Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 16, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 16, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQOKA, IOWA FOUR CORNERS PARTY OFF TO VISIT IN S, D, Four Corners, Aug. 15—Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Robinson and Mrs. Robinson's sister, Mrs. Pearl De Muth, Milford, left Sunday to visit the Arthur Seeleys, lona, S. D., 20 miles west of Chamberlain. They planned to spend'Sunday night with Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rickabaugh, Karris, la., who were to accompany them. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. De Muth are sisters of Mrs, Seeley, and Mr. Rtckabaugh is their brother. The party expected to see some of the drought country which people here have been hearing about. Reports have had it that west from a point 30 miles beyond Sioux Falls all of the state is drought-stricken. Illinois Family Visits Here— Mr. and Mrs. Edw, Twiehaus and their daughter Jean, Illinois guests of the J. P. Nickersons, spent last week Tuesday night with the Louis Lownmns; last week Wednesday night with the Aeijelt Myers family; and Thursday night with the Lurhl Fesslers, near Ringsted. They were supper guests of the Carl Scips Friday night, and a picnic was served at the Nickerson home Sunday attended by the Twiehauscs, the Nickersons, the Louis Lowraans Jr., the Meyers family, the Fesslers, and the Fern Hulings, Britt. Mr. and Mrs. William Rich and George Rich called in the afternoon. National Champions in Meet at State Fair Des Moines, Special: This year's sweepstakes winners at twelve of the biggest tracks in North America have entered In a special match race for the dirt track championship of the United States, to be held at the Iowa State Fair hero Friday, August 24. The race will bring together at Des Moines more famous auto race stars than have ever appeared In a single event on the Iowa State Fair track. It will climax an entire afternoon of auto racing events In which nearly 50 drivers have entered. Auto races will headline the State Fair programs on both August 24 and August 31. Picnic Honors Chicago Guests— Mr. and Mrs. Lester Mitchell, Chicago, arrived at Etna Mitchell's last Thursday. In their honor there was a picnic dinner at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday, and attending were the Noble Mitchells, the Arie Dittmers, Mr. and Mrs. Quinten Bjustrom, and Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Larson, near Doan. The visitors returned to Chicago Monday, and Willard and Willis, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Noble Mitchell, accompanied them for a week's visit. The boys are attending the world's fair and will come home by train Monday. Broesders IVed A Year— Relatives helped Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Broesder celebrate their second wedding anniversary Sunday. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holdren, Mrs. Edith Rich, Earl Rich, the William Rich family, George Rich, the Edward Riches, the John Sabin, Archie Walker, and William Drayton families, the Cecil Bjustroms, and Mr. and Mrs. John Rich, all contributing baskets of food. iff. & T). flub Meets Thursday— The Mothers & Daughters club met last Thursday with Mrs. Susie Witham, and roll call was answered with circus experiences. The song was Yankee Doodle. A recitation was given by Harriet Frances Vining; a solo by Thelma Witham, accompanied by Iva Witham; and a reading by Margaret Ditsworth. 'The next meeting will be with Mrs. Irene Holdren on August 30. Spend Vacation at Lakes— Mrs. Herman Lindeman, Humboldt, Mildred and Ruth Robinson, Norma Raney, Genevieve Patterson, and Dorothy Knutson left Friday for five days at the Okobojis. Intestinal Flu is Epidemic— Almost everyone in the neighborhood has been through a touch of intestinal flu in the last two weeks. Other Four Corners. Mr. and Mrs. John Rich attended a picnic supper at the Ambrose A. Call state park Sunday evening, It was a reunion of Mrs. Rich's Algona high school graduating class. Mr. and Mrs. Ray "Witham, Fort Dodge, were Sunday guests of the Everett Withams, and the son Ar- inond stayed for a week's visit. Mr. and Mrs. N. R. Robinson, •who had spent several days with the C. N. Robinsons, returned Spencer last Thursday evening. The Harry Withams, Minneapolis, spent a week ago Saturday with the Everett Withams. Mrs. William Broesder helped P. 0, PROBLEM AT SWEUITYISUP Editor Sperbeck in a recent Swea City Herald reported the town agog the week before over a four-day investigation by two post- office department officials, one from Cedar Rapids, the other from St. Paul, of the qualifications of candidates for appointment as postmaster. In an examination last spring D. W. Fults and Mrs. Viola Swanson, democrats, and Edwin Hovey, republican, emerged