Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 27, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 27, 1934
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begin, week, probably n*aln ALGONA, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 27, 1934 10 Pages Number 2 , S, WINS PENER FROM LIVERMORE Compel the gonians to Earn 14-0 Score. series of drives that would 'denied, the high school foot- Lun crashed through Ltver- for a two-touchdown victory iy night under the new sta- lichts before a crowd esti- d at 900. Bleachers on both i of the field were filled, and Sidelines were lined with other ators. L Algona drives for scores halted in the first half by de- lined Livermore opposition, Rhe Algonians scored in the nnerfntcndent Otto B. laing mt«s Hint Friday's attend- ,vns nearly 50 per cent i nsunl attendance at first Itto season games. The night ihts and the bleachers are I with revival of interest ffootlmll here. The next reg- |r game will be against Es- |rville, here, Friday evening, 1 5. Checks 1 and fourth periods. The field [damp, and there were severa' ibles. A semi-fog made a haze • the field during most of the e, |ie high school band paraded i street before the game, also ield between halves. After tin i the band again marched up s street by way of celebration I Major Spcclit Kicks Off. i the teams lined up for the E-off, Algona to Livermore, w Specht kicked off, but the •or's foot skidded off the ball, t went 20 yards into Liver- territory, whence it was I back, and the game started, pgona kicked off to the 16-yd-. ; and Livermore made 2, added pen lost a yard, and punted to 842 FARMERS GET MONEY IN MONDAY RUSH Committee Goes t o North Towns for Rest of Week. Corn-hog checks totaling $510,748.15 were received from Washington in three remittances last week-end and Monday: 1186 Friday; 2034 Saturday; and 510 Monday. The corn-hog committee began issuing the first batch Saturday morning at the Kossuth County State bank building, and checks received Saturday wore being given out Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday the corn-hog committee started a tour of the North End to distribute checks. Yesterday checks were given out at the Legion hall, Swea City; today the committee is at the C. 0. F. hall, Bancroft; tomorrow checks will be given out at the Woodman hall, Lakota; and Saturday the committee will be at the K. & IT. oil station at Titonka. Return Here Next Week. After Sunday the committee will again give out checks Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday at the Kossuth County State hank building here. It is figured that by Wednesday nearly all of the checks will have been delivered, and the committee will give out the rest at its quarters at the courthouse till the second-payment checks arrive. Friday's batch of 1.186 checks totaled $146,105.90; Saturday's 2034, $296,753.45; and Monday's, 510, Conference Headquarters TWO DIVORCES GRANTED AS COURT OPENS Judge Heald Starts Term; Empanels Grand Jury. $64,099.65. Some 842 checks, totaling approximately $120*000, were given out Monday here. Green was called Marshal F. W. to stand at the door of the bank building and keep |na on the Livermore 41-yd. tne line in order. The crowd was Algona made 5 on a lateral ] not disorderly, but the more bold 'were shoving the timid aside in a rush to get their money. "Work is Systematized. 16 tor first down. First Quarter Scoreless. i the next play a fumble and I pass from center was recov- ^1 by Livermore on the latter's ^^P Iin 6' Livermore made 4 and ' 3, but was held for a yard he next play. A punt was ked, and Algona recovered on 149-yd, line. Bgona made 5 and in two plays 'TpHIS IS THE FIRST Methodist Episcopal Church of Algona, headquarters for the Northwest Iowa *- Methodist Conference, which opened its 1934 sessions at the church yesterday afternoon. The cut is an old one which has been in the Advance's "morgue" nobody knows how long, but it still presents a faithful picture of the building. Oldtimers may be able to guess approximately when the picture was taken by noting the trees and the costumes