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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Despite Falling Yields, Bills Still Sell tf CI 1 6" POST-GAZETTE: May 7, 1980 Tennis Ball Sales Bouncing, World's Top Maker Loves It Banks Say Demand for Money Market Certificates Strong i ii-, 1 The certificates maturing this week, the Mellon spokesman said, carried an interest rate of 12.086 percent. William J. Bradley, operations administrator of the securities department at the Federal Reserve System branch here, said that volume of traffic in the Fed's lobby has subsided. Monday the local Fed branch received 226 requests for bills, down considerably from the all-time high of 446 requests submitted the week after the Bill rate hit 15.7 percent. On Aug.

30, 1979 the auction set a three-month bill rate of 9.855 percent and a six-months bill rate of 9.775 percent about what they are now and only 82 requests were submitted. In that light, Bradley said, "226 is pretty good demand." He also noted that some potential Investors may be staying out of the bill auction to see what the rates are and then buying money market certificates before Thursday if the rate has dropped, or on Thursday if the rate has gone up. higher than it was nine months ago when the rates were comparable. The bill discount rate has dropped quickly from a high of 15.7 percent on March 24, but during that time, demand has remained consistent, according to local financial institutions. A spokeswoman for Equibank said that in March and April the demand for certificates was steady with a slight increase in the number of certificates rolled ovtr at maturity at the newly set rate.

In April demand for the money market certificates was the second highest at Equibank, the spokeswoman said. She said that the rate for 30-month certificates, which are available in smaller denominations than the (10,000 minimum on the 6-month certificates, is now somewhat higher than the 6-month rates and may begin to attract more investors. Rates on the 30-month certificates are determined by sales in the open market of Treasury securities. A Mellon Bank spokesman said demand for 6-month certificates remains "just about level." Even though the Interest rates on ft-month money market certificates have dropped by more than a third in the last two months, local bankers report that the certificates continue to be very popular. "Look around, there are no better alternatives, given handling, convenience and insurance.

They're a good thing," said Greggor F. Meyer, chairman of Century Federal Savings Loan Association. The Treasury Bill or bill -auction Monday determined the rates for money market certificates that will be issued by banks and savings and loans tomorrow. It set the six-month rate for the week at 9.495 percent, down from 10.79 percent the previous week. It was the lowest rate since Aug.

13, 1979. The rate has been dropping steadily, and the number of investors buying bills directly from toe Federal Reserve System's branch here has dropped considerably. Nonetheless, according to a Fed spokesman, the demand is still much the firm makes "considerably more than half of the tennis balls sold In the United States and probably half of those sold in the world. Until 1977 Penn, now a subsidiary of General Tire and Rubber Co. of Akron, Ohio, manufactured all its tennis balls at a plant in Jeannette, Westmoreland County.

The plant, which the company considered outdated, was closed and replaced by ones in Phoenix, Jonesboro, and Mullingar, Ireland. Luckett declined to say what portion of Penn's production is sold under other names, But, he said, balls marketed with the Penn name "are a very important part of what we manufacture." The only other manufacturers of tennis balls in the country are Wilson and Dunlop, he said. In 1979 Penn entered the latest sporting craze with the production of racquet balls. "In about a year we have become one of the top three sellers of racquet balls out of 15 maybe in the country," Luckett said. Penn-made racquetballs are sold only under the Penn name.

The racquet ball market is only about 45 percent as large as the tennis ball market, Luckett said, mainly because there are no public racquetball courts. And he noted that with the current economic trend little new construction is anticipated. He also noted that racquetball is a "major market" phenomenon with few, if any, clubs found in communities outside the 30 major markets in the nation. Luckett attributes Penn's success in the markets to quality. "You can't fool the consumer.

If it's not good, he won't come back." Although the market is not one open to big changes, Luckett pointed out that there has been "a very quiet evolution in the aesthetics." The change has meant white tennis balls giving way to yellow ones, which are easier to see. In fact, Penn doesn't manufacture any white tennis balls in the United States. To keep costs down and productivity Fed Starts to Ease Its Restraints on Credit By GLORIA T. LaRUE Post-Gee1te Staff Writer Although the recession has taken a little zip out of the once-booming tennis market, Monroeville-based Penn Athletic Products maker of about half the world's tennis balls, continues to have plenty of bounce. Even though consumers purchased 15 percent fewer tennis balls last year than they did than in 1978, sales by Penn Athletic continued to grow, according to the firm's president, Paul H.

Luckett III. "Our sales have been growing fantastically," Luckett said. Tennis and racquet balls account for 98 percent of Penn's sales. The other 2 percent comes from athletic accessories, such as bags, handball gloves and racquet covers, made for the company. According to a sporting goods publication, Penn, whose headquarters are in the Greater Pittsburgh Merchandise Mart, had tennis sales of about 145 million in 1979.

