Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1934 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ENTERED AS SECOND C L, A S S matter December 3 poatofflce at Algona. Act of March 2, IS79. Mil. HAMAS INDICTMENT OF (10VKBNOR TURNER When election results of disclosed RGSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. AIXK)NA, IOWA, IMS, at the Iowa, under the ized from the mortgaged property, and their freedom of action, are cut off for a period of years. The federal government, unlike the states, is not forbidden to pass laws which alter contracts, but there is another provision of the constitution which comes Into play, and that provision forbids acts which confiscate property without the primary j due process of law. By due process nomination ^, „,._,.,_ .,„ .— of'of law is meant constitutional .Turner a few daily and weekly pa- [means with full compensation, pers in eastern lo.va announced | The right of the mortgagee support of Herring them was the Mas<n City Gazette. Taking note of tlie criticisms of |hc moaning of this provision and Turner, the Advance they were generf called for a specific cordingly W. Earl Globe-Gazette, offer published elsewheri to and among i resort without delay to the prop- The Colyum Lct'i Kot ke too D—d Berloni W I ELL, FOR GOODNESS' SAKE! What a time they do have down at Webster City when swains and lasses fall out. Listen to the Freeman Journal— It started the Fourth of July, and the second battle occurred Saturday night right in the shadow of would seem to be property within Hall, of the . ,., i » I t \tflj- IHf-,111. 1 I £,111, 1U IA>^ 011U.UVS »T X/I. Globe- icrty^ on breach^of the _ contract the nal i of just ice over which Mag"*"'" istrate C. F. Richards presides. Lillian Adams seemingly became enraged at seeing Lee Blevins with someone else at the Fourth of July celebration at Nokomis park, so she let fly at and smashed the windows and headlights of his car, and did other damage to the machine according to the police. Saturday night Lillian happened to find Lee in the vicinity of the suggested that 't would take some juggling to hold lizations and. that the Frazier-Lemke act pro- statement. Ac- vides compensation. There is there- doubt that the act is consti- , . :d the reply re- jtullonal. on this page, i Congress does, however, have the Mr. Hall begins vlith a charge of Power to pass bankruptcy laws, lack of leadership land instances and if this act can be construed failure of the Turnler net income ', within the limits thus provided it HALL ON TURNER [W. Earl Hall in M. C. Globe Gazette.] tax program, final! enactment of nla >' be upheld by the courts. |City Hall, and that is when she tb the Herring There is. too, a chance that the i broke loose regardless of consc- i courts will uphold the act as em- jquences. She blackened one of •which is credited administration. Failure to adopt the net income e ''/r°" cv '^slation outside the con- tax in the Turner administration stitution. cannot justly be cliarged to the' The act seems legally open to Lee's eyes, tore off his suspenders, according to the police, and also ripped off the buttons of Lee's then governor. 'The measure the criticism that it is class legis- j tl '°" ser ?' .,,.,,, passed the house by! a heavy major- i'ation, and for a limited class at I I he law intervened, and Lillian ity but bv the narrowest of mar- i that, for not more than half of thei} vas P lac .ea under arrest. At the Among those who chanced to take notice of this newspaper's announced determination to oppose the election of Dan Turner next November, there have been some interesting reactions. Because friends are prone to think alike and because most exchange of opinion is between friends, we have been more praised that condemned for our position. It isn't our thought, however, that we are leading any great movement of voters away from the Corning nominee. We don't, take ourselves that seriously. Objection to our stand has appeared in two forms. A few have assailed us as being "a poor republican." Others—and the adjoining column of clipped editorials contains a good example of this—have held that this newspaper and other Turner bolters