Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1934 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 20, 1934
Page 2
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA Legion Auxiliary Schools of Instruction Heldjbr^ County OFFICERS OF 8 UNITS IN WESLEY MEET "Wesley, Sept. 19— Mrs. L. L. l«ase attended a district school of Instruction at Fort Dodge last •week, conducted by Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, Britt, committeewoman for the eighth district. This week Wednesday afternoon " Marie Gisch, St. Joe Girl, Wedded at Church Tuesday St. Joe, Sept. 19—Marie, daugh- i sary Monday evening. Relatives and ter of Ben Gisch became the bride ; c i ose friends spent the evening with of Henry M., son of Mr. and Mrs. th Henry Ziemet Sr, Tuesday morning at 8 o'clock at St. Joseph's Catholic church. The Rev. George Theobald, paster, read the nuptial mass. at Other St. Joe. Mrs. A. L. Schiltz, Bancroft, and usa. I her son Arthur, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn The bride wore an ankle-length Francis, St. Benedict, and Kathryn white satin dress with cap-shaped Wright, St. Paul, were Sunday af- veil and accessories of white. The ternoon visitors at Mrs. Lucy Wag- bridesmaid was Genevieve Gisch, ner's. sister of the bride, and she wore a; Mr. and Mrs. Alphons Berte, Mrs. homo 'foT countv offices'of' Iight nile green flat cre P e dress ^ UgUSt Berte ' and Mrs< Elringer >1o™AuxUary nndI the now-! with white accessories. The bride left last week Wednesday for a tedpresidents' of the Sght ! carried an arm bouquet of pink ros- , few days with relatives at Dell Ra- county units. About 16 members es .? nd Hy-of-the valley, and heriPids S D of the eight units will attend. bridesmaid carried a bouquet of L Mr. _and Mrs. _B. j J.,Odell,_ Ban- There will be a joint meeting of the Kossuth county American Legions and their Auxiliaries at Ban- .... croft Thursday evening, September brldal P. art y and G0 relatives and 27, at S o'clock. County officers, close '™ nds at the bridegroom's Two salesmen are canvass ng the will he niertnrl. Tho first rfiirtil.ir Parental home. vicinity. One sells the Extension Mr. and Mrs. Ziemet gave a dance ] magazine, Minneapolis, the other Tuesday evening at the Livermore ! the Catholic Daily Tribune, Le- 1 Imll IVTn rs. riesma carre a ouque o ' « . . . e, an- pink asters. The bridegroom was croft, and Mr. and Mrs, Victor attended by his brother Peter. j Hammer, Irvington, were last week A reception was given for the ! Tuesday afternoon visitors at Wm. "iflnl ™nvtv nrwl firt »«rtlo + Jima ««,1 , HtlTTmier'R. will be elected. The first regular county quarterly meeting Auxiliary will be held at of the Titonka Tuesday afternoon, October 9, at 2 o'clock. hall. Minnesota Man Calls Here— Guy C. Giddiugs, Burt, and his "brother-in-law, Hiram Ward,-Windon!, Minn., called Friday upon Guy's father and Hiram's relative, W. P. Giddings. Mr. Giddings' deceased wife, formerly Eliza Ward, «nd Hiram's father. Herman Ward, •were cousins. The two visiting men liad been to Whittemore to sec Hia-am's mother and the mother of Guy's wife, Mrs. Matilda Ward, spcnt at 16 tables o£ 50 ° and six •widow of Herman, who suffered a tab j e * of brld S°- Mrs. George Neu•«+-„!,„ „u i A_.. .1 •»«•_._ ana Mrs. ArrmlH T^ollnor n rlnnT- The newlyweds, both well known Mr - and Mrs. Nick Thilges, and in this vicinity, will live on a farm daughters, and Peggy Gales drove two miles south and a mile east of to Fort Dodge Friday, and Mrs. St. Joe, owned and operated the.Thilges received medical attention past several years by the bridge- there