The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1896 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1896
Page 7
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TH1 UfflK BIS XOBflBs f ttdfpiiyMt ' ft a sign this It'* afi atmlidatfon ttbtfi 6, pfftcS iii the sanitary def. Easy (after 8igMng)^la he fit tot the Ir. Mtirfohy—fti f of it? fie ofight to be. fhas been aftefr it for five yeai-s. Might j&tfre fthbtfrh. ag Wife—tittbby ( dear, do yoti lov* r UD »tef thafl you*jmpe? roung Husband—What a foolish question fou'ng Wife (sadly)—Yes, 1 might have i without n ?king. Stop Thief. Stop & small malady which is stealing pr strength} before it outruns yourpower if rest it, and recover what it took from i. The safest and promptest recuperator .waning vitality is Hostettef's Stomach Iters. Which renews vigor, flesh and nerve Betudd because it restores activity to i functions whose, interruption inter- i with general health, tJse the Bitters dyspepsia, malarial, rheumatic and |ney com plaints and biliousness. ake equal parts of corn ffleal and red ltd and mix to a paste with molasses, read an plates and set In the places fre- ented by roaches. FITS— All Fits stopped frefeliyllr.Kimp's Great Serve Kestoref. NoFltsuftertliellrsulnyaiiso. flarvelouacures. Treatiseahil 82trial hottlvfreeto Pit canes. )SendtoL>r.Kllue,93lArclihit.,l'Liila.,Pu, Doctor ll bright, B66 tftdUSttf ,A CofltffcS; (The. Spartans did not inquire how many |e-enemy are, but where they are. If the Baby 18 Cutting Teeth, » sure and use that old and well-tried remedy. MRS. PINSLOW'S EooTiiimi Bvnufr for Children Teething. hirty-nine of the fifty-six nion who nedthe declaration of independence were lege graduates. • t*'Bnows*S'B»oHcnrAii TROCHES" are «n| vailed for relieving Coughs, Hoarseness ad all Throat Troubles. Bold only in boxes. ccording to the very best ecclesiastical bthoritie's, Christ was never known to fogh. _ _ _ man's Camphor loe with Glycerine. o original and only genuine. Cures Chapped Hands ' 3 Face, Cold Sores, &o. O. O. Clark Co.. N. Haven, Cfc lichard A. Proctor was authority for the atement that the earth i \ceives only the jie .two-billionth of the sun's heat, BfeoAb MiNDfeb WITH PROGRESSIVE IDEAS, ftalittfeft in fcScomtnefcdlns Ahfr Mtiidttlfc* that riefeflowj Will fciJrfe tltg ^-thlhb* Dr. WfiliahiA' JpiBfc & Grtftt iJlscbtfery—He Softie Mtttfeloii* Cttres. From the Examiner, Laftcaster, Pi. Atfcofrt fcjL, April 24th,'9S. Dn. WtthuMs' Mfcttici&Jt Co.: Gentlemen—While it is entirely contrary to the custom of the medical profession to endorse or recommend any of the so-called proprietary preparations, 1 shall, nevertheless, give you an account of some of my wonderful exoeflendesiWith y.otif prepare Hon, Dr, WilHams' Plflk fills fof Pale People, the fact is well known that Jaed- Jcal practitioners do not as a rule, recognize, much less use, preparations of this kind, consequently the body of them have no definite knowledge Of their virtue of Tack of it, but soundly condemn them all isvithout a trial. Such a course Is manifestly Absurd and unjust, and 1, for one, propose fto give my patients the best treatment known to me, for the particular disease with which they are suffering, no matter what It is, where or how obtained, I wa& first brought to prescribe Dr. Williams' Pink Pills about two years ago, after having seen some remarkable results from their use. Eeuben Hoover, now of Read* inp. Pa., Was a prominent contractor and builder. While superintending the work of erecting a large building during cold weather, he contracted what was thought 'to be sciatica. He first noticed it one morning in not being able to arise from his bed. After the usual treatment for this disease he failed to improve, but on the contrary grew rapidly worse, the case developing into