Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 5
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1934. Be Proud To Dress Up In A Matlene Special I). I own KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA for a few months. Scott teaches ma- ichool in Philadelphia. The Vada Smart Crushed Kid . ^3 semi-boot effect, completely new and I "ling in st y le> Featurin S patent leather contrast [and stitching, iicularly interesting is the new heel insuring both a nd comfort. ion ...... ^ ••iUi frlnnds at Iho OknbojisT Dorothy McDonald, K vlslled from Tuesday with Holly Gunn. Mildred Do Graw goes to Cedar 1.1 Is Mnn,| !lv lr, , Pnch Ulir( , d in the schools thcru I'oiin ria|, S! ,ddle, lUirt, and T,o- ona l.if.hlpr spent Sunday at Es- Ihervillo with friends KlMhryn MMm'h leaves Sunday for Alvord, whore she will toaeii in hiKh school. Mrs. B. A. Thorpe and Mrs. D. 10. Dcwol look Martha Dr-wnl, Musko- '•:oc, Oldii., to .\ovad-i Monday to moot friends who took her home. Sho had spp.nl a wc.ok hnre with j Mrs. Thorpe. Mrs. Dowel, her | daughter Marjorio, and Mrs. Thorpe went on to Maxwell for a tow days with the Goo. G. Colo's. Mr. and Mrs. M. .1. 1'oM f\N THK LEFT IS JACK, and on tho right is Jill, twin babies of Mr. ^ and Mrs. H. D. Clapsaddle. M . Clapsaddle got this cut for a <:'ovcr advertisement in tho fair ra 'ing program. He claims Jill wants to bo a rp-vi'n avi^oi- whili Jack wants to be another Babe Ruth. But all "Dad" wants is to sell tires. General Electric Announces REVOLUTIONARY NEW TYP! ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR Kale Skinner wont, to Fort Dodge cm ' ldron . Barbara and Dick, got vfsfpi-dnv ;im! will airaln loach 'in i 110 Sunday from Rockford, 111. I hi public schools tlmro. j Mr - r>on| . m:inagnr of <)i<! 'rv. ; ,i Mr. n ml Mrs. .T. F. Ovennyor and ; I!ol - srol ' (! Dumber company, spent I Mrs. F. L. Trlbon spent Tuesday at 1 lilHl ' wcck at ft°<=l<ford, but Mrs. I IIP slatn fair, Dos Molnos.' ' r 1 ' 001 and 11>C children had spent Mrs. r. r. Robinson, near Algona ''' 10 sumnl ™' Htpro —I'll Mrs. Pool's Rnp.nl several <] ;l ys last week with I siatcr> Mrs ' D - C ' Moore'. Mrs. Ruin 8nark«. imar Sexton ! liobcrt Maxwell, Algona, had his. Dr. and Mrs. M. S. Anderson of' tn ' 1KilK removed at tho General hos-! D - Ij> Harris, who has lived in the Retta Winkel, who has been at i Dayton, and thnir son wore week- pilal last Thursday, and Verona Hoinsohn or old college building Tampa, Fla., six years. Lo Retta pnd puosts of tho D D Paxsons i^uniach, Whittomoro, had her ton- for somo time and formerly oper- came home with them for an ex- Dorolhv Dnnlt, n^ Mrmtos sn'p.nl sils an(1 adenoids removed Monday. alo<1 a bicycle shop there, has tended visit. the. week-end with Mrs ' Paul Mlba Slanbaugh, Corwith, under- ?l )onc d a Borden cream station. He j Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Bonar, Mr. TraiiKer. They wore school friends ' went - «• minor operation Friday, and IK married and has five children. anc i Mrs. K. D. James, and N. C. M'"!. H. M'sonHirrtio has heon :Mal ' hin Hackbarth, Lone Rock, a Mr - Harris came to Kossuth from RJ CQ drove to Eagle Grove Tuesday confined to bed two weeks at T T mitlor operation Monday. tllc Livermore neighborhood six afternoon to attend the funeral of Herbst's with a severe atlark of 'the Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lorenz have years a £° and worked on farms, William Hagerhorst, 58, who died flu. ' 'rented tlieir residence on south tho J ' C ' Mawdsley and A. B. Sunday night, after having been Mrs. D. H. Gncders and daughter Thorington street to the Kenneth Schenck farms in this part of the a j c j c ne arly a year with heart trou- Hclen arc spending (be week in Mercers till next Juno 1. They will ' !oun ty and tho Heiter farm near u| e . He was well knwon here, hav- "hicapo with relatives and friends. livc al c - '''• Chubb's. The Mercers Lone R °ck. [ n g traveled in this territory for Melon, who is vacationing fromher !ll '° cx POcted tomorrow after spend- Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Merritt and the Pratt company, Des Moines, duties at tho Goeders store spent ing ^ lc summer at various points their daughter Betty spent Monday for more than 20 years. He is sur- 'tst week at Ksthervilio with the in tllc Kta tc. Mr. Mercer is athletic at Austin, Minn., attending the vived by a widow, but there are Rugp-ne Keillors, coach in tho local schools. I wedding of a niece of Mr. Merritt. no children. Mr. Rice and Mr. Bo- Mr, and Mrs. R. E. Kain, daugh- T. H. Jones, bend of athletics at Mrs. Wayne Bradfield, Austin, ac- nar were pall-bearers. Mr, and Mrs. 'er Alice, and Mrs. Kain's two sis- " 10 University of Wisconsin, stop- companiod them here for a week A. K. Cliff, former Algonians, also 'PI-S. frlia and Agnes Miilli'n be- nod llorc lllsl Thursday for a brief .with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. attended the funeral. ;Kalb, 111., spent last Thursday at :visit with Mr - alld Mrs - J - F - Over-. P. Benson. Mrs. Bradfield is the ( Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles has of late 'the state fair. En route back Celia' niyor - Mr> Jonos was principal of former Verona Benson, and Mr.,had her right arm in a sling, due to and Agnes took a train home from lllc Central school and athletic Bradf.ie!d was employed at the lo- a broken collar bone suffered two AmcK, after having visited hero a! coach hero 2!) years ago. He is now j cal Botsford lumber yard before weeks ago Sunday at Duluth, when (IDS ALL HIS FOODI i. milk • 2 % pts. m'ldoz,eggs-lib. si' 2 pkgs. cheese 3 fruit juice ' 1 Icciunp • 1 bottle (iiiej'21bs. bacon 1 [Oast'l head let- It' 1 big cucumber |l.tom»loe!'l bunch r' 2 gripe fruit ODDS • X doz. or- |ti> 1 jar salad 5 • 1 Ib. lard • 2 J'Over containers t. witcr bottle < 2 ii freezing (rays (20 rubei-Zlbs.ofice). Lowest Operating Cost of Any Electric Refrigerator in the World • and a Companion Range at / L (PLUS FREIGHT) v&SjffjIJIJ^' yJ^&v^riLs ie new G-E "Liftop" refriger- c has the lowest operating it of any electric refrigerator • the world with ample food e space for the average . Powered with the fa- nsG-Hsealcd-in-steelmecha- im-saiTH- • ,.) 0 as j n tne IHMor...... .„. Requires Ittteation, act even oiling. The new fully automatic electric range has three surface units and an unusually large oven that readily accommodates a IS pound turkey. you can purchase either or both these marvr 1 '' '" servants on mt £•_ 'nan that permits them to pay Jor themselves. W. SWANSON [>ods on Display West of Ford Garage in the Naudain Building g L Ne lino of School Supplies at lowest prices. TABLETS 10c PENCILS ' 5 c 4 for 5c 3 for 5c 1UNCH PAILS 15c P School Dresses __ Book Covers 0c 25c " — • -- Children's pROADCLOTH 10c Pair SPECIAL Child's rayon pleated hose, pair 29c NOTE BOOK FILLERS 50 sheets 5c Filled Pencil Boxes 26 pieces 25c CKAYONS 5c 10c 15c FREE Your name embossed in gold on your tablets and ' notebooks with any purchase of 25c or more. 5c to $1.00 Store, where you can find just what you want. - Subscription Price J yearly subscription price of the Advance is'stni i« LH ni P or * r J r depression price of i * in effect. few weeks. Philomona I visiting his father, who lives at Quinn, Woodstock, i Creaco aml iff ^ vears ° ul ' ' going to Austin to work in , the s h e and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, with , Kamo com Pauy's yard. | Myrtle Beane, of Dululh, were tak- Minn., came. Sunday for ton days' j Raymond Reid, manager of Ihe Mrs. M. J. Quinn ends her duties 'ing a north shore ride in the city, with her mother, Mrs. M. J. Quinn, ! TIo ' lal ' ton elevator, had a major op- as matron of the Country club and were run into oy another car. and her sisters here. She camo ' i oration at tho Kossuth hospital two clubhouse this week, and next Their car did not turn over, but with Tho<;. and Leo Frank!, vlio I wco ' cs a K°» an| l Mrs. Alfred Wol- Tuesday goes to Cedar Falls, where