Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 2, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 2, 1934
Page 5
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COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, Si/o ,/' „ best farm Invest, sturdy, fire-reswtlng No need to worry Je will blow it away, in i me to keep _ ready for use, swssss- r SUGGESTIONS 'PRISONER AT BAR' IS TRIED SUNDAY NIGHT Wesley, Aug. 1—The play, Prisoner at the Bar, put on at the Methodist church Sunday night, was largely attended. The Rev. F. A. High, Des Moines, superintendent of the Iowa Anti-Saloon League, was present and gave a talk. Ho is the father of Stanley High, former editor and now contributing editor of the Christian Herald, Now York City. All parts in the play were well carried, and the play itself of absorbing interest. Characters who have not linen mentioned arc the 12 jurors: Carl Franzen, Mrs. Bertha Looft, Mrs. Charles Kraus, Wallace Donovan, Carl Starquist, Henry Svvanson, Lester Larson, Arthur Larson, Mrs. Harvey Steven, Mrs. W. C. Taylor, Mrs. Bert Sanders, Arthur Slu- ber; representing the Wesley Methodist and Congregational churches and the Sexton Methodist church. ^ Church PAGE A Revicw the Recent Talkies By T. H. C. w lot to «ktofr No SORTON & SON liding Material Phone 229 hTHRIFTY se fine values [ COUNTRY IGS ** iSc [STATE BBAND tter - 53c JAGE 4 16-oz. 1 Oft cans J-ff\f Iff CLING HALVES Wtr. pk. No.. 10 cans GREEN CUT No, 2 cans DeSpence Bcntlcy Visits Here— DeSpence Bentley, Birmingham, Ala,, came last week Monday to visit his wife's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings. With his wife and daughter, who had been here a month, he left Saturday morning for southern Iowa and Peoria, 111., to visits his relatives and parents They were accompanied as far as Keota, Iowa, by Glenn W. Giddings whose family had preceded him there. With Birmingham his base Mr. .Bentley covers several southern states as a government chcm t and inspector. Glenn, who was orn here, is now called "Doctor. 1 y virtue o£ his Ph. D. degree. He led. Here is intelligence vs. lgnor-j s °i a dozen times and enjoy your- or.™ ,.„„„ — — T,_I.I ---- — ..-i > ance, reserve vs. boldness, purity vs. filth, yet so plausible, so real, accept each step in the drama. Nor does the plot merely scratch the surface of life—here are emotions so deep that they touch the cinematic a pill, and sugar-coated H. B. Warner n 41c 25c We 13-oz. pkg. [ ROOT BEER MET 2 «-27c i HOUSE EYAP. tall 00,, cans ^t>l/ LAYOBS Qr pkgs. f ^ a professor of physics at auw university, Greeucastle, cnor to Give Concert— Signor Mario Capelli, America's reatest tenor singer, will give a ommunity program at the Kloin- eter hall Monday evening, August at 8 o'clock. Mr. Kleinpetor has oimted the use of the hall. No admission will be charged, hut a free- offering taken, to be turned ver to Signor Capelli. Wesley is! Tll ° outraged virtue of the cheap i? oung WOI «an in a German board- ignally honored by the visit of I prostitute, her sudden reformation, I' ng school and a teacher, but it his distinguished singer. lier flu '. v at being scorned, all these P''°ved a keen disappointment to ?5c iSflc Prand I9c PEE 'MIX PE DE DOl !0c CERTO 8-oz. hot... Nectar Tea 0, P. Black %-lb. pkg. 23c 2 H-lb. pkgs. green 2Bc PREMIUM FLAKES 8-oz. Pkg 9c V. F. M. S. to Welcome Members— The Methodist W. F. M. S. will meet at the church this week Fri- ay afternoon and hold a guest day irogram, with Mrs. Carl Hanson s hostess. Mrs. McNulty will pre- lare the program, which will be in he nature of a welcome for mem- ers who joined during the year. Besides the regular lesson, it will onsist of special musical numbers, eadings, and talks. IcNuItys at lakes Instilute— The Bible Institute at Okoboji s in progress this week. The Rev. and Mrs. McNulty will go over. Among lecturers are Dr. M. M. Gray, new chancellor of the Amor- can university, Washington, D. C.; Bishop Waldorf, Chicago; Doctor Schermerhorn, of the Garrett Bibli- ial Institute, Evanston, 111.; and Bishop L. H. Segar, of the Evan- :elical church. William Eden Critically Sick- William Eden, who is in his early sixties, has been alarmingly lick for several days. He suffers rom heart trouble, and from jymptoms It was also feared he lad a blood clot on the brain. It was reported Monday, however, hat the trouble was an abscess near the ear, which broke Sunday night. He was reported slightly mproved. QUAKER Crackels pkgs. J. 1 C ANN PAGE Preserves All varieties 1UX TOILET SOAP 4 cks. ...25c IUX FLAKES 2 sin. pkgs l»c WHITE KING TOILET SOAP cakes ' basket , -50e bunch . 