Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 20, 1934 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, September 20, 1934
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Weather of showers middle ««wc ck « scttBOimMc tern- cooler toward ;34 ALGONA, IOWA, SEPTEMBER 20, 1934 8 Pages Number 1 0 CRASHES USE OF TWO rator of Filling ation Sues Plum >eek Woman. Sles Hoffman, who operates a KB at the junction of lor and Phillips streets near Grhwestern freight station, 1 Tbt suit against Louise • S1018 50 to cover damages in an automobile collision uf 31 at the corner of Mc- iand Hall streets two blocks of the courthouse square. ^Hoffman, whose attorney is llcMabon, alleges that the de- it going north on the west ''Hall street', drove her car as he was going west on r street. The damage claim ,,M for Injuries, $13.50 for i bill, $50 for hired help at Ition three weeks, $255 dam- i car, and $200 for loss of I Hyde lives in Plum Creek jer brother, E. L. Gilbert. Her ; to the petitoin has not yet iled, Another Collision Suit. • collision suit is Thomas •phy vs. Lawrence McEnroe, j'ch plaintiff asks $105.61 dam[This accident happened on i four miles east of Algona Ipril 8. The Murphy car, I by Wendell Jergenson, was ! west, and the McEnroe car joing east. intiff claims the Wire ARRIVE TODAY ACCORDING TO U, S, MESSAGE Checks on Committee Ready to Send Letters of Notification. A package of corn-lmg chocks is expected today from mailings nt 1 Washington Monday and Tuesdiiy. Livermore Coming For The Football Opener Tomorrow Night Under Lights Here The first fonthall game of the which to choose his squad, soason will he played under night park tomorrow lights at Athletic Five Regulars Playing. umpire, and one Garbctt, boldt, lineman. The game will of ton-minute quarters. and bleachers used for baseball at the fair grounds was dragged by trac- Chairnmn A. E. Clayton, of the j tor to the park and set up 'on the county allotment committee, wisj" 01 ' 1 ' 1 Rkl ° Friday. informed yesterday by telephone Blc aehers built rom Des Moines Hint a largo iium- >er of checks hnd been mailed from defendant's over to the north side of laving, where it crashed into Murphy car. Murphy's attor- Ire Shumway & Kelly. . [ Bank Receiver Sued. jr. Wallace, -Los Angeles, has [It suit against the Kossuth r State bank for $3159.80 on a Inote held by him which was |>y the bank to the plaintiff's the late Dugald Wallace. rte«.waBrgiven-t<h-the«-banfc by per near Hobarton.. Plaintiff :lmt the receiver foreclosed a [age securing this and other Shut has not settled for the tee note. Wires Seek Divorces. j new divorce cases were filed peek-end. Emma Moore, Ti- i seeks a decree from Edward to whom she was married pber 16,1931. iber, 1932. They parted In Desertion is There is a son two years jhe other case is Alta vs. Emil and plaintiff alleges gs, threats to commit suicide, [There is a young son. ON INSANITY IS fl ATJOJARY CLUB ! Rotary club met at the Al- Monday and will con- no meet there during the wln- . C. Scanla'n told the club of orts to organize another in- jHent football team. : All local n!s year, he said, need the of the Algona service s well as of all other Al- Linnan spoke briefly ' on •ition week, which Is ob- briefly under auspices of ftlonal and state bar associ- r | Main speaker was the Rev chuldt, son-in-law of the V. Hulse, who told of his an in- as a chaplain In state hospital for the duties Involved search uses and correction of men- [p'urbances. Rotary club has been invited an lnter -°lty m next Tuesday. plin to Build Station Refining Co. few months ago bought of riL Galbra ith estate the font the 8treet n °rth from mi 66 ? 8 * 1 plans to bulld a 0 station there at once [the for occupancy « For the la »t severa has rented the on 'of th, n e co rner ril gona hotel - This sta- " The two sets of bleachers will scat Washington. More than 1500 are '<• moro *-han 500. Two workmen were Post, Two are letter men, and Yeoman has had .experience. A freshman, Verle oe Schmidt, has been placed in a reg- to s ,TS^{Uct ^ r tlbc ab /, G SS-^S^nffiKSluStK to sit in bleachers' on both north sure him a place as a star player, sides. A section of the The beginning line-up tomorrow evening follows: ends, Bob Post and Boron; tackles, George Stewart and Bob Monlux; guards, iBoettcher and Tom