Mrs. Chrischilles was sitting alone ' had spent a int,"* mi the Woodstock. week painting build- Frankl farm near '"''• WWtlemore, entered the hos- she will be house-mother for Ihe in the back seat of the Murtagh pital tho same dav for medical ohl Pi Theta local fraternity. Her car, and was thrown to one side. treatment. August 17 Jos. Pratt un- daughter, Madonna Quinn, has re- Mrs. Murtagh and Mrs. Chrischilles Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Nasby Omaha denvent a major operation, and signed, effective Saturday, from the took Myrtle home after she had vis- are expected Saturday for an over- ' Boh '' y Adams a minor operation. Chrischilles & Herbst staff and will ited here a week. Myrtle is em- nar-! Jonn Bioser and his niece, Alice Accompany Mrs. Quinn to Cedar ployed in the office of. the welfare James. Payn0 ' took Mvs> Bieser and tlie Falls to atlend the State Teachers bureau in Duluth. two ™" Jamos to Harpers Ferry Sun- college. Madonna has had one year . Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson and 'their niece, Marjorie Johnson, of night visit with Hie lattor '••"ts. Mr. and Mrs. K. D! They have been spending a wo . vacation at the Glacier na- (lay ' returning Monday. Mrs. Bieser a t the state university. - , park, Winnipeg Can and and James are spending the week Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Laird, o£ the Rich Point vicinity, returned s with Mrs. Bieser's father, Nick Bar- Sioux Falls, S. D., weeks Hnnal nlhor points ""' ~ with Mrs. Bieser's father, Nick Bar- Sioux Falls, S. D., and their son last Thursday from several days Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sterling and baras - who is seriousl y sic k. The R ay stopped Friday for an over- visit with Mr . Johnson's sister, Mrs. (heir daughter Joyce got home Biesor clder son Billy 1S Wlth h l s ni S"t visit with Mrs. Jos. Cosgrove E . \y. Tessin, Janesville, Wis. Lu- Tuesday from a ten day vacation uncle and aunt| Mr - and MrSl Wl J< and Mrs - Ella Laird enroute to the cil]e Cosgrove, Titonka, another trip They visited relatives at Earl-, Payne> ;east Thev spent the week-end in niece, accompanied them, but went vine. Til., attended the World's fair! , Mr , s ; w ; P ' ? ei " p _ 1I _ t ° t ?L „„ ^"'cago seeing__the_ fair and^from O n to Calumet City, 111., to visit her " C. brother Kenneth and his wife. Joyce Hartman, Janesville, eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. C Hartman, came here with the Johnsons to visit Mary Elizabeth Foster and other former schoolmates. Mr, and'spent several davs with relatlv- ' dau , Bhter Jan ? to I ^ nsas Clty / ehS : tllere went to Washington D. es.andntiomlodn f n ™iiv rnnninn in terday ' and there they were to be Ray junior will enroll m a ] es, and altended a family reunion in soi'Hi"vn Indiana. District Court Clerk McEvoy is this week taking short vacation. He left Tuesday morning for Muscatine, whore Mrs. McEvoy went Sun- P rin f- and prep met by friends from Hutchison, school in the cast before his par- Kans., whom Jane was lo accom- on ts return home. W. R. is the son pany home. She was graduated O f Mrs. Laird, and his wife is the from the Algona high school last (j a ughter of Mrs. Cosgrove. attend junior col- • Mrs. Louis Rike, Arnolds Park, j an a M rS- Irving Urch, Algona idry^o'viVirbrothers'"'They''"will i lege there ' Mrs> Hem P hiu is ex " and Mrs. Orville Wyatt, Spencer,ilooked after the Johnson farm UnPTtfl a few davs at Des Moines, at- eAc , ted h ° m , e S ^ d ^. y ; _^_, s . to PP ed here a . £ew minutes yester- wWle Mrs. Urch's parents tending the state fair, and are ex- nprtod homo Sunday. Wayne Lambertson, Washington, D. C., spent Monday and Tuesday with Rex Nelson. Donald P. Dewel, and Perry A. White. All were Sigma v 'n fraternity brethren at Washington. Mr. Lambertson was on •"*nt« back after two weeks with lis parents at Osceoia. Mrs. E. J. Skinner, Kate Skinner, Mrs. Anton Didriksen, and the latter's sons spent Sunday at Winne:>ago with Mr. and Mrs. John Witmer and their daughter. Mrs. GPO. McKay. The Skinners and the Wit- inors were close friends when both families lived at Ledyard. Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Kennedy, St. Paul, daughter Madeline, and niece, Catherine Kennedy, went home Tuesday, after a visit since Sunday with Mrs. Kennedy's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Goeders. Madeline is employed in a beauty shop. C. T. is a brother of Mrs. J. J. Dooley. Mrs. S. E. McMahon and her sister Mrs. Mae Grapotte, of San Antonio, Texas, who is visiting here, took the former's daughter Ruth to Galva Friday to teach. Mrs. McMahon and her sister also visited Mrs. Me Mahon's daughter, Mrs. Richard Schmitz, at Storm Lake. N. Victor Lowe drove to Hampton Sunday to bring home Mrs. Lowe and the children, who had visited Mrs. Lowe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Schroyer. Dean Lowe had spent a month or more with his .grandparents; Mrs. Lowe and the other children, two weeks. Mrs. L. J. DeGraw and her daughter Mildred got home Saturday from a month on the western coast. At Seattle they visited Mrs. DeGraw's brother, Fred Munch, and at Glendale, Calif., they visited Mrs. DeGraw's aunt, Mrs. C. B. Holdridge, formerly of Whittemore Capt. and Mrs. C. T. Kennedy daughter Madeline and niece Katherine Kennedy, all of St. Paul Minn., came Sunday for a visit til Tuesday with the John Goeders and the J J. Dooleys. Capt. Kennedy i? a brother of Mrs. Dooley, and Mrs j Kennedy is a daughter of the Goeders Joyce Hartman of Janesville Thursday for a Mary Helen Neary and her bro- ( j a y i en route home from Mason away. hers John and Owen, of Omaha,'city, where they had spent Tues>Jeb., went home Friday after three day. The Rikes are former Algon- veeks with their uncle and aunt, tans, and Mr. Rike has a garage he E. C. McMahons. Mrs. Ray Nea- j a t Arnolds Park. Mrs. Wyatt, who y, who accompanied Mr. Neary on'i s Helen, only daughter of Mr. and L trip into Canada, came for the Mrs. Rike, was married July 10, children. Mr. Neary is known to Al- and her husband is employed In a jonians for at one time he clerked it the Kraft-Misbach clothing store. Mrs. Fred Nelsen and Mrs. Jos. Spencer hardware store. They were returning to Arnolds Park shower to be given in her for a honor ^hristensen spent Friday at Mason i as t night. :'ity, where they met a group from | Mrs. F. E. Malmsten, Vernonla, ifarshalltown and had a reunion Ore., went to Swea City Monday, af- picnic at Cedar park. In the group ter a visit with her sister, Mrs. D. rom Marshalltown were Mr. and N. R. Robinson, who has spen' the summers the past few years with his son, C. N. Robinson, wil leave the fore part of next week for his annual residence during the winter at Sarasota, Fla. He wil travel as usual by automobile, stop ping at tourist cabins, which in places in the south are very wel furnished, sometimes even having radios and other modern conven iences. He will go via Chicago where he will stop a few days to see the World's fair. The town of Sophisticated Clothes For Little Women The New Jack Tars Individually selected for girls of all ages by a group of fashion-wise mothers- Jack Tar Togs are nationally known, for style, quality, fit and tub fast materials. They are here in the new fall patterns and colorings for girls 6 to 14. NORTHWEST - IOWA - SUMMER - RESORT Call Theatre L. Leffert, here. She came east for Sarasota is about 50 m ii es south of Mrs. H. G. Burt, former Algonians. the celebration of Ihe 91st birthday Tampa and the Ringltag Bros cir- Mr. Burt was a member of an M. & ; of her mother Mrs. Hannah An-1 ous ma ' kes , t tato gt ther ' e St. L. train crew which headquar- derson, Swea City, who lives with ters here. The Burls left in 1926. Mary Biggins, who left a week ago Monday for a few weeks at Du- Duque, got as far as Fort Dodge when she was taken ill and was forced to spend last week in Mer:y hospital. She had recovered by Ihe firsl of the week