Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1934 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 23, 1934
Page 10
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PAGE TEN EM'BURG GIRL MASQUERADING AS BOUAKEN Mother Says She Was Always Wanting to Act Like a Boy. THURSDAY lln/itnr is ]{!j.f Sureoss— St. Cecelia's parish held Its 12th annual ba/.nnr last week Wednesday and Thursday at the county is planned. Mrs. F. 10. Kent entertained her bridge club last Thursday at luncheon and bridge at the Country club Mary Gray, 17-year-old Emmetsburg girl, made the front pages of <=><=>* , JC lUlill 11(111, illlU OtJlllC i'W J/ttVl-Vio western dailies a week ago when it worc servcd tne two nights. After was discovered that she had mas- the dinner Wednesday night the dueraded as a boy for several stands in Floral hall were patron- months. Her identity was disclosed when sickness forced her to a doctor, from whom she ran away. The story as given in the dailies fol- fair grounds. Heretofore the bazaar j clubhouse. Tho high bridge prize bad been held two months later at,wan won by Mm. J. L. Bonar, guest tho academy. It was another suc-|nC the club. cess this year socially as well as | ——— financially. Dinner was servcd both nights by the women of the parish in the some !)00 plates lows: Emmetsburg residents did not think it strange when they learned that a 17-year-old girl had been apprehended in St. Paul recently for having been disguised in boys' clothing for more than a year. The second day's afternoon attractions were two baseball games, YELLOWSTONE™ Gordon Dowel and his party got home last week Wednesday afternoon from a ten day tour to the one between Algona and St. Bene- j Yellowstone park. Traveling with diet, the other between Algona and! him were Harry Greenberg, Fred Whittemore, the Algona team winning both games. After dinner there was dancing in Floral hall to music by the Royal Ambassadors, of Albert Lea. Special prizes offered at the bazaar were won by Mrs. Leo C. Miller, Harley Bartlett, James Esser, Jos. Lowe, Mrs. James Reding, St. They correctly identified her as | fToe) M _ w . Fandel, Whittemore, and Mary Grey of this place, daughter Qenevieve Arndorfer, St. Benedict. 51. & I). Club Goes Visiting— The Union Mothers and Daughters club met last Thursday with Mrs. Maude Nelson, of Grant township, a former member, and 35 90 persons attended. The program as consisted of a talk by Mrs. J. H. of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grey. Her dressing as a boy is old stuff to them—old to a matter of three or four years. Known as "Skippy." Press reports from St. Paul Saturday carried a story that a pound girl, known only ESTHERVILLE ASKS FOR FEDERAL B.&L, It appears that tho government is now going into the building and loan business. In view of the need for more building there is perhaps some justification for it in communities which have no state association, but there is certainly none in territory already supplied. If, however, we keep on in the direc- Broesders, Uiiipn Township, Are"Erecting Modern Barn Good Hope, Aug. 22—The ejection of a new barn at E. L. Brbes- der's which was delayed by non- arrival of materials, also by heavy fall farm work, is going ahead ikow. E. L. and his son William are doing the framing themselves, arid it Is now in place. As soon as threshing is finished, many neighbors will contribute their part. ,,.„,, , nt . IMcnlc at Grotto Sunday— tho last year and a half the private ( , consisting of Mrs. \Vm. slate associations will probably be , lQw and her ovcr _ Sunday wiped out in due time. ... I guests, Mrs. Burl Ellis, Spirit Lake, Thirty Estherville capitalists j^ ]a j tel ,, g daughter Patricia Ann have applied to the Des Moines of- and Mrg Uzzle H(U , vlnton wlth flee of the Federal Loan bank M John Mog Mrs Jo]m ft|lth board or a charter to establish a Lono RQC] the , atter , B son Law . Federal Savings and Loan associa-,^ Mrs W ilHam Kath and the tion. Former Judge N. J. Lee is:, atter , s daughter charleno went to chairman. West Bend, following church ser- "Skippy " who had been working Warner, Swea City, on school chil- in boy's'garb for Mrs. J. J. Hana-i dren's textbooks. After