Brims; center, . , . . for basketball Irving Miller; quarterback, How- tournamcnts hist year will bo in ard Medin; Clarence Bruns, Verle Place this week on the south side. Schmidt, and Merle Yeoman in the ixpected in the first delivery here. Under no circumstances should 'armors call at the corn-hog of- 'ices here before they have re- leived a letter telling (hem when busy Saturday, tightening joists in the north bleachers. Hoys Do Well nt Practice. Toach Mercer is confident of a good team this soason. The boys and where to call. Checks will bo! showed up well in practice scrim- issued only at the time and pluco specified in the letter. The producer, or person Imago under lights Tuesday ' ing, when the first team played TVllO backfield. Two Out for Injuries. Dick Post suffered an injured C, S, B, ASSETS ! 24 NEW CARS SOLD IN SOLO AT $800 K ™ SE ™ BER HERE TUESDAY Bidding is Slow and No Enthusiasm is Evident. Remaining assets of the County Savings bank representing some $280,000 have been sold at court auction for only $800 to the Guarantee Investment Corporation, Oskaloosa, which makes a practice of buying up final assets o£ closed banks. The sale was held in the courtroom early Tuesday afternoon. Only a small audience was in attendance. There were, howover, muscle in one leg in practice Mon- active bidder's in the unit or item- day evening, and so is out o£ the " line-up for two weeks or more. Maurice Michel suffered a sprained ankle in scrimmage Tuesday and will be out of the game tomorrow. The bleachers on the south side Rock; C. 0. Jacobson, Chris Dahl, | Klamp, Algona, Walter, who lives Fenton; A. J. Martinek, Wesley; H. O n the old home farm, and Mrs. A. G. Beenken, Elmore; Michael 'Christ Jr., Lakota; J. A. Trainer, Burt; Margaret Quinn, Buffalo Center; Fred Tigges, Bancroft; William Thompson, Swea City; C. E. Ward, Wesley; and Metropolitan Life Ins. Co., Fort Dodge. Plymouths—Walter Berglund, Elmore, 'Albert S. Walker, Whittemore, and Ralph Reding, Ottosen. A Chrysler was sold to John Reding, Irvington. signed the contract, must cull in person for his check, and must ro- ceipt in two places for it. Xo one for another fanner's against the seconds. Among the will be reserved for high school " •'" were two Independents who i students, but others may apply at ~'-~ "" ""-'- plenty of the high school building for seats the firsts They were Louis ;an call iheck. Wind-up of the sign-up on contracts comes today. Up to yesterday 3134 contracts had been signed out of a possible 3169. Eagle township has the smallest number, 80, and Wesley is the largest, 144. The average is approximately 112 contracts to the township. The checks will be only the first payment on 1900 contracts sent to Washington in July. Some contracts call for two checks, and the .otal number of checks on the IflOO contracts will be 2500. Another batch of 600 contracts was forwarded some weeks ago, and trans-- mittal sheets for this group were received Monday, which means that they will be paid in due course. It is not known here what will be included in the first shipment of checks, but it is understood that only checks for the 1900 contracts will come. However, there is a chance that the corn-hog office in Washington has combined the two shipments, and that this is what has delayed the first shipment. The county allotment committee has been under fire from farmers wanting to 'know when the checks were coming. A telegram Saturday said they would be here Monday and the committee expected to have most of them in the hands of signers by the end of this week. If, they, arrive this week-end they cannot be delivered till early next week. — '• *— 3heriff is Called to Fenton Twice on Auto Crashes three extra helper! give competition. Moore and Kenneth Samp. The firsts put across touchdowns and made one point for a score of 19-0 the seconds. This practice was in fact a ular game, and the firsts did well on both offensive and defensive. A new spirit of determination to win is evident this year. Coach Mercer now has more than 40 men from there before games. New rules require a 15-yd. out- of-bounds on each side of the field. Play may extend into this play against | territory, but the succeeding is made 15 yards from the sidelines. Passes may now be made within a yard of scrimmage line in- by-item sale, in which each usset