The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1896
Page 5
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THE tlPPltt DBS M01NSS: AMONA, IOWA, WBDKiMDAt, MARCH 18, WIGWAM The 8L1M COURT WEEK. to toxt few, fittt tie Wofk was Done. Steel Lever Harrows, Disc Harrows, Seeders, Plows, etc. The best goods that can be bought. We are also making extremely low prices. Call and look at our goods and get our prices before you buy. Wilfrid P. Jones. Mobte Gets P but Yeats tot eral Divorces At* Granted—MittOf Court Matters, •Keep to tlie Front on. a, FALCON BICYCLE have a full line.of the Falcon and Crusade of the 1896 pattern, for ladies and gents. Please call and look them over. J. W. Robinson, each officer carefully attended to, they are at great benefit. We can each think of some help we have received; then let us fehow our appreciation by trying to do some- ibing, and though we need not expect our Sorts to be the best, we can each do our est for others and the boys and girls grovv- Snf? up about us. We have not time to do Everything, but let us try to do that wUich Is the most important. The old verse tells HS " It isn't always the thing we do, dear, but the thing we have leff undone that gives ibitof heartache at the setting of the sun." The boys and girls should have the best leducation we can give them, but if they Iinust rely upon themselves they need never idespair, for " where there is a will there is falways a way," and if they improve every lopporcunity they will succeed, and an edu- ffication gained by one's own efforts is really Ithe most beneficial. g The literature read contributes much Steward an education. Good books have rightly been termed our best friends, and U a farmer's time for reading is limited it as necessary to have the very best, and vhen read hand to another, and if it goes vitn a marked paragraph or a turned-down eaf it may carry an additional beauty and Spree; but if a bad book should come into pne's possession, consign it at once to the Ere. If farmers live near enough to town to avail themselves of its advantages we see o reason why, as tbey advance in years, Ihey need leave the farm, We like to see hem build comfortable homes on their arms, where they are surrounded by their cquaintances and friends, and spend their earnings for their own comfort and pleasure, and not try to save that they may ave something for the children. The boys d girls, if able bodied, can as well earn ieir own living as their grand-parents did. oey will, and accumulate if they are 'irt- Bustrious, persevering, and saving; outlet ihem remember that a good character is of nore value than all the money that can be athered together. We want all the boys and girls to avoid tte degrading effects of bad habits, to real- e that when one asks another to indulge, s offers it to him, he is not his friend, bui is enemy, and to recognize the wisdom of eing on'the safe side. The effects of nico- ne and alcohol have for several years been jght in the public schools. It is well own that nicotine from chewing tobacco auses trembling, paralysis, emaciation, fspepsia, heart disease, and dimness of iion; that smoking causes the smoker's heer, which often proves fatal; that oig- ette smoking causes lung trouble and va- us other diseases; they are made from acco quids and cigar stubs picked up m ^saloons and streets, and often carry foul ?ases from the first user, together with ,86 accumulated. There are also poisoa- drugs used in their manufacture. The it books tell us that drinking men are al oat always smokers or ebewers, and ma.ny drunkard owes bis ruined life and uuhap- -ness to the appetite for narcotics formed Bthe use of tobacco and the company into jich it led him. Che boys and girls are also shown that use of strong drink causes ulcers to n on tbe stomaeb and intestines, fatty eneratjon of tbe heart and kidneys, tbe Bn&iled liver, and alcoholic softepiog of > brain; that the use of beer causes fattar neratiou of the heart, Hver, and kid* s. The text books tell us tftat "aany |u»y take into their systems that vrWsu li only interfere* with the healthy aption, Ithe bodily ojpgans, but leads, JQ certain - Mole tow* this they ;hey become members of the family and associates of the children. . . Gambling is said—by those in a position to know—to be carried on, especially in the smaller towns, to sn alarming extent. We would like to have the men investigate the matter, as they have an equal responsibility in bringing up the boys and girls right. We art willing to do our part, but we need their co-operation, the force of their good example, and the power of their ballots to remove temptation and crush out these nefarious vices. . Now, if the boys or girls ever fall into any of these bad habits, let us each be able to say: " They never learned it at home," PEES01TAL MOVEMENTS. A. D. McGregor New York visit. ia back from his and daughter are here visiting at Mrs. H. S. OITT COMMITTEES APPOINTED. Mayor Haggard Names a List for the Coming Year-The Names of the Ne\v Appointees. The newly elected members of the city council met Monday evening. The only business was the appointment of committees for the coming year. Mayor