Luckett expects total demand to level off this year because "there is a growth in the number of serious There are about 8.5 to 9 million individuals who play at least once a week in season, and who make up his market, he said. Local retailers concurred with Luckett's evaluation of the market. Marty Evanko, tennis buyer for West Hills Pro Shops, said that while the "craziness" of a few years ago is gone the market has matured and continues to grow. She noted that tennis players are buying more expensive equipment than before and that even 9200 racquets are popular. "Moneywise there hasn't been a drop" in the market, said Rob Gleason, manager of the tennis department for Herman's World of Sporting Goods on Stanwix Street, Downtown.

Although the volume is not high, customers are buying good, mid-price and expensive equipment, Gleason said. Many persons, he said, are upgrading their equipment. Although Luckett was reluctant to give many details of penn's sales, he did say Business Briefs 5 up Penn has its own development laboratory in Phoenix. "We spend as much in product and process development as we do io advertising," Luckett said. Because of research and development, the price of tennis balls has remained at about the same level for the past 10 years.

Penn has designed much of the equipment used at its factories, with more and more of the manufacturing steps being done by machine. "The more we automate, the better the pieces and the better the whole," he said. And though the boom here may have crested it may be just beginning overseas, Luckett says. are pegged, are down to 9.5 percent. The Fed made its announcement by a customarily terse statement which said that "the surcharge was designed to bring costs of credit at the discount window for large and frequent borrowers into rough alignment with other short-term rates in the market at that time.

Market rates have subsequently declined, and the need consequently no longer exists." In response to an inquiry, a Fed spokesman said that four governors supported the move, J. Charles Partee was absent and Henry C. Wallich was opposed. Wallich, a staunch advocate of tight monetary control, could not be reached for comment. That the Fed move appeared mostly a signal was supported by recent figures on bank borrowing under the surcharge.

In the six weeks ending April 3G, that borrowing averaged only $409 million a week, less than one-fifth of total borrowing. In the last of those weeks borrowing at the surcharge rate averaged $135 million, compared to total borrowing from the Fed of $2,664 billion. Elimination of the surcharge will reduce the cost of borrowing for banks with deposits of $500 million or greater, of which there are more than 250. (Continued from Page 1) mantic. Since the start of 1980, the most closely watched measure of money M-1A, which consists of currency and checking account balances has risen at only a 0.2 percent annual rate, compared to a Fed target of a 44 percent rate.

Thus, the Fed can begin to pump more money into the system, which would tend to lower interest rates, while contending that its fundamental policy has not been eased. Jones believes this has alread happened and he believes the additional supply of funds by the Fed has been responsible for perhaps one-third of the decline of about 7 percentage points in the rate on money lent overnight by one bank to another, known as federal funds. That rate 18 to 20 percent in late March has fallen to about 11 to 13 percent. In addition, some Fed watchers believe that the central bank Is worried about the problem of "overkill." Tbe signs of the recession appeared even before the March 14 package bad time to take effect and economists worry that that additional set of restraints could pull down further an economy already declining. The rapidity of the decline in interest NORMAN ROBERTSON Says controls were out of phase.

rates has' left an unusually wide spread among rates. The prime rate, which banks charge their most worthy borrowers, remains at 17V4 percent to 184 percent, while six-month Treasury bills, to which the popular savings certificates Heinz Moving Senior Officers Downtown when agreement was reached Monday, A plans to relocate its entire headquarters at a new location Downtown. 1 in a NOTICE Of REOCMmON Of CNANBEMV.VtNANGO COUNTY GENERAL AUTHORITY SEWER REVENUE BONDS, SERIES A OF 1964 ISSUE UNOER TRUST INDENTURE, DATED JUNE 1, 1962 AND FIRST SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE DATED JANUARY IB, IBM WITH FIRST SENECA SANK AND TRUST COMPANY, TRUSTEE To th HeXdtrt of tt tbov dMcrttwd Bonds: Notic It twrtby ffivm that pur MM to tho roquirod Sinking Fund undtr tno provlilon of Soctlon 3.01 and 6 03 of tho obovt montionod Supplemental Trust tndomuro. Cronborry-Vonsnoo County Gonoral Authority has called for rodamotion on Juno 1, 1SSO, at 100 of tho principal amount thereof, together with inter eet accrued to tho data Died for redemption. $5,000 aggregate principal amount of said Sowar Revenue Bonds, Sarles A of 1964, 3 duo 61 SJ, bearing the foffowtnej distinctive numbers, to wtt; NOTICE OF REDEMPTION OF CLARION-LIMESTONE JOINT SCHOOL BUILDING AUTHORITY.

