Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BABY CALVES OF 4-H CLUBS EXCEPTIONAL Beef, Dairy and Colt Clubs Exhibits Are Good at Fair. The 4-H clubs had unusually fine exhibits of baby beeves, dairy heifers and colts at the county fair last week. In the baby beef classes the placings follow: Hereford class— first, Elmer Leibrand, Buffalo Center; second, Frieda Paetz, Algona; third, Wallace Johnson, Armstrong; fourth, Elmer Lcibrand, Buffalo Center; fifth, Morris Johnson, Armstrong; sixth. Mildred Thoreson, Swea City; seventh, Clifford McGregor, Armstrong; and eighth, Wallace Hawcott, Burt. Angus calves— first, Wallace Hawcott. Burt; second, Donald Bargar, Swea City; third, Mildred Judged farmers' Interest In horses is increasing. Results were: Yearling class—First, Bill Dodds, Algona; second, Russell Gross, Lone Rock; third, Victor Baldwin, Elmore, Minn. Foal class—first, Francis Fitzgerald, Algoua; second, Wayne Barr, Algona; third, Maxlne Hargreaves, Algona; fourth, Alfred Fett, Lu Verne. 4-H fat lamb class: first, Russell Halsrud, Bode; second and third, Raymond Dreyer, Fenton; fourth, Milton Espe, Bode; fifth, | Philip Halsrud, Bode. 4-H purebred gilts: first, Verl Patterson, Algona. 4-H fat barrow: first, Verl Patterson, Algona. 4-H pen of fat barrows: Verl Patterson, Algona. Two pens of 4-H poultry BABY HEALTH TEST WINNERSANNOUNCED Results of the baby health contest are given below. The name of the child is followed by the initials and address of the father: Boys—First class, 1 to 2 years (12 entered): 1st, Daniel Eugene fr-?,H <A.H Tltonka); John Michasl Kenefick, 98 (J Kraschel (Continued from page 1.) N., Jr., 97.8 (A, quest of Senator Patterson, it was made a special order for 10:30 a. m. Friday, December 29. Patterson Engineered Bill. "On page 516 of the Senate Journal, December 29, on motion of 0 . . ., •„ • i Senator Patterson, the bill was &>„, S Kmuse i brought up under the special or.. rentnni. ^ Among the amendments adopted was one as follows: 'Provided further that after December 31, 1934, no transfer shall be made ., . Boys—Second class, 2 to 3 years (5 entered): 1st, Donald Stiles, 97.9 (Don, Algona); 2nd, Larry Gae first ! Klein Peter, 97.3 (Vincent, Algona); "'*"•'13rd. La Mont Wellfinrinrf fifiS were shown: first, Paul Goslin.'on pen Hawcott. Miniature Thoreson, Swea City; fourth and fifth. Helen Paetz. Algona. The grand champion baby beef was shown by Elmer Leibrand. and the reserve champion by Wallace carlot class — first, Elmer Leibrand, Buffalo Center; second, Clifford McGregor, Armstrong; third, Mildred Thoreson, Swea City; fourth, Wallace and Morris Johnson, Armstrong; fifth, Frieda and Helen Paetz, Algona. Yonth to Got Gold Medal Einier Leibrand, Buffalo Center, has been chosen outstanding baby beef club member for the year 1934, and will receive a gold medal award given by the Chicago Producers Commission company, Chi- dairy heifers were exhibited by dairy calf club members, and the placing follow: Purebred Dairy Heifers — Holstein. first year heifers: first, Floyd Bode, Algona; second, Frank Schoby, Algona; third, Louise Dreyer, Whittemore; fourth, Arnold Dreyer, Whittemore; Holstein, second year heifers; first, Frank Schoby, Algona; second, Lowell Samp, Algona. Holstein. third year heifers: first, Frank Schoby, 'Algona; second, Verl Patterson, Algona. Guernsey, first year heifers: first, Duane Klein, Burt; second, Wayne Barr, Algona; third, Dallas of White Leghorns, and „„,„„. Miller first on pen of Buff Rocks. NELSON STOVE CIRCUS AGAIN DRAWS A CROWD i3rd, La Mont Wellendorf, 96,8, (Lloyd, Algona). Girls—First class, 1 to 2 years Harold (12 enter ed): 1st, Judith Kay Rock.i ! Bockes - 98 - 2 (Harold, Algona); 2nd, his willingness to stand or fall politically on specific Issues. "Senator Patterson cannot tool Intelligent voters of Iowa by baseless criticism. He hasn't a platform on