Hemiphlegia, or partial paralysis of the entire right side of the body. Electricity, tonics and massage, etc., were all given a trial, but nothing gave any benefit, and the paralysis continued. In despair he was compelled to hear his physician announce that his case was hopeless. About that time his wife noticed one of your advertisements and concluded to try your Pink Pills. liii bo*. liberty to . Parks' Tea at night moves |e bowels in the morning." _ man is toKrcm by the books he roads; a bman by those she doesn't read. 1 it was a dog tfaat ,ft cdfivifct la the i-eceittty*, saye the Cincinnati finauif ef . f life Intelligent bfute acted as a ines- '8eag4f between Govefnof fltown and 'the feioh, carrying the pafddft ifi its .inouth ffom the executive mansion to 'the prison, and, afte* gaining admit- .tance, to the recipient of the clemency 'himself, fhe dog is the property bf the gdvernor, and the convict is 0. •Cr. Garden of Louisville, who was seft- itenced two years ago to serve a term of eight years for ttiaflsiaughtef. : Fof some tlnie Garden has been- etn« ployed as a "trusty" at the executive ^aiisibn, doing chores and running er- jrands/ The dog, a fine speciment of (the shepherd breed, is a family pet |and is unusually Intelligent •, It was a part of Garden's duty to look jafter the animal and they came to be (fast friends. When the prison doors were opened in the morning the collie was there to meet his convict friend and accompany him to the mansion. At night he returned with his striped playmate to the grim portals. When the pardon was made out it •was suggested that the dog be permitted to carry the welcome freedom to his devoted friend. The paper was enclosed In a stout envelope nncl given to the animal, which was told to go to the penitentiary. With a wag of Its tall it left the mansion and ran down the old accustomed route to the .prison. A telephone message apprised ;the guards of his coming and he was admitted without delay. . -. Garden was In the yard patiently .awaiting the arrival of the governor's messenger, never dreaming that the .dog had been selected. Catching sight ;of the well-known face, the dog ran up to the convict and laid the envelope. at his feet. The glad cry of happy surprise that the overjoyed prisoner •gave vent to on catching up the offi- iclal envelope and tearing it open was re-echoed by a succession of joyous barks from the four-footed harbinger of good tidings. Matches chickens ffbln heti'8 tftt. 1-tis 10xl5s8 inches: -Will take dft» oT28 eggs. Write to Mr. doo. M. Stahl»Mff.,Quincy, 111., for a copy of his booklet "W," describing the "Wooden Hen," also iftrge catd- lotruc. Both sent free. Mention this paper.' FIGS AND fHlSfLfcS, Tfrttth never blushes When you loo^ \t in the face, i The devil geto nil tho votes, when men rtm for office, Don't fool with sin, It is safer to hlay With a rattlesnake, i The people who talk the most, do not Always say the most, i Every true prayer begins with a right Reeling towaid men.' I Good fortune does not always ride la p. gold-mounted carriage. To live without prayer, in to live a half-hearted aad one-sided life. God has never tried to make a,matt f.vho could please everybody else. We owe a debt of gratitude to every one in tho world who needs our love. When the heart is ftill of compassion there is not room for prejudice. . The yoke of Christ is easy, only when Jt is worn every day in the week. "Ile-dst not evil with evil," was meant for nations as much as for men. The man who fears the light, is kept by running from a shadow. rladness Comes Tlth a better understanding of the transient nature of the many ph'ys- .lills, -which, vanish before proper-ef- rts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— Jhtly directed. There is comfort in SB knowledge, that so many