groom. *•'-• Shower Honors Mario Gisch Mrs. Jos. Gisch, Madelia, Minn., and her daughters Bernadine and Alvina went home Sunday evening, HIT uoiiurs iviaruj wiscii — *»ivmu. WCUL uumu ciuuaay evi grocery and miscellaneous I after a short visit here. ver was given Sunday afternon' Mr - and Mrs. Peter Kayser suuwer was given csunaay atternon ' •""• """ iwia. x uier i\ayser were at the St. Joe hall, honoring Marie Fort Dodge callers last week Wed- Gisch, and the bride-to-be received nesday. Mr. Kayser had teeth ex- many gifts. The afternoon was tracted. stroke about ten days ago. Mrs. "Ward's eight sons are in this and the Whittemore vicinity, having come to see their mother. Of her tour living daughters, the two living nearby are attending her. "Aux" V.leets Officers— At its meeting last Thursday the American Legion Auxiliary elected officers: president, Mrs. Ruth Garman; vice, Mrs. Clara Aldrich: secretary, Mrs. Edna Flom; treas- and Mrs. Arnold Kellner a door man. Algona, won a 500 prize, Irene Mrs. George Thul and her daughter Bertha were visitors at Mike Thul's near Whtttemore, last week. Aloysius, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hutu, .ti-i^vjucv, >v uu cl, UUU \)l l£c, J.J miu .?«.»»«» uuu u*. J.TAI. tltiu 1V11B* Geishecker won a bridge prize i Cn ''is Gales, left Sunday for Omaha nnrl TV'Tro At»nnlr1 Trftn««— n J nn « t.O fltfpnrt Hrnifrlltrirt iitii.rfM.r.:4--A and Mrs. Arnold Kellner a door prize. Lunch was served to 155. Nicholas Becker to College— Lawrence and Nicholas Becker and Caspar Thilges, St. Joe, and a friend from Clare left last week Tuesday for Baltimore, where Nicholas and his friend remained to attend school. Lawrence and secretary, Mrs. Edna Plom; treas- ILLCUU »cnuui. .Lawrence ana tirer, Mrs. Celia Bonstetter; histor- Cas P ar planned to get back Tues- ian, Mrs. Edna Flora; sergeant-at- day ni e ht °r Wednesday this week. arms, Laura Wolf; executive board members, Mrs. Helen Johnson, Mrs. H. H. Flom, Mrs. Martha Welter. •Glasses of jelly were brought by members Thursday night, to be used in welfare work during the winter. Some has already been passed out. The Auxiliary will mee next week Tuesday evening, for installation of officers, conducted by Hflrs. Helen Johnson. H. S. Class Officers Named— Class officers were elected at the imblic high school Friday. President, vice president, and secretary- treasurer were elected, as follows; seniors, Dennis Lickteig, Johnette Looft, and Gladys Haverly; juniors Lawrence Goetz, Catherine Wolf and Lucille Eisenbacher; sopho- anores, Margaret Garnian, Mary Ag- 3ies Kunz, Dolores Hauptman; treshmen, Jerrold Aldrich, Shirley "Wolf, and Duane Sherman. Jtoyal Neighbor Play Planned The Royal Neighbors will give a I>lay, Miss Prosperity on Parade, at Kleinpeter hall this week Friday or Saturday evening at 8 o'clock. There will be a cast of 75 persons, including 24 chorus girls. The Mes- tlames George Ward, John Ormsby, Vee Mullin, and Miss Ida Young "will take the leading parts. Ad- inission is 25 and 15 cents. Xizzie Danzer Sister Dead— Emma Studer has a letter lluul Xlzzie Danzer, former Wesley girl -at Austin, Minn., telling of the sudden death from heart failure of her sister, formerly Agnes Danzer, in •August. Agnes had been married 30 years, and was living in San Francisco. For many years she 3ia<J cared constantly for her husband, a victim of paralysis. Attend Keunion at Algona— The J. T. Meurer family attended •a Lemke family reunion at Ambrose A. Call state park, Algona, -Sunday. Mrs. Elizabeth Lemkee •cared for and reared Mrs. Meurer and her twin sister, who were left motherless in infancy, '-Daughter for the Goetzes— A daughter born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goetz Saturday, September 8, •was baptized at St. Joseph's church •Sunday, and named Lois Marilyn. 