which he Is willing to stand. In 1932, I went through the campaign without asking a single person to vote for me, devoting all of my time to support of the program which Iowa adopted. In this campaign, I place continuance of the beneficial program now In effect above my own political fortunes, and I am campaigning for retention of this program without making a special plea for myself. Replacement in 47th District "Perhaps if it were I who had been called a liar, I would pay no FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. Sjostrand, Pastor— Choir practice tonight, 7:30, church. Aid meets tomorrow, 2:30, at Mis, Mildred.Mil- ler's, Mrs. Vern Jolinson assisting. S. S. teachers' meeting tomorrow evening, 7:30, parnonage. Confirmation class Sati rday, 10 a. m. Next Sunday: S. S. and Bible class, 10 a. m.; morning worship, 11. District educational rrlly next Tuesday, 8 p. m. Public church supper next week Thursday. Lavonne Frances Hagg, 97.6 (Albert, Algona); 3rd, Marlene Adele Hodges, 97.5 (Russell, Algona). Girls—Second class: 2 to 3 years (13 entered): 1st, Marjorie Ann Bleich, 98.7 (Leo E., Wesley); 2nd, i Mary Mae Lowe, 98.6 (Victor N., Eight hundred toy ballons were • A1 g° n a); 3rd, Doris Marie Apple- given away at the Nelson hardware I gate > 98 - 2 (Victor A., Corwith). circus Saturday afternoon and ev- I Tlle examinations were conduct- ening, also 750 sacks of candy | ed bv Doctor M. G. Bourne, J. N. "kisses." Candy cookies baked in i Kenefick, Hamstreet, of Titonka, a Glowmaid range were served to| and ~ all callers. Minkel, Nurses who assisted Swea were City. Mrs. M. Skeels, Ph. D., expert'in child psychology in charge of a research station for child mental study at Iowa City. . v.u»i^ia, j*'wiut*o iiAIVJ ciosiaLcu were i»irs. This range fired with charcoal, 'Raymond Wehler, Mrs. Cleavenger, had only a tall paper stovepipe! Mar J" Kain, and Philomena Quinn. which was not conected with a Men tal tests_were given by Harold chimney. There was no gas from the stove, and the paper pipe was not even discolored. The idea was to show that the stove uses up its fuel completley, though of course with coal a pipe would be needed. Though the day was not planned as a sales event, and no sales work was done, two stoves were sold. Mrs. J. J. Nurre, Bancroft reported the largest family, 14 chil- cago. Fifty-six head of Klein, Algona. Guernsey, second year first, Eldon Shaw, Algona. heifer: Jersey, second year heifer: first, Rex Taylor, Sexton. Grade Heifer Winners. Grade Dairy Heifers: Holstein, first year heifers: first, Frank Schoby, Algona; second, Vernon Hollister, Lone Rock; third, Richard Hanson, Algona. Holstein, second year heifers: first, Paul Inman, Bancroft; second, Richard Mescher, Bancroft; third, Vincent Wesselman, Bancroft. Holstein, third year heifers: first, Merle Miller, Bancroft; second, Earl Zeigler, Algona. Guernsey, first year heifers: first, Lewis Price, Lakota; second, Eldon Shaw, Algona; third, Russell Nelson. Elmore, Minn.; fourth, Jerdel Klein, Algona. Guernsey, second year heifers: first, Evans Johnson, Bancroft; second, Lavern Guernsey, third year heifer: first, Lewis Price, Lakota. Jersey, first year heifers: first, Rex Taylor, Sexton; second, Roland Bode, Algona; third, Mitch Taylor, Sexton. Brown Swiss, second year heifers: first, Bernard Hauptman, Wesley; second, Wayne Goslin, Wesley. Holstein bull calves: first, Frank Herbst, 5 feet 2%, whose prize was an electric lantern. Charles Dennis, Corwith, was heaviest man, weighing 332 pounds, and won a gallon thermos jug. ' G. O. P. Rally at Spencer Tomorrow Spencer, Sept. 9—Hundreds of republicans from over Iowa are expected for Republican day at the Clay county fair this week Friday. Party leaders und candidates say this will be the biggest republican rally in northwest Iowa in this campaign. Nearly all republican candidates for state offices, as