Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 9, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 9, 1934
Page 5
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9, 1934. iCALS JB, ALGONA, IOWA ,<r A lx>renz spent untry ' lias been heart will leave Satur• i north- Dcs Moines, spent her Bister, Mrs. Dewel, Bvanston, Esthervillc. Donnabollc and Hetty have been with the Millers during the last few weeks. Mrs. Lyle Ellis, Long Island, N. Y., left for homo Friday, after five, weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Eric Nelson, and her sister Mrs. Frank Kohlhaas. She is the former Yarda Nelson. Mrs. S. B. French and the Lyle Ilia hist few wooks with tho Hen- sons. L. M. Owen is now marketing D.'id's IlmlisUor Cleaner," a preparation which deans fouled nulo- inobllo and Inic.k radiators For somo winlors Mr. Owen traveled | android a fluid to keep ii.nlo wind- die invention of for UK-, same Shields Hear, but Jan oloctrif: <lovir< purpose prise. Mrs. Mrs. .1. Sii CHU NA/,AIM;M;, A. \v. and JI H /<.I \\ill, liour "iislors— Ro !it. l.lio usual . .Sunday. Bible K clionl, !);.15; inoniiiif? wnrshlp, 11. Young pco- U;ir;;:m>l, KofnuiHter and \V. Wiidsworlh rcl.urned , • from Wortliington, Minn., I where I boy had been since last week Wednesday, looking after the latlor's farm interests Ihero. Mrs. Mathes family spent. Sunday at; Uudd, Mankato, visiting the former's son Safiir'd Herbert, employed in ii Tiotsfonl i storm lumberyard there. Mrs. Mathos is a daughter of Mrs. French. The F. E. Kents drove to Tndian- ola Saturday evening to attend a Kent family reunion at the parental homo. Present were Mr. at S. Prayer mooting each Wcdnos- jday evening at 8 p. m. FIIIST UTHKKAX, V. A. S.ios- Iriiiid, I'jisltir— Next Sunday: Sunday school, 10 a. m. Dorcas society meets at I,uther hall tomorrow afternoon; Mrs. Helmer lijelland and Mrs. Alma Nelson, hostesses. THINFTV LrTHKHAX, V. J. lira- iier, 1'aslor—Next Sunday: Sunday "••• : school and bible class, 10 a. m.; Rapids Monday to spend Ihe work ! l ' :n . Kll( 1 l1 Bn|l vl«o», 10:30. A special | service, 7: HO, and preaching ; till last week, when Margaret was who owns a farm near lost three, small buildings ay night in a wind and hail PAGE FIVBJ Mrs. Vigors from Pocahontas. Margaret Lease, Spirit Lake, came with them "or a week's visit. Margaret Vigar; spent some time at the Okobrjis a month ago, and one day while she was bathing at Terrace Park with a girl from Lincoln, Neb., i ring belonging to the Lincoln g rl was lost. A search was made for it, but it was not found again bathing, and discovered it in three feet of water near the spot where it was lost. Son.e Algonians may remember Mr. aid Mrs. L. A. Good, who lived hero n war lime, while. Mr. Good was job-printing foreman in the Advnilce shop. For some years Mr. flood Isinoe ho left here has been foromlan of the job-printing plant of lli|s Sturgis, Mich., Daily Journal. \ Ho writes occasionally sends witli Mrs. llnrrv (' . • • -.,.,,. K0 i'"" nilllilln "f Mrs. Kresensky. colecl.ion will lie taken up. ^wce'k^vacatlon Kent's parents, two brothers, and u!;*,''™ 0 "^' *"'*. "'" tt veeKB v throe BiBtepi an(] ^.^ r(immo8j lm.no lo ralel, a Iram an ft?£ D. Sobaap and spending of the ready-to- .rtinent o£ the Goeders a two weeks vaca- Clf flit C. Mc- Ihem at Mrs. W. D. Nugent and hen •*/•„„ , , •, r , • Elizabeth moved last I M 0 * '! ?'T. H "? nl bl " ul;ly ' ll s l' c "- . ,Miicy is a member of the C'oo col- " ( ", '-'^''-ilcge fiicultv. SnHn^'SlK.T^i W '» "^'•""'• Kt ' E!l ^ °™v. daughter week Wednesday from one of tho Chubb apartments to the F. L. Powell house on north Jones, which was recently remodeled. The R. G. Ricbardsons and Brownell went to Lake Hattie cer with friends. I was reported critically ill at his homo yesterday. He lias been in -. T1 , , failing health for a few years, and Mrs. Blanche (.rose, Mrs. Alfred,for the last six months has been Jprgonson, and the latter's niece, i confined to his bed. Ho has bard- f fl M H M Smith spent northern Minnesota, Sunday for a !? wLtaMday at Fort 'week's vacation. They are occupy- vj»i%j.j, - "•.