forms of ^kness are not due to any actual dis- 'fse,; but simply to a constipated condi- bn of the system, which the pleasant lily laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt' removes. That is why it is the only Imedy with, millions of families, and is ferywhere esteemed :so highly by all ho value good health. Its beneficial fects are due to the fact, that it is the jio remedy which promotes internal |eanliness without debilitating the rgans on which it acts. It is therefore Jl important, in order to get its bene- |cial effects, to note when you pur- iiase, that you have the genuine arti- ie, which is manufactured by the Cali- ornia Fig Syrup Co. only and sold .by il reputable druggists, ilf in the enjoyment of good health, pd the system is regular, laxatives, or |her remedies are then not needed. If dieted with any actual'disease, one .ay be commended to the most skillful [lysicians, but if in need of a laxative, je should have the best, ;and with the pll-informcd everywhere, Syrup of jjs stands highest and is ; rnost largely pd andgives most general satisf aation. AS«. YOUR DEADER FOR [ you pay $4 to 8G.for-shoes,;ex- he the AV. L. Dpuglos .Shoe,,ana: |whatti good shoe ypu^canibuy for \00 STYLE? AW CONGRESS, nnd fr ACE, nmdo )n>oll lilnds of the bos t aolocted leather by skilled worli- jnen. Wo malco ,aud Bell anoro $3 Shoca. o tli of jufacturer In the -world, pne genuine unless name and : JS stamped on Ihe bottom, sk your <lealer for our €5< KS3.50, 8!J.5(), 8'4.S5 Slwes.; NO SUBSTITUTE. Ifyourdealer )t supply you,, send to fac- gnclosing price and 36 cents •r carriage, State kind, style - leap' or plain), size and Our Custom Pept. will fill for4er. Send for ne\v Jllus- 1 Catalogue tp Kox ft, . 3e bad given tip hope and it required a great deal of begging on the pare of his Wife to persuade him to take them regularly. ' He, however, did as she desired, -and if •appearances indicate health in. this raau, one would think he was bettor than before •his paralysis, 'Why,? says he, 'I began to improve in two 'days, and in four or five weeks I was entirely well and at work.' Having seen these results 1 concluded that such a remedy is surely wcsth a trial at the hands of any physician, and ;conse- quentb' when a fahort time later I was called upon to treat a lady suffering -with palpitation of the heart and great nervous prostration, after the usual remedies failed to relieve, I ordered Dr. Williams' Bink Pills. The result was simply astonishing. Her attacks became less frequent and also less in severity, until by. their use for a period of only two months she was the pic.- ture of health, rosy-cheeked and bright- eyed, as well as ever, and she has continued BO until today, more than one year since Bhe took any medicine. I have found these pills a specific for choren, or as more com- inonly known, St. Vitus' dance, as beneficial results have in all cases marked their use. AB a spring tonic any one who, from overwork or nervous strain during a long winter has become pale and languid, the Pink Pills w.ill do wonders in brightening the countenance and in buoying the spirits, briniriiiji roses to the pallid lips and renewing the fountain of youth. Yours Respectfully, J. U. ALBHIGHT, M. D. A Small Girl's View. Xuntie — E^hel, you must not be so impatient. Remember that Rome was not made in.a day. Ethel— Why, auntie, how can you say such a thing? It is wicked, realiy wicked, You know ttiat God made all the world in six days and he certainly did not spend more than five minutes on Rome ! FATTENING HOGS COSTS ONE CENT The editor recently heard of a farmer fattening hogs at less than one cent a pound. This was made possible through the .sowing of .Salzer's King Barley, yielding over 100 bii. per acre, Golden Triumph Corn, yielding 200 bu. per acre, 'and