of the two women. The building is now in its 35th year. AIR SHOW TO BE GIVEN SUNDAY AT FIELD NEAR HERE Crowd Jams Bank for C-H Checks Candidate There will be thrills for Kossuth airplane fans Sunday, when the Iowa Air Show Co., Des Moines, will present its second annual air T ., ,, , .,,. ,. .,, (Show here. The planes will land Inside the building the committee :,„ a fie]d on the Mo f one had set up well-oiled machinery to hnlf m ,, 0 south of the county fn give out the checks. A farmer \ Q1 . two mjlcs south of the Hobarton would present his notice to call for ilt Th h ,„ t his check. This bore a number, ' O ' c \ oc ^ and it was handed to A. E. Clayton A bjg feature not goen hei , e be _ , but a pass was intercepted't' 06 indicated the window at which Football. (Continued on page 10.) county chairman, who checked it! fore wil , be aorobatlc flying con . ,.~,~, on the appropriate compliance re-, trolled , rad , 0i T]lig , B OM of the i first down on the Livermore | P° rt . stamped it, and returned it to : newest advances in airplane sci- 1 '- A line play was good:*} 16 £ r j™ r A A nu ™.h r - ""J^,™; lence which is being perfected by army and navy flying units for war use. The control station will be in the announcers' stand on the field. Upside down flying will be other thriller, to be provided Andy Anderson, Iowa's leading stunt pilot. A watch which will be attached to a parachute and be dropped from a plane will be the property of the first person to find it. A $5 gasoline coupon book on the local Royal 400 station, which will fur- Inesday. George was bound to under bond of jarch Discloses [Illegal Liquor on Farm at Lu Verne al officers helped R. C. Ref Mason City, state agent, jf> three liquor raids last week Ristau, Lu the grand $1,000 but warrants in two other cases lied no liquor. the Ristau farm a half pint of '"' was found, and he was in,. » Vlth illegal Possession of wealing liquor not purchased a state liquor store or hav- on the bottle. He waived J hearing before Justice liam a p' d , boml was f « rn ished by j™ Ristau. also Lu Verne rcn warrants for the Fred ana James L. Cameron revealed nothing found. ~ — __ ALGONA Markets he was to call and the book number in which he was to sign a receipt. All four teller's windows in the building were kept busy, each with j a member of the committee, or Carl Hutchins, corn-hog county treasurer, in charge. In a few seconds, by means of the number, the check was located and delivered. Checks In Three Minutes. It took only three minutes from for the planes, will be dropped to become the the time a farmer entered the bank , nish gas till he had his check in hand, un-: similarly less he was held up by a line at the I property of the finder. window or stopped to talk. Local- Other program features will in- ing a check and the compliance sheet among 5000 was systematized in a way that worked to perfection. The checks are printed on heavy safety paper as stiff as light cardboard and are not to be folded. On the right end are small rectangular perforations, in machine [Pounds Mounds HOGS $4.00 $4.75 . wt. 160-170 Ibs. ." v W h ?°° t0 30 ° - ____ * 6 ™ Dark bUtch ' 30 °- 350 --W.OO Pack, sows, 30.0-350 ....$5.85 BOWS, 400 *fi oc . sows, 400-500-::;::-- and cutters $1.00 to $1.60 ---------- 2 ' 00 to * 2 - 75 links S to to $7.00 $3.00 to $4.00 $3.00 to $4.25 $2.00 to $2.40 , ,, GHAUT >*How corn White corn ..I corn _ oats ,11 EGOS 680 72o ' cream""" 20o Up 25c fans overTS* I, 4U il ** los - llC •AS: a i d . under •-—[» "*~ ——-———-.».. «oO -lie ~9o These are important checking when the elude a parade of planes over Algona, a light-plane race, ribbon cutting, the bombing of an auto, balloon bursting, and a free-for-all race. A parachute jump from a lieight of 5000 feet will be made if weather permits. checks are returned to the AAA in Washington. The machines will show the fact if a given check does not fit the holes. It was to keep the checks in condition for the machine checking that farmers were cautioned not to fold them. $150,000 Yet to Come. There remains some $150,000 in checks to come to complete