•"- | : i>*s 111.1 IILU L> J i Jin IJUll. J.I.U Iltlr) lltliu [_ Mrs. Harry Vic, Kochesler, N. Y.,|ening of the arteries. Mr. Hager- J. A. ;''"' Mor lwo Knnf! s l lcnt last week liorst is well known hero, for be c, in Wednesday at Fort Dodge. Mr. and '• was a Taft grocery salesman out of , samples of his work, and the on for this mention is the t, Sunday of a package of j recoij I blotters bound like . .SSSffi POOL CONTEST HERE WON BY LOCAL TEAM Local swimmers defeated Estherville in a dual meet at the Algona municipal pool Sunday afternoon, | winning 48 points lo the visitor's 88. Esthorville won the relay and diving events and tied Algona with four firsts apiece in other events. Algona won seven seconds lo Es- lliei'vllle's one, and three thirds lo Esthcrvllle's five. * Winners of tho events were: CO- yd. breast stroke, Ratten, Esther- villo, T. Post and Bob Williams, Algona; 50-yd. free style for boys, Russell Picketl, Algona, Keller and Bob Sewcll, Esthorville. Four-forty free style for men, Ferguson, P. Sellslrom, Algona, j John Wright, Estherville; 100-y NORTHWEST - IOWA - SUMMER - RESORT Wednosday-Tlnirsdiiy, AUK. S and ItI.Sundity mid Monday, August 12-18 _'___ 5-1JMT SHOW A BIG ENTERTAINMENT -T,AUKKL HATIDY COMEDY, "Going ]$y-bye." 2—Colored SILLY SYMPHONY, "The Hest J-idlo Heir." ;j—VFTAIMIONU ACT, "Jolly Good JVIImv. •I—SKW SUM'S. Thursday matinee, 2:30. Midsummer special! The seven seas for a stage! The navy for a cast! JAMKS COGXKY PAT O'JJKIKX in "Here (.'OHM'S flic >"avy" A hit, laughs and thrills. were ; here they had rooms at the Dr. Ij. V. Andrews homo. MrJ and Mrs. Melvin Henderson, from Thunder, where under-water distance swim, first, M. Michel, 200 feet; Mathes 198 feet, Chillburg, Estherville, 181 feet. One-hundred yard free style for Sewcll, Estherville, Junior Long and LeRoy Loo; 50-yd. back- n.. • - — .--,,-,". .•»!• .i...» i ,1 i^t i it, i in u f^, i i.iv.ui j ntiujmniLii VJUL »JL. a £"'*• Jergonscn and the Vies spent DCS Moines and made Algona for A Danson goes to ' litar ca ing Mr. Brownell's cottage there.! a'Lake Hattio is north of Brainerd. military camp tor two weeks of lo'Brien, employed at the Thome is spending this " sister at Oakdue and and her chil- Marilyn, spent guests oC tho : 25 years, /s. Mrs. Vic and boys | with the been here lwo weeks, and ox- week. Mrs. N. C. Rice has been unclei, Clarence E. Stebbins. They °E | arc nW guests of Mr. Henderson's auntJ Mrs. Elsie Cady. Molvin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank ^^^ . . Hagerhorsts the past Henderson, of Pomona, former Al- T. H. Chrischillcs and Mrs. ,Tohn' noct to stil .v till September. Hardgrove went lo Chicago Sunday! Donald Akre, liill Doarchs, Eu- Keller, Estherville. Bob McCul lough and Bunny Jones represented Algona in a diving contest; Keller for Esther- Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hutton, DCS Moines, spent Saturday and Sun- night for a week of buying for thei^ 0110 Wray, and Walter and Charles day with the R. S. Blossoms. Mrs. ready-to-wear department of tho Bcardsley got, home Sunday from | Hutton is a sister of Mrs. Blossom, Chrischilles & Herbst store. Mrs. , two weeks in the Black Hills and and she formerly played the organ Hardgrove is in charge of the do-; 1 ' 10 r!U ' West. They saw the lake-:at the Congregational church here. partment. ' off of the stratosphere balloon at;Mr. Hutton is secretary of the state The Dr. H. L. McCorkles will