haven't been definite enough in our criticism. This first objection can be answered with the observation that we have made no boasts or claims of for a democratic administration to enact his pet income tax idea into Kins and after a las't-ditch fight by! farm land in Iowa, for example, is per- enactment last winter. The whole per - . , son which paved the wav for its !atlons llol( l mortgages on only 12 tlle land ' or on only acres out of some 629 -, seem to be inevitable made tax reduction the issue when 'that the act, whether wise or not Senator Patterson failed in the ; mortgaged and only a limited senate only because! the democrats 'centage of the mortgagors are, united with a few iltandpat repub-1 bankrupt. This is a fact usually ! proporty - lican senators to dc|feat it. I overlooked. Many people assume The net income tax was repub-'' that a11 farms are Postered with lican in origin, ant it was Gov- ; mort f a ges, and they are confound- crnor Turner's leadership added to |C „ hen surve y s sllow ^t in Kos- the leadership of Senator Patter- su . th ' fc l r a . notner example, corpor- . hearing in police court she waived to the county grand jury on a charge of malicious destruction of un°l low 2. An under developed political integrity. • Example A—His claim of credit for taxation reduction effected in his administration by his political enemies in the legislature. Example B—His ready acceptance of support at this time from those groups and individuals he held up as corrupt in his primary campaign. Example C—His loud wails in behalf of the down-trodden farmer in the face of the fact that his own fortune, one of Iowa's largest, is primarily based on high interest rates on farm loans. 3. A vacillating judgment never found in a good executive. Example: The eastern Iowa cow war in which after assuring the objectors to the bovine test that they could "trust me for a square deal," he sent in at least five times as many troops as could possibly have been needed. BONAR (Continued from page 1.) undying loyalty' to party. If we had | 4. A political ambition that ever had preferment from the j knows no bounds. party, as some of our critics along I Example: His "smear" tactics this line have, wo should stick to party out of a sense of obligation . ™ ™ democratic tax reduction program "° me 80 ' 00 is in fact the result of the leader- : uul acl es ' ship of Governor Turner, ' II who ' ' lie opened his campaign for the in view of a11 the circumstances, would not pay it, also they forgot [will for the most important office governorship in l!)2j) long before ' wil1 operate to reduce still further anyone else in Iowa had given it a the position of agricultural lands as security for loans. rac This of safety for Lee if they should meet again in the near future. And the next day Lillian penned and signed the following "correction" for the paper— "Lillian Adams did not seaming- ly get enraged because she seen Lee Bleavins with a woman. It was because he owed her money and ics do, considerations of expediency would impel a swallowing of whatever the primary washed up. We wouldn't even hyphenate our party affiliation as Mr. Turner has done. But not having been at the trough and not having intentions to crowd up in the future, we treasure freedom to appraise the employed against those who opposed him in the primary campaign last spring and in all his previous campaigns. 5. A disposition to "bull candidates and support whom we to say he had been engaged to her for five years and quit her for an old woman. Their is some people will remember that from the 29 thought. example °A under 'Kb ^ ^Fv-mmiP not bilnkvu Pt and owners of. "un-jday of March a year ago untill the example under MX „. Lxample mortgaged lands Another objec . first of July 1933 the same year in state government. Now to consider the charge too much generalizing contained in the Algona newspaper. We'll comply with Editor Dewel's request for through" even when he knows he's wrong. Example: His handling of the University of Iowa investigation at enormous cost to Iowa's taxpayers. 