The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1896 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1896
Page 5
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t THIS tjffME IMlTMdtHl^ M^THE WIQWAM Steel Lever Harrows, DiscJ^^ Plows, etc The best goods that can be bought. We are also making extremely low prices, 'Call and look at our goods' and get our prices before you buy. aria.© • Tsrig-w-aaaa, Wilfrid P. Jo ties. IN THE MIL OF f BE MOOS filf eetofs ftgttf ed *bftt dfit as the fcest f iffie to the doHnfo , It, 18. They Also Madfe PfSp«ftU6iis tot the Ah* hiiftl i&feibit, fthd Bid ft L8t o? •^1 THAT -WILL- to tue Front on. a, FALCON BICYCLE. II have a'full line of the Falcon and Crusade of the 1896 pattern, for ladies and gents. Please call and look them over. W. Robinson. The directors of the county tural society met oti Saturday and ar- ratiged for the coining county falf. They selected Sept, 16, 1?» and IS ns the date, the tnOOh be! tig full ftk that titne, The seeded day will/be chil dren's daj», as usual 1 , all premiums wilt be paid iti cash, as usual; and alt stock wilt be judged by expert judges, tt9 Usual, Borne of the flew features of the fair are «s follows: All entries this year will close at midnight of the first day, and the books will not be open the second day, as heretofore. All exhibits, to be consld ered, must be in place and properly I tagged by 10 o'clock the second day. In all the classes where an expert judge passes on the exhibits his dects SMlS^Ttf'SirVjSSS 1 *»" ft| For sale at the old stand by taken from the decision of local judges. If satisfactory arrangements can be made the premium list will be issued this year in supplement form and will be circulated in all the papers In the county, thus reaching every probuble exhibitor in due season. A five-pound package of poultry food will be added to each first premium award in the poultry department. In the grain department a peck each of the various grains will be called for instead of a half bushel, as heretofore. The following additions are made to the premium list: Mlnorcas to the poultry list: buckwheat, millet, and flax to the grain list: kohlrabbt, red cabbage, celery, egg plant, and cantelopes to the vegetable list, and lust but not least doughnuts to the cookery department. DEPARTMENT SUPERINTENDENTS. ~The following appointments of superintendents were made: Horses, J. O. Paxson; races, T. H. Wads worth; cattle Prank Kern an; sheep and swine, Thos. Kain; poultry, Wm. Greenfield; grains, Milly Mann; vegetables, Wm. Heathershaw; fruits, W. H. Conner; machinery, N. C. Taylor; butter and cheese, J. G. Ravvson; pantry stores, Mrs E. P. Keith; domestic, Mrs. P. M. Taylor; pantry, Mrs. J. -W. Wadsworth; fancy, Mrs. C. H. Blossom; educational, B. P. Reed; special, M. Hays; discretionary, Dougal Wallace. THE RACE PROGRAM. A committee consisting of T. H. Wadsworth, J. O. Paxson, and Harvey Ingham was appointed to arrange the race program and report at a later meeting. It is the intention to arrange the best program ever yet given, and any suggestions should be sent in early. Red Clover, White Clover, Alsyke Clover, Alfalfa, Kentucky Blue Grass, Held Peas, and Timothy. Letiette W. Butler, Administrator J. J. Wilson estate, Our Cookinj Contest SOIL TILLERS WILL MEET. The Farmers' Institute Opens Toraor- vow _A.t Clarke's Hall Instead of the Court House. Indications Are for a Gathering of More than Usual Interest — Speakers and Their Topics. The farmers' institute, which opens tomorrow at 10 o'clock a. m. in Clarke's hall, promises ,to be the best from an educational standpoint of any ever held in the county. It will be devoted strictly to business from start to finish. Henry Wallace, one of the best-informed men in the state, will take par in all discussions, and State Dairy Cam |. missioner Boardman will be here. The topics are the ones the farmers are to day interested in, and they will be handled by men who have had experi ence. Everybody should attend to asl questions, offer suggestions, and listen The program is as follows: THURSDAY—FOIUSNOON. ,•' . Substitutes for Hay: Their Relative Va ue ^Availability for the Prairie Farme ~Co?n Stalks;' How Best to Utilize Long time Wasted Proflts-C, B. Lewis. . The County Poor Farm; Can It he Mad- flf Value as an Experimental Farm?