Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 23, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 23, 1934
Page 5
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au page nniends ia y-Norris i set up. luble |l tests [outperform the new Mc- er C piston To correct oi and blw by. By ac- All Others. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Alyin Biersted^FemonTDies After Operation FIVE OTHERS ~~ PAGE F1V4 HIED MOTORS SERVICE starters, generators, igni- FROM FENTON UNDER KNIFE Fenton, Aug. 22—Dr. .T. A. Mueller performed two tonsil operations at his office last, Thursday morning, assisted by Dr. Smith Klrko- gaard, Ringsted, and Alma M:uli- son, H. N. The patients were I lad- ley, son of Frank Bailey, and Barbara Jean, daughter of Supt. and Mrs. II. A. Reyman, Sonera. Mis Charles Weishrod had a major operation at the Miller hospital, Fairmont, last week Tuesday, and Mrs. Elsie Dreyer had an appendicitis operation at. Fairmont Monday, Doctor Mueller accompanying the patient and Mrs. Droyer. Mrs. Arthur Voight had a major operation one day last week at the General hospital, Algona. Alvin, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Bierstedt, died Sunday at the Whittomoro hospital, following operation for removal of a ruptured appendix. Ho was in serious condition prior to the operation. COAST VISITOR IS HONOREE AT PARTY AT Converted, He Plans to Pay For His Sins Lone Rock, Aug. 22—A neighborhood party was given at Oscar Earing's last week Tuesday evening, honoring Mrs. Howard McChesney, iVan Nuys, Calit., and 28 attended. | Wimpy was played, Mrs. McChes- noy, and Mrs. Alox Kreuger winning the high prizes, Mrs. A. A. , Krcugor low. Out of town guests ! wero Mrs. Edward Prlebo and Mrs. Hildreth Pettit, Fonton, Mrs. Jake Smith, Burt, and Mrs. Glen Zwiefel, . Algona. Lunch was served by the I hostesses, Mrs. Orville Rosendahl, i !of Superior, Mrs. R. L. Padgett, 1 j Mrs. Glenn Sharp, and Mrs. Earing, i Mother's Club Meets Wednesday—' The Mother's club met last week Wednesday with Mrs. J. M. Blan- j wni?v nv TTti-i p weuncsuay wiiii ivirs. j. J.YI. jjitiu- II i M • • • woinc>n at thc r >elit were made as a c i mr d, Mrs. W. G. Flaig assisting. part of the clothing project In Black Hawk county. n, A C fuel pumps, oil fil- plugs and >s, A C spaifk fode lamps, We have installed a VALVE REFACER new Vibro-Centric Local Girl Loses Election- Fentonitcs participating in the i annual Achievement day last week Thursday were: Club girls, Lcona Borchardt, Marie Miller, Viola Mueller, June Wcisbrod, Donna Jean Bailey, Alvina, and Ruth Dreyer; visitors, Ardis Voight, Mrs. Otto Borchardt, Irene Krause, Mrs. Elsie Dreyer and daughter Dorothy. Guests at the luncheon were Lucille Gring, H. D. A., Edith Welter, and Helen Swinney, judge. conducted last year by the Extension Service Farm Bureaus, with the aid of ],8G3 local women loaders. Mao Ander- [scripture road by Mrs. Blanchard was followed by the Lord's prayer. Doris Mae Blanchard and Lucille Genrlch played a piano duet, and Doris Mae also played a solo. The next meeting will be with Mrs. on the New Books Fred Wegener, assisting. Mrs. Frank Flaig Ann By Mrs. Lura Sanders, City Librarian. Bridge, author of Peking other book on China is River Su- Mite Society HHS Program— The Mite society met last Thursday at the church, Mi's. Jay Godden land Mrs. W. G. Flaig, hostesses. A reading was given by Mrs. Will Christenson, and Mrs. W. J. Cotton directed a contest. The society gave $50 towards church expenses, next mooting will be with Mrs. Ella Dreyer had been nominated Picnic, has again chosen China for preme, by Mrs. Hobart, a story of Claude Whltehill. for county president, but was do-' the sot ting of a story, The Ginger extending commerce on the Upper Some months ngo it wns reported flint one It. 1). Walls, Suxton, 1'n., lind "got religion" and written to confess tluit he once climbed over the fence and attended the county fiiir without paying his way. llecently .lease Sneraw