as eligibles. Other applicants were Mrs. Ida E. Larson, Walter M. Bovis, L. A. Haglund, and J. O. Seylar, all democrats. The investigators asked about the records of all candidates, also for first, second, and third choices. Some 30 persons were interviewed. Mr. Sperbeck ventured the suggestion that resort to this unusual procedure was perhaps taken because the accredited dispensers of patronage—Senator Murphy, C. B. Murtagh, L. E. Linnan, and Mrs. D. M. Kelleher, the latter of Fort Dodge—considered the situation 'too hot to handle." NEW BRIH PAVING TO ELIMINATEJOBNERS At Britt the turn of one block on the No. 18 paving at the east edge of town has been eliminated. The state highway commission bought a diagonal right of way from the paving alongside the Milwaukee railroad on the south side to the paving leading into the business district and has paved it. There is speculation on why the commission did not do as it did at Algona and route No. 18 straight through past Britt on the north. This would have involved only a few blocks of paving and even hen the main road would have tassed the town only a block from :he north end of the business district. Two out of three railroad crossings would have been elim- nated. Unkind observers have hinted :hat the reason this was not done is that Britt is the old home town of Tom Way, chairman of the :ommission till a week or two ago and protege of ex-Governor Hammill. Best Dressed Iowa Girl Business Census Shows 332 Stores Mrs. Lewis Broesder corn last Thursday. -*- can sweet Ball Game Announced. As heretofore reported, the Bancroft Legion ball team lost to Allison, state champion, at Rockwell City recently. It is now announced that the two teams will meet again at Bancroft's harvest festival next Tuesday. In return the Bancroft team will later play Allison at the Butler county fair. Takes Hotel Clerkship. Nick Maxwell, who had been in charge of the tap room at the Algona hotel, departed recently for Fort Dodge, where he accepted a position as day clerk at the Eilers hotel. His wife was a Fort Dodge girl, The Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce, has issued a report covering retail trade and employment in Iowa in 1933, and figures by counties are given. In Kossuth 332 stores were reported, with total sales of $3,835,000, 368 proprietors, 324 full-time employes, 80 part-time employes, a full-timis payroll of $102,000, and a part-time payroll of $17,000. Full-time employes varied in number from 297 in January, 1933 to 3-18 in December, and part-time employes from 64 to 114. These figures are all for retail establishments only. .—» Heat Dries Up the Crops in Colorado Irvington, Aug. 15—Mrs. 0. L Miller recently received a letter from her aunt, Mrs. Monroe Williams, Boulder, Colo., who sale there was no small grain there ai all and farmers were cutting their corn for green feed before it burned up entirely. A big reservoir which was practically the only water supply, has dried up. Many farmers are cutting down trees to keep stock in feed. Only fruit is plentiful. HAPPENINGS IN SENECA The annual Alvestad reunion was held Sunday at the city park, Forest City, and attending from Seneca were the Jens Halvorsens, the Albert Ullstads, the Otto Wil- bergs, the Linus Jensens, and the Leonard and Raymond Andersons. Mrs. Homer Russell, Niagara Falls, Ont., daughter Grace, and the Gordon Smiths, Buffalo, N. Y., are visiting the William Browns, and were at Mrs. Anna Osborn's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn attended a Weisbrod-Bollinger reunion held at Emmetsburg Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Mason, Mrs. Albin Spongberg, and the latter's daughter Emma, all of Algona, a nephew of Mrs. Spongberg from Oelwein, Mrs. Jennie Jensen, and Mrs. Linus Jensen and her daughter Beverly were entertained at Mrs. Anna Osborn's Saturday. A large number of women attended an Aid meeting at Mrs. Nels Wilberg's, Fenton, last Thursday. The next meeting will be on August 23 in the church basement, and Mrs. P. H. Jensen will be hostess. The Millen Jensens are parents of a girl, born last Thursday. The Des Moines, Special: Iowa's 1934 style champion will be chosen during the Iowa State Pair here August 22 to 31, In a contest between 4-H farm girls from virtually every county In the state. The statewide style show and contest will be one of the features of the 8-day 4-H Congress which will attract over 2,000 picked larm youngsters from 99 counties. Competing girls in the contest must wear garments which they have made themselves. Above is the State j5*air style show winner of L933, Marjorie Donner County. of Mills -u Verne Girl on Bus Tour of East Lu Verne, Aug. 8—Myrtle Jordan eft last week Monday for an ex- ended tour in the east and south. Uvin Hardcopf, took her by auto s far as Des Moines, where she oined a group traveling by bus. he party was to visit the Mam- loth cave in Kentucky, interesting oints in Virginia, Washington, D. New York City, and Boston, oming home along the shores of he Great Lakes. Miss Jordan eaches a rural school near Laota, and she will return August 6 to resume her work there. Last ummer she made a tour vest. in the GRANT Supt. C. W. Hamand has Issued he annual bulletin announcing that chool will open on Monday, August 27, for a half-day session. There will be nine candidates for graduation. