Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on September 5, 1953 · Page 20
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 5, 1953
Page 20
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By HAROLD Local Scrapping Val Avery, who was an actor-tage manager at the White Earn Theater during the 1950 season, is returning to the Irwin strawhat next week for a role in "Mister Roberts." Incidentally. Avery and Margot Stevenson, the leading lady at the White Barn that same year. were, married iust a few months ago . . . Bob Eollen,' production assistant in the WDTV engineering department, has been transferred to the Allan B. DuMont Laboratories in Clifton. N. J. Bollen has been here for four years and becomes a sales engineer in the DuMont transmitter division, where he'll be joining another ex-WDTV staffer. Jack Sheafer . . . Steven Falsa of Munhall, who plays four harmonicas, will appear tonight on teevee on Ted Mack's "Original Amateur Hour." Moe Silver has been named national exhibitor chairman for the 1953 Christmas Salute drive for the Variety Clubs' Will Rogers Memorial Hospital at Saranac lake . . . Howdy Baum's band is back In the pit again at the Casino this season ... Ed Hunt, the local Tech and Playhouse actor, has been signed for the second male lead with Eddie Bracken in the National Company of "The Seven Year Itch." Hunt was home several months ago as Zachary Scott's understudy in "Bell, Book and Candle" . . . Howard Newman, the summer opera company press-agent, will be the advance man for the pre-Broadway tour of F. Hugh Herbert's new comedy, "A Girl Can Tell," which is to star Janet Blair and feature Tod Andrews and Paul Mc-Grath. The Nixon gets it the week of October 19. The first thing Tony Martin wants to do when the pressure lets up on him is to play a round of golf at the Oakmont Club. He shoots in the high 70s at his home club, Hillcrest in Hollywood . . . Ruth Points will be Elizabeth Birbari's assistant THOSE ATTENTION GETTING BILLBOARDS ARE THE IDEAS . . . EXCLUSIVELY OF K. M, ft G. AND THE LADS WHO HANDLE OUR ACCOUNT. THAT CLEVER . LITTLE WINDOW BILLBOARD OF HUNT'S CATSUP . . . LIKE THE OTHERS YOU COMMENT SO OFTEN ON ... IS THE IDEA AND PRODUCTION OF I.D.L SIGN CO. . . . THEY MADE THE FIRST SIGN IN THE FIRST SUPER MARKET IN PGH. THESE TESTIMONIAL PRODUCT ADS ARE EAVESDROPPING ON THE ENTHUSIASTIC SALESMEN WHO ARE JUST AS HIPPED ON BRANDS . . . AS WE ARE. FOR INSTANCE ... ALL WE KNOW ABOUT RADIO ACTIVITY IS WHAT THE DISC... OR DISK JOCKEYS TELL US. . . , BUT CALGON DISCOVERS THE FRENCH HAVE LEARNED THAT SOAP AND CALGON AND WATER IS THE WAY TO MOP UP . . . CLEAN OUT THE RADIO ACTIVITY THAT COMES FROM THAT STUFF THAT HAS TO DO WITH ATOMS . . . (NOT JOCKEYS). BUT... WE SELL CALGON 3$ 1 .00 Pkgs. I BECAUSE . . . WE CAN MAKE A PROFIT ON IT . . YOU UKE IT . . . FOR WASHING . . BATHING . . SHAVING . , . HAIR WASHING . . . SOFTER LAUNDERING... AND DOZENS OF OTHER USES. . . . 0(gE FOR YOUR LONG HOLIDAY WEEKEND CUBES 1 PAPER BAGS AND CONVENIENT BLOCK ICE AT NEIGHBORHOOD STATIONS LOCATED . . . SOUTH NE6LEY & CLAYBOURNE 4711 FRIENDSHIP AVENUE FORWARD & MURRAY (Squirrel Hill) COLTART & BATES. OAKLAND 14th & MURIEL STS., SOUTH SIDE 208 CENTER ST.. WILKINSBURG 219 MELDON AVE.. DONORA CDTY P. S. To Deepfreeze Owners V. COHEN in the Playhouse costume department this season . . . It's a shame such a beautiful tune as "April in Portugal" has to have such corny lyrics . . . Dave Kaufman and Robert Prothero, of the Mountain Playhouse company, and Propmastcr Charles Sciotto will be quitting Jenners-town