Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 26, 1934 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1934
Page 6
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PAGE SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA FENTON PAIR HONEYMOON TO YELLOWSTONE Fenton, July 24 —Friends were pleased to hear of the recent marriage of Alvin Rolfson and Esther Anliker, West Bend, at Algona a week ago Monday. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Anliker and has been employed in the Jensen & Bolstad store at West Bend for a number of years. The bridegroom is in partnership with Art Jensen in the general merchandise business, which they have operated a little more than a year. The couple, accompanied by the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Rolfson, of Graettingcr, left the same day for a trip to the Yellowstone national park. Birthday Surprise is Given— Robert Voettler was pleasantly surprised Sunday evening, when his children came home to remind him of his birthday. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Wehr- spann, Mr. and Mrs. George Seims and Shirley, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Voettler and sons, John Voettler, Mrs. Katie Hantleman and family, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hantleman, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Hantleman, Emmetsburg, William Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller, and Mrs. Carrie Hartman, of Waterloo, who is visiting here. The evening was spent socially after which lunch was served by the guests. Mission Fest Held at Grove— ST. BENEDICT LOCALS 1 Mr. and Mrs. John Ludwig are parents of a 7%-lb. boy, born Friday at the Kossuth hospital. They now have two boys. Lenore Arndorfer spent a few days last week with her sister, Mrs. Roy Pickens, Algona. Mrs. Frances Stephenson returned to her home in Chicago Monday night, after a week with her mother, Mrs. Anna Huschka, and sister, Mrs. Al Rosemneycr. Mrs. J. O. Downs, her mother, Mrs. Nick Raskopf, Mrs. John Raskopf, and Mrs. C. M. Immerfall spent last week Wednesday at August Carman's, Wesley. Fanners here are cutting grain. Some have finished the early oats; late oats are just being started. The weather has been terribly hot for horses and shockers. A ball game here Sunday between a German Valley team and St. Benedict resulted in a score of 6-5 in favor of St. Benedict. Ella Simons was taken to Iowa City last week Wednesday for reexamination of her knees, and another operation was performed Thursday morning. She had had two operations before. Frances Raskopf, Halbur, came Friday to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Anna Huschka. KITTENBALL IS NEW INTEREST FOR BURT FANS Burt, July 24—Considerable in- wonting ui rumiuiK.ee, m., recuru- terest is being taken in kittenball ed here Monday of last week and is here this summer. Last week Tues- visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. day evening Burt's two teams each Paul Moore. His brother Durward, defeated Lone Rock here. The first of Cedar Rapids, brought him home game's score was 2 to 1 and the and spent the night here. home with them. Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Rubey drove to Mankato, Minn., to get Mrs. I Rubey's sister, Mrs. Minnie C. Bartley, Omaha, Neb., who had been attending a state convention of the Letter Carriers Auxiliary. Mrs. Bartley is national president of the Auxiliary. Her husband is expected here today. Robert Moore, who has been in- working at Kankakee, 111., return- second 10 to 3. Friday evening the UV,^V/.»V* J.\J 1,V -J • -•- 1 »l..t»,T -UTV*.11UQ V**V *JUl*/-Vrj«lHll^O( » 1»VJ lltlO . K. and II. Oilers defeated Kearns' working at Lakota, came home Keen Kutters in two games, the Sunday. Nina and Hannabelle Gid- scores being 11 to 5 and 12 to 5. dings, who are working at Titonka, Tonight there will be a game here also spent Sunday with their pa.r- with Lakota and tomorrow night ents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Giddings. Kearns' Keen Kutters will play Mrs. Paul Wille, Mrs. J. T. Gra- Joe Bloom's Coast-to-Coast team, ham, Mrs. Robert Graham, Algona, There is a movement on foot to Mrs. Maude Bauman, Nebraska, The annual Mission festival of Thcrc is a movement on foot to Mrs. Maude Bauman, Nebraska, St. John's Lutheran church, Fair- pick one town team from the three Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham and the ville, was held at Robert Wegener's teams ncnv Playing. J. G. Sewicks were dinner guests grove Sunday. Morning services were preached by a student, A. Mrs. Weir's Mother Dies— at the F. 0. Stow home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Lislus and _ irs, n (Mrs ju»uier vivs — jur. auu ivirs. it. n. jLasius iina Zimmerman, of Algona. The after- Supt. and Mrs. Donald Weir and family, Juanita, Neb., are expected noon service's at 2:30 were by Prof ! two children spent Saturday night here for a visit with Mrs. Lisius' M. Graebner, president of Concor- ncre and left earl >' Sunday morn- parents, Mr. and Mrs. George dia college, St. Paul. Music was furnished by the Lotts Creek band ! .1 . . . .. .. _ i iiuiu auu icii. uu-iJj ouiiuiiy iuuiu- iJaieuLrt, ivii. uuu ITAIS, vruuigu ing for Sussex, Wis., to attend the Koestler, and other Burt, rela- funeral of Mrs. Weir's mother. The tives. and singing by the Bible class ' Weirs an d Mrs. Weir's parents, Mr. Edgar Inlay, Sioux City, visited Dinner and lunch was served by and Mrs - w - D ' McGill, left several from Sunday to Thursday at the " - •• weeks ago for a trip to Yellowstone George Gray and Charles Phelps the women of the congregation. 