the feeding on Sand Vetch, Te'bainte, Hundredfold Peas, etc. Now, with Fiich yields, the growing of bogs io more profitable than a silver mine, Salzei"s catalogue is full of rare tilings for the farmer, gardener and citizen, and the editor believes that it would pay everybody a hundred-fold to get Salzer's catalogue before purchasing seeds. If y<ra will cut tills out and »enfl H with 10 cents postage to the John A. •Balzer 'Seed. Co., La Crosse, Wis., they will mail you their mammoth seed .catalogue and 10 samples of grasses and grains, including above corn and .bar- 'ey Catalogue alone, Be postage. ' CIGARETTE SAVED HIS LIFE. At Least Sucli In Hio Story Told 1>y E. II. Hume. "Christmas day," remarked a tall, athletic-looking man in the corridor of ,the Fifth Avenue hotel (speaking to a New York Times writer), "always excites in my mind emotions of the ten- derest sympathy for the cigarette." The man proved 'to be E. H. Hume. ,He said he was from England but .claimed New York as his home. "It was just six years ago," he said, "that I was with the English army in Upper Burma'h and a week before Christmas I found myself taken down with black diphtheria. There had been an epidemic of the disease in the town and vicinity ancl T, always susceptible to contagious diseases, was one of the first in the regiment to take it. Every day I grew worse, until the surgeon finally gave up all hope and told me •that I could not live twelve hours longer. My comrades bid,me good-by and a few of my Intimate friends, fellows from my own 'home, stayed with me to tell the folks how I had passed my last hours on earth. . "My throat had become so swollen that I was in great'pain and the phlegm had collected to such an extent that I .could not speak. Breathing had become all but impossible. • "I knew that I had but a" short time .to live and as a last request asked, for a cigarette. "It seemed to be the only thing on earth that I wanted. The surgeon refused to give me one, but a young Irishman who know'how fond I was of smoking took one from his pocket, saying that it would not possibly hurt me, .as I was already dying. "He held it to my lips ancl I inhaled a lot of smoke, which I thought would •choke me. Instead of that the smoke ipoured out and brought with it the iwhole mass of phlegm which for a week the surgeon had tried his best to remove. The cigarette was the only 'thing, possibly, that would have served the purpose, In four days I .was on my feet, a well man, an<J I haye never had a day's sjck'ness since," IUNTAIN 3YRINQES. West (iiiulity rubber \rltii -mrarublier tubps, L«W 8»" «i 'Ay*'! 1 . 1 |$ulb Jl.OQi 3 . .. uw or' ..,„, , r , Gopils, falna ber Iw > qt.. Be«a Bubbet w. «FJ»e JJow-I^egged Maisie— Sis, there's a young down in the parlor wants to see y0u. Sister-i-Who is ho, dearie? . Maisie— Well, I don't know his name, but he's the one that looks so much Jike » wish' bone. _ .. Catarrh Can N«<; We C«re4 With local applications as they can* not reach the seat of the disease. Ca, tarrh is » blood or constitutional disease, and In order 'to cure it you must tato internal reroutes, pall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally. Md acts dh reotly on the Woo4 and mucous surv Iftces, Sfall'3 Catarrh Pyre is not a quack medlcipe, It was prescribed by one of the P?st physicians in this cpun« try fpr years, and Is » WCTJw prsepr p» t}on! Jfis oompo^4 of the best knQwn, compfjjea with the best Ifeflers, acune .«w«y 'on thi The Air Much of the rich sculpturing in the ,new congressional library building is being done by the use of -a new invention In the shape of an air chisel. By the .use of this marvelous ;little machine the modern statue is carved quickly and with a precision almost equal to [the -old masters. Of course a model in jplaster is necessary, the compressed air ^chisel being used simply far reproduction. • The tool is not unlike the den- tjst's toll. It runs upder about thirty pounds presure apd strikes a blov7 be* tween kSQO and 2,500 times a. minute. 