the pro- han there taking care of a rock '' gram a covered dish luncheon was garden and lawn, had become ill,: served. The club's next meeting and, when her employer had sug-jwiH be held next week Thursday gested that "Skippy" see a physi- at Mrs Bertha Sarchett's, Mrs cian objected strenuously. The:Veda McArthur assisting, and roll "boy" finally gave in, however, but,call will be answered with short when tho physician attempted an ; poems. Mrs. Cora Cruikshank will examination, "Skippy" struggled | give a talk on American Cartoon- viciously hit the doctor's finger, i ists, and Eleanor Elston will give a and ran out to the home of her reading. aunt. She was traced down, how- . ever, and although she herself re- Entertain nt Clubhouse- fused to give her name, it was dis- Mesdames Al Falkenhamer, D. H. covered that she was in reality a i Goeders, M. P. Haggard, K. D. 17-year-old girl from Emmetsburg. I James, and M. P. Weaver, enter- Her parents were notified and they ained at a bridge luncheon Satur•- day at the Country club clubhouse. The guests were seated at small tables centered with bouquets, con- the, tract bridge being played at ten summer of 1933 for St. Paul, where jtab]eS( auction at two. Contract she obtained a position in the home ; pr i ?l es were won by Mesdames M. of Mrs. Hanahan. Mrs. Hanahan . H Falkenhainer, H. W. Pletch, G. wanted a boy. so Mary donned her; w stillman, Joseph Greenberg, G. masculine attire and got the job. J D . Shumway, S. E. McMahon, W. W. She stayed in St. Paul until after Sullivan, and K. E. Kent; auction Christmas, attending a St. Paul pr jzes by Mrs. J. 0. Paxson and high school along with keeping up Mrs. P. V. Janse. her other work. In January she j discovered that, due to a mixup in sj x Couples Get Licenses— Kent J., Allen Buchanan, and Bob Dewel. On the outward trip tho party stopped in the Black Hills a day, and then traveled over the Big Horn mountains in Wyoming between Buffalo and Tensleep. On the third day they entered the park via the Cody road, and camped at the Fishing Bridge Camp Va-33 nltWs, traveling thence about the park. One night was spent at the Old Faithful camp. On the way home the boys traveled south past the Teton national park and spent a day at Casper, Wyo., with Dr. and Mrs. M. C. Keith, the latter an aunt of the Dewel boys. The found Nebraska less hit by the drought than South Dakota, where, in places west of Chamberlain, the country resembled a desert. -* If a charter is granted the gpv-• , Sunday, and had a picnic ernment will match every dollar of fl , t th * tto k private capital with $3, and the lo- | ° cal capitalists have subscribed only' Dj nncr for S S Class— $2500. If established the associa- | Mrg _ G1(mn Jenklnson wns host- BAD CHECK CHARGES FOLLOWHUGH LATIMER "Officers here have learned that Hugh Latlmer, Bancroft, who passed bogus checks on local business houses, was recently arrested at Carroll," says the Britt News- Tribune. "While Lattlmer was here he passed checks on the Richardson Tiro Shop for $5; Lewis & Vickerman, $4.50; E. H. Luedtke, $3.30; Eddie Johnson, $1.BO; and James Novak, $3. Leaving Britt he went to Wesley, lodged at the hotel, and Is said to have passed a worthless check there. "Lattimer purchased a car at Mason City, and gave a bogus check in payment, according to the story of local officials. This car was left at the side of the road near Gar' ,_- , . . I 41*. I a, VJ IVillll. U VjAllVlUl^Ul.1 II 1.1. u uwui, y^ LIIU OlllU \JL HAG i UlfcU UVilfct '.Hit 1 tion will operate as regards loans egg Sunday to Mrg , Ethel Sm i th ' g ner and wag taken up by sheriff In much the same way as state as- Sundny school clagg . Dinn er was E . P. Hanson. sociation are operated. Each share seryed a( . noon Members present ''Lattimer Is said to have a ram- up to 50 will be entitled to a vote were Mrg _ gm , th> teacher> M u dre d identified the girl. Worked as a Boy. Mary left Emmetsburg in her credits, she could not be allowed to graduate in Minnesota, so Wedding bells have rung in the last week for six couples, as evi- she packed^ up ^and ^returned ^to idenced by the issuance of marriage ^ x_v „-_ it.. -!