Kapid City, S. IX, and continued;Sunday school association. Clair gonidns, and^Mrs-llenderson-is the ^'^o'^dMng 1 '' 1 P ' A< WWte ^ B ' former Leeta Stebbins, the daugb-' ter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stebbins, Pnmpna, who are also former Al- ns. Melvin and bis bride had east on a wedding trip, and Friday, August 10. Dad and r.iolhcv plan to bring! the children. You should sec it— with them. FREDERIC MOLNAR'S "The Paul Street Hoys" FRANK MORGAN LOIS WILSON GEORGE HREAKSTON in "No Greater Glory" Boys vs. Boys Fight to protect their lot. ANNA WOSiACK EUOKM; VALLKTI in "Friends of 31 r. Sweeney" A • with move this week-end into one of the 'west as far as Cheyenne before :Blossom, employed by the state I C j Uar Ms, cottage at'Chubb apartments, recently vacat-i turning back. They made the trip led by Mrs. Ellen Wagner. The Mc-! in Akre's collegiate roadster. mloved at Chicago, Corkles have been living with Mrs. "tu'rday for two weeks', McCorkle's sister, Mrs. H. B. Monies, and their .lives. . She is a daughter of White, eight months. Mrs. George Boyle and her and Mrs. E. D. McDade, DCS Belly, highway commission, also spent Sunday at home. He is operating a large machine for oiling roads near Milo. Mrs. R. J. Noary, Omaha, brought children, Mary Helen and daughter spent last Thursday and Friday Ki K _ with tho D. D. Paxsons. Tho Me-j her p'' nrii Titonka spent'ter, Mrs. John Van Hisc, Whitlc-; Da(lcK arn former Algonians, and | Owen, to E. C. McMahon's Monday •th his grandmother, 'more, were Algona callers Tuesday. i MrK - McDade was Mary Benjamin, for a three weeks stay while Mr. "" . He is the son Mrs. Boyle, who lives with another , M| '' McDado once ran an insurance ! and Mrs. Neary make a tour to iuTw A French. I sister at Pennvillc, Ind., reported ascncy here, and Mrs. McDado was'Montreal, Quebec, and oilier Can- dMis. n. "._ __ _ _,_ 'that part of the country hard hit r ° r somo years assistant lo Iho lale ! adian poinls. Mr. Noary, who once Baton, of the Deldutch gas ft Sunday for Denver to ie his wife and children, .' been visiting there, ward Tlerney, of Mason her daughter Marilyn are gonir been are i o\v on route home. Melvin is the Equitable Life Assurance comiany of New York, with head- Lers at Pomona. Gets. W. Godfrey, now of the Amok club, K. E. Wight, of the $25 Call Theater Prize is Awarded Clay Wall The on, N. M., club, and G. F. :or, of the AVaverly club, made up Notary attendance here Monday. Godfreys are having a month's by heat and drought. Madonna Quinn spent from last S. W. Crowoll when he was city'worked at the Kraft-Misbach store clerk. i hero, is now with the Bankers Life, week Wednesday till Sunday at I Clark & Clark's Garner Herald j and he won this trip by writing in- Woodstock Minn, with her sister ' as ' j wco ' f said: "Phyllis Kuchynka, 1 surance. Mrs. Neary and Mrs. Mc- Philomena'and brother Lauglilin. j A 'eona, was a Sunday guest ot IMahon are sisters. Mrs. Neary went She returned to work at the Chris- 'Phyllis Elling. Miss Kuchynka! homo Tuesday, and the Ncarys loft cbillos & Herbst store Monday af-i^'ed in Garner when, her father Jon their tour yesterday manager of the Basket Gro-| Kate Skinner left Saturday lor 'rank Bacon, Glenburn, N.'ter a week's vacation. Sunday for a few weeks | Mrs. Robert Bailey, Philadelphia, eery here. Miss Elling invited i Clear Lake to join Angc Roorda, Pol la, and go on to Decorah to vis- Sui 1 ^^ s "-T - — r" m i a i KS» r :S , d -nd oger^Sg-. ^j- -^-d tl,o afternoon was; Decora, A^four., « _ Lu I Arthur, are' vwitmg Mrs stopped till ™ ay f^ 1 ^ ^' ll1 1 l Jcrrv Johnson , Bon of Mr. and ' stiluted last year at Clear Lake for \ U ?» tl^rk .the former MoroaKeb 'Mrs. Merlin Johnson, had his ton-ja teacher who took a year's leave. • A. Call