Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN SCHOBY AGAIN FLAYS SALES TOXIN IOWA Cites Table Showing Average Taxation is Heavier. P. T. A. Meets Monday— i helped her celebrate. Games were By Chester H. Sclioby. Republican Nominee for the Legislature. The big claim of the democrats j President, Mrs. V. The first meeting this season of played for an hour, then lunch was the Algona P. T. A. is to be next; served to Lorraine Loper, Joyce Monday evening at 7:30 at the high Sterling, Marcella Coleman, Opal school building. The program com- Cook, Joan Lyons, Ruth Ann Clem- mittee is planning a skit under di- ent, and Donald Deal/Craig Fred- roction of Mrs. Elsa Goeders. After. cricks was unable to be at the i the program and a business meet- | party because of sickness, ing the hospitality committee will be in charge of a social hour. Off i- | Faculty Has Party at Park— Football (Continued from page 1.) by Livermore on the 35-yd. line. Livermore made a yard and added 7, but a pass was Incomplete, and Livermore made a weak punt to the Algona 40-yd. line. Algona made 9 yards on a lateral, and added 5 more for first down. On the next play Algona made 5 as the first quarter ended. Second Quarter Opens. On the opening play in the sec- cers and I follow: chairmen of committees then 3 for first down. On the next play 4 yards were netted, but on The first public school faculty!the following play Algona lost'3. party was held at the Ambrose A. j After a gain of 4 yards failed to H. C'offin; iCall state park last Thursday even- j make the yardage a pass was com- FARMERS DELIVER OVER-QUOTA PIGS AT FAIR GROUNDS Up to Monday morning J. H. Fraser, of the county corn-hog committee, and Supervisor • W. E. McDonald, county federal relief administrator, had received 188 over- contract pigs delivered by corn-hog contract farmers. This was just the beginning. Mr. McDonald thought Monday, that the night. Altogether between 1500 and 2000 pigs are expected. Methodist (Continued from page 1.) contracts. No farmer can in fnvor of the 2 per cent general vice, Mrs. A. A. Bishop; secretary, | ing. A picnic dinner was served atjpleted for a 22-yd. gain, but The fanners eveu have to average has always paid his share:Mrs. P. D. Mathes; publicity, Mrs. D. P. Smith; publications, Mrs. B. P. Richards; budget and finance, Anyone is entitled to reasonable space in the Advance to dis- cnss public questions. This applies whether or not the views expressed agree with the Advance's editorial attitude. The entertaining committee consisted of Mildred Poole, chairman, Estelle Arnold, Bertha Godfrey, Mr. Mrs. A. E. Michel; public welfare, and Mrs. Adrian Burmeister, and Antoinette Bonnstetter; music, Mrs. Eugene Neville; membership, Mrs. study group, Mrs. S. A. Worster; E. A. Oenrich. of property taxes. The Normal Training Club Elects— The Normal Training club met last Thursday after school to inlti- 'lof Mrs. Coffin, Mrs. Bishop, Mrs. late high school juniors and elect rental; Michel, Mr. McDowell, Mrs. Fred-'officers. Officers were elected as The executive committee consists Laura Hoelscher. . charge of a property, either farm; crick, and Supt. Laing. This com-I follows: Florence Geishecker, pres- or town, is based on the annual ex- mittee pense of carrying that property, Smith, and Mesdames Richardson, and such as taxes, Insurance, deprecia- ; Miss Bonnstetter, Mrs. Neville, and tion, interest, etc. Anyone who pays ,Mrs. Genrich constitute the execu- rent pays enough to cover the taxes live*board, against all the improvements. Mathes, ident; Alice Geilenfeld, vice; Dor- Michel, othy Hendren, secretary-treasurer; Does