3 Ibs. -5c dozen. _____ fores JVANCE AD5 Jlovu'vvcd Thin Wcck- Of Human Bomlnge, Sinarly. Worrell & Son. Macdclicn in Uniform. 'M SOMKRSKT MAUGHHAM'S '' supor-sonsitlve cripple-hero, okcn from his celebrated novel. 2- c r, 55 reality. The character- IN MEMORIAM She was kind to her servant. ews | Warwick Doopiug's host JTSS eller acted by a superb George Wilson returned from a week with a son Sunday at the The son is a traveling Uerald E. ilartshorn spent Sunday at Des Moiiies, and Mrs. Hartshorn, Okobojis. -me son is a traveling who was with her father there, re salesman. turned with them for a few days Roy Bcrrie, former Advance em-1 here. Bctt.j' visited her mother, ploye, now employed in a Mason i Mrs. S. J. Beckus, and her sister the ! Eleanor. June Addl Aman, employed at the Morrison Ueauty shop, is having a City job-printing plant, spent week-end here. Madonna Quinn is having week's vacation from her duties at C'hriscbilles & Herbst's, and is >i..iii.nii B luaiiiy. mo character- cast of liard-lo-iimlorri.imi i,,,,,,,,. K " " 11UI " zatlon of Mildred by IJctto Davis is Hullo r . [youi" e^ \ he n"on is ! RpondIn S jt at home. in Inati v- ,,•;,! nr it „„ i> , I , . '"". '"-I'tvi, IIIL moon lh Tr*!,.!- .„., mi.., no less vivid. Of Human Bondage!.made of green cheese, and that red-coated, white Claus s one of the season's most power- there Is rcallv i fill screen dramas, ably directed by whiskered gent called Santa John Cromwell, capably acted by' ' - .alenlcd artists who seem to have caught the subtle character-shad- ng and emotional struggles of the fictional persons in the novel, Philip Carey begins his career as who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve, maybe you'll go for Elsie and Thelma Barger, Wau- keo, came Sunday for a week at County Supt. Shirley's. They are nieces of Mrs. Shirley. Bertha Kuchenreuthor, R. N. about s l lon t Saturday and Sunday with this Horatio Alger Jr. yarn the man who resisted temptation, i Crionds at Des Moines. put the leering hussy in her place', i Dr. Guy M. Anderson, Ackley, week's variation. She went to Dos Moines Sunday for a visit till yesterday with Angle Peterson, who accompanied her home. The girls will spend the rest of the week at the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Housh, Des Moines, and their daughters Bari bara Lou and Joan came Friday for a week with Mrs. Housh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Owen. an artist in Paris suffering from an l lv troir > Porter to half owner of one inferiority complex because of a'° c England's most fourlshing hos- club foot. He forsakes painting for telries. To the many who go to the and was rewarded by rising rapid-j drove up Sunday for an'overnight Jf 8 ' Hou ^ 1 . is . the . fo ™ er medicine and falls in love with a prostitute whom he clothes all the attributes of his dream- cntertainmentrpe"rha'ps"wo woman. The efforts of this intcl- u " -' with cinema for recreation and soothing ligent, sensitive man to touch a re- chord in the soul of the sponsive shallow, streets awakens in the audience a mighty revulsion towards the girl and an over-powering sympathy for the man. Leslie Howard brings to his characterization a fine understanding which makes his course seem plausible but his case doubly hopeless. Nor is Belle Davis's acting less are a visit with local relatives. Owen, and her husband travels for blast this succulent bit of romantic ... hokum. Perhaps there are, in this vulgar woman _ of the ]cold world, sacrificing fathers and "' " " mothers who are rewarded, as was Stephen Sorrell with such overwhelming gratitude and appreciation as was bestowed upon him by his son Kit. Perhaps there is, in this dizzy and topsy-turvy life, a sequence of harmonious vicissitudes which keeps always and forever one's children in close con- surprisiiiR in this her first starring ltact witn tne "homo office." cinema. She portrays the wanton Perhaps, we repeat, Fate, once it with a skill which reflects, per- smiles upon suffering humans, haps, an apprenticeship under that I continues to lavish kindnesses and 'favors till Death ends the struggle. Yes. perhaps you would like to believe all this and more. And you do—well, go see Sorrell & o ,_..., , i the Hill Bt'os. coffee company, Des Senator Dickinson spent a day or Moines two last week at the republican' ,. ' , ,, ^ T „, T, .t. , headquarters at Chicago. He is in I , Mr .