Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 13, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 13, 1934
Page 5
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA ONE; RETIRED 7 YEARS AGO Scene From "Dames 1 * Next Week » ,„ Sept. 11—Old Jen, the feed by J- H. Warburton, i t week. She was a twin [fitter twin, Bird, died about 11160 aso Mr., Warburton i team of mules 37 years LYm they were three years ^L Jen's age 40 years last She had a record of be- .jpst known mule in the If brought Quite a bit of \i to her owner. Former Vent Mbrrlson gave her j" publicity a few years ago, imanbythe same name, J. H. urton, of Marietta, O., wrote r if the Warburtona were rel- J Jen had not worked for i vears, but lived on an old age on for which nobody but the , ur tons was taxed. Etr Fnlr Is Praised— tone those attending the coun- Er from this vicinity were Mrs. Noble, Mrs. A. Q. Smith, Mr. J, H. Warburton, Sam ,urton, and Irvln Koppen. > expressed themselves as well ' [ with the fair. The exhibits ood and the hippodrome at- lons were as good as those put the state fair Wednesday Mrs. Noble attended the county fair ever held in iith county and many since [time. |,Johnson Under Knife- fiends here received word last fc that the Rev. F. 0. Johnson, fhas not been well the past few s, underwent an operation at a fjloines hospital Thursday for fcval of nn infected growth in The Johnsons had gone ioxville for a week's visit her folks. He is expected ; this week. Mrs. Johnson also rted her sister, Naomi Pringle liined nurse, in a hospital suf- 5 with rheumatism, Mist Aid Elects— R. E. Hamquist and Mrs •ew Johnson entertained the fcodist .Aid at Mrs. Hamriuist's {week Wednesday. Plans were B for the annual Guest day nexi Wednesday at the -jhurch | following officers were elect- fpresident, Mrs. J. H. Warbur- Tvice, Mrs. Connie Roelfsema jlary, Mrs. Hamquist; asslst- |secretary, Mrs. Emory Smith Hirer, Mrs. H. H. Murray. [ermen Have luck— and Mrs. Walter Rosenau land Mrs. Ed Grlese, E.. R {ley, Sid Lindsay, Henry and ", Schroeder, and Charles Gut fcht, who fished in northern peseta last week, came home pay and report a good catch '". weather. [t District C. E. Bally— Rev. and Mrs. 'Frerklng anc mg people attended the dis Christian Endeavor rally a 'erne Sunday. Gertrude Wort was leader for the song ser also furnished Is Dead at Lakota yes, 'all At The A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. an overwhelming abundance of sugary virtues that customers literally writhe and squirm in their seats, enjoying the orgy. The cast, in a vehicle so preposterously impossible and far-fetched that even a 10-year-old child loses bis dinner, adult patrons are supposed to go ga-ga over, and the plot features a millionaire's daughter who scrubs floors, bakes cakes, and tonds tlio children. But- the picture is clean, if that's you require. Servants' Entrance rests on the assumption that all rich folks are lazy and inhuman, while chauffeurs and conks are always industrious, Kind and intelligent. Just why Janet leaves her luxurious home to scrub floors is never clearly explained—maybe to make her more spotless! Each incident in the plot only plunges us deeper into the abyss of utter asininity. We RO from implausibility to downright improbability. Kvon veteran actors like Walter Connelly gag at such infamous proceedings. His lines are stilted, and fit times ho pauses, as if to say to himself, "You d— fool, to waste your time over such imbecilities!" Low Ayres, less an actor, gets along tolerably well—he makes the good hero with a heart of gold who rebukes the rich girl when she trios to make love to him. Servants Entrance is built on a human frailty—envy—scarcely a mortal who consciously or unconsciously does not bavo a dash of it. Tlie only reason pictures like these Plays Reviewed This AVeek— Newspaper Movie Criticisms. The Hideout. Servants' Entrance. P ROBABLY THE LOWEST point