received a similar letter. Willis wrote that once ho was at the Speraw shoe repair shop, and when Mr. Hperaw was out for n few minutes he (Walls) punched holes in a prize pnncliboard without payment. "The devil made nio do it," Mr. Walls said, but "the Lord has saved my soul and told me to mako all my sins right, and this was one of them." He begged forgiveness, ashed how much he owed, and expressed a desire to meet Mr. Speraw in Heaven. Accordingly Mr. Spcraw plans to speak for a ticket sometime and hopes Mr. Walls will be at St. I'eter's gate to vouch for him. Mr. Walls is possessed of a good memory of his misdeeds, for he said the pnncliboard incident happened in 1!)20. Mr. Spcraw wrote him that the pnncliboard was gone long ago and forgotten and that he might consider himself squared before his conscience and the Lord. KOSSUTH FAIR SEPT. 3-7— Algona * *» * *^ 3 days horseracing, 1 day auto races, baseball every day 12 professionals in VAUDEVILLE TWICE DAILY and 21 ADDITIONAL PEOPLE IN NIGHT SHOW TWO DAY EXTRA "Mine" Slate Fair Kids ELEPHANT Tuesday, Children's Day, and Wednesday Big Farm Machinery Show Hve seat grinder for hard Ifeated by Helen Kent, Wesley. The'Griffin. 1 soft seats. - to grind The only real valves. Let us demonstrate. Jso general repairing, hy- aulic brake parts, and ser- ie. Body and fender work. beona Borchardt and Ella Dreyer,' away from England and a shat- Rome Burns" is an interesting j Clarence Ackerson's last Thursday rated their ainting, • any car. c olor matching m. C. Dau Phojie 165 Bast of Court House. demonstration team, composed of Amber Harrison wanted to iYangtse river, get Alexander Wolcott's "While Party Honors Marvin Ackerson— A birthday party was given at as one of the highest on tered romance. An invitation from i book of essays and short stories. night honoring the son Marvin, who demonstration, Beverages' an uncle in Poking offered the op- j A generous selection of his best'was 14, and 24 attended. Out-of- From Canned Fruit Juices. Leona ; portunity, and there she was works, his famous murder stories, j town guests were Dotty Murray, Borchardt and Ardis Voight led: thrown into Chino-European Foci- his profiles of some neighbors, ad-1 Spencer, and Bernard and Viola community singing at noon. Viola jcty, diplomatic and commercial. [ventures in far places, anecdotes of jEckdahl, Chicago. Mueller canned strawberries and | The story gives an interesting war days, and some legendary tales Alice Dreyer canned string beans,; picture of diplomatic life in and they will attend the slate fail- in Des Moines. king. Pe- , appears in this book. Mr. Woolcott's chapter on the John Newbrough Has Stroke — Newbrough Sr. suffered a UB . ; „... ,,^^ 0 ^^ House Across the River, by Elia- Chalice of Antioch at the Century I Partial stroke last Thursday night. abcth Corbctt, is entertaining light of Progress brings out some good Mrs ' pora and Julia Terwilliger, — - - — ... . Mrs. Anna Newbrough, and Lloyd This is a Pulitzer prize -*- Auxiliary Works on Quilt— fiction. i thoughts. The Legion Auxiliary met with' Bachelor of Arts, by John Er- book. Mrs. W. E. Laage a week ago Tucs- i skino, is a novel of the college day evening. The women are mak- boys and girls of 1934. ing a quilt for charitable purposes. Cinnamon Seed, by Hamilton Each member makes a block, and Basso, is a colorful novel of life in when the quilt is complete it will the South today by one who undor- be raffled off to one holding the stands the South, its inhabitants, ^ ^ ll .^ 1 , lucky number. Mary Tjaden, of their background, and their destiny. Prod Geigel and Mr. and Mrs. Fred take gues t s ' Algona, and Mrs. C. F. C. Laage, Walter B. Pitkin's "New Careers Parks drove to Atkinson Sunday S6M6II WEEK-EBB SPECIALS iackberries, 10 can .caroni anijl Spag- itti, 2 Ibs. Ilk, Superb, 11 cans iole Wheat Biscuit jbllogg's 2 pjkgs. ___ " Pickles, art jar __ anut Buttbr, b, 24-ojs. like Flour ,Robb |lsco, .