Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 7
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2.7, 1934. eatre COAST IS HIT HARD BY THE DEPRESSION doctor Morse Writes on Conditions in California. A T R I Aesop Fnblo Era Up Barnes Serial ,, «v—/i a nd Tuesday o says it's the best Will ffay Evening Post story by . Cobb. OF LAUGHTER./ IERS (S.COB8S I BROWN j LOUISE {LIE HUDSON IFETCHIT is something new for i Bnmbcll letters. 1'astrytown. News. jday-Thursday, October 3-4 (Morgan's great story! iling a new and glorious lot earthly love to a million AHERNE TUKAS ] HEKHCC i Added Attraction! SKO «AOKJ Acturfl EING Thi moil faietnytlng Htttt Jtatwt iy« madtl . MMINUTg OFROMANC MELODY. ,DANC AOlO ICIVI1 Ifl" II* TECHNICOLOR •geous decoration on thl i never equalled. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANP.R ALGONA, IOWA Pastor wishes to express the appreciation of the church to UK.nmny members and friends who unn.,1 r loyull - v , responded to the appeal for rooms for conference the Ladies' Aid, aml""manv 10 porn who hnvo assisted with the feron™. I1rci1aratio » fr the con- 3i l'!° J!" bHc ,'. B '"Vied Attend lly Dr. W. i;. H. Mnrso. Oakland, Calif., Sept, 16—The dc- ression effects different looalilics ifferently.^JIerejTi California wo ave a large number of people who uring the fat years put their earn- ngs into securities with the ex- ectation that they would have an ssured income for their old ago. These people have come hero rom all parts of the country to ake advantage of tho mild climate nd the cheap living and to spend heir declining days In comfort. The depression came, wiped out 11 the savings of this class, and eft them stranded. Many old pco- le once rich are now living on harity. I often see men having lie marks of education and culture )egging or selling papers in the treets. The white-collar jobless people xre truly unfortunate. If a man is it 50 an employer will not even ook at him, no matter what his \bility. When men too proud to )eg and too honest, to steal lose all lope, they feel that self-destruction s the last remedy. We read of hese cases in the newspapers ev- !i-y day. Poem of tho Depression. Pardon here a lapse into verse: THE POOR RICH MAN. jisten to my sad confession, 'm a victim of depression; And I have no place on which to lay my head. And, like the idle mob, am looking for a job, o with honor I can earn my daily j bread. Once I lived on Easy Street, And had all I cared to eat; Shoes and clothes, the best I always wore, •low, I'm ashamed to meet, My old friends upon the street As I beg my daily bread from door to door, Why don't good old U. S. A. ?ind some satisfactory way To give every honest, idle man a job? Then he could stand erect And retain his self-respect, And not be forced to pilfer, beg, or rob. Many Hoboes on Rond. Yet there are many idle men ostensibly looking for jobs, but in reality hoping to find none. This is a great country for hoboes, who tramp all over the state. Last winter we had a large colony living in 6-ft. tile in a tile yard. This colony became so well known that it was an attraction for tourists. Nearly every city in the state has a "jungle" colony of hoboes and criminals. They build little shacks out of any handy materials, then beg for food. The milk climate makes it possible to live in this . ..U^VI ULUJllU SOS- sums, especially the evening meetings, at which Doctor Olson, Chicago, is guest speaker. Next Sunday morning Bishop ;°c, S. Paul, will speak at 10:30 at this church. HKST MiTIIKHAX, M. A. Sios- IrniKl, l«,,Htor-cholr practice " lo- niKhl ,:.{() at. church. Confirmation class Saturday, 10a.m. Junior Mission Band moots Saturday 2-30 p m. at Luther Hall; Mrs. Bilsborough hostess. Sunday school next. Sunday, 10 a. m. Festive Rally d; ' ay services at. 11, when the Rev. Ar- . H"- Sclmcdt, Galva, will he guest preacher. All Sunday school children are to attend the church services. An offering will be lifted for tho Sunday school. I'HKSHYTKKIAX, (!. I>, u ,i (< ilrl . son, 3Iinislor.