Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 11
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.»' AfTrtTTST 80, 1S34, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA TAKE EFFECT atBurtPrepare^toReopenlo^NewYear Monday 1 I ' , ' I.I...I.".'.-. ................!•!..., .•.-'.v?l _ ^/ PAGE jclicrs Ibe ll fl '—Tho Burt school ^"Monday- The corps wll with two excep- Mune as last year. nRolfe, has been 5th and 6th grades, .„ prairie du Sac, engaged to succeed who recently re- n nosltlon with tho 10 Snea 9 College at Mas^ other teachers are '/Weir superintendent, Con?Jl of Bearing, principal, w yrrior,ofBlockton and , dal, of Stanhope, high [Jets, Alice Eighme, of 1 '" »y unior high prlncl- Anderson, of Mllford, L"4th grades, Eva Whitney, fc 2nd grades. Mattle Warner, '.hired to teach manual ! ."i bolunable able to tul- ••nfAy&sr '-""i^Pr^t BAAS FAMILY AT WEST Richard Potratx family, the Her-iGenriches and Mrs. John Genrich, bci-t, and Alvin Potratzes, and Edna Potrat!!, Bode. A Pompo reunion was held at West Henri last, week Monday in honor of Mrs. Lena ney, N. D., who had Pompe, Bar- Lu Verne; Mrs. Susan Dell, Peoria, 111.; and the William Wetzels. Shower for Mrs. GeitzenaHcr— A miscellaneous shower was giv- months hero with relatives, luia now gone. home. spent three en last week Wednesday at Mrs. She Lotts Crook, Aug. family reunion ISlrlhday Party Honors Two— John Geitzenauer's in honor of Mrs. was 2fl—A Baas ' held at the U SB OF UYE PASTURE, picture , a Of CUttillK the COHt of nrniliif.iiu' w, i., iui<> uf Uio host methods of cutting the cost of producing pork, according to K T, Qu'uto ' ' ™™"™ dn1a1 T Fall rye seeded in September will Rive an abundan -o of lain fall and curly sprint; pasture for sows and pigs and will la ;l. up unlil mid-June. sert is shown movable hog houses out on pasture, where chance to escape parasite and disc iso i'ostation. Delbert Geitzenauer, nee Frieda Drcyer, and 500 was played, high prize being won by Mrs. Walter A. birthday party was held at' Krauso ' low by Mrs. M. P. Meyer. Max Bast's, Algona, in honor of , Tnc 1)rido received many gifts. Mrs. Bast and Mrs. Edw. Wetzel' laat week Wednesday evening. Mrs. ,'5''<(y Gentler 2; PartyAttending: Mr. and Mrs. Jinst's birthday was the day before.' A birthday party was given at Win. Law.k, tho Otto Wichtendalils, ' Attending were Mrs. Richard Po- otto Liesener'a last week Wednes- Iho John Goit.s'.cnauers, Mr. and lv "I*, her family, Herbert and Alvin ll!l y in honor of little Betty Geng- Mvn. Kr-miPth liallinger and Mr. Potratz, Mr. and Mrs. William lcr ' s second birthday anniversary, and Mrs. Dolbcrt. Goitzcnauer, all of Wpt/.ol, Lotts Crook; Mrs. John Lotts Creek; Mrs. Mary lirnhn, Dutton, Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Thiel, her family, tho Alfred, Erwin, For-I Mrs. Ernestina Bast, daughter Al- the funeral of Ernest Saager, Whittemore, former resident here. The John Hellers, of Sumner, visited last week Thursday and Friday at Rich Potratz's. Gorman Communion will be celebrated at the Lutheran church on September 9. Typewriter Ribbons at the Advance Stomach Gas One dose of ADLERIKA qotek* 0 1? relieves gas bloating, cteaatf out BOTH upper and lowe* bowels, allows you to eat «af O sleep good. Quick, thorough tion yet gentle and entirely i A D L E R IK A E. IV. LUSBY, Druggist, dinand, and TTonry Bruhns, and Algona; the Other Lofls Creek. Richard Potratz and the Rev. I he Herman Schneiders, all of Fair- folds, Lu Verne; ville; the Chris Meyers, the Albert JGeists, Chicago. Haas family, and Rudolf Hannover, of Wliittemoro; Edw. Tietz, of (Jonrlch Family in Reunion— Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Wiliam Sch- • A Genrich family reunion was crau synod. Arthur Geilon-jE. Ficne, Wm. Schmiel, the Rev. P. the Henry ij. Braner and Fred Jacob, the last two of Algona, returned Friday from Keystone, where they attended conference of the Missouri Luth- le in HIP jn~: molln &' Emmetsburg, and the Will held at the Ambrose A. Call state I