8th Birthday is Honored- Mrs. TJ. K. Johnson entertained park and other points in the west, They visited a brother of Mrs. Me- Gill at Graybull, Wyo. While there, — _ ^ uvv ^, mni^u i i-Tiii "i UTiiyuuu, vvyu. vvmiu inert!, i uu vr. x. nctwuutis visimu U.EL Wednesday afternoon in honor of jMrs. McGill was taken ill and was uncle of Mrs. Hawcott at Thor Sun- her daughter Eunice's eighth birth- taken to the hospital at Billings, day and brought home with them day. Guests were Mary Ann Bonn, Mont., where she died Thursday. Doris Jean Dehnert, Lavonne Mr. McGill accompanied the body Newel, Lavonne Bailey, Lavonne:to their home at Sussex, Wis., Priebe, Lorraine Wegener, Rose-!while the Weirs hastened home in. mary Finnestad; Georgia Gerhard, [their car. Funeral services were Shirley, Pauline and Phyllis Frank!to be ue 'd Monday. The McGills and Cordelia Miller. After games jhad visited here several times, lunch was served by Mrs. Johnson. Attend Baseball Tourney- August Krause. Clayton Dits- Griese Baby to Hospilal— OLCWUIU, u.uu .UULLIO nawcoit Mrs. Martin Griese left with her 'ted relatives of the Gettmans worth and Melvin Warner went to youngest daughter Harriett Sunday morning for Iowa City to have her mother, Mrs. Wallace, who had been spending a few days there. K. J. Smith drove to Kingsley Tuesday and brought home his wife and children, who had been spending a few days with Mrs. Smith's mother, Mrs. Little. The Henry Gettmans, Harold Steward, and Lottie Hawcott vis- at TV , r . _ : "• "~"<- •."jua.y IIHJILIIU& iur luwu. i^uy to nave Des Moines Sunday to attend the the baby examined at the Univers- baseball tournament. Mrs. Dorothy ity hospital. The child has been accompanied them and ailing for some time and seems to her brother Wilfred Rei-ihave some obstruction in the res- " boys returned home jpiratory tract. G. J. F. Vogel took •"" and were accom-jthem to Iowa City in his car. Mar- mers. i ne ™, - 1 wa y n s car. ar• H- rlys ^ enson ' w ho has ilda Pratt also accompanied them .s.t.r.o. t.^ n,,f r-.,«, t u .._ ........ . . . been visiting the Gut Griffith family in Des Moines. Tilton-Gnthrie Players Here— The Tilton-Guthrie Players, who played to large crowds all last winter, are in Fenton this week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. The company has 25 people with them. They also have an eight-piece orchestra. The band concert will be Saturday evening instead of Wednesday because of the show. To Tour to East Coast— Frances Bailey left Wednesday to join friends in a summer trip to the the for a short visit with friends. Esther Olson to California— Esther Olson left Sunday morning for Kansas City, Mo., where she will spend a couple of days with an aunt, Then she and her aunt will go to Hollywood, Calif., to visit another aunt. She expects to be gone about six weeks. Miss Olson has clerked in the Smith Department Store for several years. >Irs. Rain's Mother Dies- Claud Hain and H. Dau drove to Lake City Sunday and brought home Mrs. Hain, who had been there several weeks caring for her mother, who died and was buried Stillwater and Farmington, Minn., Sunday. Dr. R. H. Thompson took his wife and little son to Waverly Sunday, where they will spend a week with Mrs. Thompson's mother. Mrs. C. E. Briggs, who had spent a couple of weeks at the Frank Snyder home, returned to her home the trip, Lucille Nelson, of Mc- Callsburg, and Mildred Schmidt, of Minneapolis. All three girls are members of the Britt school faculty. CCC Boys Visit at Homes- Elmer Krause, Leo Kramer, and Laurence Glaus, all members of the CCC camp at Forest City, visited at home from Friday till Sunday. Earl Luchsinger, Whittemore, another camp member, brought the boys home in his car and visited Fenton friends. The boys get leave twice a month. Entertains at State Park— Nettie Weisbrod entertained group of girl friends at the Call ing relatives, came home with them. New Members Entertain Aid— The newer members of the Aid society entertained the ladies of the church at a party at the Methodist church last Wednesday pf- ternoon. They put on a very amusing program in the form of aa old- fashioned school, A 15c lunch was served. A good crowd attended. Pnrty Honors Celia