wpll as many candidates for county office, are expected. Dan W. Turner, republican candidate for governor, will speak in the afternoon, and Geo. W. Patterson, candidate for lieutenant governor, is also scheduled. Reports coming from over the state indicate that there will be a large audience to hear the candidates. * Constitution to Be Featured in "Week" Program fuiicu me mrgesc ramuy, 14 chil- Kosusth county, with the rest of dren, and won a cold-pack tanner state of Iowa wil1 observe Con- The tallest man was Alfred Nelson ' stitution week, which begins next Wesley, 6 feet 9, who received a I Ionday< The idea is sponsored by bond box. The shortest was T T the state bar association. J. W. "--•-- ' Morse, Estherville, is state chairman of a bar association citizenship committee, J. D. Lowe is 14th judicial district chairman, and T. C. Hutchison is county chairman. An effort is being made to provide speakers for meetings of civic and service clubs, as well as all schools in the county desiring speakers. Organizations are to send requests to Mr. Hutchison. Dates of constitution week are September 16-22. Later an essay contest will be sponsored by the bar association, and prizes will be awarded for the best essay. R. R. Employe on Job Here 40 Years The Milwaukee railroad announces a reunion for employes of 25 years' standing. It will be held at Chicago next week, and nearly 6,000 employes are expected to attend. Martin Didriksen, Algona, the only man locally eligible, has been with the company 41 years, and is now section foreman here. Besides the convention the em- ployes will have a business meeting and a banquet, will visit the to a poor fund unless there is a been Called a liar, I would pay no shortage in said fund after the attention to It; but when my op- maximum permissible levy has ! l' onent , nccua es Governor'Herring . __ ..-.. r\F T»IH iff tirr «it«ni-vn»*jiociM f n t tf\n r\F tl4tV.MLlllllll £JG1 (. UHi US » J AllfckJ i . , tit f been made for said fund.' 9 f niak ng misrepresentation of "Senator Patterson moved that ' aota ; whereas m reality it is the the bill be read a third time and Se , nato , r himself who is doing the Placed on its passage. On page 517 falsify tag, I fee obliged to raise placed on its passage. On page 517 of the Senate Journal he voted for the bill, which passed with 36 affirmative votes. On the same page you find that Senator Patterson moved that the rules be suspended and the bill be messaged to the House immediately. "It is, therefore, plainly apparent that Senator Patterson knew all details surrounding the necessity for this law, particularly that the maximum levy now being ordered would raise approximately $4,000,000. Full Levy Now Required "In order to make provision for the unusual poor relief need in drought-stricken counties where it might exceed the tax raised, it was necessary, in order to comply with the law as stated in the amendment, to see that the full tax was levied. Had the state not required the full levy to be made we should be barred by law from transfer to the poor fund where a deficit oc- my voice in protest and place the responsibility where it belongs. * "The replacement of property taxes by virtue of Iowa's new Income tax and sales tax in Senator Patterson's own senatorial district will in 1935 amount to ?61G,000, according to the best estimate at this time. In this the Senator's own home county of Kossuth, the replacement will be approximately $198,000, or 25.2 per cent of existing property taxes. "This is the type of tax revision which Senator Patterson voted against and now attacks without giving the people any plan for a substitute. "I insist that Senator Patterson adopt a definite platform and cease baseless criticism without regard to the facts." Titonka Burglars Rob Callies Store Titonka, Sept. 12—Burglars broke nto the Callies estate general store Monday