Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 19, 1934 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 19, 1934
Page 13
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"I'm making last LONGER" lit eky is not a good place 1 automobile, night after fStfttak shelter Is car — for year-round protec- , fi resafe garage " Ot the We but pre- ppearance of my car. cut out balky etarts on jminge. Thia garage , pay. [by prolonging the life of > ARE INVITED > d i garages, homes and all tructures, either new or 1 Drop in and tell us |S. NORTON & SON Building Material Phone 229 tits-Berries fancy western, can 49c Js, Tilton halves, can —54c Iberrles, western cultivated jerries, can ries, Royal Anne, 47c _87c can Olc , Royal Anne pitted, can 68c feberries, stemed and blow- FUNERAL HELD MONDAY FOR VT HUTCHISON Wesley, July 18 — William Hutchison (lied at his home in north Wesley Saturday morning, following a year's painful sickness, during which he exhibited much fortitude and determination. He underwent several operations, but when recovered from the Immediate effects,- he would rise and bravely carry on his work, refusing to suc- comb to weakness. Funeral services were held at the home at one o'clock Monday, the Rev. I. C. McNulty, Methodist pastor, officiating, and burial was made in Evergreen cemetery. Singers at the services were the Misses Margaret Looft and Maurine Hansen, and the Mesdames Felt and Hodges. Mr. Hutchison was born at Newton, August 19, 1858. He grow up at Newton, and at New Sharon, March 3, 1888, he was married to Anna E. Williams, who has been a loving and faithful helpmate. The Hut- chinsons farmed near Newton for 20 years; they then lived for five years near Livermore, and a year each successively at Apple Treat and the McEnroe farms in this locality. The family moved to Wesley villlage November 1, IfllS, and Mr. Hutchinson engaged in the dray business until a year ago, when his son Ernest, who later bought the business, assumed the chief responsibility. He is survived by his widow and 11 children: Mrs. Lillie Benskin, Kellog; Mrs. Lenora Lohr, Fort Dodge; Frank, Wilkie; Ellsworth, Madison, S. D., Ernest, Wesley; Lloyd, Newton; Mrs. Alice Chal- stron, Moorland; Elmer, Wilkie; Mary, Fort Dodge; Mrs. Zella Bergeson, Ossian. He leaves 22 grandchildren, and one brother, I. W. Hutchinson, Rock Island. gOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Long Sickness Safe Driving Hint Iowa Motor Vehicle DcpL Driving in "Deserted" Areas O^K/'i "'?, K'-™'"' mistakes a driver can make is to get simll l, , ca " filfdy spccd °" ci 'V strccts «" H'c wee small houis when strccts are apparently deserted. tr,,'^ * amc .]' r "'. cl l>lc. holds true during the day in sparsely •in 1 if ', rt "" lcnl ' a '1'stricls. You approach an intersection ami f you know there ,s little travel on the cross street you arc templed to go through without diminishing your speed. i"c lact that yoii can do this repeatedly without mishap increases your confidence. Hut some day another car will be coming along that cross street and you will be unable to stop m tune to avoid a smashun. When danger seems most remote—beware! 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His bride is Henrietta, daughter of Herman Cook, and the wedding took place at St. Mary's Catholic church at nine o'clock. The bride wore a white dress and veil, and was attended by Kathryn Kelch. Donald Cook was best man. The new Mrs. Studer is a sister of Mildred Cook, now dead, who was once popular clerk at the A. L. Kleinpeter store. A wedding dinner was served at noon at Ed. J. Studer's. TWO SHOWERS ARE GIVEN FOR FENTON BRIDE Fenton, July 18—A miscellaneous shower was given in the Methodist church Saturday evening for Mrs. Shelby Weisbrod, and Frieda Reimers. The evening was spent at games conducted by Alice Glaus and Lucille Weisbrod. The bride received many gifts. Lunch was served by the hostesses, Mesdames L. J. Weisbrod, W. E. Stoeber, M. J. Weisbrod, John B. Hanson. Mrs. Kate Menz, Mrs. W. H. Reimers, and Anna Reimers wore