and went to Dubuque. Mary is housekeeper at St. Cecelia's parsonage. Mrs. C. L. Bliley and Caroline Wernert visit,ed her Friday. Katherine Van Ness goes to Iowa Falls Saturday to teach sec- her daughter Emma. A son, J. J. Anderson, also lives there. Another daughter, Mrs. S. E. Griffin, Sigour- ery year. Mr. Robinson farmed for many years in Kossuth county, and when he was married 51 years daughter, Mrs. S. Jfi. Urimn, Sigour- he Hved on the farm four mil . ney, was present for the event, but' es east of Algona on the McGreg or the son A L. Anderson Timber street ,. oad _ Another son Earl lives Lake, S. D. former Kossuth auditor, was unable to come. Mrs. Anderson is in fine health. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Winkel, Mrs. Jacob Winkel, and the latter's daughter Frances returned last week Wednesday from the world's fair. En route they visited Mrs. George Lacina, near Iowa City, for- ond grade in the schools. She had merly Lavina Winkel, and also vis- taught three years at Onawa. Her ited the Ralph Winkels, Morris, 111. father, E. J. Van Ness, will t«'ro At Chicago they were guests of Mr. :ier to Iowa Falls, returning that and Mrs. George Zanke, Mr. Zanke night. Mrs. Ruth Kintigh, Onawa, being the elder Mrs. few weeks visit with friends. She is the guest of the W. A. Fosters Joyce is the daughter of Dr. and Mrs E. C. Hartman, former Algo' ; She will be a sophomore at Beloit, Wis., this mans Beloit college fall. who kept house for the Van Nesses last year,'is expected back Saturday, after having spent the summer on vacation. Dr. Magnus Lichter, in the employ of Ihe government as a t. b. cattle tester, spent the week-end with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lichter. He came here from Marshall, Minn., where he spent two weeks, but from here went to Rochester, Minn., where he will be during the next few weeks. He was graduated from the state college last spring. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin S. Karr, Ireton, and two children Robert and Kathryn, went home the first of the week after visiting Mrs. Karr's mother, Mrs. John Caughlin. Mr. and Mrs. Karr and the latler's sis- ler and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hansen, of Titonka, spent most of last week at Chicago seeing the fair. Robert and Kathryn stayed with their grandmother. Mr. and Mrs. Holman Anderson are moving into the lower apartment of the Chas. A. Wheeler they met Winkel's there Lo at Spirit Lake. Mr. Robinson subscribed to the Advance for another nine months period. Eleanor Norton goes to Marshalltown tomorrow to teach in high 'school. She spent part of the i summer at Iowa City, attending 'summer school at the _ state uni- 'vpi-sitv and the rest at the i>. &• [Norton outage at the , OkoboJU .She | got home from the Okobojis Tues- da jos. Henry, Algona. underwent os. , an operation for appendicitis Sun- dav at the Kossuth hospital. Monday Stephen Kaubass, of Titonka, had a tonsillectomy, and the same dw Gladys Paetz, Sexton, underwent an appendectomy. Yesterday Mavnard Burwash, Fenton, had a surgical operation. A. W. Theesfeld, Bode, spent Monday here, looking after busi- He will bring his wi e and apartment house on street. The Wheeler east Call apartments are the former Slagle apartments. The Andersons are moving from the Mrs. Andrew Larson residence near the Riverview cemetery. The Larson residence has been rented to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schallin. 