night. They gained entrance by prying a back door'open. Then they pried the safe open by pulling off the knob, and it looked as if they used a wheel puller. Not much was taken: about §1.50 in cash, a blanket or two, a pair of oxfords, scissors used at the coun- J estl s ate an accident the night be- ter, a number of women's dresses f ? re >?. which _a truck carrying cat- Didriksen will not attend. Cattle Truck is Upset in Crash Deputy Sheriff Casey Loss went nair of to Fenton Tuesday morning to investigate an accident the night be- Schoby, Algona; second, Dreyer, Whittemore. Arnold , . Guernsey bull calves: first, Dallas Klein, Algona; second, Duane Klein, Burt. Showman "Champ" Named. Among boys showing Guernsey calves, Jerdel Klein was chosen champion showman, and received the Guernsey bull calf given by Quarton & Hanson. In the showmanship class, all breeds competing, Floyd Bode was selected as champion showman. The dairy judging contest was won by Floyd Bode, Algona; Lewis Price, Lakota, second; Frank Schoby, Algona, third; Merle Miller, Bancroft, fourth, and Eldon Shaw, Algona, fifth. The demonstration contest was won by the Wesley 4-H club. The team composed of Bud Hauptman and Dick Kent won on "Making Calf Blankets." This team will represent Kossuth at the Dairy Cattle Congress, Waterloo. Colt Class Winners. A fine group of colts was shown by the 4-H colt club, and from the crowd present while the colts were handker- look like that of professionals. No clue was left except a few finger which have been taken. * Girl Gives Dances at Fair and 'Call' Whittemore, Sept. 5—John Mosbach Sr., Harold McDonald, and Mae Higley drove to Sioux City Friday to visit friends, and were accompanied back by Mrs. Sadie Leeney and her daughter Norma. Norma is giving dance specialties at the county fair every evening this week, and will also appear Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at the Call theater. was driven by Charles Blackman, prints FariDault ' Minn., and it upset when ' a rear spring broke. None of the cattle were injured, nor were either of the two men. The accident happened two miles south of Fenton at 7:30. * Drought Cattle at Hurt. Burt, Sept. 12—Five carloads of Patterson at Fair. Senator Patterson spoke at the county fair last Thursday night, but he has been campaigning much of the time since then, and no report of his remarks has been received. He spoke Saturday before the Polk county republican central committee at Des Moines. NOTICE OF LETTING Sealed bids will be received at the office of the County Auditor, Algona, Iowa, until 1:30 p. m., October 1, 1934, for furnishing labor and material for one hollow tile maintenance shed to be built at Titonka, Iowa. Bidding blanks and additional information may be secured at the office of the county engineer, Algona, Iowa. September 11, 1934, E. J. BUTLER, 52-1 County Auditor. FOR SERVICE DRY~CLEANING We give first class service at a fair price and appreciate your patronage. Wearing Apparel, Rugs, Drapes and Furs Cleaned. We call for and deliver. Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE 537 , . thin cattle from the dry sections of southern Iowa were unloaded here Sunday. They were taken to the Leo Fox, R. F. Elvidge, Wm. Bosworth, and Ora Hurlburt farms for fattening. Now-- Is the time to buy! Food prices are steadily increasing due to the dry season that we have had. Fill up your pantry shelves now, it will mean a real saving to you later. Wheaties, Whole Wheat Flakes, food for champions 12c Baby Food, Larsen's strained vegetables, lOc, 6 cans 56c Gelatin Dessert, Home Brand, nothing better, package 5e Tomato Soup, rich and creamy, 3 cans 05,. Mince Meat, A-B-C, 9 oz. cello. wrapped pkg. lOc Baking Powder, Clabber Girl, can j)c Crackers, fresh bakt., soda or graham, 2 lb. box 21c Laundry Soap, Big 4, White Naphtha, 9 bars 25c Magic Washer, modern soap