-2 Ib. can finch's Bird Seed, Terwilliger, all of Humboldt, came to see him and stay till Saturday Visit Church Which evening HnlrU Fitrht Peonle Tcft at tll ° Cnurcu Today— ooias JLigni reopie A birtnday tea win De serve d _ . , . „„ ,. , „-, 'this week Thursday afternoon at Irvington, Aug. 22-Mr. and Mrs. tne cnurch) and member s are to were guests. Methodist Aid Elects- tor Youth" is the first realistic atr j to visit the smallest church in the tempt to chart the world of jobs : world. It is made of limestone, since 192(1. It discusses changing found in that locality, and only Other Lone Rock. Marietta Christenson is at Burt, caring for Ernest Krueger. Ruth AT MEALTIME The Methodist Aid met in the opportunities in 05 important fields i eight people are seated. The church K reuger his daughter was'a Sun- mrch parlors Friday afternoon, of work . Today's job outlook for j s known as St. Anthony's, and is day dinner guest of the Charles Riley Truck Upset on Singleton Hill Irvington, Aug. 22—The Douglas Riley truck was badly damaged in an accident on the Link Singleton hill last week Wednesday. Cleo Black, was driving, accompanied by Douglas, when the truck got out of control, crashed into the fence on the east side of the road and tipped over in the ditch. Black was at first thought to be seriously hurt, and was taken to the Kossuth hospital, but his injuries were minor, and he was released last Thursday. Douglas, who returned to his some here soon after the acciden was bruised and had suffered with several cuts, the most serious on one ear. Former Wesleyan Passes. Doan, Aug. 22—L. A. Boleneus received word one day last week o the death from cancer of his brother George at Davenport, Wash. George lived near Wesley before he moved to Washington many years ago. and officers were elected: Presi- men and women from 17 to 32 is visited by thousands of people year- Morrisons. Mr. Kreuger celebrated dent, Mrs. John Light; vice, Mrs. E. discuss e ( i. |ly. There were 50 cars there at one hig 87th Dirtnday Monday, and is C. Weisbrod; secretary, Mrs. Oliver, Lam i, in His Bosom, by Caroline time Sunday. From Atkinson the next t(J the oldest Burt res ident, Graham, treasurer, Mrs. E. J-1 Miller, is not like any other book.: party drove to Spillville to see the Frank. Hostesses were Mesdames It JR a picture of life in out-of-the- ! famous clocks made by Ely ley Bros. fffee, Council k, pound _'_ ute Gel, on Jar (jlaps, pozen jaxtex-Wax Paper, |5-ft. roll Soap, &t bars __ up, Superb aber, 5 Ib. pail ___., 49c 17c 17c 21 c 17c 24c 24c 28c 14c 27c 5c 25c 45c 17c 19c 28c E. C. Weisbrod, Ray Stoeber, Alfred Meyers and M. E. Burwash. Reimers to Coal Meeting— H. E. Reimers attended a district coal dealer's meeting at Emmetsburg Friday at the Kermore hotel. "' •nwtv mp.n attended. A banquet , ln way places in the early days in! America. Beautiful descriptions of nature are moved into the story. Lone Rock Babe Dies. Lone Rock, Aug. 22—Frederick )f Mr. Mrs. Coffin being the oldest. Mrs. Mary Mehrens and Mr. and Mrs. Fred John, Plattsville, Wis. spent from last week Monday till week Wednesday up, Superb 4O«* r, 10 it, pail 49C up, [iperb White p, Supe: QOn, cans J futon's Yollow Label Tea 28 s % ih., 45c N Label to Thos. V. Lip^ he-, 6i W, Kenzie St., icago, and get a handy tea straiier FREE ===•' ',, Bind Used Financed ["your present payments Forty men attended, dinner was served at noon. Mrs. Reimers, Mrs. F. H. Bonn and daughter, Mary Ann, accompanied Mr. Reimers and spent the day shopping. Leona Gappa is Bride— Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hanson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gappa, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Hansen, and Jacob Gappa went to Albert Lea a few days ago to attend the wedding of Leona Gappa to Leonard Peterson, Faribault, Minn. The bride formerly lived here. League Play Next Sunday— The Fenton Walther League will present its play, Hello Neighbor, a three act comedy, at the Fenton opera house next Sunday evening