to which any criticism of the Arts has ever fallen has been reached in reviews of the current cinema in metropolitan newspapers. Without exception the criticism is weak, puerile, asinine, and designed not to form an intelligent guide to pictures but to influence unwary customers to spend shock- els on worthless, uninspired trash. Among the better type of magazines, notably Esquire, Vanity Fair, Judge, and Life, the standard of movie criticism is considerably higher, and the reviews seem courageous and unbiased. But in the lesser catagory of publications, chief among them, perhaps, erty, the stuff is about on a Lib- par i and Lakota lial music. jfornian Goes Home— i. Tom Waud, Los Angeles, i who has been visiting her her W. E. Ley most of the sum[left the first of the week for i via automobile. She was ac- 'anied by a niece, also from arnia. fered Tonsil Hemorrhage— s, Emory Smith was at the "oft hospital last week' Tues- fer little sister Jean was ser- ill, suffering from a hem- age after an operation for re- of tonsils. She is recover- |Bulld!ni> Is Removed— i remainder of the old Tamen mem shop, which has been islanding since most of the Ping was burned a few years [has been torn down and the be cleaned up. Other Lakota News. •3 Rev. and Mrs. 0. H. Frerking most of lasst week visiting .ves at Lake Park, Iowa, and Ion, S. D. They also spent a at Iowa City making arrange- jor Norman to attend the y« i™. w ° rle y' s brother came Fay and took his mother, Mrs. Cv w f'v and h6r (ather - M " H wen home Sunday morning was with that of the newspapers, which is zero or slightly below. A more striking example of mass-mindedness could scarcely be conceived. The reviews in our newspapers are but a rehash of exaggerated, false, highly colored publicity blurbs which studios send out in advance. Not an ounce of brains in a carload! Fear of the advertiser is the only explanation which can be given for this deplorable condition. But if this is the case, why not dispense with cinema-parrots altogether and just run the pre-views of the producers. Then, at least, ,he unsuspecting public would not be misled? As Exhibit A of the ultimissimo of absurdity in talkie criticism, we quote from WGN's review of Treasure Island, in which these illuminating pearls of thought appear: Treasure Island has been delight- 111 AW ° here, •as Abbas, ten years t »,..*, last week at Albert where he works and was a few daya - but •v.. Harold Fletcher was Algona Saturday by the J» illness of his father. The are former residents of ..v. Prin Sle began her work fier in school district No. 3 •man township. Miss Pringle , "" s school last year. " °ran O'Keefe, who was In• ago in a car acci- nome last week Tues'« » recovering. 5 Powers underwent an op<i•* ^ m £, val o£ tonslls and i recent,^ Butf *l° Center hos- "~" . d «er of Mr. irenary, submitted to ntly. ° r ulcers at Hassebrock took to Dubuque Mon- again enter the unl- >f dramatic action. Here is the plot: "Lucky" Lewis, gangster (Robert Montgomery), is wounded in a gun fight to resist capture by the po- SEPTEMBER COURT JURY UST URAWN The September term of the district court will open Monday, September 24, and the grand jurors publican picnic at Riverside park, are to report next morning. Clerk iChicago, and last week Wednesday ^'^^l^A^ 0 '-.. Bu , Uer - 'vening he spoke before the Young! Dickinson Speaks in Iowa, West Va., Twice at Chicago On Labor day last week Monday Senator foickinson spoke at PAGE Auto, Driver Nods; Car_Hits Bridge St. Jok Sept. 12 — A traveling salesman driving a 12-cyllnder Cadillac fell asleep at the wheel last Thursday evening, and the car ran into the cement bridge near the Philip Eourage farm, two miles south of [St. Joe on No. 169, and broke off one of the cement wings on the bridge. The car, bearing Wisconsin license plates, was badly, wrecked, but the driver, who was alone, escaped with minor cuts bruises. Stock Sales Books on