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Berggren, Waterloo, and their sons spent the veek-end at Delbert Hunt's. Geo. W. Andrews, daughters Marie and Bonnie, and his mother, Mrs. John Andrews, all of Iowa Tails, visited at the H, L. and W. 0. Briggs homes last Thursday and Friday. The Grant girls' 4-H club is camping this week at Interlaken, Alice Mayne is club leader. LEGAL NOTICES Board Proceedings June 30, 1934 Joint PA-K State of Iowa, Palo Alto County, SS. Saturday, June 30, 1934. - - . _. _. |jj ^ c be Instructed to transfer $2.00 from Dr. 4 to county fund; supervisors expense paid from county fund. Ayes: O, D. Shumway, legal W-K No. 86-89- Mllbert Severlens, labor ...^ Dick Baade, labor 6.00 1.19 iRIOAD MAINTENANCE FIUND graveling .Tolnt Secondary trict No. 289 Kossuth, and No. Palo Alto county. Ayes: All. 227 Court House, IUU ^VIIU \r\JltH*Jt •*.,».«• .-... Motion by Balgeman nnd seconded by COSSTOVC that Otto Callles, Al- Incl. Cresco, be permitted to pay • ' and suant to the Call of the Iowa. i— — >.— .,, of 'Palo 'penalty. Ayes: All. met pur°|. Motion by. MoDonak^and Auditors, *£AV»J«£:^ »r"H : l^'c'on^slon^T'^^-e^ Palo Alto— John Robinson, Omro Conlon, and T. C. Truog. 'Wcgener, J. aervlcs 4.89 2,0-4 .THURSDAY change tot labor . Thoa. Akre, prov. tn~~cxchango for labor Council Oak Store87~mo~v™"7n exchange for labor ,.„,. W J *• p " ohe . r '. Pr°v"!n—ex"- 6 '°° 15.05 2.50 An,- -Jam.* »::•- i change for labor j.~O. Thavca""pub. notice _.* 36.60 change for labor _ ' ex ~ (Eugene Meyers, labor 24.CO IK. A. Clark, prov. In exclmmro IXT it .1...... r,«li fti^l riA «AI I fnift Inihnt. ..me,*. 9m Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service E0.43 Ed Jergenson, labor . .. 7.CO Otto Taylor, labor 17.BO City of Algona, light and water service i._ 26.69 C. A N. W. R'y Co., ffc't. 1.46 E. J. Butler, Co., Auditor, express nnd frt. 1.98 Haggard '& Waller, pub. notice 2.75 'Kossuth Counts'—Chas. Morris and P. J. 'Heiken. Absent: 'Balgeman, Cosgrove, nnd McDonald. Joint "Boards proceeded to organize and upon motion, John Wegenei- was elected 'Chairman and D. 'L. Johnson, Secretary of said meeting. Cottlngton, Mike on Swon^ryioatl ^'^Iks, iti INorthwestern 'Bell Tel. So., tel. rtrtl' nlM nlY: nTfi 'XTI fVTO 'X7.I Tit 07(1 flOI'VlCf* , . , , 201 264, 2IS, 270, 271, 272, 274, 275, 27<J 277,' 279, 281, 284, 285, 2S7, 290, 292, 293. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by nalgoman that pauper notice bo served on A. Muner and wife. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by service Paul Construction Co., hauling 13.73 gravel 1212.90 Paul Construction Co., hauling' gravel Hugo Gade, labor Fred J. Coon, labor Dr. M. O. Bourne, assign. , . r for labor ......... l " M ' „ IBalley & Co., prov. In cx'o'haniS for labor ........"_.. " a " 80 for labor __. A. IT, Krause, prov. IrT'ex- chango for labor Thavcs Sisters, prov.~"|n~~nv~ change for labor Rite 'Way Pood Storo,""nrov"Tn exchange for labor ~ 10.00 17.50 fi.OO Kll..t .^." _ KI..ITI "' C, J. Appleqmsrin r o~v".~~i r r~ev: change for labor P6 ' " mi 7V. A i il i L! *. <*.-,« it lOt lOn OV V.jUSKrUi I! 11IHI SUUUllUfU uy J-"* t *'»• vj. jj*j\ti nt, <iaaifrn. _.._._ Ths being he date andI time set for , Bnl man - thnt bflnnl estimates of U'Joe Helderscheldt, patrol hearing on the establishment of pro- \ Q Ilntten on Dr . no be approved. Tom Weir, patrol posed joint gravel District No. iS9 ^ clem Goodnmn patro , " T^nnaii t U n nrt XTri "JOT Tallin AlTrt thP * ' •*••••• « w _•» «.._»._.. *_»... ** "*•" 7G.50 Kossuth, and No. 227 Palo Alto, the same having been published In both counties as per proof of publication on I POOR IJ'ON'D ..... SUPERVISOR DIST. NO. yes: All. Clem Goodman, patrol „ 75.90 Annn „„„, " aj " Na Motion by Balgeman and seconded |Ed Fuchsen, patrol _•_ 70.00 j tnSin,, snnlcoy ' " rov ' Martin by Helken'that D. L. Leffert report I William O. Ludwlg, patrol ... 77.-10 Jordan filed or objectors present: Moved by Morris and seconded by Cottlngton, that resolution establishing said joint gravel district be adopted and passed. Motion carried. All voting In favor thereof as per resolution on file In each county. uuiicauon on , _, , t , Drn | nage (District N o. 8 nnd objectlons No. 6 Humboldt and Kpssuth be approved and recorded. Ayes: All. John Hanselman, patrol S. D. MdDonlnd, patrol Motion by llelken and seconded by Fay Minard, patrol 62.50 MaDonald that R. F. Hawcott 'bo | Peter Movlck, patrol 75.00 given a refund of $2 because of over-1 Clifford Holmes, ' " " P^r_iii ttS^^osaSp-sss—- Clms. Dennis IIIIIH" 1400 122. .12 87.50 G.Of! 41.00 MwT'lli!