anyone think farm rents will be lowered because of replacement of part of the property tax by 1). V.. Miller is Benedick— Alberta Grosenbach, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Grosenbach, Edythe Roeder, social chairman. Games were played, including tricks at the expense of the juniors. Canteloupe and cake served. were Bridge Club Resumes Meetings— the sales tax? Certainly not. The formerly farmed at Sexton, but now Mrs. A. W. Amunson entertained renter now finds that he not only! live near Grinnell, was married to ' her bridge club last Thursday must continue to pay the same rent Dolph E. Miller, son of Mr. and night and this was the first meet- first play, then made 3. A pass was needy, intercepted by Algona, but the ball Ae }}]' or them free. was given to Livermore on the "A concentration camp for the 34-yd. line because of interference IP'S 5 w^ opened at the fail with the pass receiver. Livermore grounds last week, and Jacob lost a yard, a pass was incomplete, Teuscher, who lives across the another play netted no gain, and street, is in immediate charge. Feed Livermore punted to the 45-yd. line. Algona Starts Plunges. Algona made 13 yards on the is being bought at government expense. Mr. McDonald was in search Monday of locations for two or first play, and in two more made it h re e other "concentration camps." another first down, with 11 yards. H e had two others lined up in the A fumble was recovered for a yard south End and wanted to find oth- loss, and a pass was incomplete. A ers in the North End. line.play made 5 yards, and a pass As soon as 500 pigs have been added 8 to make first down on the received they will be vaccinated, 10-yd. line. be served at the church. The lay delegates will have a forenoon meeting at the Congregational church. Godfrey Speaks Tonight. Business of the conference will lake up the afternoon. Among other things President R. E. O'Brlan will report on Morr.ingslde college. The W. P. M. S. will meet at the i Congregational church. The lay delegates, with L. P. Stillnmn, Dol- llver, presiding, will meet at the same place tonight at 7:30, and among other speakers will be Geo. W. Godfrey, Ames, who will discuss the question Have We an Adequate Evangelism for Today? Pulpit Orator to Speak. At the Methodist church tonight at 7:30, the Rev. R. T. Chipperfleld, once pastor here, presiding, Dr. Oscar Thomas Olson, Chicago, pulpit orator, will present the first of a series of addresses. This meeting is open to the public, and there is no admission fee. Conference business will take up all day tomorrow. The W. H. M. S. will meet at the Congregational church in the afternoon. Doctor Olson will speak again tomorrow Plunges were good for 3, 2 night, the Rev. C. H. Seward, former pastor here, presiding. College Banquet Scheduled. Saturday will be another business day. In the afternoon the ministers' wives will meet In the library assembly, room. Conference elections will be held. That even- Ing at 6 there will be a Morningside college banquet In the church dining room, and at 7:30 Doctor Olson will speak again, the Rev. H. H. Forrester, former Algona pastor, presiding. Sunday Is Jllff Day. Sunday will be the big day, when capacity audiences are expected. At 9:30 the conference love feast will take place, the Rev. M. E. Spain- In charge. At 10:30 Bishop Magoo will preach. At 3 p. in. there will bo an ordination service and consecration of deaconesses. In the evening Doctor Olson will give his final address. The conference will close with a business session Monday morning, at which ministerial appointments will be announced. •" "i narde «»•£' 1 1 1 :;, ";:*•"»•. "i ill SpVl i m ?';'» *«!,„, ''»?