-Lean- hip line crossing the Atlantic, at low- st rates for first cabin, second cabin, nd steerage, both outward and pre- aid, apply toR. F. Hedrick, agent of Jhloago Milwaukee & St. PauVrailway t Algona, or address C. F. Wenham, general steamship agent, 48 Adams at., IhicagO, 111.— ItFeb-atMch-gtApr DEATH OP MRS. WATERBOTJSE. After a Lons: Illness One of the Pioneers Posses Away. From time to time the failing health of Mrs. Elizabeth Waterhouse has jeen noted. The end came Sunday at 12:30 o'clock. The funeral was held yesterday at the home of B. A. Palmer at 3 o'clock, Rev. H. B. Butler officiating, and the remains attended by 'riends and relatives were gently laid away in the cemetery. Mrs. Waterhouse came to Kossuth county with her husband and family in 1809 and was one of the "Darien settlement" which pioneered it in Fenton township. ANSWERED. ._.,-.--, Cow; Her Claim to Public Favor—W. H, Clark, The Polled Cow: Her S The°Bolstein Cow: Her Claim-T, J, -..^Short-horn Cow: Hev Claivn-W. F. JenkinsQB. r AFTEHNOON. _ The Milk Test; Its Accuracy as Demou- strlvted by the Churn, and Its Fairness as Among Creamery Patrons—G. S, Angus. What Has Been Done to Improve County ^GeneTO?dSouBS?o b uon the subject of good [ roads, led by Cpl, Thos, F. Cooke. f Poultry for Proflt-E. W. Donovan. Does It Pay to Raise Pure Bred Poultry? -Wm. Heathershaw. , . . r Experience with Hog Cholera-A. A. : Branson. Her maiden name was Elizabeth Chandler Stone, and she was born at.Pawlet, Vt,, Oct 27,1817, When a little girl her fam'ily removed to Washington county, N Y and when she was-nine to Genesee county. At the age of 18 she united with the Congregational church and on April 8, 1838, she was married to William Arnold Waterhouse, with whom she lived nearly 50 years. Ihey moved to Darien, Wis,, in 1839, and in 1869 to Algona, Mr. Waterhouse died in November, 1886, since winch time she has made her home with her granddaughter, Mrs. B. A. Palmer, anoV her son, Fred., with occasional visits t6 her son Hutrh, at Minneapolis, and her daughter Mrs, Edson Williams at iDswich S. D, She has one brother, H. A. Stone of Milwaukee, Wis., and a half sister, Mrs, MariaKinney of Corfu, N Y Mrs Waterhouse was a woman loved by all who knew her and respected by everybody. She lived a life of usefulness and ir, dying leaves a rich legacy of pleasant remembrance to hep children and grandchildren. Magon City Brick and file, The Mason City Brick and Tile com** - •* •«>-;- *t-~ \voriu, A. M. Shaw Writes From Cherolcee and Gives Our Readers His Theory of the Phenomena Described Last Week by C. B; llutchlns. CHEROKEE, Iowa, March 7, 1896.— To the Editor: Replying to an article in the current number of THE UPPER DES MOINES, entitled "Something for the Scientists," I should like to offer an explanation of one of the phenomena referred, to. In regard to the appearance of a wind mill wheel in motion when seen by the light of a flush of lightning; anyone who has studied physics will remember theexperiments illustrating the persistence of vision. A familiar one is found in a swiftly revolving carriage wheel, in which the spokes pass the line of sight in such rapid succession that they appear to form a solid wheel. Another example is the appearance of a landscape as seen through tho cracks of a " vertical board" snow fence when one is riding in a fast train. If your position was stationary your view would be very limited, but by the swift motion of the train you obtain a view through several interstices before the preceding ones have been lost to your sense of sight, thus giving you a continuous view, though a luxzy one. In the ex ample next referred to, the conditions are different but the principle remains the same. The lightning flash apparently occupies some time in its passage, but in fact is almost instantaneous, The view of surrounding objects obtained by its light must then be cor- A M. & G. M. JOHNSON have the finest and largest stock of implements and carriages to be found in the county, and at PRICES that will please you. We are glad to show you our goods. Call and get our prices.