Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 9
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ANNUAL KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR EDITION OF THE 33 ALGONA, IOWA, A.UGUST 30, L934 16 Pages Number 50 iippodrome and Racing Program Looks Like Best in History of Kossuth Fair [is at Grandstand present Varied Program. Sig Haugdahl Coming to Fair Lodrome attractions at the kty fair, to be presented twice Jr before the grandstand, will liiro tour big acts, the Flying '"linos, Cook & Wiswell's fa- 9 trick auto, the McDonald , and Smith's Animal circus he Valentines present a attrac- i of recognized merit in flying tee and casting work. This > of circus act has been a fav- e with Kossuth fair attendants J rears, but performers are dif- llt to obtain and are high-priced jause of the danger attendant in rr out of the midair jumps. 'he Valentines have been a fea- ) attraction with some of the jer circuses for years, and for i reason have been difficult to t for fairs and like celebrations. "Funny Flivver" Coming. lok & Wiswell's "Funny Fliv- 1 Is a trick auto which does rat every humorous stunt that i be imagined, including a real I spin, She owners of this car are mech- j as well as comedians, and the f was designed and built to their iciflcations. It is a "straigt-4" 1 runs in circles without a driv- | spouts streams of water high in ', ehoots out flames from the exist, sputters, rears like a buck ; broncho, and explodes with a sat roar. 'his act is 15 minutes long, and ! comedians guarantee just one igh, but one that will last the i of the performance. ' Expert Cyclists Scheduled. 'he McDonald Trio consists of iert cyclists and offers an at- j striking in design, being color- land immaculate. The two women I one man in the act have stage icnalitles which are pleasing. he McDonalds offer a pleasant [ersion in their type of work, for ~ refrain from any attempt at stick comedy. They are speedy accurate, and at times bring i crowd to the edges of seats with I r skill. The smaller of the two ]ls does top-mounting, or high IK, and is i whirlwind at the ness. Animal Circus Pleasing. imith'a Animal Circus is one of TO acts which are a real treat ' loth young and old. Trained ™la awaken memories in every i who. has ever tried to teach a ! tricks. toys and girls who see I l Probably make life misear- «>r their own canines for "me ofter the fair in at; tt °, mak e the innocent dogs intricate tricks seen circus. |ew Fairgrounds Gate is Dream of E.L. Vincent iate or entrance for th< is one of the plans o_ ", Vincent, which he v.. m fulf Nled within the War. There will he at leas ; e °7 orra with an arch and en * new entrance may be erectei « northwest corner of the ada onj IT. ., V, 1 , ot uuo UB . ana the midway may ex fom that point fan wise to ,'he grandstand and Flora M Present gate in the cen l ue north side, w.ould "" J »' i after 'this way dlstrlbu out the ea^ ls ad °P ted srading to be done *or th in , ce the fence tner above the paving Merchants Enter Fair Races Close Finish Among Drivers Coming to Fair Here H AUGDAHL, COLLINS AND FITZGERALD are only three of the auto race drivers to enter the fair races this year, and several other entries have been made which guarantee these old-timers the race VETERAN AUTO RACER DATED FORJHE FAIR Englishman and Can* adian to Contest for Records. '"THIS PICTURE WAS TAKEN at Tampa, Fla., last February in the first leg of the 193-1 world's dirt track championship races. Dave •*• Champeau is shown leading the way, but after a hard fought finish he had to yield to Shano Fitzgerald shown on the inside position in third place. Both these men have entered the Kossuth races with powerful cars. The race as shown was sponsored by the International Motor Contest Association, which the Kossuth fair joined this year to enable it to obtain drivers of this calibre. 4-H Boys, Girls' Clubs to Bring 125 Head Livestock for Exhibition at the Fair of thir lives on the Kossuth half-mile dirt track, here between the Iowa and Minnesota state fairs. These drivers stop Official Fair Calendar TUESDAY 1:30 Band concert, Algona High School band. 2:00—Baseball, Lotts Creek vs. Titonka. 2:05—Horse race program. 2:10—Hippodrome attractions. 