- andM rs . K J. McEvoy, their charge of the senatorial division. i?l llldr T? Ceral ? me . and Maurice, Tp lln „ T ,-. ,, , , I Mary Biggins, Christine and Carol- Ellen Long, Des Moines, left ine Wernftrt, Jennie Cooney, and Sunday, after a week with Arba Marvin Kain spent Sunday at the wfn i°" S f ( ",? r cla '° n) - They w , er ? JamoB Biggins home, Fort Dodge, friends at Onnnoll college last Mr . Cain , B a SO n-in-law of Mr. . ' land Mrs. Biggins, and his small Emily Rosowall, secretary in an daughter makes her home with her owa Ciiy law office, returned to grandparents. work Saturday, after a month I L ettie Brace returned Sunday to Charles , Waterloo, where she clerks in a I woman's ready-to-wear store. She Erwin Oxley, Des Moines, and had spent two weeks vacation with 7 rances Riddle, Prairie City, spent her mother, Mrs. Julia Brace, who ast week with Doris Long, leaving has of late been in poor health, "unday. The three were friends at Another daughter, Mrs. Fred Doty, frinnell college. jFredericksburg, came Sunday. Mrs. Mrs. J. H. Glasier, St. James, Doty was Genevieve Brace. NORTHWEST - MWAj- SUMMER - RESORT Call Theatre Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 2:30 Matinee Thursday. It's a big laugh special! Will Rogers PEGOY WOOD in'Handy Andy' Will was a small town druggist forced to retire by bis wife She wanted him to have time for society. It's a scream! Hotly Hoop Pictorial. er vith losewall. muster George Arliss. It is a credit Dp-i to Artists Howard and Davia that I]U] | a situation so delicate, so subtle, has boon BO understanding!)' depic- . will make taking it a delight. qpHE MUCH HERALDED Maed- 1 chen in Uniform, a German production, purports to portray very roots of human experience. LfiSDia n love between a sensitive Girls Spend Week At Lake— A group of Wesley girls camped n a cottage at Clear Lake last veek. They were. Prances, Louise, Lewlne, and Mary Agnes Kunz, Iva Mae Ward, Opal Sturdivant, Mary Sherman, Erma Ward, and Mable Kent. Last Thursday Mrs. Ann M. ECunz, Mrs. Raymond Wehler, and Mrs. Vincent Doughan went over and spent the day with the girls. leases In Family Picnic- Mrs. Susan Lease and the A. M. and Lester Lease families picnicked at the Corwith park Sunday with other members of the family; :he Ed Studer and Will Walker families, their children and grandchildren. Thirty persons attended. Barney Gasler to Eetire— Barney Casler was calling on Wesley friends Sunday. Mr. Casler das one more month to serve as rural mall carrier at Algona, and then will retire on pension. Children's Picnic at Algona— Members of the Thursday clul held a picnic for their children al Ambrose A. Call state park last Thursday. Other Wesley News. Mrs. Bertha Ritschmeier, Iowa Falls, her children, Anthony, Clara and Edna, came last week Tuesday to see Mrs. Ritschmeler's parents the Nathan Studers, and her sister Emma. They had been at For Dodge to see the son born recently to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ritsch- meler at a Fort Dodge hospital Edna remained for a week wltl her grandmother and aunt; tin others went home the same day. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Swinton ane their son Stanley, who had spen several weeks at the parental Gid dings home, left for home Sunday morning by way of Horton, Iowa where Mr. Swlnton's mother lives Mr. Swinton teaches social science in high school at Galesburg, III. Leila Wester, of the Extension department of the Iowa State col lege at Ames, spent Sunday with her parents. She came and return ed with Supt. Rowley, who is at tending summer school. The Rust college Jubilee Singers will be present at all sessions o the Okoboji Bible conference, on this week Friday evening they wil give a concert. This talented group sang }n the Methodist church here a year or two ago. The Methodist Aid held a bus! nesj meeting at