™ 1 ^ 1 "*« ! !"-iX??^ S".',«, S! ». 0 ':,! E 5 ----. 15.00 paying treasurer's office In poll tax 1933. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded Mrs. Josephine Scribnerr ca'ro ," Pox Farm > M. L. Worby, patrol 75 001 , K " t ' M ;i," iox 1<arr n. rent Al- Lycll Miller, patrol _IIIII™" 73.55 -vr « ™ Bon 21.00 ~*f"Z"i"\ ""f» "v.~r "" —i" »"„"„"„",',?„",! i,,, I Jwoiion uy ivicuonoiu ami seconacu J. H. Montgomery, patrol 76.50 * ia.;fj-..T ourne ' med. care Ray Moved by Robinson and 'Seconded by , , y BalBemnn that a refund of $4.00 be I Clyde Sanders, patrol 00.00 ' „ J^l? GOO •°?'°E * ha ,t ^f'f.LV^'^Jf,?! gjvcn John II. Seemnn, Plum Creek John S. Nelson, patrol I. 71.30, B ;, vF -° e "ney, med. caro Em"- M nnv , . , ____ , . m o clock p m., at the Court House in Tw l)CCallao ot overpayment of tax- Wm, L. Barker, patrol ....... G2.75 ; T11; w iSr k r.- ............. Ai.mnn , Triwn ,,„ fho ,i nto „„,, ^inrp • . . . „ ...» ...... ' ---- — aowa, be the date and of receiving bids and letting gravel contract and the County Auditors are hereby authorized to advertise same, as required by law. Motion carried. On motion the Joint Board adjourned until August 0, 1934, at 1:30 p. m., at AlBona, Iowa. JOHN Attested: D. D. JOHNSON, County Auditor. Chairman. July 9, 1934 Auditor's Office July 9, 1934. Board of 'Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with the following members present: Balgeman, Helkcn, and McDonald. Absent: Cosgrove and Morris. On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. July 16, 1934. E. J. BUTL.EB, County Auditor. July 16, 1934 Auditor's Office July 16, 1934. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion toy iBuIgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that Wednesday, August 1, 1934, at 1:30 o'clock p. m. be fixed as date of letting on Joint Secondary iRoad District No. 289, Kossuth county, and No. 192, Palo Alto county. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded y Cosgrove that Ben Dwenger, of Cresco township, be permitted to pay delinquent poll tax for the year 1934 less interest and penalty. Ayes: All. Motion 'by Balgeman and seconded _>y Cosgrove that following record entry be made on 1934 Budget Estimate of Kossuth county. Be it remembered, that on this 16th day of July, 1934, the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county, Iowa, met n session for the purpose of filing and considering the estimate for the oca! budget of said county. There was present a quorum as required by aw. Thereafter and on said day there was filed the foregoing estimate. Thereafter said estimate wag duly considered by the board. The board being fully advised finds that a date of hearing on said estimate should be fixed and it does fix the 1st day of August, A. D. 1934, at the hour of ten a. m., of said day as the date of hear- ng, said hearing to be had at the "Tourt House in Kossuth county, Iowa. The County Auditor was directed publish the estimate and notice 'Nelson Hardware, sup. learlng as required by law In the Xossuth County Advance,, Algona Jpper Des Moines, and Bancroft Reg- ster, official newspapers within the jounty Publication to be for one Insertion 'Darrow Chemical Co., sup""" and to be at least ten days prior to United Chemical Co., sup. es In tax receipt No. 162 In 1933. Ayes: , mtl , ol ---- — ....... T w irr.- J. W. McCrcery, med. , . caro IMIke Baker, patrol ....... r,3.2r> Mra ,' Tle t z , ............. - ~ 25.00 7C.OO •**'*• u»nr\.t; .Luirviri i |'ti Li 1.11 Do. £l) ) — — — — — — — — _ _ _ — _ -i(j (ui Motion by 'Balgeman and seconded Blmer Bwing, patrol 87.85 ,' car ° Myrtle St. John «'oo by Cosgrove that Clarence 13. Mersch, Oscar Baring, patrol _ 50.00'. c. ca Ji e ,' Sa ager ~ .,'m •Tin »if I stli? T*iir»\ 1\« irlirn« n _.„*%. .,,1 n f A 1 * AM T>« t * It. ««i. u ~t ~"""""" "* — "* «rt «« -A linn. H. ( TOO If. t'Otlf Trt« Til _ * i""" _^'T\ Garfield Twp., be given a refund of Alton Pettlt, patrol SG.SO £1, J9.25 because of overpayment of tax'Alien Carr, patrol "=" 1J ^ eto ~ receipt No. 76 In 1933. Ayes: |wi'll Leeper, patrol .IIIIIIHI . ...... _______ Motion by Balgeman and seconded , Chester Alme, patrol by McDonald that a refund of $1.52 bejj. 'F. Qulnn, patrol - -- • - . given A. F. Cm-ran, Sherman Twp., .because of overpayment on tax receipt No. 5G.' Ayes: All. Jerry Neeland, patrol ".III Jay 'Godden, .patrol " C. A. Lamoreux, patrol .IIIII 57.50 75.00! 7S!