Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 13
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KOS8UTH COUNTY ADVANfTO. ALGONA, IOWA •w i I)'/''- PAGE1 FlVJi'; S The an- last Thurs- at the Bought park ',, and the creamery lun coffee and Bracing Resists Wind Crowd for Day's Program weeks vacation. Tho Andrew Elberts, Virgil Elhert and Bernice Winkel drove Cedar Falls Friday for the former's daughter Marvel, who summer school. Tho Herman Voights, and liillio, sons of Mrs. Irene Uooney, accompanied tho Millers to WhiUomorc. The hoys had hecn visiting at Royal for the past two weeks. Mrs. J. M. Fleming and Marguerite, Mary, nnd Ruth drove to Mason yil-y Saturday to visit friends. ...„._..., __. .. •lames Fleming returned home with iSchultzes, and Mrs. Arthur Heiden' S J" 1(li 'y "»«> Monday. Mrs. wlth (lrove to Ruasell) Mlnn-( Satur . day on business. They that evening. Joseph and Edward, sons of tho Peter Schumachers, spent tho week end at John Grey's at Spencer. Mrs. Grey and Mrs. Schumacher are sisters, „, for GOOU Cream. fffSSZZt B ' which were great- O lne diplomas were ^p HB BAKN ON THE IjEFT WM , JU|ll , alcr Uwn lho trons whose cream j. rig ht. However, tho barn has collapsed because of improper |vear averaged 93 per^ceni brftclng) accord | ng to V. S. Peterson, agricultural engineer in tho "Diplomas were awaraoa Extcnslon Service, Iowa State college. The diagonal bracing on the. • M' 33 ' i tu 1^- eranary at the left is the explanation of its permanence and had the Loebacn_ J *' 1D > same principle of bracing been used in tho ham it would have stood Reinard Bennice tor many years . 93.83. t _ I ' d B "fr) ce g'art and'Her- chandlse of the Diamond Products. (Creamery swamped the Merchants Elbert, Hls talk was so well liked that ho'.13-4. ' Herman Meyer, was called, to Algona Monday to I Wm. Volght, Simon rep eat. Wehrspan and Ar-. Ingwlrth. Mrs. Nell rt Soldow, J. F. Joseph Knecht icver, 93.33. in , ana ,_ 'School Enrollment, Up— Enrollment at the public school was fairly large this year. Freshmen are Viola Voight, Tmogcno Wagner, Helen Hahn, Dorothy Air- Ihart, Annette Simpson, Delbert. Dogotch, Norbert Zumach, and Leon- ller 93.16, Mrs. Edward ard Ponipe. |p Fry, F. 0. Berkland, - rt Albert Meyer, Martin Attends State Convention- Adam Elbert, P. W. Mrs. Harry Helmko left a week "Penny" Dunce is (iiven The Penny Dance Tuesday at Higgins Mrs. James Foley,.Wer- ago Tuesday evening for Des j A little .son of the Roman Eison- Vaudt and Her- Moines to attend a Legion Auxil- bachers tipped a can of lyo , 93.16. iary convention. She is president p. Dau, Lewis Duffy, J. of the "West Bend post. She return- Jennings Harris, Schu- od home Saturday. L s ., Fred McWhorter, T. h, W. D. Ostwald, W. H. s un( ] ay 3 c ] 100 i H US picnic— jr, August Vaudt, H. *., The Methodist Sunday school IGeo. Streit, Simon Wed- p j cn i c i {e( i Tuesday at Ray Carl- Lies Salz, Peter Kollasch, lsle . s Baskct dinner was eaten on flelmke and A. F. Kunn, Jd. ^ e lawn by 50. Tennis and crowd Sports. Iquet was played for entertains given for cream ment. jf'ere won by Mrs. Herman Bret, 5-gallon cream can; Oilers nnd Creamery "Win— Voipht, second, 3 gallon Tuesday evening the North Farm- Dorothy Loebach and ers lost 1-0 in a fast Kittenball ;elly tied for third prize game on the local diamond to the dren, Ruhven, spent Sunday evens each given a 2%lb. box Oilers. Ito cheese. I fevents were won by the Boys' 50 yard dash, 10 i under Leonard Frost, jelbert Elhert, second; and j== loppen, third; over 10, Ken- g >t, Geo. Frost, and Fred |== j yard dash under 10, e Oringer. Alma Genevieve 1 Anna Mae Butler; over Margaret Barber, ffaldschmidt. e next four races prizes 1 first, 50 cents, and 25 Fat Men In Eace. . • K man's race was fon by Mueller, Charley Kollasch, [and George Elbert, third. king contest was won by idi boy, Ralph Fandel Jr, I Ralph Koppen, third. The ight was won by Melvin . The women's ball throw- was won by Rosella