6. An acceptance of virtual dictation from one not even qualified to give counsel. Example: John Fletcher. Mr. Dewel may—probably will— contend we are wrong about some of of our conclusions but he cannot specificness by listing what we re- were not broken out — also, substantiate or illustrate: ploice did not intervened for complete lack of «*uj nwun-c. iTii. J.J.CLI1 ill mil UULUtU « rt , T * i f i.i.T can scarcely deny that in the pres- i? e * class \° clamor for legislative ~ l tnvnVR Jinn nvnrmt'n Ti'ftn ]r-]mnnrl ent campaign Governor Herring is accepting support from renegade republicans whose ilolitical beliefs lie has often and bitterly denounced. Example C is also unworthy of reply. It is a flimsy generalization unsupported by facts, and so •violates the professed intent of Mr. Hall to be specific. There is no showing that the governor is, or ever has been, making a business congressmen. Senator Borah says truly: "Fig- show conclusively that while , usness . of lending his own money on farm i there has been some nse m prices security, or that his fortune is of farm commodities, in every in- based on income from interest on s ! ance where that has taken P lace ' such loans, nor thai if he made • £he nse m the prices of things such loans he charged more than!j v the ., fjarmer has to buy has the going rate of interest. far - exc eeded the rise in the price In No. 2 Mr. Hall charges Governor Turner with vacillating judgment and cites the So-called "cow- of his commodities." Secretary Wallace hotly denies that corn-hog payments have been •war." Mr. Hall seems to have hit i deliberately held up to arrive at a upon the wrong adjective here. The ; time when they will influence votes governor hardly seems to have ' in the November election, and he been "vacillating," according to Mr. Hall's own charge. On reflection Mr. Hall might prefer "mistaken," for that is all that his complaint amounts to. It is always a pretty serious probably speaks the truth, but what he cannot deny is that the effect, though unintentional, will be the same. Having demonstrated already that it can. compel cleaner movies, matter to call out the troops, and j the League of Decency might try any governor does ivell to hesitate its hand on the actors and actress- till the necessity is clear. Gov-|es. If, for example, anything new ernor Turner's action has been de-|by Douglas Fairbanks is presented, liberately played up to his disadvantage by political opponents, but there has-never been a satisfactory showing that he wasi in error. ] scarce. There is in truth qo more ground ; let it be boycotted. A few cases like that, and scandals among movie stars would promptly become for criticism of Governor Turner (b een g^od in the cow war thaq for criticism There is not now and never has below governor and lieutenant ™, tt H f rnn f« f °! h ca ! lin s governor, and county officials be? U , w PS ° S£ 'T tle th r £"5 'ovr representative, should be elect- troubles in western Iowa. In bothj e d on party tickets Thesp nffiHniQ took Blevins down in station her self—and said here we And even that wasn't all, for the Freeman-Journal had to explain in a later edition that Lillian Adams the respectable school teacher and Lillian Adams the fiance-smasher were not one and the same person. MANY A MOTHER in Kossuth, as elsewhere, never ceases to mourn a baby lost in death. To all such mothers the Colyum dedicates this tender paragraph from Leigh Hunt— "They who have lost an infant are never, as it were, without an infant child. Their other children grow up to manhood and woman- hodo, and suffer all the changes of mortality; but this one is rendered an immortal child, for death has arrested it with his kindly harshness and blessed it into an eternal image of youth and innocence." ANOTHER OF George H. Tree's traveling poems has turned up. This time it is a tribute to the country weekly entitled "The Paper in Our Own Home Town," which has often been printed before. Chas, B. Carlon, former Algona boy who lives at Willow Grove, Pa., sends a copy of The Guide, of that town, in which the poem appeared two weeks ago. The Example: His failure through his taxation program even though he had an overwhelmingly republican legislature. It remained longer say that we aren't