Mrs. A. M. Lease's Monday afternoon, to tar plans fo conducting a eland on "Wesley are more than surface traits; they go down deep into the souls of nieu and women. And Philip, fine, clean, sensitive — how completely natural that he should be drawn to his antithesis, this blatant, colorless woman who catches his fancy and repulses him till he turns upon her in contempt and says, "You isgust me!" "Of Human Bondage" is heavy are for these torrid days, but after 11 one gets tired of "salads" too. SOMETIMES A CINEMA appar- ' ently hastily thrown together nd atrociously entitled is pulled ut of the mire of mediocrity by a icrfectly balanced cast and cynic- ,lly clever dialog. Such a talkie s Smarty. "Love," says Warren Villiam, "is the illusion that one voman is different from another!" leflecting on the sad state of matrimony, he bewails the small ime given to the fine Art of Love ly the average husband. "He ileeps eight hours," continues Wil- iaiu, "he spends 12 more selling nsurance or mouse-traps, three more eating meals—which leaves sxactly one hour for his amours. But as a rule 35 minutes is enough, which still leaves him half an hour o eat aud sleep!" To most serious-minded citizens he plot of Smarty is heresy, but here is enough of satire, enough )urlesque, enough truth in the pro- ;eedlngs to make them enjoyable, even on blisteringly hot nights. Joan Bloudell as the spoiled wife vho "commutes" between hus- jauds is a scream; also Edward E. Norton, who as Husband No. 2 con- ributes a neat touch of comedy. <Yank McHugh as the matrimonial kibitzer is excellent, and Claire Dodd rounds up an almost faultless jast. Even Warren William, whom we have come to check off our list of favorites, extracts some real meat from this cinematical hors d'oeuver. this critic. Either the picture has been badly slashed by censors, or the condition of the film is such that it compares unfavorably with American treatment of the same subject. At any rate, the thing moves in typical Teutonic fashion —slow, ponderous, heavy, uninteresting. The cast, headed by Dorothea Wieck, is superb, and there is no) a man in the production. The plot shows the effect of stern discipline and ruthless coldness on the sensitive nature of an adolescent girl Besides the novelty of following the dialog in native German, there was little in Maedchen in Uniform to commend it to an American audience, or even to a racially-inclined critic. V 1EWED IN THE LIGHT of a sentimental and, romantic novel of father-love, Sorrell & Son stands as a monument of pulsating patience. This English edition of her mother, Mrs. tlinn., and her daughter Mary came Mr. and Mrs. Jack Frost, Chica- Saturday for a visit till Monday at go, left Friday, after two weeks County Recorder - - - VIrs. Glasier and sisters. Doris Long Is spending this week at Clear Lake, chaperoning a group of high school students from ^Jora Springs who have a cottage there. Doris teaches at Nora J. J. Dooley's. iwlth the former's cousin, Mrs. Al- Mrs. Dooley are f red Jergenson. Mrs. Harry Brick, 'Rochester, N. Y., and her sons Floyd and Erwin have been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Jergensen since a week ago Friday. Mrs. Brick is a niece of Mrs. Jergensen. Mrs. Ann Fechner, of the Elite -.,"""• . , „ • -> |hat shop, returned Tuesday from a Alvera Anderson St. Paul, went j week at Rockford and Ottawa, 111., home Saturday, after a visit since and Chicago. At Rockford and Ot- VT W ~ e ™ T ™ sda 7 with her sister -|tawa she visited brothers, and at Saturday, Angnst 4. Big double feature program. JOE E. IIROWIV ALICE WHITE in Very Honorable Guy" — and— TIM McCOY SUE CARROLL in "Straightaway" Newg Sunday and Monday, Angnst 5 & 9 Algona's favorite! Witty, saucy, gay, delightful I LESLIE HOWARD in a new role! —and — WNG CROSBY in 20 minutes of music and fun. . ,^_ _ Hel rclSnappeH , — —-.••• .••*•»*- - .