0. P. McDonald, Burt, was an Algona visitor yesterday morning. He is an uncle of Supervisor W. E. McDonald, Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, and Postmaster J. A. McDonald. For some 40 years he has been Burl's lumberman, a faithful democrat, an unright citizen, the squarest of shooters, and a No. 1 hale fellow , • ivfill met. Burt without "Perry," . "Doc" Peters, and some of the oth-, t 'CONCRETE BEGINS,"—most Vx welcome sign to a weary motorist. You relax. Sit back in the seat. Ease up your grip on the wheel. Concrete roads are safer . r . you're leas apt to skid ... you'll ^top more quickly, more smoothly . . . your Watch our Meat Department. You will like. it. When planning or preparing the well balanced luncheon or dinner so necessary to satisfy the hun- ,gry, eager appetites of the chil- | dren returning from school, let us jhelp turn this task into a pleasure. A few minutes spent in inspecting the large variety of good foods that we stock will offer many suggestions. Whatever you need, we have it. Pickles- Big value dill, quart jar lOc Big value sweet, large jar —25c Coffee, Lady Friend, vacuum packed in glass jar, Ib. 27c Mustard, big value, french or German style, quart jar 14c Salad Dressing— Sandwich Spread, 1000 Island Dressing, A-B-C Brand 8 oz. jar -lOc 10 oz. jar 15c - 16 oz. jar 18c 32 oz. jar 25c Wednesday, Thursday, Friday August 29-30-31 WALLACE BEEET JACKIE COOPEB in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island" It's grand! We screened it last week. Sunday and Monday, Sept. Z and S Saturday, September 1 Opening Fall Season Start on the Frankie Barrow Stamp Book free to you Saturday. Photos of stars In pictures, taken by Frankie Darrow, each Saturday FREE during "Burn 'Em Up Barnes", Whirl Wind Serial, Buck Jones in "The Fighting Ranger." News Scrappy —and— Micky McGnire Comedy. It's a big show! HIDEOUT MAUREEN O'SUUIVAN EDWARD ARNOLD Sept. 4, Tuesday BANK NIGHT METRO.OOLDWYN MAYER PICTURE BAIT with STUART ERWIN SUETS GALLAGHER RDCHELLE HUDSOM Plenty of fun! It will bowl you over! Comedy, Barling Enemy. News. Big for the family! Don't miss this one! ' Drive 50 miles! , News Micky Mouse Orphans Benefit Music "Them Thar Hills" tires are less apt to blow i[ut. Your I Peanut Butter, big value, 24 oz, visibility is better. Your par operates more economically. Because you're relaxed, you drive more easily, more surely. Send this coupon for a booklet which proves that many| of your motoring dollars can be paved by more concrete roada. Business and Tourtsti Follow Concrete oldtimers would not be the same town. I { PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 408 Hubbell Bldg., DCS Moijict, low* OK—Prove Itl The H. V. Hulls returned Sunday evening from a week with rel- * ntlves at Mount Ayr. This is in j the heart of the Iowa drought ; Nama. Stteet., City,,. United States from Hanover, many, ten years ago Mr. and x Philadelphia, ;are visiting ' rj r Dr. ee mother will accompany them tures are as barren as a table ton, of nothing for livestock to eat. Hogs, and in some cases cattle, can be a'bought at buyer's prices, and ex- i-icept blooded stock animal" are be- 'ing killed olf to prevent slow «*•«•- vation. £:.:.: IOWA NEEDS MORE CONCRETE ROADS 84c Peaches, choice evaporated, Ib. 15c Anricots, choice evaporated, Ib. 26c Prunes, fancy Santa Clara 50 to 60 size, Ib. lie Grape Nut Flakes, pkg. lOc Navy Beans, choice hand picked, 3 Ibs. 15c TOHV.Ris-Kit Flour, airy fairy, 26-oz. pkg. lie Loganberries, Big Three solid nack, No. 10 can 47c Vanilla Extract, 2 oz. bottle —15c Try our 17c cookie line. ''afsins, Thompson Seedless, new 1B34 pack, 2 Ib. pkg. 17c Monogram Sultana, 4 Ib. pkg. 82c Unices, big value, mustard seed, mixed pickling, dill pickle mix, 2 pkgs. 15c Cottage brand Sardines 6c "•"ackers, fresh bakt. soda or Eraharn, 2 Ib. caddy Sic "nndy, Brach's Tikle Jellies, Ib. lOc T 'ool Ade, all flavors, pkg. ,_5c Olives, Queen, 4 oz. jar stuffed Olives, Manzanilla, jar 15c Gelatin Dessert, all flavors, 3 Pkgs. _ lie , Matches, Palmer Strike anywhere, 6 boxes 25c Prices for Friday, August 31 and Saturday, September 1. Announcement Extraordinary Kossuth County Fair Attractions at the Gail Theatre Wednesday and Thursday, September 5 and 6 Janet Gayner Lew Ayres ^-In— ' "Servant's Entrance" On Release Date Friday and Saturday, S epteuiber 7 and 8 Harold Lloyd UnaMerkel -in"The Cat's Paw' 1 Continuous show starting at 11 a., m. every day diir- ing the fair.

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