first payment. These are mostly where there were landlord or other interests which require time to straighten. They are expected shortly. The second payment is expected early in November. The envelopes and the enclosed notices of arrival of checks are important in effecting speedy delivery, because of the numbers they bear, and farmers must have the same with them when they call for checks. A notice is sent out for each check, and if any contract signer has not yet received a notice, it is because his check is not yet here. Disorderly Couple Ordered from Town A charge of keeping a disorderly house where drunkenness, quarreling, fighting, and perhaps immorality took place was filed last week Tuesday against Mr. and Mrs. James Cameron, and at a hearing before Justice Danson they were given till last Saturday to leave town. It is understood that they departed but are now in the North End. The case has been continued pending good behavior. They lived east of the C. & N. W. tracks. Officers searched the home for liquor but found nothing. Equipment for Band. The school board »as agreed to outfit members of the high school band, with new coats and hats. T HIS PICTURE was taken Monday afternoon as a crowd of farmers stood in the rain waiting for .a chance to get their corn-hog checks. Marshal Green is at the door to keep the crowd moving steadily. Photo by Brown, of Pet arson's Studio. in Ledyarder Held; Is Charged With Carrying Weapon August Steinberg, Ledyard, was bound over to the grand jury at the present term of court Saturday on the charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Bond was fixed by Justice Dansou at $1,000 which he was unable to furnish. Steinberg got drunk at Ledyard Friday night, and in a cafe he waved a gun threateningly. The cafe help finally got him out of the buiiding, then locked him out. Trying to get in again, he damaged the door somewhat. Failing to get in, he went down the street and fired the gun several times. Marshal Barnes arrested Steinberg and called Deputy She iff Casey Loss, who got him at 1.30 Saturday morning. He waived preliminary hearing. The gun was a .32 calibre revolver. Oil Station Leased. The west State street Standard Oil station has been leased by Thomas Frankl, who formerly clerked in the shoe department at tte Goeders store. Louis Skilling who was operating the station, is moving to Mason City. — 24 Replies E>an Fiunell, Advance eiu- idore for the last several years, ffiued Personal experience £rt% & the P»^ P°has of Advance want-ads. He nas Sree guns for sale, and las uS he advertised them, with he resuH that up to Saturday noon he had received 21 replies. HOME TALENT TO BE SPONSORED BY AUXILIARY HERE Eighty locally prominent men and women will appear in "School Days," a home talent comedy to be presented October 15-16 under auspices of the Algona Legion Auxiliary in the new high school auditorium. Ruth Hall, owner and copyright- er, will direct the cast. Miss Hall has for years had wide experience j in presenting home talent produc-' tions. She is a graduate of the dramatic department of the Iowa state university. Mrs. V. V. Naudain, Auxiliary president, has named the following lommittees: General committee — Mrs. Naudain, Mrs. W. P. French, Leola Zeigler. Cast—Mrs. French, Mrs, A. E. Kresensky, Miss Zeigler. Properties and Costume—Mrs. E. R. Morrison. Publicity and advertising—Mrs. Anton Didriksen. Tickets and finance—Mrs. Glen Roland. An advance ticket sales campaign will be conducted, and chairmen will be Mrs. L. W. Fox, first ward; Mrs. Win. C. Dau, Second ward; Mrs. Henry Becker, Third ward; Mrs. R. H, Guderian, Fourth ward. Drunk is Fined, Andrew Steinhoff, Buffalo Center, entered a plea of guilty Monday to a charge of drunkenness, in Justice Danson's court. He was first arrested near Livermore August 9, and at that time resisted Deputy Sheriff Casey Loss, who filed a charge of resisting an officer against him. This charge was dismissed on his plea of guilty to drunkenness. He was fined $10 and costs of $3.75, which he paid. New House is Planned. William Ludwig, employed at the county