specific. We shall support Governor Herring in the belief that he is by far the abler executive on the basis of demonstrated ability, the two administrations compared. Nobody has been more violent than this newspaper in criticizing certain phases of the Herring regime but when all the elements are assem- put i bled for addition and subtraction, he comes out far ahead of his republican opponent of now and two years ago. Confirmed Bachelor is Wed— L. C. Hansen and Darlene Glendora March were married at 9:30Satur- Burbank, and Helen Paetz. day evening by the Rev. Alexander The committee for the afternoon English at the bride's home on Call party at the clubhouse at 1 o'clock street. Present were Pauline (next Wednesday afternoon includes March, Mrs. Casey Loss, and Wat- Mrs. N. C. Rice, chairman, and the son March, the only witnesses. The marriage was a complete surprise for friends of both parties, even to Mr. Hansen's partner, O. Madson, of the Madsou & Hansen tailor shop. Mr. Hansen, who has. lived here some 40 years or more, was considered a confirmed bachelor. The bride was dressed in Mesdames W. B. Quarton, F. E. Kent, W. P. French, and J. N. Kenefick. Country Club Dinner Party- Contract bridge was played at six tables at a regular Country club dinner party Tuesday even- passed. This is a second amendment to the bankruptcy act, and it applies where the debtor cannot get an agreement on the basis of the first amendment. The act puts him in a position to compel the creditors to give him lime in which to try to work out. Mortgagor Stays on Lnnd. The act lets the farm mortgagor stay on the land for either five or six years, provided he meets the terms of the amendment. Two plans are provided. In either case the farmer confesses bankruptcy and pledges all property above exemptions, but under the new amendment this Is provisional and he has a chance to work out. Under either plan he goes Into court and the land is appraised. If the appraised value of a farm is, say, $10,000, and the mortgage $14,000 he gets tha $4,000 off at the expense of the creditors, who, however can demand a new appraisal at the end of the term if desired. Under the first plan the creditors have to agree. In case of agreement the debtor pays only one per cent a year, and the first year pays nothing else. The second and thirc ! years he pays 2% per cent of the 'appraised value in addition to the I interest, and the fourth and fiftl years he pays 5 per cent in addition to the interest. Then in the [sixth year he pays all the rest of the appraised value plus the interest, and is free. When Creditors Disagree. The second plan comes into play if the creditors will not agree to the first plan. Under the seconc plan the farmer goes into couri and pays a reasonable rental for a term of five years during "which he cannot bo dispossessed, and at the end of the term he has the same privilege of buying the land at the [appraised value. | Mr. Bonar said that under the (Hoover amendment G. W. Still- |inan, whose official title is county j conciliator, has been named to consult with debtors and their creditors in an effort to arrive at trusteeship agreements which do not involve bankruptcy. Where such agreement can be reached this is a better way than the Frazier-Lemke plan because it does not involve bankruptcy. 18 New Cars Sold Here in 2 Weeks In the last two weeks 18 new automobiles have been sold in Kossuth. Buyers were: Fords—W. P. French, Helen McEnroe, John Haggard, Algona, Fred Schroeder, Lakota, Clarence Willey, Livermore ; Chevrolets—Albert Granzow, H. W. Becker, Donald White, R. J. Harrington, Kate E. Skinner, Algona, Earl Chambers, Corwith, James H, Johnson, Lu Verne; Plyinouths—Fred Peterson, Swea City, Henry Bros., Algona; Chrysler—Paul H. Williams, Algona; Nash-LaFayette — Editor W. A. MacArthur, Burt; Dodges — Elmo Barber, Whittemore, Arthur E. Anderson, Swea City, Tom Trenary, Burt. -*- At the Call •By T. H.C. Appears on page 6, ing. Mrs. H. M. Hauberg and Wala ter Lorenz won the high scores, printed crepe dress preparatory to | and Judge and Mrs. W. B. Quarton a wedding trip to Chicago for the world's fair, and the couple left day was always a little