_-.. ~~ „„*„.. Emmetsburg for the last semester of her school work, and was graduated with the class with which she started to high school four years before. After commencement in June, she returned to St. Paul where she resumed her work until her arrest. She is now living in the home of her "Aunt Gussie," Mrs. George Smith, of St. Paul. Good Grades in School. The oldest of four children, Mary licenses ;rji s t r i c t Court Clerk E. J. McEvoy, as follows: Earnie D. Schmidt, Ottosen, Ida E. Banwart, West Bend; J. B. Muehe and Anna Hildman, both of Wesley; John Voss Jr., Lu Verne, Yulah Mae Murray, Livermore; Oscar Isador Pearson, Ruby Laura Werkmeister, both of Sac City; Pedro Gorcia and Isabel Mariega, both of Ledyard; Delmer Fischer, Lone Rock, Grace Peterson, Armstrong. ness within a radius of 50 miles Margaret Jc nkin'son. trom Estherville, which would bring It into competition with the Algona Building & Loan association, whose territory was recently. Lamb Pasturage is Sought Here Chas. W. Patterson, Burt, came down yesterday morning to have a want-ad run in this week's Advance for his brother, H. F. fatter- son, Billings, Mont., who has 20,000 lambs for which he wants to secure pasturage and feed on contracts with farmers in this section. These are not drought lambs, but are of the same kind as Sen. Geo. W. Patterson and Chas. W. Patterson fed out to a good profit last yera. The Senator and C. W. plan to feed out 3,000 each again this fall. Farmers interested in the H. F. Patterson proposition may see or write C. W. at Burt. Four Ball Games Booked for Fair n the management, and the ernment like other shareholders will be limited to 50 votes. The association could do busi- Elmore, Trclla Gardner, Joyce Mlt- ,tag, Dorothy Reid, Florence Dodcls, 1 Jean Marie Sarchett, Winifred and Margaret Plumb, and 3,11(1 Pelmar Pastor Visits Here— The Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Knorr, Delmar", and three daughters vis- enlarged to Include all of Kossuth Hed last week Wednesday and county - Thursday at Ferd Albright's and Erwin Turner's. Mr. Knorr is a half-brother of Mrs. Albright. H, S, FACULTY WILL MEET SEPTEMBER 1 ily at Bancroft. His downfall is said to have been drink. He was sent to the inebriate ward of the state hospital at Cherokee for treatment. Making his escape, ho followed a traveler's life in tho manner sot out above till captured," Anniscs Betnrn to Montana— Mrs. Kate Annis and her daught- ter Beth left for Miles City, Mont, I Tuesday, the latter to resume A high school faculty meeting! teaching, it has been a great plea- will be held next week Saturday j sure to ' lav ^, the Annlses evening in anticipation of the open- community this summer. in the ing of the schools on the following Sunday morning. Three new teachers will greet Other Good Hope. James and Maggie Turner, of Wil- Mon- •Ll-ll^^ Jll^tV H-.lVVjl.lCl O tV 111 (-,1 CVjU — , . students in the public sc i 100 i s . I Boone have been guests at Maxine Jones, Des Moines, replaces "am Turners, Algona, anid arloe Peterson, Cowrie, who last S^' y visited the Albert Reids, year taught the third grade at the ; ^"^ accompanied by Mrs. Fran- Bryant. Miss Peterson had been •ces_Turner_and her daughters Bet- an Algona teacher three years, but y resigned last spring to accept a place in her home town. ... , , , Fern Pederson, Randall, will fill thist week ha * been Postponed to a newly created position as super-| next week. The day will be an- visor of a special reading clinic 2 ou " ced at ch urch services next A meeting of the Aid which was to have been at Mrs, Jacob Smith's room in the grades. Sunday ' . r . T The school board was consider- ! , Tne E ' L - and the Lewis Broes - ing applications Monday evening to de . 1 '. s we ?. t *° Titonk a Sunday to ' Four baseball games certain to provide fans with plenty of excitement have been booked by Secretary E. L. Vincent for the county fair. Tuesday afternoon Lotts Creek and Titonka will play, and a double-header is scheduled for Wednesday, when Wesley and Whittemore will meet at 1:30 p. m. and St. Joe and Lakota will play when that game is over. On Thursday Bancroft will play Algona. All hese teams have played each oth- r during the season, and some good "grudge" battles are scheduled. .. . fill the place of Miss Beard in the Sf. 11 , 011 "i 6 G ?