%£**' 'I860, IK It his . " '" yean •••H"im in i%2 r " "Wi '•T' l10 w «* arrJ?* 1 , who -survive" ± d ° All 1 ?''•«• navlrtKln_ lh ,>« JjORl.cr. nmi T>«I \\ 801 'Mark K 'in Ph ' A ' and -i j rm °nt. \ Randolph Forbes Wed. R. A. Palmer has received a letter from his niece, Mrs. Mae Pal- mer-Fprbes-Reynolds, Hollywood, announcing the marriage of her youngest son, Randolph Mitchell Forbes. The young man was secretly married to Betty Parker, Los Angeles, In British Columbia on I June 29. Mr. and Mrs. Forbes are 'living at Los Angeles. F »r smno 20 ye h ° W at farj Typewriter Rift on hand at ih Advance and not till vaccination is done will any pig be released. Mr, McDonald one yard respectively, and with sa i,j Monday that he already had four yards to go a pass over goal l ai , 1)licat j ons for 100 pigs. They will j was incomplete. Livermore ceived the ball on the . - , ,. ~ - , ---i j ~- -•-••- • «~— 1H£,I1L. *Hlll L1IIQ tY C.IO L11G ill 01* HiV'W*' .(taxes included), but besides the av- Mrs. Frank Miller, Algona, at thejng since June. Mrs. John Dutton fil*a trn fm>iilTT miicjt rlitr n,\ n r* nrl/lt_ ~\T^t 1, „ J:~t ..,.-. . — i T-» 1* i .._..- —, j-. ^^ MU ^ ^^ v ^ ff i% . Other be a | Wilkinson, of the Grinnell Meth- | membenT'of thTclub aTe Mesdames completed a 25-yd. pass as the re ", go to persons on the county pool- fund list. erage family must dig up an addi- Methodist parsonage at Burlington ; w "o n the high "score" 1 Mrs. tional ?30 annually in sales taxes.'last Thursday by -the Rev. H. S. Brundage, second-high. half ended. Locals Score in Third. pjgg at government expense till they are released to applicants. Persons to' Algoua kicked off to the Liver- whom they are given must fatten more 25-yd. line. Two plays netted .them, and all pigs must be slaugh- True, paying it is said to painless operation—only a penny iodist church. They were attend- ! H.~ wV Becker, W. C. Irelan, L. M. I Livermore 3 yards, and the ~ puut! tei ' ed b > r March 1. The pigs now at a time; just like cutting off the;ed by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Mann, j Merritt, Owen Nichols, and Glen was returned to the Livermore 34- weigh from 40 pounds to 100 dog's tail an inch at a time so it of Wyland. UlcMurray. " " ' Mr. and Mrs. Miller left f or a ] not hurt as much! Corporations (let "Relief." wedding tour of ten days to visit I Entertains Eight at Bridge— TlllTlfiiei nnrl \\Ti enr»noin TAli f J-rrrte* T-» ; ru. j i_ i j One-third of the property taxes of Illinois and Wisconsin relatives! Bernice Storm entertained eight yd. line. Algona plays netted yard- pounds. Kossuth county are paid by corpor- and attend the world's fair. They j friends at her home Tuesday even-! down. ' age respectively of 6, 3, 3, 3, 4, 1, 7,! Ml- - McDonald said that not all 3, 0, and 5 to take the ball to the i of the nl j>s would be placed in the 6-inch line, where it was lost on county. They are the property of the federal relief administration, atioiis, such as railroad 'compan- win °9 ou Py a new home under con- ; i ng . Bridge was played, and Lil-| Livermore punted to the 23-yd. which will place them wherever ies, telephone and telegraph com- Rtl l uctlon at 606 Harlan street. |ii an Kressin won the high score at'.line. Algona made one, added the >' are most needed. No instruc- panie?. power and light companies, Mr - and Mrs - Miller are both; the No. 1 table, Gertrude Kuchen- | seven, made another, then plunged tions ftn ' shipment elsewhere have insurance companies, etc. These graduates jpf the Algona high ^-euther at