shops near the fairgrounds, has excavated a basement for a 36x40 one-story home on the same street but on the other side, a little way north of the new Merle Wellendorf lunch room. Look,, Listen, Says Man Hit Court was opened Monday, with Judge George A. Heald, Spencer, on the bench. John II. Foth was named bailiff; Lyle Pugh, clerk of the grand jury. The grand jury was empanelled Tuesday, and Jos. Loebach, Whittemore, was named foreman. The other grand juriors are Norman Anderson, Swea City; Matt. Bormann, Algona; Mike Freilinger, Livermore; Earl Cushman, Bancroft; Lloyd Colwell, Ledyard; Henry Seller, Algona. The jury is expected to report today, County Attorney M. C. McMahon said yesterday. New Divorce Granted. Two divorces were granted yesterday. George Good, Spirit Lake, was granted a divorce from Phyllis Good on a charge of cruelty. The petition said the couple were married in June, 1930, but separated in June this year. Mrs. Good was formerly Phyllis Benson, Algona, and she is now living with her parents. One child, Jerry, In custody of the mother. In a stipulation agreed to pay $20 a month towards support of the child. The petition was not filed till Tuesday. Mrs. Anne Madson was granted a divorce from C. R. Madson on a charge of desertion, and she was given custody of three minor children. One Man Sentenced. Charles Walz, of the Fenton- Swea City-Ringsted neighborhood, pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge of receiving stolen property and was given a suspended jail sentence-'of- six months. Meanwhile he paroled to Sheriff Dahlhauser. was also fined $100, which he aid. Walz was arrested last winter, hen property stolen at Fenton and Rodman was found in his pos- ession. Six Cases Dismissed. Six criminal cases were dismissed. -gainst dgonian, which had been pending , long time ; a charge against Jas. Thome of statutory rape; Julius lentsch, driving while intoxicated; Albert Boltjes, release from a eace bond; A. D. Vernon, driving vithout a license; J. E. Ridge, cru- Ity to animals. Two criminal cases have been presented to the grand jury, one a harge of larceny in the nighttime against Hubert Johnson, the other against August Steinberg, charged vith carrying concealed weapons. ''THIS IS J. J. MEYERS, Carroll •*• lawyer, democratic candidate for Congress who will speak before the county Young Democrats club at the Country club clubhouse next Monday evening. The Steinberg elsewhere. on On August 80 IVt A. Peters, Burt, brother of Dr. IV. T. Peters, ran into a Northwestern freight train at the pavement crossing north of Burt, and last week's Eagle Grove Eagle quoted li!in as writing: "Never cross a railroad without looking! "I wantr to thank my friends for their kind interest in me, especially the doctor, and the railroad men who brought me to my home. "I think I saw the longest engine that ever went over . the Northwestern road! I saw it only one or two seconds and when I woke up 80 feet down the bank free from the wreck of my car, with my shoulder dislocated and a few minor cuts and bruises, I hardly knew how It happened. "I have crossed that crossing 600 or 700 time each year for the past two years, and I never saw an engine near that crossing before; but I did not look this time. "So take my advice, and take time to look; you may meet that engine. Don't blame the railroad men; the engineer could not stop that mountain of steel in a short distance." TOTAL OF THREE DAYS RAIN IS m INCHES Democratic Rally Held at Clubhouse A county democratic Dutch lunch and conference took place last Thursday evening at the Country club clubhouse. C. B. Murtagh eighth district member of the state central committee, L. B. Linnan county chairman, precinct chairmen, county candidates, and others to the number of 100 altogether were in attendance. Mr. Linnan reported a most satisfactory meeting !