A Wetzel family reunion was hold i ••r'p nisrq Ivivo n ' ' Kpa " ns ' Wcst Bend; tho Gno - P ark 1{lst week Monday, and attend-| Sunday at the Ambrose A. Call i - i h* mivt, a j itnshurgs, Fairmont; the Theo '"K were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Knaup, state park, 55 in attendance. Atten-i i BIUIH family, Louis Baas Sr., son Uloomington, 111.; the Herman ding: the Henry Geists, Chicago; Wednesday afternoon at the parsonage at a 10-10 party. Mrs. Charles Kenning, Kcoluik, arrived last week Wednesday for a ,week with her parents, Mr. and home Tuesday from a ten |Mrs . j. H . Schroeder. Ling trip to Leech Lake, near | Mrs. W. A. MacArthur, Mrs. W. Minn. They report good T . p e t e rs, Mrs. C. C. Smith and ' Mrs. Edwina Pratt, who M rg . D. L. McDonald were at Dos Molnes Thursday. E. O. Chipman and daughter Vo- Sunday evening visitors at C. L. Holding's. Tho 0. Lounsbcrrys, Graettinger, visited Sunday at It. J. Tr Strom's. Portland .„ spending a couple n with relatives in Wisconsin jt Paul, returned home with Tho small son of Luther Fair- us From Montana— Elizabeth Patterson return_..e Monday evening from Bill- Illont., where she had spent fc tiro months with her son |rd. He brought her as far as I, S. D., where Mr. and Mrs. Patterson met her. lal Patient Home Again— j. John Crawford, of Cedar came Friday to care for [Warner, who was bought Ifrom the hospital at Fremont, Iwhere she had spent a num- ._' weeks following a fall, in i her leg was broken. :nnns at Homo Again— i Ret. L. Richmanns got [Saturday, after a week's ab- I in which he attended a Lui convention at Keystone and |Richmann and Margaret vls- atives at Readlyn. i Acreage Changes Hands— ' A. Clark is now owner of J-J. ^tt vjnijuuitu (.nlU. VitlUi-, 11LU1 V Ij i . . , ra went to Nashau last week Wod-! ban ' !S 1S slck wllh 'ntestional flu. nesday and visited a few days with '• '''ho W. J. Stewarts spent Sunday Mrs. Myra Nafus. : at West Bend with Mrs. Stewart's Lottie Haweott and Harold'parents. Steward went to Dos Moinos Satur- Mrs. Hay Bicrstcdt, Lone Rock, day to attend tho state fair and | spent last week Wednesday at C. visit friends. Loraine Kollasch and Maxine Bornice Larson, Letha Mann, Schenck entertained at tho Kol-: Blanche McFarland, and Mrs. Van lasch home last week Tuesday Hanson left for tho state fair at evening. DOM Moinos Sunday. Bernice is the Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bonnstoitor, | county health girl, and Lotha and K. Sigbee's. family, Louis Baas Sr., son Edwin, and tho Louis Baas Jr. family, all of Stordcn, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Baas, Jeffers, Minn. Elmer Wohrspann, West Bond, a student at Springfield college, 111., j preached Sunday at tho Lutheran i church, West Bend, and all attend- \ i "d services. Mr a.nd Mrs. John I Goitzenauer, daughters Marie and! Rsthcr, and Mrs. Delbert Geitzen- -inor wore at Estherville one day last week. Mrs. Edw. Wetzel Winona; Phy-. His, Dorothy and Robert Wetzel, St. i Paul; the C. T. Hellers and the Ed-' win Bonders, Westgate; tho Arthur Geilenfelds and William Ristau, Lu Verne; the Max Basts, Mr. and Mrs. j Ernst Tliiol, Mrs. John Dutton, I sons George, Jackie, and Jerry, Al- j gona; the William Wetzels, the' ding: the Henry Geists, Chicago; A number from here attended Corwith, and tho F. H. Lockwoods, Hardy, spent Sunday at W. J. Lockwood's. Alice Wlese, Algnna, is visiting her cousin, Marie Carter, and Ruth Carter is at the Wiese home at Algona. Mr. and Mrs. E. IT. Staley, daughter Edna, and Eldon Bush attended the fair at Mason City last Thursday. Mrs. Walter Sorenson and Mrs. R. W. Rash went to Mason City and Charles City Monday. John Schroeder and Ronald Elvidge spent from last Thursday till Saturday at Ames. The Wayne Manns went to Dos j bee's. Blanche are on tho demonstration team. Tho schools in Nos. ]. and 2 taught by Eula Mae Callicott and Wanda Waltman opened Monday, Tho other schools will open next week. Darlene Stott is working at the James Holding's, near