Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 18, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 18, 1934
Page 7
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1934. ISINESS lECtflRY ADVANOB unclad In 1»0- r^TJcond-Clasa Matter I «» ?. e rj at the Postottlo- a' under the Act P'jjarch 2, 18". Child Actress Coming Sunday H. W. Mill*' Algona, low* „ S. B. MoMahor I, B, Llnnan lAttorneys-at-Law. Ta Ml! J AlTona%wl ngton over Postofflce. [ NESS, 0. W, ., Lawyers L over Iowa State Bank PJ.W. Algena, IDWJ " B. D. Kell> JHJMWAY ft KELLY fAttorneys-at-Law i In Qulnby Block Algona, Greenwood Club Also in First Place on Demonstration. The Greenwood 4-1 r club won Irst on canning club booth ut the county fair, also first on a demonstration, canning tomatoes. The iris demonstrating were lOliznliclh Inman and Agnes Dniester. Hnc- ond on booths went to the Wesley Willing Workers; third, Porl.Unul Peppy Pals; fourth, Fonton Forwards; fifth, Ledyard I.nyal Laborera; and sixth, Union Al'etheans. ' Second in demonstrations wont to the Fenton Forward club, which demonstrated uses of fruit juices for beverages. The demonstration was given by Ella Dreyer and Lcona Borchardt. Third went to the Union Aletheans, who demonstrated preparing a well balanced meal. Fern Gisch and Lucille Dearchs were the demonstrators. Other Bancroft Winnings. Greenwoodj-HClub Canning Booth Wins First at Fair WESLEY CLUB ~ WINS SECOND, PORTLAND 3RD I, A. WINKEL AtitornDy-nl-Law i in Qulnby Building Phone ISO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Twenty Years AS It was understood that a Redpathlfive years, and had taken out first Feeding -100 Lambs. John Hilbert and J. F. Cruise, Wesley farmers, are caring for 400 I lambs received recontiy from drought-stricken Montana, Vawter chautauqua would be contracted for 131.5. The independent system which had for some years been in vogue here had not been financially successful. * * * * County Treasurer Fred Anderson, had received a check for nearly $4,000 from the state treasurer for Kossuth's quarterly share of the then new state vehicle license tax. The total tax collected here in 1314 was $13,055.04. The county's share wont into''tho county road fund. * * * * H. II. Cowan's Ford had been run into near the Northwestern hotel by a motorcycle. Mr. Cowan had stopped his car, but the motorcycle, driven by "Red" Ditsworth, was going to fast, hurt. citizenship papers. He had seen service in the Boer war, also in Australia, and a quarter section in Canada had been granted him in recognition of his services. He had been working here for a tile contractor. * * * # Herbert, son of the W. F. Cal- lics, Titonka, had been killed when an automobile tire he was pumping up exploded and the rim hit him on the head. He lived four or five days after the accident. * * * * J. F. Schoby was traveling in Illinois and reported drought conditions were bad there. * * * * A third county editorial conven- Neither man was jtion had been held at Whittemore, with the best attendance of any. Editor Tom J. White, of t.he Whitte- A common term then, at the outbreak of the world war, was "Remember the Sedan." An editorial explaining the term told of the war more Champion, was host. * * * * Mrs. Burton A. Seeley, a daughter of the Heises, was on her way to Carolc Lombard and ncxl Sunday aml Mon day at the Call, BAM B. WHITE Aitornoy-at-LaTT i over Iowa State Bank. Algona, low*. p. A. DANSOTf : AltornDy-At-Law i over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J.; Res. 816 The Bancroft club received the of Shirley is one of the epics of the screen following individual awards: first I on three jars different kinds of I food to help solve the winter vegetable salad problem, exhibited by Thelma Friest and Elizabeth Inman; third on three jars Iowa canned corn (ono plain and two combination), exhibited by Mary Ann Stork and Thelma Friest! third on collection of three jars of food high in iron content, exhibited hy Qla Mae Miller and Ellgubeth Inman; first on three jars of dif-(liibited fcrent varieties of greens, exhibited jljcwis, and Arleue Hectland; SCC- by Elizabeth Inman, Thelma Friest, ioncl on three jars of Iowa canned The Rise Helen Kent; third on three jars of different varieties of greens, exhibited by Frederica Girres; third on collection of three jars of food high in vitamin A content, exhibited by Alice Forburger anil Rita Studer. The Ledyard Loyal Laborers won third on collection of three