° rge T .1 adens second grade. Miss Beard, who re- 4T jaden Mrs. E. L. Broesder's sis- signed a week ago to accept a place ter ; in ' la Y: ' s °" tlc a»y sj ck - , as supervisor of the primary de- Joyce Mltta S ls at W. C. Nelson's partment in her home town, Mar- at the Grant consolidated school, ion, Ind., has also been here three and Wl11 romain through the school year, assisting Mrs, Nelson and attending school, Dr. Albert Rowland, Philadelphia, who has been visiting the Dr. Observes 02nd Birthday. Burt, Aug. 22—The Birthday Cir- Notice of First Meeting of Creditors in Proceediims in Bankruptcy Under Section 75. In the District Court of the Uni- r States for the Northern District f Iowa. 'Central Division. In the natter of Julius Jensen, debtor. In roceedings for a composition or xtension. To the Creditors of Julius Jenen, of Buffalo Center P. 0., in the ounty of Kossuth and District foresaid: Notice is hereby given lat on the 17th day of August, 934, the petition of the said Julius ensen praying that he be afford- d an opportunity to effect a com- osition or an extension of time to ay his debts, under Section 75 of Bankruptcy Act, was approved y this Court as properly filed un- er said Section; and that the first leeting of his creditors will be eld at the office of the Concllia- on Commissioner in Algona, Iowa, n the 12th day of September, 1934, t two o'clock p. m. of said^day, at ch time the said creditors may ttend, prove their claims, examine debtor, and transact such other usiness as may properly come be- ore this meeting. •' Dated this 21st day of August, 934. G. W. STILLMAN, ^oncilliation Commissioner for Kossuth County, Iowa, in said District. 49 cle meets this week Thursday to M. G. Bournes, Algona, was a guest celebrate the 92nd birthday of Mrs. |with them at dinner Sunday at W, Aurilla Coffin, who is Burt's oldest resident. She is the mother of Mrs. W. E. McDonald and Mrs. H. E. McMurray, Algona. led her classes since she started to | Win Free Dance Tickets- first grade in St. Ellen's academy | Dr. W. D. Andrews and Bob Mc- in Emmetsburg. After finishing : Cullough won free tickets to the grade school, she continued her prowess in the Emmetsburg high school, where in her sophomore year she tied for first place in the academic test in Latin .and was sent to Iowa City to compete further. She was graduated as an honor student in 1934, prominent in many school activities. According to her mother, when Mary was in tenth grade she started wearing boy's clothing outside school. As the months rolled on, next Country club dance Monday night, when 87 couples danced to music furnished by Cec Hurst's orchestra at the clubhouse. The next dance will be on September 10, when Tiny Little's orchestra returns. The three week interval has been scheduled in order not to conflict with the county fair September 3-7. she wore it more and more, finally it was decided that but she could not be allowed to wear long trousers to school classes. It was then that she adopted an outfit confit consisting of a boy's shirt, high leather boots, and a severely tailored brown skirt, and there was seldom a deviation from it in school hours. Mary, according to Mrs. Grey, disliked any feminine frills, and shrank from them as be- iny "sissy." Never a "Sissy." Mary herself can certainly not be classed in that rank. One lime two years ago she knocked iwo boys larger than she to the ground and washed their faces in ihe snow. Her explanation of this was that they had been teasing her. Mary, Mrs. Grey says, will stay in St. Paul with her aunt for the present. Pool Hall Remodeled. A beer license has been applied or by Bert Galbraith and A, N. Anderson, who plan to remodel the ormer Bohannon pool hall next vest of the Elbert garage. On« of he five tables will be removed, and the office room in front will >e taken out to make room for a new beer dispenser. The firm dans reopening about September 1. Dorothy Dalton is Married- Friends of the Mrs. E. R. Dalton, Spokane, former Algonian, will be interested to learn of the marriage of her daughter Dorothy to William Foy Squibb, Spokane, last June. Mr. Squibb