Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 9
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•AND ^ vES, CAR AND -von FOR INCRETE , drive on Concrete Jt'fl smooth— -safe. You travel ^y-securely. ' Brattles and bangs of Ewdffays are absent. rolls on without raln or destructive [Visibility Is better. 1 quicker— without even in the rain. Lie and TourUU [How Conerefe L coupon for a book^ fob proves that it Is L to drlvo on concrete. " •llBMg., Des Moines, la. { |OK-Prove It I j ,«••!•••• S . j CONCRETE ROADS ft)U DIVIDENDS I Next Week 11st to 7th IY CATTLE INGRESS BIG SHOWS IN ONE i I Belgian Show nil Waterfowl Show ; J m Poultry Congres* Imlrial Exposition tnaU-H Club Show } Alfalfa-Soy Beans t and Culinary Show j rind Garden Show , t Babbit Show tlely Ilorec Show ilc and Contests uplcle Circus / and THRILLS , /fmfiff of the Family \ MRS, GRITZER ASSES WITH PERITONITIS Irvington, Sept, 20— HOHKIO Slmck- clford Critzer, 34 was buried in iho Irvington cemetery Saturday afternoon 'ollowinp; funeral services 'nl the Congregational ''church in chard! of the Rev. Cl. V. llulsc Pall, hearers at the funeral "of Mrs. Orltzer were members of the young married people's class of llic Methodist church, of which she was a member. Pupils of the Fairview school, near Corwith, whore she hid taught for 'the last eight years, were also in attendance.' Mrs. C ritzer was to have taught at Fairvlbw again this fall, but was preveitcd from beginning the term ADVANCE. AT/MMA BEEF CLUB GIRLS AND BOYS CHOOSE CALVES FOR YEAR <"e baby hoof for .(-n pl . nKrni)1 '•'ve,l at Alomm last wcok Thcv imrohaso,! fro,,, ln ,,. ohl . od inr,I 8 in Missouri by Marion y dub agent, ( Joo 1> and Jf. U ' township. becaus Mrs e of her illness. Critzer was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Simckolfonl and v[as born on the farm now owned! by the Ben Terhunes. Hor home Ilias always been in and around Algona. Since her graduation f-om the Algona high school she hsjs been teaching, Last summer she found employment at 'Marshalltown, and took care of her grandmother, Mrs. Wm Ward. She had not been in good healthi for sometime, and finally died of peritonitis last week Wednesday. Bes des her grandmother, who was 9^!, and with whom she spent much of her time, Mrs. Crit/.er is survived by her father and mother, Mr. arid Mrs. Charles Shackelford, and one sister, Mrs. Wm. Shackelford,! who lived in North Dakota. Mr. and Mrs. Kollasch and Frank Russell attended the services. <|^vn las,, sa.unlay | )y Ulo bov( , •'"(I mis who W iii 1,0 members of club In bank clorked the PAGE NINBJ f wnrt' B 'T " ll N °' 1G!) last wok Wednesday. The program, " charKo of "Uio lift., w Poet Mdgar A. Guest. * * # if, Mr. and Mrs. Jens — i'*wr-,ifi.iij t ju 1 rattle Urown, featured hobbles of th ° Uiabs, of .Union township, left the calves were rcopjvcd I.,H was 31!!) pounds cad,;' TI,N w\s a Rain of C80 pounds to n,aei Hay McCorkle, two miles cast of . , , .„ ,„„,., mcu 1 ' ll ? ona on the pavement, suffered a costs nnd pay for the Um t! O f rl, il ; alnfu acol «'ont last week Tues- nicmherK. ol oilll) 'lay, when ho was struck in the eye piece of cornstalk while members. The beef club members fn, coming ycal . „ lhoh . the afl.orn loon. Shorthorn, and Hereford calves the in Angus, the helping fin a S n 0 . he Last week Tuesday we called on Mrs. Kollasch and her ' had bjjen with • Mrs. week Ward , - - —•-., "uiu in me ,, "v.^.v iuunu<i.'