'An expert does excellent work with, ithJe machine, \vbJch cuts marble as easily as the carving of steamed wood,— inventive Age. MJLMO.S.-, OK DOLLAKS AXNUAtLT. ' And more could '>e made by the farmers if they would plant Salzer's big cropping seeds, because Baiter's seeds eprout, grow and produce, giving you from 4 to G tons of hay per acre, over 200 bu. of corn, 11G bu. of barley, 1,200 bu. of potatoes, 209 bu. Silver Mine Oats and the like per acre. These are positive fadts, all of which can be substantiated by oath. Now, the editor asks why sow poor seeds and get poor yields, when such big, bountiful yields are pos- eible? Salzer's catalogue tells you all about it. If you will cut this out and Bond It with 10 cents postage to the John A. Salzer Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis., you will receive their mammoth catalogue and 1C- samples of grain and grass seeds, worth $10 to anybody to get. a start from. Catalogue alone, '5 cents postage. * w.'L (it'tlluK liven. Mamma—Tommy, I'm ashamed of you. Wlint iriukes you uct so rude to your IJucla Robert? • Tommy—AY oil. mamma, every time ho comos here ho nnys, "Hollo, Tommy, how big you are! You've grown a foot since I saw you last." uud it makes me feel like a centipede." Farmers Mako Suro Of an abundant yield of grain if they use th»> Campbell Sub Surface Packer, manufactured only by the Sioux City Engine ancl Iron Works, Sioux City, la. This Packer will put the bottom of the plowed ground in condition to gather and retain moisture to such an' extent as to ncsure a crop. This machine completely firms the bottom and leaves the surface loose and covered with small lumps, actually forces decomposition of all stubble or foreign matter turned undet and in every instance has shown a gain of 75 to 200 per cent, over ordinary yields. We suggest to all our farmer readers to write to this firm for i their pamphlet, containing many valuable pointers on prairie farming, ami full particulars in regard to the Campbell Sub Surf-?!-" Pr»m,-«.r. Mrs. Mercy Thorndike, of Rockland, Me., has been a pilgrim here below for uiiiety- two years. She has moved her place of residence fifty-seven times, nud isn't permanently settled now. There is money to be made in Cripple Creek. When you go take the '-Hock Island Route" to Colorado Springs. This is the only direct line—saves several hours' time to Cripple Creek. Send for full infornmtion, ''.'Joins SKnAHTTAV, General 1'nsseng-er Atrent, Chicago, The seeds of good we sow, Both iu shade and nhiue will grow, And will keep our honrtH aglow, While the cluys are going by, Clump Jtnltnrad Buteo, On April 7 and 81 and May 5, 3 800, half rate excursions will bo run to all points ou the Cotton Belt lloute in Arkansas, Louisiana und TOXUK, For full particulars and illustrated pamphlets about lands in the southwest write E. W. LuBeaumo, G. P. & T, A., St. Xiouis, Mo, Of the insect known as the "caramon fly" there are twelve species and forty-eight varieties, Get Klmleruorn* unit ii«o It If you want to raulU J tho uomfort of b 9oros. U tates. vuem out p.-*icei|y. iSc, Parson—I hope yon little boys respect your father and obey your mother f Uoy— 'Kather! She ««U lic k father, she can. Tho rirvlvliife |>cMVPr« olTfivK6r'sGlM«orTonlfl render It i» !