Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 30, 1934 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 30, 1934
Page 3
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AttdUST 30, 1934. SHE in SPEECH (•JON DAY Herring Swipes Credit for Turner program. KOSSrTTI COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE THRBli .body. Trees Mnst, bo Coaxed. have elm trees on my home republican ,-governor that administration would putting the only one term. said I'f7 dim the corn-hog con• dld ?hls land was mostly In • 89 Jalfalfa; but to those I sign ho said, "Don't get IM that you are not going to C it sometime." He quoted „« to show that the processing '" II be paid by the farmers 48 Alton dollars a year, while i6 „ hne money will amount to Uct0r 5m!inons, "leaving 20 to ion short of what has al '" been kicked in." Belief Money No Gift. democrats are trying he impression that all the re oney is a gift and a chang !ihe party in power would put i 1 o it We are in deft for thl jer , and some day it will hav be paid back. He exhibited showing that the nationa since 1861 has been low dur 'republican rule and has aky ited under the democrats, and THEY PATROL HIGHWAYS Manager Rice. Therefore, the setting was not unlike the opening of the Grand Opera Reason at Iho Metropolitan—If patient readers pardon our flights Into the stratosphere or our imagination. The curtain raiser was a mystery murder mo.laiujn called Coat, Tlat and CilovoM, in whHi Hinavclo Hnr- |lf/.. Barbara Uohbim; and John jP.i'Jilft pel. [»v>Hv inii'-h tn.'urlnrl un Jin a Icivn jiff air whinli st.rnins the jT)ffiini« of Dwnnrv In I ho breaking |point.. Tl seems that, fnr once in a .love-t.riam.dp, AT,L parti r'minUs nro Idosnoralolv In iny with onnli other wliirli. n'A (ho old n-ivi"" imnt, mf i] f . f'K I IIP "cheese more binding". Aflor tbo nhliirlmr lni"l>.,,,,i fi-pps l\i'4 vivnl from a murder chai-Re, ho suddenly KOPR "Rncririr.iou«" iii a lli'T V!|V. hilt hie, v .tfn | = or\n iumil TIMBER BELT SCHEME GETS A LOUD HOOT Oklahoman Says Plan Will Not Work in Arid Soil. ground here that measure eight and one-half feet in circumference, but they have been set more than 30 years and required a mighty lot of coaxing when they were little. I have lots across the street and this is the fourth year I have set trees on the parking, carried water to them day after day, and now, though the loaves have a greenish tint when crushed in the hand they go to powder, and many loaves hnvo dropped off as they do in the fall. These trees will not live out next spring. I'll have to set now ones, Shocked by Tlcrnoy Drowning. . . _, , , „ i I was shocked at news of the read In some Oklahoma paper of (lrowning or Bernard Tlerney al- By BevlV.a Cnrey Gilbert, El Reno, Okla..—Aug. 21 — I had 1 fir li'iv, nv ,,i i,oc. nlro-iriv rln- TJoosevoll's irlon, tor Uio planting j most in tho dooryard of my old that. <;hp lovos him so Klin gl v - of a timber hnlt a hundred miles]home, the place where Clark'Scuff- r ynunt; Invnr tho "nlr" (along wk]o fr tl , 0 Canadian border to iham now Hves - I boarded some 5,01110 nntrni ->,iv.™l n"d (ho ,. „ . „ ... .. „ years ago with his grandmother, cren on R nl,l nu-lnrtrnrnnior goes in- l^ J^!^ ,,1 J.^ S ; ™^ Mrs. Cosgrove, and knew MB moth- l.o HIP proverbin.1 Ml rich. To lovers US. MAX MILLER, secretary of slate, has been trying out Moon* road patrollers this summer in an effort to decrease automobile must mi,™ „ accidents, and you may know one or more of them: back row, left to Imlo. With t.h I timber seven miles wide, hen seven , or wcl , rm so f th le. r r ra«o ;in ! ns w . lf ? or f!ltnm ' thon s , ovon Here's hoping you'll all have a ho screen •" 1l1e . s °f timber, ctc - for one bun- wonderful time" at the county fair, a dM^Mf,,! into,-- < lr0(1 '"''TV , h ' U T I 1 ' 1 ** 011 .' 1 u P.., as I wish I could see the horse racing inromnnvphlp sound °" c nf Okinhomas vagaries, '-i- - like tho state legisla- law to compel all! their bed-sheets didn't credit the and meet my old-time friends. Algonian to Open S. C. Ford Garage At The A Review of the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. Swoa City, August 28—R. J. Bell,' of Algnna, bought the Johnson Chevrolet business and will establish a Ford Agency here. Mr. Bell Mnnvo linq „ Rnn ,l "Jvvn^lin'p vnipp i( ' P!l tn Ronr ' nvplt at all > antl i[ ne her hlirh notes lank the usual owr hatl such an !dca ho knows "sr-renrhiTig" rmniity which' some- botter now ' limns rnnrs both tho radio nnd the' Tro.icct; is Xnt Fonsiblo. Phonognmh. Witln-rann-n. snionno's • So, I vas pin-prised to see It''comes well recommended. Swing I intost ooTit.ribiition to the motion mentioned in your paper as a plau- and Hedges, of Spirit