table No. 2. Other guests . for nine yards and first down. •"--••.corporations pay little, if any, sales sch ° o1 • For the past four years! were Drusilla Caughlin, Fay Me-j Three yards took the ball to the 5- tax. However, they will "receive | Ml>Sl Mi!lei ' llas been a teacher in Murray, Elda Lavrenz, Mrs. Vernon yd, line, two i their share of property tax replace- ; rural schools. Mr. Miller is a mem- j storm, Vivian Dale, and Genevieve mem. such replacement being, by their employes and those paid her of the firm of Geo. L. and D. | Hartshorn. use their properties and services. I erSl am sure- that you, Mr. Tenant, living on an eastern insurance com who' E - Miller, contractors and build- - ,, . ,„ , - ( mlnt - v * cderation Meet— Embroidery Club 3feets— Mrs. Ralph Brown entertained her Embroidery club yesterday at pany farm, will be glad to pay that' Kossuth federated clubs will hold ; an afternoon of sewing. Other little 2 per cent sales tax amount- tnoir fal1 meeting next Tuesday at;members of the club are Mesdames ing to S30 annually on tlie average the Ba l )tist church, Algona, and John Dreesman, Don M. Stiles, to your family in 'order that your hoste ss clubs will be the Algona landlord's taxes may be reduced by. Woman ' s club ' the Algona W. C. T. ?20 or $25! U., and the Tuesday, Progressive, is "\bilitv tn Tnv'» i clubs at Lu Verne is ADilitj to laj. i The morning sess i 0n wll what is the real issue before the business meeting, and at voters of Iowa today? It is not , luncheon will be served. whether or not we shall have a ' gram for the afternoon be a noon The pro- will be democratic or republican adininis- i chorus singing, a one-act play di- Loren Brown, W. J. Barr, H. Parsons, J. M. Cox, Carl Brown, G. Hackman, C. Stewart, H. Liud- horst, Nels Mitchell, and A. J. Brown. P. E. O.'s to Mason City Lnncheon- Local members of the P. E. O. „.--„, .. ,.„ „. Sisterhood were guests yesterday tration; whether Herring or Tur-! reeled by~Mrs7raW"~G~oeders,"'and"a ; of tlle Mason City chapter at a one ner shall be governor of Iowa. The talk bv Mrs Gordon L Elliott Desl°' clock luncheon at the Hanford is, Moines. • ' | hotel. '—--— ----- '-- - Attending from here were real issue before the voter "What shall be the basis of rais-, _ „ ing revenue with which to operate |division of'iegislati'on'oT'the" 1 Iowa ' Stillman, M. G. Norton, S. E. Mc- Mrs. Elliott is chairman of the: M esdames P. J. Christensen, G. W. more were added, and Bruns plunged for score, Smith adding the point on a plunge to make 7-0. The quarter ended as the teams lined up for the kick-off. Games Ends 14-0. Algona kicked to the 30-yd. line. Livermore made 5, then broke away for a 20-yd. gain. The next play made 3, but a pass was incomplete. Three more yards were made, and a Livermore pass was incomplete, Algona getting the ball on downs on the 35-yd. line. The first play made a yard, and on the next Algona shook loose for a 25-yd. gain. Algona made G, then lost 4, but added 5 to make first down. Algona made six, was held for no gain, then made 3 and 5 for first down. Three more yards took the ball where Bruns our state and local governments? Federation of"Woman's clubs. Shall it be on ability to pay, as ad-I • Mahon, Lura Sanders, Ella Thompson, and Lucia Wallace. to the took it 7-yd. over line, and p. ] Smith plunged for the extra point Woman's Club to Meet— The initial meeting this season by Dan W. Turner, or by a Visit in Hawaii Described- method of 'painless extraction,' a! A one o'clock luncheon was penny at a time, without regard to ' served to members of the local P. ability to pay, as advocated Governor Herring?" I believe the first principle conect X the' most d re've'nue "from! mother" of Mrl, T VchHschmes' ;i " ay under direction o£ MrB - Otto those best able to ,mv and f°"V™ n °!u, ™ X^ .