'Mrs. Helen Johnson and Vincent Cruise were sponsors. TFonr Hear Colonel Boosereltr— Four men went from here Monday afternoon to hear the address wy Colonel Roosevelt at Des Moines tnat evening: the Rev. Mr. McNulty and the Messrs. Welter, Kraus and Kin Fox. 'Wesley Loses to Renwlck— The boys lost their first ball Wooden Wedding is Observed— Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kirsch celebrated their fifth wedding anniver- 30 FRESHMEN ENROLLED IN LEOTARD H,S, Ledyard, Sept. 18—A freshman class of 30 entered school this fall. They are: Verna Berglund, Lena Bauman, Joyce Corhus, Marjorie Cassem, Ruth Estle, Geneva Gelhaus, Alvina Halvorson, Delores Hassebrock, Agnes Junkermeier, Hazel Loge, Beulah Looft, Betty Matzener, Doris McDonald, Marjorie Oswald, Doris and LaVonne Olsen, Margaret Smith, Bernard Anderson, Kenneth Busch, Arlowe Blome, Glen Dyer, Kingsley En- jelby, Milford Herzog, Robert Kollasch, Glen Lloyd, Lorenz Nitz, Elmer Paulson, Norman Sampson, Edwin Steenhard, and Marjorie Steenhard. Friday night they were 'initiated" by the sophomores, with the faculty as guests .The initiation varied a little from that of previous years in that instead of doing so many things to the freshman the sophmores only made them do more things. Watermelon was served. School Association Officers Named* Officers elected by the Purple and Gold school association are: president, Howard Dyer; vice, Elaine Blome; secretary-treasurer, Hildred Vaughn. Members on the board for each activity are: music, ;hairman, Ella Goetz, secretary, Henrietta O'Keefe, Luetta Gelhaus; athletics chairman, Howard Dyer, secretary, Arvid Brandt, Ellwood 3reen who also acts as manager; to attend Creighton university. Several of the Sisters from St. Benedict visited the St. Joseph Sisters Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Becker spent last Thursday evening at Herman Becker's, Livermore. The George Schallers were Sunday visitors at Rudolph Naeve's near Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Eischen were at Peter Kayser's last week Wednesday. A considerable number of St. Joe folks attended the Spencer fair last week. She received many Runksmeier. gifts. Depping Son to College— The Rev. Mr. Depping returned from Wisconsin Friday. The Dep- pings took the son Alivn to Plymouth to attend college. Mrs. Mary Tillmoney Sick- Mrs. Mary Tillmoney is confined to her bed under care of Doctor Devine. Other Leflvnrd News, The Alfred Zielskes, Herbert Zielske, and Mrs. Harriett Matzener visited Elmer Zielske in a hospital at Mankato, last week Monday. The following day th Arthur Zielskes, Mrs. L. A. Nit son Paul, and Mrs. Frank Nit called on him. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen en tertained Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Sal ling, of Klemme, the A. C. Andei sons, Des Moines, the T. H. Christ iansons, Ringsted, and Mrs. Aim Baack, Kanawha, and the latter 1 family Sunday. Lawrence Pingle, Ruth Jones and Adelaide Randall went to Man kato Saturday to see Elmer Zielske Wilson Brack, Leonard and May nard Warner, and Jack Moulton were there Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence McCorkle Kansas City, Mo., Vera McCorkle Mrs. E. A. McCorkle, and Mrs. E W. Pfahler, all of Mason City were guests at Ralph Olsen's las week Tuesday. Mrs. H. M. Dyer and Willis were at Fairmont last week Wednesday Mrs. Alice Shively, St. Paul, am