Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 7
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for college—from your head down to your Just to be sure that you have the most collegi- jtyies for campus, tear, prom, and cocktail party . our selection! \hristensen Brvs. Co. SHOE DEPARTMENT I).V his gpiiorosily. Thp Monk™ have i large mndprii fitrm home and do Ui(i inodern way Phil- Litf.t wool; Tuesday Perry lips, two miles cast 'of Algnna higliway No. 18, finished Ihroshing I'prry said | ho yield was poor but he was glad l.o get what hp could "lit of it. Th,. following Thursday, I erry and his hired man hauled straw lo | ho county fairgrounds lo be used during the fair to hod the stalls, The L. W. Keiths and their son Wayne, of near Hurt, and his wife spent Monday and Tuesday at tho state fair. * * * * Art Haag, farmer two miles east of the Plum freek elevator, who farms the I), n. Clapsaddle farm, accompanied by Mr. Clapsaddlo left, last Friday for southern South Da- kola, to iniy some young cattle lo pasture. Art has a bountiful supply of pasture this fall. * * * » The L. .T. Browns and Ralph Browns, south of Algona, spent last Friday at Dos Moincs on business and while there attended tho state fair. * » * Farmers near Algona arc preparing to fill silos. The corn is so infested with worms that perhaps putting it up as silago will be more profitable than waiting to pick it. jlf wo could have about a week of I dry hot weather the corn would | probably harden and dent, so that | the worms wouldn't be so dostruc- Itive. east of Sexton on the pavement, has ono of the finest melon Pfilclips that wo have encountered this .summer. Much time and hard work has boon spent hero. In a short lime the Iledrieks will have plenty to supply all their needs. A pleasant couple to meet, They have a sma.l] pleasant home. Tho daughter helps with the housework and garden, as Mrs. Hodrick has had a difficult lime getting about much the past few years. Plocgor' considered among Kossuth's finest people. Recently the Union Mothers & Daughters club, to which Mrs. Nelson belonged when she lived near Algona, met with her. Tho Nelsons came to the Algona neighborhood from Ringsted. The Grant school management was fortunate to get them. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA tt«n M. Slili*, ( . ||. Klamp. |.'i<-!d Uoporlrrs vt. .I I ayiio, CtmlriliiMjiipr "f I'.iincmH. KhcllPd corn Ho had 5,000 bushels scaled ind roalixPd a Hinabli! pmfil. HP has plenty of rol> K |. n burn and snv- of his frlTH wo ,. ( , t ,,. nf j t i lu , KLAMPTREK TO MINNESOTA CIRCUS IN THE AIR SUNDAY Ity ('. II. Kliinip. We drove l.o Worl.hirigton, Minn., Sunday, a distance of 114 miles northwest or Algona. We went by way of Fairmont, then through two miles | Jackson. In Jackson county there which At Fred north of Lcdjard, threshing was;were a few corn fields last week Tuesday, and; showod heavv tros( oats were running a good yield. Tho two first loads At AVorlhington an air show was of bundles threshed out 100 bushels. Howard 1)(3111 S given, and we counted 23 Anderson, a neighbor, was doing ] planes, no two alike. A trimotor the threshing, for power he was using an old Titan tractor, for which, one of the hoys said ho paid only $10. Ho had fixed it. up and it was doing fine work. * * * • The Arthur Ziclskes, northwest from Minneapolis drew a lot of attention. In the forenoon the planes carried passengers, and at times there were 16 planes In the air at once. At 2 o'clock an airplane race took place between five planes fly- ........*ui *-Jn^i«i\r;r»| HUltUWUHL 1 * i fm of Ledyard, were planning last ! ' nK ' ono o£ the P lanes week Tuesday to spend a few days| put on a stunt '?„ ^ h l ch il tun \ p4 at the stale fair They had never ° vor and ovcr< If Bob James - Al ' attended before The threshing was sona dru «6 ist whose tri P from done in their run Stonn Lako to Algona in a -tri,.'