CLARION COUNT PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL BUILDING REVENUE BONDS, SERIES AND SERIES ISSUED UNDER TRUST INDENTURE DATEO AS OF JUNE 1 1954. AND FIRST SUPPLEMENTAL INDENTURE DATED JUNE 1, 1960 WITH FIRST SENECA BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, AS TRUSTEE. TO THE HOLDERS OF ABOVE DESCRIBEO BONDS: Notice is Hereby Given that pursuant to tho provisions of Sections 3.01 and 5 04 of the above mentioned Trust Indenture, and Sections 2 01 end 3.02 of the First Supplements! Indenture, Clanon-Lrnieitone Joint School Authority haa called for rodamption on June 1 1 980. at 1 0O of tha principal amount thereof, together with interest accrued to the data fixed for redemption, said School Building Revenue Bonds, as follows: Series 3 duo June 1, 1994 A-2S3 A-266 A-368 A 430 A-267 A 269 A-389 A-431 A-269 A-272 A-390 A -43 5 A-263 A 274 A-429 A -442 Sanaa 4 Vi due June 1 2000: B-60 6-121 8-1 29 B-1 84 203 H.J. Heinz which has had its headquarters on the Northside for more than 100 years, plans to move its top corporate officers to new quarters in the U.S.

Steel Building, Downtown next year. A company spokesman said last night officers of Heinz U.S.A., the company's main U.S. manufacturing division, will remain on the Northside. The spokesman said the move will involve about 65 persons, including staff members, and that they will occupy a single rented floor in the building at 600 Grant St. The moves will take place over the first few months of 1981, he said.

The spokesman gave no reason for the shift, and strongly discounted the notion that Heinz was abandoning any kind of "symbolic" commitment to the Northside. "That's pure folklore," he said when asked about Heinz's alleged commitment to the Allegheny river bank area where the firm was founded in 1869. The spokesman also said Heinz had no the company said. Car Push Under Way Pittsburgh area dealers are participating in a "Spring Specials Show" of Chrysler, Plymouth and Dodge vehicles at Monroeville MalL Officials expect more than 200,000 potential car and truck buyers to visit the exhibit while it is at the mall. Rockwell Layoffs Rockwell International has laid off "fewer than 100" of the employees at its Pittsburgh headquarters in the last week, a company spokesman said yesterday.

He said the layoffs were tied to a "general decline" in the economy and not directly to declines in the automotive industry. Rockwell has already laid off more than 16 percent of the employees in its 39 automotive parts plants in North America. There have been no layoffs at the firm's axle plant in New Castle, Lawrence County, but 120 layoffs at its spring plant there. II Kennecott's New Name Kennecott, synonymous with copper for 65 years, dropped that metal from its corporate name at yesterday's annual meeting. Stockholders approved the change from the Kennecott Copper Corp.

to Kennecott Corp. Thomas Barrow, board chairman and chief executive officer, said the move "signifies that we have become more diversified." Contract Dispute Costly Union Electric Steel Corp. of Carnegie yesterday reported that first quarter profits dipped to $839,000, or 54 cents a share, on sales of $10,956 million. Last year the company earned $1,476 million, or 95 cents a share, on sales of $11.64 million in the period. Net sales and income were adversely affected by an interruption of operations at Union Rolls Corp.

in a contract dispute which ended 1-3? 1-30 ft-17 Interest on the above enumerated Bonds will oaasa to accrue from and after Juno 1. 1990, tho data fixed for rodamption, and said Bonds, together with aH unmatured coupons appartainrnf thereto, should be presented for payment on or after the aforementioned redemption data at tha Oil City it 2 iS to 0 ecu Imereit on the above enumerated Bonds will cease to accrue from and after June 1, 1990, the date fixed for redemption, and said Bonds, tog at her with all unmatured coupons appertaining thereto, should be presented for. psyment on or after the aforementioned redemption date at tha OIL CITY OFFICE of the Fir at Seneca Bank and Trust Company. CLARION-LIMESTONE JOINT SCHOOL BUILDING AUTHORITY Joan Sommerville Secretory Dated: April 18. 1990 -t Offtot of tha First Seneca Bank and Trust Company.

CmtbOfTv-Venango County Qenoref Authority Frederick V. StiBot Sacaataty Dated: April 21, 1960 IeMwawaaawaBMea---a-----aMeM iwaf-aVBHWaaal 030 Help Waaled 030 Help WanterJ 030 Help Wanted 800 Legals 805 Proposals 017 Legal Services 831 Estate Notices 800 Legate 805 Proposals Divorces Fast Service Attorney Davis NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Act of Mav 24. 1945, P. L. W7, as amended, of Intention to file In the office of the Secretary of 17 Ct Costs.

531-936? Costs. PENNSYLVANIA TURNPIKE COMMISSION Herrlsburg. Pennsylvania NOTICE TO BIDDERS Sealed proposals will be re (5) of me bid shall be submitted wrm each bid. The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh reserves the right to waive any Informal-Hies In, or reiect any and all DIVOKCES-FVLL SVKE THE 1979 annual report of Richard Kino Mellon Foundation Is available at rrs principal office, 52S William Penn Place, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15230, for Inspection during regular business hours by any citizen who requests ft within 180 days after the data of publication of this notice. Mr.

George H. Teber Is Vice President and 75 Ceurt qOSI. I-7T me wmmonweim oi pennsyi" vanla at Harrlsburo and In the office Of the Prothonntirv nf ceived by vy. S. Cornelius, Accountants.