was offered separately, but bidding was slow when the assets were of- southeastern Iowa. Dollar an Item Bid. A standing bid of a dollar an item had been filed before the sale was held, and in the unit sale most of the items were sold without further bid. On a number, however, the bids ran up to $35, some to $50. But there was little enthusiasm. A few persons were present to bid on their own liabilities. The total of the individual bids was used for the opening bid in the touchback. Sheriff Dahlhauser was called to Fenton. twice last week-end. Saturday, shortly before noon, two cars collided at the intersection of No. 44 with county highway A. A car driven by Beulah Gladstone, Lone Rock, failed to stop for the Intersection and ran into the E. Garfield Jains car. Miss Gladstone was go- Ing west on the county road, and the Jains car was. going north. Neither driver was hurt. Shortly after midnight Saturday night a truckload of cattle upset, when Albert Jacobson, going west on a county road was struck by the Herman Smith car south of Fenton. The truck turned over twice but stopped right side up with one of the cattle still in it. Smith suffered a bruised leg, and both vehicles were damaged. The two accidents happened only a half 'mile apart. INDEPENDENT GRID TEAM IS PLANNED held at the hall above the Zender & Caldwell store Friday evening. Last year's games failed to pay well enough for the purchase of new suits this fall and to cover other expenses. Little was left to divide among players. Loss of players has created a problem. Lee Reed, in the backfield last year, has left Algona. Perry White, another backfield star, is attending the state university. Jos. Sheppard is also in school. James Moore, another star, will not be able to play this season because of injuries. It would be necessary to hire players, which in view of the financial situation and prospects hardly looks feasible. It is thought, however, that with night lights at Athletic park, better crowds would turn out. Stewart McFadden, who has managed the teams, and Louis Moore, star line player, went to Bancroft, Swea City, Estherville, and Emmetsburg Sunday in search of men. It is now thought that difficulties will be overcome and a schedule announced soon. Practice is also expected to begin. County School Men stead of five yards. Passes may' group sale. The unit sales, all of also be made once back of thel wnicn were subject to the bloc goal line without danger of a I sale ' provided that proved highest, totaled $729.21. The first bloc bid was therefore $730. A bid of $750 was made a few minutes later, and then the bidding apparently ceased, but after some discussion among the bidders the offer was raised to $760, then to S765. and finally to 5800, where it stopped. Exaniiner.,,Coiulucts Sale. M. E. Fox, special examiner in .he state banking department, was auctioneer, and H. V. Hull, local examiner in charge, was clerk, as- ssited by J. M. Herbst. The remaining affairs of Brookside Golfers in Tourney Sunday; Best Score is 94 Up to Monday morning 24 new- automobiles had been sold in Kossuth so far this month. Licensed at the county treasurer's office were: Fords—Jesse Dugan and Marie and Wayne Keith, Burt; Kyle D. Keith and D. P. Smith, Algona; E. M. Olson, Wesley; and E. E. Berg, Swea City. Chevrolets—Geo. S. Schutjer, Titonka; Camilla Engstrom, Lone SISTER SDED BY BROTHER FOR SLANDER Among the new cases in district court are two for slander involving j children of the late H. C. Klamp, for many years a Plum Creek farmer, who died in July. The children are Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll and Chas. TAX RECORDS ARE CORRECTED READY FOR LAST PAYMENT A golf tournament took place With the annual football season on the Brookside links Sunday, and close at hand, former members of 116 players in foursomes made the the Algona Independent football 1 rounds. team are beginning to get ready. AI The first prize, a golf club, was meeting of interested persons was I won by Peter Waldron; second, two golf balls, Leslie Samp; third, a golf ball, Lewis Lynk; and fourth, a golf ball, T. H Holmes Jr. The four .high players in the qualifying round were Earl Mason, 46; Homer Tuttle, 46; Mr. Lynk, 47; and Earl Griffith, 48. Mr. Lynk played low for 18 holes, turning in 94, and C. V. Smith won a ball for the most