is in the employ of a government experimental laboratory of the radio division of the U. S. forestry service. After September 15 Mr. and Mrs. Squibb will be at home at Vancouver, Wash. STOLEN FREE POEM IS DISCOVERED IN PAPER In accordance with the custom of late years, Richard Henry Little (R. H. L.) the Chicago Tribune col- "umnist, is away on vacation, and his column is meanwhile being conducted by Harvey T. Woodruff (help! help!), the Tribune's sports solumnist. Some local readers of the Line O'Type or Two were interested last Thursday to find one of the late George H. Free's poems published in the column over the name of one "Savanna Si," who stole it and submitted it as his own. This was a poem which many Advance readers will remember, beginning— "Methuselah ate what he found on Birthday Anniversary Observed- Mr, and Mrs. Orville Elkins entertained at dinner last Thursday night in honor of Sue Morlan's birthday anniversary. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kermit Forbes, their children, Ruth and Erwin; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Haldeman, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Forbes, Gladys Schultz, Sue's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Morlan, and a nephew, John Martin. Anns to be Botary Guests— Next Monday evening the Rotar- and Rotary Anns will have a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park, and next members of the club will take part in an afternoon ?o]t tourney at Fort Dodge and a banquet at the Fort Dodge Country that evening. Other towns to be represented are Humboldt and Webster City. his plate, And never, as people do etc. now," The poem originally appeared in the Advance's Colyum some years ago, and, like many others of Mr. Free's poems, has ever since been "traveling" in newspapers from coast to coast. One of his poems appeared in a Canadian paper when he lay on his deathbed at the Kossuth hospital, and when he was told of it he repeated part of it, though at the time he could speak only with difficulty. Mr. Woodruff was advised of the trick "Savanna Si" played on him. But up to yesterday no correction bad appeared in his column. Little Girl 8; Party- Little Lorraine Bjelland, daughter of Barber and Mrs. H. J. Bjelland, celebrated her third birthday Tuesday afternoon by entertaining eight other young children at a party. Guests were Rosemary Duffy, Joan Falk, Delores Smith Delores Baker, Gloria Baker, Rose- mqry Coleman, Jane Moe, and Mary Mqe. Episcopal Guild Fest Today— The St. Thomas Episcipal Guild wi|l hold its fall festival this afternoon and evening at the Ernes! Gi[bert farm, two and a half miles northeast of town. A picnic supper will be served in the evening, anc there will be other attractions. Joan Lyons Seven; Party— .JToan Lyons celebrated her sev- enfh birthday with a party Tuesday afternoon at which 11 guests were entertained. The afternoon was spent at games, after which re- fr«[shments were served. Other Society News. A meeting of the Royal Neighbor club scheduled for next Tuesday ha,s been postponed till September "r The Royal Neighbors will hold a regular meeting tonight at 8 at th< Legion hall. No special program Small Boy Has Accident. Lakota, Aug. 22—Merle, second son of Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Edwards, lad his left hand severely bruised and cut, and the middle finger broken in two places, recently while he was playing with the ensilage cutter on his father's farm, 'our miles east of town. Doctor 3olmage is caring for the injured hand, which is slowly improving. • L. B. School to Open Lone Rock, Aug. 22—The local schools will open Monday, September 3, with the following faculty: son OI , T" a»m Mrs. Aaoiph K sunerlntendont. V. V. Frv fi - nnnnh ser, of Swea iCty, underwent Bancroft J. Bourne's. The Erwin Turners, the Ralph Albrights, Sexton, and Kenneth Cook, Algona, were guests at Fred Albright's Sunday. Mabel Noone, Livermore, helping Mrs. W. J. Bourne during several weeks of heavy seasonal work . Winifred and Margaret Plumb, The Henry Schwallers, of Wall Sexton, were guests Saturday and Lake, are visiting her sisters, Mrs. Sunday at Glen Jenkinson's. Thomas Von Bank, and Theresa