. \\u caneu on f. IM, lowing arc the names of :Ul ° r{a >' Sciferta, who farm GO hruf - nn '' ' '- ' - i^'-cs just west of Irvington. Ray was caring for his stock. The Seiferts have lived there since last March, when they moved from two miles southeast of Algona. They . n « i ^' i.in; llcllllUS boys and girls who drew calves' I'ncda Pac'ln, Alg Chafno, all of Bur'tf Mildred Thoreson _ 'ii, Wallace Rpelcher, bpeicher, Donald Barccr I runt, " Friost Lloyd TiOCCl' ' ""wtn^tiDL ui_ /Y1&UIUL. 'I'llGV rr 1 • " -•••.t-vi ui^iv \v J11UI1 Mavis ! havo Onl 7 a SI "all farm now, butj^f ",'. m a s udden stop. He was — Northwesl Methodist conference at Al- which Mrs. Franzen is to at<is a Jay delegate. The Fran- zcms have one son who docs a lot of work around the place, * * * * Everyone at Stanley Keith's, four miles southeast ofBurt, was help- ins shell corn last week Wednesday, we called last week Mon- Victor Rogers, 2% miles and 2y a miles east of Lone the men had just got home Lone Rock with 348 Oregon lambs. The lambs averaged 50 s each, They arrived at Lone ~t 5:30 that morning on a train which left Oregon last siy. This was making good time. There were 35 carloads of f ^~ lambs unloaded at Lone Rock an-'' ° Cy> I3urt. Victor is also feeding Wittkopf has not been well for the M. -~ — ~w UUK1* "I till L\.Ji C11U last four years, but is able to work part of the time. He gets terribl tired, however, and he had to sto : Friday to rest for a time. » * * * C. C. Inman, a mile south and i mile west of Bancroft, was finish ing tilling silo last week Wednes day. He said he had better silage this year than last year's. We wen shown the Inman flowers, in whicl the.childrentake great interest There aro all kinds. Rocks have been gathered for a rock garden Mrs. Isabelle Hauscr, a widow who lives on her own farm foui miles straight west of Corwith, and her son Ralph, a schoolboy were Algona visitors Saturday. They Kot ^'"l^*^™** "frfm usually shows his Hampshire hogs -~ v.v^. ,„ 1*101^ i-VJUUlllli calves he bought at Swea City. * * # * Henry Lousing, five miles southeast of Bancroft, was plowing last week Wednesday, and was doing a good job, but had hit a rock which Hid V I r> ' , -"-« * LI. i in nvjWj U II L Gerald ' aro lookin K for a larger place. Ray lias some fine horses which he doesn't ui,u, L ,,ur, jjonam UarRcr, Clarence i 1 " 1 " • some lino horses which he t. -11 • Hunt, Verne Anderson, Adolph i doosn>t need wIlG1 '° be now lives. 1P lT 'r Friost, and Lowell Friost, all of i° lle son '° l eelding, coming nine, is ! , , Swea city; Clifford McGregor, l j°. l ' salo> This horse weighs around i"" C ? rn ™ WallaCO Jnllll«nn n,,,l »i-_ '., ' JoOO llOlllHls. nnrl id cr.nr.rl !!„ „!„„ "•'*• Kl-I'l using five big horses on his S uu S Plow. Henry farms 200 acres and is milking ten cows, but hires little help. There are •• ' - "iLvjiu lUtJulCtlOl, ir-rtn -•'•« .iwiov, nuifciis iUUUIlU Wallace Johnson, and Maurice V 500 l loml . ds . and is sound. He also Johnson. A Tine* V/-VM rf • 1,1,1...•__ -. ,. \ lins n. 14-infVi T^mnvr-^n «•«« ™ .,1 ^ . " '""» «iiiu ivielul ICC i Johnson, Armstrong; Edwin Mino i llas a Ledyard; Elmer Leibrand and Ray-i usod llionil fimifli 'n,irr^i« n i. J 'llfiw ( «™- their future home with the laschek Bessie had a .naH .utor wlU at the chb ] 4-inch Emerson gang plow 'illy four seasons nnd like : new that ho will sell. The Seiferts have two children in school: Du- Helen, 11. Mrs. Sei- Effie, while here, Barabi Bare who the was burned to death! follows: Shackelfords farmed Smith In Visit— ba Smith, who has been visiting at the D. P. Smith's and IT. R. Cohan's in Algona, called on Mrs. J. B. Robison and the M. L. Holsteins—Floyd Bode, Verl Patterson, and Lowell Samp, all of Algona; Frank Schoby, Bode. Guernseys—Wayne Ban- and Eldon Shaw, Algoua; Duwayne Klein Bnrt. Jersey—Rex Taylor, Sexton. A county -l-II dairy-judging team -_---• „. „. *..„„.