Barteau— Mrs. W. E. Stahl gave a party last week Tuesday afternoon for her granddaughter, Celia Barteau, who with her mother, Mrs. Sid Bar- state park, Wednesday Algona, evening. last week Attending . were Mathilda and Olivia Kressin, of Lotts Creek; Lulu Kohl, Lillian Kressin and Sigred Strom, of Algona, and Yarda more, Minn. Strom, of El- Snrprise Party is Given— A group of 35 young people surprised Edna Struecker Saturday evening and helped her celebrate her birthday anniversary. Lunch was served at midnight. Lotts Creek Wins Game— The Fenton baseball nine ent. No Presbyterian Services— The Rev. and Mrs. S. H. .x^ and family left Monday morning -•"*>. ,,i c » J\IBI»UII, opei for a visit with relatives at Beaver the week-end with her par Falls and Ambridge, Pa. There will Mr. and Mrs. J, A. Armstrong , . be no church at the Presbyterian ing the Rev. Aten's absence. defeated Sunday 2-0. was by Lotts Creek are Other Fenton News. Violet Blekfeld, stenographer at Cedar Falls, recently had an operation for appendicitis. Her condition is not so good after the operation, and last week her sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Johnson, of Armstrong, were called to Cedar Falls. The Blekfelds former Fenton residents. The Clarence Priebes, Bancroft, the Otto Voight family, of Taopi, Minn., and the Ed Priebe family visited Mrs. Ernest Priebe at Carl Priebe's Sunday. Mrs. Ernest Priebe has not been in the best of health lately and is being cared for by Mrs. Carl Priebe. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hengel are enjoying a visit from their daughter Eldora, of Des Moines. Mrs Prince Rominga, another daughter, left last week for her home in Des Moines after two weeks with her parents and other relatives. Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Ruske and &ons Ward and Kay spent Thursday and Friday at Brooks Beach, Okotoji, guests of Mrs. Ruske's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Robert iforria, (A Des Moines, who are , E.^c:r.g at the lakes. Mi.-?&rej Gronau and brother Artier and nephew Frankle John- 3fAi, >•£ Chicago, spent the last C-JM w~K£3 with their sister, Mrs. Mt.ziUr. Tuesday another them ar&ciiisir icir.hard came after ia«l thiiy rajiriied home. -t. ia.1 Mf3- &. C. Goetsch a.a<i Mrs. Snyder and aad and her father, Mr. Kearns, are * --- " -- ~i »•- »• -- -— — <**j J^t v* i tJuUdiU i alll spending the summer at Clear tended a family reunion at Lake, and Mr. Hayward was there Lake Sunday for the week-end. Maxine Kearns, Zol?, Giddings, who has LOTTS GREEK BEATS FENTON IN FAST GAME Lotts Creek, July 5—In a thrilling ball game here Sunday Lotts Creek won from Fenton, 2-0. This game developed into a pitching duel between Gross, Lotts Creek, who struck out six men, allowed four hits, and pitched to 35 Fenton men, and Kuecker, of Fenton, who struck out four men, allowed five hits, and faced 30 Lotts Creekers In 8% innings. Lotts Creek scored in tho fourth arid seventh innings. Lotts Creek has now won three of five games against Fenton. This week Thursday at 5 p. m. Lotts Creek plays Algona at the fair grounds, and Gross will be on the mound for Lotts Creek. Next Sunday Lotts Creek plays Whittemore here. Lotts Creek wants to book a game for Sunday, August 12. Nick Gengler, Lone Rock P. 0., is manager. Schmiels Off for Vacation- Teacher William Schmiel and his family, left last week Wednesday for a two weeks vacation. They stopped at Cedarburg, Wis., and picked up the son Gerhard, Lutheran teacher there, and then went on to Cleveland, O., where they are visiting Mrs. August Schmiel, William's mother, other relatives, and the son Paul. On the way home they will visit at Cedarburg, and will be accompanied to that point by Mrs. Gerhard Schmiel, who is visiting her par- Frieda Schmiel John Kohlwes home while her parents are gone. Aid Met Last Thursday— The Aid met last Thursday at the school hall, Mrs. John Geitzenauer hostess. Visitors were: Mrs. Wil- homes. He is a college friend of Maybelle Gray and Willis Phelps. The G. P. Hawcotts visited an Kuecker, and Mrs. Henry Zinnell, all of West Bend; Mrs. William Rusch and Mrs. Chris Meyer, Whittemore; Mrs. William Lauck, Mrs. Ralph Priebe, Mrs. Kenneth Bol- llnger, Elsie Meyer, Margaret Fiene, Esther and Marie Geitzenauer. The next meeting will be on August 17, with Mrs. Nick Gengler as hostess. No Services Three Weeks— There will be no services at the [mmanuel Lutheran church for three Sundays, or till August 19, due to the absence of the Rev. E. Fiene. English services will be lield August 19, the Rev. and Mrs. Piene, Ada, and Johanna leave this week Wednesday for Broadview, Mont., to visit the daughter, Mrs. Homer Morton, formerly Gertrude Fiene. ...