at 8; 15. Admission will be 10 and 25 cents. T. N. McFall to Clinic— T. N. McFall went to Fairmont Friday for examination at the Fairmont clinic. He has been troubled with kidney stones, but is much improved. • Attend Picnic for Lumbermen- Mr, and Mrs. Henry E. Reimers attended a lumbermen's picnic at Spirit Lake Sunday, accompanying Mr. and Mrs. Woito, Lu Verne. Three Tap Water Main— 4O«t Three new water users will £»JC added as soon as new mains can be '. «••• laid: L. M. Finnestad, Ben Mitch- 55c ell> Ernest R° sseisen - 25C Da A?lb r g f W w^Sorn"ast Thurs• t**** day to Mr. and Mrs. Mlllen Jensen. She was named Margaret and is tne first child. about of our future, the latter 1 U v iv. " w.. - - - . book Is of prime importance. An• stock at the Palo Alto fair last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Among Fenton visitors at the fair were the Bertel Berkelands, the W. P. Weisbrods, and Verona Wels- with tubercular meningitis. brod. The A Waltmans, Fremont, Alice Kurtain, Mason City, and Everett \Tcrov Britt, were guests of the Waltmkn cousin, T.N.McFall,Fri- dav night. The visitors drove to West Bend Saturday and were to call on Algona relatives en route and Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod, Hattie Weisbrod, daughter Ivey, Lester Weisbrod, and Mary Jamison spent Sunday at Marshall, Minn., guests of Mrs. Halt e Weisbrod's brother, Austin Jackson. Mrs. John Kohlwes, daughter Elsie, Mrs. Everett Dreyer, son Derald, Mrs. William Donahoe Jr., and the latter's daughter Maxine were guest of Mrs. Clarence Weg- the world's fair. The 4-H club met with the leader, Mrs. W. J. Weisbrod, last week 'uesday, and Lucille Gring, H. D. .., and Viola Heller, R. N., Al- ;on.a, were guests. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Loose spent Sunday with their daughter, Mrs. J. ?. Snyder, and Phyllis Snyder went vith her grandparents for a veeks visit. The Will Weisbrods went to Spirit Lake a few days ago to meet Florence Weisbrod, who spent last veek with her sister, Mrs. Hugo Denker. Mrs. L. G. Newel, sister Rose Reichenbach, and Mrs. ener last week Wednesday be The Ben Gillespies, 111., concluded a week's Effingham visit at LIVESTOCK SHOW 4-H CLUB SHOW BOY'S CALF CLUB 1-H DAIRY CLUB WOMAN'S EXPOSITION COMMERCIAL SHOW DANCING to RAY KEYES AND HIS ROYAL AMBASSADORS Midway Filled With Concessions SEASON TICKETS ONLY $1 AUTOMOBILES FREE! You Need 1—To re-roof, re-paint or remodel your dwelling. 2—To build a new residence. 3—To buy a house and lot. 4—To re-finance a mortgage on your house and lot. It will pay you to look into the Algona Building & Loan Ass'n plan. Loans repaid in small monthly'in- stallments. WE HAVE THE MONEY Algona Building & Loan Association Other Fenton News. Mrs. Donald Weisbrod, Mrs. Will Weisbrod, and Florence went to Lester last week Wednesday to Visit the. Hugo Denker's, and F or- ence remained for a longer visit, the others returning last Thursday. Henry Lindsey went to Glidden a few days ago for his wife and son Eddie, who had visited two weeks too hi: your Due ft we will refi' ear for you. and courteous | Prompt featment. H. t. KHU8E at Omaha, and turned Monday. Glidden. All re- 125, Algona, Jowa IUCU AY1VUUO.J. 1_-,1 Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Fauerby had as guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hech, son Donald, and M . and Mrs. William Blank, all of Chicago, the Ervin Schendels, Mrs. P. S. Schendel, and the latter's sons Emil and Julius. Mrs. Hecht is a daugher of Mrs. Schendel and a Bister of Mrs. Fauerby, Ervin, Emil, J; Sd Vs. J- A. Mueller had as guests last week Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Claussen, Mr. and Mrs. Kleeze, daughter June, and Mr. and Mrs. John Cook, all of Reinbeck. Mrs. Claussen Is Mrs. Mueller's aunt. The visitors left for the Okobojis, and were accompanied by Mrs. M S! 6 and Mrs, Bert Peck. Glen- Charles Gappa's Sunday and left for Chicago to attend the words fair. Mrs. Gappa and