Mrs. O. W. Blomster, Swea City called on Mrs. Blanche Jenks las orensics chairman, Alice iecretary, Edith Logan, .ooft; literary chairman Haage, Klinksiek, secretary and business manager of Putuwiz, Howard Dyer, *~!laine Blome, V. F. M. S. Officers Elected— The W. P. M. S. met with Mrs. toy Link Friday, and Mrs. Joe rtayne led devotionals, Mrs. Glen Yahnke the lesson. Officers were ilected: president, Mrs. Glen Yahn:e; vice, Mrs. V. A. Barrett; sec-t etary Mrs. Roy Link; treasurer; Mrs. D. B. Mayer. The following committee was appointed to make out programs: Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Link, and Mrs. Mayer. Mrs. Jos. — ~v „.... Mayne, former president, had held Renwick, here Friday, the office for seven years, but ba- Thursday. Mrs. Ace _ __„„» . ^u ,wv>i c AULI months, has returned to her horn Beulah in Washington. Before marriag Lillian she was Etta Allison. Warner's niece, who relatives here fou .— = will be with juu Verne at Lu Verne this week Sruesday afternoon. Other Wesley News. Bible Study was -held at the Methodist church this week Tues- ''lay evening. Sicial board There will be an of- meeting this week —„. M m^^i.m£ LUIS weeit Thursday evening at 8. All members are requested to be present, avext Sunday is the last Sunday be , - , ° au f e of poor health felt tha t she J. W. Hartahom />/in1r1 -nn+ ««« + !«..- ^ ___ wMWiti, The V. A. Barretts spent Sunday at Charles Raney's, south of Liv ermore, and Mrs. Barrett's sister Beth came here to work for Mrs D. B. Mayne. Mrs. C. D. Montgomery, Forest City, Mrs. Otto Richter, Elmore and Mrs. Clifton Engelby and Oryille spent last Thursday at Leon worden's. Mesdames L. W. Wiemer, V A Barrett, Mary Tillmoney, Blanche Jenks, and Tice Brack called on Mrs. D. B. Mayer at Bancroft last Thursday. The Rex Austins, Lone Rock and Rex's sister, Mrs. Gladys Englehart Denver, visited their uncle « *•**! » iiiv^ii V^UllVl Wednesday evening, 'lember 26. at Sep. Members of the local Congregational church attended serivces conducted by the Rev. Morris John•«ou at the Upper Plat church Sun- could not continue. Mores Feature Last Week- Last week was move week. Tuesday Mrs. Martha Gable moved to the house vacated by the August Knoners; Wednesday the J. H. Welfares moved to their own home; Thursday the Charles Hil- fertys moved to the Welfare place at the edge of town. The Edward Knoners have the house vacated by the Hilfertys, and the Harold Granners are where the Knoners were. (Jrunt Defeats HlgL School— o'clock this "9*hursday. day. Mon- Ralph Olsen drove to Ellsworth last week Wednesday on business , h i s u father> N " R Olsen - accompanied him here for a short visit The Rev. P. O. Johnson has returned from Knoxville, much improved in health. His operation was on his nose, not the throat. The Leon Wordens are installing a furnace. Mrs. Warden's father Edward Campbell, of Seneca is coming to live with her. Erma Kemmerer, R. N., and Louise Springer, Boone, visited at Aeilt.Troff's and the Albert Barnes home last week Tuesday. The Dell and Raymond Barslous, . Mrs. Michael Schrauth returned «• her home at Geneva, 111., Saturday. Since the burial of her bus- - yurd, Moulton and Barnes. Leonard Warner played first base for «toetz. Mrs. Kate Kennedy, Algeria, visited her daughter, Mrs. Alfred Erd, Sunday. Mrs. I. W. Vogel Arbor, Mich., formerly Stella Matem, visited her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Matem and relatives, last Week. Mrs. May Harris, Se.vton, and her ^daughter Mary visited their daugh- high school played its first .., uu , - - •-- " sanie this fall on the Grant Edna Green, and Alfred Rarainn' T^iaT a .'J ?