—* —• • Short tq Speak Here. It is announced ' that Wallace Short, Farm-Labor candidate foi governor, will speak at the court house next Monday evening at 8. They were a liquor case Chester Johnson, former case is reported Rain has fallen the last four days for a total of 2.76 inches. Tuesday's rain, after 7 p. m., made 1.13 inches. This brought the grand total for the month so far to 4.23 inches, whereas normal for September is 3.67 inches. Thus September is the fourth month in succession to be above normal in rainfall. Mother nature, who last spring denied much needed moisture, now seems intent on enough to make up. Rains last summer soaked into the ground. The river showed little or no rise all summer. The temperature last week Wednesday rose to 83 but Saturday morning dropped as low as 34. The week's record follows: September September September September September September September 19' 20 21 22 23 24 25 83 74 51 67 61 80 73 52 38 35 34 47 59 50 .36 .49 .37 .77 Five Permits to Wed. Marriage licenses have been issued by District Court Clerk McEvoy to: Leon Beardsley, Dorothy Gierke, Mankato; Francis Brennen, Manning, Mary Merrill, Nicholas Doocy, Anna Marie Lampe, all of Bancroft; George N. Christensen and Frane E. Mosher, both of Zumbrota, Minn.; Jasper Vaughn and Dorothy Stoddard, both of Lu Verne. ACADEMY OPENS FOOTBALL SEASON SUNDAY AFTERNOON St. Cecelia's academy will play its first football game this season next Sunday afternoon at Athletic park against the Immaculate Conception academy, Charles City. Prices of admission will be 35c and 15c. Coach Arthur Nordstrom is priming his team for this opening game. During the first week of practice the team worked mainly on blocking and tackling, but has since practiced signals, formations, and defensive as well as offensive play. Weather permitting, the team was to work out in scrimmage against the high_school team last night or tonight. ••'••••The academy squad totals 25, and Coach Nordstrom has five letter men from last year—Bode, Diem, Patterson, Baker, and Seipman. Seller and Butler had experience last year as substitutes. Van Allen, Bud Lichter, Streit, and Barry have also seen a little scrimmage. The academy line will average between 155 and 160 pounds a man, but the backfield is lighter, though it promises to be fast. Barry, at center, weighs 180 pounds, and is heaviest man on the team. Coach Nordstrom believes the starting line-up for Sunday's game will be as follows: Ends, Diem and Jack Streit; tackles, Glair Seipman and Stanley Patterson; guards, Bob Selzer and Butler; center, William Barry; quarterback, Darwin Baker; halfbacks, Bode and Edward Van Allen; fullback, Bud Lichter. Thissen, Prankl, and Gilbride will be line substitutions, and Hagg will fill in the backfield if needed. Kenneth Mercer and Howard M. Vinson will be officials. Pheasant Season Tentative Dates Are Nov. 24, 27, 28 The state Fish and Game commission has set tentative dates for an open pheasant season this fall and they are November 24-27-28 Hunting will be allowed only from noon till 5 p. m. Only three male birds will be allowed, and the possession limit will be six birds after the first day. The dates are tentative pending two hearings, one at Spencer yesterday, the other at Waterloo tomorrow. Twenty-nine counties are listed as follows: Lyons, Sioux, Osceola O'Brien, Cherokee, Dickinson, Clay Buena Vista, Emmet, Palo Alto Pocahontas, Kossuth, Humboldt Floyd, Butler, Grundy, Howard Brerner, Black Hawk, Fayette, Bu chanan, and Chickasaw. From November 15 to January 15 will be open season on fur-bearing animals, except beaver and otter Muskrats are legal in only half o the Iowa's counties, including Kos suth. SERIES OF 4 LECTURES FOR PUBLIC DATED Bishop Magee Slated for Sermon Sunday Morning. Methodist ministers and lay delegates to the annual Northwest Iowa Methodist conference, with. their wives, converged on Algona. from all points of the compass yesterday morning, and by late afternoon hundreds had registered. The conference will continue till next Monday, and meanwhile the ministers, delegates, and their women will be quartered at night in Algona and other homes. Some go to surrounding towns. Conference is Welcomed. The first business of the conference yesterday afternoon was registration and assignments to homes. Between 2:30 and 5 o'clock various boards and