powder, 25 oz. pkg. 22c Matches, Palmer, 16 cubic inch, strike anywhere, 6 boxes 25c Brooms, Silver Eagle, 4-sewed, each 49 C Kippered Snacks, Rosalind, can 7c Cherries, Climber Red Pitted, No. 2 cans 13c, 6 for 75c Peanut Butter, Big Value, 24-oz. jar 28c Sandwich Spread, Derdy, jar _.10c Just the thing for school lunches. Macaroni or Spaghetti, A-B-C 7 oz. pkg. 3 pkgs. 15 C Tea, Silver Crescent, % lb. pkg. ICc Certo, assures success, regular size bottle 25c Prices for Friday and Saturday September 7 and 8 Make Long's Meat Market Your Meat Market. Both will be pleased. The same old Clean, Neat, aud Pleasant Grocery. LONG'SFOODSHOP "Thus we find Senator Patterson deliberately misrepresenting the 'acts, and Governor Herring's statement positively sustained. Patterson at Manly. "On Labor day, at Manly, Senator Patterson said that the farm renter pays $30 a year in sales ;ax; so does the farmer who has ost his farm; so does the truck driver, so do skilled and unskilled workers, office workers, and farmers who own their farms. "All this is a deliberate falsehood, for Senator Patterson knows that unless a person spends $1500 a year for taxable merchandise he does not contribute $30 to the sales tax fund. The man on a $50 salary earns $600 a year, and, if he spends it all for taxable merchandise his tax bill will be only $12. "The Algona Advance in a table published on the editorial page in which it attacked the Rev. C. ' V. Hulse, under date of September 6 says a $1,000 income pays $30 tax. This also is untrue. Should Patterson Resign? "If Senator Patterson is sincere in his candidacy for lieutenant- governor, he should resign as state senator and allow his district to elect a successor without a special election, which will occur in the event of his election. He should Algonians Attend County C. E. Meet Algona Presbyterians who attended a county Christian Endeavor rally at the Lu Verne Presbyterian church Sunday afternoon and evening were: the Rev. C. Paul Carlson, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Sheehan, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Weaver, Mrs. Frank Geigel, George Ricker, Mil- PRESBYTERIAN, Rev. Carlson, Minister—-Next C. Paul _ , Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m.; morning worship, 11; Christian Endeavor, 7 p. m.; evening serv ce, 8. The Rev. S. H. Aten, Burt, will deliver the evening sermon, anil following the sermon an ordination service will be held. Mr. Sheehai and Mr. Pratt, elected last spring, will be ordained and installed. FOUK-SQUAUE, its. Meyers and Other Pastors—Tonight at 8—sermon subject, Let Us; Bible reading in the book of Hebrews. Saturday evening at 8; Dlvin<| Healing. Sunday afternoon at 2:30; sermon subject, Christian Stewardship. Sunday night at 7:45: Rainbows. Next Monday night at 8: special mls- Blonary meeting, the Rev. M M Sackett, state officer, speaker.' TRINITY, P. j, Braner, Pastor- Next Sunday: German service <) - m.; Sunday school and Bible ' e rn« 10; no English service; the par" » » The Aid r at 10:30 at Llvermore meets today with Mrs' rs John Seip. Sunday school teachers' meeting tomorrow evening. R O . SiUimit inatri worship, at Ncvlli e's Shoe StOf,," OF HEAKlbTG OiY APPT/I- CATION FOR EXEMPTION FROM TAX REDUCTION LAW To Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that at 8 o'clock p. m. on the 24th day of September, 1934, at the Lone Rock bank in Lone Rock will be conducted a Iowa, there hearing on the l,one Rock In- dred Ryther, Thelma Van Glendora Dorston, Burbank, Margaret Blossom, Georgiann Geigel, Annette Hansen, Donald and Wayne Weaver, William Turner, William Caldwell, and Norma Young. Glendora, Annette, and Georgiann appeared on the program in a vocal trio, and the accompanist was Margaret Blossom. - .