-Noxt Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. in.; morning worship, 11; Christian Endeavor, 6-30 P. m. The Rev. B. M. Watson, D. IX, Sioux City, delegate to the Methodist Episcopal Conference will deliver the sermon in the morning, FOI-K.S«I:AKK GOSITJ, j rr . -Meyers mid Daily Pastors — Tonight, 7:45, Tho Second Coming of Uinst; Saturday evening, 7-45 r llie Purpose of Divine Healing- Sunday, 2:30 p. m., A Holy Ghost PAGE SBVBSN Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lehman spent I tho week-end at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. itod at Frank Bandy': day. ('. W. Nicoulin was at Moines on business Saturday Sunday. Tony Gocdcrs, who now lives at Mason City, was hero on business Tuesday. Lucille Jehu, Hartley, came Saturday to visit her aunt, Mrs. E. R. Morrison. Mrs. A. D. Adams went to Chicago last Thursday for a few weeks with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Glcason, Mason City, spent the week-end at A. J. Schnepfs. T. P. Henderson came Friday from Kamrar to visit his daughter, Mrs. Paul Wille. L. M. Christensen, Esthorville, spent Tuesday at the Chrislensen Bros, store here. Thelma Guy, Colfax, came Friday to live with her sister, Mrs. Andrew Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Smith spent Sunday at Washta, guests at the W. B. Smith home. George Kanouff has been pledged to the Sigma Pi fraternity at the state university. G. D. Shumway was at Mason Revival; Sunday, Thou Love Me?' '••'15 p. m,, Wilt TKLMTY LUTIIHHAJr, A. J. Hrnm-r, Pastor — Next Sunday- English service, 9 a. m.; Sunday school and Bible class, 10. German service, 10:30. Tho S. S. T. meets tonight, 8 o'clock. Y. P. meeting tomorrow evening at 8 at church. The Aid meets next week with Mrs "dw. Will. (.'OXfillKGATTOSAL, ,T. Rol.t. Hoernor, Pastor.— Next Sunday: 1'hurch school, 10 a. m.; Morning worship, i]. Our guest speaker will he the Rev. Mr. Arrowsmith, Cherokee, former Methodist superintendent in the Sheldon district who has held pastorates at Sac City and Odelolt. City last week Wednesday looking after legal affairs. Lee Reed, now with a Blue Earth dry cleaning shop, spent Sunday here with his parents. Mrs. J. 0. Paxson spent the weekend at Mason City with her daughter, Mrs. F. B. Shaffer. Frances Messer, high school teacher spent the week-end with her mother at Humboldt. Mrs. Clayton Palmer, Spencer, spent Saturday and Sunday with her father Fred Bierman. Mrs. Glenn Biesmier, Mrs. C. H. Swanson, and Mrs. E. W. Evans were at Fort Dodge Friday. Mrs. E. R. Rising had as guest Maurice McEvoy began work as i-1 He was graduated from St. Cecelia's Bntt, Sun- academy last spring, and is the son I of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. McEvoy. I Mr. and Mrs. Richard Redman, Oskaloosa, came Monday for a few days with Judge and Mrs. W. B. [Quarton. Mrs. Redman and Mrs. Quarton wore girlhood friends. Elizabeth Fosholt, Long Beach, Calif., was a guest of Mrs. H. W. Pletch from Friday till Monday. She formerly lived here and was employed in the Algona State bank. Mr. and Mrs. A. Victor Hertig are parents of a girl, born Saturday at the General hospital, named Dorothy Jean. The Hertigs have another girl, Betty Mae, and a son Richard. Georgia Forhes, Onnawa, came last week Wednesday to visit Francos Stuessy. The girls were roommates when they attended the state university. Miss Forhes will leave Sunday. Mrs. Laura Vandoe, cook at the Coffee Shop, went to Bancroft Tuesday. She formerly lived there and went to look after renting her property. She planned to return tomorrow. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Kirkguaard, employed at the A. J. Brown diary farm, left yesterday for the world's fair. Irvin Looft drove their car for them. They will return Sunday. Clair Laird spent last week Wednesday with his mother, Mrs. Ella Laird. He has been employed in the offices of the Eagle Iron Works, DCS Moines ever since he left Algona. Twenty-four local Rotarians attended an inter-city meeting at Humboldt Tuesday night. Other towns represented were Clarion, Eagle Grove, Fort Dodge, and Emmetsburg. from Friday till Monday her niece,! Mr - and Mrs - Matt Zittritsch, who Margaret Shellmyer, West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. W. G. McCullough spent last week Tuesday at Newton, where they formerly lived. Mrs. W. H. Morling, Emmetsburg, was a guest at her nephew G. W. Stillman's last week Wednesday. Helen Goeders and Norman Walker spent the week-end at Sioux City with relatives of Mr. Walker. M. H. Falkenhainer and T. L. jarson attended a mutual insurance meeting at Minneapolis Monday. had been living with the former's Zittritsch has a job as foreman of a paving crew. this territory, successor to A. T. Tweet. The company's headquarters are at Cedar Rapids. Mr. Beck has rooms at George Elbert's. Dr. W. D. Andrews, who is a member of the board of trustees of the Iowa Society of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, attended a joint session of the legislative committee, the state board of osteopathic examiners, and the board of trustees at the Hotel Savery, Des Moines, Sunday. Conrad Rahn, Lone Rock, entered the Kossuth hospital last Thursday for medical treatment. Mrs. Gail Fosmark, Algona, underwent a minor surgical operation Saturday, and Ruth Richtor, Wesley, had an appendectomy yesterday. Mr. Fosmark works for the Kent Motor company. A big trailer owned by the Cities Service stopped briefly Saturday at the Pestotnik Phillips station on east State. It was equipped to make tests of fumes from exhaust pipes of cars to determine whether motors are working at full efficiency. There is no Cities Service station here at present. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Holmes had as guest Friday Mrs. Marie Clough, Hollywood, who came as far as Des Moines by plane and the rest of the way by bus. She is buyer for a large jewelry store at Hollywood, and may buy in New York before going back. Mrs. Clough is Mr. Holmes' daughter. Paul Hutchins, Superintendent and Mrs. Johnston, and Coach Smith, all of the Gilmore City schools, spent Friday night here, and Paul visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Hutchins. Mrs. Johnston refereed the football game Friday night. Paul is principal of the Gilmore City high school. Mr. and Mrs. George Free and their daughter Suzanne leave tomorrow, Mr. Free who has been employed at the James drug store, to begin work in his uncle's drug store at Fort Dodge, and Mrs. Free and Suzanne for Pasadena, Calif., to spend this winter with Mrs.. Free's^ mother Mrs. Laura Paine. Lloyd E. Hudson left Tuesday for Fort Dodge, which will be his headquarters as field manager in northern Iowa for the Metropolitan mother, Mrs. A. Zittritsch,"have I Li£e Insurance Co. He had worked gone to Rockwell City, where Mr. I nere witn H - M - Potter, both rep" '• .The will resenting the same company. rest of the Hudson family Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Gross, Mrs. m °ve to Fort Dodge In a few Freda Stuessy; and Gerald and weeks. Frances Stuessy visited Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Schnuke at Storm Lake jay and Saturday, Oct. 5-6 Oklahoma land rush. An epic, "rimmaron" [ANCE EGION PAVILION ICROFT SPIDER KEUTH j AXB HIS BAND NAY, OCT. s happy-go-lucky way. It is easier than working. I believe the depression has been a good thing in some ways. It has taught us that the necessities of life are few; also, some people who ived with their heads above the clouds now have their feet firmly on the ground. After all is said, I still have aith In our country and believe it will again be running smoothly. I have seen hard times before