(X)' 57.00 i Cook, rent Joe~Platt™ wheel chair Mrs": Pr ° V- Stewart On motion Board proceeded to audit F. D. Prulsmnn, patrol nnd allow bills as per "Schedule of iWIVbur A. Fisher, patrol Claims" hereinafter written: OHvoi- vnnnir .natpnt SOBBryUiLE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND J. A. McDonald, envelopes $ 20.80 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. service 65.04. Harry Curtis, weed comm. 17.41 Floyd Newville, transp. OCO boys 6.00 CHy of Algona, light and water service 99.59 Haggard & Waller, pub. pro- Oliver Young, patrol ..II Albert Young, patrol T^ouls Scott, drag. 'Stofe,~~p"r~o"v.™I?fanlc •1« i ^i'al P V Do " v !E"!™!i"! K " 1 ' 1 Schneider 71 KO 59:50 Win. Speichcr, drag. Wm. Keller, drag. II.I Menno Rlslus, drag. _™ Gust Ncison, drag. •Fred Butterfleld, drag. II [Jacob Hofbaucr, drag. A. M. Guslafson, drag. I Peetr N. Thilges, drag. Albert Wlttkopf, drag. .IIIII 900 ' ceed., etc. 307.41 ^° rcn ^' CTS - llraff J. A. McDonald, envelopes 100.00 V u ' T - ,f rs ' dr , aff ' Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tel. i olm Ivohlwcs, drag. service 55.09 Mary K. 'Sands, salary 80.00 F. J. iBnlgeman, comm. and session W. B, MlDonald,"com."and~~s"es- sion W. S. Cosgrove, com. and ses- Raymond E. (Peterson, drag. _ Albert Kressln, drag. B. C. Behnkendorf, drag. I 17005JJ. B. Scholtes, drag. i Calvin Rippentrop, drag. JIM f/B 'Leo Malecek, drag. 1W>W> |Crawford Bros., drag. IIIIIIH 11.00 10.50 13.00 12.50 sion _ ' -]Sl!>5l J - L ' Intel-mill, drag. .IIIIII™ Chas. Morris, cornnT"a'mf"ses" 170.90!Kdward Hagge, drag. P. J. Helken, comm. and session 19.CO Frances MaEnroe, labor ~_ 11.25 J. M. Moore, exp. "III 3-1.19 Clark Orton, work on books to balance checker's report G. W. Gunder, drag. "II Lynmn Potter, drag. .11 iRichard Potratz, dragT'IIIHH Tax Service Co., tax service work 130.00 O. L,. Thoreson, QuarantFne II G. B. Johnson, return ballots Aaron Steussy, return, ballots Laird & McCullough, rent chairs James Hatten, bty. Ronald Heetland, bty.~II""I R. A. Evans, coroner's fee"II. Fred Baumgartner, drag. _ iFred 'Rieffer, labor 33,|5JRoelf Miller, labor II Ole Gerdls, labor H. C. Allts, labor """ Peterson Studio, pictures prisoner's G. L. Llndqulst, Agt., uncTdfm- ed fees Bancroft Register, pub", pio- ceed., etc. Haggard i& Waller, pubT'pro- ceed., etc. 144.35 2.20 2.10 2.50 S.SO .55 .45 C.OO 27.44 11.95 111.08 Des Moines Rubber 'Works, sup. Frankel Carbon & Hlbbon"~Co~ sup. Jenklns-Fergemann Co"supT Matt 'Parrott & Sons Co., supl Advance Pub. Co., 1.37 1.50 15.25 3.13 13.50 7.50 22.40 17.50 13.75 42.00 1,50 Chas. Hanson, labor 15.00 B. A. Taylor, labor _. ~" 3.00 C. H. Cooper, labor 12.GO Dick Baade, labor _ 4.00 Glenn Clark, labor II 15.60 'Ralph Craig, labor 17.30 iL. E. Work, labor _ 10.80 Carl Odin, labor IIIII 14.00 Kennedy Bros., assign. .IIIII 75.00 'Leo Delperdang, labor 1.65 Sam Warner, labor 12.50 Geo. Heddlnger, labor 7.50 John Espe, labor 15.00 tRrnold Delperdang, labor 32.00 K. W. Samp, labor "_ 9.50 Ben Nolle, labor " •Hugh Carroll, labor Mlno Behrends, labor"! Advance Pub. co., pub. notice" Haggard & Waller, pub. notice 'Reuben Pcdersen, bty. Dreyer & Wlllrett,' aup. Jb. pro- Irs p. sup. up. ft O'N FUN erv. Lttle In- UND S.SO 2-13. »S 13S.OD 2.50 1.35 2.20 2.14 14.40 31.95 .70 22.00 D 37.S5 10.40 el pit •G. B. Johnson, appraising gravel pit _ IK. E. Saunders, appraising gravel pit John Schumacher, meals furnished help W. B. Williams, hauling gravel W. B. Williams, hauling gravel Paul Const. Co., hauling gravel Nelson Hardware, sup. •Lease & Lease, sup. _" Graham Co., sup. Matt Murtha, sup. iGeo. iHoltzbauer, sup. 10.00 11.00 10,00 4.39 9.18 S.OO 3.00 15.00 Baker - - D °° Iey> ren " t ""wS: 1$ ^^"'^S-'--—"- 35 " 12 caro ' me ' iRob. Dutton" 0 7m Myrtlo St. John 2l'oO Mrs. John Schmidt s'oo D £ ?' ?£. Wall ace, rnedT care 'Robert Stevens GO ft) Irma Hana B an __~™~ 5o!oo Ell Bunbank 19.00 iDr. M. G. B'ourne,~mc(f"care John Eller 43*75 Mrs. Jesse Stoner g'sn Will Winter ~~.". 3M Jim Godden _ fiigo Frank Smith _ 33^5 Walter Frnser, medT'care Mrs. R. Steinman ... "6.00 Neva Palmer " 10.00 R. A. Evans, med7~caro" Frank Devine Henry Cook Chas. Gunder __~ Jess Umberhauer ~ B'TS Henry Cook o 50 Mrs. Rosenau goo Jimmy Tibbets i'oo Mrs. Wm. Kuhn i'oo Geo. Hunt 71; Mrs. Selfert" s'co Mrs. D. 'Fosnaugh i'oo rtuS 1 ?; Schaap, dental" work Chris Nelson 34.00 Mrs. Burbank 1500 H. M. Olson, dental work Alvln' Knudsen gliO Neltzol children 2200 Kossuth Hospital, ,ho"s"p""care 25550 Erma Hanegnn 315.50 Mrs. Jess Umberhauer 43 00 Robert Steven ~ 25 50 Margaret Miller _ S50 Mrs. J. J. Godden _ 68 00 S^Si'?^ 5I5"S^ 1I...VOI' '•^'y-S^'^d 22.40 7.00 15.00 1.22 3. CO 2.00 2.TO 2.25 3.00 the date set for hearing. CHAS. MO'RRIS, Chairman. E. J. BUTLiHR, County Auditor. Motion by McDonald and seconded :>y cosgrove that final estimate of Paul Construction Company on Secondary Road Districts INos. 261, 269, 270. 