jars of fond high, in vitamin B content, ex- and third, Alice Dreyer, Fenton. Best personal account book- first, Ella Dreyer, Fenton; second Frederica Girres, Wesley; third Florence Doclds, Union. Poster showing outside improve nient of member's home durinj year — first, Greenwood; seconc Portland. of 1870 between Germany and j the Philippines and had written France in which the French lost. home about her trip. A storm on r * „_.., ocean had delayed her ship. the famed fortress. A large war map of France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Lumem- bourg, and part of Germany was Fonr Conples to Wed. Marriage licenses have been issued to: Lester Nellis, "West Bond, Mary Jane Rigley, Fort Dodge; Cletus J. Deitering, Monica Underkofler, both of Bancroft. Clarence W. Nielsen, Carrie M. Hansen, both of Lu Verne; and Roscoe A. Kuhn, Rodman, Orville G. E. Knutson, Otto sen. Three fest days were scheduled. Harvest Home day was to he observed at Fenton; Sauerkraut day printed. Such maps were a great!at Germania Lakota); and "Water- interest in this country during the war. A former British soldier who had served 13 years let the publicity of the world war get the best of him and departed for the war front. He l had retired from the army, had been in the United States nearly melon day at Bancroft. * * * * Josie C. Pettibone, Algona art teacher for 13 years, died. She had been sick three years. * * * * County Supt. Shirley had received results of a teachers' examinations from Des Moines. OL A. WANDEB . Attorncy-at-Law (((Ice over Postofflce. Algona, la, HISON SAID C. HUTCHISON EODORE C. HUTCHISOS Attorneys-at-Law Quinby Building 151 Algon* PARSONS & COYLE [ Attorneys at Law irsons Judge D. P. Coyle i 820 : Algona, Iowa [ over the Basket Grocery. DOCTORS [JOHN If. KENEFICK fhyslclan and Snrgeon ) over Rexall Drug 8tor« Office phone 300 Res. phone 326. ———————_____ . CBETZMETER, M. D. jurgeon and Physician. 1 i John Galbraith Block. Phones 444-310. low* [ P. T. JAN8E, M. D. hyBlclun and Surgeon i on South Dodge Street Office, 666; residence, I«> Algona, Iowa and Luella Duncan; second on three jars of different kinds of food to help solve the winter fruit salad problem, exhibited by Helen Fox, Mary Ann Stork, and Luella Duncan. What Fortlnndm Won. The Portland Peppy Pals won third on collection of five jars of food without meat or fish which make a well balanced meal, exhibited by lona Godfrcdsen, Blanche corn, one plain, two combination, cxhiihled by Idah Telkamp; first on collection of five jars of food including fish or meat which make a well-balanced meal, exhibited by Mary Jane Lewis, Kathryn Berschman, Fern Lewis, and Arlone Heetland. Fenton Girls Do Well. The Fenton Forwards won second on three jars of different varieties of greens, exhibited by Marie on three jars of different varieties of juices for beverage, exhibited by lona Godfredsen and Elda Jandl; second on collection of three jars of food high in vitamin A content, exhibited by Viva Brayton, lona Godfredsen, and Darlene Stott. The Riverdalo club won third on three jars of different varieties of juices for beverages exhibited by Wanda Hanson and Agnes Karels. Sivea City and Union. The Swea Spirit of Service club won second on collection of five jars of food without fish or meat which make a well balanced meal, exhibited by June Larson, Hazel McGregor, and Mavis Larson; third on collection of three jars of food high in vitamin C content, exhibited by Mavis Larson, Hazel McGregor; third on three jars of different kinds of food to help solve the winter vegetable salad problem, exhibited by Lucille Anderson, Mavis Larson, and Hazel McGregor. EDITORS IN PRAISE OF THE COUNTY FAIR lucu uy j-UAio, VJUJULIUUOUII, jjitiinjuci "•"•"•-' "•• rt •*-•-"'-'t \****iii./ii^u >j j *>4.u • • w McFarland, and Darleno Stott; first Miller; third on three jars of different, kinds of food to help solve the winter fvuit salad problem, Lorcna Dreyer; third on three jars of meat, three varieties, by Ella Dreyer; first on three jars of meat, including three varieties, Alice Dreyer; first on collection of five jars of food without fish or meat which make a well balanced meal, Ruth Dreyer; second on three jars of different kinds of food to help solve the winter vegetable salad problem, "Ruth Dreyer; third, collection of five jars of food including meat or fish which make a well-balanced meal, Alvina Dreyer. Lu Verne Record Good. The Lu Verne club won first on three