Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 5
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aBPTEMSBa 27, 1934. PERFECT TEAM WORK don't have to worry about how our coal and Ivoiir furnace will get along! There's no waste to our Ihigh grade coal—and your furnace will use less of it Ivet give greater heat. F PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW AT SAVINGS. TON BY TON DELIVERY MADE BY REQUEST four coal and your pocketbook will be good com pan- lions, too—because you get greater heat power from [every nugget. |\Ve have several kinds of coal now on track, and can make delivery direct from the car. ANDERSON GRAIN & GOAL CO, At M. & St. L. Tracks. Phone 308. [No matter how Ibusy your Fall and [winter will be ithese Smart Shoes Iwill fit in smartly [everywhere. SUEDE KID PIGSKIN ' $4.95 Christensen Bros., Co. SHOE DEPARTMENT With Botsford's Peerless Coal— IJack Prost is going to lay it on heavy this winter- Pud you'll be the worse tor it, UNLESS your coal bin BS filled up with our high grade, no-waste coal. We laavise ordering now before prices rise higher! Beat [Jack Frost-can US . 1 have several different grades of coal. Get our LOW prices. Cars arriving every few days. Botsford Lumber Co. Jim Pool, Mgr. Phone 256. IAY BIRD SHOOT At Fenton Sunday, September 30 Shells Sold on Grounds PATTERSON IH CHALLENGE TO HIS OPPONENT JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA PAGE At The Call Theatre I A Revi ew of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. surrounded by chorus girls he has Invites Kraschel to Meet Him on Same Platform. Pictures reviewed this week: Vonng and Hcautiful Jane Eyre Dames Uirl of the Limberlost rfNJOYMEN'FoF PLACES, pco- • L/ pie, and things in general is often spoiled by over-exploitation. How many times you have been disappointed in a so-called natural denounced, he sits contentedly jail and remarks, "Phooey!" Ruby Keeler is our idea of abi lute zero in personality. She si fers in comparison with the in example the matter of Waif ni* mated Joan Blondell, who does an- I "«"* in this Anthony's training school for nurses at Carroll. The bridegroom was graduated from the high school at Manning and attended Creighton college at Omaha three years, being affiliated with the Kappa PI Delta fraternity there. He and hia uncle own a department store at Manning, where the couple will live. In these incomparable cartoons wo have beauty, imagination, originality—a three-fold combination which defies anything else the talkies have yet given us. The subjects are uniformly good, the last two, The Flying Mouse and Peculiar Penguins, being especially pictures Out of extreme re reserve ,.,. , beauty spot because some over- noteworthy. There is a human i mimiay s DCS Mnines Reg- .zealous Izaak Waltonlan has laud-1 Duality about these drawings which Ister reported that Oeo. W. Patter-; 0 ' 1 Its splendors to the skies? Or Walt an(1 llis artists include in all " ' their pictures. This gives them an intimate touch; you instinctively feel, when viewing the cute, ambitious flying mouse a certain sympathy for the little fellow who .. __ „..„ „„„ longed to soar the heavens with his Beautiful, modest, inconscnuen-i £eathered frien <Js, the bull finches tlal little doofloppie about the anTd . t , hc ' arka - son had challenged his political • for llow manv People have you tak- Hval, Lieut. Gov. N. G. Kraschel to 0 " a v ' ol ° nt dislike, even before , . . JVltlHLlH,!, IO y oll mfi f Hiflm hnnnncin o^,™,,,,,, meet him in joint debate. Tn the legislative extra you met them, because someone • , ( • • • ~ "-.1.1,111, nvnoiuiii last winter it was voted to appropriate $3,000,000 of sales tax receipts for emergency relief in Iowa. I was continually tolling you session i "swell guys" they are? what '"PHIS LKADS UP to Young and -^- Tloillltlfnt m r\A net I !•-•«»«»»«...« pp| , •-' " ' «" — «. in J.vj>vu. -•".• IH.LIU uuiji. 1UJJJJ1U cUJUUL tile T mis was required to secure a fed-!Wampus babies (we're speaking of at same Personality In in"•al the same! young womanhood now not cradle I dlviduals which is tn e secret of the "'"" °™ t —— "" appropriation for p " r P° sc -., Ibables) which "the" producers didn't J..atcr it was represented that in over-exploit. In fact we had never 'me counties emergency needs for oven heard of optional levies for poor relief, sol-1 Rice booked it .