The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 11, 1896 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 11, 1896
Page 1
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ESTABLISHED 1865. AMONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MAEOH11, 1896. ' .... _. J .-.^L--^-^ J —^»ma—mfatuannu VOL, Just Opened. THE ALLISON BOOM IS ON, It Will Be Promoted Today in ft Big Demonstration at the State Uon* Ventioti in Des Sloincs, Delegation to St, Louis Will Be Solid lot Iowa's Sehiof Senator—General Northwest Hews. NOt Spritlg, but a new lot of fine plain white semi-porcelain dishes. Call and see them at TEL/BPHONB 19. Galbraith & Co. Have just received a fine line of • wing - 'ess Goods, Wash Fabrics, etc. m, lave finished invoicing, and have a lot of Ifants of various kinds of goods that we .osing out cheap. G. L Galbraith & Co. ' We are not advertising holiday goods any more for the present, but we want all the people to remember that our goods are . . Just .as Desirable Any Other Time as for the holidays, Stock is always complete. Prices are right. Come and look, Complete stock of iUndertaking Goods. _MMMOTi m—-!-—****—"*******" K.P.HAOGARP, G.F.PEBK Haggard & Peek, [Successors to Jones & Sffllth.l Abstracts, iReal Bstate,^S£w [Collections, v, IOWA. E. G, BOWYER, now atthenew c stand^t s he o 0o o wles block, AND FINE JEWELRY. §HiUY & PiTTiBQNE, Head Stone GRADUATED OPTICUN. ^Sf 01 op ' of ./?»« mteiw <* speei'My. QiT WATER OR NO PAY, The ijnaerslgned has a complete Steam Cable Well Drilling Outfit, ^ ?oday is Allison day at Des Moines. The state convention is in session to select delegates to St. Louis, tt is the formal announcement of a candidacy for the presidency that at present promises to be the winning candidacy. Congressman Dolliver is temporary chairman and in his speech will set the ball rolling, and the election of delegates at large by the convention and of district delegates by tho district caucuses will be a formal ratification of his remarks. Four of the leading republican political managers of thestate will be sent as delegates at large, Senator Gear, Congressman Henderson, and J. S. Clarkson, with either Congressman Perkins or Hepburn probably. Each congressional district will send two district delegates. Local interest will center in the result in the Tenth. Geo. C. Call, D. C. Chase of Webster City, and H. W. McComber of Carroll are the leading candidates, with others named from Boone and Calhoun counties. Mr. Call has the support of the neighboring counties here in the north part of the district and will undoubtedly be chosen one of the two. Allison's chances are now second to none. Major McKinley will either be nominated early or not at all. If he can sweep the country his nomination is assured. If he fails and a second chaice is made it is believed not merely in Iowa but in all sections that the logical selection is Iowa's senior senator. To Preserve the J^akes. Senator Punk proposes a dam for East Okoboji lake to keep the water in the lakes up to a boating and fishing level. An appropriation of $1,000 is asked for the purpose and the commissioner is empowered to receive gifts which it is stated will be forthcoming to assist in the enterprise. The people at the lakes and those who visit them are much interested in this bill and Senator Punk will make a strong effort to secure its passage. It also provides for the better protection and propagation of fish in the lakes. IJcaiis arc a Brain rood. The Emmetsburg Tribune says that: Up at Sibley they are having colonial teas and over at Algona the people are feasting on baked beans. Emmetsburg in the meantime has been having a few live banquets. Emmetsburgers long ago grew tired of plain country dishes on fete occasions. The simplicity, however, of these old towns must bead- mired. We hope to hear from Ingham on beans. Got a Had Scald. Engineer J. J. Burns, who is a familiar figure on the Milwaukee, was badly scalded on the face by the blowing out of a bi-Hce of the boiler of his engine. The fact that he had on a greasy jacket which shed the boiling water saved him from more fearful wounds. In trying to get out of the cab he broke the glass window, cutting his right arm in an ugly manner. Bancroft Beats tho Record. Bancroft is tired of hearing about the number of teams tied on the streets of its ambitious neighbors, Here is the Register for it: Last Saturday there were 847 teams tied to the hitching posts along the principal streets of Bancroft and great numbers of people came in on the trains after having left their teams in the neighboring towns. The Fort Dodue Shoe Factory. PortBarrqn visited the shoe factory at Port Dodge and says: They are making all grades of shoes and have orders ahead sufficient to keep the factory running for six months. The factory employs about 100 people and promises to be a success, Hade QuJcli Work of It, A girl in Elroore waved her hand at a stranger and in three days they were married, three days later the young wife waved a flatiron at her hubby and the next night he came home waving a divorce. The Ledyard Leader is re sponsible for these facts. KosButh'8 state8m»n-l»peacl»ert Carroll Herald: The Rev. Phil. C. Hanna, the statesman-preacher of Kossuth county, has turned evangelist and is meeting with great success. He is a talented man and a preacher of much force. ^ A. Bean Center, Emmetsburg Democrat: The Algona people are becoming rivals of the BQS- tonians in the vise of beans. A