jars of different kinds of food to help solve the winter fruit salad problem, Thelma Hof; first on collection of three jars of food high in iron content, Marvel Davidson; second on collection of three jars of food high in vitamin C content, Marvel Davidson; first on collec- Comment in pnaise of the county fair has been more general this time than before in many years. Typical are comments by Editor H. B. Coleman, of the Lu Verne News, and Editor J. A. Schwartz, of the Fenton Reporter. Mr. Coleman said: "It is the general opinion that the 1934 Kossuth county fair was the best fair ever put on by the association. The exhibits were lALTEB FBASEB, M. B. •Physician and Surgeon } In Quinby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 12 good, as were the races and the free attractions. Rain spoiled the Wednesday program, but the othei three days were fine." "The writer has attended every fair for the last 24 years," said Mr Schwartz, "and this year's toppec them all from the standpoints of both attendance and entertainment The free attractions were withou 1 question the best ever booked by the county fair, and Secretary Vincent and his co-workers are to be congratulated on the fine showing they made." The Union Aletheans won second |tion of three jars of food high in on three jars of meat, three varieties, exhibited by Fern Gisch; second on three jars of different varieties of juices for beverages, exhib- vitamin B content, Beona Neal, Dolores Voss, and Thelma Hof; first on collection of three jars of food high in vitamin A content, Dolores ited by Dorothy Reid and Fern j Voss; second on collection of five Gisch; first on collection of three jars of food including fish or meat WELVIN G. BOUBJfE and Snrgeon in Postoffice Block ^Office. 197; residence, 194 V. D. ANDBEWS, D. 0. ttlo Physician and Snrgeo. ted in General Hospital. Office 187. Res, 688. jars of food high in viatmin C content, exhibited by Dorothy Reid, Fern Gisch, and Evelyn Dodds, Wesley and Ledyard. The Wesley Willing Workers won second on collection of three jars of food high in iron content, exhibited by Rita Studer and Ethel Haverly; second on collection of three jars of food in vitamin B content, exhibited by Frederica Girres and DENTISTS . H. M. OLSOlT Dentist. [ M novocalne used for «x tea over Chrlstensen Store, f: Business 166, residence 47C Algona, Iowa [VETERINARIANS I" W. FOX *• B. WINKEL Veterinarians [State Street, Algona .Office, 475-W.i rea. 475-B ^INSURANCE which make a well balanced meal, Dolores Voss, Marvel Davidson, and Thelma Hof; first on three jars of Iowa canned corn one plain, two combination) Doris Genrich. Other Club Contests. Other club contests resulted as follows: Best Burt Girl to Wed Sioux City Youth Last week's Burt Monitor said that Mr. and Mrs. George Gray, east of Burt farmers who formerly farmed near Irvington, had announced the engagement of their daughter May Belle to Edward Inlay, Sioux City. Miss Gray, who last year attended Morningside college, is now teaching the McWhorter school in Portland township. Drought Cattle Received, Ledyard, Sept. 12 — Last week KUNZES, OF WESLEY, RETURNJP TOUR Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kunz, Wes- ey, and their daughter Ivyl Marie ot home recently from a 6200-mile our in the west, and last week's •Jews-World carried a two-column .ccount of the jaunt. They left Wesley August 5 and averaged 550 niles daily, going and coming. At Hollywood an apartment was •ented for 12 days as headquarters 'or excursions round about in vhich they met many former Wes- eyans. An event was a visit to lamed Catalina island. At Long Beach they saw buildings being torn down which were partly wrecked in .lie big earthquake of a year or so ago. There are still occasional ;remors. The Kunzes also visited San Francisco, and found the weather there so cold that fires were going for heat and women were in furs. Chinatown was seen, and they were at the new federal prison on Alcatraz prison the day Al Capone was admitted. A point of great interest near San Francisco was the Redwood national park. On the way home the Kunzes stopped at Reno, Nev., where they were entertained by Mr. Kunz's brother, John F. Kunz, a lawyer. Legislative Fight Splits Pocahontas Pocahontas county is torn between three candidates for representative. There are republican and j democratic nominees, and now Bar- I ney Bruce, publisher of the Rolfe Arrow, has announced candidacy as an independent. Mr. Bruce