„,, motor Ford was recently described in the Advance, had been in that David Farrow, prominent North End farmer, owns five quarter sections and raises a lot of hogs. You this farm than Dreyer Holsteins Finish 160 Days Production Test The Holstcln-Friesian association of America, Madison, WiscrJn- sin reports that the registered HM- stein herd owned by A. A. Dreyter, north of Whittemore, has completed 160 days of its annual prodilc- tion test and shows maintenance of the exceptionally high daily average of 1.5 Ibs. fat per cow. Five cows in the Drcyer herd have ill- ready exceeded the 200 Ib. (at mark, with two of them going oVer ''00 Ibs. The group Is being led by the cow Hengervcld Pontiac SKy- lark, with the credit of SGO.fl Ibs. fat and 10,407 Ibs. milk. In the 1a«t monthly test five cows in the herd exceeded 40 Ibs. fat, high honors going to Hengervcld Sadie SkylaHc. with a yield of 64.2 Ibs. fat and 1686 Ibs milk. 9 Ships Haled Roughage. Four Corners, Aug. 21)—Lewis Lawman Jr. spent most of last week baling straw and pigeon grass which he has sold to be sent to southern Iowa. He Is shipping two carloads and storing the rest. Neighbors have been helping. The baling machine is owned by a Mr. Butterfteld. C O TV^TJTKTCWfvhr .o.JOHNoOlN for SCHOOL SUPPLIES Ply Spray, in gal. cans 65c Large Hand Sprayers 29c Hay Rope Pulleys 60c Milk Pails 39c, 50c, 89c Square Wash Tubs 89c Ironing Board $1.95 Large size Lantern $1.29 White Pickling Vinegar 27c No. 10 cans Fancy Catsup 88c No. 10 cans Red Pitted Cherries 49c No. 10 cans Prunes 39c No. 10 can Blackberries 47o No. 10 cans Raspberries 59o Tender, juicy Steaks 19c Boiling Beef, 3 Ibs. 25c Home Made Hamburger lOc ALGONA, IOWA Good Fountain Pen Is a Necessity yours iu good condi- for the beginning ichoolJ [perhaps you need a one? "VVe have a line of pens and [icils at popular UP il pens, either vacuum or regular [from sharp pencils, jium-Pil pens, regular lvalue, for Sets, $8.95 in and let us demonstrate the New Bversharp Adjustable Fountain Pen. $2.95 Wehler's Diamonds, Watches, Silverware Fine Watch Repairing, Reasonable Prices. ONT FORGET THE FAIR SEPTEMBER 3-7 plane he would surely have needed his paper sack. Then there was a parachute jump, and tho jumper provided any other in that part of the [some thrills by rolling head over county, and perhaps in all Kossuth. I heels in the air many times before David has some fine corn which,he opened his parachute, which see more hogs on on WE INVITE YOU TO ie Kossuth County Fair and also To Our Exhibit Tractors [have taken on the sale of Allis-Chalmers Tractors I and want you to look at them. J the Cultivator-Type Tractor which pulls two 14- inch plows, and sells for $675. 1>ODGE CABS AND TRUCKS PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS SALES SERVICE Elbert Garage ALGONA, IOWA When wo called on Telka Steck- nr last week Tuesday four miles lorthwest of Titonka he was pre- laring to start his fall plowing. They had just finished threshing in lis run and Tellco was glad it was iver. The Steckers are a young married couple and from the looks if Mrs. Stecker's house wo believe Felko has a good housekeeper. * * # * Marinus Christensen, two miles east and one mile north of Titonka, ivas just leaving to finish thresh- ng at a neighbor's when wo called ast week Tuesday. The grain up liis way yeilded well, and if. the •ainy weather had held off they would have been done. Marinus milks eight Holstein cows and because of the shortage of pasture tie has been herding them on the country road in front of his farm. * . * * Mrs. Harry Seeley, farm wife near Irvington, spent last week Tuesday with her aunt, Mrs. Jennie Vanderlinden, of Algona. * * * * Last Friday we called on W. G. Rike, five miles north of Titonka. W. G. and his younger brother were taking a day off and repairing fences and making a new fence. Two families live on this farm and operate jointly, with plenty of work- to keep both brothers busy. * * * » "When we called on the Lawrence Doego family, two miles southwest of Titonka last week Wednesday, Mrs. Doege was busy canning apples. The children were running | errands and helping all they could. Every