holes in par, while Henry Douglas won one for the most holes in eight shots. The Hub Clothiers gave four of the prizes. The club plans a handicap tourney soon. the bank will be cleaned up shortly and final dividend paid. This will be >efore Thanksgiving, unless some litch in settlements not included in the sale develops. Final Dividend Soon. The final dividend will be for more than five per cent, and this will raise the total paid back by the bank to a little more than 50 per Temperature Down to 36 Two Nights Temperatures were freezing two nights in close to the last rent or 8»le. rill h* !"' tor I,, of the F'ertisement to tort% inadvertentl y Pore does not & Cald- Tuesday's omitted. r compar- ofnn Reestablished a a " Prlces for to $29.50, f rom ., a ! 12 to $24.50. The Death a prominent take - High .-86 Low 54 61 53 43 36 36 46 week, when the mercury fell to 36. Touches of fall are evident in falling leaves and In change of color of trees. The temperature record follows: September 12 September 13 ---------- 87 September 14 ---------- 78 Sept. 15 .05 in. r. f.) —56 September 16 ---------- 72 Sept. 17 (.02 in. r. f.) —67 September 18 — - ...... 77 Pfnnd May Speak Here. Hans C. Pfund, Des Moines, state director of the federal reemployment service, will be hero next week Thursday, and plans are oe- ing made for him to speak before a Joint meeting of the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs. The city counc and the board of supervisors also be invited. Girl Insulters Arrested Charges of uttering profane names directed against Margaret Knudsen resulted in the arrest of Lloyd and James Cameron last Thursday.' Justice Hold Meeting Here The county Schoolmasters club met at the high school building Monday evening and was served by the normal training girls. Thirty- eight plates were laid. In a business meeting Supt. Otto B. Lamg was elected president; Supt. A. C. Evans, Lu Verne, South End vice president; Supt. E. L. Grabau, Lakota North End vice president, Supt C. A. Hoon, Titonka, secretary Dates and locations of baseball' basketball, declamatory, and other contests and a county music festival were agreed upon. In the afternoon North End members elected officers and held a bus- ness meeting. _ _ Patterson in Busy MRS, P, G, DAVIS IS FOUNDJEAD FRIDAY Mrs. P. G. Davis, 60, who lives alone on west McGregor street, was found dead in her bedroom Friday afternoon by Edna Nordstrom, who helped with her housework. Mrs. Davis had not been in good health, and was crippled with rheumatism. The body was found on the floor of the bedroom, and evidently Mrs. Davis had started to get up that morning, and had been stricken with a heart attack, from which she died. She had been dead for several i hours when found. She is survived by a brother, two sons, and a daughter. Funeral services were aeld Monday. Mrs. Davis and her late husband farmed many years near Livermore. In wartime they retired and moved to Algona. After a few years here, they left, and it is believed lived for a time in one of the Dakotas. Mr. Davis died a few years ago. Some further particulars appear in the Lu Verne column. win Danson heard . the evidence and the case was continued for 30 days. Mrs. Knudsen filed the charges. (Jeo. Week on Stump W. Patterson is now being hear Colonel Roosevelt. yesterday at -.. Y/ninut Today he is at La n y and tomorrow he will speak at Indianola. He speaks at Mt. Pleasant Saturday; at Davenport S ptember 28; and at Atlantic on <h« 29th. Last week he fl«ed dateb Spencer, Marshall- 29th Mo^via a Mo^va, town, Greenfield^and Fan-field Omer Cleary Stricken. Omer Cleary, Irvington, suffered a stroke last week Wednesday. For Falls, Wash., has come to help care for him. County was $££•££" Smith ^ondTuShereofthenew Three Farms Are Sold in'Kossuth Three farms have been sold in three weeks by D. L. McDonald. Chris Jensen bought 186 acres five miles west of Algona on No. 18, known as the Murtha farm at $120 an acre. It was owned by the Northwestern Life. J. C. Mawdsley, well known Irvington farmer, bought two other farms as investments: the William Weiner farm of 193 acres, north of St. Benedict, at $100 an acre, and the Hans N. Wllberg 120-acre farm, three miles north and a mile west of Fenton, at $110 an acre. Bank Night Vacation. Someone at Rolfe missed a gift of $125 as a result of non-appearance at the Call theater Tuesday night. Someone named Howe at Bancroft won $25. There will now be a bank night vacation of a month, after which bank nights will be resumed with an in'tial deposit of $100. Plan to Adopt Baby. Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Ditsworth, Swea City, have filed a petition in district court for the adoption of a boy whom they secured from the soldiers' orphans' home al Davenport last winter. He is to bear the name of George Thomas Ditsworth. The bank was closed in the fall of 1929, just after the stock market crash which opened the depression. Liquidation has been in progress ever since, and the record of 50 per cent dividends in the last few years of depressed prices and shrinking collateral is considered good. Wedding Permits to Nine Couples Nine licenses to wed have been granted: Louis Vodraska, Pocahontas, Evelyn Kelsey, Scott, Winnebago, Rolfe; Minn., Earl Mae Petcher, Easton, Minn.; John Dietrich, Isabell Ries, both of Rodman; Herbert Zumach, Eldora Dau, both of Whittemore; Henry P. Beenken, Titonka, Virgie Kardoes, Buffalo Center; Ronald Swain, Ogden, Esther Klaus, Patch; Alvin Schwieder, Amboy, Minn., Alice Anderson, Madelia, Minn.; Homer Nye, Reisho, S. D., Opal Roberts, Reis- ho, S. D.; Paul W, Eigler, Fenton, Elsie Kohlwes, Lotts Creek. County Legion and 'Aux' Meet Planned County Treasurer M. J. Duffy reports that his office now has all of the tax books and receipts corrected in accordance with the recent order eliminating the state tax levy for the last half of 1934. The work on the tax books was by the county auditor's office. The elimination, the result of the sales tax, made a lot of extra work or the. help in both offices. The ax lists and receipts were made up iefore the announcement was made, and the state levy for the ast half had to be figured off every lescription. The help in the treasurer's office Corked overtime every night last "~veek to be ready for a rush of taxpayers before October 1, when the :ax penalty will be added. Mr. Duffy reports that many axpayers have paid up ahead of inie this year. Nearly 4,000 had paid their taxes before the reduc- ion was announced, and refund warrants will have to be sent to hem. The office will be too busy ,o do this till after October 1, when ,he tax-paying rush will be over. All told, there are nearly 18,000 .istings for taxes in the county. With only 4,000 so far paid, there s bound to be a big rush during the rest of the month. A large number of tax receipts are annually taken care of at janks. ' These were held up also .ill corrections could be made, but they were mailed out Monday. Taxes collected at this time are for the second half of the levies made in 1933. They became delinquent September 1, but penalty does not attach till October 1. * 362 Drought Cattle Placed in Kossuth W. E. McDonald, county emergency relief chairman, reports that altogether 362 cattle from drought districts have been placed in Kossuth for pasture and feeding. The demand has been far less than was expected when the plan was announced. The cattle came from Lucas county, south of Des Mpines, and were placed as follows: A county Legion-Auxiliary meeting will be held at Bancroft next week Thursday evening at o'clock. A large delegation from Winnebago county Is expected. James Dolliver, Fort Dodge, past district commander, "Vie" Stueland, Forest City, recently named district commander, and others will speak, and state convention reports will be given. After a business meeting there will be lunch and dancing. Lotts Creek Auto Wrecked in Spill Lotts Creek, Sept. 19 — Wilmer Wichtendahl and Russell Gross ran off a high grade in the Wichtendahl car, a new Plymouth, at a point east of Fenton on the Fenton-Lone Rock road Friday night. The body of the car was completely wrecked. One of Wilmer's little fingers was cut off at the first joint, and he suffered bruises. Russell suffered a few minor scratches and bruises. Frost Not Killing. Frost Sunday morning, the first this season, was not heavy enough to satisfy hay fever sufferers. The pollen which causes their suffering is still in the air. The frost was not a killing frost here except in lowlands. School Wins Prizes. Pupils of the Union No. 4 schoo have received seven prizes on work displayed at the state fair. B. Fluhrer, Charles