„„„ „„„ tllu 1T1 . j_,. , v county -i-ii ua ry-iuuc nc team Roney^ Saturday afternoon. She will also compete at WateHoo At is the second daughter of Arthur the Spencer fair this team placed Smith, brother of DP Smith and I fifth. At Waterloo the teai will former Algonian. Barbara spent consist of Edward Mescher ivm ten days this summer with the 0. J. croft; Frank Schoby, Bode;' Floyd The W. 0. Woods family farms girls and the family, and they • n. L,- -—•• Mrs> Lensing helps with the milking. Henry raised his quota of spring pigs, which was 70 head. * * * * We had a little visit last week Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. F. Wohnke, Bancroft. They live west of the Northwestern tracks in a large yellow house, which they . . oos amy farms ouse, wc tey four miles east and iy 2 miles south |°. wn ' Wlth four acres of land where of Irvington. Mr. Woods was re- tliej i raise Potatoes, vegetables, and pairing and scouring a gang plow poultry - Mrs. Wohnke is a trained Friday, when we called to see him.j mu ' se wll ° has worked in Chicago, Recent rains had made it plenty n , Geoi 'ge was a salesman when wet on his farm. Mr. and Mrs, rj le ? r lived there. They have turned Woods have four hoys old enough to help. Altogether there are 14 children. * * # * One day last week we called at .one of the most hospitable homes r ...«..»,»*««.«» . i I./LU , JL- i tlllJV QCJ1UI) Duttoris, of Broken Bow, Neb., and Bode, Algona; and they nave now gone to spend the' Lakota. winter^ with their daughter, Bor- Lewis Price, in Irvington, when we dropped in ito see the M. G. Parsons family, on I a small acreage just north of the Irvington schoolhouse. Mr. and winter! with their daughter, Bor-1 Kossuth will also be represented'ir Vlngton sonool li°»se. Mr. and tha, in; New Mexico. Mrs. Button's .by a demonstration team the'mem ! MrSl Parsons have liv ed here four *t"i <-kfVi/\4< TIT..^, * ,« ^.-. r<i~ L * - _._«ii_ i _ . . _ .--.iin*, i.j.1^ nielli lT.,-\ni«r« linirlon. »*-. -,-,-«,! *• ii - —.w* ^. j. iioj iicwc LUllltJU their home into a hospital which is often mentioned in Advance news reports. They have been there 2% years; and have had 73 patients. Twelve babies were born there, including one pair of twins. * * * * mothef, Mrs. Amos Stewart, is with ibers friends in Broken Bow. Hns SJicccss "With Cabbages— Clarence Rosan, agent, set out 10,000 cabbage plants early in June, and yith the exception of one or two others, is the only one to have an expensive crop. The Rosans have already sold several tons of cabbage, and have much more in the field ripening, practically all of which has been spoken for. The Rosans believe their success is due to getting the plants at just the right time, and to continual care. The price has been two cents per pound for the best heads. New Preacher Next Sunday— Hauptman ley. The title of their _ tion will be Making a Calf Blanket. e Christenson Herd, Lone Rock, Winner of Many Premiums Lone Rock, Sept. 25 — P. M. Christenson and son, who exhibited their Polled Hereford cattle at the various fairs in northern Iowa, received the following prizes: North Iowa Free Fair, Mason City, senior and grand champion bull, senior and grand champion female, nine firsts, eight seconds, two thirds, Albert Wittkopf, one-fourth mile south and two miles west of Lotts Creek, was cutting and shocking n. uu .^ 1M . l¥VJ ,i» ou ntjo iuui corn fodder Saturday. He said he having moved from the I had too much corn fodder and had «.