Haggard named them as follows: Water works: Wadsworth, Sayers, Ferguson, Slagle. Finance: Ferguson, Slagle, Vesper, Streets and alleys: Wadsworth, Sayers, Henderson, Bice. Printing: Bice, Ferguson, Slagle. Health: Sayers, Ferguson, Bice. Ordinance: Vesper, Henderson, Chapin, Fire: Sayers, Wadsworth, Ferguson, Settling: Slagle, Bice, Wadsworth. Purchasing: Henderson, Chapin, Vesper, KOSSTJTH OOTTNTY PLAT BOOKS. They Are Being Delivered ujid Are Handsomely Gotten Up. Walter H. Brown was up from Webster City yesterday attending to the delivery of the plat books of the county recently gotten out. They are handsomely printed and are well bound, contain a map of the United States, of the state of Iowa, of the county of Kossuth, of each township in the county with the names of land owners, and of each towu plat, They are highly spoken of by those who have examined them, and in spite of some minor errors that have crept in are a valuable record, They seem to be what the prospectus called 'or, and no expense has been spared in ;he mechanical execution of the work. M[r. Brown informs us that the roanu' facture and printing of the plates alone cost |3,000, Mrs. Little from Grinnell Langdon's. Miss Maggie Haggard went to Minneapolis Monday to visit and to hear Paderewski. Mrs. Winchester comes today from Eldora to visit her daughter, Mrs. Carm Davenport. Mrs. Edith Clarke-Williams is at home for a visit. Mr. Williams is in the east, but will be west soon. Seed Dakpta whjte fife and Dakota blue stem for sale at Nprthwestern elevator, Also, just arrived, a car load of old process oil meal, for sale at one cent a pound in one faupdre4 pound sacks, 0. Miss Cornie Ingham went to Minneapolis Monday for a day with or two with Miss Louise McCoy. She heard Paderewski last evening. B. N. Thompson visited Capt. Dodge last week, and spent a day at J. O. Paxson's. He and the captain have been friends fpr many years. He lives in Minneapolis. A telegram came to Mrs. J. T. Chris- chrilles Saturday evening announcing the death of her only sister. She and Mr. Chrischilles went to Lansing Monday for the funeral, Bev, G. W. Southwell went to Correctionville, Monday, with Mrs. Southwell, who will take medical treatment there for a while. He will visit Sioux City and return Friday. Carm Davenport and bis sister, Mrs. Goodner, were called to State Center lust week by the death of their father, Their mother will soon come to Algona to make a home with her children, Miss May Fraser, who has spent the winter with her brothers and sisters, and who bas made many friends in Algona, returned to her borne in New York Monday, Mrs. Geo. L. Galbraith accompanied her as far as Chicago. Bev, Sinclair and Dr, McCoy went to Britt Monday evening to attend the ordination of the young man who is to be pastor of the Scandinavian Congregational church at Wesley. The pastors from Forest City, Garner, and Britt, and Bev. Douglass of Grinnell were present. Watch Stolen. From the office ol J. A. Hamilton & Co., March li Gold filled, screwcase, open face, stem winder. Si«e 16, Elgin works. No. 1188658. Will give $15 reward for the return of the watch, ana no questions asked and immunity from prosecution guaranteed, 2t§ J- A. HAMILTON. The continuance of the Col. Clftfkfi- Ellsworth case interfered with all the plans for this tef m of coiif t afld not much business has been done. Judge SherwiW went to Garnef at once and Judge Quarton came buck id Algonft and dismissed the jury for four dttye, The only case left fof trial was theft continued* and Judge Quaf-tOB instructed Clerk Grose to notify tbe jurors not to appear Monday, thereby saving the county over $100. The remaining dttys lust week were spent with equity mat* ters, and court adjourned Monday until Friday next when some motions will be taken up. A saloon case from Emmetsburg will also come on then, THE NOBLE FORGERY. Some months ago a young Englishman named Noble forged a check for $23 at LuVerne and passed it on Mr. Benedict. Judge Quarton sentenced him to four years in the penitentiary and Sheriff Samson took him at once. It developed on trial that he had been in prison four times in England, and on his last release his father gave him a choice between ' Australia and the United States. He came here. He is a born scalawag 1 , naturally ferninst the "bloomin 5 laws." THE JOHNSTONE RAPE CASE. The grand jury's one indictment was young Johnstone now in jail.. His case was set for trial Monday, but was continued at Col. Sessions request. Geo. W. Argo noted his appearance with Mr. Sessions for the defense, and the case will be bitterly fought at the next term. FOUR DIVORCES GRANTED. Mrs. Fizell secured a divorce from her husband, charged with desertion. John James of Ledyard brought suit for divorce on the ground of cruel and Inhuman treatment. Mrs. James brought a cross bill adding drunkenness to the cruel and inhuman treatment charge, and she was granted the divorce. The effect is the same except in the matter of control of the children. Mrs. Emma Dodge secured a divorce from Harry Dodge, charging cruel and inhuman treatment. Mrs. Amie Seeley secured a divorce from Mr. Seeley, charging adultery. The case of Dr. Scott