Ivelyn Voight, second, Dorach, third. ! to 1 p m entertainment hlshed by Ruth Adeline gifted tap dancer; Ar- Illy, harmonica, and Mar- pber Rave a few reducing The loud speaking jnt was furnished by the of "Si" Roth, and radio ' L. W. Swanson. i Kittonbnll Games. llttenball games were play- the other entertainment. pith-farmers against the prmers, In the first of the "«E the score was 2-0 in fa- fe North farmers, but an er- «rth let the South farmers scores to make the to win. South defeated aery 9.4. [evening a dance was held gins hall attended by 600., -b - Has Reunion— | f> family reunion was held I Bend Sunday. Attending W. Wm. Bruhn, Edna, Clara, »lr. and Mrs. H. F. Baas, -fa. Chris Meyer and Wai- c ' F. Baaa and John, the • Baas family, the Will • Robert Wegeners, Rudolph •' and Gertrude Meyer, all .einore. rdinand Bruhns, Mr. and FlcminR, James, and Marguerite drove to fjliorokeo Sunday to visit friends. The Mike W. Woydcrts, of New Ric.limond, Minn., came Thursday to Peter Wcydort's. They will be lipro a week. The Peter AVeyderts, Simon Wcbors Jr., and Mike Wcy- dortK drove to Dtibunuo Friday to visit. They returned Tuesday. Tho John Mclncs attended <a Von Rorhcrn family reunion Sunday at f'lcar Lake. The Gus Hawks, the Nouls Hackbarths, the Arnold Meines, and Frank Meines, all of Lolls Crook, also attended. About 128 were present, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bell, Blue Earth, Minn., arrived at the D. Hordes home Saturday. Their daughters Botty and Clarice, who have boon here for three weeks, accompanied them home Sunday. Monday evening guests at John Mcinc's were the Leo Rcsvors and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Port Ric and a week ago son> of Cedar county, Mr. and Mrs. hall was a| Gus Hawk, and the Jxwts Hack- great success. Bowman and higjbarths. Arrows, of Algona, furnished the Tllc Theodore Baas family and music. the Louis Baas family, of Stordou, — Minn., and Mrs. Wm. Schmeling, of My<> Hurt in Explosion— Emmetsburg, visited at the D. While Alfred Glawer was using a!Corcles and Arthur Heidenwith pressure lank Thursday white- i homes Sunday, washing a building, it. exploded, I Sunday guests at Herman Zumach's wore Uie Carl Noltes, Adolph Noltes, and C. P. Curriers, ill of Fairmont, and the Reinard Zumachs, and Wm. Rusch Sr. The R. A. Bartletts attended a bultermaker's meeting at Latimer Sunday. They visited Mrs. Barrett's parents, the J. H. Shroeders, of Burl, Saturday evening. The Leo Walters family and Mrs. Helen Walters visited at Bert Fuchsen's Sunday. They were accompanied home by Durwood Walters, who spent last week here. The Herman and Arthur Fandel families attended a picnic at Soper park, Emmetsburg, Sunday, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and daughter, of Chicago. Lloyd, son of Mrs. Sadie Rath, who has been attending a summer session at Iowa City, returned home Friday evening for a two ;il Elve to rmer's tended Henry leiden- Satur- turncd of the o week r. Mrs. ire sis- Schatt- AAinn Heise. They returned Sunday. Mrs. F. W. Cairy and daughters Louise and Betty Ann, Sioux City, arrived at Mrs. Alice R. Cairy's Wednesday to spend the week. The William and Herman Meyers, and Mr. and Mrs. August Gade, o£ West Bend, drove to Garner Sunday to visit at Martin Meyer's. Mrs. Delbert Walker and three children, of Delovan, Minn., spnnt the last week visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oily Roupc. The William Wagners, Clinton, came Saturday to visit at August and Prank Schattschneider's. They will he hero this week. TTnrmnmi TTnmlpI rlrnvn to Trtl- his brother Arthur, employed In a jewelry shop there. Mrs. Wm. Lauck and Mrs. Chris Meyer attended a shower Wednesday in honor of Mrs. Delbert Geitz- omxuer, of Lone Rock. Dr. P. W. Cairy and son Clyde, of Sioux City, while enroute to the Htate fair stopped at Mrs. Alice II. fairy's last Thursday. The Richard Kaschmlttcrs drove to Sheldon Sunday to visit relatives. Mrs. Kaschmitler stayed for ;in extended visit. The Sylvester Hayes and Jack visited Sunday with Mrs, Hayes, parents, Mr. and Mrs. ,1. ,T. Style, nf T'lnimntshiirf?. u i d Friday after a two months vacation in Illinois, Indiana, and '.'