state park, tne^iormer Moioa j«itn. ,, B rcmovod at lhe Kossuth bos- Irene is now high school principal te sysr s'J™rV ""TJUK: s-. M ™r,L ss ssr x s jsrss^-sssrs: L. pital luesday. Mis. c. U Itol " ua | trcatod fol . minol . cuts nnd bruisos taught at Fort Dodge last year, has vacation and are now at the farm, but Will later do a little fishing in northern Minnesota. Mr. Wight is the C. L. Bailey son-in-law, and Mr. Walker, who came from Liver- monj;, where he was visiting relatives), runs a department store. The RevJ V. V. Sehuldt, late of Elgin, 111., ! was a Rotary guest of his father-in-law, the Rev. C. V. Hulse. en.i L. J. Dickinson, an honorary enjber, is attending meetings of ie :club when not otherwise en- agid. Mr. Sehuldt is a member of ie Northwest Iowa Methodist Cou- Clair Seipman won $25 at tho Call theater bank deposit night Tuesday. His was the fourth name called, Margaret Crowloy, Fent.on, failed to appear to claim the $125 prize. Others called for $25 were Dora Garrell, Renwick, Alva Kohler, Burt, and Leo Nurre, Bancroft. Next Tuesday night $1.25 will be given away if the first person called is present; if not, names will be called till someone wins !JJ!5. Men to be Dinner Hosts— -*- [parents, Mr. and Mrs. (on St. Paul, till Septem- son, Wesley, also submitted to I ' I major operation Tuesday. Grace j Mrs. Loyd Bohannon will McNeil had her appendix removed fiicago tomorrow night for'at the hospital Monday. i vacation. Mr. Bohannon. | Josephine Murtagh came home suffered when a farm elevator fell on him Tussay. Jos. Carman, St. Benedict, was treated at the hospital for injuries sustained when j employ I she Is employed in the office of the II, iVir. .DUlliiHHWH I uua^l 71 * 1 *'^ iliwt ttlfc,!! i^lmiv* AIW».»~ | ' " . of the county Mu- Saturday from Des Moines, where he lost control and his car left the 1 - - - - - -- --- - - 'road. Mrs. C. A. Momyer, her son John and daughter Maxine left Tuesday for Court d'Oreilles, Wis., for a week's outing. They will be joined by Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Colt, Chicago, and the Colt son Jack, Mrs. Colt being a daughter of Mrs. Momyer. En route to Wisconsin the Momyers stopped yesterday at Rochester to see the Legion citation program honoring the Doctors jly marriage license issued Collector of Internal Revenue. Her Sistrict court clerk's office 'mother and Myrtlo Beane, Dulutb, tenday was of Will F. ( took her back Sunday, and remain- nd Loreen Simmons, both ed for a few days visit. i, The Rev. and Mrs. R. A. Bur- 1 Mrs. L. G. Baker and son rows, Dallas Center, who arc went to Minneapolis ' spending most of August with Mrs. fto attend a national den-I Burrow's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. ntion, They will return C. Wright, went to Chicago Mon!day to attend the fair. They came Collins returned Mon- here last week Monday. i Evanston, 111., where he Mrs. Cidney Larid, Mrs. R. H. summer school in ILe Spencer, Helen Dingley, the latter's music of Northwestern sister, Mrs. Win. Nugent, Chicago, r. and Mrs. Robert Bailey, Philadel- 1 Hulse, of the Sullivan, phia, were guests of Mrs. H. A. Mayo. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Morgan, accepted election as principal o£ a new Fort Dodge grade school. Father Magnus Schemel, Alton, spent Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Scherael, and next day the three left for La Crosse, Wis., lo attend services in which Mr. and Mrs. Schemel's daughter Margaret, now Sister Mary Pauline, took the black veil. Sister Mary Pauline accompanied her parents and brother to Algona Tuesday and yesterday went on to Carroll, where she will teach in parochial school. She is a Sister of the Franciscan order. Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Conrad, of Omaha, and their daughter came last week Tuesday to their daughter, Mrs. AV. J. Cotton, Lone Rock, their granddaughter, Vivian Morgan, and Mrs. Morgan's nhi.bitants. The Emmetsburg )eriocrat has been urging the Community club to apply for a tore, but the club has withheld action. An element in the lown trcngly opposes a store. At Es- he'ville the protestant ministers HUlse, Ot me ttuuivan, IHiia, were BUUBLB ui. an a. Ji. ^- ------ ,_ - iMv,,.,, Tnnr. ("Mirk re B andLinnan law offices, French. Titonka, last week Wednes- mother, : V <B M,«y.Jane C , a ,u ,e |Minneapolis Salurday for day aflernoon and evening. tumori hrimn nom with her mother, Mrs. I Mrs. D. E. Dewel and Mrs. D. P. [Smith spent Monday afternoon at iabelle Meiggs, Mrs. E. J. Garner, guests of Maude Wenck, Ihe latter's daughter Ruth, former Algeria music teacher. Miss " Evan Finnell spent Sun- ' Wenck recently got home from Moorehead, Minn., where she teaches in a state teachers college. Mr. and Mrs. William Dau, Lydia Myers, and Thos Frankl drove relatives at Walters and (Minn, George Johnsons returned (from a week at Evanston, } Mr. Johnson's sister, Mrs.' to Chicago Sunday for a week at [Freeman. They attended the world's fair. Lee Frankl ac- fair. companied them part way and Maude Free, Mr. and Mrs. mean, and the Duncan ' Diana spent Friday at , looking after Mrs. Free's terests there. [Wenck, Garner, came yes|pr a week with friends. She «r Algona teacher, but for hitch-hiked the resl lo Cresco, where he is visiting an uncle. Dr. G. G. Naudain, professor of chemistry in a girls college at Rockhill, S. C., is expected for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Naudain, and will be here six weeks. The other son Earl Nau' years has been teach- dain is expected from Glendale, orehead, Minn. , Calif. . G. Bakers took Don- I Mr. and Mrs. Chester W. Kings- turned Friday from three weeks at points in Wisconsin and Illinois. They spent a few days at Chicago, attending the world's fair. Vivian is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Morgan, southwest of Algona. Gordon and Bobby Dewel, Allen Buchanan, Harry Greenberg, and Fred Kent Jr. departed early Sunday morning by auto for the Black Hills and the Yellowstone park. They took "eats," Allen's tent, and olher equipment, inlending to camp along the way and spend three or four days camping in the park, The boys are expected home next weekend. Gordon is city editor of the Advance. . Supt. and Mrs. Otto B. Lamg, Mr. and Mrs. John G. McDowell, and the Laing niece, Twylah Koup, Corwith Kans., got home Saturday from a week's trip to Waterloo, and Chicago. Twylah, •• ". u. .miners IOOK uon- i ««• «"iu ana. ^ucoic. ... ^."°~ MrOrecor and Chicago. Twymu, w, Minneapolis, to Clar- ley, New York City, arrived Thurs- ^ r ^ Visited here two weeks, flV Tin !„ J, ii_- Jn,r *„« n iiraob- o t T P ShfiV- «" IU llau »'=""•" ,-._„„« He is spending the day for a week al T. C. Sher a grandmother there, man's. Mrs. Kingsley is the former I here last week. I Dorothy Sherman, and Mr. Kings- Horigan underwent ley is a broker. They expect to ''ion at Ihe Kosauth hos- make a visit at the Twin Cities this Nay morning. Laura Har- 5«tn, had her appendix re- It the hospital Saturday. Mrs. Adrian Burmels- ied last Thursday from a (vacation at a lake near •week-end. Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Brundage and their daughter Maxine returned Monday from Waterloo, where they spent Sunday with a brother of G. Mrs. Raymond McCorkle sub. . l «, Wis. Mr. Burmeister is ' stltuted for Mr. Brundage in the ''nthe local high school, (shoe department of the Christen- Mrs. Loren Larson are sen Bros, store Monday. a 10%-lb. boy, bora at ™ hospital Tuesday. » nad his tonsils and ad- noved at the hospital Frl- Sheriff Casey Loss re- 1 Ms duties Monday mora- a week's vacation spent rental Mike Loss farm where he helped Herbst spent Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Resseguie, Evanston, 111., and their children, Joan and Dick, left for home Friday, after two weeks with Wilfred's mother, Mrs. T. H. Holmes. W. F. McGirr, Moline, 111., was also a guest at the Holmes home two weeks. He Is a brother of Mrs. Holmes. Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Fox, son Billy, Dr. Julius Winkel, and Mildred Capesius went to Sidney Sun„_ «„,„„„ at the Mil- i day to visit Mrs. Fox's sister, Mrs Sunday, and Mrs. Grace eB Moines , who stayed with the Laing children, went home the same day. Mrs. Forsyth is a sister of Mrs. Laing. Mrs. Raymond McCorkle, son Donald, Mrs. N. Victor Lowe, and the latter's children, Dean, Joan, and Mary, went to Hampton yesterday. • Mrs. McCorkle's mother, Mrs. Fred Martin, Melbourne is visiting- there, and Donald McCorkle will go to Melborne with her for a three weeks visit. Mrs. McCorkle will return home the same dav Mrs. Lowe and children are spending a week with Mrs. Lowe's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Schand Mrs. W. H. King, just west of the Hobarton corner on the north Iowa Pike, are having a visit from their son Homer, of California, his wife, and 4-year-old daughter Carolyn Jean. Homer, who is a graduate of the Colorado School Mines, is_a mining engineer. C AVlll- "«*/ »•" v*o»v *•**«• * V-. ~ , ,,101 1V1IUO»| 10 **• **"-• — a — . . with R. H. Greenwood, the former Nell | The el der Kings _also had a visit Patches. Mr. and Mrs Danson. They will attend a rodeo 1 u ncle and aunt of Mr ' there. Doctor Winkel came home i, , r .yesterday, the others remaining for IV Lore "i Minkler and the week. liv ' s ' E - McMaster, all I Mr. and Mrs. Frank Capesius, IB ii spent ? un day here, arid Irvington township, spent Tuesday t U «11'. Mitlklai.»o «,^tl,^ ' nl 'Dnn'hnainT Minn attCndiHg a last week from their daughter, Mrs Ward Macy, Cedar Rapids, her bus- little daughter. Mr • Patient F'H. mother, at the Kossuth and her to Ames at Rochester, Minn., program honoring the Mayo brotn- ers at which President Roosevelt conferred honors. Peter Reding, *.., U aj brother of Mrs. Capesius, and Mrs. former M. M. Miller, Monterey, Minn., went ki»^—°" 1 - They spent with them. Pnd with friends at Des 1 Faris Miner, Derald Steussy, I Richard Post, Maureen McCui- went to Wood-'lough, and Mrs. Casey Loss will a few days visit- | leave for Chicago Saturday in *ar- nd spent part of is's car for a week at the fair. >nventr ?au1 ' ^tending a Faris Is employed at the Advance "vention. He is expected, shop, and Maureen is bavmg a L™ T> week's vacation from her duties at J*; Peters, Burt, visited the ChrisehiHes & Herbst store. *«<* Wednesday till I B. P. Benson, his daughter, Mis. sDr - fud Mrs. M. G. George Good, Spirit Lake, and he ?h7J. 8 . a . c °U8in of tne latter's son Jerry, went^to Austin, Dr. Qf Taursdijy at Mn. Good a»d her son had Romance and logical tomfoolery. Production value. Action. Fine settings. Comedy-fun Tuesday Comcdy-fnn BANK NIGHT Saturday, Double Feature, Aug. 11 HOOT GIBSON in Corking Action "Cowboy Counsellor" —and— ZAZU PITTS NED SPARKS in "Private Scandal" Husband Must Contribute. A charge of desertion brought against Fred Klein was continued by Justice P. A. Danson Tuesday, when he agreed to contribute to the support of his wife and child. The money is to be paid to Sheriff Dahllmuser. Towns Scrap on Liquor Stores Whether there shall be state tju'or stores at Emmetsburg and istlierville is a question agitating and their church members are itringly in opposition. Joan visit Mrs. Conrad's sister, Mrs. C. H Swanson, wife of the A. & P. store manager. Mr. and Mrs. Conrad returned Monday