brighter immediately following the cere- nQ the law s The accusation of "smear" tac j lies in Mr. Hall's No. 4 is somewhat obscure. If the charge that •Colflesh had the aid of the utilities is meant, then Mr. Hall is referred to a recent communication in the Estherville Daily News in which P. H. Atwood, manager of a utilities were behind Colflesh. terred to a recent communication a corporation-owned electric plant at Armstrong, frankly admits that the ultilities were behind Colflesh. Mr. Hall might admit on reflection that the Globq-Gazette's own attacks are evidence that Turner does not escape unscathed when it comes to "smearing," as witness example C just discussed. Mr. Hall's indignation relative to the university investigation is perfectly understandable in view of his close relations with the university's management. It is sufficient to say here that there was ground for a difference of opinion. As for the expense, how about Gov- The liquor manufacturers cer-> tainly know how to dress up their products. What with labels and containers which are works of art, the contents of shelves in the new state stores are a delight to the eye, and the store rooms and equipment are in keeping. One cannot but speculate on whether such attractiveness is desirable for such products. ernor Herring's Brookings tute fiasco? Insti- Opinions of Editors Against the Sales Tax. Estherville Vindicator & Republican—We are for the candidate who is "agin" the nuisance sales tax. regardless of his color, complexion, previous servitude, or party affiliation. Governor Herring is for it, consequently we are for ex-Governor Turner. The reference to Fletcher seems Sounds a Bit Sarcastic, like another case of "smear." It is | Knoxville Journal—The AAA fel- customary to chargp that high po- lers will have to move faster than litical executives ai|e run by sub- ! they have been doing if they get ordinates, but proof is as a rule inconveniently lacking, and such is the case here. In the same sense Mr. Roosevelt had his Moley and Mr. Herring has his Murtagh. Charges like this a^e not convincing; they look too puch like "politics." In conclusion it inay be said that it would be no triclf at all to frame a 6-point indictment of Governor Herring and his administration which would be fa|- more specific, more convincing, and more devastating than that which Mr. Hall has brought againsj. Governor Turner. SOME THOUGim'TlELATIVK TO THE PaA/IKK-LEMKE At'T When President Roosevelt approved the Frazier-Lemke act he expressed belief tljat mortgagors | than when he first got into would not take undue advantage of political game. We are still would be the worse *f it. ™ ltgagees in two payments of corn-hog bonus money before election. The first payment was promised in March but will probably not get here before August. Ah—the Good Old Days! Knoxville Express (Dem.)—The New Deal was a necessary experiment—but don't you sometimes think of the old-fashioned days when we produced all we could, charged all the traffic would bear, worked as long as we wanted, and didn't stop to think about sales taxes, income taxes, occupation taxes, automobile taxes, check taxes, and old-age taxes? Tom Porcell for Patterson. Hampton Chronicle — Geo. W. Patterson is just as progressive as ever, but he has softened down and can see things in a broader way the for for George when he found one of his poems hoboing in far places. C. C. W., WRITING her Bancroft column last week, interpolated; "It's 64 in this office now. Don't you wish you were here?" We cer- we unearthed a postscript: "I've just discovered that the thermometer is broken!" When Mother's Day Stamps Are Slightly Previous. [Northwood Anchor.] Martin Aasgaard, has retired as postmaster of Lake Mills,* so the following story can be pinned on him now: Along in May came an order for 400 three-cent stamps which was presented by a small boy and filled with Mother's Day stamps. The next day a young lady appeared at the window carrying the stamps. She said "I would like to exchange these for another kind of stamps. You see they are to go on my wedding invitations." Speaking of Examples of Beauty. [Knoxville Journal.] Students of the