„. lilc ^ iul flier relief, and general emergency then all we know was that it was a relief were overwhelming, and a jbill was introduced to authorize a higher levy than the law then allowed. This bill was a general bill applicable to all counties. Effects of Act Told. Mr. Patterson had charge of this bill in the senate, and it became ] law. It raised the levy limit from! three-fourths of a mill to IVi mills.' The levy falls almost wholly on real estate. In Kossuth county the levy in 1933 for 1934 was three- fourths of a mill. The amount collected would be in addition to the i legislative $3,000,000 appropriation. | and if the limit had been levied | by the Kossulh board this I year the additional tax collected in 1935 over what is being collected this year would be some $36,000 in this county, according to Mr. Patterson. Stated in another way it would in effect reduce the 1.1 mill tax reduction for the last half of 1.934 recently announced by Governor Herring as the result of elimination of Silly Symphonies. Who will ever ... uu;i. we naci never f? 1 '^. th ? r °ly-P°'y Pink pigs or some counties emergency needs for oven heard of it before Manacer e blg> bad wol£ —not from the — -•-••• f()] . thot - aml' falry tales o£ Gr 'mm but from the ' ' -magic pen of Disney artists? Each character has life, Individuality, personality—in short, what it takes to make lovable human beings. Is it any wonder that we love Walt Disney's pigs, wolves, ducks, mice, and penguins? And that is all we have to say about Jane Eyre, that sweet morsel of the past, shown at the Call last week Monday and Tuesday for the benefit of all who are still living contentedly in the Past. T LOVED YOU when you were only a smile on your mother's lips and a sparkle in your father's eyes—these are the lines which epitomize the intelligence and characteristics of Dames, latest Warner Bros, opus of wine, wom- Dames, then, Is not a bad show. The close-ups of the beautiful i young women in the Warner Bros. musical cast are a delight to the eye. And, folks, the picture is clean! Girl STRATTON Porter's of the Limberlost offers other opportunity to discuss other things of interest in the movie world. But since we have already resorted to this device in the present column we withhold all comment and agree with the old lady who kissed the cow. And maybe it's a good thing that tastes do differ. MARY MERRILL, R. N,, BANCROFT, IS BRIBE the state levy to only 35 one-hun- Dizzy Doofloppie with one hand most of what been given by the other; but state political purposes the had I semi-musicale whose only purpose was to give young women annually {01 '| chosen by Hollywood as having the fact would be concealed because the increase would be a county, not state, boost. Hoards Subjected to Pressure. When the time came last month for boards of supervisors to begin most promise for future film stars ia cinema debut. a Now, we can't really say that any as a potential screen celebrity; but, on the other hand, picking future film stars is hardly in Bancroft, .rill, R. N., Sept. 26- daughter -Mary Mer- of Mr. and en, and song. Thoroughly purified i nome o£ th e bride' by the Legion of Decency, chorus newlyweds and 25 Mrs. J. N. Merrill, and Francis Brennan, nephew of Mr. and Mrs. F. Hansen, Manning, were married Monday morning at 8 o'clock at St. .John's Catholic church, the Rev. 'J. F. Schultes officiating. The couple was attended by Viola Merrill and Arthur Merrill, sister and brother of the bride. The bride wore a dark brown fall suit, with accessories to match, and her maid wore a rust fall dress, with brown .accessories. Both wore corsages of tea roses. Following the ceremony a wedding breakfast was served at the home of the bride's parents to the to think of the 1934 levies a letter our line. Yet perhaps in 1935 or went out to all county auditors '1936 some of these young women from E. H. Muloch, Des Moines, 'will have their names blazoned in state director of federal emergency '• bright lights on the canopy outside relief, insisting that the limit forjthe Call—who knows? relief be everywhere levied. Mr. | Young and Beautiful stars Wil- Muloch is said to have threatened Ham Haines and Judith Allen and that in case this were not done'is the story about a young couple in any county, that county's share I who try to find love amidst the of federal relief funds would be cut j publicity-mad paths of glittering, off. Mr. Patterson says he has a copy of that letter. In some counties—it is believed, in many—the Muloch