/inr.onsin. John Mergen, Omaha lawyer son, of Mrs. George Mergen, spent the pant week with his mother and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Kern Ellerlck returned a week ago Tuesday from a ten-day trip through Wyoming and the Black Hills. nulh Shroedcr returned to her hnin" at Hurt last week Wednesday - V ""i'i'; after visiting at R. A. Bartlett's. ?il' -i . John Moino spnnt last week at Arthur Balmcr's, Dolliver. Mrs "•'ilnior iu a daughter of Mrs The Frank and August i Schneiders drove to Easton, Saturday to visit Mrs. Martha man, Minn., Sunday morning for Prof, and Mrs. II. W. Behnke re- burning his eye quite badly. Child Itimied by Lye— one day last week and burned his face. («irl for Edwin Grdnerts— A 5-lh. girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert a week ago Tuesday morning. She was named Vcrdell Louise. Jalis Foot With Pitchfork— Bernard McDonald ran a pitchfork into his leg Saturday. Other "Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller, Royal, and Mrs. Lyle Gilo and two chll- Wednesday evening the ing at Herman Fandel's. Buddy or Made" The Better Kossuth County's Own Product Algona Ice Cream & Candy Factory ailllill!llllllll!lllll!ll!lll!l!!!llllllllll!l!l!llllll!lll!IIIIIIIH^ , . i . and Mitred, the; -Schneiders, and the ken! Pagers, all O f Fenton; Mr? . Erwln Bruhu and RutH d r \ and Mrs - Alfred e ' o£ Cylinder; the , v , Geitzenauers and Wichtendahls, of Lone n Geor ee Rosburgs. Fair- Baas and Ed- B6 \ MBrp8 ;. ' Minn>: Mr p San ? Curtls . B aas fftmUy> Qf _ i'nr , iV and Mrs - Arnold We have furnished reliable insurance to our customers at a very material saving since 1 887. Algona, Iowa SEPTEMBER 3 to 7 3~DAYSXSTHORSE RACING AUTOMOBILE RACES FRIDAY SENSATIONAL CIRCUS ACTS HIPPODROME Twice Daily before the Grandstand. FLYING VALENTINOS Sensational Flying Return Aerial Trapeze Act. COOK AND WISWELL With Their "Human" Comedy Auto. 27 Laugh acts. THE MCDONALD TRIO Two Maids and a Man on Bicycles in Thrills awheel SMITH'S ANIMAL CIRCUS Dogs, Monkeys and Ponies in clever new acts. GREAT AUGMENTED Nignt Show 2-DAY EXTRA "MINE" State Fair Kid's ELEPHANT Tuesday and Wednesday Only. New tricks by the elephant owned by Iowa children. ng and « - Arleue, of Emmetsburg andT and0tto Wehrspln Bock en, of Otto- Algona - Eacb Is Honored— i chiM* ° hrls Rteeert's ian and ? ren ' Mrs - Mlke Waud family, of A lgona, fcfi^W* 0 ? 1 ?"* ei is, or Lotts was in honor of ---, student pastor, Paur ST ,T (( L rman services at r «»Lutheran church. is now ' near the will take Frost is hauling geiieraj s. Assn. INSURANCE W FORCE - $16,750,000 DIRECTORS-H. J. Bode N. A. Smith, Edw. A. Droessler, Bancroft, H. L. rotter, Welt Bend; Hugh Herman, E. O. Mann, Burt; E. A Miller; Elmore; Jos. Hauptmann, Wesley, Nic Bormann, LuVerne. D D. PAXSON, Secretary L. S. Bohannon, Asst. Secretary DANCE Ray Keyes and his Royal Ambassadors FARM EQUIPMENT EXPOSITION Mammoth complete line of exhibits showing the latest in new equipment for the farm and the farmer. BASEBALL Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Live Stock Show 4-H CALF CLUBS 4-H CLUB SHOW 4-H COLT CLUB Women's Exposition COMMERCIAL SHOW POULTRY SHOW Stock Parade Friday at 1 p. m. CROWDED MIDWAY Zimdar's Greater Attractions 8 Big Shows Merry-go-round, Ferris Wheel, Whip, Chain-O-Plane, Kids' Chain-O-Plane, Drive-Yourself, Midget Auto, Auto Kiddie Ride. MINIATURE RAILWAY Corn Games, Country Stores, Ball and Game Racks, Photo Gallery, Palmists, Shooting Gallery, and other Games. '** vl SEASON TICKETS ONLY $1 •pTWp ^BPB^ 'Pl^ ^^Pl^ •wV^Bp ^^1^^ 4RBlP^ ^^^ ^^^^f ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^9 ^ff ^^ ^^^^^ ^^p^^ HM

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