City. Charles is not involved in the actions, and Mrs. Fluhrer is involved as a witness only. Mr. Klamp, whose wife was dead, left a will in which he devised all his property to the children, share and share a,like, with certain charges reserved against the shares of ;harles and Walter for money advanced. He also provided that his property was to be held intact for five years after his death. Mrs. Ingersoll was named executrix. The will was drawn in 1931 by Archie Hutchison. The slander suits were filed by Hutchison & Hutchison for Walter Klamp and his wife respectively against Mrs. Ingersoll. Walter asks 'or $10,000, and his wife asks for $15,000. Mrs. Klamp is the former Mrs. Sigebee, and her maiden name was Mildred Stewart, of Burt. Mrs. Ingersoll had filed no answers to the petition up to Saturday. Walter Klamp's petition alleges false statements by Mrs. Ingersoll to Mr. Fluhrer charging him with forgery, and destruction of property, and Mrs. Klamp alleges false statements charging that she married for money, that she was not in fit physical condition to marry, etc. DRIVE ON C-H PIGS FOR RELIEF STARTS TODAY Reception • and disposal of hogs produced by corn-hog signers over their quotas starts in earnest this morning under the supervision of J. H. Fraser, member of the county allotment committee, and W. E. McDonald, in charge of Emergency poor relief in Kossuth. Mr. Fraser will be at the fairgrounds today from 10 a. m. till noon, and from 1 to 4 p. m. to take in hogs. A receiving pen has been prepared at the fairgrounds. Up to yesterday noon 94 pigs has already been received. Some will be kept here and fed till they can be distributed. Any over-supply above the county's poor needs will probably be shipped to government packing plants to be converted Into smoked or salt pork for winter re- ief. These are hogs produced over .he number permitted to farmers under their contract. They must dispose of them in some way, and ;he hogs can be used in relief work. Farmers must report the number of over-contract hogs to Mr. Fraser, who will tell them when and where to deliver. The pigs -must weigh at least 50 pounds and must be deliverejl by the farmer without lost. The farmer or other person who signed the contract as producer must accompany the pigs to sign the receipt. Nothing is to be paid for the pigs. S. A. Gardner, Algona 60 Herman Willrett, Algona 19 W. H. Klamp, Algona 40 R. J. Hurlburt, Lone Rock 49 Ross Elvidge, Burt 21 B. A. Taylor, Burt 22 Leo Fox, Burt 6 C. Inman, Bancroft 37 Anton Hanson, Bode 43 Algonian to Open Graettinger Store Roy Christensen, brother of P. J. Christensen, of the Christensen store here, has rented a building at Graettinger and will open his own Gamble store there soon. The store front has been remodeled to make it modern. Graettinger is a town of some 1000 inhabitants, and is known as a good business point. It is located half way between Emmetsburg and Estherville, 14 miles each way. Mrs. Christensen, the former Zita Quinn, and the 'little son will go to Graettinger as soon as living quarters can be obtained. Silo Door Injures Two. Edward Kain and Elmer Jasperson suffered painful injuries in an accident last Thursday, when they were filling a silo at the Lloyd Young farm, northeast of Algona. The silo door fell on them, and Mr. Jasperson was stunned, but Mr. Kain suffered a fractured skull and, it is expected, will be laid up much of the winter. *—• Grotto Is Featured. Harvey Ingham's editorial column in Monday's Des Moines Register was devoted to Father Dobberstein and the West Bend grotto. » flans Teachers' Institute. County Supt. Shirley Is laying plans for the annual county teachers' institute. The tentative date is Friday, October 12. AUTO REFONDS AWAIT KOSSUTH CAR OWNERS 9 Deputy County Treasurer E. L. Kulander, in charge of the motor vehicle department, reports that there are more than 100 automobile icense refund checks which the state department has been unable to deliver to licensees" because of the change of address or for other reasons. The refund was a result, of a change in license requirements made at the special session of the legislature. Many licenses had already been issued when a new law providing for a cut was passed. The law_reduced the list price valuation of cars, after they are three years old, by 25 per cent a year. Persons