Britt. Dar- lono and her sister lola, of Algona, got home from the world's fan- last Thursday. Mrs. Ted Ringsdorf and her three (laughters drove to Waterloo last Thursday for a week with relatives. Tho Fred Lavronz carpenter crew putting up a silo at C. E. Sigs- p, E. Godden place in north Moines Thursday for a few days at j Eula Mac Callicolt came home Saturday from DOS Moines, where It includes a house and J five acres. The C. F. Whal|re there. ) Has Trcasnre Hunt— b Walther League had a treas- lunt Sunday afternoon. Water- i was served in the church mt at the close. the State fair. The R. F. Elvidges were Sunday guests at Walter Gardner's, East Chain, Minn. The Will Larsons, Britt, she had worked this summer. Boulah Larson has been sick. Mr. and Mrs. Wyott Stott spent were ' the week-end at Mankato. \\ I: 1)11 (IliU OWiN L,Jii\» DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa (Mh fir Kurt News. L. P. Hodsons, Donnelly, , Dr. Lorin B. Hodgson, of :enridc;e, Minn., and Elmer n, Hartley, spent the week- D. Hodgson's, and Sundav Watkins family, Storm also there, and Mrs. [Watkins, who had spent two ! here, went home with them. Ifatklns is her son; L. F., El- md L. D. are brothers ; and Watkins is their sister. j and Mrs. Otto Kraushaar and pr Joan, who had spent sev- at 0. P. McDonald's, iiesday for a few days visit -erly with Mr. Kraushaar's after which they were to B their trip home to North•on, Mass., where Mr. Kraus- I teaches in Smith college. and Mrs. F. E. Rubey re- bunday from a week's vaca- A week ago Saturday they fed a reunion of Mrs. Rubey's "i. at Coin. They then re- to Ames to visit their er, and Mr. Rubey helped [repairs on his property there. '• u. Sewicks moved Friday i W. J. Davison house. The the Sewicks vacated sold to the Paul Lees, e possession soon. Mr. r J/" go . to Cameron, Wis, ' with a sister. eber left last Tt >urs- nfv at Tole do, Ohio, month with her cousin, Mrs. '' anm .P- Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Mr. and Mrs. George ' Spent Sunday at : C. Giddings, Al- ^ daughters Car left Saturday for thr» l an<J Fences will •«* u to attend Bch001 " rs - Charles Hoffmann, GUARANTEED ALL ROAD H WE WILL REPAIR FREE OF CHARGE any Pharis Tke that fails to give full service, whether it be because of stone bruise, blowout, cut or any other road hazard, except ordinary puncture, fire or theft. Any one of the 1000 Gamble Stores or Gamble Agency Stores in the 15 middlewest states will make good that guarantee, regardless from which store the tire was purchased. LONGDRIVE TIRES 4 Ply 6 Pty 4 Ply6 Ply 30x31/2.. .$3.66 4.60/21.$4.90$6.16 31x4 ... 6.50 4.75/19. 6.20 6.35 4.40/21... 4.45 5.66 6.00/19. 5.55 7.00 4.60/20... 4.70 6.95 6.26/18. 6.20 7.75 Other sizes proportionately low. LONGDRIVE TIRES 30x3V4 4.40/21 4.50/21 $365 $445 $490 $5 201^555 4.75/19 5.00/19 RED TAG BEGINS FRIDAY In addition to the values given here many items have been reduced up to y 2 . Such items are marked with Red Tags. at W. W. J. Lockwood's I is Mrs. Lockwood's Charles her uncle. irSP 8 ™! ^turned Satur- Piston" Rings for other cars can be ecared on special order. Water Sets 7-piece, 49c RUBBER SHOE SOLES A lasting repair—for boOi mea and women s shoes. Complete with cement and buBer per pflir Regular price per pair lOc Golf Clubs 39c to $2.95 Wistedt . Minn., at n. B. was -iach—2 l , treed. IReg. Price) Our Esther -, Carroll, was a J- P. Stow's. Her "~ J a friend ~-« oua a friend -,. rida y and came for KVn 618011 ' <* ^ ••nn,u_ oee a Bpendlnp a j ew Golf Bags 89c to $5.95 f-TOtF K3. Agency at Britt. Hotel Corner your old electric motor for repairs, or see our new mo- Headquarters for— Refrigeration Service Delco Light Service Motor Winding tor line. HOOVER SWEEPER Beats as it sweeps as it cleans PHONE 170 Its Way! The Second Annual STOVE For weeks and weeks we have been working and planning to make this event something that would be the "talk of the town"—something you will remejaber for weeks afterward. Whatever you do, don't miss it! We won't