistles and tan bark. Nothing comes amiss to the paper- maker, although vegetable fiber is tho nearest ideal material. By way of experiment the proprietors of a newn-. paper recently undertook to find the length of time necessary to make the paper and put it to use. A poplar tree .was selected and to chop, strip and load on a boat took three hours; manufacturing the pulp, twelve hours; making tho 'pulp into paper, five hours; taking 1 tho 'paper to the newspaper office, eighty minutes, and to print 10,000 copies of the paper ten minutes, makiug'a total of twenty-two hours. fci»ari<fter ol th* M. feflfctiSft. Ffotti tbe Indianapolis Sentinel: ose who felfaember the failure t the ftitzinger bank in this city will recall the nervous fever of mistrust which went abroad in the community and •which within a brief space of tiiae after that bank closed its doors led to an incipient run on the Fletchers' bank, which movement momentarily grew in proportion until early one morning a line of depositors reaching nearly from the latter banking institution to Meridian street was waiting for the Fletchers to open their doors to begin the presentation of checks and the demand tot deposits. It was then that the sturdy character of Mr, English asserted itself; it was at that momentous hour that he proved himself equal to a trying emef-* gency. On his way to his own bank he noticed the knots of men gathered in the vicinity of Fletchers' bank and saw the line forming toward the entrance. There were business men in the line who knew Mr. English well and there was not one who did not know that his word was as good as his bond. Without a moment's hesitation he forced his rugged form through the crowd and stationing himself at the very doors of the Fletchers' bank began the self-imposed duty of stopping that sen-iless run. As fast as men could co • to the door he would ank them if they had doubts of the safety of their deposits with the Fletchers. He gave them assurance that there was not at that time a more thoroughly solvent banking Institution in all the state of Indiana than tho bank upon which they were precipitating a run without reason, and to each Individual he said: "If you think your money Is likely to be lost let me endorse that check and then take it to my bank. I will take all of that kind of paper that can be brought to me." Within the hour William H. English thus soothed the anxieties of tl depositors and when the word wom. out that he had given his assurance that the bank was .safe men went to their places of business or labor and a perfect quiet was restored. His name . had been placed on nearly $30,000 of the paper of nervous depositors of the Fletcher bank. frovel Ontehft Wotld-Hei-ftia still The last at* elosett Fetetiaty first the forizes hare been awftfde'd. The ne-wfcriite contest Just announced in out advertising columns :3 to se6 ttho can construct the longest Sfdod sentence in English Without using 1 any letter 1 mote than three times, Astisual the first prize is a 8600.0(5 faiand, this tima a Kimball, And five of six hundred dollars in cash prizes ioliow, Of Course the object of tlie Weekly World-Herald Is to secure new subscribers for their popular and newsy journal. This is the third big contest of the kind which the World-Herald has had to boom circulation and Editor Bryan's paper, which champions the cause of free silver, must be spending a good deal of it in prizes. KcpfCSStOII. "Imet three of the wittiest men in town last bight," said Blykins. "The conversation must have been brilliant." 