Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 15
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 15

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 15
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DAT- 30, 1984. While,at the Pair EAT AT Fisher's Cafe 106 E. State St. ^ta^»^^ ' —*" ^ ^_ J _ JJ ,_ •*• *»VJTJJJ KJJ-M V J Teachers and_Pu^k_GeTReady to Start "New Scmeste SCHOOLS WILL jte-Way Food Store , . ys mo unted on a card—easily a lOc value, eeli; only FREE with 2 packages Sl'S&tf* ities for piv FREE, a regular 5c school pencil ch 1 lb. package of R Grocer Coftee__ ies Mayflower, red pitted, make delicious lies'No. 10 can 4»c I Gibb'B Early June, No. 2 can 2 cans 25c [and Beans, Jack Sprat, No. 2 tall can, 2 cans Iflc I Jack Sprat, pure, popular flavors, 13 1-2 L tumbler l»c LnallowB, Campfire, lb. package Iflc .paper, 40 ft. roll 8c but Butter, 22-oz. jar. 25c 61-2 oz. jar lOc L saves time, makes clothes whiter, large buoy Health Soap, purifies, deodorizes, 2 bars 15c filiey's Cocoa, 1 lb 13c WE DELIVER. WE BUY EGGS ||i Fruit and Vegetables. Phone 34G BE SUKE AND SEE CUE LSTEIN - FIRESIAN - CATTLE —at the— ad the high herd in Kossuth County Cow-Test- lAssociation in 1933 with a herd average of 417 |of b. f. Twenty-six cows produced 157 tons of : containing seven tons of butter valued at [69.37, at a total feed cost of $1,152.91. |Cows and Young Stock for Sale at All Times '. R. Schoby & Son "HOLSTEINS FOE PROFIT" BODE, IOWA >l VALUES IN GROCERIES ALWAYS AT AKRE'S Jt time you bake bread use "MANDALAY", a very 1 Minnesota flour, 49-lb. sack $2.00 EGA", a soft wheat bleached cake flour, 5 lb. page 88c and an upside down cake tin FREE flgan's "111" Coffee, 1 pound package 28c st Brand" very good, 1 pound glass jar 80c n Pty jars returned to us gives you another pound FREE ligan's "PURE QUILL" Coffee, the best of all, 1 "i glass jar 35c 1 coupon packed in each jar—10 gives you a pound FREE in 7 empty jars and you get still another pound FREE TRY IT ONCE N one again and very good. "BABY STUART" ''Stew, one pound tins 20c " special rolled oats, large thin flakes, Package 20c Stuart" Red Alaska Sockeye Salmon, 1 pound 25c [ e have fruit jars and all kinds rings and covers. BKOP IN AT AKRE'S or Phone 290-291 use our Free Delivery in town. EER —at— ellendorfs Modern Beer Garden Your patronage will be appreciated. The N, E, corner of Fair Grounds structor, callow HI. yoar.s and '""•a Slate Marjorio :ito of T-odyard, Aug. 28—School opens Moildny with H,,, following y: Hupl. A. K. Laurit/.on \v is a irrniliiaif. ,,r Upper Iowa university and has had post-gradualo work nt the Stain University of r.olorado, Honldor; high school Principal, V. A. Barrett, also a f.ir;idmil.o of Upper Town. university llarnld (iranner. malhemaf ic f; | n . Homlod Norll, Central Niiporville, Til., throe was graduated from Toarhon! college. Sli-analiaii, Fayelte ami dramatics, is a g'raclu- Uppor [owa university i-nincos Hitler. Fayolto, homo economics and commercial, was graduated fmni Iowa State college Ames, and taught at Aurora last year; Alice Dunham, of Waterloo 5th and r,|.|, grades, j a a graduate »f the Stain University oE Iowa ' Junnita Vmlerkofler, Brilt, '4111 and nth grades, is a graduate of the Sin to University of Iowa; Mildred llich, Fairmont, teaches 3rd and •Illi grades and received her two years training at. Miss Wood's '-•chord; Adelaide Randall, Mason City, 2nd grade, is a two-year graduate from Towa State ' Teachers college. Cedar Falls, as is Ruth •Tones. Livennnrn, first grade teacher. The book store will be open all day Friday. The following are, bus drivers this year: Route 1 Harry Schraedor; 2, Elvin Tiusclr H. Charles