--- ~. ---- 1— , ..." .1=.,, me s eecon. e should world's fair, and will be taken for , furthermore, adopt a platform stat- tri P in the ^y- Mr -f!"e clearly what he proposes in lieu of the sales tax, of liquor control, and of other policies of the present administration which he so viciously attacks, thereby, proving Burning Ship Scenes Shown Here Monday News pictures of the ship Morro Castle, which burned early Saturday morning, were shown at the Call Monday night, establishing a record for moving picture news service here. Planes from New York City took out photographers, and other planes brought the films west to be shown in record time. Next Sunday brings a first release in this territory of Young and Beautiful. In connection with this show the Call will present a 10- person revue, Scandals of 1934, on the stage. the district, cent of de- application of the dependent school district for exemption from Chapter 123, Laws of Lhe 45th G. A., knowii as the Beatty- Bennett tax reduction law, because of the following jreasons: that since the year 1930 there has been an unusual destruction or removal of property within causing a large pe. _. crease in the value of property subject to taxation in siich taxing district. At said hearing tiny interested taxpayer may appear and file objections either written or oral in reference to the exemption set out above, the application for which is now pending in the 1 office of the State Comptroller. Dated at Lone Rock, Iowa, this 10th day of September. 1934. J. M. B^ANCHARD, 52 President of Board. HEINZ SALEf This Week at A & pi KETCHUP SPAGHETTI VINEGAR BAKED KtK£?25c PICKLES Fresh Cucum- her, jar M. J. U. COFFEE, 1-lb. can WHKATIES, 24 c .33c .lie 22c 9c FRESH FISIf, Halibut, lb. ANiY PACK PKKSEKVKS, -I r~ lfi-o/. jar 15 C All Flavors 8PARKLK, 2 pkgs. CKRKAL MKLLO WHEAT, 2 pkgs. DELICIOUS COCONOG, J6-1J*. can P&GSOAP, 10 sin. bars CLDIALENE, Ig. pkg. S. 0. S., 2 pkgs. ,17c -28c .19c Me Butter! Z8c lb. Cheese! lb - *L 16c KKillT Ibs. UK, ... ) 57c| Apples, id"alio" Immtlmns, | || Hiinnniis, His nil 23 ^^^^^™™« Minute Tapioca Calumet Baking Powder RAKER'S Premium -I O Cocoanut, 4-oz. pkg-._ J- O C LOG CABIN Syrup 12-oz. can IN Syrup o o ' .n-: uo, 3 fur MU can«l Esol 2 fur . lt\ *HE GREAT ATLANTIC &'PAC!FICtlAC6. Two Children Huptised. The Rev. P. J. Braner baptized Joyce Marian, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Haack, Livermore, and Ernest Lee, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bellinger, Algona, Sunday. x\ A WHEN YOU CHOOSE YOUR DAYTIME FROCKS PICK WOOL We have such delectable fashion morsels as metal shot woolens trimmed in metal. Or satin sections on your fuzzy frocks. And it is newly smart to pick your daytime clothes in Woolens . . . $8.95 to $19.75 A new group of crepes too. -•'''•'•'''....i.ii.^iiiiiiiHiiMMuiiiiiiiiiMMiniiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiij Hart Schaf f ner & Mai Yearcraft andl Bartlett Clothe Standard Makes a\ Reasonable Prices Hart Schaffuer & Marx Suits tori are better than ever. All hand mai Pine 16-ounce worsteds. Doublet ed models are very popular $24, New sport models. The biggest sit of fancy models in the county, at "Yearcraft," the nationally advertls $25.00 suit that is guaranteed: year's wear. It must be seen tobe predated. We are underselling marketat $2.50 on this suit at We are also featuring a line of ounce worsteds in new fancy blues' browns. Pine tailoring. Also a i plete line of sport suits, at For the man who wants a pure worsted suit (no cotton) at a price, you've come to headquarters. New oxford grey, browns and blues $14.50 $16.85 Fall Mixtures in soft g wearing wool felt yery rich looking $1.95 We carry a stock of suits to fit shorts or longs or slims, stouts, ] stubs, portlies, long " priced from T0 $35J * h V ew 8t ° re Las a11 new merchandise. *«'<>*• will l>e fo«nd here. u eUTHOl.<> No - W The Clothing Corner of Northwest low* WfHttff^

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