—5113 was the means of showing to the people that there are many good biscuit makers among the rising women of our county. Many experienced cooks would have been glad to claim the credit of making many of the biscuits. T HERE are many cooks who may have been discouraged with the results of their attempts at baking, when they may not have been at fault.' A good stove is always a necessary part of good cooking. The B U CK b b 1 &&L, RANGE is as perfect a cooking apparatus as can be produced. It is absolutely first class. You cannot afford not to see it. "Do YOU believe," said ho, " that love can exist without jealousy?" She— "Yes but not without insurance. Love aims to protect and provide." Examine the Royal Union. J. L. Donahoo, district agent, Algona, Iowa. Money to Loan on improved farms. Farm Lands and Town Property bought and sold on commission. E. C. MOUNT & SON. Opera House Block, Algona, Iowa. NEW shoes; latest styles and lowest prices, Galbraith & Co, Mills. Beginning March 1, 1896, we will sell 25 milk checks for $1, and 12 for 50c, each check good for one quart of milk, delivered in any part of town. At the same time we shall reduce our price on CREAM •to 60c a gallon, 15o a quart, Milk and cream may be ordered by telephone No. 7> J LUND & NELSON. Farm Loans at 0 per Cent. \nd the expenses of making the loan can be paid at option of the borrower. Interest payable annually unless otherwise preferred. The loan can be paid in whole or in part at any interest date. HOXIE & BRUNSON, NOTHING surpasses "Club House" C. M. DOXSEE>, lEZa-rd.-ware.. •" '> Tailor Made Suits Skirts, Waists,; and , Capes, goods. Langdon & Hudson.—51t8 respondfngly short. ' In the case of the | revolving wheel, in the time that Money, I am loaning money on farm lands wn , at six per cent, interest. Only a small i»,».,,.,;, ...—, — - v - • .. - W(? charge will be made for procuring this actually see the wheel it does not have hea * money. The borrower cw have time to move through an appreciable he ' lvlleg ' e O f paying off all or apy i to too station-1 vp a,. tP p f h ls mortgiige at the time of paying interest. J- J- RYAN. Office over the postofflce, Algona, Iowa. We are showing a very fine line. an in- EVENING, , Lecture; "Foreign Agriculture"— flen- yy Wallace. * FRIDAY— FORENOON. The Brood Sow : Her Selection and Cave ~| 0 ?CholS P anaTuberoulo8is-Dr. B. JB. Sf Tame Grasses; What Kinds and How to Profitably to a System, of pany makes the best tUe in the The i hollow building blocks will any building at less cost thp-n of wood, frost and fire WANTED— An experienced girl to do general syrup. None distance and so appears to too station' ar'y, The impression, while j last for a second, was formed in An example very similar to the above is the photographing of objects in rapid motion by the instantaneous process. Bullets have been successfully photographed so as to appear stationary when they were in reality traveling as fast as powder could make them go, and yet to compare the speed i of such a bullet with that of the flash of lightning would be like comparing the time raafle by the "Empire State Ex press" with that of a snail or an accom modation train. , The other phenomenon referred to In the same arWcje I will not attempt to explain, thpugh I am of the same opinion thai it is simply another example of" nerve lethargy," in which tee necessary ponaitipns »ve filled by a. ww - ' ' '" theJorBgrpu.tta.&s an m- Jas* Taylor* FOE time loans on real estate apply at Kossuth County State Bank, NORTH WESTERN LINE. CUeap Bxcuj-Blons to U»e FRESH ve._ i Grove & Son's. may be found ftt Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair, On March 10 and April 7, 1896, the Northwestern lino will sell home-seek- ers'excursion tickets, with favorable time limits, to a large pumber of points in the west and south at v. ry low rates, For tickets and full information appl Chicago & Novthwestevn *" mwiVB*ft$^marte ^isr It, A8i»iUa?f x PPtowif a y rl9P.w4^i»^J8e-*A 8 !l ; l ^wy.T •*,- vy 'Wr'""^' MAY BUP tea. Langdon & Hudson. , r . and pee Grove & Son's. Miss Cramer returned to school Monday after a week's illness, Miss Jennie Patterson an,d her younger brother and sistev entered so*"" 1 Monday. Hereafter rhetorical exercises occur in all the departments every t\vo weeks, except in the high sohoQJi where they are holA every Fri 3 to 8:80 p. m, The high school has been ,.,„,_ into Jour literary sections for ih§t,Q( pa.1 exercjges, in orftev that each may perform pftetjex 1 ^ the programs, too long. Ww»« will beep, him at py ,»rn IQP service, The awiwal is

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