„___ Friday. There will be preaching service at the Methodist church again next Sunday. Willis Phelps will have charge of the service. Mrs. H. S. Young and daughter Mondamin, and Mary Peters, of Elgin, 111., have been visiting at the W. A. Peters home. Mr. and Mrs. E. N. Volentine, of Fairmont, Minn., visited at the A. G. and Jess Volentine homes a day or two last week. Thaves had a picnic dinner at Call park Sunday. Margaret and Gladys Nelson, 110 * Chicag^are and Mrs - wu - Mrs. J. G. McDonald and two girls, Mrs. Maude Hanna, and Mary Beth Coffin spent last Thursday at Estherville. Mrs. F. L. Pratt and Zelpha Rae, spent Sun- at the A. N, Jensen home In Lake Park. Mrs. J. R. Mawdsley, Algoua, is spending several days this week with her sister, Mrs. Louisa Thompson. Aleeda Toebben left Saturday for Chicago after spending a week here with her mother, Mrs. Anna Toebben. Mrs. Byron Ward, Scenic, S D »i *1 t, — — j. _i • i t _ * •"** er moer, rs. d Bar- ""»• J-M-IUU wu.ru, scenic, a. D., teau, Oak Park, 111., is visiting and her two children, is here visit- here. About 18 children were pres- ins ner brothers, the Shipler broth- The Rev. L. Richrnanns left Monday for a visit with Mrs. Rich- Aten mann's mother at Wheaton, Minn Mrs. Niel Nielson, Spencer, spent parents, . , . The Clifford Holdings and G C ngs an church the next two Sundays dur- Aliens visited the Elmer Kienltz ' home at Lakota Sunday Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Hayward, of for the past week or two Chicago, and W. D. Kearns drove Lyla Olson went to Hav'elock last over from Clear Lake Sunday to Wednesday with Mrs. Ella Harr to visit Burt^ relatives. Mrs. Hayward spend a week or two. ,.„_ ,.^._. „, „ The Jay D Grahain family The L. E. Fairbanks, Algona* ' . , . . arans, Algona who had been spending a couple of spent Sunday at the G U Fnir' weeks with her aunt, returned banks home. ' ' daughter Phyllis went to Lake City Saturday to get Warren Snyder, who had spent two months with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. G. Loose. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Brooker and son, of Ames, spent Wednesday and Thursday at F. H. Eigler's. "Billy" Evelyn, who has been visiting here, returned home with her parents Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Geronsin and daughter Helen went to Sibley Thursday to visit at George Geronsin's. They returned home Friday, bringing George Geronsin Sr. with them for a visit. Myrtle Rasmusson, of Minneapolis, spent from Wednesday till Saturday with her sister and Mrs. S. W. Meyer, and also to make the acquaintance of her new nephew, Wayne Meyer. Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goetsch are enjoying a visit from Mrs. Goetsch's sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. William Buckta, and daughter Jane and son Robert, of Beloit, Wis. Janet McFall entertained friends Tuesday afternoon on her birthday anniversary. After an hour of games, Mrs. McFall served cake and ice cream to the guests. Wm. Fisher and grandchildren, Arlo Voight and Lucille Bleckwenn, returned last week after a visit at Mr. Fisher's daughter, Mrs. Carl Beck's at Hawley, Minn. The Rev. and Mrs. R. W. Kabelitz, and family, returned home Friday after a week with Mrs. Kabelitz's parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. C Snyder, Cedar Rapids. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ohm, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reeder, and Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Ruske spent the week-end at the Okobojis. Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod and Mrs. Emma Curry attended a quilting party at Mrs. Anna Osborn's Friday afternoon. Dr. J. A. Mueller spent Tuesday morning in Ringsted aiding Dr. Kirkegaard with several tonsil operations. Mrs. S. W. Meyer and infant son, Wayne LeRoy, returned home from the General hospital, Algona, last Tuesday. Mrs. Henry Wegener, Algona, spent Thursday with her sister, Mrs. Henry Reimera. Marjorie and Eunice Johnson spent Friday and Saturday with Mary Ann Bohn. Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wander attended the rodeo at Algona Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Enos Wrede, of Burt", spent Friday with her parents, the G. R. Krauses. stopped here Sunday. They had played at Estherville and were defeated 7-6. , , . The German Reformed church held a picnic Sunday on the school grounds. Mrs. Louise Tillmoney ana the Joe Dalas family, Wells, Minn., spent Sunday at L. W. Wtemer's. Mrs. Tillmoney stayed for a week. Wm. Garry's aunt, of Guckeen, spent last week here. The Methodist Aid will hold another picnic in the park Thursday. Alice Mayne and Margaret Zlel- ske came home Saturday from a week at the world's fair. Mrs. Charles Bashara's brother, Edward Munger, Rugby, S. D., came Saturday for a visit. Mrs. Ben Gesch, Elmore, spent last week at J. T. Welfare's. Fred Karsten and his mother, both of Chicago, spent last week at Mrs. John Looft's. The families are old friends. Mr. and Mrs. P .W. Reeco, Lum- id the two Pugsley boys o Des Moines Friday, returning Sundayi Marjorte Matzener came home with