commissions met. The Aid served supper at the church at 6. Dist. Supt. Muhleman presided at the first open session at 7:15 at tha church last evening. Mrs. Viola Smith is Delegate. N. A. Smith is Algona lay delegate to this week's Northwest Iowa Slethodist Conference. Bishop played a prelude opening the program, a hymn was sung, prayer was offered, A. Hutchison. welcomed the conference to Algona, the Rev. J. Robt. Hoerner extended a welcome on behalf of otter churches here, and Bishop Magee responded. Pageant Last Night. After 8 o'clock there was a half hour's business meeting, ,and at 8:30 a pageant entitled A Daughter of the Dawn was presented by the local church. This depicted the beginnings and development of Methodism in America and dramatized the life and works of Barbara, Heck. Methodism in . America is celebrating its sesquicentennial,~ or 150th year, in 1934. Mrs. M. G. Bourne, John Dowell, Mrs. 0. B. Laing, Me- Mr. Laing, T. C. Hutchison, Ruth Mai- tieg, E. A. Genrich, and Mary Ellen. Halpin had parts in this production and were aided by singers and. thers. The Rev. A. H. Wood osed the program with the bene-~ ction. Business Sessions Today. This morning at 8:30 Bishop J. Ralph Magee, St. Paul, presiding;, ill conduct devotions, and at 0 clock a memorial services for de- ased ministers will be held, with: n address by the Rev. T. B. Coins, Rock Rapids. Various confer- nce events will take up the rest ot time till noon, when dinner will Democrats to Dance. A dance will be given next Monday night at the Country club clubhouse by the Kossuth Young Democrats club. It will be open to the public, and tickets are already on sale. J. J. Meyers, of Carroll, democratic nominee for congress, will speak. -*- Drunk Minnesotan Arrested at Burl Joseph James Wolf, Austin Minn., was arrested Sunday at Bur for drunkenness and, brought to Al gona. In Justice White's cour Monday he pleaded guilty and wa fined $20 and costs of $6.25. H paid $6.00 and was released, th rest of the fine and costs to b paid today. The arrest was mad by Marshal Walter Stewart. Gilehrist Stops Here. Congressman GilcUrist was here yesterday, en route to his home at Lauren*, after having given an. address at Duncan. He ~wa,8 acoom- fraternity at panied. by his secretary. [Ames. Clay Bird Shoot, There will be a clay bird shoo at Fenton next Sunday, with duck and geese as prizes. Shells will b available on the grounds. Fre Kucker, Is In charge. Kossuth Boy Richard A. Cowan pledged to tbe Phi has bee Delta Theta cpllegi Methodists. Continued on page 10.) OWN GRID TEAM TO PLAY SANBORN SUNDAY The Sanborn Independents will ome next Sunday for the first ootball game here against the lo> al Independents under lights at Uhletic park at 7:30 p. m. The local line-up of the local quad has not yet been completed, iut Louis Moore will be captain-, nd others who have indicated wll- ingness to play are Adams, Mar- inek, McDonald, Cosgrove, Atkla- ion, Austin, Samp, and Lichter. Coach Mercer will probably be in. he backfield, and out-of-town stars. expected to play include Francis White, coach at Bancroft and a. 'our-year letter man at Columbia college, Dubuque; John Warring- on, Estherville, S. U. I. star; Ber» ier, Humboldt, who played with, Algona last year; and Bob Burns, coach of St. Mary's, Emmetsburg. The local squad will be as good as in past years, if not better* Season tickets for games are being sold at $1.50. Algona Circuit Meet. A meeting of the Algona circuit of the Lutheran church will tak«i place Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock it the Trinity Lutheran church. Eleven congregations will participate and the work of the synod will be discussed. The Rev. R. W T Kabelitz, Fenton, will preside. Visiting Pastor* to Preach Sunday in Local Pulpits Ministers attending the North* vest Iowa Conference will ba guest speakers at other local churches Sunday morning as follows: i(49 ' Congregational— The Key. K, f, Arrowsinith, Cherokee. Presbyterian— The Ker, S, ]& Watson, Sioux City. '* Irvlngton—The 14pto$ •*• ~ < 1>.

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