Lake, have i [ talking nipiurn. -ii^c, ndfis much to sible project. Doesn't everybody bought Mrs. Floyd Griffoth's gar'"" high-low tones. know that if trees could be grown ago business, and have taken over 11 Plays Reviewed This Week for a kitchenette and has complete !n ss ltn °rc's dramatic work in the farmers out there would have Iho. Chevrolet, sales, formerly hand-|' " " sets of dishes, silverware and cook-'h?i T ' 1 i ily " Witllin " a " Tl1ay acfincs of had a timber belt long ago? How led by Clarence Johnson. They are . ... '''... ' n f-irmnn and Madame Tiutterfly many trees would live through a both experienced garage workers, in), uicnsns, witn small stove, ta-^ake her one of our most promis- season like this? i Mr. Swing is a cousin of the Ew- ble room and all tho necessities for 1'ng young divas. Here she also They used to tell me out in the | ing brothers here. musical heights Dakotas that the only way they! Midnight Alibi. Dr. Mahendra. (Not a picture). _________ Hat, Coat and Gloves, anil the cultcnary art, to which, Or. Ma- \ ri ™\ to Kunorb m 1'review of One Night of^ 0 "?™ ""mils, ho has a diBtinct ™ ^ ^ ° wonimncu Tin iiimt. tn n^^v Fn-nn,, *vin.,ui(i you drc in I UU6 j or a tablet big enough to Jure out how to pay those debts. (is time to put on the brakes." So Recovery l>y Threats. • senator declared that there Love. WOULD INDEED bo faint praise to say that Midnight Al- not THE Richard appeared; wo have woaknoss. Tie likes to cook fancy French dishes, he says. Numerous little make traveling in yon wondor could grow an apple tree was to you arc in Algona or Now bore a well, buy a large long rope, |York City. And after all, since we lot one end to tho bottom of the Oat. Crop Normal. The Titonka Topic reports that Phelps, Portland township, contrivances 1 !^ 0 m ; i ' llar ' 1 y for illusions of well, tie the other end to the roots threshed two fields of oats recent- this homo, a real pleasure. There are boating devices for winter driving, rolling ^ ust thi ? ' (incl aml character, wo and set the tree over the well. may safely say that this outstand- Doing this for one hundred miles ly, and one went 46 bushels to the aero, while the other went 49. Mr. little concealed nooks for hiding _. . . ... . household articles, indirect elec- been panning Richard and his cm- |r|c ligntinB aml running wate r ema oforts. The present produc- Ulrollghout| both in wash bowla ing evening's entertainment was a of timber would take much more Phelps has been blind many years, success for every one in the aud- than tho estimated twelve years but he has faithful, capable sons "once. and furnish employment for every-'Who look after the farming. Monarch Malleable Ranges The good cook is particular about her range. She prefers the MONARCH because it gives her everything she needs to insure the best results with least effort: Quick action; uniform oven heat; prompt response to drafts and checks; economy of fuel; handsome appearance; and an exterior finish easy to keep clean. For 30 years the MONARCH has been building its enviable reputation by the use of sound malleable Iron construction. Beneath the enameled body of this beautiful new MONARCH, you will find the same riveted, permanently tight joints that have always been responsible for MONARCH'S superior baking qualities. ,., SEE THIS NEW MONARCH Kohlhaas & Spilles QUALITY HARDWARE . for Clean Rags—Advance tlon, dealing with gangsters and and toilet. , „„. „_ gamblers at a time when the cycle , Mabcnura has mado Keveral am . | .uldbeno recovery as long as haa run out cntire i y , nevertheless j(l!!l pI . ophcc | CBi chio f among' fiustry is threatened by so much; presents our hero in a scmi-roman- |which aro Roosevolt ' S election cv- {vernmental interference; and_ to tic role whlch sooms to fi t his lim-| on br>rnre he was llominated and B assertion by the democrats that Jen people are hungry the con- Itutlon should be disregarded he Inted out that there is nothing in ! constitution to prevent feeding hunsry, and he asked the vot- I and niuch ap pi ause . ited capabilities; coupled with a' fho f | nding o[ . Ulo Lindbergh baby rather clever vaudeville act, it; f]pad _ whcn wo Sllggcs t c d that makes a good Sunday program. At: |]lis was a ratbor ]ucky « guosSi » he least, the show was well received ; mcl . oly smilGd and replied that it at the Call by the crowded house ! of Iowa to read again (and jain) tho declaration . of inde- bdcnce and the bill of rights in Midnight Alibi, as clean hound's tooth, paradoxically _ sents a problem to tho League of numan to ;mo ther. might be mental telepathy, which I brought the conversation around as a to his favorite subject, the trans- l lre " forence of thought waves from