Wichita, Kans., high school were asked to give what to them seemed outstanding examples of beauty. Here are a few: Schubert's serenade at dusk. T-bone steak smothered in onions. Report card with all A's. Christening of a baby. Brother taking sister to a chow. Cemetery on Decoration day. And Quffe Itlgtit. Wt- were Doini? Both Last Week. [Forest City Summit,] Goody Hanson remarked to the big Scandia woman, "My, Mrs. Peterstein, you are perspiring awfully." And Goody replied: "Yah, an' I bane sveating some too. DUE TO AN ERROR Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Ankrum, 104 West Healey street, are the parents of a girl, born Thursday morning in the Mercy hospital.—Champaign, 111 Gazette. Ah, well; they are not alone in such errors.—E. K. Pittman's mony. Traveling with them to Chiago were Harold Swan, Roland Larson, and Pauline and Watson March. Mr. Hanson came to Algona in 1896 and became a partner in the Madson & Hanson tailor shop, which is now one of the oldest the family prize. Dinner was served at three long tables, and following was a guessing contest won by the table headed by Eugene Murtagh. D. H. Goeders won a novelty prize. California Visitors Honored- Mr, and Mrs. J. T. Chrischilles entertained at family dinner at the Country club clubhouse Friday business firms in town, having! night in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E. been established 38 years. Before JH. Kranz, Pasadena, Calif,, also in coming here Mr. Hanson worked. honor of their grandson, Teddy at the tailoring trade at Spencer and Charles City. He was born in Denmark. Dorothy Schneider is Bride— Raymond Funk and Dorothy Schneider were married a week ago Friday at Fairmont by a Lutheran minister. The ceremony was Bob Chrischilles, who was 14 that day. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Chrischilles and their sons Jack and Julian. Rotarians Have Chicken Dinner— The Rotary club had another Dutch lunch at the Ambrose A, i Call state park Monday evening at A ,., », , ot Mr -| 6:30 - served by F. D. Mathes and ;. Arnold Meyer, Lone Rock, I State's Cafe employes. Followine »Vfir hpinp n «i«tfn. «f *V,n'o f»i n ^ «i.i_i i *. ,1 — . b |Mrs. _Meyer being a sister of new Mrs. Funk. After the ceremony the went to the Okobojis for several;ball. This was the second picnic at days, and are now temporarily liv- the park for the club ng with Mr. Funk's mother, Mrs. I ' William Funk. The bride is the ,M- & D. Club Meets Today- for lieutenant governor. He the a fried chicken lunch the Rotarians held a short contest in the stand- couple ing jump, and then played kitten- State Park Given Six New Fireplaces Custodian Paul Wille is building now fireplaces at the Ambrose A. Call state park. When he is done there will be six of them at selected points. Plans of the park commission call for well built fireplaces lined with brick and with tops like old-fashioned kitchen ranges. Short chimneys are provided for smoke. The sides are 'aced with natural rocks. The new fireplaces will be a decided improvement. Sales Tax Expert Dated. A representative of the state ward of assessment and review l be at Lakota and Ledyard tomorrow forenoon, and at Bancroft and Swea City in the afternoon, to iclp business men and others make out sales tax returns. Prob- ems affecting individual business- 5s in collection or payment of the ax will be solved. daughter of John Schneider, Union .ownship, and Mr. Funk has been n the employ of George Holtzbauer the past several years, Mrs. Meyer, Lone Rock, her sis- 'er, Mrs. Arnold Klatt, Penton, and Mrs. Martin Oswald, Whittemore, sister-in-law of Mrs. Meyer and Mrs. Klatt, entertained at a miscellaneous shower Sunday afternoon in honor of the bride. The entertainment consisted of a mock wedding and games, and Mrs. Emily Moore gave a reading. A two-course luncheon was served to The Union Mothers and Daughters club meets with Mrs. Julia Dearchs this afternoon. Mrs. Mary DeGraw is assisting hostess, and the program will include music by Prances Winkel; a paper, Clocks Large and Small, by Mrs. Bertha Sarchett; and a talk on the clock shop at Spillville by the Rev. A H Wood. IMnner Honors Mrs. Shore- Mrs. Helen Dickinson and Mrs. Hortense Ferguson entertained at dinner at the Algona hotel Satur- WANTED—WORK ON FARM BY middle aged, single man. — Call Advance. Ilp46 — -,—».».