The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 18, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 18, 1896
Page 1
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186S, ALGONA, IOWA, , MARCH 18, 1896. , XXX-NO. NEED NOT CUT BAIT, You can find the fish without office. any trouble at the grocery opposite the post- [Smoked Kits Herring, Halibut, White Fish. Herring, White Fish, Mackerel. NEWS OF THE NORTHWEST Tlie Cherry Sisters Were Kot Born Yesterday, as JEvidettced by the Trick They Played, A Shfcldofi Man's Awful Suicide—How a Mumboldt Youth was "BUhboed" —bthef Brief Mention, [Codfish and Pollock, You can find all the above at . M. Z. .Grove & Son's. TELEPHONE 19, Galbraith & Go, Have just received a fine line of The famous Cherry sisters, whose success as collectors of decayed cabbage and tin kettles at their various musical entertainments has been phe* nomenal, are not so defective in gray matter of the brain as they are in voice culture. They are making an annual tour of the state again this season, and last week appeared at Osage. The theatre was full of boys with the usual collection of missiles. When the curtain rang up what was their surprise to find a wire screen strung across just behind the footlights, held by guy ropes. And as if that were not enough a card was hurigout, "Cabbages Solicited." A few of the desperate follows tried to throw some heads of cabbage over the wire, but they fell down on the must' clans and the latter registered such a loud protest that no further attempts In that direction were made. The show went along without any further trouble, the girls'looking like people giving a performance in a cage. They simply laughed at the would-be tormentors. It seems that now this band of would be singers from Marion carry with them a wire serene, such ae is put up in front of base ball grand stands, only that the wire Is about as large as that used for telegraphic purposes. This serene is made in sections and can be made to accommodate a stage of almost any size, and it is about 20 feet in height. All the fun at their show is fenced out henceforth. only first-class plays and have been remarkably successful thta winter in everything except the uflfortuhate " Trip to China To^a." Afed this was a financial success, but as an entertainment was outrageous, pwihg 16 the drunken state of the Whole gang of players. A Suggestion to Mr. JKeptio, Emmetsburg Reporter: We would advise Mr. Keehe wheh he plays Rich* ard III at Atgona to somehow change his lines where the irate king cries out, ".A horse! A bofsel My kingdom fof ft horse!" Such a high price will be apt to be too tempting for Kossuth county farmers, Sanitarium Foods ress Goods, Wash Fabrics, etc. r e have finished invoicing, and have a lot of remnants of various kinds of goods that we ire closing out cheap. G. L. Galbraith & Go. are not advertising holiday goods any ore for the present, but we want all the eople to remember that our goods are . . "OR as Desirable Other Time A Terrible Suicide. Uriah Compton, living a few miles from Sanborn, took concentrated lye arid then set fire to a straw shod and threw himself into the flames. The Sanborn Sun says in reporting the facts. His arms and legs were nearly severed from the body, all being burned to a crisp. He was about 43 years of age. He leaves a wife and six children, the youngest a babe, absolutely destitute. At one time he had beeri in good circumstances, but it is the same old story. He was a Quaker preacher. What led up directly to the suicide is supposed to be the fact that Scott Logan of Sheldon, to whom he owes quite a sum of money, had brought suit against him, which case is pending in the district court in session in Primghar now. On Monday he was on the witness stand all day and was most cruelly badgered by the attorneys. He was to resume his testimony on Tuesday morning,- had he not concluded to go before his Creator, where lawyers ave unknown and courts of Injustice have no abiding place. It was reported that a criminal action would be brought against him, the cause for it growing out of the suit with Logon. This is supposed to have preyed upon his mind, as he was of, a very sensitive nature and took great pride in maintaining unsullied his good name. A Verdant Humboldt Youtli. ' William Hendricks of Humboldt wandered out to Lincoln, Neb., and last Friday was accosted on the street by a well dressed individual with a smooth accent and a circuitous tongue. The for the holidays, Stock is always complete, Prices are right. Come and look. Complete stock of Indertaking Goods. . p. G. F, PEEK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Smlth.l