7:00—Band concert, Algona High School band. 8:00—Hippodrome attractions, 9:00—Musical-dancing attractions. WEDNESDAY 1:00—Baseball, Whittemore vs. Wesley. 1:30—Band concert, Algona Military band. 2:00—Horse race program. 2:05—Hippodrome attractions. 3:00—Baseball, St. Joe vs. Lakota. 7 : 00—Band concert, Algona Military band. 8:00—Hippodrome acts. 9 : 00—Musical-dancing attractions. . THURSDAY 1:00—Band concert, Algona Military band. 1:00—Baseball, Penton vs. Bode. 1:30—Lieutenant -Governor Kraschel. 2:00—Horserace program. 2 : 05—Hippodrome attractions. 3 : 00—Baseball, Bancroft vs. Algona. 7:00-KBand concert, Algona Military band. 7:30—Senator Geo. W. Patterson. 8:00—Hippodrome attractions. 9:00—Musical-dancing attractions. FRIDAY 1:00—Band concert, Algona Military band. 1:30—Livestock parade, led by Algona H. S. band. 2:00—-Auto race program, 6 events. 7:00—Band concert. 8:00—Hippodrome attractions. 9:00—Musical-dancing attractions. Climaxing another year of work the boys and girls 4-H livestock clubs will exhibit ]25 head of livestock at the county fair. Olnli Agent Marinn R. Soults announces. They will take part in the various contest, demonstrations, and live,tock exhibits. The following baby beef club members will show Herefords: Raymond Smith and Elmer Leib•and, Buffalo Center; Wallace Johnson, Morris Johnson, Hazel McGregor, and Clifford McGregor, all of Armstrong; Mildred Thoreson, "Warren Brones, Kenneth Brones, Elmer Berg, Earl Berg, Robert Briggs, and Clarence Hunt, Swea City; Edward Eggerth, Lako:a; Wallace Hawcott and Ronald Ortman, Burt; Jack Tibbetts, Lone Rock; and Frieda Paetz, Algona. Other Exhibitors. Angus calves will be exhibited by Donald Barger, Mildred Thoreson, Swea City; Wallace Hawcott, -ollins and Schaap Plan Night Revues from Local Talent for Fair Program Burt; and Purebred Helen Paetz, beef heifers Algona. will be shown by Jack Tibbetts, Lone Rock and Claude Reece, Elmore. Thirty Holsteins, 20 Guernseys, five Jerseys, and five Brown Swiss dairy heifers will also be exhibited: Holsteins by Frank Schoby and Richard Hanson, Bode; Floyd Bode, Everett Black, Earl Zeigler Verl Patterson, Lowell Samp, Aland Arnold CONCESSIONS RUSH KEEPS RANEY BUSY MAKING LOCATIONS J. A. Raney, in charge of concessions at the fair is having a time taking care of all who wish to show this year. Zimdar's Greater Attractions, which showed at lasi year's fair, was so well pleased thai they booked again for this year. The Zimbar carnival is bringing eight rides and seven shows, in eluding an athletic show. The rid es, according to a letter recently include a merry-go-round, ferris wheel, chain-o-plane, whip, dies' chain-o-plane, midget and an auto kiddie ride. One of the newest and perhapi the most popular with the kids, is a miniature steam railroad, whicl is already being set up on the mid way. Other features of the midwaj will be corn games, country stores of various kinds, hall and game racks, photo galleries, palmists, "diggers" and mechanical games and devices. The fair association has placed a ban on all of the money gamb- kid auto Baby Elephant Here Two Days M D INE" PURCHASED with the pennies, nickles, and dimes of Iowa Shano Fitzgerald, husky, genial Irishman who has been a success* ful competitor in first-division, am- to speed duels on both dirt and. hard-surfaced tracks in the United States for years, will be on hand as an auto racer at next week's county fair. Fitzgerald will bring a fast Fron-t tenac space-devouring creation fort tho competition. This Chicago "blarney-bor" ot the dusty roads is popular withv race-goers everywhere; alse with; rivals of the track, despite the fact that the rivals catch worlds o£ punishment when Shano sets hia heavy foot on the accelerator and starts in quest of another victory;, Got Start in England. Although still a young man, Sha-"no has done his full share of rae-* ing, and his experience, ooupled with the fact that he always manages to have a fairly good car, has brought him living in the racing; game. The Irishman got his start on' the great Brookland track ia England, acting as mechanic, lateit graduating to the ranks of drivers* He soon migrated to America* however, and has won success here. He has met the best af thft American