«. uuiiiuiiSLl ULlUll I fJtlUl 1110 1T1G111- ' *-vv*^ i — . «»j . J.J.V- «M,II^ AIC rs of which will bo Bernard! years> havins movecl from the had too much corn fodder and had luptman and Richard Kent WP«S farm 2% miles north o£ Irvington been trying to figure out whether '. The title of their dpirm'n^ now ten anted by Henry Schep- it would pay him to bale it. Mr. one fourth. * mm '- now tenanted by Henry Schep mann. Morris has since been working by the day for the past few years, and he tells us that farm work has picked up remarkably this fall. Now that the prices of farm products are up more help is employed. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons have two sons, Ralph, married, and Merrill, single. A little granddaughter, Phyllis Maxwell, makes her home with them. Her mother, the late Isola Parsons, died seven or eight years ago, and she has been with her grandparents ever since. * * * * Margaret Brown, south of Algona, helped clerk at the Cut Rate . land niarks which thy father's have i *™"- * mm '- .. J unio . r - an< ^ set. V Rev. English announced champion bull, senior and Humboldt county grocery last week-end junior, nrul p-rnml * * * * grand ASH YOU NEED IT w at our New Low lie. ponal property may be Jpurity for a loan. |oaning plans to meet payment each month 'our loan. See ^ KRDSE „ Algona ^presenting '""'•Co. Des Moines . and Used financed resent payments gh we will refl- T car for you. ai ni courteoue KRUSE CE AGENCY 1125 > Algona, Iowa 'NEY ^finance or re- h county homes monthly p ay , e e us today. BUILDING Schlcttl, Roney, Boldridge, and 0. L. Milder. Mrs. Casey Loss sang a solo, f.nd the Rev. A. English concluded the meeting with a serrnon- ette. A. covered dish luncheon was served in the annex, Homo From Western Jaunt- Mr, and Mrs. George McNeish, Kana'\yha, recently returned from Potat oes miles Laud en next unday communion services . Se tui'l sen 1 * 1 ' fnd ion bull senior and champion female, six fusts, eight A, Enklish before that date. Missionary Society Meets— The missionary society met Friday at the church with Mrs. T. H, Sabin Japan topics In charge of the devotionals. and The Younger Generation, were studied. Articles on the were read by Mesdames tetii AJU » ^* "*••• a Irin ~throughlhe ' Kaek " Hills. Mrs Henry ScheppmanJ.father Yellowstone park, and on to the and brother Herman Chnsoffer Paclflb coast They also visited Lakefield, Minn. and_Jlemy.^of at Jess Baker's at Selah, Wash. Brewster, at Jem Baker's at Selah, Wasn. »'«»-^ ^,th"Mrs. Scheppman, stalks averaged about BC Mrs .^cNelsh and Jess are sister here, and it n w ^ elKos . hel ht and wiu make and brother. The Bakers and 81- who " «'" a ^ Scheppman, feed during the winter. las Rraey accompanied the Me- suth hospital, ivih. a 11 - ^_ ^—„„„„„„ man ha, Neishlfrom Selah to. Seattle, who und ^rwent two n-jm oper^ She cinity seconds, fourths. five thirds, and two at Ben Schmidt's, at Fenton. Mrs. Marion Meyers, Eagle Grove, was a visitor Friday at the C. B. Rosan's. Fred Hudson, Altona, Wis., recently spent a few days at his brother Paul Hudson's, diet Harman and the Fred Doles attended a reunion We stopped for a few minutes Friday to talk with Mrs. Win. Hed- rlck, east of Sexton on the pavement. She was in the yard, selling melons from a stand to tourists and the neighbors. Mrs. Hedrick has a difficult time of it to get around. Both her legs were broken in an accident some time ago, and it is only with the help of a chair that she can walk. She said the watermelons were not as good as usual this year. The other night boys found the melon patch and broke open most of the melons remaining in the field. Mrs. Hedrick said that if the boys had only asked for some they would have got them. uou u. ^^ There are still a lot of good musk- Eldora Sunday. They visited j melons, most of which are being Marshalltown, Saturday. Mrs.'sold from the