have elephants and. camels nor rare what- chatnaycallits from the jungles of Africa, but you will see with- your own eyes a genuine Glow Maid range bake and cook without a chimney. You'll see the most beautiful ranges, the most powerful heaters ever built. And you'll find BARGAINS all through ouc store that will pay you to come miles and miles to get. And that isn't all—you'll have more fun than you ever had at a Circus, because we are planning primarily to make this "good time" day. We want to show you our appreciation for your friendship and patronage. It's our party! It's all freel! at Our Store Look! Look! The Most Marvelous Baking Demonstration You have Ever Seen! To prove the superior baking and cooking qualities of the Glow Maid range, we will have, a No. 6 Glow Maid set up in our store— NOT CONNECTED TO A CHIMNEY—and with a 60-inch PAPER smoke pipe —AND BURN IT AND BAKE IN IT ALL DAY LONG. There will be no soot, no gas —• and yet you will see with your own eyes how perfectly it bakes—you will eat Glow Maid Candy Stick Cookies, baked while you stand and watch. You have never seen sucfi a demonstration before. Your friends will talk about it for months to come. You can't afford to miss it! Put a circle around that date on your calendar RIGHT NOW!! Come and eat the new Glow Maid Candy Stick Cooky, hot from the Glow Maid oven, free. If your old range doesn't work—if you have been thinking of buying a new range or heater this Fall, by all means come to the Circus and see what is absolutely the latest. Even if you don't buy, you will want to know, and you'll never have a better chance. WE ARE GOING TO PAY A BIG PRICE TO SOMEBODY Sor tlieii- OLD RANGE OR HEATER Is your old range or heater the oldest in this section of the county? If it is, you're in line to make some money. We want to find out who is using the oldest range or oldest heater, and we're willing to pay for it BIG!! Here's what we will do. We will pay $1.00 for every year of the age of the oldest range or heater. That means if your old range is 25 years old, we will allow you $25.00 (or 01.00 for each year) on the purchase price of a new Glow Maid or new Glow Boy—providing yours is the OLDEST submitted. If it's 35 years old, you would get $35.00; SO years old, $50.00, etc. Check up on the age of your old range or heater right now and enter it in this unique contest Circus Day. You might win. Submit your entry Circus Day and the winner will be announced Circus Night. (Note: Only those ranges or heaters in actual use will be considered in this contest.) FUN2 FUN! FUN! AND PRIZES GALORE! Whoever heard of a Circus without a Fat Man? All right, let s have one — and a lot of fun to boot. It's about time we had a champion fat man for this neck of the woods. So come on, you roly-poiys, and attend the Circus. There's a darn good prize for the winner. And there will be prizes for the tallest man and the shortest man and a whale of a good prize to the LARGEST FAMILY- coming to our store on Circus Day. Remember it's all in the spirit of fun and we put up the prizes. You furnish the largest family, or the most fat — AND WILL WE HAVE FUN. Circus day at our store. (See our window for prizes.) REMEMBER—This is NOT a Sale Of course we're planning an array of bargains all through our store — "Circus Day Specials" — and if you've been needing anything in our line you'll probably get it cheap on Circus Day. BUT—this is not a sale. It's "good time" day. We want our store to be your store. We want to know you better as "friends" instead of customers. In other words, we want to show you a GOOD TIME and we've made a lot of plans to do that very thing. So come to the Circus for a good time—and you don't need a dime in your pocketbook. Come early in the morning — and make our store headquarters all day long. SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8th REMEMBER THE DATE SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 8TH Nelson Hardware ALGONA, IOWA

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