Auditors and Analysts DIPS. No bid shall ha wHhdrawn for ESTATE NOTICES Letters have been granted on the estate of each of the following decedents to the person, al representative named who requests all persons having claims against the estate of the decedent to make known the same In writing to him or his attorney, and aft persons Indebt-ed to the decedent to make payment to him without delay; GRANT. Mary also known as Mary Eutalie Grant, also ATTV BOB CABBED the Court of Common Pleas of uirecror or rurcneses tor me Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, at the Administration GENERAL LEGAL SERVICE: a period of (45) forty-five days subsequent to the opening of bids without the consent of the Urban Redevelopment Authority Miiegnenv v-ounry, on luesoavj ite 13th day of Wav, lv80t ai Certificate for the conduct at r.m. Arttiuf KtUum building, Hemsourg-fcesf Infer, change near High spire, Pa.

(Medina Address: P. O. Box 501 rrniwin vt. Ul irao Director or me Foundation. business In Allegheny County, THE 1979 annual reoort of ft 1531.

Harrisburg. Pa. 17105) and publicly opened and read for or frrsourgn. STEPHEN A. GEORGE, Executive Director K.

Mellon Family Foundation Is avalieoie at Its principal office, Michael Levine's Legal Clntc CIVK--CHIMIN AL.DOMEST Urban Redevelopment Known as wary i. waieneo- 3i wiinam renn riece. Kins-buroh. Pennsylvania 15219. for a um or try of HittsDurgn er, deceased, of Prttsburgl on, 471-445S liSIMO sumed of fictitious nam, style! or designation of Ruth's Wkksl 'N Sticks, with Its principal place of business at Century ml Wan, 307S Ciairton Road, West! Mifflin, Ps.

15123. The namesl and addresses of all personsi owning or Interested in said: business are: Ruth M. re. no. iuv or ivau, oeoi R.

Craig, 1508 Law 831 Estate Notices inspection during regular business hours bv any cltiien who requests it within 180 days after the date of publication of this notice. Mr. Robert B. Burr. Is Director and Secretary of SHRAOER 4 MARKS, ATTV.

Civil. Criminal, Family Binkrupt-cv. Simple win, SJ0. 42MV44 ESTATE NOTICFS Finance Pittsburgh, Pa. 15219 or to Craig, Goehring Harrison, 1508 Law Finance Pittsburgh.

Pa. 15219. ine rounaaiion. jot tuunrry iiurj unve, ITTS- burgh, Pa. 15236; John w.

O'Brien 4569 Country Club Letters have been granted on the estate of each of the following decedents to the person-al representative named who eauests a 1 1 persons having THE 1979 annual report of urivg, Kirrsourpn, ks, ISZJ6. 010 Lost and Found me Henry t-rick toucetionei Commission is available at Its office, W24 Frick BulWmg. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15219, tor inspection durmo reoular busi B6AGLE FEMALE FOUND 6. L'oerrv area. Liimi aueinsi me csrere ot me decedent to make known the same in witting, to him or his attorney and all persons Indebted to me decedent to make payment to him without delay: CATLOST female Siamese, ness hours by any citizen who requests It within 180 days after the data of publication of winaovtr Mills Area.

"Tara. happy ADS-Con be piKOd by NOTICE is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of Act of Mav 24. 1945, P. L. 947, as amended, of intention to file In the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at Hsrrisburg end In the offtce of the ProThonotary of fie Court of Common Piees of Allegheny County, on Monday, the day of May, 1980,.

a Certificate for the conduct of a business in Allegheny County, iront paws oeciaweq, 3-i060. trie following contracts: Contract No. 6909-81-753-Oeanlng, Spot Coating with Primer and Applying two 2) coats of Aluminum Paint on Five (5) Steel Bridges on the TurnplVe System in Montgomery County. Approximately 3.022 Tons of steel are to be painted. Opening Date: 5-21-80, 11:00 A.M., E.D.S.T.

Contract No. -Cleaning, Spot Coating with Primer and Applying two 12) coats of Aluminum Paint on Thirteen (13) Steel Bridges on the Turnpike System In Bucks Countv. Approximately 2,430 Tons of steel are to be painted. Opening Date: 5-22-8f, 11:00 A.M., E.D.S.T. Plans.

Specifications and Con. tract Documents will be available and open to public inspection on May 1980 at the Administration Building. Copies of the Plans, Documents and Specifications may be obtained upon payment of Fifteen ($16.00) Dollars per set. Pay-ment shall be by check or P. O.

Money Order (No Cash) to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, P. O. Bo 8531, Harrisburg, Pa. 17105. No Re-fund wlif be made for any reason.

In addition. Plans and Docu. CAMPBELL, Audrey Eiltebeth, aiering OJ-1 PJ I mis notice, me Executive Director of the foundation Is brownish wrust abdomen, short Mrs. waroarer u. wiiion.