•< ousuble In ot'cvy liouw, titomueli troubles, wills uucl uvory t'orat or wlsU'OstijIeM Wlu "Contains all creeds within its mighty span The love of God displayed in love of map." ; The doipg of an evil to avoid' an evil can not be good- If theffe afe iollfS in tfBe3, Bllisi hatS ft cdfk BOlfii JSfafroleiSn Bad his tJo'nlile", ,W fa&d Wellington. A boy's d6tlbl§ is ft 'apple. • , T It IS difflctllt for & dtinldfif fflafi IS- told his bffeatni It is g&iot&iiV t86 ettoftg for hllti. tt may sound" like an an'offialy, out ft niaii discovered In cFookedneSfe i& Jn A' stfalt. > • , Some ffien who nevef- h&d any advan*- tagec when yoiing ate li^ick tb take one later on. '• A hangman who wished to conceal his vocation said he was traveling for A sUSpeiider 1 company. It is perfectly safe to g6 into a dentist's shop and call him a liaf to his teeth, if the dentist Isn't iti. A woman being asked whjr husbands (llilt courting their wives, said it was because other men did it so much nicer. In the bachanal days of Rome men's faces were often crimsoned with drink, and even the gutters were flushed with wine. Some oiie has discovered that the great thinkers of the world were short men. Some of them could get pretty high occasionally. An agricultural paper has an articlej on kicking cows. A man who is mean, enough to go around kicking cows without just provocation, isn't too good for biting horses. An exchange says that James James, a colored man who resides at Santa Rosa, Mexico, ifi the oldest man in the World, being 135 years old. But is James James older and tougher than Jim Jams? "Take it, growler!" said the farmer to a tramp, who had begged something to eat and found fault because the bread and butter didn't have honey spread on it. "I may be a growler," replied the tramp, with a grin, "but you can't work me .»_Texas Sittings. «*** .,»i MMMft tt IttlUtf |lt,?(»,«e8 » ' A Wfi»aft f S ' ifi tSoie i hard M, &. wifehense 'which was bwto&l , "In nOn&f dt ft yoliig lad> ^lirai toWn" a tety succeSsfilt tog '" giVefl ill SWatftJidaiej'k.y^tfae acdordlnf to a local paflefY While & Ikwyer in ttutfifetd f &H8, . ¥„ was! fiia frying a Couple the dtnef day; a Man was waiting W the flute? '""" NEWSY PARAGRAPHS. A bald eagle, with a big steel trap hanging to one of Its legs, flew over Licking, Ky., a few days ago. Great Britain owns 2,570,000 square miles of territory In Africa, an area almost equal to that of the United States. Tho record*of embezzlements in the States last year revealed lessen to consult him about a suit for Mrs, Sarah Platt of BsseJ^tidnil., «•«„ 04 years old and has 1 b6efi a pefSistetit sttldkef for Beventyfour years, §he<% Smokes a pipe and shlokeS it regulatf? j after each nieal. Probably the oldest railroad btogmfi&f ; in Now England is Squire "Wiison of , Lyndonvllle, Vt. He has been running an engine on tlie Boston and Maine sys-u tern since 1862, and is still making &• daily run, , , A large colony of negroes is booked to ( sail tor Liberia from Savannah on the 1 steamer Lourado on Febi 27. At aboilf the same time a party of 800 white colonists from Indiana will join the col-' ony at Fitzgerald, Qa. At the close of her London season this year Sarah Bernhardt proposes to start off on a steam yacht on a trip to India. The saloon of her yacht will be converted into a theater and performances will 'be given at the various pprta en route. . MAXIMS FOR_ADVERTI3ERS. A good advertisement always brings In more than it takes out. An advertisement doesn't knock off work when tho stare is closed. Persistent advertising is the cornerstone of success. No advertisements are bad, but some advertisements are better than othei's,, When a wise woman has money tO' spend she consultn the advertising columns of the newspapers and afterwards consults her tosband. Advertising is a plaster which merchants put on the world to draw business out of it. Advertisements are birds— m isn't alwayi. those that have the flnOBt feathers thKt the m • In CoiiHtumfc Use. It is not the .weightiest dictionary tha 1 serves tho most practical purpose; it i 3 rather the one that gives in ail authoritative way just what is waited without loss of tinio or patience. And this is just what Webster's International Dictionary may bo depended upon to do whenever it is called upon. Other Dictionaries'are. referred, to by The Democrat, but the one that is always at hand aud in constant use is the standard nnd that is Webster's lntoruatioual.