from northern Minnesota .where they had been sinci last Thursday. Mr. Conrad will go home sometime this week, hut Mrs Conrad and daughter Joan will re main a few weeks. Mr. Conrad i in Ihe employ of the Omaha Stee company as construction engineer Mrs. G. W. Stillman and he daughler Ann look Ihe former' mother, Mrs. Minnie Holland, t Maxwell last Thursday, returnin Friday. Mrs. Holland stayed her with Ann while Mr. and Mrs. Still man made a trip west. Kathryn Holland, Maxwell, who accompan ed her sisler home, and is spent ng the week here, goes to Spence ;omorrow for a visit before return ng home. Kathryn has taught a Spencer the last few years, bu oes to Cody, Wyo., this fall to teach. Mrs. M. P. Christianson has again been at Rochesler since July 26, and a week or so ago she had another transfusion, her husband again supplying the blood. Since then she has been doing well, and her recovery in due time is expected. Her trouble is a form of anemia with complications. Mrs. Christianson was Ethel Strom, and she was a daughter of the late Eric Strom. She has for many years been Mr. Christiansen's faithful and effective helpmeet in the up- building of the Algona creamery. C. L. Bliley, manager of the Graham store, is having a two weeks vacation, and with his wife and daughters Mary Margaret and Teresa Ann left Monday for a week's auto tour in Minnesota. They will relurn lo Iowa from Minnesota via an underground river cave near Osage. They will also visit the caves near Decorah, and will make stops at Dubuque, Waterloo, Marshalltown, and other Iowa points. Next weekly wHl bejit Ottumwa, NOlHCE — SPECIAL SUMMER niake-up examination for students of Algona public schools will >e held Monday, Augusl 13, at 9 a. m, 'at the high school building. Any sludent planning to take an exam- nation must register at the super- intpndent's office before that date ess already registered.—0. B ng, Supt. The most entertaining pack lies ever told. Zazu Pitts and Ned Sparks means fun! FUN Serial THRILLS News Mary Boland and .Tuck Haley do ft fine job. Wednesday & Thursday, Aug. 15-16 JEAN HARLOW LIONEL BATHIYMOKE ^ ' FUANCHOT TONE ""•!$[ in "Born to Be Kissed" Retitled "The Girl from Missouri* You are sure of story production! value — stars — story — settings* ft in cat H MEAT FOR THRESHERS MAT, FOOD TREATS THAT TRIM TABLE COSTS! Qr ality at, a fair price brings you really delicious wholesome food nt a savings. You lire always certain of fine quality and variety in selee- thn when you choose food here. Ptas, Websler brand, early June, new 1934 pack, 2 cans 27c Tomalo Soup, A1B-C, rich and creamy, 2 cans 15c pirk and Beans, A-B-C, tasty to- lomato sauce. No 2% can _.llc Migic Washer, economical washing aid, large pkg. 21c Youngberries, tasly, a delicious tew berry, can 28c Pi irk and Beans, Lady 2 cans Milk, A-B-C evaporated, 3 tall cans or 6 small cans ~-21 Corn, A-B-C fancy Country Gen- lleman, can K iffee, Indian Girl, choice blend pound 28c idney Beans, A-B-C dark red, s|yeet Pickles, A-B-C, 6 oz. jar -lOc arch, A-B-C corn or gloss, 2 pkgs. Malches, Palmer slrike any here, box r ' Dull Pickles, A-B-C split, % pint where Mr. Bliley will attend a'Graham store managers' convention. _ Mrs. W. A. Vigars and her daughter Margaret returned Sunday from Ihe Okobojls, where they UfcVJ *•* . _ -il, „ nin + nt* nf IIHV LI UU* ».