^ ™™ le £ ! ?• Lain g- Music will be furnished pay and fall gave a talk on a trip she made to i in a desperate attempt to score. <$, . Fenton Girl Bride Since December 20 Feuton, Sept. 26—Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steinbach announce the marriage of their daughter Myra to John Planting, Ringsted, at Fair, . . —.,~ -•- — uu .i> UI.UILCI, irii. emu iuio. x-mi niont last December 20. Mrs. Plant,,™,i J [I*-, l e c .°. n< : ede that we i sland - M'' Si c - B - Murtagh, Des Roethler, the J. J. Arndorfers, Mrs. ! in e attended school here, and since need one it. should be a selective Moines, Mrs. Mell Peterson, Brem-: Teresa Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Victor "as been at home. Mr. Planting's tax aimed to collect from those erton, Wash., and Mrs. W. H. Mor- iFrideres, and Mr. and Mrs. James Parents live in Holland, but he has wun means to pay. ,i m g, Einmetsburg, were guests at Watts had a picnic dinner at thel been in this country six years lightest on all with limited means. Hawaii in June. The ocean trip j by the Little Symphony orchestra. Under no circumstances should the one way from California took five ' Families Join for IMcnic necessities of life be taxed. If we days, and Mrs. Kranz and a sister-i The L A <Malprn<? Mr r The L. A. Materns, Mr. and Mrs. must have a sales tax (and I will in-law spent nineteen days on the Emil Stoffel Mr and Mrs Phil "nr»t nf ThlC t ni-if* rtr\-nnf\An +\* .-. t. ,„„.. •_! .1 -n r ^-i T-. T. r . * -v-. .. ' ****** *i*.« u< -M- Ail M. been received. -*Three at Fenton Suffer Accidents Fenton, Sept. 26—Clifford Haase suffered a sprained knee one day last week. While he was hitching up a team the horses started up, and the wagon tongue struck him. Eugene, sou of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Newel, suffered a fractured finger while he was practicing baseball last week. Bert Alderson suffered a painful injury one day last week, when two fingers were caught in a corn binder. Fat Woman Visits izj Britt; Weight 700i = The News-Tribune reports that a really fat woman who had been a sideshow attraction at the Spencer fair to make the score 14-0. - - -- f a j r stopped for breakfast at The game ended a few plays lat- Britt cafo a week ago Saturday, er with Livermore throwing passes ! She weighs 700 pounds and measures 96 inches—8 feet!—around the waist. It took two chairs to hold her, and when she dropped a lighted fag she couldn't bend over to see it and so asked a waitress to step on it. How Sales Tax Works. I wish to call attention to the fact that my opponent, Mr. Bonnstetter, supported and voted for this "painless extraction" tax bill of the Herring administration which has increased the tax load of every average taxpaying family in Kossuth county as shown in the fallowing figures: FARM OWNER. Average farm owner pays in sales taxes $30.00 Saves 20.00 the meeting. Parties Honor Miss Fosholdt— ! Helen Dingley entertained at , three tables of bridge Friday night in honor of Elizabeth Fosholdt, Long Beach. The high bridge score I Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday. a Other Society News. Ella P. Thompson and Mrs. Lura Sanders were hostesses at one o'clock bridge luncheon at the ' au " : Thompson home Friday. There guest were 20 guests. Mrs. H. R. Cowan Mrs. J. L. Bonar entertained in honor of Miss Fosholdt Saturday, j (won the high prize, and Mrs. H. M. had