-- Ther right under , the "eyes of fier husband and' she loved it! "A Serial Tuesday Bank mght, Angnst 7 EDNA MAY OLIVER JIMMY GLEASOff BRUCE CABOT in "Murder on the Blackboard" Laughs and thrills. Comedy_«rn Bo Suing You" New Mrs. C .W. Morck. She is taking nurses' training at the Anchor hospital, St. Paul. Sigrid Strom, Lulu and Mabel Kohl, and Bernice Storm are spending the week at the Okobojis. Sigrid is employed at the Goeders store, Lulu at Bloom's, and Bernice at the telephone ofifce. Mr. and Mrs. M. C. McMahon took the latter's brother, Harry Mangan, to Mankato Sunday, and his mother, Mrs. J. W. Mangan met them there, and took John home to Minneapolis. He had spent a month here. Irma Dee Roupe, Jane Hemphill, Valeria Pickett, Ruth McKee, Ida Halpin, and Charlotte Hilton returned Tuesday from Clear Lake, where they had spent a week. They Chicago she bought goods and visl- ed the world's fair. During her ab- her assistant, Mrs. Hattie Philips, had charge of the shop. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bailey, of Marshall, Minn., and their daugh- .ers Jean and Janet came Saturday o visit Mrs. Bailey's mother, Mrs. !da Minkler, and sister, Mrs. H. D. Sutchins, Mr. Bailey, who is district loan agent for the Northwestern Mutual Life, went back Monday. The family will remain all week. were chaperoned by Mrs. Bandy, of Britt. Mrs. Ida Minkler, who has been in failing health during the last few months, has been critically sick since Saturday. She makes .-, 1Tr n her home with her daughter, Mrs. Farm Woman Passes H. D. Hutchins, but was taken to he Kossuth hospital Saturday. Ben Hilstedt, manager of the W. H; Cummings store, and Mr. Cum- Mother of St. Joe St. Joe, Aug. 1—Mrs. Thomas Devine left last week Sunday to spend the week with her mother, Mrs. Merrill, at Eagle Grove. During her visit there word was received here last week Tuesday that Mrs. Merrill was suffering from a stroke. Later, it was learned that she had died Saturday morning. Mrs. Merrill had been in poor health the last few years, and was an invalid during the last year. Funeral services were to be held Tuesday morning at Eagle Grove. Mrs. Merrill was known here, having made frequent visits at her daughter's. mings went to Chicago Sunday for everal days on business. Mrs. Cummings came here with Mr. Jummings from Des Moines and is n charge of the store during their .bsence. Inez Potter, Betty Beckus, and Hospital News (Held from last week) Arlene Durnin, Britt, had her tonsils and adenoids removed at the General hospital Friday; A. C. Helm, Woden, had a tonsillectomy Monday; and Edward Harmon, Algona, an appendectomy Tuesday. The 2-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Carl Albright was admitted to the General hospital Tuesday for treatment for the effects of swallowing kerosene. Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 8-9 SUMMER SPECIAL JIMMr CAGITEY PAT O'BRIEN GLORIA STEWART in "Here Comes the Navy" Comic Color—"Puss in Boots" New News. DISTINCTIVE GLASSES A. W. Amunson Optometrist. Byes Examined Glasses Fitted Accurate Optical Work First door south of Call Theater entrance. Used Cars 1—1931 Chevrolet truck.long 1—1933 Chevrolet coach 1—1931 Pontiac coupe 2—Model T Ford sedans Gas, Oil, Batteries. Used furnace for sale. We have a complete line of Chevrolet parts, oils, and greases. Bring us your car to be overhauled, good job. Will do a Kohlhaas Bros. Garage — Algona fi:niiiii'!!ii!ii[|[iiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiin I Mail a Want to Fill a Want At the eame time It : Because of the Advance's eountynlde circulation, want advertising In this paper Is exceptionally jrotuctlre, : Is Inexpensive. Boplfos often cost taej advertiser less than a cent apiece. Note—Except long "readeri," any kind of advertising let • In the some type as the news Is a "want ad." You "want" to sell as weH as buy, you "want" to trade, yon "want" t5 rent a houie S or farm, you "want" to take cows to pasture, etc. All such advertising Is called "want" advertising by newspapers. Only 2^ a Word Each Week No Insertion Less Than 20c a Week — We Do Not Charge Want Ads — Stamps, Cash, or Check MUST Accompany Order \ CLIP THIS FORM AND FILL IT IN i [ Your Name - Address._._ ___ • • • I How many weeks is advertisement to run? Amount enclosed $._ _ •a Note—Write plainly, <me word In eaeh space below, Including 1 name, address, and phone. If yon do not want your name to appear, must reach Advance by 10 o'clock Ti where. - s esday morning to Insure Insertion In regular want column; If received later It may appear etoe* - » * ""'""»" ~ -••"•••--••>• — •" -'-•-« '--^ T-T -~-~- "f , .-^,,, r ^.,^. I - w ,

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