after "A Streetcar Named Desire'' next week. They're all returning to college Kaufman to the Carnegie Tech Drama School, Prothero to Duke University and Sciotto to Penn State. The Blackburn Twins and Marion Colby and what a classy act they have head for Miami and an Olympia Theater booking after they close tonight, at the Ankara . . . Edmund Johnson, a newcomer to the White. Barn Theater, entertained a contingent from his home town after the performance of "The Moon Is Blue" the other night. Johnston hails from Akron, O., and this is the first time he's ever played close enough to that place for his Akron friends to see him in action. . . . KDKA's sportscast-ing Johnny Boyer is the official announcer at the Allegheny County Fair this year . . . Gordon Jenkins will be around to visit the deejays the 21st In the interests of his new Decca platter suite. The seven-year-old daughter of a friend of The Drama Desk had a spat with" a little companion and promptly sent her this note: "Dear Doily: I don't like you any more.. Love, Mary" . . . Buzz 'n' Bill still hope to land Julius LaRosa for their Cerebral Palsy telethon . . . "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" will hit close to $45,000 on its four-week stand at the Fulton . . . A great break for the Penn, Audrey ("Roman Holiday") Hepburn's picture on the cover of the current Time ... Dick Powell's directing "The Caine Mutiny Court Martial," which Producer Paul Gregory will send on the road this season with Henry Fonda, John Hodiak and Lloyd Nolan. Powell's taking a fat percentage of the gross for his bite in lieu of salarv. Space Fans, Scientists To Discuss Trip to Moon Varied Group With Interest in Such Things Will Convene Tomorrow in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA. Sept. 4 (JP) Who's for a trip to the moon and how would you like to go and when? A thousand or more science-fiction fans who look upon space journeys as something not too far off in the future will be asking those questions when they gather here for their three-day 11th annual convention. On hand to rocket the predictions about the convention floor will be such men as Willy Ley, former officer of the German Rocket Society, space travel and rocket expert, and author of the "Conquest of Space." The world science fiction convention gets under way Sunday, highlighted by a costume ball fantastic enough to make H. G. Wells do a double take. The fans many of them teen-agers and some of them serious scientists will cavort as men from outer space, mechanical robots, moon wom Couple Wed 55 Years to Celebrate Dr. and Mrs. O. H. Milligan, of Brodhead Road, Aliquippa, will celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary this evening with a dinner for relatives and friends at Zoe's Tea Room in Beaver Falls. Dr. Milligan served for 40 years as pastor of the Avalon United Presbyterian Church until his retirement five years ago and is now principal clerk of the General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church. Mrs. Milligan was on the Board of the Women's General Missionary Society for 27 years and at the time of her retirement in 1947 was its president. They have a son. William, of Birmingham, Michigan, and one granddaughter. BAY fc helm- In Leading Role A t Little Lake DON SOMMER He will play the role of the professional boxer in the Little Lake Theater production of "The Milky W ay," which comes at the Route 19 arena theater on Monday. Captain Video Set At Kennywood Kennywood Park winds up the 1953 outdoor amusement season this week-end with a