order did not "sit well." In Hancock county, for example, as was reported in the papers a few weeks ago, the board of supervisors and the state authorities were at loggerheads over an tinsel-strewn Hollywood. It's an engrossing, interesting, innocuous little cinema, with some catchy music, some pretty girls, and a lot of rather tiresome and hackneyed dialog. Belching and laughing mar the picture. Why must we listen to disgusting belches in almost every talkie? Certainly the same demand was made on the Kossuth board, accompanied by the same threat, it has so far been ignored, the board and auditor here being of like mind with the Hancock board. Later: The annual table of county levies published in board proceedings in today's Advance shows that the Kossuth board has upped the levy one- fourth mill.) Patterson Exposes increase in the Hancock poor levy habit is still frowned upon in our which the board thought was un- best social circles notwithstanding necessary. I the fact that the movies give it It is understood that though the ] such unwarranted support. effects are obtained by multiplying mirrors, which make a whole ensemble of Ruby Keeler though a single picture is too much. Dance Director Berkeley went completely gaga when he discovered the intricacies of mirrors. While he still persists in shootin' the works from a lofty throne and making his gals into all manner of do-jiggers, he reverts constantly to tricky optical mysteries with those intriguing mirrors. We see how a chorus looks on its head, bottom- side up, backwards, frontwards, from the toe skyward, and from the head toeward. If you go in for all if you don't care how your legs come up, you can ?et a mild though emasculated thrill out of Dames. As usual in productions of this type, there is a long preliminary to the final dance scenes, but the humor of Hugh Herbert and Guy Kibbee lift the main plot out of the ordinary, and Joan Blondell and Zazu Pitts help things along considerably. In fact, taken as a whole, Dames is not a bad show. This Herbert is a rare comedy character. In Dames he is troubled with hiccoughs, which he cures with liberal imbibitions of a 79 per cent alcoholic remedy. This not only helps his ailment, but leaves him in a tranquil state of mild inebriation. But as a vice-crusader he comes to a sorry end, when, The fact that such levies would take back in taxes with one hand what had been given with another was first exposed in a speech by Senator Patterson, and it was this exposure which Mr. Kraschel attempted to answer in a county fair speech here most of which was devoted to a charge of inconsistency against Patterson because the latter had piloted through the senate the bill in question. Patterson now wants to debate the whole case with Kraschel on the same platfrom. His reply to the charge of inconsistency is that he handled the bill on the representation that the increase was needed in only a few counties. At that time, of course, it was not known that Muloch would insist on the limit in every county. Kruscliel Pooh-1'oolis Claims. In the county fair speech Kraschel pooh-poohed the tax increase, saying it would not amount to more than $700,000 for the whole state. Patterson had been claiming $4 000,000. Unfortunately for Kraschel it happened that the very next day after he spoke here, State Comptroller C. B. Murtagh gave out an estimate of $3,347,206. Mr. Murtagh said Friday here that he gave out no estimate. He added that the figure of $3,347,206 was arrived at by assuming that all counties levied the limit. This is not being done, though such action was what Mr. Muloch sought. In this county the board's levy is one mill, which is one-fourth mill more than the former limit, but one-fourth mill less than the new limit. Patterson's Objective. Patterson's object in the debate challenge is not to oppose proper poor fund levies and expenditures, but to pin Kraschel down to the foregoing facts and make him admit what he and other state democratic speakers have been omitting to say namely that much of the alleged saving in property taxes due to the sales tax will disappear m the increase in poor fund levies, leaving only a small decrease in net taxes instead of the big one of which they have been boasting. Kraschel accused Patterson of "deliberate falsehood," and Patterson says he wants to show who was doing the real falsifying. When this story was written y here whether Lee and Shaw, a couple of crazy