was a republican member of the legislature two years ago but was defeated in the democratic landslide of 1932. at All P. O. Bids at Sac City Rejected What may happen here when bids for construction of the new postoffice building here are considered is illustrated by Sac City's experience. When the bids were opened at Washington all were re- ected because too high or more han the government wanted to in- est. The lowest was $38,900, and he government limit was 36,000. Sac City's population is about 2700. "What the appropriation was is not known here, but it appears to he government policy to regard the appropriation figure as only a egal limit and to fix its own limit at whatever sum it thinks proper below the legal limit. -*Demonstration Wins Third. Portland Twp., Sept.5 — Letha Vfann, Blanche McFarland, Bernice Larson, and Mrs. Van Hansen came home from the state fair Friday Letha and Blanch placed third with their demonstration, Four "Ways to use Canned Chicken. JAMES The thrifty shopper will recognize the economies represented below. 100 Holmrt's Aspirin 33e Haskel's Milk Magnesia, pint 29c Kirds Rubbing Alcohol, pint 29c 35c Rexall Tooth Poivder 29c 50c Hygenol Hair Oil ; 29c 10 Double Edge Razor Blades 37c 50c Jontel Cold Cream 39c Big bar Woodlmry's Soap lOc 1 Ib. Cascade Linen, 50 envelopes, both 59c Martel's Lilac Vegetal 39c 1 pt. Grayson's Russian Mineral Oil 39c Klenzo Facial Tissue, big size 18c Dr. West's Tooth Brushes 29c Price's Epsom Salts, 1 Ib. can lie 5 Ib. bag pure Epsom Salts 39c Dr. Hall's Baby Talcum, 1 Ib 1 19c 1 Ib. Ely Cotton —39c Colgate's Tooth Paste 19c 1 pt, Master's Cod Liver Oil 49c Mascal's Almond Lotion, full pint 49c Parsten's Tooth Paste 13c, 2 for 25c 1 pt. Peroxide 39c First Aid Sanitary Napkins 19c 1 box Jasmine Face Powder, one bottle Jasmine Perfume, both for 69c La Clairs Cocoanut Oil Shampoo, full pint 49c 50c Klenzo Tooth Paste 29c 4 ounces Glycerin and Rose Water 19c TIRE SALE Wednesday 14 carloads of drought cattle from Pierre, S. D., arrived, or -f Union, Ella Dreyer, Fenton; second ture. Oh, No, Not at All! Irvington, Sept. 4—Effie Egel, visiting at Flint, Mich., writes that younger cattle to be sold. Most of she has had to answer amusing them were Herefords, and they questions about Iowa. She has been were in fairly good condition, l asked whether people so far west Ralph Olson took 121 head to pas- have electrical conveniences -'' jxaiiyii wioui* *• * -, T T,«*v,n« «- TI«+ -ma lioxfo rnH i. Complete Stocks 'New fresh stock. S Grades for Your Selection. All popular sizes. Everytire guaranteed. No charge for mounting. New Reduced Prices on Every Tire & Tube Now guaranteed against all road hazards from one to two years LOWER PRICES on lines of Tires. all and whether or not we have radios! HI MUTUAL ASSOCIATION F,000,000 worth of Insurance £ ~ e company. Safe ". D. Paxson. Secretary • in ft^rcmsH^^_vm (ADVANCE Iowa Do You Buy With 60 Cent 100 cent Dollars ollars = or WHEN YOTJ WJBTO T^- «»• Each week's Issue '""vaMe in the Investigate eareWl, before > ADVERTISING RETURNS DEPEND upon duality and quantity of the circulation of the newspaper. The Kossuth County Advance is proud of two things-the largest circulation in the county and the quality of its readers who pay for subscriptions. Throw-away circulation, either by bills or bv free or gift measures, has little value. Unless the newspaper goes to a home where there is money an advertiser has no chance of realizing on his investment in advertising. That is the reason why paid circulation is important. The Kossuth Co. Advance is sold on its merits as a newspaper. It is not given away. There are no premiums of long "extra" periods Homes taking the Kossuth County Advance WANT it, and therefore it is thoroughly read. Tins means advertising results. 30x3i/o clincer oversize 440-450x21 $4.00 475x19 $4.70 TUBES 30x3 1-2 77c 4.50x21 $1.00 .450x20 97c 4.75x19 $1.00 5.25x21 $1.26 dollar. ADVANCE AD5 Kossuth County Advance The Kossuth County Newsptper Where Your Dollar Has 100 Cents GENERATORS Model T $2.49 ex. FORD A Power Hopse ___$2.89 ex. Flash Light Cell 5c HOT SHOTS 6-voyt battery $1.39 Dry Cells 23c Ford A Heater 98c B. BATTERIES 45 volt, regular 89c B BATTERIES Extra heavy duty, $2.38 value, our price BIKE TIRE 28 in. 79c CHIPPEWA TIRES Greater Traction 4.50x20 . $8.65 Fullmore, no chains 4.50x20 $8.65 4.50x21 $8.95 24 months guarantee. See us first. 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