this. Horse Loses His Socks. Another product of the depres- ion is the petty thief, who makes t necessary to keep everything under lock. One day last week my wife did our washing and hung it out to dry, but when she went out to >ring it In she found my socks all ;one. It was some joke on me, 'or they were all I had except what : was wearing. She went down :own to buy me more, but when :he clerk wrapped them up he handed them by mistake to another woman, who promptly made off with them. Then my wife blew up! Eight pairs of socks lost in one day was too much. Well, she brought home some socks all right, and she is a woman who can always, when necessary, 'bring home the bacon." ALGONIAN DECLINES CHICAGO 'HOT' GOODS The Leo Spilles family returned Saturday from a week at Chicago, attending the world's fair and visiting Mrs. Spilles' sister, Mrs. Gordon Dingman, who with a daughter came here with them for a two weeks stay. Mr. Spilles had a novel experience in Chicago. As he was driving down Michigan boulevard a small car with two young fellows in it drove up alongside, and the youths tried to sell him a silver fox fur. With cars running at a fast clip the boys offered to toss the fur inside the Spilles car for inspection, but Mr. Spilles considered that it was a "hot" fur, and declined further parley, and pulled away. 49c and 24c plus teXi oor All Welcome IS - & B. SPECIAL Kept fresh lu ^ Humltnhaa Is a good 5c ci. S»r important in [our life? H W Is then smoke a ^SPECUL all local dealers. AXI SERVI ** * * CE QHT Mrs. Wni. Hagerhorst, Eagle Grove, went home yesterday after a visit since Friday at N. C. Rice's. Mrs. C. D. Schaap and her little daughter visited from last Thursday till yesterday at C. C. Schaap's, Sheldon. Jean Coon, local teacher got home Monday morning from Chicago, where she had been since Friday with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Thiel, Mrs. Max Bast, and the latter's daughter visited a cousin at Welcome, Minn., Sunday, Fred Khern and Blanche Jennett, Fort Dodge, were guests Sunday at the E. W. Evans home. Miss Jennett is a teacher. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Streit entertained several couples at buffet luncheon Monday night after the Counti-y club dance. Attorney Edward Kelly, of Emmetsburg, attended to legal business here Tuesday. He is the partner of G. D. Shumway. Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove came home Saturday from two weeks with her Sunday. Mrs. Schunke is the for- daughter, Mrs. W. R. Laird, Sioux Falls. She was a guest from last mer Anna Stuessy. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hertig, of Buffalo Center, and their children, Jimmy and Jane, spent Saturday with Edward's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hertig, other local relatives, and old friends, Clifford Byson and Walter Richardson left Monday for North Dakota, where they had work for two weeks. From there they will go to California, and if they find work there will stay till spring. Mrs. C. D. Schaap and her baby daughter got home Tuesday from Sheldon, where they had gone last Thursday with the Doctor's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Schaap, who drove to Algona for them. Lloyd Pratt and Woodrow Sarchett visited relatives here last week-end.. Mrs. M. G. Bourne took them back to Cedar Falls Sunday. Lloyd and Woodrow recently en- Thursday till Saturday of the Rev. and Mrs. Herbert Marsh, of Spirit Lake, who brought her here. Mr. Marsh is a former Wesley Methodist pastor, but now serves a Presbyterian church, August Sterzbach, who had been here a week or ten days, left Saturday night for Dousman, Wis., where he is spending a week or so with two widowed sisters who live together. He will then visit nephews and nieces at Chicago, meanwhile attending the world's fair. He plans to return to his home at Laramie, Wyo., late in October. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Smith returned Tuesday from Webster City where they had spent a few days on business. Mr. Smith, who has been jeweler at the liusby drug store eight years, has resigned be- of poor eyesight, and the , w ^ |rtate Teachers college. Smiths m goon t Webster Mr. and Mrs. James R. Peterson, I cuto Uve Tney own a hous Minneapolis, and their son Wayne th * • , th " e m and James spent the week-end with +hev will live ney - .. Mr. Peterson's parents, Mr. and . Mr. and Mrs Jos. Castle, Evans Mrs. 0. J. Peterson. James Is a t? n 'J H .- ^ re v ' s " mg at _ **" teacher in the Dunwoody vocational y.Huse'sTh and school. Captain'V. A. Byres, M. C Rev and Mrs. Victor Schuldt, the latte o f a Hulse daughter, were Morning the U. S. Army medical corps at i side collegemates. Mr. Schuldt ha Fort Crockett, Galveston, Tex., vis-; been ' ited Dr. M. G. Bourne last Mr. Hulse this sum week' mer > an d both Mr. Castle and Mr Shuldt expect to receive appoint A few moments later the young i Dr. and Mrs. F. H. Kelly, Goldmen turned off the boulevard, but field, and their children, Fred and they had hardly done so when a j Mary Lou, spent Sunday with Dr. police car drove up, glanced at the and Mrs. J. 0. F. Price. |TiiP«sdnv anrt WodnP^av ThP two onuiui expect 10 receive appomi Spilles car, and then swung around Mrs. A. E Michel has as guests | J u ™ and Wednesday• ™ e ™° jmen ts at the* Methodist conferenc to chase the other car. It was evi- for two weeks her mother, Mrs. A. W™ B men WBre classmates at iowa j here ^g week> dent that the fur had been stolen S. Ferryman, and her sister, •"--"and the boys wanted to get rid of Ferryman, both of Atlantic, it before they were caught. Mr. Spilles did not learn whether they were arrested. Musical Event at Pilot Knob State Park Next Sunday Forest City, Sept. 26—The Lions club here is sponsoring a public music festival next Sunday at the Pilot Knob state park in celebration of the completion of four months' work at the park by the national park administration. There will be three bands, one at the Tower of the Knob, one at a new outdoor amphitheater in He- natica valley, and one at Dead Man's Lake. The Tower band will give a concert at the top of the 33- ft. tower, highest point in any Iowa Hawkins Brothers Look Up Oldtimers R, G. Hawkins, of the Wapello Republican, and his brother, E. B. Hawkins, Los Angeles, were here Tuesday, looking up oldtimers and old landmarks. Their father was a well known pioneer lawyer here. R. G. is remembered here by his given name "Grant." He was here at the time of the Diamond Jubilee and later wrote a few communications for the Advance. He has lately turned his paper over to a son and lias promised a few more communications on old times here. Algonian Singer in Cornell Frosh Show Mount Vernon, Sept. 25—Donald Hutehins, Algona, freshman at Cornell college, was one of a group or new Cornellians who participated in an annual all-frosh show at the Cornell chapel recently. Some 30 students took part, playing m the all-freshman orchestra or performing solo numbers. Mr. Hutchins was a vocalist. park. There will also be a flag- raisin Otl and i on tb Docto proviu,™ .-. be supervised and everything will be free. raising ceremony at the Tower, Other attractions will be vocal and instrumental solos, and a talk on the park's natural wonders by Doctor Eagleson. Guides will be provided for foot trails. Park will Sheriff's Father Suffers Relapse Sheriff Dahlhauser was called to Iowa City last Thursday evening by news that his father. P. w. Dahlhauser, former Whittemore farmer who was operated on last week Tuesday for enlargement or the prostrate gland, was in serious the zone includes Pairville, Whitte- last week Monday. Mrs A BlshnV^ This is heV second year'is a Lutheran organization, and Davis at the Lu Verne Methodis A. Bisnnp. inis is ner becouu yetti ^ ,__,..j._ •£_! ni~ tin,!