4 „ , "It was depressing ns a graveyard. Each was scared to death for f enr one of the others might steal an idea from him." world* ttft deal without gbingV' wh<S 66$ ft in BE DID YOU GKT THIS COFFEK'f ,d the Ladies' Aid Society of omen out for tea, forty of them, and ironounced the German Coffeeberry ,1 to Rio! Salzer's catalogue tells 11 about it! 35 packages Earliest ;able seeds ?1.00 post paid. will cut this out • tind send IJ5C. staiaps to John A. Salzer Seed pa Crosse, Wis., you will get free a ge of above great coffee seed and Is page catalogue! Catalogue alono , • w.n. TttK tVOKLD'S EAULlKBT That's Salzer's Earliest, fit for uso in 28 days. Salzer's new late tomato Champion of the World, is pronounced the heaviest ylelder in the world, and wo &' 'lenge you to produce itn tual! 10 acids to Salzer's Earliest 1^-j.toeo yield 4000 bushels, sold In June at $1.00 a bushel— ?4000. That pays. A word to the wise, etc. Now If you will cat thin ottt nml ««"»<! it with 10c postage you will get, free, 10 packages grains ahd grasses, including Teosinte, Lathyrus, Sand •Vetch, Giant Spurry, Giant; Clover .etc., and our mammoth seed catalogue, w.n. Klpetilng WtedOfH. iff. iJlltad—lirpeo'pte ftd*shee they come to disbelieve the old wMch have pftssed into {*o Verbs. Mf.'fell&nd—it is. Fof esfltiltta, ' nevef heftf ftn old person quoting good die young." ^ Don't Be Too fcntfe For ttifc SttBtwie* And don't omit when you are packing tif) your effects preparatory to the wyftgfl to include among them a supply of Hostetter'e Stomach Bitters, the great remedy f of 6eS sickness. Travelers for pleasure or business seeking foreign climea, or who locotoote by Steamboat or train, besides yftchttnen and mariners, testify to tnej-eme "ial and preventive efficacy of the Bitters, which is in- Cotfttmrable for ttausea, headacbe,dy8pep9itt, biliousness, rheumatism, nertdus and kidney trouble. Luck takes ft nap while brains and hard work are witming the prizes.. BuFPfifcERB*ROM Couoafl, SORBi etc., should be constantly supplied with '•Brnum'i Broftilitai IVcc/iea," Avoid tatlon*. - SCHOMBURGK LINE. Getting: Even. (Youngwife (to handsome girl whom 3band is rather fond of)—What do |>pose makes Chai'lie so fond of me Sharpe—Absent-mindedness, por- "5 Drops." itoly cures Hhouraatism, Soiat'ca, Neuralglo, jfii, Buokiiche, Asthma. Huy Fever, Ciiturrh, essness. Nervousness, Kervops and Neuralgic fohes, Heart Wuaknessi Toothacho, Ear'aobo, ISwelllriK, IiaGrlppe, Malaria, CreeplngNumb- Bronehttis and prevents fevers. 16 bottles f 1.00 or C for $5.00. Kegular 25e sam- 3o by mail for 1U days only. Not a druggist's r Write direct to-day. Only 10e aurt sutisfuo- naranteed, SWANSON nHKUMATIC OUllB f Dearborn St., CbloaKQ. 111.' , v oa is believed to have no effect either romoting or retarding the digestion of Vfood. , K, One's Cons' 1 JUalsi»~> , . ifoldest and best, It will break up a Cold quickB. nythlng else. It la always reliable. Try It. Woods should be carefully chewed, be| the gastric thus enabled the • to do its work. i's Cure for Consumption has saved irgo doctor billsAC. L. Baker, 4228 |t Sq., Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 8, 1895. worms anil caterpillars have no '. stomach. The whole interior of tho erves that purpose. !:If tho Baby is-Cutting Tooth, 'i and uso that old and well-trlod remedy. MBS. bw's SOOTUI.NQ SYBUP lor Children Teething. ConEldoratc. ""\Voll, father," exclaiircd the prqd'gni son. as ho made his appearance again at the family fireside, "are you ready to kiU the fatted calf." . , "No." replied the old man, grimly; "I think I'll let you live." Best for Office, Home and School. Taking it all in all we consider Webster's International Dictionary a perfect and complete work. No office will go wrong by adopting it for a standard, no homo will be quite complete without one,especially where there are school children, and our school trustees will find it impossible to secure a better dictionary for the schoolroom.—Ihe Stock and Western Farm Journal, Des Homes, Nov. 15,1895. A Rockford dog does his own marketing.' Given a nickel ho takes the coin ir his mouth and trots off the butcher's for & bone. - • • Best of All. To cleanse the system in a gentle and truly beneficial manner, when the springtime comes, use the true and perfect remedy,. Syrup of Figs. One bottle will answer f or all tho family and costs only 50, cents; ,the large size $1. Buy tra ..genuine. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Company only and for sale by all druggists. Maximinus, the emperor of Rome, was able to eat a quarter ot nu ox at one meal. There is money to be made in Cripple Creek. When you go take the "Rock Island Rcrate" to Colorado Springs. This" is • the • only direct line—saves several hours' time to Cripple Creek. Send for full information. JOHN, SEBASTIAN, General Passenger Agent, Chicago. Vinegar taken with -food greatly delays and sometimes wholly prevents proper di- Tbe BotanUt Who Drew tho Boundary ; Once Lived In Richmond. An; interesting fact in connection with the famous Schomburgk line, which has escaped observation, is that the man who provided the British government with that boundary came to this country from Germany when he was 21 years old and after working for some time as a cleric in Boston and Philadelphia became a partner in a' Richmond (Va.) tobacco manufactory in 1828. The factory was burned and Schom- burgk drifted to the West Indies, where after unsuccessful ventures his bptanical works attracted the attention of the London Geographical society, and he secured means to explore the unknown region of the Orinoco, where he traveled from 1833 to 1839, and discovered the Victoria Regina lily and numerous other plants. This work led the British government to commission him to suggest a boundary between Venezuela and Guiana and to make further explorations. The lino was drawn and he was knighted by the queen for his services. Schomburgk until his death, in 1865, continued in the British consular service, but devoted himself chiefly to geographical studies, being a member of the principal American and European learned societies, Mrs, William Allen, of Pilot View, Ky., celebrated her eightieth birthday the other day by completing the cutting of her third f ull set of teeth. ' ; How's This. (, We offer One Huudred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, tho undersigned, have known I'. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, lolo- do, O., Waldiug, Kinnaii & Marvin,Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. . . Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces of the system. . Price, 7Bc per bottle. Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free. A Japanese doctor claims to have discov- • n ,\ n coiMim iniop.tiou which will cure ered a serum leprosy. injection which will PIT"—All FitsstoppoiUrceby Dr.Kline's Orient f(erve*l<i!8tori)r. K» Kllstri«;r tlm llr*Ml:iy'i» UK'. WitrwloUBeuri" Treatises ami *2 trial boUK'/reft, Vitctt!.°s. Bernlto l>r. Kllnu.931 Arcbtil..Vlilliu,l j a. The great pyramid is exactly 5,885 inches in height at the highest point. Free to "Comrades." Tlie latest'photograph of'the Hon. I. N. Walker, commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic; Write to F. II. Lord, Quincy Building-, Chicago and you will receive one free. • A man from 50 to 75 years of ago needs only two-thirds of tho food required f pi- working man. T WILL NOT RUB Charity is a creed in itself. Premium No JChQColate ^ "' Made by Walter Baker'&-Co., Ltd., £ Dorchester, Mass., has been cele- :: brated for more than a century as :: nutritious, delicious, and flesh- 3: a forming beverage. Sold by gro- i|: 31 cers everywhere. D • | I .$60000 '! " DO j B B -vou a HBHBOI-I CONTEw I 1st Prize, Kimball Piano, >.,..., , - 2d Prize, Bicycle, for msn or woman • 75 O n 3d Prize. Cash-.....- 5000 10 Cash Prizes, each $25-.... ••• 25000 lOCash Prizes, each $10 .,-....' 0000 60 Cash Prizes, each $2-. • '20 00 83Trizes. -.....-$1,19500 i^J^^MSS^, SIJKSS'^iSSSSS^Sf 3KS 4 1° i" not "loci'sHury to use every letter of tliu alphabet.- The other prl/.os will co.nnetitor must construct his own sentence, and no person will be ill owed comneuiui Sentences cannot bo corrected or substltutoa id. llosldonts of-Omaha are not permitted to compete, direclfy o"r indirectly. RULES FOR THE SENTENCE-(No OthersFurnlsbed.) ,1, of a sentence is to be measured b^Uie number ofjetten J^contalnB, oleto words. Che pronoun {Thompson's.Eye Water. W. N. U. D, M.