crop time and time again: and has, in each instance, given aa good as he has received. Saskatchewan Racer Coming. With the unexpected early receipt of the entry of Emory Collins, Regina, Sask., international competition will be injected into the battle for purses and honors at automobile races featuring the closing day of the county fair next week Friday. Since cleaning up most of tha money offered in Canada and at Minnesota fairs recently, then, rushing down to Detroit, to gather in more purses, Collins was encouraged to enter the competition. against the classy field expected at the Algona meet. Holds Canadian Records. The Regina driver is recognized as champidn of all he surveys up there—and fence posts are far apart in that section. He also holds virtually all Canadian half mila dirt track records, besides marks children as a permanent feature of the state fair, will come to Al- on numerous American ovals. Speed fans will see one of the most daring gona for Tuesday, Children's day, and Wednesday of next week. This elephane, though only in its infancy as far as elephants are concerned, has already learned a complete set of tricks, which will entertain the crowd, and particularly the children, in a performance before the ;randstand. gona; Louise Dreyer Dreyer, Whittemore; Harold Dre- . _ yer Fenton Vernon Hollister, LoneiUng games, where the faker run- Rock; Victor Baldwin, Elmore; and ning Jthejtame^lets a "capper" "Adolph Friest, Swea City; Wayne'~" l ~' J ~ is heing arranged Collins and Dr. C. D. »P. both of Algona, for fair to all h U86dl evue i to Kos- regular 'will attrac- at Kos- outlined follows: of Merrill Yeoman and Mr. Collins, of Algona. 2 Tap dance by Theodora Larson and Ruth McKee, of Algona. 3 Acrobatic dance by Norma Raney, of Iowa City and Whittemore. 4. Betty Merritt, of Algona, saxa- phone solo. 5. Ruth Fleming, of Whittemore, WmbUng act by Lucille Bode Marjorie Johnston, Eva Shackei ford, Alvine Geilenfeld, Helame Ostrum, Dorothy Dumont, Katner toe Keith, Pauline Turner, and Dei- 7? Jfery Proessler of Bancroft, ac- dance. HuTchms, of Algona. vocal 9 Maxine Larson, of Algona, tap solo. dance. 10. No'rma Raney, Whittemore, toe dance. 11. Finale, accompanied by a saxa- phone trio composed of Betty Mer- rltt Robert Richardson and Mr. will be introduced by Dr. who will be stage manager. The entire group has bene practicing since t g he first of the week, and will have several dress rehearsals he- fore the opening day. Miller, Merle Miller, and Glen Miller, Otto Swalve, Everett Swalve, Paul Inman, Vincent Wesselman, Arnold Wesselman, Richard Mescher, and Edward Mescher, Bencroft, Rudolph Berninghaus, Delbert Ber- ninghau, and Pauline Berninghaus, West Bend. Fifteen to Show Guernseys. Guernsey dairy heifers will be shown by Eldon Shaw, Dallas Klein, Jerdel Klein, Donald Orton, Ardon Orton, Wayne Barr, Algona; Russell Nelson, Lyle Nelson, Maynard Nelson, Elmore; Lewis Price, Ronald Heetland and Laverne Edwards, Lakota; Lyle Newel, Fenton; Bernard Hauntman, Wesley; and Duane Klein, Burt. Jersey dairy heifers will be shown by Rex Taylor, Mitch Taylor, Sexton; Evans Johnson, Bancroft; and Roland Bode, Algona. Brown Swiss dairy heifers will be shown by Edward Funnemark, Bernard Hauptman, Wayne Goslln, and Richard Kent, Wesley, and Kenneth Depew, West Bend. Other livestock to be shown by county 4-H club members will be market lambs: Raymond Dreyer, Fenton, Howard Funnemark, Wesley and Milton Espe, Phillip Halsrud, and Russell Halsrud, Bode. Following are poultry club members who will exhibit pens of young birds: Harold Miller, Bancroft; Paul Goslin, Gordon Leo- big, Alvin Leobig, Wesley; 1 and James Mayne, Ledyard. Draft colts will be exhibited by Russell Gross, Lone Rock; Kenneth Hardt, Swea City; Victor Baldwin, Elmore; Alfred Fett, Lu Verne; Romon Arend, Corwith; William Dodds Jr., Francis Fritzgerald, Wayne Barr, Maxine Hargreaves, John Miller, Howard Sarchett, Algona; John Scbulz Jr., and Marvin Reding, Irvington, outside man win cash in order to nveigle strangers into the game. They then double the stakes each :ime, but the player has no chance :o win against a smart operator. The odds are so heavily against the player, who is also unfamiliar with the game, that an unfair advantage is taken of the player. Shell games, and their like are also barred because they are never square, and a player has no chance. In other games, which are permitted on the grounds, the concessionaire merely plays his percentage and someone • always wins some article in the play. In shell games and the like there is no chance, hen?e the association bann. • Candidates Are To Speak at the Fair Thursday, Sept. 6 A noteworthy political event at the fair is the Thursday talks by Lleut.