one econstitution, and see what they, Docellcy; it proves a point which Mahomlra is not. a spiritualist, in' Bin danger of losing as a result we haye mado r0 peatedly with ref- , bo common sonsc oC tlle word, but [the course of the party in power. i HerrinR Reforms Turner's. |fln state issues the senator said t the first session of the legis- [ture under Herring had put into . a number of reforms, pre- Ired by the board of assessment review appointed by Turner, jury. 1 he compared this to a farmer i moves to a new farm In Octo- Ir and harvests the corn of the |rmer tenant. The second session the Herring administration ercnce to censorship—besides being js rca u y a clever pyschologist-show tho most futile form of mob-dis- mani admitting limitations, but cipline it offers so many iusolvablo ]1U | ting enoURb mystery and Orien-. problems as to reduce the whole to tal hokum into his exhibition to a state of absurdity. Midnight Al- ; please his audience and keep them 'ibi depends for its climactic punch ji n complete bewilderment. on the proposition of accepting per- T 'HE SEDATE CALL was the When Richard is on trial for his' J- scone of another of those life, the kind old lady whom he has ! gala occasions which sometimes befriended and who has taken a come to even little old Algona; we liking to him, apears in court and refer to the screening of Miss swears that he was at her house Grace Moore's musicinema, One pped out tax reductions effected;at the hour of the murder. She Night of Lovo. In addition to exhi- weakly excuses her lie by saying bitors who had been invited to Al- Turner's term, Mr. Patter- i declared, and he asserted that that the clock indicated the hour of goua by the producers, almost the democrats in Iowa are doing midnight but that tho clock had entire second-show audience was 3 to retard President Rosevelt's ^topped forty years ago at this hour asked to remain as the guests of rograra of recovery than all the [forts of republicans. State liquor Stores. |As to state handling of liquor, senator believes "as a dry" lat the people voted for liquor, fd that any new law should be 'en a trial, but that the demo's, by giving liquor store jobs to mbers of their party, "had not spt the liauor business out of pol- and had never been changed. But what shall wo, acting for the moment as censors, say about a play or picture presented for adolescent minds, which condones perjury? Can we excuse anything which makes light of our courts, of justice, of the Constitution? .Think of the thousands of young men and women, growing to manhood, who witness this flagrant in- ISUft FRIEND AT MEALTIME WEEK-END SPECIALS Gooseberries, No. 10 can as they promised. He sar- suit to the machinery of justice ically pictured the people of here presented as a way out of a p u ff e d Wheat, meeting armored liquor i crime? Will they not be tempted' . a carrying bleary-eyed young i to lie and cheat their way ou.of ,i i &• with machine guns, and helany difficulty in which they fmdiSme-Jell, idered if passersby would not I themselves? We blush when we^ pkgs. for __. 'kthey had met Al Capone or think of the scundrels which such:g uper ]j Qats, i right or left wing of the demote party." IRYANT BUILDING is KmEDHD CLEANED [The Bryant school building has rf u idergoing extensive repairs pnng the summer In anticipation f the reopening of school Monday, eptemher 3. All rooms In the old- f Part of the building on the south (we had new plaster laid on ceil- "i and the walls in places have i repaired. Places bricks were found B * ln d have been recemented. 1 chimneys were also repaired, one or two were closed, the being pointed as needed. t of the work was done by Miller, contractor; the a picture as Midnight Alibi may, make out of lily-pure youngsters, jai ge pug .—---We even hesitate to recommend it]Green Beans, Stllilg- for older cinemadicls who might Jess, No. 2 can be led astray by the lecherous prin- ;T_j ers } le y' s Cocoa, ciples which it holds out as fluitei * ethical and upright. My my—what pouml can 25c 15c w< -and have REAL this Fall and Winter! S -K-I-D-D-I-N-G!—do you realize that's the big risk you take on bald old tires? More accidents—5 tf times more!—are caused by skids than by blowouts or punctures. Those are insurance records! For the little mileage left in old tires, is it worth the danger? On your Labor Day trip you'd feel much better on safe new Goodyears—wouldn't you?