hand at the at the Advance Sissy Gangster ng men, oved it women, and children. The cast is dandy The killing off of Bones is quickly succeeded by adventure on the high seas and thrilling events on the Island where treasure is located." Exhibit "B" from the same sheet consists of this juicy bit of philosophy, referring to One More River: "Altogether I believe you'll enjoy this photoplay, with its one more proof that America's a pretty good place to live in." If this be ;he King's English, let's take a so- lourn to Borneo. And folks get [>aid for writing it! /GANGSTERS OF 12 months ago knocked their women down and blacked their eyes. By comparison the 1934 variety are thin- blooded, lily-livered mollycoddles. In The Hideout we have this new species of racketeer on display—a whiff of new-mown hay and a good long look at demure, virtuous Maureen O'Sullivan feeding chickens and milking cows. And our hero melts like a snow-flake in July. The Hideout just misses being another It Happened One Night, the Thin Man, or Lady For a Day. It is the same type of clever, fast entertainment punctuated with laughs, shot through with tender love,'and embellished with a dash lice; but he escapes to a small Connecticut farm and hides out till the affair blows over. While convalescing he falls in love with the farmer's daughter (Maureen O'Sullivan). In the end, run down by detectives, he serves an 18 months sentence to clear his name, and then claims his bride. Needless to say, Maureen was waiting when the prison doors released him. The charm of The Hideout lies in the subtle direction of W. S. Van Dyke, who has capitalized a great number of trivial details to bring out the bewilderment Of a city man transported bodily to a farm and getting used to the thing. There is feeding the chickens, milking the cows, and picking cherries, all novel adventures for one who has spent a lifetime in the confines of a great American metropolis. And Director Van Dyke has not allowed any of the humor of such a situation escape him.' Robert Montgomery, still under the impression that he is the screen's cutest cut-up, gets some good laughs out of some unusual situations, while Miss O'Sullivan is captivating as willing victim of his love-assaults. The supporting cast is well nigh faultless, and it brings to light another youthful actor to fill the shoes of Jackie Coogan and others who have graduated from the so-called cinema kindergarten —Mickey Rooney, who adds a tre- receive a civil reception is because most of us enjoy the gory spectacle of the rich and powerful being knocked off golden pedestals and dragged through the mire of common mediocrity. The circle of Gaynor fans is narrowing down to only a selected few, and the millenium will be reached when Janet and her cine- inatlcal absurdities are dumped into the nearest ashcan—and the cover put on firmly. Mrs. A. H. Olson, 74, 40 Years at Swea City, Passes Swea City, Sept. 11 — Funeral services for Mrs. A. H. Olson were held at the Baptist church by the Rev. G. R. Siemens Friday at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Olson died at her home in Swea township a week ago Tuesday night at the age of 7<i years. Mr. and Mrs. Olson were married in 1877, having lived in Kossuth county 40 years. Mrs. Olson had been in poor health all summer, and a week before her death she had suffered a stroke, never regaining consciousness. The Olsons had 13 children, of whom nine and Mr. Olson survive, seven daughters and two sons. The children were all present for the funeral. Mrs. Olson was a member of the Swedish Baptist church for 37 years. Burial was made in Harrison cemetery. and County Recorder Dooley have chosen the following petit jurors, who are to report Tuesday morning, October 2: F. B. Bartholomew Algona Mrs. Tice Brack Ledyard P. H. Chapin Wesley Fay G. Callies Titonka Frank Droessler Bancroft L. R. Daniels Burt 0. W. Elbert WhiUemore John D. Fraser Algona Nellie Friots Lakota Emma Funnemark Wesley Elizabeth Granzow Algona Chas. Glaus IIlFenton Adolph Girres Wesley Mrs. Karl Hoffman ."