-1236 NO. 12 bo usofl. Each contestant must indicate oy uguroa at the end of nitt T^/i^romlil-kab'ly'uuoral oiTor is made by tho WEEKLY Woiu-n-HEHALD, of which the distinguished ox-congressmau, WILLIAM J. BRYAN, Is Editor, y ^\^uSX th ^« j^-^-My^.'S&pS d?^=r u "—> J lt66 • Acldros9 ' weekly World-Herald. OmaHa. Neti._ 3?IRST contest closed February 28, 1805. SECOND contest closed May 20, 1805. ^^SSsS^^A^^x^.^. Winner of 8M> cash prize was Mrs. IHorenoe Tho^toii^sblngton, D. 0. ; dumplings require about five hours jpper digestion, and with sonae people piever digest at all. gestion. • '•_ _ _ Men of great si/e do riot always have stomachs in proportion to their height or weight. ^ _ , _ jfOup of Paries' Tea at night moves &wels in the morning." iiments and^tijnulants ore not really They areTiimply whips to appetite Sfstion. ' prvud of learning is the greatest ftnce, . * - Beef soup is much harder of digestion than would be Bupposed. The time required is four hours. _ I'nln )• not oonduclvo to pleaynre, espeoia ly when ocoa?ionml by corns. HinjIeroorM will please you, for \i removes tliem perfeoUy. Never go to bed hungry. A little light refreshment before lying down conduces to healthful sleep. Bismarck will celebrate his 81st birthday on April 1, THE Commuters In England. Tho "commuters' car" has just beet introduced into England, the Lancashire and Yorkshire railway having established special accommodations for a commuters' organization styled the "Lytham, St. Anne's and Blackpool Traveling club," which guarantees to take flfty first-class season tickets, each; member paying ?5 in^ addition to the price of the ticket. The company has built two special parlor cars for the use of the club, one to be attached to each of the two trains leaving Blackpool at 7:18 and 8:20 a, m., returning from Manchester by the 5:10 and 5:15 p, m. trains. These saloons are divided into three compartments, or .rooms, opening into each other, one for smoking, one for card playing, etc., and the other a general saloon with accommoda;» tions for thirty-nine passengers, $1,000 FOR THE ONE WHO GUESSES BEST! A YEAR AGO THE CHICAGO BEOOED offered $30,000 in cash prizes to authors for the best •• stories of mystery." The chapter, tne purpose being to give CASH PRIZES to those readers ot THE CHICAGO RECORD who should be able to solve the mysteryi the stories were so called ™r required that a mystery should run through tho entire story and be disclosed onlv in the last THE AWARD OF AUTHORS' PRIZES HAS JUST BEEN HADjE. Stories from all parts of the English-speaklne world, to the number of 816, were entered in the .competition. Twelve Cash Prizes were offered for the best twelve stories. The first prize was $10,000, an4 was won by Harry SUUwcll Awards, of Macon, da. His story is entitled; 99 AND B«for? buying: a bicy^ s«W ^° be "' ost f s good as a CQlvimbia " .it is wdl to compare the prices at which the machines sell secpno-hand, Thg sscpnsl-hand pric.e pf Cplwmbias pften ^ pr MOM* the NEW price P{ the « If yp« lopj? $ ysaj? aM, thers is economy in STANDARD OF THE WQRLP Jle /Was Too T.uzy to Live. One of the laziest men Iowa has yet produced died recently in the Fort Madison penitentiary as a result of hja attempt to escape Jabor. A convict, named AUport, several months ago cut off one pf his fingers to keep frojn \vork* ing, tint the injury sopn healed and be had to resume Tyork again. Of late he bad, worked but little, always being done before poon, but be concluded he would |*ot wprk. at all, and to keep from it he'inflicted; an injury uppn lb}»iB.elf whiQb bad £ result more fatal to him than he ( prpijably anticipated, Recently to escape work he poured a quantity of very strong lye on his arm, a^d the result was a sore as big as a man's band, But the lye was