he WPlnl wrt Helping Hand Farm owner's tax increase._$]0.00 FARM RENTER. Average farm renter pays in sales taxes $30.00 Saves 00.00 the Bonar home. Mrs. B. F. Sor- C. Paul Carlson, Robert Vincent, and the guest of honor received a gift. St. Uenedict fiirl 10; Party— A party was given Sunday at the Mrs. A. E. Kresensky entertained her bridge club last Thursday, and Mrs. M. H. Falkenhainer won the high score. Mrs. J. L. Bonar Farm renter's tax increase _$30.00 j Ambrose A. Call state park for Lu- and Mrs - D - E - D ewel were club WAGE EARNER. cille Eisenbarth, St. Benedict, the I S ue sts. Average wage earner pays in occasion being her 19th birthday Le ona Krampe and Margaret sales taxes $30.00 A picnic dinner was served at noon^ """ ' —' *"-'-— -'-Saves 00.00 'after which games were played. At- ltr 1 tending were John and Kathryn wage earners tax increase.$30.00 Deim, Floyd Bode, Harold and Lu TOWN HOME OWNER Average town home owner pays in sales taxes $30.00 Town home owner (who pays • $100 a year in taxes) saves 2.36 ! Josephine Eisenbarth, Agnes Town home owner's tax in- ~ crease $27.64 Add to Pension Tax. Hullerman, local teachers, enter- They have rented a farm west of Fenton, and will next spring. begin farming Rebekah Founding is Observed: Burt Burt, Sept. 26 — The Rebekahs here observed the anniversary of the founding of the degree with a short program after a regular meeting. Mrs. Gilbert Nelson sang, Mrs. L. Sheldon read a selection, Vera Chipman played a piano solo, and Vera Chipman, Lois Graham, and Dorothy Brooke sang in a trio. Games and a cafeteria lunch followed. Want Ads (More wants on page 5.) Ella Roethler, Sylvester Arndor- TT fer, Andrew and Howard Miller, I Hanson s Monday night for dinner Eldon Shaw, Ella May and Ray-' and a business meeting. mond Jennett, Jerome, Rosita, and — ~~* and George Ferstl, Frances Dunlap, and Bernice and Gladys Jensen. tamed 16 friends at an informal ! FOR SALE—VIOLIN, CASE AND get-together in their apartment ' ~ -- • Sunday evening. The Watanyans met at Mrs. Anna T _ ,,.,„„ f . ,, |Alice Iteliliner is Hostess— Of if n fnm v f reS M dd ^ ^T^ The Shelter H ° US « ^ ^ Am- or s>b a lamily tor the new old age pension head tax levied by democratic administration. the I believe every voter in Kossjith brose A. Call state park was the setting for an autumn party given by Alice Behlmer Monday night. Seven o'clock dinner was served, and games were played during the ...,,_ »„.„:,,. , , — i rest of the evening. Among guests NovemhSrV fhni' e i m * ybe *- 8Ure , 0n were Phllomena Quinn, Loraine SM'UfeS'aSiL^ais^ 18 ™^^^ Kain - steiia Mae a camouflage prog add to his burden. Burt Doctor Flies to Coast by Plane bow.—Call Advance. FOR SALE—YEARLING SPOTTED China boar.—Fred C. Byson. 10p2-3 Former Algonian's Aged Mother Dies Word has been received by Mrs. G. L. Vohs that Mrs. H. E. Sor- I FOR SALE—THREE MILCH cows • „*„,,*.„ „„.,,„,. „..„ „„,„._. „,_, SOUTHERN IOWA FEEDER pigs for sale.—Taylor or Brophy, Sexton. _ 10P 2 FOR SALE—GUERNSEY COWS. fresh soon.—W. J. Barr, gona. Al- 9p2 Ms ™ Fiee M« • rl . ee> _ mls Irene Voight, Kathleen Holtzbauer, Elizabeth Kain, Aurora, 111., Ruth Roland, and Betty Backus. Gardners Observe Silver Wedding- Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Gardner, stedt's mother, Mrs. William Walters, died Saturday at Sioux City. Burial was made Monday at Indianola. For some time Mr. and Mrs. Walters lived here with the Sorstedts. Mr. Walters, who is 90, is in good health. Mrs. Sorstedt, who now lives at Des Moines, is employed in the Younker store. Ex-Fenton Girl's Baby Son Drowned Fenton, Sept. 25—Freddie