gala program set for today, tomorrow and Monday. A special one-day attraction tomorrow on the 3 and S p. m. free programs at the Music Plaza will be Captain Video, television's "man from outer space." He'll have Don Hastings, the Video Ranger, with him. Abbie Neal and her Ranch Girls will be at the park on Labor Day for free concerts. Each day this week-end the thrill shows at the Lagoon Stage will be presented, with Aerial Chapmans as the fea ture. Two young men and a girl, the Chapmans do perilous feats on high balanced ladders. Labor Day night Kennywood will award a new 1953 Chevrolet and then close for the season. en and other characters who may or may not have taken up squatter's rights in the universe. Ftat will bring up varying views. For instance: Dr. I. M. Levitt, director of the Fels Planetarium here: T don't think an unmanned missile can land successfully on the moon. But man should pull the stunt by 1978." Wilson Tucker, science fiction writer: "I'm still half convinced that an unmanned flight already has taken place at some date between 1950 and 1953. I base my belief on the fact that in February. 1949, an Army-sponsored two-step rocket from White Sands reached an altitude of 250 miles, the highest ever, and since then there has been a virtual blanket of silence on further tests. "I find it difficult to believe the Army stopped there." Southside Couple Married 60 Years Sixty years of married life will be celebrated today by Mr. and Mrs. Elmer E. Brodeur, of 3050 aruba Street, Southside, in a family reunion at the home of a daughter, Mrs. R. H. Hood, 155 Markham Drive, Mt Lebanon. The Brodeurs, both about 90. were married September 5, 18S3, in Ware, Mass.. and have lived in Pittsburgh for the past 30 years. Besides Mrs. Hood, their family includes another daughter, Mrs. V. L. Atwater; one son, Elmer E. Brodeur, Jr., Mt. Lebanon district circulation manager for the Post-Gazette; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. NIGHT sebtjke 711 COCHRANE RD.. MT. LEBANON RTE. 51, BEST OIL ST A., WHITEHALL 918 SAWMILL RUN. WEST END 30? OHIO RIVER BLVD. 519 WASHINGTON AVE.. BRADDOCK 200 GRANT AVE.. MILLVALE RTE. 80. AT SALTSBURG RD.. PENN TWP. XOIrlPOIriATIbN lp n or twa fcsoj of crytta! eleer lea eitbas in your e!aa fraasof. Toa'N find them mighty envtolant ALL THE TIME. PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE : SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, TTHucb John Wayne's 'Island Warner Gets a By HAROLD V. COHEN The Stanley's timing is bad this week. What do you think they have on the wide screen on a day when eggs can be fried on the pavement? Merely a plane crew lost in 'the frozen wastes of the Arctic, where the winds howl ominously, the snow stretches for hundreds of miles and the temperature hovers between 50 and 60 degrees below zero. Of course, you're supposed to feel teribly sorry for Mr. John Wavne and his fellow airmen of ""Island in the Sky," with icicles hanging from their whiskers and their teeth rattling in the cold, but it isn't easy under the circumstances. For instead of commiserating with them. you keep thinking all of the time how nice it would be to change places with them. Although this has nothing to do with the picture, at least talking about weather conditions on either side of the screen delays, the necessity of talking about "Island in the Sky" itself. It's a pretty routine movie, unfortunately, in which things are constantly happening that always happen when there's an air rescue on tap. Mr. Wayne juts his strong jaw forward as the iron-man