271, 275, 287 be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that IBernard Looft be given a refund of $3.00 poll tax, Harrison Twp., for year 1933 because of having paid same -twice. Motion by MdDonald and seconded by Balgeman that Helken be appoint-''^i a "" ew „' , • • —- >,-, , - „, ~-— —• ed as committee to make necessary *! at . tne ^. C A lGr l e '-.^ e P 0 '' te ' > — I?-?? iSY. at ,° n n a T ° o1 9°- ™P. 111.77 73.90 5S.71 2.20 11.41 2.50 3.78, 7.101 119.00 . 150.50 'General Hospital, hosp" caro Mrs. H. Cook Mrs. Robt. MoorerVar~e~~'Fran5 Stoner Marie Bakkenri-ent"Mrs.""Fred Klein Mrs. Blslo~CadyI"rent""o'.~y Stephenson J. L. Bonar, ren"r"M7"cr"Frand- 22.50 10.00 10.00 . Miller, light" 'im~ Jolin HonniiiK, labor Dr. C. H. Cretzmeye'r," care Drs Fox & T\Tnk"eC"vet;Vert| Fred Park, exp. I Farmer 1 s 101 e vn tor"Co"," 5ifp""l llatt Murtha, sup. Kossuth Co. Imp. Co",Tnp""" Royal "400" 11 C o., sup... " Lniiin & Muckey, sup. I KolilhnaH & Spilles, sup" X' _ 1 1 T _ _ .1 _ * """ - , . sen 10.00: Nelson Hard ware, sup. '" B. E. GrlnnerC"fent"jTrh~"Ylc- TI. W. Post"""ren"t""c,"K7"john- Ing _ __ __ i^- wi*. ^ »ui t,uuti.u vi , oiif. It IV ITT i —— — — — — — — —*• — — — — ™™ — „.. __ — — E. J. MoEvoy, clerk's fee ... 10.50 J- S. Shultz, B up. . ..... 4.23 ,' Hele nn- Koepke, rent Aug. Ros"--'-••• ' •- 40.75 'Kossuth Co. Imp], Co., sup 0.98 L. ena » ~ i; 00 jKohlhaas & Spilles, sup "" IS W M - rs - Cllas - Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff's fee" Botsforil Lumber Co,, sup!" 10.00 | Thos. Akre. prov. ... .'. | "Roy C. Sherman, sup. 20.00 i Grab am Co., sup iBotsford Lumlier Co., sup.. 10.00 MUI'EBVISCIH DBT. ! -Dr. M. G. Bourne, med, A. Hutchison, commissioner .1 C. H, Cretzmeyer, physician , 3.00 John iN. Kenefiek, commls- sioner 1 3.00 IDeldutch Super Servlcer"sup~~"~ iRlev. L. Wittenburg, witness 4.00 ; Botsford Lumber Co., sup R. L. Corbin, witness 4.00, Kent Motor Co., sup. 14 -°° Tire Service Co., sup. ___!"" 2.23 C. S. Johnson, sup. " "* COURT POND C. Grier, reporter 11.00 1. 44.14 9 at ' renairs on Ayes™ AH Dr 4-°7-31-GO-S' l -<)0-l«-l(>B . IP - A - Newville, constable "III Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by '5\ Wt4 G I,een, marshal ....... McDonald that Balgeman be appoint- J? h » ™!, cons able ---- •*" ' tr , ,. *' »j*»t*t — _ — — _ t,,Ut> Kohlhaas Bros., sup. ggg .00 IP. Weyerhaeuser Co., sup •> '4 i.26iOwatonna Tool Co., sup. ig'ss 4™ . ... .. . ., . ...... . ' p - A - Danson, J. P. fees 13.50 iCDes Moines Steel Co., sup 12977 " - """ newcomer weighed nine pound and will be named Margaret Jean Mrs. Christina Jensen, who ha been spending the summer with he daughter, Mrs. Hakenstad, Garret son, S. D., accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Hakenstad to P. H. Jensen's Saturday and spent the week-end with relatives. The Guy Griffeths and Sylvia Jensen, Des Moines, arrived the same day. Mrs. Griffeth, her daughters, and Sylvia and Perry Jensen, the latter a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Jensen, went to Garretson with the Haken- stads for a two weeks visit. Other dinner guests at Peter Jensen's Sunday were Mrs. Jennie Jensen, Vernon, Mrs. Anna Osborn, son Earl, and the J. H. Jensens. Frank Curry and Ethel Weber, Belvidere, 111., visited at Clarence Osborn's last Thursday. The former is Mrs. Osborn's uncle. Sunday dinner guests at Melvin Norland's in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, Minneapolis, the latter a sister of Melvin, were the Frink family, Emmetsburg, the Tom Berk- lands, the Martin Norlands, Cylinder, Olaf Norland, Lucille Hantelman, and the Oscar Norlands. IN EQUITY. NO. 12383. NOTICE OP APPLICATION FOR AUTHORITY TO MAKE COMP R 0 MI S E SETTLEMENTS WITH E. J. GILMORE AND R. S. BLOSSOM, OF ALGONA, IOWA. In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, Plaintiff, vs. County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, Defendant. To All Depositors and Creditors of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, and to Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, the Application of D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa, asking that he be authorized to make compromise settlements with E. J. Gilmore and R. S. Blossom, of Algona, Iowa, according to the terms and conditions set out in said Application to which you are referred for further particulars. You are further notified that the hearing on said Application will be had at the Courthouse in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, on the 23rd day of August, A. D. 1934, at 2 o'clock p. m., of said day, at which time you may appear and show cause, if any you have, why an Order should not be entered as prayed. D. W. BATES, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank, Algona, Iowa. By HARRY V. HULL, 48 Examiner in Charge. ed as committee lo make necessary repairs on Joint Drainage 'District No. 6. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Balgeman that McDonald be appointed as committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. GO. Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded by McDonald that the application for widows pension of Wllhelmlna Erdman be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by Balseman that salary of weed commissioners be fixed at 2»c per hour and 5c per mile. Ayes: All. Motion by iBalgoman and seconded by McDonald that Fred Illg, Riverdale Twp., be permitted to pay delinquent personal tax less Interest and penalty. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that appointment of Imelda CDooley as deputy in County Recorders' office as made by J. J. iDooley be approved as of January 3, 1934. Ayes: All, On motion Board adjourned to nine o'clock a. m. August 1, 19S4. E. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. August 1, 1934 Auditor's Office, August 1, 19&. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth county met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. On motion 'Board proceeded to audit and allow bills. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that following open-ditch right-of-way exemptions be allowed: Bankers 'Life Insurance Co.— P-A-K Jt. No. 1: 1-4 NB 1-4 36-94-30 2.3 SB 1-4 NIB 1-4 27-95-27 NIB 1-4 SB 1-4 27-95-27 3.3 Dr. 90: NW 1-4 NW 1-4 4-98-27 3 1 'NE 1-4 N'W 1-4 4-98-27 0.0 'SB 1-4 N1VV 1-4 4-9S-27 4.' 4.95 1.05 3.75 65.60 3.50 2arl Dahlhauser, sheriff W. J. Davlson, mayor W. H. Steward, marshal Mrs. Virgie Smith, witness C. M. (Smith, witness Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff 31,55 DRAINAGE FUND™ Dr. 3— Ray A. Marquis, labor 10.00 Jack Welch, labor _ 7.50 V. Weyerhaeuser Co.,"sTip""H 2.05 Dr. 4— Bud Hanson, labor 9.00 E. G. Stenstrom, labor 12 CO Dr. 7— Dick Baade, labor 19.00 H. A. Bruns, labor 600 Dr. 9- " Art iZlnnel, repairing tile S 69 Dr. 12— 'Ray A. Marquis, labor 10.00 Jack" Welch, labor _ 7.50 Dr. 20- Dick Baade, labor _, . 10.00 >F. Weyerhaeuser Co., sup. ._ 3.11 IRay A. Marquis, labor 2.00 Jack Welch, labor IIIIII 1.50 'F. Weyerhaeuser CO.," slip" 8 5S Dr. 39— Henry "Fischer, labor 4 GO Dr. 45— Dick Baade, labor g.OO H. A. Bruns, labor 3 00 Dr. 60- iBotsford Lumber Co., sup. 1 "0 E. G. Stenstrom, repair tile" 3o]oO Bud Hanson, repair tile 22 50 Dr. 75— Dick Baade, repair work 600 Dr. 78— Dick Baade, repair work 3 GO Geo. Onken, repair work III s]40 Ray A. Marquis, labor 14 oo Jack Welch, labor " "'-2 F. Weyerhaeuser Co7,"s"up""II "Gibbs-Cook Tractor Co., sup"" Bl'07 Globe Machinery & Supply Co" .sup. '• 4924 K. & H. Coop. Oil Co., Vu"p~. ~~ 132 14 ROAD CONSTRUCTION: "FUND •H. M. Smith, engineer 1.20 J. V. ElbertV graT' 1.20 10 J- 6 V ' ^ 1 ~ b ~ e ~ r ~ t ~~8raT~~pToT~~No7 J. V. !Slb~e~r"tr~grad7""p~i r o~j7~"NoT o . 340 °0 Paul construction Co7,"Sec7"Rd" DIst. No. 271 . 1794 27 Paul construction Co., s"e"c""Rd" DIst. No. 270 ' 869.83 aul construction Co., Sec. Rd7 Dist. No. 269 'aul ronstructlon~Co7,~Se~c7 ^ No. 261 787,03 rent 8.00 Magnusson, Chris Nlelson Guy Mantor, rent <Mrs. V. iR'utledge G.OO Harvey Graham 5.00 A. E. Michel, rent El™ Bur- t>ank 50.00 Wm. F. Behnke, rent Mrs. Martha Gellenfeld 20.00 J. T. iBohannon, renf lira" Wiltse 5.00 Mrs. Itnelda Doarey,~rent""Wrn7 Baker Mrs. COUNTY FUKD Dr. 82— 7.91 Theo Dorenbush, labor 4900 F. Weyerhaeuser Co., slip""™ 3'.34 Dr. 84- NB 1-4 SW 1-4 4-9S-27 "0.0 'N1W 1-4 NB 1-4 9-98-27 32 SW 1-4 'NE 1-4 9-9S-27 """ 3.1 SB 1-1 NB 1-4 9-9S-C7 __!"." 2.7 Ayes: All. Motion by Cosgrove and seconded b.y Helken that Balgeman be appointed as committee to make necessary repairs on 'Dr. 95. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by cosgrove that Heiken be appointed as'committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 3, 12, SI, 60, 80. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that McDonald be appointed as committee to make necessary repairs on Dr. 114. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by McDonald that official bonds of Wm. H. Gilbrtde, L. B. Linnan, and H. M. Smith. Soldier's (Relief Commissioners, be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Helken that final estimates of Paul Construction Company on Secondary Road District No. 257. 258 559 and 292 and final estimates of W. B •Williams on Secondary Road District (No. 256, 205, 284, and 232 and 244? be approved. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that James Le Roy Donovan ,£g> gl X en Boldler 's exemption for year 1933. Ayes: AH. Motion by Balgeman and seconded .by McDonald that County Treasurer G. D. Shumway, legal serv... Dr. 85- 3.00 Ray A. Marquis, labor r>oo Jack Welch, labor q« P- Weyerhaeuser Co.,~sup7"r 22.71 Dick Baade, labor ''"' sm ,,. ao ------__. o.w Dr. 93— Dr. 99- Dlck Baade, labor nm i» Qa_ -------.» u.w Severlens, labor 38.50 Ray A, Marquis, labor .Tnnlf \V«lMi inK^n -----» 4 nn , Jack Welch, labor ------ ,2 ' F ' wyerhaeuse r CoT""" Dr. 116- Concrete Co., sup. Dr. 129- i 26 estimate No. 3 1748.85 P. Weyerhaeuser Co., 8 up. ., 2 .82 Guy Ash, labor Dr. 139— iab5r 3:00 ,P. Weyerhaeuser Co., sup. ._ L91 Dr. J65— O. D Shumway, legal serv.., 43.21 Dr. 1G6- 13 of 60- O. August Stohr, H- No. 6-S7- --------- 30.00 22.50 B.OO 6.00 4.53 1.62 1.3$ Herb Adams, labor 1500 W. B. Williams, See Rd~"Dlst~ No. 265 ' ronjn ^N B - W11 " ams "^ec."Rd7"Dldt Paul Consfr"u"cu5n"co7,~S~e~c""Rd" DIst. No. 257 ' 11S9W '™ l ConstructIon"Co7," Se"c7"Rd7 "" 'Dist. No. 293 101715 ______ ___ Council Oak, prov. ~ __ I II Ben Olson _____________ 4.50 Jim Godden __________ 2.00 Cut Rate Grocery, orov. _____ Max Meslng . _ 7.60 "" —-- 526.38 : No. 259 I. ' *"" 744 47 bridge '""'"' 237^78 No. 4 453.60 827.81 829.93 w n ,' ' °- o. >> • B. ^Williams, Sec. Rd. DIst. "" . Wilirams7"Sec." s JN 0. 256 B. WlUia"ms7~s55."Rd7'Dlst: 'ISO. Jo2 flon ci " 927.69 £108.96 C09.96 ,7,-----^—-^-^-^," "1.43 W. B. WiiIlams7"Sec.~"Rd7"f>!st" No. 139 'N B 'oJ 3/ni '" t "™~^^""^5r"Dlst" . 859.73 r*?;' f? .... ' :.!!'....l... 8 . t ; 639.86 _ H. M Smith, s'alar-y-IIIHIIIi: 24500 P,°, n T -,Nugent, asst. engr. 14000 Milton MoPadden, rodman — 75.00 Joe M. Esser, labor " 10770 Goodman Hundsness, p'atrol ' Oscar Earing, labor "" Anthony Hildman, "checking gravel _______ w "ri""^ c " l kngrve a Sid Lloyd, checking gravel ___ 15.05 Clarence H. Cooper, checking gravel 18.55 S-^">^"~™ 93.10 gravel 22.40 Spear & McVa"y7Tab3r 324« E. L. Huber, labor BUI Lloyd, labor Geo. Looft, labor J; J. Welland, labSi" Prank Gahan, labor " ~" "*•• '-•ItH tk f for labor - enft C. S. Johns5n,""pVo"v,"ia™ei': change for labor 10 m Cut Hate Grocery, pr'ov'In'ei" change for labor X Anderson Bros., prov7"Tn"~ei- change for labor Sorensen'a ~ 61.00 , for labor 10.00 Maurice C. MoMahon, i Kossuth Co. Farm Bureau,I] proprlatlon Wm. Shirley, exp Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff ._.| Carl Dahlhauser, fuel — Sullivan, Me.Mahon & fees R. J. IlarrlnKton, fees .... Kossuth Daily Record, ' notice -—• Kossuth co. Advance, fee., iVlgona Upper Des; •'•"•" notice •Burroughs Adding 7.00 6.50 27.50 (Blanche Slagle, rent T Sandy Stebritz __ 10.00 * CE. Ross, rent Hugh Carroll " 8.00 •" Mrs. Emma Olson, rent John Norton et al 10.00 ., T-^A. Corey, rent F. M. Ston- r^t^l^^^^ Vlo Jo"h"n"s"o"n,""ren"t""B"ob"stSv5n5 loldO E J. Butler, Lo. J. H. Selfert, rent Chas. Gun- m >'' der 10.00 H. W. Peterson, rent Edna Nelso.n 21.00 Bertha M. Murray, rent Clara Neitzel Chas. Redemske, rent ~J","~Helmers C. Belirmann, J. ?• '«• . poleschjU. marital. B. E. Norton, checki W. n. Williams, grav«.. -I . . , .Lincoln National " fe and W. 0. Briggs, . _ Mrs. H, Cook _______ "" M. Brethorst __________ Rob Dutton ______ 3.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 Mrs. V. Rutledge .V. A. White, prov. 17.60 John Smith _ 4.CO Aug. Roaenau 6.00 Mrs. L, Campbell 4.00 Mrs. Lottie Wlltse ..'.. 3.00 Anderson Meat Market, prov.. 7.50 Frank Harvey 6.00 Joe Duboski 2.50 R. A. Clark, prov. _ E2.00 Ben Olson 2.00 Jim Jones 2.00 John Eller .. B.OO F. M. Stoner 6.60 Robt. Bowman 4.00 Aug. Rosenau 4.00 Mrs. O. K. Johnson 7.00 B. F. Jonea _ 2.00 Frank. Devine 2.00 IKobt. Dutton 5.00 Lewis Bike . 2.60 Jim Godden ._., , 2.00 Chris Nelson ... 3.00 Chas. Gunder 2.00 Lewis Olson _ 2.00 AVm. Muckey 1.00 C. S. Johnson, prov. %>•*' Harvey Johnson 2.50 Amy Johnson _. „ 7.60 C. K. Johnson 7.00 F. Klein (i.OO F. Devine 2.50 H, R. Sorensen, prov. 34.7b Wm. Harris 1.25 M. S. Brethorst 3.00 Jim Godden . B.60 Dave Hasz 3.00 Walter Jentz 2.60 Ed Juchem ._ 2.01 Clara Neitzel 10.50 Mrs. V. Rutledge 2.00 Frank Spelcher 2.00 Mrs. J. Selfert _ , 6.00 Moo & Sjosren, prov. John Fox 6.29 W. Ev Baker ... 2.50 iChris Nielsen „ 8.00 Albert Olson . 6.00 Joe Platt _ 2,50 John Stelnman 1.2o Arthur Locke ._ _ l.U Thos. Akre, prov. I*- 00 Mrs. Johanna Cook 8.00 A. F. Connolly ... 10.00 W. T. Pllcher, prov. Mrs. Henry Cook _„ _„ 2.80 Mra O. K. Johnson . T.S8 Mrs. Harvey Graham _ 2.70 Algona Cry. Co., prov. ^ ~. D iir Barton-Warner Cbrla Neleon „ 3.38 CBob Dutton 1.80 iNels Peterson ... 1.80 Mrs. Frances R.utledse. .43 O. L. Harris .,.!.. l.M Mrs. Archie Dodds . .43 Mrs. 0. H. Marshall •« Bveret Padgett ,„,„. .84 Orvllle Reid _„, _ .43 WTO. VaniJerwerf „ 3.78 Amy Johnson _-,.. . 2-62 Eugene Meyers _...... 144 ""- Neltsei ,.I...;;i 7.W Austin-Western tor I ssue warrants tor this niectlns: as laims" he-re ote on each There was quired by la» •• Thereupon the and found t h . at "rfnS ft on,i nlace or " v . ,.^tne*! and published on the » A1 , In Kossuth Co , u SrJ> " Iowa , Iowa, gona, Bancroft. published] „,... ss^li^ Thereafter anu estimate f° rfu ,.y after being w 'i y ,j at

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