Hilfcrty; 4, Lawrence Mayne; 5, Jack Welsh; (i, Mike O'Koofo; 7, L. A. Nitz; 8, Aeilt Troff; 9, Ilemme Troff. Picnic Honors Const Visitors- Sunday the following gathered near the Ward school for a Rnney Picnic in honor of Mrs. Mabel Foxwell, Olympia. AVash., who is visit.inp hero: Mrs. Forest Cairy, Sioux City, and Louise and Betty Ann; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Raney, Livermoro, and Faith; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Raney, Livormoro, and Charlotte; Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Clark, and lite Loo Clarks, Britt; the J. A. Ranoys, George Johnsons, B. H. Potters, Dwight Potters, Elmer Potters, Scott Moores, and Glen Raneys, and Mrs. Cora Raney anc Hattie, and the Hugh Raneys, of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. IToyl Raney, Kingsley, and Mr. and Mrs R. V. Fitch, Bode. Mrs. Worden Loses Mother— Mrs. Leon Worden went to Seneca last week Monday to help care j ried A BOVE IS A COMMON SCENE when Iowa farmers, particularly in * x the southern half of the state, throw up their lines of defense against the chinch bug invasion. The lower picture shows Arthur McAIroy, northwest of OUumwa, running a tar line as Ray Murray, state secretary of agriculture, and others look on. The tar is an- plied through a hole punched in the lower side of the bucket. Last year Mr. McAIroy secured 100 per cent protection for his corn crop with this method. Above is shown Perry Holt, of Pulaski, Davis county, investigating chinch bug damage in one of his fields. at Jersey City instead of Philadelphia. Mr. and Mrs. LoRoy Crowley and their daughter Phyllis, who had spent a week with Mrs. Crowley's ""•tor, Mrs. A. ,T. Eason, left Sun- ; day for their home at Lo Mars. \ Minnie Dingier, West Concord/ Minn., is visiting Lu Verne rola- tives. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Blatti, ""Wield, bought her hero Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stone look Mrs. Stone's sister, Mrs. Wm. C. Kraft, and Roger to Nora Springs, Sunday, after a week's visit hero. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Stocldard, Alico and Harold loft Friday for Flasher, N. D. to visit Chester's brother Cort and other rolaHves. Mr. mid Mrs. C. L. Jensen, Valley City, N. D., were guests of the former's sister, Mrs. Harry Christ- ensnn, oarly in the week. The Archie Santonin drove to "'is^nvih Sunday to got Kathleen nml Willard, who had been visiting •IITIS and at Grimes. Fred Nnrcler, former resident of this locality, now living at Esteline, S. D., visited friends hero and at Renwick last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Mifrav, the P. C. Lichtys, and DeRao Lich- 'v attended the state fair Sunday, Helen Kuebler took sick Saturday and was taken to the homo of her parents at Livermore. Mrs. Nellie Gregory wont fn Rutland one day last week to visit and "'*--"' n family reunion. Clarence Tiede left last wool' Tuesday to visit relatives at Bloom- ir>"'"n. Ill, The Gus Baesslers visited snv- r.-«i days last week at Dunnell. Minn. TI<W Holmes 1ms b"ftn visiting friends at Mason City three weeks Mrs. D. Voss had as guests last week a Mrs. .Tohanneson, of Algona. Are For The 100% "Drink. PASTEURIZED Lu Verne, Lichty, Grace Lichty, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty, Charles Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. P. I. Chapman, and Lottie Mason were in a group , which attended open house for Mr. ! and Mrs. William Riley, West Bend, in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. The Rileys lived near Lu Verne more than 25 years before moving to West Bend. Mrs. ' Uiley has been confined to a wheel j Aug. 29— A wedding ! chair 16 years, and is cared for by, took place Sunday at the Lutheran ner daughter, Ida. A son Charles church, when the Rev. L. Wittenburg united in marriage Martha, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 0. S. Lund, and Herman, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Vaudt, Livermore. The bride wore a wine colored Riley lives at Livermore. Play is a Success— A little over $25 was added to the relief fund from the proceeds of the play, Miss Prosperity on i Parade, given at the gymnasium Algona Cooperative Creamery Company Clean Cotton Rags—Advance Office 'or her mother, Mrs. Edward Campbell, who died at her home Sunday morning. Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Laird & McCullough funeral home, Algona, and burial was made in the Irvington cemetery. Mrs. Campbell was well known here, having lived here at least 20 years. At one time the Campbells had a restaurant here. About two years ago they moved near their son Ralph at Seneca. a bouquet of Briarcliff roses and feverfen. Her attendant, Florence Lund, was dressed in a brown ransparent gown. Mrs. George Hanselman played the Jfeplmw of Mrs. Drew Dies- Mrs. John Drew was called to Waterloo last week Tuesday by the illness of a little nephew who had paralysis of the throat. The little one died and John Drew and Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnson attended funeral services'there Saturday. Walter Leslie Has Accident- Walter Leslie caught his hand in a chain on the corn shelter last week Monday and several fingers were badly crushed. He is under the care of Doctor Williams, Lakota. "Mnsic" by Drought Cattle- People living near the station had plenty of music Sunday and followng days, when 678 cattle were unloaded there to await sale, Other Ledvard News. Mrs. Harvey Platt and two children and Agnes Pendergast, all of Chicago, came last week Tuesday to visit the women's sister, Mrs. Cecil Peterson. Later in the week she accompanied them to Sanborn to visit other relatives. Mr and Mrs. Arthur Zielske en- ertained the following at Sunday inner: the Hans and Christy Hendricksens, Blue Earth; the ohn Frandels, Raymond Bar lous, George Hagge and daughter The George Thompsons left last veek Monday to spend a week with heir son Milton at Sioux City ^awrence Pingle is carrying th( nail on Mr. Thompson's route dur ng his absence. The Wm. Flynns came home last veek Monday from their vacation They visited at The Dells of Wisconsin, at Fred Gordon's, Flint and attended the Chicago Following the ceremony the couple; G eor g e Lothringers Visit Here— risited an Algona studio, where j M I% am i Mrs. George Lothringer vedding pictures were taken. | am j their son Jimmy were week- At 6 p. m. a wedding dinner was' end gues t s of Lu Verne relatives, erved to immediate relatives and , Hildegarde Lothringer and Elda i few intimate friends, 50 in num-j Tiede wen t to Davenport with her, at the country home of Mr.' them, and Miss Tiede was to go on and Mrs. Vaudt by Mrs. Lund and to Detroit, where she is a teacher, Mrs. Vaudt. while Miss Lothringer and her sis- The bride is a popular young lady ter _ Esther, of Eldrindge, planned who moved to Lu Verne with her to go to Chicago for the world's parents from Bancroft three years j> a j r- ago, and the bridegroom Is a prog- . ' ' — ressive young farmer working with Genriches tn Family Picnic— from for a three wo- 50 women and girls were in the cast, besides ... a group of children who put on a .. ^V.!.,f radio scene at the beginning of Make Yc ur Old Home New with FURNITURE mdience attended the services. P amsl - his father. The bridal couple will' make their home with the William Vaudts for the' present. Ynlnh Mne