them. Mrs. Glen Behse came home from the Buffalo Center hospital last week Tuesday. Leona Patterson is helping with the work. ents at Cleveland, is staying at the liam Wehrspann, Henry Krueger, Ottosen; Mrs, Mrs. William Lowden Pastor Visits Here— The Rev. and Mrs. Herman Maas, Lowden, and their daughter Erma called Friday at the John Kohlwes home. Mr. Maas is a brother of Mrs..Kohlwes. Before coming here the Maas family had visited Mrs. Maas' sister, Mrs. George Sander- field, Welcome, Minn., and. at the Rev. Erwin E. Schroeder's,'Correll, Minn. Band Plays at Fairville— A number from here attended a mission festival at Fairville Sunday in the Robert Wegener grove. The little German band, of Lotts Creek, accompanied the singing and played selections at noon. Next Sunday the band will play for a festival at West Bend, and on August 12 will play at Whittemore. Mrs. Edwin Lieb Has Birthday— The William, Albert, and Hugo Meyers and the Herman Voights, all of Whittemore, the Henry Laucks, West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Lieb, St. Benedict, and the Arnold Meines spent Sunday evening at Adam and Edwin Lieb's and helped Mrs. Edwin Lieb celebrate her birthday Saturday. Mrs. A. Moine Birthday Observed— The Adam and Edwin Liebs, the Louis Hackbarths, the John Meines Whittemore, and the Reinhard Leibs, St. Benedict, helped Mrs. Arnold Meine celebrate a birthday Friday evening. Other Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Cockham, Milwaukee, and Mrs. Minnie Reisner, Watertown, Wis., arrived Sunday to visit the Herman and Noah Reisners. Mrs. Cockham is a cousin of Herman, and Mrs. Reisner is a sister of Herman's wife. Johanna Fiene spent last week at the Okobojis, the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Thorpe, of Algona. They returned Sunday. The Harold Smiths left last week Tuesday for points in Illinois and were also to attend the world's fair. Mrs. Emilie Heldenwith spent Saturday and Sunday at Fred Wegener's, near Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lieb are sick with summer flu. Carl Pijahn Is suffering from blood-poisoning. LEGAL NOTICES Ledyard Gus Anderson and D. B. Mayer are tearing down the old hay barn, one of the land marks of the town, having been used years ago to store baled hay by the Dunlap brothers. Friends here will be sorry to hear that Elmer Anderson's two children are ill with both the whooping cough and smallpox. Floyd Colwell, Grant, entertained friends and neighbors at a dance in the old Woodman hall last Thursday evening. Mrs. Gertie Black and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Black, all of Des Moines, spent the week-end at the Robert Curtis and Fred Darnell homes. Reuben Green, Lake Mills, was home a few hours Sunday. He came to get "King" Kramersmeler to play ball with them. The H. D. Maynes went" to Alden Saturday to attend a Neuenfeldt reunion. Mrs. Mayne's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gus Nuenfeldt, are well known here, having had the Standard Oil station for several years. The Grant M. B. Aid will present a home talent play, The Last School Daze, Thursday night in the Grant school. Supt. Hammond is directing the cast. Frank Moultdb, woo catches for tbe Lake Mills baseball team, AMENDMENT TO ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION. Know All Men by These Presents: That at a general meeting of the stockholders of the Algona Building & Loan Association, a corporation duly organized under the laws of the State of Iowa, held at the corporation's principal place of business in Algona, Iowa, on the 7th day of June, A. D. 1934, after due and legal notice had been given to the stockholders thereof in conformity with its articles of incorporation and the laws of the state, at which the requisite majority of the stock of said corporation was represented, the following amendments were adopted by the stockholders of said Company, as shown below: Total number of shares outstanding 2236 Total number shares of stock represented at this meeting. 987 Total number shares of stock voted in favor of amendment 987 AMENDMENTS RESOLVED, That Article III-of the Articles of Incorporation of the Algona Building and Loan Association be amended by striking out all of Article III of said Articles of Incorporation, and Inserting as Article III of the said Articles of Incorporation the following: Article ni. Purpose and Powers. The general nature of the business to be transacted by this corporation and the purposes for which this Association is formed shall be to raise money to be loaned to its members, to enable its members to invest their savings; to enable the borrowers to purchase real estate, build houses, buildings, and make improvements thereon; also to acquire, hold, encumber, and convey such real estate and personal property as may be legitimately pledged to tt in loans or may be otherwise transferred to it in due course of its business, also