so strong that It ate He way into the fish aad. destroyed, the blood vessels, The re- was Joek,ja,w, from which he died, f Madispp (Ipwa) Democrat. AND ITS PUBLICATION WILL PEQIN IN THE CHICAGO RECORD ON MARCH 23, and continue In about thirty dally installments until completed. "SONS AND FATHERS" is beyond all Question THE GREAT STORY OP THE YEAR, There will bo a.n interval of a week or more between tho publication of the last installment containing the explanation of too mystery and.tho immediately preced. Ing chapter, during which period the guesses will be received by THE RECORD. ' To still further promote popular interest in this remarkable story THE CHICAGO RECORD offers 810,000 in 889 cttsn prizes for the 889 guesses which shall eoine the nearest to being true ana complete sol!* „ tions of the mystery in. tbe story, • THB ^1O,OOO IS To tlie. reader from whom TJIB KEOOJtP receives the most complete and correct; solution In all its <lo- tulls of the entire mystery of iho story, »s it shnll 1)0 (Unclosed in the last chaptoi'V/Uen publlshea ..... For the ftecoud best solution.................. For the third beet solution. ...... For the fourth best solution-..;-., ,,< , •••>• For the next 0 neiirobt best soiutlons, (S100 oacli.,... For the next 10 iicm-pst; best splutlous, 50 each,.... For the next 30.nearest best solutions, 38 ouch..,,. For the ue*t 60 iienyest best solutions, 80 each-.,.. For the next 300 nearest best solutions, JO ouch..... For t'»e next (JQP nearest best solutions, 0 each In all 880 prizes, uiuountlug to,..,.....,,..., 81,000 COO 300 500 500 000 1,000 3,000 DIVIDBJD AS FUt,fc PAKTICIIT>A.«8 na to the details ot tlie conditions govefn- Ins the fiwardinif of tlinau prizes will be pHbllshed In THE OillCAUQ HECOKU. Tbe principal rules are as followst J.-Dut pno solution can bo entetea by a roatlor. » Is Immaterial whether the reader subscribes for tlio paper direct to the ottice ol publication, op whL-thei- it Is boueht from tlio local new*dealev.- Tbe contest ia open, under the specified conditions, to all who j-eafl tlip paper. )S,— TU.o explanation of the niystpry may be made in tho reader's own words, In the English language, and without any attempt at "lino writing," simply glvliiB aij many of the facts that BO to qmke a "winplotB and abso- Ivittly (;oi-r«ct solution of tbe entire mystery" as the re»il(?r may be oWeto tltscover. ' y,^The ISIO.COO will be awarded, under the condition? ftnivo«ncea,(io- cording to the best iudement of thi> jadgos appointed b/Tl|8 CHIilA^IO, KEOtHtp, ana they will have complete control and final UecUJon, Ueyoni} any appeal,- in all matters relating to tliis unique contest. OfllGflOO RECORD " '- J3 pro-ominontly a NEWSPAPER, aaa its dally ANP 01RLS MAY BBOQBD . reading toa fuj-th?r CQ««ti9» Js wade tt»»t- tfre sbaW be p»W o»iy fty e3tvla»fttta»d OT guesses • - AWP »8 Ne«t« In Wutor, In early autumn the teat oaterplllai moth, lays a cluster of 80Q QV 300 eggs in; &'circle around the twigs of applQ otjxer tree? and. covers, them witft •' SEND 10 QENTi AND GET THE; Ri@@R 10 RAYS, A SPECIAL OFFER THB 8ECQKP win be sent tp any address, ppst-p^id, for 10 days begin* ning witb the flrst ph&ptor of the ^tory, VOW IQ CflfiVSli in coin or postage gtgmps. The story begins March ?3, and it is. flesiroblo that sub.- B.prip.rtons should be received u*> far In advance ot that date as possible, but all subscriptions on this special U P , I, b,u,t B°ne after AprJU, THE 6HISAGQ RGCQRP m pf Utical news with i«diclal impartiality, f ree from the snip, it is Chicago's family newspaper. Prpf. J. T- Nortnvrestern University, writing to We Evanswn •• j » ft ve come tp tbe firm cpnolu§lon, ftiwr » Ipng test, wide comparison with the journals of many states »nd sou TMB CHI6AQO RB608D oppies 6,s near beteg tfee Weal fl»Uy }au» na» as we are for some time JiKely $o ftnd «n tboso oorW Itfow" ' The st. sw* a ?> WbWsb,^ ta JJew

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