Mrs. Gilles- nie are sisters. The George Boettchers recently went to Iowa City to consult doctors about the children's heal h They visited Mrs. Boettcher s sis- tor Mrs. Carl Lovstad, Osakis ^'GeoS'Browoskes, Barney N D , arrived Saturday to visit the Herman Krauses and Mrs. Mary Mittag They came for Mrs. Rober Pompe, who had spent two months h °Mrs. Henry Reimers, Mrs. Dorothy Gerhards, her Children, and Mrs. Bert Peck, guest at the Reimers home, spent Monday at Ring- Sed? guests at the Ray Reimers U °Be e rtha Huskamp has been here from Minneapolis for a ^cation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. luskamp. Mrs. Huskamp and daughter Virginia went after Mr. and Mrs. Theo Weisbrod, Mrs Viola Mitchell, her children, William Haase. Charles Weisbrod and the latter's sons had a picnic a? Sylwla park. Fairmont. Sun- •Jewel, Hartley, were entertained ast Thursday at E. C. Weisbrod's. Bob Engelhardt, of Decorah, concluded a week at Howard Reeder's Friday . He is with the Northwestern Bell Telephone company. The Charlie Newel family was at Ames on business Thursday. The Mewels' son Harold Is planning to attend Ames college this fall. Marjorie Kleinheksel, of Archer, spent last week-end at the Dr. S. W. Meyers home. She Is Fenton's 7th and 8th grade teacher. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wegener, of Algona, and granddaughter Marjorie Johnson, were at Sioux City last week Wednesday. Alfred Bleckwenn, Dalton, Neb., and his son Stanley arrived recentr ly to visit Mrs. Theo Bleckwenn and other relatives. C. F. Wegener has been sick for a week, suffering with a dysentary lu. Dr. Mueller is in charge. He nesday to visit the Mickas. Viola and Bernard Eckdahl, Chicago, arived at William Nelson's a week ago Sunday for an extended visit. Margaret and Gladys Nelson, who spent a vacation with the parental Nelsons, returned to their duties in Chicago Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zunkle, Mrs. Roy Zunkle, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Newbrough spent Sunday at M. E. Blanchard's, Irv- two i ington, and Howard Blanchard returned with them to visit the Zun- kles. The William Fischers, and Delmar and John Santson, Mason City, who had spent a week here, drove to Austin Sunday to help Mrs. Fischer's and Mr. Santson's mother celebrate her 92nd birthday. The Clifford Meyers family and Gerhard Krause, Corwith, and Delma Anderson, Kanawha, were Sunday guests at R. L. Padgett's. Willam Krause went to Corwith with Mrs. Kate them. Roy Alme, McHenry, S. D., arrived last week Wednesday to visit his brother Chester, and Saturday Beverly Jean Sones, who had been visiting the J. M. Blanchards, was taken to her home at Sutherland The Julius Hansens, Rolfe, and Edwin and Everett Rieck, Kempton, 111., spent last Thursday evening at Oscar Earlng's. Edwin went home, Everett remaining for a week's visit. A. Huskamp h6 day. Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mueller, MM Wire guests at the home Wednesday evening. They daughter Virgin!. Ruth and M , Frank Clarence t E and Ethel Weber, Mueller's brother, Clarence ww- lnn d. were dinner guests at Supt S n A ReymaTsT Seneca, Sunday. Mrs. Susie Bngler. - Merrltt Glffen, Eugene and Isabelle Weisbrod .. Voight, showed en this week Wednesday. 6 Luella Kohlstedt, Chicago ar- -ivBri Saturday for a week with her aer, a Mrs d Mary Kohlstedt She is doing library research work for i the east. They attended recovering. Laurence Glaus, Elmer Krause, nd Leo Kramer of the CCC camp t Forest City spent the week-end t home. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Stoeber visited tfrs. Stoeber's sister, Mrs. Lewis Reed, Webster City, over the week- md. Ralph Wolfe, Waterloo, came Saturday to visit his father, Freenan Wolfe, going back Monday. Mrs. Mary Olson, Peoria, 111., arrived Saturday to visit her daughter, Mrs. George Newel. The Clarence Kohlstedts visited Mrs. Kohlstedt's mother, Mrs. Carson, Mason City, Sunday. F. F. Meyer left last Thursday for Cherokee, Okla., to visit his sister, Mrs. Edwin Peter. Clarence Garland, Racine, Wis., came Sunday to visit his sister, Mrs. J. A. Mueller. Editor and Mrs. J. A. Schwartz and Edith Laage were Esthervllle visitors Friday. The Frank Weisbrods, Emmetsburg, were -Sunday guests at Fred Weisbrod's. Threshing in this vicinity Is almost finished, and fall plowing has started. The William Schutt family were at the Leo Koenitz home, Rodman, The Otis Sanders family visltec Sunday at Mrs. Claus Helmke's Renwick. Imogene Roderick accom panted them as far as Llvermore to visit Beryl Sanders, employee there. Malnard Genrich, and Mervyn, Christenson left Saturday evening for Mason, City, and Calvin House holder trucked the Christenson show cows to the north Iowa free fair. Mrs. Howard McChesney and her three children, who had been visiting the George Pettits, left Friday for Minonk, 111., for a week's visit at H. J. McChesney's. The Robert Eickenbergers, Bancroft, the Edward Priebes, Fenton, and the Ralph Priebes, were Sunday afternoon guests at Ernest Priebe's. Florence Householder left Tuesday to visit Lena Camarata, Water- oo, and Edna Clopsom, ' Cedar Falls. She expected to be gone ten ays. Mrs. Raymond Bierstedt returned ast Thursday, after caring for ATS. Harold Furnass and the new abe at Humboldt two weeks. The William Johnsons, Manly, drove here last week Tuesday to aring Charles Lingenfelter to Waton Shick's after a visit there. Dorothy Kniss and Mabelle Trice •eturned to their homes at Cedar Rapids last week Tuesday, after yl- iting the Harry Rahns. Mr. and Mrs. John Sanders, Swea City, son Clyde, and Jacob Tscudy, Renwick, spent Friday at the Otis Sanders home. The Orville Rosendahls have re- .urned to their home at Superior, after an extended visit at William iCrause's. The Jos. Shasers, Botney, spent from a week ago Saturday till Monday with Mr. Shaser's brother Ihris. Coach Cram, of Bode, spent last week Tuesday afternoon and evening with Donald and Gordon Blan;hard. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Tuttle, Cedar Falls, are visiting the Frank Merrons and relatives at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Seefeld, Dexter, Minn., visited Monday at John BASKET GROCERY ALGONA'S FINEST FOOD STORE Monarch Peanut Butter, large jars 29c Quart Jars, rubbers and caps, dozen 77c Grape Nuts, pkg. 16c Post Bran Flakes, 2 pkgs. 17c Sanka Coffee, per Ib. 47c Jello, 3 pkgs. 16c Min. Tapioca lie Melo Water Softener, pkg. 5c Lipton's Green Tea (1-2 Ib. pkg.) 33c value 21c QUALITY FRUIT Peaches, fancy Colorado $1.05 Bartlett Pears, fancy $2.59 Fresh Prunes, per crate 79c Watermelon, genuine Muscatine, Ib. „ 8c' STOCK SALT Blocks, 50 Ibs. white 48c 100 Ib. bags _ l55c FRESH QUALITY MEATS Hamburger, 3 Ibs. 25c Bologna, ring ^5c Sprank's and Frank Dacken's. Gordon, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wegener, had a tonsillectomy at Algona Saturday. Viola Riddle, Burt, spent a few days last week at her sister Mrs. Charles Snick's. Gladys and Kathryn Stebrltz left Saturday for Mason City to visit friends. City, Euth Sunday. Maxine Peterson, Swea spent the week-end with Glaus. . „ Lillian Schallln began work Monday at William Donahoe's Jr. Leona Kellogg, Gait, is visiting at the F. C. Kluss home. Now Entering Upon Its 44th Year From a small beginning it has grown to be one of the largest and best commercial schools in this country. Our courses of study are thorough and practical; our equipment is modern; our teachers men and women of culture and special fitness for their particular work. We occupy our own fire-proof building. OUR FALL TERM WILL OPEN SEPTEMBER 3rd PIAN TO TAKE A COMMERCIAL COURSE SEND FOB OUR FREE CATALOGUE MANKATO COMMERCIAL COLLEGE MANKATO, MINN. A Worthwhile Saving on Every Ton of Coal Bought at the low summer price. Order now, and save a worthwhile sum on every ton, We'll hpld for delivery at your convenience. * S* Norton & Son

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