=°Vf ST,x a r™ 0s ,-S rsr D '«,r k *-£%* was^ Kelly and Boevers; for Led- The William Flynns and the William Garrys attended a Catholic w P .? er 2 Buffal ° Center la* week Wednesday. The L. W. Wiemers vsiited Jule Sieferfs grading camp last week Wednesday. It is west of Swea City L. A Nitz and Prank Patterman went to South Dakota last, week Tuesday for a truckload of cattle Born to Harm Dontjes September 8, a girl, who has been named Martha Ann. The Methodist Aid had a cooky sale last week Wednesday and realized better than ?9. Evelyn Anderson and Mr?, ieorge Anderson returned to Chi- »'* Ji » • M - f •• IfelAl. kJllllLll, and Rolland Kollasch, the outfield. Aid Will Elect Today— Mesdames Thompson, Pingle Burrows, Olson, Lauritzen, and Jos. Mayiie will entertain the Methodist Aid in the church basement this week Thursday. Officers will be elected. , Shower Honors Clarice Berliow— were Milton's n«r7nt c — lE *"u">uay ior uiance Ber- ueorge Andersi were Milton s parents. jhow, recently married, to Arthur cago Saturday. ID AT BURT IN ELECTION OF OFFICERS Burt, Sept. 18—The Aid met last veek Wednesday at the church, he annual election of officers was eld. All old officers were re-elect:d. They are Mrs. C. B. Chipman, resident; Mrs. C. E. Sigsbec, vice resident; Mrs. Bertha Schwietert, secretary; and Mrs. C. S. Coffin, treasurer. A weiner roast and picnic was planned to be held at Mrs. (!. E. Sigsbee's this afternoon. The women will also hold a bake sale Saturday morning at the cream station. Kntertains Kclatives at Dinner— G. C. Giddings was host last Thursday at a dinner party at which he entertained his brothers- in-law. Robert Ward, Rapid City, Si. D., Chandler Ward, Cottonwood, !!. D., Byron Ward, Scenic, S. D., Norma Ward, Pine City, Minn.; Edwin Ward, Minneapolis; Herman Ward, Heron Lake, Minn., Alfred 'Ward, Wessington Springs, S. D., Hiram Ward, Burt; Mike Koppen, Whittemore; and uncle John An- Uer, Box Elder, S. D. The group had not been all together for more I nan 20 years. They had been called here by the serious illness of 1heir mother, Mrs, Matilda Ward, 'vho is at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Mike Koppen, Whittemore. First P. T. A. Meeting Held— The first P. T. A. meeting of the year was held at the school,-house 'ast Thursday evening. The program consisted of a paper on youth by Mrs. C. B. Chipman, a vocal trio by Dorothy Brooke, Vera Chipman, und Lois Graham, two musical readings by Miss Vaughn and a talk by the new president, the Rev. L. Hichmann. Mrs. Sorenson Expected Home— Walter Sorenson and his father md Mrs. Sorenson's mother, Mrs. "d. Bierstedt went to Savannah, [o., Friday to see Mrs. Sorenson, who is taking treatment at the cancer sanitarium there. They ijound her doing nicely and expect- mg to be home in a week or two. t/ibrnry Hoard Elects Officers— The library board held its quart- (jirly meeting Monday afternoon. "JThe Rev. L. Richmann was elected ^resident; Dr. R. H. Thompson, 'ice president; and Mrs. F. L. 5 ratt, secretary, Mrs. Al Staehle r nd Mrs. B. W. Brooke are two ijiew members of the board. Sewlyweds Home From Honeymoon Mr. and. Mrs. Guy Carlson returned Sunday from a two-weeks wedding trip to Chicago. Mrs. Carl- I s on will stay with her parents, Mr. | and Mrs. G. C. Giddings, for the ^resent. Mr. and Mrs. Carlson will start housekeeping till spring. iflissionary Meeting Postponed— The Missionary meeting, which was to have been held Saturday i.t the church, was postponed on £ ccount of the funeral of Mrs. Chas. Dittmer and will be held Wednesday of this week instead. Bewicks