** _.__ ....QUUU. (IV/lCi £}CLLUl ba guests, relatives and friends of day night in honor of Mrs F E V "" V ~' J " fhore, Des Moines, and her 'son J. nilip. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs the bride. Doege Family Has Reunion— A Doege family reunion 10,- - took ID. C. Hutchison, Mr and Mrs A place Sunday at the Ambrose A. I Hutchison, Mrs. P W Wehler' Call stnfo narlf \uitli «!,«» p«ii,,,..i— »<•_„,- ,,. I. __ ' "• wenier, Chords and Discords wood Anchor. in North- Astonishing! Are there, indeed, other towns besides Champaign where such errors occur? But, Tom, Maybe He Thought She Ought to Get Up First. [Hampton Chronicle,] The first person in Mason City w ________ ... off because will give Iowa good "and honest j to sec ure a license to purchase liq- Farmers are jus* as human as other people and Belief that they will not grasp at |any means of saving themselves is fatuous; but service, and he is capable of justi uor was served with divorce pa- thai. What more could one ask? Turner Entitled to Support. E. K. Pittman in Northwood Anchor—Dan Turner is the repub- the president was in part ri K hi\r i-J* Burner is tne repuD- anvhow. for th. n«t vJ^™ ' ,T." lcafl candidate for Iowa governor. anyhow, for the act requires the farmer to confess jankruptcy and HO farmer who can help it will do that. Whether mortgagees as a class will be injured by the act is another question. Undoubtedly their right to realize whit can be real- pers by his wife next day and charged with "beating her up." There's repeal for you in true fashion! MOST AMUSING TIDBIT evoked JHe was chosen by a majority of by the rec ent visit of President Iowa voters. Renuhliftuns shnniH Roosevelt to the Virgin Islands Iowa voters. Republicans should support him, not because he is a republican, but because no party election was ever won by its members letting personal dislike influence them against the majority choice. Virgin Islands (where, it is said, 60 per cent of the population ia illegitimate) was this comment by another traveler— "The virginity of the Virgin Islands has been vastly exaggerated." —ALIEN. Call state park, with the following relatives attending: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Doege, son Lyle, MY. and Mrs. Lou Doege, Fred, Bertha, and Loretta, all of Woden, Mr. and Mrs. Art Hansen, son Earl, Cedar Falls- Mrs. E. B. McMahon, Sally and Edgley, Oakland, Calif.; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Weaver, daughter Myrtle Jean, Mrs. Herman Doege, son Roy, all of Buffalo Center; Will Doege, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Oesterreicher, Leota, Fern, La Voune, and Deane, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Doege, Earl, Merwyn, and Carol, all of Titonka; Mrs. Kate Doege, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Taylor, son Roger, all qf Algona; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Riebhoff, daughter Claire and La Vonne, Burt. In the evening the party drove to the Aaron Taylor home, where ice cream and cake were served. Piano Recital is Given— Kathryn McCall presented 17 pupils in a piano recital at the Congregational church Tuesday evening, and a large audience attended The pupils were Shirley Vinson, Jean Young, Marjory Black, Jean Clayton, Ardeen Olsen, Dorothy Hoover, Vera Johnson, Margaret Miller, Virginia Anderson, Alice Marie Wehler, M. J. Coate, and Senator and Mrs, L. J. Dickinson Other Society News. Hagg post and the local Auxiliary unit, with families, will have a picnic at the Ambrose A. Call state park tomorrow night at f Ea hfam i its own dishes, and sandwiches, and a covered dish. Coffee and ice cream will be furnished. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society meets this evening at 6 -30 for a picnic supper with Mrs. L G. Wilson. The men are invited ^. ei : s are to t^e dishes and the he The Baptist Aid meets Ogg. WKhani, Rob= . , <*•• ". laylor, and Prech. Brookside Club Defeated. Members of the Algona Country club two weeks before. Eight four somes played, and low score « was turned in by D. P. Smith!' The toj^rM^iiTv^'H^t^gw.