who realizes after making a forced landing on an unchartered frozen lake that grim days and nights are ahead, and he manages to get by with the loss of only one man, his co-pilot, who walks around in circles and freezes to death only a few feet away from the plane. In the meantime, naturally, Mr. Wayne's friends among the commercial pilots, who are temporarily flying for Uncle Sam "they're in the army but not of it," a narrator explains have dropped everything to look high and low. for him because they know he'd do the same thing for them. There is a small degree of interest and suspense in the dangerous rescue operation, but "Island in the Sky" never gets under the skin, and the concern for Mr. Wayne and his crew remains rather perfunctory. Their plight just doesn't seem in the least real, and Mr. William Wellman, the director, hasn't Final Weekend At West View This is the. final week-end for 1953 season at West View Park. Labor Day is the last day of operation. The Winter Carnival will be the feature attraction appearing nightly. There is a parade through the park's midway with, bands and giant inflated figures and floats followed by an outdoor ice show on the free act stage. 'The Silhouettes On Ice" a complete musical comedy with famous skating stars. The theme of the show is a visit to Gay Paris. The Coraopolis and Wilmer-ding High School Bands are pajticipating in tonight's parade. Air-Conditioned Dance-land will present the music of Lee Barrett for tonight's regular dance session. Sunday and Labor Day nights it will be the "Star Dust Melodies" of Baron Elliott. Shntv Time WHITE BARN "TO Moea If Blu.M To night at 8:40. UTILE LAKE "Goodbye Aram." Tonight at 8:40. MOUNTAIN FLATHOCSE "But Not Goodbye." Tonight at 8 40. WILLIAM PENN FLAVHOCSE "French for Love." Tonight t 8:45 SHOWBOAT Old Meiooramag nd Vaudeville. Toplrht t 8:30. IIHL PLANETARIUM "By Spce Rocket to Planet Mercury." Today at 2:16 and 8:30 A It I CINEMA Vivian 'Romance m "Bad - woman" at 11:15. 2:28. 5:41 and 8:54. and -'Caged Women ' at 12;4. 3:59. 7:13 and 10:25 CASINO Burlesque and Screen Shew. Con-tinuoui from H a. to. to 11 p. m. fTLION Manlvn Monroe ana Jane Russell ji "Gentlemen Prefer B.ondei" at 11. 12:55. 2:50. 4:45. 6:40. 8:35 and 10:30. HARRIS Dale Robertson and Jeanne Crain In "City of Bad Men." at 31:01. 12:55. 2:49. 4:43. 6:37. 8:30 and 10:23. PENN Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in "Roman Holidav" at 10.45. 1. 3:15. 5:30. 7:45 and 10. RIT7. Gary Cooper in "Return to Para-due" at 30. 12. 2. 4. 6. 8 and 10. SQUIRREL HIIL Jack Hawkins ffl "The Cruel. Sea, at 1:45, 3:52. 5:59, 8:06 and 10:13. STANLEY. John Wavne In "Island to the Sky " at 30.45 12:49. 2:53. 4:57. 7:01. 9:05 and 11:09. WARNER Debbie Reynolds In "Affairs of Doble GUlas" at 11. 1:51. 4 42. 7:33 and 10:24. and lex Barker In "Tarzan and the She-Devil" at 12.31. 3:22. 6:13 and 9:04. I JFuBums in the Sky9 at Stanley; Double Feature been able to disguise the rigid artifices. Mr. Wayne turns in a terribly conventional performance and since most of the other actors do the major part of their act-ting sitting down, in the cockpits of planes, they only get off the ground figuratively. However, the strapping Mr. James Arness, Mr. Lloyd Nolan and Mr. Andy Devine do manage occasionally to suggest the idea that the fraternity of commercial pilots is a closely-knit corporation founded along the lines of one for all and all for one. "Island in the Sky" takes an uncommonly long and dreary time, though, to make that single point. 