Alta Albright, Des Moines has and Clara Stelpflug this week, visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Albright, Anna Stelpflug, of Chicago, is also two weeks. visiting her sisters. John Blocker and Ben Venteicher, of Dubuque, are visiting Henry Blocker's. The James Knolls were dinner guests at the Good Hope parsonage at, Sunday. R. W. Sinclair, Garner, The Bancroft Lions baseball caller at the Good Hope parsonage team beat Dows 7-2 at Titonka on Friday. Indian day. Batteries were Per-1 kins and Rummell for Dows, and Lichliter and Menke for Bancroft. Alfred and Walter Menke, of Bancroft, got four hits each. Mrs. Sam Lichliter and four children left Saturday for Missouri, Swamped by Kids J. W. Neville, a week ago Saturday, gave a house-warming for where they recently bought a 71- children in the new addition at" the acre farm 20 miles from Columbia, rear of his store. During the af- Mr. Lichliter and son Frank will ternoon ice cream was served to remain here. Frank is pitcher on 927 children. It took 25 gallons of the Bancroft Lions baseball team, ice cream to turn the trick. Tables Roselyn, six-year-old daughter had been set in the addition, ani of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ditsworth, underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Wohnke hospital Wednesday morning and shortly afterwards Ehradt, the six-year-old a son of Kru- , superintendent, V. V. Frye; coach, Merle Grodland; English, Leona Schultz; junior high and music, Emily Joslin; fifth and sixth grades, Mabel Howe; first and second grades, Florence Householder. County II. D. A. Leaves. Lucille Gring, who had been the county home demonstration agent since June 1, left Chicago for a few yesterday days at for the world's fair, after whcih she will go to Stockton, 111., to teach home economics. Her home is at Gowrie. -*Infant Dies. An 8-day old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Weaver was buried in Riverview cemetery Sunday, following short services at the Merritt funeral home. The child was born August 10 at the Kossuth hospital, and died Friday. similar operation. Dr. R. M. Wallace, of Algona, performed the operations and Dr. M. J. Bourne as- sistde. Dr. J. A. Devine, of Bancroft, is on his vacation. The ten high cream checks paid by the Bancroft Co-operative creamery for the last half of July are: Henry Lampe, $85.41; Maurice Bernhard, $67.88; J. J. Nurre Estate $66.05; Ole Johannesen, $56.57; Leo Bernhard, $56.36; William Goche, $56.34; Anton Stork, $52.06 H. G. Hamilton, $51.58; C. E. Priebe $49.03; and W. Weber, $48.47. E. P. Frederickson, agent at the Northwestern depot, spent last week with his mother at Gladbrook. Mrs. Frederickson and the children spent two weeks there and returned home with Mr. Frederickson. M. D. Hickey was relief agent. , the room was filled throughout the afternoon. Mr. Neville believes th< event to have been the most successful advertising stunt he ever undertook, but he adds that it was not the advertising but the chil dren in which he was interested. Mrs. Nellie Bowyer Hurt in Acciden Friends of Mrs. Nellie G. Bpwyer Hollywood, Calif., will be inter ested to know that since a week ago Monday she has been a,t th Good Samaritan hospital, Lps An geles, recovering from there Broken ribs and other injuries suffered in an auto collision while she wa riding in the city with her daugh ter, Mrs. Gwendolyn Norrie. Mrs Archie Hutchison received news o the accident in a letter froin Mrs Bowyer's daughter, Mrs. Marjori Berls, Chicago. •*- PORTLAND PARAGRAPHS Mrs. S. M. Petersen went to Des Moines Monday for medical attention. The C. E. Sigsbees were dinner guests at the Albert Granzow's, Algona, Sunday evening. Ruby and Donald Hood were sick last week-end with intestinal flu. The 4-H girls club met recently at Leo Brayton's. Lavonne Larson,, Algona, spent part of last week at Charles Larson's. Carl Thumwall, his mother, Mrs. Charles Thumwall, and Mrs. A. B. Larson were dinner guests at the same home Friday evening, and Lavonne Larson went home with them. Lauretta Larson is visiting at Lewis Fisher's, Britt, and Leona Fisher, Britt, Is at Charles Larson's. The G. O. McFarlands and Letha Mann attended a