."Bancroft Elizabeth Hildman Wesley Emil Leek Burt D. M. Long -V.V.Algona Wm. Manning ___ _Lone Rock Ole S. Pehrson Swea City Rome Robison Irvington M. D. Reilly Algona Fernley Runchey West Bend John Sleper Titonka Fred Simpson Bancroft Harm Steinhard Lakota Chris Shaser Bancroft Fred Welp Titonka Frank Welsh Ledyard C. J. Whitney Lone Rock Fred Zeigler Algona Red Cross Awards 11 Life Citations Eleven Algonians have been honored as the result of Red Cross life-saving tests at the municipal swimming pool. The tests were conducted by Perry White, life guard, and the awards were made by P. A. Danson, county Red Cross lifesaving chairman. Four senior lifesaving awards were given to John Ferguson, Helen Ostrum, Alice Behlmer, and Wesley Behlmer. Junior life-saving awards were given to Eugene Little, Doris Jane Sorenson, Loren Courtney, Betty Jean Messenger, Joan Stephenson, Geraldine Gronwall, and Jack Hemphill. « Philippine Student Speaks. Whitternore, Sept. 12—Student Alvaro A. Carnio lectured at the Fairville Lutheran church Sunday Young Republican club at Benton Har)or, Mich. Mr. Dickinson speaks today at a republican picnic at Waterville, near Waukon. This will be for sev- ral counties. He is to speak Satur- j day before a republican state convention at Charleston, W. Va. On the way home from West Virginia Mr. Dickinson will speak Tuesday noon at a Hamilton club luncheon at Chicago, and next day he is to speak at a congressional district republican meeting at Peru, Ind. WASHABLE RUGS BRIGHTEN UP YOUR HOME night, and also preached in the morning and Whittemore delegations attended. He spoke on the Philippines, his native country. Senor Carnio is a student at the Lutheran seminary, St. Louis. Soiled Rugs Eyesore to are any a positive household. Only careful, scientific and frequent washings in soft water and pure soap will thoroughly cleanse and maintain the original color and lustre in your washable rugs. Send us your rugs with your next week's soiled laundry. KIRSCH LAUNDRY We wash every day. Phone 2C7 ^Position Wanted A r READ WANTAI One Hurt as Auto and Fence Tangle Fenton, Sept. 12—Durwood, son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Kern, had an auto accident west of town, near the bridge, Monday noon, when he was taking Helen and Lloyd Kern, Marjorie Johnson, and Mervin Priebe home from school. The car left the road, ran across the ditch, and hit a fence. Helen, in the front seat, suffered a knee gash; the j rest were uninjured. Two glasses were broken, and the frame sprung. This was the second accident Durwood had had on this road in the last few months. mendous wallop to a picture which, Rare Flowers are Planted by Wille already carried an extra-measure of punch. The Hideout is beautifully photographed, and the musical accompaniment is catchy, featuring such well known rural melodies as Turkey in the Straw and The Old Gray Mare. A well balanced selection of short subjects completed another 100 per cent program at the Call. J ANET GAYNOR, in Servants, Entrance, should delight the League of Decency. Nothing so fabulously lily pure (and insipidly innocuous) has flashed across the silver screen since they made Jean Harlow a virgin in The Girl Prom Missouri. Here is goodness personified, virtue exalted, banality and the commonplace raised to the n-th degree. Here also is a completely colorless and negative personality, with an affected and artificial demeanor and a rasping high- pitched voice, endowed with such Paul Wille, custodian of the Ambrose A. Call state park, recently discovered two purple and one white gentian flower plants which he dug up and transplanted in grounds behind the custodian's house at the park. The flowers were found as he tramped alongside the river near the Country club grounds. The white gentian