**,, lo>,t,,-«v, loot ,,T QO L- iiir.r,^o,r -ui*a of teaching at Eagle Grove. Mrs. D. 0. Williams, Stockton, 111., and her son Junior visited the E. V. Pierces Monday. Mrs. Williams and Mr. Pierce are cousins. Alice Kain, Grace Collins, and a Kiwanians Guests of Ft. Dodge Club Rion Dow, pTwidTnt of the Port Dodge Kiwanis club, spoke before the local club last Thursday on a district Kiwanis convention dated for this week Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at Fort Dodge A delegation of Algonians attended "he convention yesterday and the whole club plans to attend a ban- auet tonight at the Warden hotel. A $B priif fc>r membership achievement is to be presented to the Algona club at the Banquet. Hor!f?an House is Sold. The Anton Didriksens bought the B W Horlgan house at the corn- condition. The sheriff went to City Friday morning, accompanied by his wife, bis mother, and ms Bister, Mrs. Albert Laubenthal, of Emmetsburg. All returned Sunday except Mr. Laubenthal, who stayed a few days longer. Mr. Dahlhauser Wft8 much improved when tney xeri Iowa City. The house is for rent. son was ter i here G. A. Wittkopf and Edna Frink j Geo. St. John, D. D. Paxson, an snent"the"week-end' attended a Walther League Zone Hugh Herman were among pal ts Mr and Mrs A 110 rally at West Bend Sunday. This ! bearers at the funeral of Mrs. P. G more, West Bend, Lu Verne, and Davis owned the home where sh lived, having bought it a year ago Garner. Lewis Lynk, district supervisor, At death she was in her 62nd year y of remapping the forest area, re- ocating rivers where they ought 0 be on the map, and laying roads. ..owis has one quarter of school eft at Ames before he will receive is degree in forestry. He plans to eturn to school in the spring, and 11 then will be employed at his old ob at the Algona hotel. Mrs. Ida Holdren, Hutchinson, Cans., arrived Saturday to visit ith the George Lees and the Ben erhunes, of Irvington. Mrs. Holden is an aunt of Mrs. Lee and a ster of Mr. Terhune. Mr. and Mrs. r. D. Barringer, Elgin, 111., went ome Monday, after a visit with 4rs. Barringer's sister, Mrs. Lee, 'nee last Thursday. Another Lee Isitor of last week was Mrs. Haz- 1 Marso, Clara City, Minn., and her aughters Viola and Iveloo. Mrs. 'arso is also a sister of Mrs. Lee. Lee's family held a family re- nion at the Lee home ith 22 persons present. Sunday, Pearl E. Hanna, New York City, was called home a week ago y word of the death of her father, eo. C. Hanna, Lone Rock farmer, lans to go back next week. For ome years she was a public school eacher, first at Gary, Ind., then at ft. Vernon, N. Y., and finally at 'ew York City, but she is now jaching English and speech to dult Russians, including the Rusian consul there, his wife, offic- als of the Amtorg corporation, usiness men, etc. The school or- anization is maintained by the ew York City Russians and class- s are conducted in business build- ngs occupied by Russians. Miss lanna has found this work exceed- ngly interesting. C. S. JOHNSON Hardware GROCERIES Heavy Duty Radio Batter- ries $1.29 Dry cells 26o Electric Toasters 98o' Electric Corn Poppers __89o Pint Fruit Jars ___^ 69o Quart Fruit Jars 79c Stone Kraut Jars, gal. 20o" __$1.0Q, 5 gal. Stone Jugs _ 1 gal. Glass Jars 2flc' New Carrots, 5 Ibs. 19o Small Onions, 5 Ibs. 19o Asparagus Tips 15o Cut Beets, 2 cans 19c Whole Wax Beans 2 cans 27o Pancake Flour 19c Mince Meat lOc Fresh Oysters, pint 85C Harvest these Values for Extral Savings! X^? w 9*3*^^ VA MO irf n dl.£llG 9 • f ^ __ BBlITTv^lr n i ^.^9f* •»**fc*x^Ji Brflnd I*A^J\* EGGSf RICE Country[Doz. 4 Blue Rose HHtRE ECONOMY RUU5 1 ;2ic 19c Ibs. Van Camp's Tomato SOUP ...28c CANS FRESH FISH Salmon, Ib. 27c Broadcast Corned Beef Hash Grandmothers Raisin Bread 16-ozloaf 9c SALADA GREEN Ann Page BEANS T. S. Plain or vegetable can. 16-oz. can 17c TEA Lb. SALADA BLACK 9c TEA Lb.-tUl/ Lb.