Abstracts, flections, ALGONA, IOWA. WATER OR NO PAY. Well contractor, j have the only Ug Bsaohljw owRea m we for water supply tw towns, 18. BpieoiaT attention Jo stlinsws made, J S^'isva. IHIUY & PITTIIONE, Stones, E. G, BOWYER, now at the new stand in the Cowles block, has a complete stock of AND FINE JEWELRY, GRADUATED OPTICIAN, Eyes tested tree ot Qharge. fcarge line pf op' Weal goods always on hand. Jfrpatring of flne v>at<??ws a stranger told a good story about how he had a trunk in the city block filled with coin of the realm, and all he needed was a little money to get it out. He would consider William a benefactor like unto John Wanamaker if he would loan him several dollars until he could procure his baggage. William was anxious to assist a fellow sufferer in this vale and dug into his pocket for $10, which was all he had. The stranger entered the building by the front, and is probably still traveling upward, as William saw him no more. Fort Dodge's Lack of Gallantry. The school election at Port Dodge was lively with Mrs. Simons and Mrs. Thomas on one ticket, J. B. Butler and Lisle Burnam on the other, Teams and carriages were out in the interest of both tickets, and at about 4 o'clock the war was in full action, The unsuspecting voter, says the Messenger, who jJn former occasions went and cast his vote with apparently little interest, was surprised and besieged on all sides from the time be approached within a -stone's throw of the polls, until he had run the gauntlet of at least a dozen enthusiastic pullers, and dropped his little piece of S aper in the loving embrace of one of tie school board, and had his name recorded by another- The result showed the women a little behind, and tbe men elected. Ttoe Jury WBB Satlsflett, A curious trial under the .prohibition Visited the Uitrlit Emmetsburg Tribune: Misses Mc- Laughlln, Stillman and Kelly went to Algona Monday to visit the public schools there. These young ladles are three of our up-to-date teachers. Speculating lit Corn. Fully 350,000 bushels of corn and oats have so far been bought and stored by Clarion parties this wln f .er, with the idea of making a handsome speck later on by an advance in prices. Hamrn'8 New Postmaster. On Friday A. A. Grose was appointed postmaster at Hanna, Kossuth county, Iowa, vice D. H. Mayer, resigned. Want to Keep Off Fires. Burt will vote April 14 on issuing $1,000 bonds to secure fire protection. MAKEE OF HISTOET IN EEEOE. Ambrose A. Call Writes to Correct the Mistake About the Big Indian lluttlo Near Uolfe. To the Editor: I have rend with much interest the articles published In THE UPPER DES MOINES, relating to the early history of northwestern Iowa, feeling, as I do, not a little personal pride in its wonderful development, having been a participant in a few of the events that have aided ia building up Its history, and an interested observer of the many others. When I raised my cabin, forty-two years ago, except two Indian traders at Clear Lake tbere was not a white settler west of the Cedar river or north of the Dubuque and Sargeant Bluffs trail. The territory comprising the twenty northwestern counties of Iowa was an unknown and unbroken wilderness. Of the traditions of the Indians who frequented this section I am perhaps as familiar as anyone, as in the early days I frequently came in contact with them, and when circumstances would permit was an interested listener to their legends. I assume that it is the duty of every pioneer who has an iota of state pride to see to it that our early history is correctly and truthfully written, that fiction and' romance do not usurp the place of actual events. This is my excuse for noticing an article copied in your paper last week from the Rolfe Reveille entitled " Tbe last Indian Battle in Iowa." The article alluded to is a very readable story, but it is pure and unadulterated fiction from beginning to end. That a battle of this character could have occurred and knowledge of it been kept for 42 years unknown to the pioneers, who have passed over the ground a hundred times, is impossible. The writer of the article starts out with the statement, which is incorrect, that the Winnebago Indians frequented the territory adjacent to the Des Moines river. The truth is, before the settlement of Have You Tried Them? If not you should, as they are very nice. TELEPHONE NO/IS. Here are a few pointers which it will pay you to look up. We have A New Deal PROFESSIONAL. ^.