019 Bulletin Board nair, wearmo collar wbeii, ant. to Solomon, REW 341-H76 805 Proposals octceseq, or rvtr, Leoenon, ca. No. W96 of 1980. Mellon Bank, N.A., Mellon Square Office, Pittsburgh.

Pa. 15230, or to William E. Miller, Esquire- Reed. Smith, Shaw Mctley, P.O. Box 2009, 747 Union Trust CAT wale, Black, neutered, wone white whisker, Brad, dock nr.

Frlck Park. Ra A BABY can Have chance for Me. il your decision. Call AfA. w-ftiO.

we Care, Immediate Openings LOCAL INTERVIEWS Houston Lighting a Power maintains a rigorous construction program to keep pace with metropolitan Houston's continuing demand for energy. Company representatives will be In the Pittsburgh Area on Saturday. May 17. 1980. Interviewing these experienced professionals seeking growth opportunities.

Project Controller (CPA) 6-10 years experience Supervising Accountant 4-8 years experience Senior Accountant 3-5 years experience Accountant 1 -3 years experience BS or BBA In Accounting, experience in heavy construction, utilities or CPA firm preferred Supervising Analysts 4 years experience BS or BBA in Accounting. Construction Audit experience is highly desireable. Auditor 2-3 years experience BS or BBA degreed (financially related) with experience in heavy construction or financial environment For Information andor appointment time, please call collect: J.E. Brown Houston Lighting Power Company P.O. Box 1700 Houston, Texas 77001 713228-5035 rrnris yi vacua, unger ine assumed or fictitious name, style or Jesignatlon of Ivy's Mill ALONE 4 PREGNANT? prrrspurgn, ra.

152JO. DOG found May 2, small oold tan, red harness, Green Tree principal place of business at i rr DEPARTMENT OF GENERAL SERVICES BUREAU OF TECHNICAL SUPPORT MTH AND HERR STREETS HARRISBURG. PA. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Bid Date Mav J2. 1980 City.

343-o95a A confidential, caring friend, LIFELINE, Butter, 212-(Mo, Mori Valley, 48-9070 Beaver Co. 143-0505, Ph. 561.0543. OOGLOST resembles small lono-haired, curly tall, Free Preqancy Testing. io-, tjiu sreuoenviiie Pihe, Oekdeie.

Pa. 15107. The names and addresses of all persons owning or Interested In said business are: Mildred Spark en-bauph, 13 Beilvlew McKees Rocks, Pa. 15136, ivy t5 Fawnwood McKees Rocks, of Fox Chapel, Pa. No.

194 of 1980. Mellon Bank, N.A.. Mellon Square Office. Pittsburgh, Pa. 15230 or to R.

F. Petton, Esquire and R. M. Daniel. Esquire; Buchanan, Ingersoll, Rodewaid, Kyle Buerger, 57th Floor, 600 Grant St, Pittsburgh, Pa.

15219. Sealed bids to Replace Roofing Main Hosprtai Building, DOG-smail, black I white, collie-beagle, "Meldl" Reward, COURSE IN WITCHCRAFT-Gaelicythonle magick begin, ning July 1st. Call aft Spm for Oi ments will be open to public In reservation 381-2767. v. i-ywo" warty oiaie ItOSP)- tal, Pittsburgh, Allegheny Coon-ty.

Pennsylvania, will be receiv- spection on Mav 1, I960 at the ucnwMra ancpnerg-vvniTe le male wred collar, McMurrav oi loi iwin vy. y. Rodewaid, Buchanan, Inoersoll. Rode aid. vie me vmce gr rne Superintendent, Room 219, Pitts- CURLOVICH, Stephen, deceased.

cncira area, icw.rg pji-jjqj FREE Pregnancy Tests. Results are confidential I available the same day. For Inform. Contact Women's Health Services, Inc. in Philadelphia at Contractors Assn.

of Eastern Pa. and Dodge uuryi araic unice aunaing, joq Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh. Pa, 15222, for the following contract: Buerger Attorneys. eOO Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Notice is hereby given ttiit Articles of Amendment were filed with the 30," ivuo GREAT DANE REWARD for pesthve I.D- Female, Gray w1 white toenail back ripht paw, Ears cut, Aporoi Hwki old, FREE PREGNANCY Test-fM, Men Sat, while you wait.

Cenfi-deniial counseling. Allegheny or riTTSDurgn, na. no. m4 of 1980. John Michael Curiovlch, Extr 108 Montvilie Pitts-burgh, Pa.

15214, or to James Victor Voss, Esq. and Robert P. Struble, Meyer. Unkovlc Scott. Uo6 Frlck Bldg-t Pittsburgh, Pa.

15219. Gen. Guaranty ueoarrmenT or state or the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, at Harrlsburo, on the 26fh day of March, 1980, by Tambel- women ccnier. Jtf-iriv rayoiHC TO 1MB UOrTJ- monwealth of Pennsylvania, De- nrmftt nf r.u.i MIN. SCHNAUZER female, salt a pepper color, lest en April IS Highland Pk-N.