picnic at Humboldt Sunday. Mrs. Archie Burger got home from Knowlton, Wis., Friday. She visited a brother. Russell Shipler and his daughter Lavonne came home from Iowa City last week Wednesday. Lavonne, who now has a shorter cast on her leg, will go back In about two weeks to have a brace put on. The Byron Wards have returned to their home at Scenic, S. D. William Ringsdorf and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ringsdorf drove to Stillwater, Minn., Saturday to get their mother, who had visited a daughter there and bring her here Monday. The Progressive club has postponed Its meeting till next month. At the 4-H Achievement day at Bancroft Friday (elsewhere reported) Letha Mann was awarded a folding mirror as the best- groomed girl. Miss Gring, county H. D. A., helped Letha and Blanche McFarland with their state fair canned chicken demonstration at Mrs. G. O. McFarland's Saturday. "Dick" Broadcasts. Senator Dickinson is expecte home today from Chicago, where h spoke Tuesday night over th Columbia broadcasting system. H spoke last week in Maine, and 01 the way stopped briefly at Wash ington, D. C. ^"™" i '~t—"^i»»-*———«»»_^^_ Reduced Rates on ALL LOANS You can now secure a loan o, J300.00 or less at our new low rate . Our new plan will mean a sab gtantial saving to you. ~ The Federal offers you tho most complete loan service in the State. Various loaning plans. Reduced payments. As dong as 20 months to repay WHY PAY MORE THAN OUR NEW LOW RATES? ' If you need money for any par- IBB r "** pose See H. N. Kruse nwrt 1 flilf I Algont Phone Representing Federal Finance Co. Dea "APOLOGV" f 0r „ ANNEX Three more days—Th urs,,. and Sat, Aug. 23-24.2g| Well, we told a lie—last Saturday's auon clear the decks at the Annex and we l S merchandise left for a very ni ce little u i There are about .25 silk dresses, a few w , v some suits, a coat or two, hosiery uir 1 " lot of odds and ends. These goods a tically your own price. Just come h/ami , , fuse no reasonable offer. Here is your SJ J Remember, this week Thursday, Friday ami a, are positively the last clays of the Annn ^ close Saturday at G o'clock. Lowest A new type of radio for homes without electi Operates without B batteries. Cost of operating i day. See us about a demonstration in your home Phone 371. Our Want Ads GET THE CHILDREN READY FOR ANKLETS Childs' and misses' 15c Anklets for school wear will be popular for weeks to come. School Hose for girls— 2 for 35c Fine ribbed stockings in the favored colors for school. We're all ready for the little tots, the girls and boys Bring 'em to Graham's and save money on their outfits. We've always been proud of our print sales, but this one gives us a decided thrill—and you'll thrill too when you can buy choice patterns for school drrsses. Big Chief] TABLET" 60 sheets.. A big pencil li let specially t for the On store. Lunch 1 Large 4C| size..' 6v| Lithograi signs OB enamel. Col(J red, blue, Rayon and Cotton BLOOMERS 19c 25c They're carefully made of quality fabrics — they're made full for comfort — suggest two or three pairs for school wear. PRINCESS SLIPS For high school girls Bodice top and California top styles. Every number a charming style In fabrics! School Dresses Sizes 7 to 14 years. Two special groups. 49c 69c Attention, mot hers! Bring your girls to Graham's for school dresses. They will be pleased and you will save money. Misses Styles Sizes 10 to QO /» 16' years &° ^ BOYS' BLUE CHAMBRAY 49e School Shirts. School Supplies Boys' blue or striped OVERALLS 59C Boys' Hickory stripe PLAY SUITS 69c Vacuum filling pens 25c Hexagon pencils 2 for 5c Hytone Ink tablets _10c 18 leads for pencils —5c Linen ink tablets —5e .Carters* Ink, blue black .i—^___.. lOc Spreader tube paste -10c Fountain pen ink __IOe Pen holders, mottled _5c Eagle lead pencils —le Child, school scissors lOc Pencil box sets, com* plete lOc erl Then start off the list of necessi ie your grade and we'll Eraseall erasers Red ruM er er Compass and «-• Crayolas, 6 co « Crayolas,6coott' Propelling . library P , Loose leal Wf* sheets ~----r' Binder for Boys' fancy school socks Sizes 8 to 10 15c ~ n.HJRI.m Department-Stores''

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