« ABM & HAMMKE SODA, 16-oz. pkgs. Campbell's (except Tomato) SOUPS, 9£/» 3 cans ^e/C/ Dromedary Ginger Bread rax, 9Qf» pkg _ _ £t & I* CLOKAX," IK Pt. hot. JttIC P. & G. SOAP, ?/?/» 10 Ig. bars OtJ C Del Monte SPINACH No. 2 cans Cranberries, IB. 15c Cauliflower, head — 15c Oranges, size 252, dozen 29c Tokay Grapes, 2 Ibs. 19c Potatoes, Iowa Cobblers, pk. 25c You just can't get enough of marvelous tempting Cheese Bisquicks Just add H cup grated cheese Family to Becipe for Bisqnicks Size Bisquick 31c 17c Bride's Size Cecil McGinnis, who operates ' a | Burial was made in the Lu Verne tank truck here, and Werner cemetery beside the grave of her THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. Middle Weste Mfss Johnson Rodman teachers^ S ruecker, Whittemore, attended a husband, who died in 1931. ' ' 1 snent the weeknd spent the weeK-ena Alce's mid-Continent salesmen's meeting 1 Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Taylor return- AJice parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Kain. Mrs. R. L. Williams, Lakota, was an Algona visitor last Thursday. She is the former Vera Ogren, R. M., and her husband Is a doctor. P. V. Fox, Storm Take, spent last Thursday and Friday with his cousin, Betty Backns. Mr. Fox is an automobile insurance salesman. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Griffith took Earl's mother, Mrs, Anna Griffith, to her home at Swea City, Sunday. She had visited here since Friday. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, Des Moines, and August Sterzbach, Laramie, Wyo., spent last Thursday fiebing at Spirit Lake. W. A, Teach, Swift manager, while Matt Lamuth is «ff the job, and Leighton Misbach spent last week Wednesday and Thursday at DPS Moines. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. French and ing last week Wednesday nignt. (daughter at Chicago. They also at- Mrs. Helen Hedrick was taken tended the world's fair, but the to Iowa City Saturday for medical principal attraction was a great examination. She had been work- pageant at Soldiers' Field winding ing at Mason City, but came to Tier up Old Home Week in Chicago. mother Mrs. William Debnert's, They took to Chicago Mrs. Taylor's three weeks ago. She suffered a sister, Grace Roswell, employed nervous breakdown 1% years ago. there, and on the way stopped at R. A. Miedke, new manager <of Newton to see the women's brotb- the Algona hotel, recently an- ' er, Clyde Roswell, who has a nounced Sunday dinners at 50c and "luncheonette" there. now reports a gratifying increase I Mr. and Mrs. Carl Larson, Malin patronage, some of which comes lard, figured in an automobile ac- f rom surrounding towns. The din- cident on north Jones street Tues- ing room was recently redecorated, day evening. Blinded by rain and Mrs. .Miedke personally directs the serving. Lee Reed and his mother, Mrs. Ben F. Reed, went to Chicago Monday to meet Lee's wife and visit lights, Mr. Larson made too short a turn and broke a wheel. Mrs. Larson was catapulted through the windshield and her face was badly cut, stitches being required to their son Donald spent Sunday at land, Ind Ruthven, where they attended a reunion of Mrs. French's family, the Feldmans. Mrs. Nora Kain, Elizabeth Kain, and Dorothy Donnelly, all of De there till this week-end. Mrs. Lee close some of the gashes. The Lar- Reed had spent six weeks with rel- sons had come for a visit at Mr. atives and old friends at Columbus i Larson's brothers T. L. Larson's and St. Mary's, Ohio, and at Port- and with their mother here. Mrs. md, Ind. T. L. Larson took them home the Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bailey, Mar-, same night shall, Minn., and their two daughters are expected Saturday for an over-Sunday visit with the H. D. Hutchins family and with Mrs. Bai- Kalb II arrived Friday for a ley's mother. Mrs. Ida Minkler, who ' --" — — -"»• ™" "•" "-.. weeks friends here. reatives and old . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesms, daughters Mildred and Evelyn, and the S. J. Devines were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding, Whittemore, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Lyan and Robert Melton came home last week Tuesday from a fishing vacation at Star Lake in Minnesota. The fish- Ing was only fair. ,.,.,, The Rev. P- J- Braner baptized Albert Dale, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Speth, Jefferson, Minn., Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wibben were sponsors. Helen Corey is having a vacation and is spending the week with Mary Mitchell at Clear Lake. is employed at the Lathrop Weaver abstract office. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Paschke, Echo, Minn., and her children, Jean She and of and Roger, spent the week-end with Mrs. Paschke's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Herman. Dr M. G. Bourne assisted Dr. J. A. Devine, Bancroft, with an ap- makes her home with Mr. and Mrs. Hutchins. Assistant City Clerk Laura Mitchell is expected home today from Chicago, where she had been since Saturday. She accompanied her brother, L. T. Mitchell, Emmetsburg, his wife, Mrs. Mitchell's mother, Mrs. Shumway, of Sutherland, and the latter's daughter Margaret. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trauger left Monday to live at Mason City. Paul is in the employ of the Firestone Mrs. R. W. Featherstone and Mrs. C, B. Nasby, Omaha, and Mrs. Richard Schmitz, Storm Lake, came Monday for visits till today with relatives. Mrs. Featherstone is niece of Mr. and Mrs. S. E. McMahon, and Mrs. Schmitz is their daughter. Mrs. Nasby visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. K. D. James. Mrs. Mae Grapotte, San Antonio, who had visited her sister, Mrs. McMahon, six weeks, goes Omaha with her daughter, Mrs. Featherstone, for a visit there before going borne. Barbara Smith, of Lewis, was here from Friday till Sunday, guest at H. R. Cowan's and D. Smith's. She is the daughter company, and has been transferred j Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Smith, farm- to Mason City territory. John McCrary, the new man. here, is married and he and bis wife, who came from Des Moines, are living in the Fox apartments. George Good, Spirit Lake, went home yesterday, after a visit with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Walter Good. He had spent several days „ at Chicago attending the world's Mr. | fair and got here Monday morning. 'He has been railway express agent ers near Lewis. Her father is a son of Dunt Smith and a brother of D. P. Smith and Mrs. Her mother is a former Cowan. Algona at Spirit Lake five years. Audra Beck, Marshalltown, is operation Monday night spending the week with her father, Tbe atient was Ros-! David C. Beck, now Harpsr^cto- at Bancroft Tbe patient was ella Bellman, 8 years old. trye hardware representative to teacher. Barbara has two sisters, one of whom is a nurse in Chicago, and she also has a brother. This was her first visit to Algona. Her father was once employed in the Algona postoffice, Lewis Ferguson got home last week Wednesday, after having spent the summer in forestry work in the Cherokee national forest to Georgia. HeardQ.«arters for the men were at the Mt. Ranch hotel at Helen, f fee pest* . Big Tire Sale. New reduced prices now ou every Tire and Tube 30x3 1-2 $8,80 30x3 1-2, plain ___$8.50 Clincher 8.50 440x21 $4.00 450x20 $4,25 475x19 $4,70 TUBES 30x2 1-2 77c 450x21 : $1.00 475x19 $l.OQ Every Tire Now Guai> anteed against all road hazards. i from one to two years. BATTERIES 13 plate $2.98 ex. BIKE TIRES 28-in. 98c BARN PAINT Best grade, gal. 94c MOTOR OIL SAE, gallon —89c B BATTERIES 15 volt 89c Heavy Duty $1,89 Dry cells 25c LINSEED OIL Boiled, gallon 98q MILK PAILS 13 1-2 qt. 35e 450x20 $8,65 ^f ^ff 4Hpi •PF^RB W(F ^ppFJfwJI

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