who know they have refunds coming may apply at the county treasurer's office or write the state motor vehicle department at Des Moines. CONFERENCE TO CONVENE WEDNESDAY Nearly 2000 Persons Expected to Come to Algona. One of the landmarks in Algona's history will be the 63rd annual session of the Northwest Iowa Methodist Conference, which will open at the local church next Wednesday morning and continue till Monday, October 1. It is expected that this event will'- bring upwards of 2000 people to Algona. The officials, the ministers, the lay delegates and their wives will number some 450 people who will be here all or much of the time, and besides there will be large numbers of visitors who will come for a day or more, particularly on Sundays. The Rev. C. V. Hulse, entertaining pastor, and many aides de camp have for weeks been busily engaged in preparations for the conference. The biggest problem has been housing and meals for the visitors. Ministers will be quartered in homes about the city for sleeping and breakfast. The local Methodist women will serve dinner and supper at the church Wednesday,. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Four Districts Represented. There are four districts in thi'a conference—Algona, Fort Dodge, Sheldon, Sioux City. W. G. Muhleman, Algona, is superintendent in this district; O. M. Bond in the Sioux City district; and J. H. Edgein the Sheldon district. Bishop' Magee, of St. Paul, will preside. The conference will celebrate its sesquicentennial at this meeting. Dr. Oscar Thomas Olson, Wilmette, 111., has been dated for four evangelistic addresses. The Algona dis- :rict men's chorus, the conference double quartet, and local singers will provide music. . . -. p Wednesday Night's Program. "'" The first session will be held Wednesday afternoon, but it will onsist'only of registration and meetings of various boards and jommittees. The Wednesday even- ng program follows: 7:15 O'CLOCK Reception to the Conference, Dr. W. G. Muhleman, presiding. Organ Prelude, Mrs. Viola Bishop. Hymn No. 208 — I Love Thy- Kingdom, Lord." Prayer, Dr. Herbert Clegg. Welcome to Algona, A. Hutchl- on. Welcome to Algona Churches,. Rev. J. Robert Hoerner. Response, Bishop J. Ralph Magee. 8 O'CLOCK Conference Organization. Perfecting Organization. ' Roll Call. Committee on Procedure. Committee on Fixing Bar of Conference. 8:30 O'CLOCK Pageant—"A Daughter of the Dawn", Algona Church. Announcements. Benediction, Rev. Allen H. Wood. Sheriff Watches for Bank Robber Sheriff Carl Dahlhauser, received; a call Saturday afternoon at 4:30 from Frost, Minn., to be on th» lookout for bank robbers. It waa thought one of the robbers came this way in a stolen blue V-8 Ford, coach. The sheriff stood on watch for some time at the Nos. 18-169 intersection north of Algona, but saw no car of that description. Monday's Des Moines Register reported the robbery of a Frost bank. Cummings Father and Brother Hurt Fred Cummings, 56, and his son Howard, 33, both of Winterset, were injured, one of them critically, when their car overturned west of the municipal airport, Des Moines, Sunday, according to mention in Monday's Des Moines Register. It is understood here that they are the father and brother respectively of W. H. Cummings, who owns the Cummings store here but now lives at Des Moines. Burt Man Injured. Burt, Sept. 18—W. R. Carney suffered a gash in'the cheek Monday while he was hauling cream. He lifted a large can of cream, and it slipped back. He was pulled forward and his face struck the edge of the truck. ALGONA Markets HOGS 140 pounds $4.QO-$4.25 160 pounds $5.00-15.25 Best med. wt. 160-10 Ibs. $5.50-$5.7B Best med. wt. 200 to 300 $6.60 Prime hvy. butch. 300-350 $6.40 Best pack, sows 300-350 $5.75 Packing sows, 400 , $6.60 Big hvy. sows, 400-500 $6.40/ CATTLE Canners and cutters $1.00 to $1.50 Fat cows $1.75 to $3.25 Veal calves $4.00 to $5.00 Fat steers $5.00 to $6.0ft Stock steers $3.00 to $4.00 Yearlings $4.00 to $5.0» Bulls $1:50 to $?.2&. GBADT . 2 yellow corn 67o Mo. 2 white corn Tla No. 2 mixed corn . No. 1 No. 2 Cash cream POULTBZ All hens over 4% IDS. —.—. Hens, 4% Ibs. and under _10« Springs, over 4 Ibs. -, , l Springs, under 4 Ibs. Leghorn springe Cocks T — ^..^ ,4. and $| Ducks over 4% IDS, Ducks under 4% Ibs.

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