'Affairs of Dohie Gillis9 'Tarzan and She-Devil9 Warner By WIN FANNING The fresh, youthful exuberance of Miss Debbie Reynolds, Mr. Bobby Van, Miss Barbara Ruick and Mr. Bob Fosse is completely indestructable. It is put to severe test in "The Affairs of Dobie Gillis," and comes through with flying colors. This is what must presumably be termed "a small musical." Photographed in black and white, dependent upon time-tested tunes and devoid of so-called "production numbers," it is also" hung on "the weakest imaginable plot. It is. therefore, no small trib ute to these youngsters and their director, Mr. Don Weis, that it comes off as quite presentable entertainment. The story concerns Mr. Van's affection for Miss Reynolds, her return of this affection and the obstacles which stand between them, for a time at least. Chief deterrent to their romance is Miss Reynolds' stick-in-the-mud father, who has old fashioned ideas about colleges being places in which to study something other than the attraction of the male for the female and t'other way around. In this unhappy situation the hero and heroine appeal to fellow students, Miss Ruick and Mr. Fosse, for aid. The matter becomes duely involved, but love finds a way to triumph in the end. - This insignificant bit of fluff is hardly up to the standards of its, principals, all of whom seem entirely too attractive and talented to be bothering with such nonsense. Mr. Van does one quite entertaining dance routine and sings in a most appealing manner. Miss Reynolds and Miss Ruick also contribute several pleasant vocal offerings. And all four get together on the gay little tune which brings the movie to a close. Number 29 in the "Tarzan" series is also showing at the Warner this week. Mr. Lex Barker, whose . proclivity for changing mates must be a record breaker even in Hollywood, has taken up jungle housekeep Deeslt Sir's Twi Fratcrs "IBM THE BODY MARION RUSSELL CONTINUOUS Frn 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. NOW FULTON Air CoeeVffonea' SMASH WEEK ON THE PANORAMIC SCREENI J AXE MARILYN RUSSELL. 3IOXROE "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" technicolor Alia "BAD WOMAN' Air-Coital. SCHOOL th THEATER OPENING SEPT. 14TH Full -Urns theater coarse, including TTTV . . . 2nd rr. count toitloa-free for stndrnts with 1 nr mora yrs. rot-Wa drama or woiTalent . . . approved for veterans . . . writs for eatalof. 222 CRAFT AVE. PGH. 13, PA, ON NEW WIDE SCREEN! 1 t COOL o IV Doors Open 10:30 A. M. Romance refreshing 4 enchanting GREGORY PECK AUDREY HEPBURN in William Wyler's PRODUCTION OP "ROMAN HOLIDAY Doors Open 9:45 A. M. GARY COOPER "RETURN TO PARADISE" T!CHVCOLQt 2n4 Weak a" 1 ' T 1 i4 flkT 'llll TJ la. 2nd WEEK! 1 1953 ing with Miss Joyce MacKenzie this time around. It is, however. Miss Monique Van Vooren, a Belgian beauty, not Miss MacKenzie. whose unpleasant personality gives ise to the title "Tarzan and the She-Devil." The plot has something to do with illegal elephant hunting. Cheta, the performing chimp, steals what there is of the show. DANCE TONITE BOB kAJI NOW APPEARING (7 DAYS ONLY) TWIN COACHES Reservations Belle Vernon 7924 AT. 7-2600 64Ar'0S I Air.CodiTloed 1 C TUESDAY 9 to 1 JERRY GRAY Open Today, Tomorrow & Monday Sunday . . In Person . . Free at 3 & 8 P.M. CAPTAIW VIDEO and VIDEO RANGER, DON HASTINGS MONDAY IN FREE CONCERTS i BB EE KT E R L IffiS1 3- nAVulBiVALiel1'53 CHEVY AWARDED FREE UHTOCHAPMANS (LABOR DAY When Siason Ends THEATERS ABC is Bt sa. rree iiayjrrMtno. or i r7 ruff Tor nnnyr? BLUE DELL "PONY EXPRESS" Tech. Charlfen Heston jo. a "LADIES OF THE CHORUS" Marilyn Monroe sf Will. Vstfri Vl piMli Show "MTInr Head" ft "Vsnishlwr Body" BROOKSIDE "TAKE ME TO TOWN" (Tech.) ... Bto Ann Sheridan. Sterling Hsr" Stt tZrt'lm. Plus: "THE DESERT RATS" CAMP HORNE Sert It 19 C 0H CM lit. Twrfll 4-412? "YOUNG "POWDER Spook 8hor- COLONIAL ftt 51 4 . mm tin tnw't Slraels 9-970T DEPENDABLE "YOUNG i it . ttf. re. iimri "THE SAVAGE. I ech. Uhariten nesten Cimt M ttn. -W7I jpaek sho, lnT)TiM, Man", "Murders In Rue Mortae" EL RANCHO rMeHNta. 