to buy real estate, erect buildings and make improvements thereon, to rent and sell real estate and to do any and all acts which may be necessary to carry out the intents and purposes of this corporation. The object of the corporation being to promote and assist residents of Kossuth county, Iowa, to acquire a home by enabling its members to invest small sums monthly on one hand, and on the other hand to provide money with which they may build homes and pay for them in monthly installments and at a fair rate of interest. It is further RESOLVED that Article V of said Articles of Incorporation of said Algona Building and Loan Association be amended by striking out all of Article V as originally written and inserting in ieu thereof the following as Article V of the Articles of Incorporation of said corporation: Article V. Plan of Making Loans. The plan of making loans by this Association shall be as follows: The funds of the Association shall be loaned to its members only and secured by mortgage on real estate situated within the limits of Kossuth county, Iowa, and by the assignment of the Certificates of Stock as collateral. The rate of interest shall be not to exceed eight per cent per annum, which shall be paid to the Association in monthly installments on the dates on which the monthly installments on shares become due. Persons desiring loans shall file with the Secretary a written application on blanks furnished by the Association. All applications for loans and the security offered therefor must be examined and passed upon by the Board of Directors at a regular or a special meeting, and if accepted the applicant shall procure at his own expense and file with the Secretary a certified abstract of title of the real estate offered as security, and shall also pay the actual and reasonable expenses of closing the loan, including the fees for recording of mortgages and releases. The Directors shall determine who shall be entitled to the loan of the funds on hand It is further RESOLVED that Article VI of said Articles of Incorporation of said Algona Building and Loan Association be amended by striking out all of Article VI as originally written and inserting in lieu thereof the following as Article VI of the Articles of Incorporation of said corporation: Artlcla VL Plan of Dlstributini? Profits, B The net profits arising from the receipt of interest, fines, withdrawals, transfer fees and other sources, after the payment of the expenses and losses, if any, shall upon the first day of January and the first day of July ot each year, be ap- portioned pro rata among the share o.wners according to the average book value of each member's stock during the dividend period, excepting that for each period the Board of Directors of said Association shall set aside any part of the net dividend as they deem necessary in a contingent and or reserve fund for the purpose of paying any losses sustained by this Association. It is further RESOLVED that Article VII of the Articles of Incorporation of the Algona Building and Loan Association be amended by striking out all of Article VII as originally written, and inserting in lieu thereof the following as Article VII of the Articles ot Incorporation of said corporation. Article Til. I'lnn of Equalizing Losses. All losses in excess of the contingent and or reserve fund shall be apportioned among the shares outstanding In proportion to their then present book or paid In value. It is further RESOLVED that Article IX of said Articles of Incorporation of the Algona Building and Loan Association be amended by striking out all of Article IX as originally written and inserting in lieu thereof the following as Article IX of the Articles of Incorporation of said corporation: Article IX. Expenses. All expenditure and expenses for management and conducting the affairs of this Association, not Including membership fees and charges for closing loans, shall be paid from the receipts of Interest, premiums and other sources of profit. Said expenses shall not exceed the rates named In Section 9348 of the Code of 1931 of Iowa. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That Article X of the Articles of Incorporation of the Algona Build- Ing and Loan Association, together with all amendments thereto, are repealed, and in lieu thereof the following provisions are inserted as Article X of said Articles of Incorporation: Article X. Capital Stock and Shares. The Capital Stock of this Corporation shall be One Million Dollars, which stock shall be divided into shares of the ultimate par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) each. The capital stock shall be divided into four (4) classes, known as 'Class A Stock,' "Class B Stock," "Class C Stock," and "Class D Stock." The stock shall be paid for in the following manner: The full par value of One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) per share on "Class A Stock", payable at