St. Clair area. Responds to Elko. Ill-unoer Vet's care. Reward.

Call aft, 6pm: 441-tm Certified check, Bank checM or Business Corporation, having its registered office at 4830 Hatfield VOUTH FOOTBaU TEAM looking for games oneither 270-28. Kids vr olds, loo lbs under, 10-II vr olds IIS lbs under; 12-13 vr olds 125 lbs under. Please contact Don 304.527.ia5. Proposed date of completion: 210 calendar days from date of STeet, trry or KtrrsDurgn, Aiie-onenv Countv Pennwlvanl DOMINIAK, Cecelia, also known as Cecelia J. Domlnlak, deceased, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

No. 1889 of 1980. Raymond T. Domlnlak, 2225 Bernard Prttsburoh, Pa. 15234 or to Roy W.

Rlehl. 2006 Law Finance Bldg, Pittsburgh, Description: Remove existing jt'l Reports Office; In Reading at Building Industries Exchange' In Exeter at Northeastern Penna. Contractors in Pittsburgh at Pittsburgh Builders Exchange, Constructors Assn. of Western Pa. and Dodge Reports Office.

A bank treasurer's, cashier's certified check or bid bond with corporate surety, In the amount of ten 00) percent of the bid must accompany the proposal. The bid surety of the three (3 low bidders will be retained until the execution of the contract. A Preouailflcatfon Certification and Maximum Capacity Rating assigned by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is a necessary prereouisitt for bidding on this prolect. The opening and listing of the bids not meeting all the terms and conditions of the bid adver. tlsement or bid procedures does not act as a waiver or modification of anv reaulremtnri MI5SING7f) Bulck Skylark, medium blue, blue vlnvl roof, wopera lights, astro roof, wire spoke wheels, from 5th street parking lot on Sat.

May 3, Wll-merding. Please notify Wllmerd- 5ald Articles of Amendment were hied under the provisions Business Corporation Law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, approved May 5, 1933, 020 Personal uuia, iMiuionuii, vani iTTipi ana root penetration fleshings from four (4) roof areas and two (2) Penthouse roofs and replace with new. $15 00 deoostt per set bv prime contractors for plans and ra. ij it. inu police, gJ-UJv DONOVAN, Helen T.

deceased. BALDNESS CURED By Or. Setters Pile-Gen Treatment as advertised en TV "Merv Grtfhn Show" New available hi Pennsylvania. Can area code 411- PARROT-green, wsome red, lost, BeecHview area, Ig rwd for return or Into leading to re wen mi. auM3 payoote to me Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Wi r. rQ. IJU UI 1980. John J. Donovan, Extr, 136 Crescent Hills Road, Pittsburgh, Pa.

15235 or to Chanes W. Herald, Herald i Herald PC. 917 Frlck Build- TU'H, BO-JY pm. jc, emcnora. me nature and character of the amendment ere as follows: Article I.

of the Articles of incorporation of the Corporation $nn be amended to read as follows: The name of the corporation Is Tambeiilnl Enterprises, inc. 2. of the Articles of incorporation of the Corporation shall be amended to read as follows: SHEEPDOG-grey, white head, lost Graham Blvd Wllk. Chllds Mil IF YOU ONLY LOVE ME Show me I lust wanted vou to know how Bad I hurt. Meet mt 11:30 mg, rirrwurgn, re.

IJiiy. pct. re-varg. jn-tiiv mioti i uuct to Diaaing unir. Bureau of Technical Support, Department of General Services, 18th and Herr Streets, Harris-burg, Pennsylvania 17120.

Refundable upon receipt of bid and return of plans and specifications within Uut Mr LOST-Carnegie, black CaBt white markings, male, ans. to mqay Vtklng. Houston Lighting Power An Kqual Opportunity Kmployer contained in the bid advertise- wopgy an pm The location of the registered office of the Corporation is 1675 DUDJAK, John, deceased, of Brtnel Boro, Pa, No, 143 of 1980. Eugene R. Dudjak, 3604 Valley Drive, Pittsburgh, Pa.

15234 or to John C. Mohan, 2106 Law Finance Pitts- mem or oio procedure. The Provisions of the Pnn. LOST -child's baby blanket, fir. Pitt Airport 695-7031 bid opening.

ptnetree unve, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15241. and for MARY ANN-Urgent changed last 4 digits to 237. Roger ANYONE-Wltnesslng an accl-dent on Nov. 1979 at 5:00 pm on Babcock Blvd. near Mertels Restaurant In Ross Township Involving a male pedestrian LOST gray long-haired cal.