-. r llie Davenport Democrat, Davenport, Oct. 24, 1805. ' ' If there is anything in a young mail the Rontgen ray should bring it out. > l?or Lung and Chest Diseases,' rise's Cure 1» tho lient medicine we linvo lined.—Mrs, i. K Northcott, Windsor, Out^ Canada. Vr is often envy iu disguise. Els the original Saraaparilla, the § S standard of the world. Others S . | have imitated the remedy. 3 ' STliey can't imitate the record: 5 •"l|"» JTWHTTT« "TTWTTT.T-B n»»li«P"»-- - - -. Hosts of people go to worte in the ..wrong way to cure a *IMI : St.'Jacobs Oil fe 'ft won't TOb-ofi: IT WONT RUB OFF. Wall Paper is Unsanitary. Kalsomine is temporary, rots, rubs 'off and Scales. •tlw . Ingredients Is what aerfui re^uUe in p 8,end for testimonials, free CWHTOT , PI .$',Q'' S C 0 R T f f t) R ;^"<v/ 'i//" 1 ' "t i'""•'•«*' ^ •', ,'<,*c ,-,->''' -I-"' 'I t f i' * . ! W^' jlurrlimnes In West !'»»!<>&. Jn the Wesfc Indies, where hurricanes aje frequent and destructive, they gen* eraUy qrigipate Jn the tropical regions Bear the Inner boundary of the tra<J9 ,' a»4 W e causecj. by the yejpUeaJ a column qf rarefled air, w^pse Je ?«ppU^4 by ft rwsa gt wln4 from .rrp.uadjn,g rsgipos, set into by $e yotftMQji 9f the earth, THEDOSTOR—"Oat Inner «/ ' papsr It lad tnougb, (Oil An, thrtd hcrtt Bc&y majf ffooo* lint cannot t/mW forms a pure and permanent coating and does' not require to bo taken off to renew from time ( to tiaae. Is r, dry powder. The latest make t x /£>-vwv- lacing'adapted to mix, ready for use. with] **=v_£n^ Cold Water. Can ba easily brushed on by any \ one. Made In white and twelve fashionable/ tints. ALABASTINE is adapted to J»H styles } Of plain and relief decorating. ASK YOUR PAINT DEALER FOR CARD 0-F TINTS. ' If not for sole In nearest dealer. t°v/n, write us for nuino oit * MAIWFAGTUREO OftLY BY ALABASTINB OO, f GRAND RAPIDS, MIGH, Wecoutlary permunemly- divotl fju IS t;> i <}ayn. You oun be treated at homo for tho t«nnt) , , price under saine ttuwmiUyt W you proier tq come Uere we will coutraot to pay rulH-ouU {are uud liotol bills), ana no cterge.if wefalltocure. « ypuhave taken niproiiryj . «•»• |«t dTiilBOIfB. Y 8tl)l ? UV S aohos) »n4P»fan» .._.,-„„„, Patches in B B IO V*'"^*'»* f ** * m ou»' 8«»'e 'jpl»jpp»«, Plmvief, Copper Colored Spots, Dlcorn on any the bpfly, flair oo , JSycfirovps ftJllHe out, it }s this nitOOD POJSOW that wo guur«iitee tu . \Ve solicit tlie moat obutiuuto fit K K3KFk B3V f MR!? easp« and cUu|lengo ,„, WorW J'or a c»se we c^nuot wwr»r UttB plways baOiea tl»0 skill of the most ,„,.., twliind our unconditional guaranty. Absolute propl* sent i CHFP. ^lli! 1 , „ . »Sf 850Q»"~ ed on application, SOT COOJ^ Temple, CWICACO, GOOKRIMEQYP, Such as Spavins, Curbs, \yindpnns, CRIPPLE GREEK, iiBM ****** 9 to J5 a»ya, or inouey pocabination of pure conceatrato4 drugs wUlcU is q, true H«UU«te (or thp i»oisona retolnqa in tu« system from' the 'use of TQBA.CCO. n leaves the putieut in bettor UeaUh thai) bofory ana Is absolutely free from any injurious effects. CJjVCOxC&PCi is .easy aqd'plo!iSQ.ftt It aUo\ys tUe patient to use all tue Tobapts" h,e wants while unAej 1 tv^atpient. the aua Him^kerlng " will di§apponv us it by magic, 'ft^qu^tj^a* IUroMi5jh Q w* *Ws l>rs»tl bless tfee day they heara of CINCQ,C4i'O» 9>a yew MH$iH« or j)UfW I'obfiftJft'l Pa you nu£ it'-aifflcuH. or lpipo«»lble to stop? CIBiCO^CAPCI uures «|g«r ftQft »ew»i>s and In tftfel^ ItPrw, ertsijy carried Jo

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