stand at the road- Allen Burbank visited a few days side, last week in Algona. The Henry mat ween, in .rkifeunn. *- ***-• *- •• Lofings, Mason City, were Sunday visitors at A. McLean's. Lucile Dole is doing sewing at the Ed Hof home, near Lu Verne. &iufta«ii>o j. I UI_IA kJciiAi* v** »-•«" ••- — i where they visited at Azel Baker's. CCC Boys Visit Homes- Roy Wickwire. of the CCC at Forest City, spent the week-end with Ills parents, the T. E. Wick- wires, The camp will be moved soon to Co'incil Bluffs. Roy or James Hudson, also at Forest City, will not hi.ve another vacation till the holidays, Mrs. Wickwire and her mother, Mrs, Kithcart, drove to Forest City Roy to camp Mrs. I'aYld Blythe Here- Mrs David Blythe, who has been with 1he Roy Blythes, at Chicago, all summer, returned to John Frankl's Saturday evening, and went Dn to her eldest daughter, Mrs. Lebert Peck's, Sioux Falls, S. IX, Monday. Mrs. Blythe intends to spend the winter in Sioux Falls, isited old friends in this vi- J.YH B, JVJUlVtti L, wnJi w *•« City Monday and returned Saturday. '., V, Olub Dauce Planned- Mr, and Mrs. Robert Skilling and Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Weber head a comm ttee for the young married people's club dance to be held at the I. 0. 0. F. hall Tuesday evening. Others on the committee are Mr. aid Mrs. Fernley Runchey, Emmetsburg, and Mr. and Mrs. Waltoa Falb, of Whittemore. Food Uiptli In East— , v , A nicent letter from Mrs. Gilbert Cooper, Washington, D. C., reports that they are paying 60c a dozen for eggs, and 40c a pound for bacon. All food prices there are going up by leaps and bounds. IRVrNGTON NEWS Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Rosan spent the veek-end in Chicago. Louis Scheppman, Lakefield, Minn., was n _«_„ _i (_»j. _*. TTA«»«Tr Q/^nAntt- nn. . Minn ecen y vied Bene- found » * * * When we called on August Harig, a mile south of St. diet, one day last week we him cutting and shocking a 24- acre field of corn fodder raised on government land. Henry Seiler, also of St. Benedict, was cutting the fodder with a machine. The stalks averaged about seven feet in wno uuuci «cut. v." *••—j--- tions a few weeks ago, will released from a time yet. the hospital for Guests at Charles Egel's Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bollman, daughter Edna, and friend Otto Troelick, all of St. Claire, Minn. wonderful hog compliance man had just been there to check the acreage, and _,. j-u of the he ere , August said an accurate job checking was done down to last hill of corn. All told, farms 310 acres, with the help of three boys. The daughter is Mrs. Loyd Martin, five miles southwest _« A i~«« n A ncriiot'a orrvns have of Algona Mrs. mmJ.L njw-- ^ i nnA i\\\ti vpar D6i Sirs' Oran Hudson, Mr. and before in seven years. . nHP.; Deibler. Ernest Egel watermelon patch, but it nil ivii Ot \ji«« ***»«" — » — Charles Deibler, Ernest Egel and Vivian Miller. Mrs. Hattie Keller, Fame, Ill- spent last week with Mr. and Mrs. Forbus Stiltz. Sunday they returned her to 0. E. Hott'B m the Doan neighborhood where she is mat- extended visit. She is a ing an The Frank ^worths and John Ditsworth, who planned to drive to Colorado two weeks ago were de- tataed I and started on the trip Sunday morning. They Plan to be gone i John Frankl, who spent the summer in the Black Hills, because of Cr health, is now with friends rn two weeks. Mrs summer ,-n Podv Wvo. After her return Ifere she will go to Rochester for of Algona has man, a, ., a recf'Bt visitor at Henry Schepp map's Lucille Dole and Minni, Scaep?man spent last Thursday! Sfas.