So, Mill. SJ11M these purposes to have, possess and enioy ail the rights, benefit? and privileges or said Act pians and specifications mav be reviewed without charge at the Department of General Services, lth and Herr Streets Harrlsburo, Pennsylvania. For uui yn( ri. ijj iv. svlvania Prevailing Wage Act of August 15, 1961, p.

l. 987, as amended, together with the rates and regulations promulgated bv the Secretary of Labor and Industry applicable thereto, shall apply to this contract. or ssernoiy. LOST Mav Ht female shep 60 tbs: scar upper rear Murrysville-Plum area. Please can w-oaso "Tuic wnu nave se IS PITTSBURGH REAOYt wcwmwu.

j-jo3 an apm. DUNBAR, Lavade deceased, Of Pittsburgh, P. No, 1267 ot 1980. Wiil.em T. Dunbar, Etr 28 Alice Pittsburgh! Pa.

15205 or to William Sloan Webber, 18)5 Union Bank Bido-, Pittsburgh, Pa. I AMES MUD WUfSUING Houoay House Monroeville i a lean LOST sm. shaggy Terrier, grey-1 cedars (belij. Baldwin Vore w. Y.

RodewekJ, Buchanan, inge'soil, Rodewaid, Kyle Buerger, Attorneys, 600 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Notice is hereov given mat Articles of Amendment were filed with the Department of State of the rfcNNa 'LvANIA TUKNPIKE COMMISSION RAY M. BOLLINGER Secretary and Treasurer issuea May i9fn WALTER BAPAN, area. Kewaro. aa-5743 secretary fnfe.

471-I8H ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT 2AAAi JJ50. Reward for return of OPFiCi; AUTO BOOV PERSONS-6oerl-enced only. Must have tools, Mat rate shop. Jerrv Southorn 028 Resnmet Urgent witnesses to accident on Route AO. Robinson Two.

1-79 BOOKKBEPEft to assist berson office. Must be exp. In bn phases. Good chance for advancement for right person. Be- Personnel pR and Adminlstra-Hve Dept.

Good typing snort-hand, poise i tact. S85M good benefits. Call 47 E.O.g URBAN REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF PITTSBURGH ADVERTISEMENT OF INVITATION FOR BIDS The Urban Redevelooment AUTO BOOV. MI-6506. McK EE SPORT AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT The BOArd Of C-kflAl nirtt4n exit, between car and motorcv travel pap, wit nr.

TWA. at Greater fin. May Contains needed passport, businesi papers, camera film, smal presents. No Questions asked, Mil UJ rnru JU.H... I Charles, deceas-ed, of Pittsburgh, Pa.

No. 2171 of 1980. Eva M. Driver, 1150 Thompson Donors, Pa. 15033 or to Shire 4 Bergsteln, 409 Vrvwver Ave, Monessert, Babysfttar-lmperial-Hankev cie on a-i-w, ar kai p-m.

ocm 25S. THE RESUME WRITER K1-W70 IrimtmeTrt 8tdf. lyr old Your Dome rierrts. APPty in person only. p.

Highland Shadyside. ATTENDANT for Invalid, room board Incl. W4-J677 rarrrts are 4-day wk, Farms area 6i-0374 -sr- i' '0 rtvJ- 'St? vt M( .5. II ii' tommonwearm or Pennsylvania, at Harnsburg, Pa, on the 26th day of March, 1980 by Tembei-linl Specialty Foods, a Pennsylvania Business Corporation, having rh registered office at 4830 Hatfield Street, Crry of Pittsburgh, Allegheny County. Pennsylvania.

Said Articles or Amendment were filed under the provisions of the Business 021 Business Personal BABYSITTER For 7artl to 3pm, BOYS er GIRLS in Penn Hills area, II veers old or elder interested In delivering Pins- Authorrtv of Pittsburgh will receive separate and sealed bids for: Contract for the Leasing of One (l) 19M Front Wheel Drive Four-Door Sedan, until: OO of the McKee sport Area School District requests bids for the following: Tiger Stadium Senior High School Complex CorneH Street School Renovations MBvarfn. ti w7 030 Help Waited AUTOOODV PEP-SON-must be a ouallfled bodv person, uniforms hospttlllxatldn. full-time empiovment. apply ol Broad 015 Entertainment BA.YSiTTERl iniant EoyT Durgns oniv morning newspaper. 783-1314 DYLAN TICKETS-2-Row T.

Orch Wed night May 4, bst ofr home, 8 J0-J 471- Tue-Frl nil 0748 aft i. Copies of soecifcatons ttr. way, woooway fivmoum. rw. Cable TV Sub Cantr actors M.

on May 22, 1980 (Thursday), st Controller's Office, l2tti Floor Civic Buitdino, 200 Ross taming to the same can be had Drummer-tor No Shelter, orlgl' nal rock I roll. 571-1608 ACCOUNTANT GODFREY, Hilda deceased, of Pittsburgh, Pa. NO. 1192 of H80. Dolores A.

Hevl and Albert j. Hevl, 5222 Penn Avenue, PHsburgK Pa. 15224 or to Wener Dolfi, 476? Ltberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15224 Experience mandetory. Local corporation Law ot the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, aO' Reliable businessman win drive your car.