Murray Bride— A family reunion'and picnic was held last week Monday, when Mrs. John Genrich, the Walter Gen- riches, Mary McClellan, all of Lu Verne, the William Wetzels, Lotts place creek, the Herman Genriches, De- A surprise wedding took _ f a week ago Sunday, when Yulah I troi t t Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Knoth, Mae Murray and John Voss Jr. jjioomington, 111.; and Mrs. Sue Dell, Peoria, 111., gathered at the Ambrose A. Call state park. were married at Seneca by the Rev. H. A. Reyman, former Methodist minister here, now superintendent of the Seneca schools. The bride the only daughter of Mr. and Other Lu Verne News. Mr. Mrs. John Henderson, .- - . _ *,]„ IVlr. UUU ml o. UUH" xj.w*iu\>»«««, , Mrs. W B. Murray, and the, bride- , fl tneh . snn Robert _, groom the only son of Mr. and Henderson, Jefferson, and Mrs. John Voss. Both are grad- j™ George Kabele g ( Goldfield, 2 Piece Living Room Suites in farming and the couple will make their home on the Voss farm. Win. Rileys 50 Tears Wed— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Legler, C. H. Dorothea and Henry Marty went to Klemme last week Tuesday, to visit the former's maternal grandfather. Miss Marty is to be located rtich., vorld's fair. Amoo TI R T J Tilmoneys, or Ainea came Sunday to visit Airs. Mar, Tiimnnev and the J. w. Halt Hlmoney d ^ ^ Hartgllorn viio" have been at Ames, came home «™. n. D. Mayne and children and Mrs. Laura Niester visited the ROSS Brownings, Elmore, las Thursday and report a new son ^e Roy Links went to Fort Dodge Sunday. Her sister Reinbeck met them there.and 5 Link went home with her ' VC The Everett Thompsons, of Lake -Mtv and Florence Montgomery vis- ted'the former's brother, George Thompson, last week Tuesday Baumann left last ween; for Iowa City, taking Lakota, there for Sunday from two weeks at Chester, Alexander, and Livermore. The Raymond Wilcox, Fort Dodge, spent Saturday at the parental Richard Zielske's. The Clifton Engelbys left last Thursday to visit her sister, Mildred Adams, at Omaha. The Rev. Mr. Yanney, of Sioux City, spent last week Tuesday with the Charles Basharas. Mr and Mrs. Jasper Smith and Mrs. Conrad Gable left Friday to attend the state fair. Mr. and Mrs. Hernme Troff are parents of a son born a week ago last Thursday. The Martin Gables left last week Tuesday to visit relatives at Pequot, Minn. Mrs. Robert Johns and son left Monday for their home at Des Moines. Mrs. H. M. Dyer's mother, Mrs Moore, Cylinder, visited here las 1 week. Alfred Zielske attended the state fair over the week-end. Wednesday Mrs. HHmer, had her ton- aaus a .ils removed last week Monday by SI J A Devine, assisted by Dr. R. who has been Tb The d Joseph Steinbergs, Garner, MEET US AT THE Kossuth County Fair SEPTEMBER 8 TO 7 We are boosting for the fair and our own business with an exhibit in the Floral Hall. Come and see us, F. S. NORTON €* SON Phone m $ m*. A very fine selection in various types of quality upholstery. Reversible cushions, some down-filled, and a choice of club or period type pieces. ££Q Cf) Only a limited number 9Ov>«9U Period Bedroom Suites French, modern, and other period bedroom suites in exquisitely effective wood veneers. Built for long years of service and lasting beauty. \ ^QQ Kft A choice of many woods . ^O5J«?JU Our Floor Covering is full to overflowing with real special bargains. Here you can buy the heaviest weight, first quality rug size 9x12, only _____________________ $7.19 See our big line of Mohawk wool rugs. You'll find a pattern and a price for every room, 9x12 Axmin- SS : .......... : $27.75 Furniture Company Where Furniture Sells fox; Less,

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