time of Issuance. Upon all shares of such fully paid stock, dividends shall be paid in cash at each dividend period, at such rate as may be fixed by the Board of Directors, but not to exceed eight per centum (8%) per annum, and in no event shall the rate of dividend so declared on such shares of fully paid stock exeeed the rate of dividend declared upon other stock of this Association. All such shares of stock shall be subject to be called in and redeemed by this Association by giving the holder thereof thirty (30) days notice thereof. The sum of One Dollar ($1.00) per share on "Class B Stock," seventy-five cents ($.75) per share on "Class C Stock" and Fifty Cents ($.50) per share on "Class D Stock 1 ,' each month in advance and when the amounts so paid, together'with the earnings apportioned to such share (less the proportionate share of losses (If any) equals the par value of such shares, such stock shall cease to draw dividends and shall be redeemed at par. No person shall hold more than One Hundred (100) shares of stock at any one time. The President and Secretary of the corporation were duly authorized and directed to sign, acknowledge record and publish and do all :hings which are by the law required to execute, complete, and carry into effect the above amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, of said corporation. We, H. R. Cowan and C. R. LaBarre, chairman and secretary of said meeting, do hereby certify the above to be a true statement of the proceedings of the stockholders at ;he above named meeting. Signed: H. R. COWAN, Chairman. C. R. LA BARRE, Secretary. In conformity with the above resolutions we, the President and Secretary of said corporation, have executed this Instrument and do hereby sign and acknowledge same for and in behalf of the said corporation this 28th day of June, 26/100 ($456.26) Dollars and costs, taxed at Forty and 80/100 ($40.80) Dollars and accruing cvosts, I havo levied upon the following described real property as the property of tho said E. N. Taylor, Incorporated, et ali to satisfy said execution, towit: Lot Two (2) In Block One Hundred Fifty-two (152) Call's addition to Algona, Iowa, together with all improvements situated thereon, including office building and Fairbanks- Morse ten-ton truck scales; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 31st day of July, 1934, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa at the hour of 10 o'clock a. in., of said day, wh'en and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this 28th day of Juno, 1934. CARL DAHLHAUSER, Sheriff of Kossuth County,.Iowa By Casey Loss, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & Llnnan, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 44-45 dersigned. Dated at A Ico of July, j^ day NOTICE OF REFEREE'S SALE IN PARTITION No. 14984. In the District Court of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. HERMAN KKNNE, ABERHART KENNE and HENRY KENNE, Plaintiffs, vs. JOHN KENNE and LENA KENNE, his wife; THEODORE KENNE and KATE KENNE, his wife; OTTO KENNE and MARY KENNE, his wife; CASPER KENNE, single; ANTHONY KENNE, single; LUCY KENNE; HERMAN KENNE, as administrator of the Estate of Conrad Kcnne, absentee; ELBERT & POIROT; KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA; ADAM-LUCHSINGER; C. L. ROE; GEORGE J. ELBERT; GEORGE SCHACHT; JOE KENNE and DELORES KENNE, his wife; J. M. FLEMING; SUSANNA ANDRE; FRANK KAJEWSKI, as Executor of the Estate of Peter Andre, deceased, Defendants. By virtue of an Order of Sale directed to the undersigned Referee from the Clerk of the ahove named ourt in a Decree obtained in said iourt on the 25th day of June, 1934, in favor of the plaintiffs above named and against the defendants above named, for the partition of the real estate named in and described in said plaintiffs' petition, I will on the 18th day of August, 1934, offer for sale to the highest bidder the following real estate situated in Kossuth county, Iowa, to wit: The East One-half of the Northwest Quarter (E% NW%)' and the Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SW% NE 1 /!) of Section Twenty-seven (27), Township- Ninety-four (94), North, Range Twenty- eight (28), West of the 5th P. M. and Lots Nine (9) and Ten (10)' of Block Ten (10) of the Original Town of Whittemore, Iowa. Said sale to be on the following terms: Cash upon delivery of deeds and merchantable abstracts. Said sale to take place In front of the east door of the Court House in Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of ten o'clock a. m. of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the un- * H. R. COWAN, President. C. R. LA BARRE, Secretary. STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. Be it remembered, That on this 28th day of June, A. D. 1934, before me, a notary public in and for said county and state, personally appeared H. R. Cowan and C. R. LaBarre, each being to me personally known, who, being