bean supper at that place a few nighte ago netted $127, next/Thursday and Friday, promises to be a successful aflutr, and we wish it were possible for every farmer to be present. The time and small expense incidental to attending such a gathering is not to be considered in compari' son with the practical ideas to be gained. It is the intermingling of thought, coming In contact with superior minds, and by so doing you catch an enthusiasm for your work that will lighten labor and make duty_ a pleasure* Oy ivll means attend the institute. The young men who intend making farming their life object should by all means attend. Take your Wife and one good idea with you, and our word for it you will hrtve a better wife and gain a multitude of good, practical ideas that In years to come will prove a mine of wealth, Foods SOHOOL DISTRICT ELEOTIOfl, Gardner Cowlos nnd 15. V. Swotting M-o ClH>Hen im-eetors-Tlie Annual l,ovy Voted. The school district election Monday developed more of a contest than the cit,y election did tho week befoi'e. A ticket with the names ot Gardner Cowles and E. V. Swotting on it was voted on by itself until some 60 ballots were in when a new ticket with the names of Geo. E. Clarke and J. W. Robinson on it was pushed out, and a lively canvass began. The first ticket more than held its own, however, and was elected by the following vote: Cowles 263, Swelling 237, Clarke 14tt, Robinson 142, J. W. Hay 6, P. C. Willson 1. The board of directors is now E. J. Gilmore, C. H. Blossom, E. B; Butler, D. A. Haggard, Gardner Cowles, and E. V. Swotting—an excellent board. The tax levy of $8,500 was voled and Ihe schools are fixed for another year. At Whltteinore. The election of a director at Whltte- more'was about as exciting as the election of mayor. J. M. Farley and Corry Ridgway were the candidates, the vote being 71 for Farley to 49 for Ridg- wa,y. It was a lively canvass from start to finish. . At Wesley. WESLEY, March 10.—Our school election yesterday was one of the most exciting contests here since the vote on the constitutional amendment. Four directors wore elected, with two tickets in the field, one headed by W. P. QlddlngB, Fred. Anderson, H. McCutchin, and F. Ash, the other by Z. S. Bart ett, S. E. Grove, J. H. Ward, and F. M. Bacon. Nearly every vote in the district was polled—140 in all—each ticket holding its own pretty well. Mr. Barrett received 79 votes, and Anderson 70 on the other ticket, while the rest of the candidates received in the neighborhood of 70 votes each, the new board now being: Z. S Barrett, Fred. Anderson, J. H. Ward, 1<. M. Bacon, and H. C. Hollenbeck. Quite a demonstration took place after the votes were counted. A bonfire was kindled and a good time was indulged in by those especially who were defeated in the city election, no doubt thinking it a good time to pay tho other fellows off for the manner in which it was put on to them. Yet everything passed off with the best of feeling, 'and everybody can feel assured that the present board will leave nothing undone to keep the schools up to as high a standard as any in the county. PEBBONAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. A. L. Peterson enjoyed a visit from her mother and brother a week ago. Mrs. Lftfe Young and daughter returned to Des Moines Monday, after a pleasant visit in Algona. Miss Jennie Simpson, who has been visiting at Dr. Garfleld's, went to Des Moines Monday for a visit. Mrs Geo. Sitnpkins is over at Waukon visiting her little grand-daughter, Henry and Mrs. Winkle's baby. Mrs Eeaser, who has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Judge Quarton, has returned to her home in Oskaloosa. Ruthven Appeal: Geo, E. Clarke, Algona's heavy weight legal light, was transacting business here Monday, If not you should, as they are very nice. TBL/EPHONB NO. Mrs. John G. Smith went to Wesley Monday to visit her daughter, Mrs. C. E. Jones, who is sick with tonsilitis. A DOLLIVEB STORY. Walter Wei man tells a story of the big silver debate: Two of the best speeches on the silver question made in the house during the recent debate were those of two young men from the west—Congressmen Dolllver of Iowa and Towne of Minnesota. Both are .republicans, but Mr. Dolliver talked for sound money, while Mr. Towne eloquently pleaded the cause of-freo silver. The rivalry between these two brilliant young men has been good natured and interesting. They are warm personal friends. They live with their wives at the same hotel and take their meals at the same table. Since the first of December they have been fighting this sliver battle over and over, before breakfast and at breakfast, on the way to the capitol, in the cloak, rooms, on the way back to their hotels, at dinner, in the smoking room and up till bed time. Wherever and whenever have been heard the clashing of rhetoric and the collision of statistics, there and then all the olher boarders have instinctively known Messrs. Dolliver and Towne were at it again. They transformed the smoking room into a ring, the parlor into a debating school, the dining room into a sharpshooting gallery, until the landlord in dispair posted notices: "No silver discussion allowed on these premises under penalty of the law." But these warnings proved unavailing. The warfare continued until guests threatened to leave the house and then the boniface with tears in his eyes and a flag of truce in his hand, cautiously approached the belligerents and begged for peace. His prayers were