Buy Ellsworth Honse— i Fern Sewick has bought the Earl Ipllsworth house, which has been Occupied by the Robert Jones fam- ify. The W. H. Reimers family, Fen- tpn, has moved into the house va- c|ated by the Sewicks. Home From Western Tour- Mr, and Mrs. P. N. Sarchett returned Saturday from a three Week trip in the best, on which they visited relatives at Oakes N Ij>., Spokane, Twin Falls, Idaho, --•' Laramie, Wyo. Operation Not Advisable— W. D. Kearns returned Wednes- day from Iowa City, where he tad : Presbyterians Meets Tomorrow- gone expecting to have a cataract' The Presbyterian church will operation on an eye. The doctors hold Its semi-annual congregation- there did not deem is advisable to al meting at the church Friday ev- operate. Former Tencher Visits Here- Anna Overgaard, who taught h for the last several years and now teaching at the HamlHon ture business college at Mason City, spout the week-end with Burt friends. ening. .Studies Beanty Culture— Virginia Thaves will go to Minn- sre eapolis today to take additional is work at a school of Beauty Cul- 1 Other Hurt News. j The Allan Sallsburys, Tipton, vii |.sited at H. A. Salisbury's .last week Kebckali Founding Remembered— Wednesday to Monday. The Donald The anniversary of the founding Salisburys, Trenton, Mo., also vlsi- of the Rebekah degree will be 6b- ted there from Saturday till Tues- served Thursday by the Burt R6b- day. They came partly to visit Mr ekah lodge with a short progrrim. and Mrs. Claude Salisbury who will There will also be a cafeteria lunbh. | leave soon for their homo at Fort ; Bcnton, Mont. Mrs. Salisbury has Church Gets a Cleaning— spent most of the summer here. The Presbyterian Mite society Mrs. Oscar Anderson, New Rich- met at the church last week Wfed- land, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Frank nesday for the purpose of clean-, Root, Waterville, Minn., visited at ing the building. I ithe Bleich homes Sunday. Grandma Blelch, who has spent the summei here with her children, went back with them to spend the winter witt Mrs. Anderson, her daughter. Mrs. Sid Barteau and daughtei Cella, Oak Park, 111., arrived lasi week Tuesday for a visit with Mrs Barteau's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W E. Stahl, Mr. Stahl, who had beer In poor health for several weeks, is now much better. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stow, thd Charles Olsons, the J. O. Me Don aids, and Mrs. Maude Hanna went to the state park near Dolllver Sun- day.where they met the O. P. Stown of Dolliver and all enjoyed a picnic dinner. Ross Dunday visited Friday witl. his sister Mrs. Martin Grelse, before leaving for New York f N. Y., wherd he Is a nurse. He had been vlsltlnj; his mother at Armstrong. Mrs. Lester Bonstetter, Convlth, spent last week at the W. J, Lock-wood home helping care for her little niece, Shirley, who was qultd sick, but Is now better. Mrs. Frank Snyder and Mrs. Join Sewick left Friday evening for Chicago, where they are visiting rela , /ho Itov. and blno, Mr. ant] Mrs „ Mas ' ' Mason Dnlo, wlu', ' "" ^"«r» r j Saturday * fetu ness r.olic K e nd will, ,, ' atnll to Mr. unil Mrs. »,„„„ , Actually — weigh the coal your dollar buys now with the amount it will buy in November. You'll be amazed when you realize how much you have really saved by buying now! Our low prices will surprise you. Botsford's Peerless Coal On track now and can be delivered from the car. Call BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. Jim Pool, Mgr, Phone 256 ^J^S price ONLY ONE WEEK LEFT TRADE NOW! 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