goofs, contribute the best comedy of the picture in a few scenes. The rest of the cast is negligible. It would seem that with the material at hand a little more expert camera work would have been spent, but, as we said before, some of these Wampus girls couldn't have been picked for their faces alone. Which is a horse of a different color. A 55-minute minstrel show-with a cast of 30 men completed a rather full Sunday night's entertainment at the Call. guests. The bride is a graduate of St. John's high school here and of St. LEGAL NOTICES Everybody Happy We are taking in the corn hog money as fast as they hand it out at the old Kossuth County bank. It seems mighty good to see people buying what clothes and shoes they need for themselves and their families, but what I enjoy most is to see the happy contented look on their faces. Their smiles and actions radiate happiness which is very contagious, for I notice their being happy mak«s everybody happy. This all proves to me that the average person is a pretty good fellow and means to do right if given half a chance. . ,, !01S;4 ^j It is a pleasure to do business when everyone Is feeling good and when life rolls along like a son.?. It makes me feel good to know that I have what these people want. We are carrying double the stock this fall that we had last year. A month ago I thought I was overloaded, but the way trade is. booming I will not have any too much. Having a heavy stock this fall is more luck than sense on my part. Sometimes what we think is a mistake turns out to our advantage. I guess the good Lord will take care of all of us if we give Him half a chance. Men and women are only children grown larger. It does not take much to make them happy or make them sad. Just now they are happy—they think they are getting something for nothing, but I am afraid they are not. At least I have never been able to get a dollar for nothing. I either worked for it or if I borrowed, it I always had to pay it back with interest. Jimmie Neville The Shoe Man Algona, la. OFFICIAL NOTICE GOOSE LAKE ESTABLISHED AS A STATE GAME REFUGE BY THE IOWA FISH AND GAME COMMISSION. Notice is hereby given that under authority granted by Chapter 85 Dl, Section 1703-dl3, Code of 1931, the following described land Is established as a state game and wild- FT IS FORTUNATE, occasionally, L to have a picture like Jane Eyre, because it gives us the opportunity to discuss things revelant to motion pictures which lack of space ordinarily forbids. There is, for 2 it was not known — Kraschel would accept the challenge. Gilchrist is Speaker. Congressman Gilchrist was speaker at a meeting of the Duncan Community dub Monday night. is a small village between Britt and Garner. life refuge: All of that owned land or portion of state water known as Goose Lake situated in the east half of Section 17, T. 100 N., R. 30 W., Kossuth county, Iowa. It shall be unlawful to hunt, pursue, kill, trap, or take any wild animals, birds or game on or within said lauds and no one shall carry firearms thereon. IOWA STATE FISH AND GAME COMMISSION. I. T. BODE, State Fish and Game Warden. DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Northern District of Iowa, Central Division—The President of the United States of America, to John Enderson Osland— WE COMMAND YOU that you appear before the Judge of the District Court of the United States for the Northern District of Iowa, at Fort Dodge, Iowa, within 60 days after the service of this subpoena, excluding the day of service thereof, to answer to the bill of complaint of United States of America, filed August 29, 1934, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, and then and there to receive and abide by such judgment and decree as shall then and thereafter be made, upon pain of such judgment being pronounced you by default. TO THE MARSHAL OF THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF IOWA: Returnable on the 14th day of November, 1934. WITNESS, the Honorable Geo. C. Scott, Judge of the District Court of the United States, at Fort Dodge, Iowa, this the 15th day of September, A. D. 1934, and of the Independence the U. S. the 158th year.