Cejeka, 20-months son of Mr. and Mrs. Dr. W. T. Peters, Burt, left Sun- north of Algona, were tato Thy' Robert Cejeto Ware Mrs Ceeka day morning by plane from Minne- surprise Sunday evening, when J being a dShtefof M? and Mrs apolis for Omak, Wash., to spend a week or ten days with his son Rus- 6*11, who is in the employ there of the Union Oil Co. The doctor was friends arrived to help them celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. A pot-luck lunch was was served at six, and a social even- proceed some 70 by automobile. , to land at Wenatchee, Wash., and,ing followed. Attending were Mr. .-. j „„ miles to'and Mrs. Edw. Hopkins, Mr. and ' Mrs. G. Scuffham, Mrs. William Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Robinson, the Ross C'alhoons, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Paoch, and C. D. Ward. Knee Drained. ':.'.•.-,.',. Sept. 2G—Harry Haase '.f-.r.ti Confined to home since 'f^i-.y. V/ednesday with a swell••..•; •..-.* knee. Doctor Miller, of Little Girl Has a Party— At Nellie Burlingame's Satur- ,\(,n -. drained it and thought if I day afternoon a party was given Ae didn't thus obtain relief r,<j flfoessary to lance the for her foster-daughter, little Beulah Lea, who was seven that day. Six little girls and two little boys Fred Sundermeyer and a granddaughter of F. S. Sorensen, Mallard, former Fenton residents, was drowned recently in a garden pool. His 7-year-old brother gave the alarm. Three doctors worked on the body 1% hours to no avail. IHacksinitu is Stricken. St. Benedist, Sept. 26— Herman Erickson, blacksmith, suffered a light stroke Saturday at his shop. He lay on the floor two hours before he came to and then managed to get to the pool hall, whence he was taken home. He is reported improved. Steven. 12p2 WANTED—EXPERIENCED MAID. Call at Neville's Store.—Mrs. J. W. Neville. 10u2 FOR SALE—NEARLY NEW 16- gauge double barrel shotgun.— Merle Wellendorf. I2p2 WATCH FOR ADVERTISEMENT for official opening of Wellendorf Beer Parlor. I2p2 WILL TRADE DOUBLE BARREL 10-gauge shotgun for 410 single barrel.—Fred Byson. 14p2-3 FOR SALE—HOME COMFORT range, good condition, reasonable.—C. N. Robinson. I0p2 FOR SALE—PUREBRED SPOT- ted Poland China boars, large type.—Mike Higgins, three miles northwest of Whittemore. 16p2-3 WANTED—AGENTS TO SELL Portable corn cribs, hog houses, brooder houses.—Write Dept. A, Green Gable Builders, Onawa, la. 19u2-3 WIDOW, MIDDLE AGED, BEST references, wants a good home and reasonable anywhere, do manage small business. Box 247, or last house on West State St., wages. Can go housekeeping or George Spikings. 32p2 GREATER VALUES! Skelgas Ranges, Water Heaters Frigidaire Domestic, .Commercial Maytag Washers, Ironers Hotentot Oil Burners Philco Balanced Unit Radios Grunow Signal Beacon Radios Queen Spiral Flame Circulating Heaters Vega Cream Separators Coal Ranges Circulating Heaters Genuine Parts and Service See Our Used Department LEADING THE AS USUAL EASY TERMS . If'! 1 - , \\1 ^i '•o;':,•:• i £ *r WA';;^ l! ta ^^M 1 " g| As usual, we head the Parade of Values at Chrisc* , == Herbst. This is the home of quality goods at reasonable P g es. Not the cheapest but the best, is our motto. j| You'll be money ahead if you spend your corn-hog ^t = this store because we are selling our goods at moderate p m Months ago we bought our Fall and Winter requirement,. s ting the best terms and discounts by paying CASH- *** u ~ fifoods are hf»r*» *k^ u:~~~,,i. ij«« ^c £« A .U ....«r«r *.; g] your corn-hog dollar go further by buying your 1 at this 64 year old store.

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