*™ the tourB< * *M Want Ad* FOR SALE—USED BICYCLE — Algona Bicycle Shop. WANTED—WOOD STAVE SILO "in good condition.—Box 1 Burt Iowa - -46 . J.J.JJIU-'II GETS THE CREAM—VEGA Sermr ators, $77.60 Users biggest boosters.—See Bjustrom's, Algona. 12u31tf _ ^-AuaxLi WHY JUST CHASE FLIES WITH a cheap spray — Gamble's Tiger Spray actually kills flies, mites and other insects. Per gal., your own can, 69c.-Gamble Stores. CLEARANCE SALE TO MOVE clucks quickly. Last hatch Aug. 17. Day-old chicks, $4.95; pul- ets, p per 100. Started chicks 1 cent per chick per week brooding. Only limited Hurry to get what you wa Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft .- for number, want. — 40u46-47 SILK HOSIERY SPECIAL CHRISCHILLES & HERBST MAIN STORE Supply your summer and fall needs with this fine pure silk hosiery, popular Phoenix and Kayser manufacture in al sizes and wanted colors u grand July Clearance of high grade hose, at the Main store 59c 2 for $1.10 FORMER ALGONIANS IN STOP FJIRVBIT HERE Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Shadle, Spokane, Wash., spent Sunday with relatives and old friends here and at Burt, leaving Monday morning. They lived here some forty years ago. Mrs. Shadle was Josephine Coin- stock, whose parents had dry goods store where the Nelson hardware is now located. The Corn- stocks built the home which Is now the Vera apartments. Mr. Shadle worked in the Comstock store, and accompanied the Comstocks when they went to Spokane to found the Crescent store, now a large department store there. Mr. Shadle had been in New York on a buying trip, and Mrs. Shadle met him in Chicago. They bought a new Cadillac which they arc driving home. Mrs. Shadle Is a cousin of Mrs A. L. Rlst. A group of friends called informally at the E. j. Murtagh home Sunday night to visit the Shadles. Prize for Second L. C.-Algona Game C. W. Morck, manager of the New Ulm distributing company, has offered $25' to the winning ball team if the Algona Grays and the Lotts Creek Farmers play again. The only rules are that Algona will have to use all Algona players and play a Sunday game. Another challenge is that baseball oldtlmers play the Grays "for fun, money, or marbles." The tentative date is Sunday, August 26, and the game will be a benefit for the finances of the Grays. The old- timers plan to give the regulars a trimming. Rodeo Proves Hit; May Come Again The' Clyde S. Miller rodeo left last week-end for Kansas, where it has been booked for shows. It gave universal satisfaction here. The work of the trick riders and ropers was ranked highly by Kossuth people who have attended more elaborate rodeos. The high class of performers was also the subject of favorable comment. The fair association cleared only some $100 on the show. The show was so favorably received that another may be dated next year. Hent Prostrates Weginnn. Old Kossuth friends regretted to learn a week ago that Leo J. Wegman, state treasurer, had been overcome with the heat while circulating among politicians at a hotel while the state democratic convention was in progress. He was taken home, and it is understood that he has recovered. ,,. aflor ., , T!lr ' "«»«« on,,"' |" H "f H,o bow , l iH wife " i i on debt roller committee attcmn between ' . ''"I SAM . tocr,s° me 4 2' B S." 1C " U1 «*I f'. F, Better hurry—j( l»»g now Annul of Chrischilles & Ha, positively closes Satd August 18th What you goin' to do \ you can't buy those fine dresses for only $2,98! 1, you think you ought to] up a couple to "tide"' over? Better hurry \ down to the Annex i tend to that. Choice i,, silk dress in the Anna $Z95 AKRE'S "Mandalay" Minnesota Flour, is real good flour $!,» "Omega" fancy Flour, the best for making all kinds of cakes, comes in 5 Ib. packages ...II Upside down cake pan FREE with each package. Baby Stuart Marshmallows, 1-2 Ib, packages —.11 Cottage Cheese, a pound for __ Ten ounce tall glass Campbell's Soups, 2 new numbers, noodle and cream of mushrooms Veal Loaf, very good,, 7-oz. tin See our Jellies and Jams, Relishes, Pickles, Olives. 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