-Gov. Kraschel and Senator George W. Patterson. Mr. Kraschel speaks at 2:30 Thursday afternoon, and Mr. Patterson, who is the republican nominee for Kraschel's position, will speak in t,he evening. Both speakers are . limited to 20 minutes, and their talks therefore will probably deal directly with the political situation as it appears to them and their respective parties. An additional interest is, lent to the talks ' •'" "' " ~ ' son's Kraschel is therefore invading his republican opponent's own territory. Mr. Kraschel's difficulty with the PWA this spring has been cleared and he has been given a clean political hill of health. Publicity at that time resulted in a desire among Kossuth citizens to see and bear him, because this is Mr. Patter- home county, and Mr- Fast Horse Races in Prospect of the fearless crop of race pilots when Collins takes the tape with. Ms Miller racing creation. He- should be among favorites to copi the lion's share of the purse money. Unlike auto races formerly held at the county fair, drivers in thJa meet must be registered with th^ Internatianal Motor Contest assos* elation. Alex Sloan, greatest pro* moter of auto races in the TT. S., will have charge of the program here. H ARNESS RACING TOOK AN UPTURN at the Kossuth fair last year with track records shattered by the fast field. Up to yesterday E. I,. Vincent, secretary of the fair, had not had time to count the entries, but had noticed several of last year's favorites among the horses. Farm Machinery to. Be Shown at Faur With the return of higher prices for corn and hogs Kossuth farmers are again becoming interested la new farm machinery, and a complete display of the latest ia farm helps with all the new gadgets is to be shown at the fair this year by the leading farm machinery manu* facturers. One of the most complete displays ever shown i» promised, and all dealers in the county, and some from adjoining counties are participating. This exhibit will be one of the high spots for farmers this year. Last Year's Record Breaking Horse Races May Be Duplicated by Entries This Year Horseman have begun to look on the Kossuth fair races as the best in a long circuit, so the cream of the fast trotters' and pacers will he brought here next week. Last year's horse racing at the Kossuth fair marked a high tide in north -Iowa, with track records broken right and left. Some horse owners, are determined to win hack lost:track records this year, and their; horses have therefore been pointed to this fair for some time. Tuesday afternoon's program includes a 2:18 pace, with a $176 purse, and a 2:24 pace with a like purse. These two races will start off the fair racing program with a bang, in the opinion of the local enthusiasts, for these horses are nearing the time when they will have to move up to the faster competition. Wednesday's racing will bring a little faster time, with a 2:13 pace for a $175 purse, and an 2:24 trot for a like sum. In addition there will be the county 4Mrfurtong run, which should bring out the host ill county running horses to compete for a $25 purse. Thursday will he the last day of horse racing, with two fast harness events. The 2:14 trot is scheduled to bring out the best in hor- ses, and the 2:17 pace will be &ear* "y as fast. In past years the rating of faors-r es has not meant much here, for competition has so forced them that; the rating mark Is left far behind. Purses are $175 for eapk race; The county half-mile mo if also scheduled Thursday, for a $2§ purse, Charge to Cross Truck, Bleachers at the ball games In, the qufrterstretcljs wJJJ be Jrf« this , year, but a charge of 15 cento wttl be made for everyone Tsrhj? pg$ tfes trasfe - ' T w •

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