heeded, not so much on iccount of the tears and the guests, as because the time had come when the gladiators must reduce their though Is to manuscript. For the space of six nights and days quiet reigned and then one after the other of the rivals delivered himself in the house of a mighty oration for the enlightenment of the world in general and the other fellow in particular. Mr. Dolliver had educated Mr. Towne and Mr. Towne had educated Mr. Dolliver, and between them they scored the two noteworthy successes of the debate. Have You Tried Them? PROFESSIONAL. -**~*s*^ 1 **s**^*s****^~*^****^*^****^ CLARKE & COHENOUR, ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algoua, la. E. H. CLARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Opera House block. DANSON & BUTLER, LAW. LOANS. LAND. Collections a specialty. Office In Gardner Cowles' new building. SULLIVAN & MeMAHON, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Office In Hoxle-Fercuson 1)1 jck. GEO. R. CLOUD, [Successor to W. D. Quarton.] Attorney and Counsellor at Law, AI.QONA, IOWA. Office over Kossuth County State Bank. E. V. SWETTING, ATT OS-BY AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. L, K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State et., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor st., east of the public school building. F. L. TRIBON, M. D., Homeopathic. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office and residence In the Boston Block. (In the new block.) H. C. McCOY, M, D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Residence, McGregor street. Office with Dr. Gartteld. PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, Algona, Iowa. Mrs. Chas. Stinson Is visiting at the Sta- ov home for a couple of weeks, while Mr. Stinson is east buying his spring goods. HuEh Waterhouse came from Minneapolis Monday for his mother's funeral. Mrs. Edson Williams of Ipswich, S, D,, was already here. Mrs. Eugene Schaffter and Mrs, Rudy have been up from Eagle Grove the past week for short visits with their aunt, Mrs. A. D. Clarke, ! Miss Margaret Rutherford and Elbrldge Tuttle have gone to Ames for the opening of school. Misses Lou and Grace Smith have not gone. Miss Eva Lantry is back in Algona to stay, and Is already Installed in the telegraph office, Her many friends are glad to have her home. Mrs. Dr. Morse of Algonajand Mrs. E C J5, R, Doxsee & Footer, tpwo council say they will pay » reward of f JO (oj? at OTV pewon UlegftUy l^uer? within the rs. r. . . . Anderson of Bancroft nave been in Chicago for a week at the bedside of their mother, who is not expected to live. Presiding Elder Black was in town Mon day He says Mrs. Black is in much better health and that the baby everybody thought would die, Is alive and well. Mrs. J, C. Heokart Is up from Eagle Grove visiting her sister, Mrs. A. p Clarke, who is confined to her home by . sick spell. She is not seriously sick but is not feeling as strong as she would like. J R. Jones came home Monday morning from the flvat vacation be aays .he has ever taken. He n&s been gone three months and a half and he says he has enjoyed every minute of the time. He left Mrs. Jones and MM. J. J. Wilson both gaining health and strength. He was all pver Florida. The children of the late A. W. Patterson ein Algpua and have vented the May Clarke home, across the street ironj <f- *>• WUson'8 ana will have a houae-keepey and - TO CALIFORNIA,', Personally Conducted Excursions by the Northwestern Line. The Northwestern line is now running personally conducted excursions to San Francisco and Los AnVeles, leaving points in Iowa every Friday. The •oute is through some of the most picturesque scenery in America, ana the tourist sleeping oars in this service are of the most modern pattern, neatly up- bolstered, and furnish their occupants every facility and comfort. These excursions are accompanied through to California by experienced conductors, insuring passengers the best of care and attention; Pull information relative to rates, etc., will be promptly furnished on application to agents of Chicago & Northwestern rail way ,^48t4 pjp YOU EVER Try Electric Bitters as g remedy for ypw j E, S. OLASIER, D, D. S., SURGEON DENTIST. Office over the State Bank, Algona, Iowa. DENTIST, A, L, RIST, D. D. S, Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when^extractlng teeth. DR, PRESTON, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat .cpitjr, ' Operations performed. Diseases ^^._ treated. Spectacles fitted, jsrwill be at Algona Monday. March. 83. ,' A live together. burg to Albert remains at a store, but the otor fawUy furniture an_d MTV itiiuuu-iu fHt»vw»Q n>» " Tr.*** ^~* T =' troubles! If sot, get a bottle now and. relief This medic ne has been found-to I, . pecularly adapted to the relief and cure of aUfewalewmVlaints, exerting a wondw- ful dlvept innuenoe in giving strength, aitf tone to the organs, If you hav«.loss of an petite, oonsttpatlpn, headache, '*ta$«. Spells or are nervpus, RleepleBs, excitable, nielawbollyov troubled wfth aiw apells, Eleotrio Bittevs is the medicine yP,w, nee .^< Health and strength «re guaranteed by »W uTe large bottlls. only 50 cents at Dr. I., A, Sheets' drug store. ^^ •• "i i i i •»-B-88B'"^g5Bi!S^^ggggSS^ ! Sg gg5 PB. U ,A» SHiETZ, Drugs and M^dicin^l We wlU eeU. frpfl» wvr uetii w to pw »ew stove ia }b« losiiOB, ft ]H watches, j?lqfik.s, je^elpy, »fl w§re at pe4u9§4 BTl^- OaJl

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