References. IFufl time general accounting work nignest pay. ion an btrcef, Prrfsburgh Pennsylvania 15219, at time and oiace DRUMWER-12 vrs exper. look, ina for weekend tvoe band AH BABYSITTER E- Liberty 4 yr. old, my home Mon-Sat BABYSITTER wcar, to pick up boys from schl.

watch 766-D'y. as amended. The nature end character of the amendment tvoes of music 833-7775 STEELER SEASON TICKETS CAMP NURSE-Also counselor laiDul fl rnt 1 a A rlil m. AUTO BODY REPAIR Experienced 4 tools required 661-033? AuTO mechanic must have State Inspection Certiticete A Air Cend. eip.

Top wages fringe benefits. Call 261-0436 tor interview. w. vniaiTi Tor private inonoroflt orgenlietioA with Imuitipie funding sources. Bacne-liors degree with melor work In accounting.

Eloerlenco orefnr. all bids will be pub'tciv opened and read aloud Bd specifications mav be ob mi a pm. ret. 765-7343 eve BEiBfcR, Howard deceased. trruclton.

Camp lot Fayette) 'Cry, 111 mtereiltd jfS8oMS4s Babvslner-Brlohton Hts. In 017 Lgal Service wanico. TJWJ's JNITED AIRLINE Game E- tended, 1 winning game card, are as wows: Article i. ot me Art-cies of incofooiafton of the Corporation sha'l be amended to read as fonows: The name tained at Corfro'ier Office, dv applying to me omces Of: Murovich Associates, 103 Smith, fieid Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. Phone: (412) 281-253.

Bids must be in the hands of the Secretary Business Manager, Administrative Offices, 2225 Fifth Avenue. McKeesoort, Pa. on or before Tuesoay, Mav 27, 1980 by 12:00 o'clock P.M. Bids will be opened at 12:05 P.M. Bidder mav be present at opening.

The Board of School Directors fed. Satarv range poo. Call PITTS6URCH OiC Hi. jw koss street, prrtsourgA Pa '5219 or bv ohonmo 255-6630 jzv our home, Mon-Frl. 761-7407 BABYSITTER -Infant twins, I am till 5:30 In our home; no housework.

Adult, exp. ret. Eas- Affordable Legal Services CIVIL-BANKRUPTCY-DIVORCE 1873 0f 1980. Pittsburgh Na-tional Bank, 5th Ave Wood St Pittsburgh, Pa. '5222 or to Barry Wood, Any 418 FrkK Pitts- or "if corporation is rampeinni Specialties, inc Article 2.

of me Articles of Incor oorVpon rrf the AUTOMOTIVE MALE OR FEAMLE Sales Eperlenc Helpful, But Not Necessary. Mty Phyis Kramer 661-3900 ACCOUNTANT Corporation shell be amended Ignd. 36 J-1464 an. vinyl REPAIR. Estimates given free.

244-1174 Will trade or sell TWA round-trip game tickets or United roundtrip game tickets 831-8661. W'l, r-. I Jj it. anytime between a 15 A M. and 5:00 M.

Security in the form of a certified check or bar draft payable to Urban Redevelop-ment Authority of Pittsburgh, Government Band or a ATTORNEY HFNRV M.LLER III CDE Margaret deceased. Comp. Many Fringe Benefits immediate opening for Account, ant; 61. degree: eperlenc In orlvate, nonrollt organliatlon administering federal Grant UIVOTCC S'Xfl 5OQ-750S BARTENDER 'BARMAID exp. nol nec.

Call btwn 1-6 431-9486 BEAUTICIAN Hair Replacement Center. Guaranteed salary vacation. Downtown. 81-I1S1 to reao as toiiows: Te location of the registered office ot the Corporation Is 175 Plnetree pnve, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15241, and for these purposes to have, poaoess and entov an CRIMINAL-CIVIL -DIVORCE reserves the right to reiect any and an bids submitted. Bv oroer of me Board of School Directors.

Employment Agencies vv.unui.7ion. Lertl-fled non-union program. Apply now through Vav 16 at the An. KS2fcffh Center, Third Floor Bureau of Employ; Reas. fees.

36I-I4S5. 36)-44St V. Ka. NO. of 1980 Rjssel.

Cade, 771J WaveHy Street, Pitts' burgh, Pa. 15221 or to We'ier 4 Ooffl 4762 Liberty Aenue, PtttsOorgh, Pa, I5ii4., enaj resume its eth f) eUarkstene Bldg, excellent worxtng Ask Far Mike Sunseri KREBS KING PMtW 4U-UM N1-C4U satisfactory bid bond executed by the bidder and acceptable surety comparty fn the amount equal to five percent Dtvorces Fast Service KEAPNEV-McmWOUGH BLUEPRINT MACHINE: QPtRA- TOft-ExDerlenctrf preferred 5TFVFN 6 MOt 5 Secretary Buttnest Maneoer leges of sad Act of Assembly, Matez-ltmeie UP. If I-107 1 SM Ct. CoXvCrout 241-SJeJ Pmsourgtl PA IM2i 1 clover i dowmowin Pgk 281-1806.

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