**%* v••••"• •-— IT-— i a had spent a week with a sister of SPECIALS FOR MONTH OF AUGUST n.iv <8fl 50 Croquignole Wave at • • $2.50 Spli^Jd Finger W.V. (wet) 50c OH Shampoo and Finger Wave wet) 75q Soap Shampoo and K"ger Warned) 7fio Oil Shampoo and Finger Wave (dried) $1.00 Wet Finger Waves 25c MORjBNJEAUTUHOP S ill, A-B-C plain or iodized, 2 Ib. Friends, 15c lOc can 9c _15c 5c jar lOc , Dcoa, Our Mothers, 2 Ib. pkg. -21c locoat, Johnson's, pint tin ---- 63c l|oilet Soap, big value Cocoa Hardwater, 3 bars ----------- Me Laundry Soap, Big 4 White Naphtha, 10 bars ----------------- 28c erto assures success, bottle — 25c Sandwich Spread, salad dressing, A-B-C, qt -------------------- 25u Grape Juice, Welchs, pint bottle 21c Kool-Ade, all flavors, pkg. ------ 5c qheese, Wisconsin Longhorn, 2 Ibs. ----------------------- 85c Tog Food, ever ready beef 1 lb. can, 3 cans ----------------- 2 Toilet Paper, A-B-C 1000 sheet rolls, 2 rolls ---------------- 15c Shinola, black, brown, tan, paste or white liquid --------------- Oi Crackers, fresh basket soda or grahani, 2 Ib. box ----------- 21c I oot Beer Extract, T & T, makes 40 pts., bottle --------------- Mi I reserves, Hawkeye, 2 Ib. jar __28i Grange Slices, Brachs, Ib. ----- lOc \7ax Paper, Waxtex, roll ------ lOc I rices Effective Friday aud Satur 'day August 10-11. ox Peaches Are Fine This Week 'S Food Shop EGGS CASH OR TRADE MOST AMAZING PROOF EVER KNOWN OF EXTRA TRACTION AND NON-SKID SAFETY L UP .T. UP. . . UP ... ttf 14,000 feet above sea-level! Skirting yawning chasms, tearing around 181 treacherous turns at breath-taking speeds, daredevil drivers fight their way up, grinding, pounding, swaying! In the annual Pike's Peak Race, where a slip means death, Firestone High Speed Tires were on the winning car. Surely this is the most amazing proof ever known of Extra Traction—Non-Skid Safety—and Dependability! The new Firestone High Speed Tires for 1934 have the toughest, longest wearing tread Firestone has ever made. They have a wider tread of flatter contour, deeper non-skid, more and tougher rubber, giving you more than 50% longer non-skid mileage. Every cotton fiber inside every- cord is soaked and coated with Extra Rubber — eight additional pounds absorbed by every 100 pounds of cotton cords. This is Gum-Dipping, the Firestone patented process that provides extra Blowout Protection. ,-v- Remember — with every Firestone Tire you get the Triple Guarantee —for Unequaled Performance Records —for Life Against All Defects —for 11! Months Again,* All Road Hazards* (".Si* Months in Commercial Service) Call on the nearest Firestone Service Dealer or Service Store today and equip your car with the new Firestone High Speed Tires for 1934. FIRESTONE CENTURY PROGRESS TIRE S REDUCED PRICES FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY size 4.40-21.... -L50-21.... 4.75-19.... 5.00-19.... 5.25-18.... 5.50-17.... 6.0049 it D. 7.00-20 a D. «5.75 6.30 6.70 7.*0 8.00 8.75 17.10 .90 1.61 1.08 1.14 1.27 1.40 2.02 2.73 83,60 4.04 4.32 456 5.08 sieo 8.08 10.92 OTH£« SIZES HOPOITIONAttLY LOW THE ODTSTMMI6 MLOE II THE LOW-PIICEO FIELD ftre^tone COURIER TYrC size 4. «0-2l 4.SO-U 4.7S-W «MS S.M 3.M See how Fire*tone Xire* are Made at the fireutone Factory and Exhibition Building, World'* Fair Litten to the Voice of Fireitont— Featuring Olady* Swarthout —Every Monday flight over N.B.C.—WEAFNetwork MOST MILES PER DOLLAR HONOR ROLL FIRESTONE HIGH SPEEDTIRES ilFor *even cowccutive year* have been on the it inning car* in the daringfike'» Peak climb where a flip meant death, THIS MEANS NON-SKID SAFETY AND TRACTION icFor fifteen oonteeutiae year* have been on the winning car* in the SOO-mite Indianapolii Kaee. T«l$ HEMS BUWOIT PROTECTION *For three consecutive year* have been on the 131 blue* of the Waihington (D.C.) Railway and Electric Company covering 11,317,810 bu* mile* without one minute'* delay due to tire trouble. THIS HEADS DEPENDABILITY AKBECOltOHy it Were on the. Neiman Motor* 1 Ford V-8 Truck that made a neu coatt-to-coatt r*egnf of 61 hour*, 4S minute*, 30 •eeond* actual running timti „ THtt WANS ENJHUUWE ^IPr ^B^.lBp ^F 4(&^|P^|r ^mj^^gr^H "Vic" PI ,!WFU.%» m (14,*

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