°^sfs"^ home He is now practically help- August's crops have better than had a not * * » « done well. Five farmers were grading and filling in a week ago on the county road which runs in front of the Harig farm, near. St. Benedict. Recent rains had washed away part of a new grade. * * * * The A. J. Grandgenetts, south of St. Benedict, live on a 240-acre farm rented from the Equitable Life Insurance Co. They have lived there six years. The outlook for the farmer certainly looks better this fall than it has at any time before since he began fann- iug A. J. said. Mr. Grandgenett, with two corn-hog checkers, was in a field checking up on contracted. acreage. The Grandgenetts have three children, all boys: Larry, 4, Le Roy, 3, and Harold, one. Harold is just learning to walk and is having lots of fun at it. Though the three boys are lots of work for their mother, she finds time to do her housework, care for a large garden, and raise good chickens. « * » » We called last Thursday at Carl Franzen's, three miles southeast of Wesley. Mr. Franzen was cleaning up the garden and getting ready to plow it. The daughter Helen goes to school at the Junior at Britt, and this is her second year When she finishes she plans to attend two years at a large institution. Helen was at home when ANNA MARIE LflMPF, BANCROFT, MARRIED nf B A an01 '°* ft ' Sept 2c - T]l e marriage 01 Anna Mane, Lampe, daughter of Mi. and Mrs. Henry Lampe, to Vicholas, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. place Tuesday morn* St. John's Cath- the Rev. J. F. The bride wore a dress of white canton crepe, ankle-length and a long tulle veil was held in place by pearls. She carried an arm bou ™se,H« roses. Her maid wore a Kreer, b ack dress of tunic effect wUh black accessories, and the bouquet ' talisman parents to 40 relatives and friends the fo Ch e 101 Chicago, where they are . They S parentfl - near 15 Cars of Spuds Out of Swea City Last week's Swea City Herald said that up to September 18 15 cars of potatoes had been shipped fiom that point so far in the the month. "The price for the best grade is $1.00 a hundred pounds, or 60 cents a bushel on cars here. Growers for the most part report this year's production did not equal last year's mark, lack of rainfall at the proper time being given as the reason." -*• Bans Again Winner. C. C. Baas, south of Whittemore, at the Clay county fair, and he was on hand again this year. One of his sows won the grand and senior championships, and another won the junior championship. CASH PAID FOR MILK WEED PODS C. S. JOHNSON at Store WE DO OUR OWN LEKS GRINDING DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa! We will give you the lowest possible estimate on roof shingling and repairing—to he submitted for a Home Owner's Loan to help you pay. F. S. NORTON & SON LUMBER A1H) COAL PHONE 229 ^ = S ± ¥ SES Algona, Iowa Sunday, September 30 Morgan farm Vfe m. south of County Farm, 2 m. south of Hobart, commencing at 2 o'clock p. m. PROGRAM Acrobatic Flying Controlled by Radio From Announcer's Stand Parade of Planes Over Towr,—• Light Plane Race—Ribbon Cutting Bombing of Auto—Balloon Bursting—Free-for-all Race Parachute Jump From 5000 Feet (Weather Permitting) . . UPSIDE DOWN FLYING . . By Andy Anderson, Iowa's Leading StuntJPilot A watch will be dropped attached to a parachute during the afternoon. Watch becomes property of finder. ROYAL 400 Gasoline will be used by the aviators $5.00 gasoline coupon book will l>e dropped by parachute. Book becomes property of finder. , : Admission: Adults 25 cents. Children 5 to 10 yrs., lOc Free Parking. SPONSORED BY IOWA AIR SHOW COMPANY, Des Moines, Iowa I oa aa EK3 =s we uon. e called, helping her mother get

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