^^w-S-f-^^-VJ^NX^W^^fc^^-'^X^^'^X^*-^*- CLARKE & COHENOUR,. ( ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Alg'ona, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles 1 new building. in building material and will now handle hollow bricks for foundations and range .work. By their use a dead air space is obtained which will prevent frost entering your cellar they are easily attractive wall, than brick. SULLIVAN & MoMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fersuson bl jck. laid, and make an cost less Drain Tile. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. B. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, ALQONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. We have a much lower price on all sizes of drain tile than ever before. Sewer Pipe. QET WATgR OR NO PAY, TUo undersigned has »'complete Steam Cable Well Drilling Outfit, ana SPUcJts the maWng of Aeepor shall?* weUsontbeterosaboveBtlteij, • P. & Foster, law is reported from Boone county of which the exact particulars are not given. A man was charged with stealing a keg pf beer, which as evidence was brought into the court. Whether to satisfy themselves of the nature ol the oods or to destroy it as contraband, the eg was emptied, the entire outftt ' the p«ng pan was VWM ftVVV'V'MgVl ¥« B jr*f»*»$ *»WM MWW isch&rged frees ovi9tp4y and everybody .the country by the whites they never came farther west than the head waters of the Cedar, or farther south than the state line, unless escorted by a company of soldiers, To the writer's personal knowledge the only large band of Indians who visited this portion of the state during the season of 1854 (the year it is said the battle was fought) was the party of Sioux who pillaged the surveyors' camp on Sec. 15—95, 29, and subsequently passed on east to the head waters of the Cedar river. An account of this raid has been written up and is a matter of history. In the autumn of this same year a few families of Sioux went down the west branch to the forks of the Des Moines. The writer, during the early summer of 1854, in company with another party, explored the west branch of the Des Moines on both sides of the river, from the mouth of Cylin* der creek to the forks, sixteen miles north of Fort Dodge, passing over the ground where the battle is said to have been fought, (the same season), and saw no signs of Indians, much less a battle ground, and these were the signs we were especially looking out for, The writer further states that be " enters into the minutiae of the contest as tbe same have been related to us (him) by several old settlers wbo are now living in the county, and .who received their information from an old trapper named Lott, who was an inter* ested observer of the contest," etc, He wts Ms ease on the statements of several old settlers, and the old trapper named Lott- Now, it is a part of the history of the state that Henry Ijoto, tbe Indian trader wbo murdered a family of Indians ,an« dumped their bodies into the creek Known as Blopdy Run, left the country early in tbe spring of 1§58, wjitb a',' price on bis bead." ** Ji - " ri river quently Ask a road supervisor who has used sewer pipe for culverts, and he will tell you there is nothing better made. Posts and Fencing. E. V. SWETTING, ATTONEY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. L. K. GARFIELD; M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Office, State st., one door east of Cordingley. Residence, McGregor St., east ot the public school building. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., j Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN- AND 'SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY, M. D., •PHYSICIAN AND SURQEON. Residence, McGregor street. Office with Dr. Garaeld. Our posts are going like hot cakes, but we have several cars on the road and will endeavor to keep up with the large demand. We will make attractive prices on our 2^-ft. hog fence and our 4-ft, stock fence. Now is the time to dp your hauling while the roads are good, Our large stock of hardwood lumber, wagon stock, roofing, etc,, always on hand, J. A. Hamilton & Co, Cor, State and Harlan Sts. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. E. S, GLASIER, D. D.'S., SURQEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa, DENTIST, A.L, RIST, D.D.S. Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth, The State University DR. PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat operations performed. Diseases treated. Spectacles fltted. j^- Will be at Algona Monday, March 33, OF TO^TI VTWtr- D — •? T - V tJK f was. satlffie4 but tbe beep WANTED THE SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS ii^^i^i^^v,, ^,_ .pi , was bear4 PI to California & tttioa ef & subUwe §y@Bt

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