summer she cans enough vegeables and fruits to last them nearly through the winter. Mr. Doege was away threshing when we called but he would soon be finished on the run and would start his fall plowing. They have a nice garden and a fine flock of chickens to show for their summers work. * * * * When we saw Hemme Troff, irce miles north of Ledyard, last •eok Tuesday he was helping with hrcshing at a neighbor's, and ras all smiles, saying he and his rife had a new boy, born August 6, weight 8>/ 3 pounds. They named lm James Allen. Mrs Albert Hirsch, of Thompson, aunt of Mrs. •roff was nurse. The Troffs have hree other children: Arlene, 7, Harold, 6, Ardis, 2. ^ n W Mechler, with his hired urn's help, was busy throwing obs out of the weather when we ailed last week. C. W. had shelled bout GOO bushels of sealed corn saving what he didnt he looks like it would average 50 bu. to tho acre, but he said corn worm damage would probably cut the crop ten per cent. * < * • We had a little visit last week Monday with W. C. Nelson, janitor of Grant consolidated schoolhouse, and ho showed us around in the building. He redecorated all of the interior and revarnished the floors and desks. One would think from the looks of the job he had always The show drew a we talked with men worked perfectly. This was just the afternoon program. There was to be another in the evening, large crowd; who estimated the attendance at more than 10,000. Admission charges were 25c for men and lOc for women; children under 16 free. The charge for a ride was a dollar. We looked that great crowd over and hoped the people of Kossuth been an expert decorator instead j county will turn out that way for of a farmer. He said it had taken him all summer to get things tiptop shape before school opened, this week Monday, with Supt. Hamand again in charge. The Nelsons farmed many years in Union town- their own county fair, and if they do they will have better accommodations for at Worthington there was no shade, which is the case at most fairgrounds, but not here, and there were no seats such as ship, where they were, and still are we have on which to rest. St. Joe Parochial School Will Reopen next Monday St. Joe, Aug. 29 — The St. Joseph parochial school will reopen next Monday with the following teaching staff: Sister Mary Hiltrude, first and second grades, taking the place of Sr. M. Concepta; Sr. M. Augustelda will have charge of the music (also new here) ; Sr. M. Mario Celine, 3rd and 4th grades; Sr. M. Rudolpha, 5th and 6th grades: Sr. M. Hortense, 7th and Hardy, came home Saturday. Cletus, son of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Reding, Whittemore, went home last Thursday, after several days with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Furhman and Andrew Kupper spent Friday and Saturday with relatives at Plainview, Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Furhman, 8th, 9th grades. The latter will be assisted by the music teacher. Sr. Thul spent last week Wednesday M. Claudia is housekeeper. at Fort Dodge. Alvin Klein, Julius Becker, and Graders at Work on Eoad— William Becker returned Sunday J. V. Elbert, Whittemore grading from a week with relatives at Wat- contractors, and his crew began kins, Minn, work last week on a secondary Mrs. Nick Thilges and her chil- road in this vicinity. It is one and dren left last Wednesday for a few one-half mile stretch beginning days with relatives at Watertown, at the Arthur Illg corner and run- S. D. ning to the bridge east of the William Thilges placqj Catholic Sister to Hospital- Mrs. Peter Schmit and her son Thomas, accompanied by Sr. M, Hortense, Sr. M. Claudia, and Lawrence Becker, drove to Fort Dodge last week Monday, and Sister M, Claudia remained there at Mercy hospital, where she is receiving medical aid. 'LGONA MARKET While in Algona Fair Week—visit our store. e carry Opal and School Girl Groceries—also fresh and cold meats. R. A. CLARK South of Court House Pko»e day, hat , el for feeding. He says oesn't see how one can afford to eed such high priced corn to sock nd make any money, but since hen the price of hogs is up to an Other St. Joe. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ziemet Sr, son Henry Jr., and Marie and Caroline Gisch drove to Dubuque last week-end and Caroline remained at the convent there. The others were to visit relatives brook before returning. Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Furhman took Mrs. Purhman's brother, Andrew Kupper, to Iowa Falls Monday to catch a train for his home at Gainesville, Tex. Mrs. M. Hanifan and Thomas, who had spent two weeks with relatives at and near Livermore and Andrew Kupper and Marcella Thill spent Saturday evening at John Thill's near Whittemore. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Becker and Emma Becker spent Sunday with Sr. M. Georgine, Pocahontas. Mrs. Thomas Devine celebrated a birthday Sunday, and the Bernard Devines were dinner guests. Nicholas Becker returned last Thursday from two weeks at his brother Matt's, near Burt. Irwin, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Weydert, had his tonsils removed last week a Fort Dodge. The A. C. Holtzbauers, Algona, were Sunday evening visitors at William Hammer's. Rita Thul spent a few days last week at James Becker's, near Ottosen. v Marcella Thill, Algona, spent Sunday at Adolph Furhman's. Theresa Miller, Algona, spent Sunday with relatives here. Kathryn Thilges, Le Marg, has been visiting relatives here. The John Fabers, West Bend, visited relatives here Sunday. Kossuth and his »ip" cares for them, as C. W. s v'e Passed away a year ago last )r when their baby was born. , w fanns a quarter section two lilies south and a mile west of Ti- onka. Bleich, • * * better known as Kossuth, in Ti- businesses in northern He has operated a station ^s'lFrSfty^ ^ day. You Tndian Sback. Johnnie says summer and says rvprpft 8-year-old son of Ralph visiting his erandfathe , A. sleep on. iriardale STORE Friday and Saturday SPECIALS! Lux Toilet Soap, 8 lOc bars ------------------- 20c Lux Flakes, large size, pkg, ------------------- 22c Old Dutch Cleanser, 8 cans ------------------- 22c GWC Pint Salad Dressing --------- - ---------- 15c GWC Quart Salad Dressing ------------------ 25c A full line of Peaches, Pears, and Prunes for Canning SPECIAL PRICES A full line of Groceries, fresh and cold meats. While visiting the wig Kossuth County Fair make our store your headquar-ters— where you are ways welcome. Highest Prices for Eggs MOE & SJOGREN al- All Ready For School With the most complete line of school supplies we have ever had, our special prices are for the first week of school. Crayola eights Crayola sixteens Big Special School Tablets Fuller Paper, "new count" Fountain Pen Ink Fountain Pen "Special" 10c 15c _.5c 5c 10c 98c Combination Fountain Pen and Pencil Mechanical Pencils Loose Leaf Note Books, complete Box Water Colors, seven colors Library Paste Loose Leaf Notebooks, "Special" 5Cc lOc 25c 10c 5c 25c We carry a complete line of rural school books. BIG KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR SEPTEMBER 3 TO 7 K.® D« JAMES ALGONA IOWA Welcome Fair Visitors See^Our Display on the Grounds We will be at the Fair, as usual, with the latest models of John Deere implements on display, including the latest developments in corn pickers. Also, let us shoyr you how to save feed with a Letz Feed M^ker NEW John Deere Model "A" General Purpose praetor, with adjustable trend . . . built for modern cost reducing farming . . . Today's outstanding Tractor Value. The Model «A" Trjctor Burns Distillate Adjustable Rear Wheel Tread ! Full-View Effectless Vision Easy, Positive Steering You can Sit or Stand at Will Light Weight, Well Balanced Four Speeds Forward Simple, Easily Accessible Centered Hitch Eliminates Side Draft in Plowing Kossuth County Implement Company Algona, Iowa n a n n n n n an aoaia a a an no aoaaiaa annaa anna n a c: Let Us He'p You With that Job Printing 246— Two Phones 247 IflWIIIfifltli

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