against bis wife, charged with desertion, was not called up. DRUG STORE MATTERS. A petition was presented to grant the clerk in Dr. Dunlap's drug store in Ledyard a permit to sell liquors. It was resisted and was withdrawn. Dr. Dunlap pleaded guilty some time ago in the case brought charging him with selling to a minor, and paid a fine of $100 and costs. In the injunction case against Dr. Lacy of Lu Verne the doctor has paid all tbe costs, surrendered his permit, and the case jias been dropped. THE HEATH CASE. No action was taken in the famous Burt shooting case. It will go over to next term. Heath's hand is gradually getting we'l. A ROAD CASE TO BE HEARD. Friday a writ of mandamas will be discussed. Two farmers, Simpson and Garst have blocked what the county claims is a highway and what they claim is not. The county attorney and Sullivan & McMahon will discuss it. Red Clover, White Clover, Alsyke Clover, Alfalfa, r * Kentucky Blue Grass, Field Peas, and Timothy, Flax, and... Seed .Wheat—Hard Fife. For sale at the old stand by • Lenette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate. Every Man and Boy Carries a Jack Knife, or ought to. Some carry good knives, others are content with poor ones, possibly because they are not able to get a good one at a reasonable price. For the past year we have been studying the cutlery business—have, been trying to get a good American-made, warranted jack knife at a reasonable price ; we sayAmerican-made because the test of the goods has proved that an American knife stands usage better than imported knives. We have just received a fine line—an assortment varied enough to suit anyone, and in order to have the people see and try what we have, until April ist we will sell a good, strong jack knife; fully warranted, FOR 39 CENTS. You take no chances on the knife ; if it is not all right bring it back and have it replaced or your money refunded. Boys' knives, girls' knives, men's knives, women's knives. G. M. DOXSEE,, THE STEAM HEATEK SUIT. The suit of O. W. McMurray against the steam heat men goes over till next term. The county is holding several hundred dollars subject to the garnishment. THE DAVID DUTTON ESTATE. A suit is brought by the daughter of the late David Button, who lives In BocUford, 111., to force a partition of the real estate. A demurrer filed by the children here was overruled. Tailor Made Suits Auction --Sale. The undersigned will sell at public auction at his farm two miles northeast of Fenton creamery, on Friday, March 27, six head horses, (one a three-year- old stallion), 11 milch .cows, two yearlings, two calves, 11 hogs including five brood sows with pig or pigs by their side, one McCorroick and one Deering binder, Knowlton hay rake, two walking plows, sulky plow with breaker attachment, two walking cultivators, corn planter, corn harvester, lumber wagons, truck wagon, light wagon, tread power, threshing machine, harnesses, a lot of other farming tools, 600 bushels corn, household goods, etc. Sums of $5 and under, cash; balance eight months' time without interest paid when due; otherwise 8 per cent.; 5 off fer cash. Free lunch at noon. Sale begins at JO a. m. H. C. CHBISTENSEN, A- M. & G. M, JOHNSON have just received a car load of the U. S. Combined check row and drill planters.-— 52t2 A NEW line of nice glassware at Grove & Son's. Skirts, Waists, and Capes. We are showing a very fine Hue. J as. Taylor. FOB uesT— Two boysee and lets E, Peterson's) for re Jp. Qrr, JULY BAQES, A Good Program GJvep Put by the North J5nd Fair society, Bancroft is to open the racing season July 3-4 with a good half-mile track, MANSE" maple syrup. None better. Langdon 3p Hudson.— 5H2 An4 the expenses of making the oajjbepaia&tQprtpa of tbe berr Interest, payable anauajly u.nlej» pther* wlee preferj-eji. Tbele»» fifto be wild part &t any. interest sale, Prestop, Monday, March ?3, DON'T let »pyoqe Jeaj ypu astray OB the tea <ju.e,B${0p. Grove & Sop pave the best. amphitheatre buildings, etc. Follow ing is tbe program; 1, Quarter-mile dasfc, purse ................. $25 •2. Five eighths mile dish .................. go 3. Three-quarter-mile flash .................. 50 I, Half-mile »n4 repeat, purse ........... $100 2 Mile <md repeat ......................... I 50 3. Mile and one-half 4ash, novelty. ... .... 885 . Pony race, fcrtMnUe, best two fo tturee. NOBTHWESTEBH WEE. Cheap Excursions to tUe AVest an4 South. On March 10 and April 7, 1800, the. Northwestern line will sell home-seek' ers'excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to a large number of points in the west and south at very low rates. For tickets and full information ftppl" to agents Chicago & Northwestern rat way,—49t4 MAY BUD tea. kangdon & Hu49Q8- . , , 3;> Entnea, »ve per <#nt. of p«r»e as4 nve per cent. aatUHonal to winner.' All races rue ac. cording to rules. A, M. & a- M. JOHNSON hpe cartages tobs feijod in tbesesjaty, .. ,„ j^j w m pJe^p^nft, jaUprjP* Boiled Bl}oe<J haw. pickled pig-'feet. , pickled books in ghss jars, sweet pick' led corned beef, spiced corned beef; A ' fuU line pf obpice powitry> alao obojtee We are tfte pioneerjo*'

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