2t HI. wsstss Rtisslsar rrask. tt W GREENTREE Mssr.ee is. wisi Craft. earet WstMt l-rt1 HARMAR ftf . 28 N Mfnif vHtv Oak out 2525 "PICK UP ON HILL TOP "Vanquished" (Tech.) J. Payne, J. Sterling SOMETHING TO LIVE FOR" MSMHfsHls 20tsJ KENMAVYR L 1. ftsftri. HeKsw flsat. CitmhIIi 1-09TJ MAPLE 10 IHst tarl st WHttneen wts 90 treks 1M MT. LEBANON "IRON MISTRESS (Tech. A. Ladd, Mayo (Utenat 10 ai. r vl is. "Ivory Hunter" (Wonders of Atrica in Oolor) - Fireworks Mon.. tahor Day feum. PITTSBURGH it. 22, i m c. trot. ttsalra !? RainbOW GardlllS "SCARLET uesofc wa. 2 . iiessie 'RIDE THE Mhm HtKsesesrt 2-02) RANALLI'S ROSE ,0tS 180 t?tWM Isanetts I Trtfofi . Export 927 ROUTE 19 29 Rm.lrs Nt i tseart Wtikltfttt SILVER LAKE Fraa'sS Vt ''u i-iK "DESTINATION GOBI" Richard Widmark SOUTH PARK ftt. 88 intra WW ta u. Pari ca)ifttt vrre? SUPER 30 Irwin. M Irela 2588-1 SUPER 71 S. Rt. SI t. tt. 71. all. all Rt. 71. Bel ! Verona 807 -R TWIN HIWAY (tin 22-J0, 2 HI. W. K Craftoe. Ctrnealt 4350 gppt Shew Wexford Starlit "Torpado Rostt 19. 8 PlltS frsai Wist Vise TONITE! All Thh Weekl HIRAM COLLEGE SHOWBOAT MAJESTIC OLD-TIME MELODRAMA "THE VENGEANCE OF EMORY BLACKSLOTH" PLUS 5IX ACTS OP YODYIL Phong EXpress 13377 for Reservations PUBLIC WHARF SIXTH ST. SCOTT O THUB.S. NITE BRAD HUNT SWr V66WS' MOATS TONITE LEE BARRETT SUN.. MON. -BARON ELLIOTT CL gI 'SLIGHT CASE OF LARCENY" 1st Rur MickeT RooneT, EAdie BrarlteB "SJRIGFlFXn H!FLE" Terr). Gary rnon-r BESS" Tech. Jean' Simmons RIVER" Tech. Rory Calhoun "Mwmm's Ghoft" A "Mammy Tomb." "SCARED STIFF" Martin & Lewis "Slrsn of Bagdad" Tech. Patricia Medina Uth Honr 8poW Show "Night Monoffr," "The BTn" BESS" Tech. Jean Simmons "Whitt Witch Doctor" Tech. 1st Run Showing Sosun Hsywara. Robert Mitebnm "Slight Case of Larcony" - Mickey Rooney "PICK UP ON SOUTH STREET" Richard WMmark, Jean Peter 'GIRL NEXT DOOR" (Tech.) Dan Dailey SOUTH STREET" Rich. Widmark "JAMAICA RUN" Tech. Ray Milland Spook Show "Vsninhing Body" "She-Wolf of t rndoa' Ray Milland, .loan Fontaine "DESTINATION GOBI" (Tech.) Rlrhard Widmark. Don .Taylor 'LAST POSSE" B. Crawford, J. Derek "LET'S DO IT AGAIN" Tech. Ray Milland "UNTAMED BREED" Color. Sonny Tufts Sneak Preier t 11 P. M. -. "SILVER WHIP" Rory Calhoun, Robt. Wagner "Bola Lugosl Meota Brooklyn Gorilla" ANGEL" Tech. Rock Hudson MAN DOWN Color. Kod Cameron tate Show Tonitht 1st Ran Ahead of Efna t Teeh. Pictures "Raldart of tho 7 Soaa" John Payne, D. Reed "Girl Noxt Door" June Haver, Dan Dailey "SHANE" Technicolor Alan Ladd, Jean Arthur "BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS" Paul Christian. Paula, Raymond "Outcast f the Islands" Treror Howard, R. Richardson Ph: Late Spook Show Big Technicolor Hits P.tkor W;ii;m "PAGAN LOVE (r3Mfi" "THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO" Tech. Gregory Perk. Aa Gardner, Susan Farward frock Show After 2nd how "Invisible Say" A "Werewolf of London" 'STALAG 17" Wm. Holden, Don Taylor Spook Show after 2nd Show "Frankenstein Meets Wolfman" A "Mad Ghour" f irst Bun Knowing "Riturn to Paradito" Tech. Gary Cooper Late Bpook Rbow Tonight "Frankenstein" "Farmer