—and you'd be all set for the slippery driving months ahead! Obey that impulse —get your "G-3's" now — at present low prices —and throw a load off your mind. Look what this sensatiooal tire gives you — are we coming to? M AHENDRA, the _Mystic, . in his palatial bus. Hershey's Baking Chocolate 1-2 Ib. cake plasterin B Alex rest of the building and the 'en school have been thor- . cleaned. The manual train; ™ 8tr uctor, Adrian Burmelster, wen here several weeks, re- 1D S classroom chairs, etc. s' Mother, '2, Celebrates at Burl on Birthday r '. August 28—The Birthday *»t at Mrs Aurilla Coffin's ' afternoon to help her 92nd birthday >, Mrs. H. McMurray McDonald, of Algo- ackle. . ... The rear room of the car is filed with a comfortable Simmons ed. a dressing table (for his wife). nd other conveniences for sleeping and dressing. Between this room and the living quarters are num- srous wardrobes and drawers for inens, bedding and storage. Just on he living room is the toilet, with avatory and running water, much ike a Pullman wash room; this s fully equipped with medicine case, numerous drawers and a towel rack, .--an The living room has a large Simmons couch-bed along one side and an antique table and chairs on the other. At one end is a type. desk and book shelves the Nel Coffin . Burt's oldest resi- a fal1 the day before from wblch s he re °a her face and else des P ite this she was Pre8e >ited with to her Coftia Circle faitbfqUy. many al charte us. mang A*-** *^" *"o— • , -*• — A- ------ — ppearance at the Call was inter- 1 Michigan Navy ortable, home-like domicile-on- cheels proved to be the man's hob- He took us on a "personally Beans, 3 pounds Pink Alaska 10c 14c 12c UlA «• 1'"* " ------ * , 11 onducted tour" thru the various Salmon, tall can ---- ttle rooms of his moveahle house ; p a i mo live Toilet 1 Of* I %IU irith the same pride that any man cakes Vogue Toilet Soap, 2 big bars --------Blue Barrel Soap, 5 giant bars -------Pork and Beans, tall can --------- ---— Corn Starch, Argo, 1 Ib. pkg ----Post Toasties, 2 pkgs. ------- - ---Tea Sittings, pound bag --------- Frute-Gel, package Stock Salt, 9c 19c 10c 8c 21 c 12c 5c 49c restfulness. The front room WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING PeteandBilPs Place' FREE Free pool and free cigars opening day. BARNEY OLDFIELD JEVERUY HILUS, CALIFORNIA August 1, 1934 Mr. P. W. Litchfield, President The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. Akron, Ohio Dear Mr. Litchfleld: You know that I know tires...I have to know tires...my life depends upon them. ' At no time during my 32 years of professional driving have I made such extreme demands upon tirea as I now make, continuously, at ihe'Chrysler sand pita and test track on the Century of Progress grounds in Chicago. The track Is one-fourth mile long. Its surface is highly abrasive and its turns are unusually severe. Unless my tires grip doggedly ... unless they are so rugged of carcaVsTs to withstand terrific friction heat and pile driver blows ... my daily exhibitions would be impossible. And that's why I am exclusively using the famous Goodyear G3 All-Weathers. Since the very beginning of automobile racing, no tires have bee.i called upon to withstand such extreme punishment. But those G3'a can take it... not a tire failure so far this season! And they're strictly stock tires...exactly the same tires the general public buys from Go^dJeaTTealers...whereas tire*used 'a races such as the Memorial Day 500 mile classic and Hindu events are "pedaUy constructed and not sold to or suitable for the general motoring public. I sincerely congratulate Goodyear upon having developed this really sensational new tire. You know me, Barney Oldfield p.S. Naturally I have equipped the care driven by Mrs. Oldfield and Betty, my daughter, with G3 s. Wider flatter All-Wealher Tread — gives more road contact More non-skid blocks —give quicker-stopping safety Thicker heavier tread average of 2 Ibs. more rubber Wider, higher riding ribs — give smooth travel,easy steering Patented Supertivist Cord — blowout protection in EVERY ply --and it all adds up to 43% More Miles of Real Non-Skid Protection —at no extra cost to you! • . • . . Read why Americans most famous racing driver uses stock "G-3'*tires in his,, daredevil exhibition at the Century of Progress. Barney OldfieJd knows tires like nobody else. Take his word, Deldutch Super Service LUBRICATION. CAR WASHING, AND BRAKE SERVICE. EXIDE BATTERIES Phone 83 For Little Money Here's a Lot of Tire! LIFETIME GUARANTEED GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY A value that's possible because Goodyear Dealers sell the most tires—by millions! Tough, thick Center Traction Tread. Full Oversize. Blowout protected in EVERY ply by Super- twist Cord. Come see it! SIZE PRICE 4.50x21 $4-9» 4.75x19 86.20 5.00x19 $5.56 5.25x18 $6.80 5.25x21 $6.80 All prkci tubicct to chinfe without notice State talc! tu, ii any. additional Good Used Tires 50c And Up

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