duly sworn did say that they are the president and secretary, respectively, of the Algona Building & Loan Association and that said instrument was signed and sealed in behalf of said corporation by authority of its stockholders, and that they acknowledged said instrument to be the voluntary act and deed of said -. --_*,„„ my n$md and notarial seal at Algona, Iowa, in the My of Kossuth, State of Iowa, the day and year last above written (Seal) ELIZABETH M! NUGENT Notary public in and for said [ ~ i7 County and State. NOTICE OP SHERIFFS SALE STATE OF IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY. SS ^.Ss^s 1 Court of Kossuth cou on a Judgment rendered _-— court on the 19th dav June, 1934, in favor of Kc yS fala& . Mlnin e Company, as pi tiff, and against B. N. Tayloir corporate*, as defendant for sum of Four Hundred™-' by icb- the direct- county, • in -—, of Keystone plain ', Inthe and T Iowa, thl 44-46 Kossimt Stains, as Plaintiff "l° East hair nf n, 0 g' "«1 top, the Sn U M, WP8 »<w ( Southwest r, ""iiiiir>ast Southwest Qimrlor cast Quarter and Quarter nf U, 0 N om . n . t --„ of Section K0 v,.n ? ost Q»ai Ninety-five («i.-) u)l lr^-^- <w ($325.00) nolla, s costs, I imvc loviod unoi, lowing doscribod roil tho property of tho «,„ lins, Faith A. fr.llin, f". i? Ins, ctal, to sails v« " to-wit: Enat n^ west Quart or, tlic Quarter of th, So, LJ the West Half „? c Quarter, tho Southwest of tho •be South , proceed to soil M l pe much thereof as may f to satisfy B aid execution, w and accruing costs at public ^ tion, to the hiRhort bidder r in -hand on the 3rd day 1934, at the oast dooTof House m Al K ona, in Kossuth ty, Iowa, at the hour of a. m. of said day, whon a duo attendance will be given SB undersigned. "mm this 5th day ot Sheriff By Casey Loss, Deputy 1 Sullivan, McMalum & Lin Plaintiff's Attorneys, NOTICE OF 1'KORATE OF No. 3852. State of Iowa, Koasuth countrl ss. In District Court June ter To All Whom It May Concern' You are hereby notified, that i Instrument of writing purport)!. to bo the last Will and Testamenl Nancy Emma Sceloy, deceased d ed June 16, 1034, having bf this day filed, opened and read,I 8th day of August, 1934, is (i for hearing proof of same at »,. Court House in Algona, lowajjelonl the District Court of said County! or the Clerk of said Court; and! 9 o'clock a. m., of the day alt mentioned all persons Inleri.,. are hereby notified and require. to appear, and show cause it aiJ they have, why said instrument! should not be probated and allou-l ed as and for the last Wll aid] Testament of aaid deceased. I Dated at Algona, Iowa, July 9,1 1934. E. J. MfiEVOY, Clerk of District Coirt| 43-45 Alma Pearson, Deputy. Hutchison & Hutchison, Attys. f ,rmr „ BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING CITY OR TOWN, IND., OB CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTRICT ESTIMATE Notice: The Board of Directors of Lone Rock Ind. School Dist, Kossuth county, Iowa, will meet August 6, 193-1, at 8 p. in., at tt» Lone Rock bank. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the follow- ng estimate of expenditures'" at that time. E. M. JENSEN, District Secretary. 1 2 3 4 5 G 7 Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- Expend- expend- on hand ed sur- ed Income necessary itures Iturw itures June plus of other to be for year for year estimated 30 balance than raised by 1933 19!! FUNDS 1934 1934 on hand taxation taxation ..eneral ___$ 8000 $5790 $ 900 $ 6,150 $ 8,605 3ch. House _ 1900 660 1,800 1,765 Transporta- 500 422 tion 500 Totals ___$ 10400 6450 900 $ 8,450 $10,792 Number of persons of school age In the district, 152. Valuation (1933), $687,165. Moneys and Credits (1933), None. 1,8« BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FILING CITY or TOWN, IND. or CONSOLIDATED SCHOOL DISTBIC1 ESTIMATE . , . .„.,. NOTICE: The Board of Directors of Ottosen Consolidated B« pendent School District Garfield and Wacousta, KossutU and aw boldt counties, Iowa, will meet August 7, 1934, at 8 p. m., « "" school house. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the rouws mg estimate of expenditures at that time. f TR nTHERS, 'District Secretary. | 1 2 3 4 5 6, ' a . Proposed Balance Estimat-Estimat- Amount Expend- WP expend- on hand edaur- ed income necessary itures iw itures June plus of other to be for year forp estimated 30 balance than raised by 19« FUNDS 1935 1934 on hand taxation taxation General ---$12,3,16 $ »350 $ 300 $12,366 ?H/i°l 2nVt TTst«* nn « •* n/\ .LA«A o f/Qft 3 125 3ch. House 3,100 Totals —$15.416 *630 *$980 , 300 16,096 14 ' 826 ils — $15.416 *$980 300 16,096 ' 1R ,' Estimated taxes in mills per dollar of taxable valuation, "•'* Number of persons of school age in the district, 177. Valuation (1933) both counties, $1,023,126. Moneys and Credits (1933) Humboldt Co., $5,000. 'Indicates overdraft, Mimeographing Advance Publishing Co,

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