Takes a Wifo" Tech. Betty Grable Vanquished' Tech. John Payne, Colleen Gray "Bride of Gorilla" "Mnnlnf Head" Alloy" Mark Stevens, D. Malono Also: "KANSAS PACIFIC Pre. ComU Baoki for At! Children SATTTfBAT, SFPTEWBtR 8, li am iiin. n juasnnmin 1"BY ROCKET TO MERCURY" J also SefenfJflc Inventions of T LEONARDO OA VINCI t t LAST TIMES TONIU THi MOON la bLUB' OPENS MONDAY Curtain 8:40. Mat. Wed. 2:15. BR. 1-3244 AIR-CONDITIONED HARRIS THEATRES MUseum 1-8300 uwj j.m:i:iw Gloet FANOKAMIC Screen Jeanne Dale CHAIN ROBERTSON "CITY OF BAD MEN" Cely by Technicolor B3J?AILI:T - AWE' BANCROFT "JHE K!D FROM LEFT FIELD" and "VALLEY OF HEAD HUM EEs" LAST DAT! OPEN 1 F. M Sosan HAFWARD-Bob MITCHrv "WHITE WIICH DOCTOR" IECH. OPEN NOON! KIDDIE SHOW 4 ESTH. WULIAMS-FERN. LAMAS "DANGEROUS WHEN WEI" Tech. OPEN 1 P. M. KIDDIE SHOW A HESTON-Rhonda FLEMING FONT EXPRESS' & "SAN ANTONE" HUATTKI FAMILY TCttiCH SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 8 GARDEN NORTHSIDE ) ""'"""Me CATon-Mel Ferrer LIU" iTerh.l .nd Mickey Rooney "A Slight Case of Larceny." Today Mat. Only Chapter II "Lost Planet." Taylor-Oto Premlnger "Stalai 17." Also Short Suhlectg, -GRAND CARNTOIE ' " V " Jawet Stewart JotM t Dru-Dan Duryea "Thunder Eay" ( Tech. I and Short Cartoon. eTTC . (335 FIFTH ATI.) d I M I Ei 5tl,(j0jph Scott-Donct Reed "Kaagraan s Knob" (Tech. ard Abbott CosteUo "Xaurhty Klne-ties." BASLE (WASHINGTON. FA. OHl,t Jamea Stewart "Thunder Bay" (Tech.). See It on Our Wide Screen. Also Short Subjects. DENOTES 4l-CONDITONED liicnte YOUR FAVORITI STANIIY.WARNIR 1 THEATRES f iA :V(J. 1'I.H. . 'N. ON OUR GIANT SCREEN The almost unbelievable story of an almost : impossible csi M . tfBk JOimVAYTJE 1 LATE SHOW TONIGHT LAST F1ATCRE STARTS 11;05 F. M. 'AFFAinSof v 'aVtaAl D03IE Gluts; Doors Open 1:45 P. M. "RANKS AMONG THE BEST" Winsten. N. Y. Pott "THE CRUEL SEA" Starring; Jrrk Hwltln Donald S'Rden Air Cn1itionfS SHERIDAN SQ. frrA Astslre-rrd Ci'ir'sai "THE BAND WAGON" Color by Technicolor Est Liberty REGENT... East Liberty R. Wtdmark-J. Pe'ert Pirk I'p on South St " Ahn "Powder Rlrer" Air Coiulltlemd SCHEKLEY... Oakland irrol FLvnn-ArnhotiT S-wl rMKltr af Rallantri.' aiw. "fAST t.flM.AHY" nt WvmjD-RrMll!ird 'lt's Ds It Assln' Color also "Rogae s Msrrb" STRAND Oakland r r.(in1tlon' MANOR Squirrel Hill lesjie Cen-Vfl Ferrer "LrU" in Technicolor also "To. Big Frame" Air Conditioned HOLLYWOOD. Donnont tin Flmn-Arithme Steel "Kssr sf SsMsnrras" also "THE RING" BELMAR J1 MfCrM-B'bir H:ll "THE LONE HAND" "Say Fall ef Ksse" S. Pavrsrd Riht. Mitf-i!- WHltE WITCH OOCTOr "SUsht Cass st Larceny1' ROWLAND. Wilkinsbarg WHITEHALL.. Brentwaog rM Parsing 800 Cars Victor Mature In "THE 6L0HV 8lllSDt" io "Girl Nrt 0sr" color ETNA..! P.ln S HiiriM Rrht. l!tr-i,n! 'WHITE WITCH BnCTBg' tim "6IPL siFXT DOBg" Air Cnsltlentd KENYON. ... North Mde Frrd A'tiire-CAd fbsr!". "Ts SseS Wm"" enlor also "Fast (omnany" Air Csnitlsd ARSENAL... H fillii'in Cnrrre Cs'it powori mvfg'Woiie sine T. nfisniily Ceiel' PLAZA "fffslr Wits a Strsesy" Tsrper Ts a Wits' eo!ar AMBRIDGE... Ambrtdce M Monm-.t R'ismI! 'Grntltms Prsfsr Rlsnset' uo "5 AngiM us ID sfdw" Air Cnditlss4 STATE , Washington Dun Msrtla-Jerrr Irw.i "THE CADDT" Air CsnOtlsned MANOS Orftnsharg STRAND Greenbnrg Rirhsrd Todd-filvpii Johns "Ths Sword wni the Rom" 'Prewlr f ths Ewrgls Walt DUssy Csrtosa Rttfee Joha Wnyne Llmd Kolia "ISLIB l THE SKY" Air CenHtlleasd I P. WARgIS MEMORIAL... MrReesport Fred Asts!re-ryj Chsrtsss "THE BAND WAGON" Color by Tschnteolar r i !"''! H1" 9

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