is rare. In both varieties there are bottle-shaped blooms. » Titonka Farmers Are Busy. Titonka, Sept. 12—Many farmers are filling silos, and some have bought new tractors. John Rippentrop, Ed Zweifel, Elmer Peterson, William Peterson, John Pink, William Swyter, Roy Budlong, Jay Budlong, and George Wiggins have filled silos and Jay Budlong, William Stenzel, and Onnon Bros., near Woden, have bought tractors. WHITE'S GROCERY Friday and Saturday Specials Look what 19c will buy! 2 Ib. box Crackers I9c 5 rolls Toilet Paper 19 C 2 pkgs. Corn Flakes ig c 1 quart Dill Pickles _19 C 4 pkgs. Jell Powder 19 C 1 Ib. Dried Apricots 19 C 2 pkgs. Bran Flakes 19 C 1 can Sani Flush ig c 1 Ib. P-berry Soffee III_~IIII~19c 2 Ib. can Ditto Cocoa ig c 1 pint Grape Juice .__19c 1 Ib. Fancy Cookies ~"™19c 1 gross Bottle Caps I9c 24-oz. jar Pig's Feet • ™ 19 C Buckminster Worsteds Blue Bloods of the Loom When you see "Buckminsters" tailored as only Varsity-town know how in models just released from a creative designing room, you'll appreciate what true thoroughbreds they really are! We'd crown "Buckminster Worsteds" the royalty of fabrics! , ,^ Single or Double Breasted i 22.50 to 29.50 Other Suits and i Top Coats I 13.50 to 24.50 ;*T. Zender Caldwcll A Good Store in Algona. T WINTER RYE FOR SALE. -Jens Sorensen, Algona. 7U51-52 WANTED-GOOD SHEPHERD dog —Otto Knudsen, Algoua. TRAVELERS VACATION accident tickets.-Phone 55, Algona Insurance Agency. 9u47tr MONEY—TO BUILD, REMODEL, or refinance Kossuth county town property at 6%.-— Algona Building & Loan Association. WANTED TO BOARD AND ROOM high school SirlB.-Mr8.Chas. Clement. 405 S. Jones. 14u51j2 SPECIAL REDUCTION ON NEW Remington Portable typewriters this week—Inquire Advance. _tr G sj H %aruS\s-t boosters-lee Bjustrom's, Algona. WE HAVE A of money to property at 6% La Barre. loan AMOUNT on Algona 55, C. «j DO YOU NEED AN ADU1NU MAD chief Why not a new Remington portable adding machine? — i» f quire Advance. . WANTED - HOUSEKEEPING OR care for aged people, or practical nursing—Mrs. Anna Smith, 303 3rd ave. S., Humboldt. 15p52 ti _ INSURANCE COMPANY wants general and local agents,— LIFE For information write Fonts, U44-4th St., Des Jos. M. $1'.00 ONE YEAR INSURES YOUR truck against broken included.— Insurance 18u47tf car or glass, windshield Phone 65, Algona Agency. 6% MONEY-FOB KOSSUTH county home mortgages on town and city property. Long time loans, renav in small monthly payments. --Algona Building and Loan Association. f. 5 ' OH YE^H! YOU SAY PAINT pric- — 5 ° brush. Red barn paint gal., 5 gal. lots. 38-52 MAN OR WOMAN, NOT OVER 50 yrs. old to fill clerk vacancies caused by death, retirement, expansion. No traveling. Interviewed by manager covering special training. —Write Retail Merchandising Bureau or Civil Service Training Bureau Inc., Box 6 this paper. 39p52 CTsi?irarog^ LIBERAL TERMS TO RIGHT MAN in choice territory as sales representative for Wisconsin's Greatest Nursery. No delivering or collecting. Healthy work with good pay in a business of your own. Stock Northern grown, with liberal guarantee. Company established over 30 years.—Write McKay Nursery Company, Madison, Wisconsin. 50 (3w) FOR SALE— USED GUNS IN PER- fect condition. Winchester repeating 20-gauge, shots the long shell, 28 inch barrel, full choke. A 16-guage double barrel with ivory bead sights, recoil pad and in every way perfect. One 16-guage single-shot trap gun with, raised matted rib on barrel. All guns will be sold at a reasonable price completed with cleaner and good case. Inquire at Advance office. e-e-f i i • = i i i I I New Fall Styles! 2-Piece Livingroom Suites $49.50 Junior Lamp FREE Bedroom Suites Wf&L $49.50 Spring or Mattress FREE NEW FALL RUG AXMINISTER 9x12 VELVET $21.50 and up $27.50 and up Foster's Furniture Co. and up and up PATTERNS 9x12 WILTONS 9x12 $39.50 and up onnoonn nqa an ann no oanpaci

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