—Lee McNeely, Clerk, United States District Court, Northern District of Iowa, by Viola Martin, Deputy. SEAL. MEMORANDUM: The above- named defendant is hereby notified that unless he files answer or other defense to said bill of complaint in the clerk's office of said Court within 60 days after the service of this subpoena upon him, excluding the day of service thereof, the bill may be taken Pro Confesso against him and a decree entered thereon as prayed in said bill. — Lee McNeely, Clerk, United States District Court, Northern District of Iowa, by Viola Martin, Deputy. TRAVELERS VACATION accident tickets.—Phone 55, Algona Insurance Agency. 9u47tf FOR SALE—HAMPSHIRE MALE hog and McConnick Deering corn picker.—Edward Kaln. 12p2 FOR RENT — PARTLY MODERN house with bath, no furnace,— Phone 55, Chas. H. Nicoulin. 2g SPECIAL REDUCTION ON NEW Remington Portable typewriters this week.—Inquire Advance. tf FRESH COW AND HOLSTEIN bull, old enough for service, $25 each—A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. Ilp2 GETS THE CREAM—VEGA Separators, $77.50 Users biggest boosters—See Bjustrom's, Algona. 12u31tf WANTED TO BUY — SECOND hand portable elevator. Must be in good condition.—J. H.' Zanke, Burt. EXTRA FINE PUREBRED DUROC male hogs at bargain prices. Buy now and save. — A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. 17p2-3 DO YOU NEED AN ADDING- MA- chine? Why not a new Remington portable adding machine? — In- qulre Advance. tf FOR SALE—SOME CHOICE Shorthorn bulls of serviceable age, purebred.—R. E. Saundevs, 6 mi. west of Bancroft. 17pl-2 FEEDER AND LIVESTOCK loans; interest 5 per cent.—Emmetsburg Production Credit Association, Emmetsburg, Iowa. 14u2 FOR 'SALE—HAVE TWO PRAC- tlcally new HOME COMFORT ranges at a bargain.—Call ia person for Mr. Hess at European hotel, Algona. §2p3 $2.00 ONE YEAR INSURES YOUR broken or glass, truck against windshield Phone Agency. Algona Insurance 18u47tf STEADY WORK, GOOD PAY, Reliable man wanted to call on farmers in Kossuth county. No experl- enve or capital needed. Write to- day.—McNESS CO., Dept. B, Freeport, 111. 23p2 WHAT'S THAT YOU SAY? Are tire prices really lower at Gamble's? You darn tootin' they are — and they're guaranteed against road hazards. Long drive, 4.75-19, $4.95; 4.50-21, $4.65. 28-2 SEVENTY HEAD CHOICE quality grass steers weighing 1100 pounds to be placed on a liberal feeding basis. If interested write John R. Gilbertz, White Lake, S. p. 26ul-2 SEAL 1-4 Used Cars., 1933 Ford Tudor 1933 Chevrolet Coach 1933 Chevrolet Coupe 1932 Ford Tudor 1930 Ford Tudor 1930 Pontiac Coach 1929 Dodge Sedan 1929 Essex Coupe 1926 Hudson Sedan 1931 Chevrolet Coupe —Terms— KENT MOTOR CO. Pll!l!!ll!!l!ll!l!lllllllll!l!l!l!llll« | Cut Rate Grocery f = DATES : 2 LBS. § 19c All prices iu last week's bill still good this week. Don't fail to take advantage of them. Also these extra values. PRUNES 2 LBS. 19c i I SUGAR, 10 Ibs. 54c 100 Ibs. $5.31 P. & G. SOAP— Giant, / 6 bars' 24c GOLD DUST— Large pkg 16c EXCELLENT DUCK POND to lease for fall shooting. Exclusive rights. About 80 acres. Located Section 13-98-33, Emmet county.— E. P. Schneckloth, Spencer, Iowa. 25p2 FOR SALE — POLAND CHINA spring boars; 2 purebred Hoi- stein bulls, one year old; 2 grade cows, springers. One mile west of Pilot Grove.—R. W. Butterfield, Elmore, Minn. 25p2-3 NOW YOU CAN LISTEN IN ON Europe—London, Paris, Berlin, with battery radio. Coronado 7-? tube, automatic volume control, all wave, mantle, complete $37.60. Console, $49.95.—Gamble Stores. 28-2 FOR SALE— USED GUNS IN PER- fect condition. Winchester repeating 20-gauge, shots the long shell, 28 inch barrel, full choke. A 16-guage double barrel with ivory bead sights, recoil pad and in every way perfect. One 16-guage single-shot trap guu with raised matted rib on barrel. All guns will be sold at % reasonable price completed with .cleaner and good case, ajt OXYDOL— Large pkg 21 c COCOA— Our Mothers, 2 Ibs. 19c BRAN FLAKES- 3 for 25c CORN FLAKES— for __._ 2?C SLICED BACON— = 25C1 Lb CREAM CHEESE— 2 Lbs 35ci MATCHES— 3 Boxes ,. 13c 1 ARMOUR'S BIG BEN SOAP, 10 Bars 21c PICNIC HAMS Cheaper Than Bacon. A wonderful buy, at II). 15c APPLES Grimes Golden $1,78 Winter Banana __._.. $1.78 Delicious $W>8 RAISINS— 4 Ibs. 32c GREEN TEA—; 1-2 Ib. 9c TABLE SALT— 10 Ibs. _— 19c GOOD BROOMS each 35c BANANAS— 4 Ibs. 25c SWEET Potatoes, 6 Ibs. _ 25c E= WHOLE WHEAT FLAKES, 3 for 17c WHOLE WHEAT BISCUIT 2 fop 19o Toilet Tissue, 3 rolls 13c Spaghetti, 2 Irg. cans 29c Salmon, 2 cans - 25c DON'T FORGET Saturday night we are giving away-*A Cold Packer A sack of Flour and a Basket of Groceries SYRUP GOLDEN— 5 Ibs ------ T 10 Ibs...,, CRYSTAL § Ibs. .^ 10 Ibs, ,^ 87c -S.fi

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