hostesses at another shower for Mrs. Weisbrod at the Fairville hall last Thursday evening, and 60 relatives and friends danced. Missionary Society Meets— The Missionary society met at the church last Thursday, the vice- president, Mrs. Emma Ruske, pre- BURT WOMAN OF 92 HAPPY IN LOVE OF CHILDREN, FRIENDS W. Amunson Optometrist. Examined Glasses Fitted Accurate Optical Work 1st door south of Call Theater entrance. Giddings Grandchildren Here- Mrs. Wayne Swinton, Galesburg, 111., accompanied by her four-year- old son, came from Horton, Iowa, last Thursday evening to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Giddings. The following day Glenn W. Giddings, Greencastle, Ind., came to see his parents. He was accompanied by his wife and two little sons. A daughter, Mrs. DeSpence Bentley, Birmingham, Ala., and her little daughter were already here. The Giddings are thus enjoying visits from four of their five grandchildren. The fifth is the two-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Giddings, north of Wesley. Methodist Aid Gives Ticnic— The Methodist Aid will give a picnic for members and invited guests on the Methodist church lawn this week Wednesday afternoon. Bible' study will be held at the church this week Wednesday evening. The Rev. W. G. Muhleman, Algona, will show moving pictures of his Southern trip at the Sexton church this week Tuesday evening. A Bible conference will be held at Okoboji, beginning July 29. Attend Odd Fellows Picnic— The Messrs, and Mesdames John siding. Program: devotionals in charge ot Mrs. E. A. Weisbrod; demonstration, Alter of Light service, led by Mrs. Frank McFall, assisted by Mesdames C. G. Humphrey, R. C. Goetsch, G. Boettcher, W. Holldrof, Alfred Meyer, Elmer Weisbrod, J. F. Newel, Rex Wolfe, Chas. Weisbrod; reading, Mrs. Wolfe; poems read by Mrs. Humphrey. Hostesses were Mesdames Elmer Weisbrod and Alfred Meyers. Lawn Social at Fuiryille— The Fairville Lutherans had a lawn social on the church grounds last week Wednesday evening; program; song, Tick-Took, primary; recitation, Lavonne Priebe; reading, Mrs. C. F. Wegener; violin selection, Ada Schniewind, Minneapolis, who is visiting Alice Hantleman. Otto Ohm Birthday Observed- Mrs. Otto Ohh entertained at dinner Sunday evening in honor of Mr. Ohm's birthday. Guests were the John Geitzenauers, Lone Rock; the Otto Wichtendahls, William Meyers, and Albert Wittkopfs, Lotts Creek; Mr. and Mrs. August Zumach, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Torgerson, Bode. Last week's Hurt Monitor paid the following tribute to the mother of MJS. W. E. McDonald und Mrs. H. E. McMurray, both of Algona: "A cheerful philosophy of love is that of Mrs. Aurilla Coffin, Hurt pioneer, who will be 92 the 2!Jrd of next month. At a party given in her honor at the home of Mrs. W. E. Brace May 17 by the Rirtliday Circle of which she is a clmrter member,, she _exclaimed: "'I am a happy woman with the dear friends of the Circle. I am the oldest woman in Hurt. Everyone is nice to me; I love them all. I hope I may meet them in heaven, where all is love and there is no death.' "The attitude toward life of this charming old lady is embodied in the following lines which she wrote at the time of the party: '"Gather the roses, reject the thorns; on our way rejoicing'." made three horses Mr. Priebe has lost this summer. had spent two weeks at the Henry Hoovers home, have gone to visit a sister of Mrs. McAdams at Brookings, S. rx. before returning to their home at E. Monte, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haase and William Haase went to Interlaken Saturday and met their cousins, Walter and Edward Fink, Waterloo, for a short visit. Edward and Walter are both members of the Vern Winters orchestra. The Melvin Mansagers and Mr. and Mrs. John Light went to Iowa I Falls Sunday for an over-Sunday visit at the Clyde Brooks home. They traveled in a new Plymouth sedan which the Mansagers purchased recently. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Olson and their daughter, Mrs. T. F, Turner, Glcndale, Calif., were entertained at Lars Finnested's at dinner last week Monday evening and at the Henry Reimers home at 6 dinner! Friday evening. The Carl Kerns were at Sexton Sunday and there met the Dean Nellises. Renwick, at Melvin Kern's, here a dinner celebrated Melvin's birthday. Helen Kern went with them to Nellises for a week's visit. The Ervin Johnsons, Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Yager, the Amos Finne- stads, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Frank, and the Chas. Newels had a picnic at Silverside Sunday. The Rev. and Mr. Ferstenau, Algona, visited the Herman Krauses and at Mrs. Herman Luedtke's Friday. He is former Lotts Creek minister. Mrs. Hattie Weisbrod returned Monday from a visit with the Harry Eilers, Council Bluffs, and her daughter, Mrs. Frank Worrell, Missouri. James and Lowel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Hantleman, Minneapolis, are visiting their grand-children, Mr. and Mrs. William Hautle- man. Alice Kluss has received a card saying that her sister, Mrs. Har- jlowe Johnson, and the latter's hus- oand are honeymooning in California. Mr. and Mrs. Gilford Hansen anc Mr. and Mrs. E. Witte, all of Waterloo, Wis., arived Sunday to visi the Herman and Arthur Krauses. Fred Kerstein, Clinton, Minn, and Herman Kerstein, N. D., visi ted their sister, Mrs. John Gra menz, Friday and Saturday. R. C. Goetsch and Henry Lindse: attended a Chevrolet dealers' and salesmen's meting at Spencer Moil day evening. Susan Hantleman, Minneapoli; came Sunday to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. William Hantleman Paul Eigler went to Esthervill last week Monday to take a pos tion in the Johnson drug store. Algonian Tree Surgeon; Tells How It's Done [Forest, City Summit,] Two three surgeons IIIITC been working at the II. J. Thompson homo this week repairing trees on the Thompson lawn. Ono of them, John Foth, of Algona, explained the work they were doing. AH of the dead and rotten wood In the tree is cnt out, and the top and bottom of the gash are cnt into points, so the hark will cover the repaired spot quicker. The interior of the hole is then painted with creosote, and layers of cement are used to fill the hole. About eight inches of cement is laid at a time, and then a strip of tar paper put in to allow for expansion and contraction of the cement in hot and cold weather. After tills process has completely filled the hole the sides of bark and the cement are again painted with creosote, and after a few years the bark of the tree will enter the cement. In some instances guy Mires and iron braces are placed between large branches to offset the strain of wind. The men expect to work on the trees in front of the new Irish hospital after the trees in the Thompson lawn JiaTe been treated. Hiuced Rates on LOANS [can now secure a loan of q or less at our new low ^ •new ial saying to you" federal offers , vt . _ mw loan service in the State, loaning plans, * payments. ; as 20 months to repay. 'j^ MORE THAN OUR NEW LOW RATES? need money for any pur- See N. Kruse „ Algona w Representing "nance Co. Des Molnea HPTURE Minne. Amesbury and Guy M. Butts attended the annual Odd Fellows' picnic at Mason City Sunday. A program was given in a large tent on the grounds of the Odd Fellows' home. In the forenoon religious services were'held; a miscellaneous program was presented in the afternoon. One thousand or 1500 persons attended, coming from all parts of the state. Mrs. Anna Kunz is 88— Mrs. Anna Kunz celebrated her 83d birthday July 12 by giving a party for her grandchildren. Besides those who live here, Ruth and Jean Marie Corey, Des Moines, attended. They are daughters of A. R. Cprey, state fair secretary. Jean Marie retui-ned home the following day, but Ruth was to remain three weeks. . Aid Social Is Success — The Methodist Aid enjoyed good patronage at its ice cream social given on the Lease store lawn Saturday evening. Proceeds were $28.70. Home-made ice cream was served, and patrons commented on its unusual deliciousness. Other Wesley News. Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hadley, Ruthiven, accompanied by their daughter Harriet, called at the Ammon Lease home Sunday, en route to Forest City. Mrs. Hadley was formerly Belvina Wigdahl, and she taught Home Economics and other subjects here 13 or 14 years ago. The E. Goodnow family visited at K'ltnllers IVin 3 Games— The kittenballers went to Ringsted last week Tuesday evening and played two games. The first was won by Ringsted, G-5; the second by Fenton, 10-2. In two games played here last Thursday evening. Fenton defeated Lone Rock, 5-1, also Burt, 5-2. Farm Bureau Women Meet— The Independence Farm Bureau Woman's club met last week Wednesday at Mrs. Wm. Reasoner's, Mrs. G. V. Giffin and Mrs. Mary Kohlstedt assisting hostesses. WaUlier League Plans Play— The Walther League met at the church last Thursday evening, William Krause host. A play, Hello, Neighbor, will be given before school starts. Farmer Loses Three Horses— Edw. Preibe last a horse last week, struck by lightning. This Other Fenton News. Elvin and Harold Schlei, Milton and Ralph Weisbrod, Willard Menz, Raymond Zwiefel, Paul Voight, Harold Newel, Virginia Frank, James and Karl Schwartz, Charles Ulfers, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Newel, and Mrs. Chris Geronsin went to the Qkobojis Saturday to attend an institute Sunday at the Methodist camp grounds. Florence Weisbrod and her brother Donald returned last Monday from Des Moines, where the latter went through a clinic. Florence left last week Tuesday, accompanied by Lou Basset, Sheldon, for a trip to the Atlantic coast by auto. Mrs. E. K. Johnson was hostess to the Fairville Lutheran Aid last Thursday afternoon, 20 members and ten visitors attending. From Fenton were Mesdames Fred Bohn, W. V. Yager, G. B. Johnson, Amos Finnestad, Truman Johnson, and Charlie Newel. "Billy" Evelyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brooker, Ames, came last week Wednesday for a week with Mary Jane Eigler. The Brookers are former Fenton resi- While at the Rodeo . visit . A TRULY MODERN Beer Garden Pook's Service Station ^J M^OBHMMM *^ ~*m~mi^^*m^e ^lr —___^^___ Highway No. 18 and Diagonal ix-Bancroft Youth is Made Assistant District Attorney Wm. R. Sheridan, Keoguk law- p er, son of Mr. and Mrs. N. E. Sheridan, Bancroft, has been ap- lointed assistant federal district tttorney in southern Iowa, by E. G. VIoon, Ottumwa, new district at- orney who succeeded Hobt. Col- lesh, late candidate for the repub- ican nomination for governor. Mr. Sheridan represents his county, Lee, in the legislature. Mr. Moon is an old Iowa City schoolmate of W. Dewel. • Former Algonian Bride. Leeta Stebbins, whose marriage to Melvin Henderson, former Al- gonian, was announced in last week's Advance, is a former Algona girl. She was born here, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ross Stebbins, of Kalispell, Mont., and was a granddaughter of the late Mrs. Martha Stebbins. THE GENERAL HOSPITAL 308 South Harlan, Algona Ambulance Service Phone 187. Major and Minor Surgery . <s^Thermogenic Treatments X-Ray Obstetrics Ambulant Proctology; W. D. Andrews, D. O., General Surgeon E. H. Phillips, D. 0., Garner S. W. Meyer, D. 0., Fenton W. L. Tyndal, D. O., Woden K. R. Rogers, D. O., Britt Florence Longhenry, R. N., Super intendent of Nurses. B. E. Poundstone, D. 0., Bode ,T, S. Clark, D. O,, Bradgate R. L. Nelson, D. O./Humboldt; Clean Cotton Rags Wanted depts, and Mr. Brooker was employed by the Penton Drug Co. here. Mrs. Herman Gade, her children, Carrie Haase, daughter Pearl, son Gail drove to Woolstock last week Wednesday fop a day with Mrs. Haase's son Glenn, who has a month-old son, Clarence Amon. Pearl remained for a longer visit. The Edw. Dehnerts, Lu Verne, and the F. H. Bohns, had a picnic dinner at Interlaken Sunday. Mary Ann Bohn, who had visited the Dehnerts two weeks, came home •v^ith them, and Doris Jean Dehnert remained here for a return visit. Mr. and Mrs. E. McAdams, and daughter Bessie, son Henry, who ONTHS SIX M A record-breaking demand has sent Chevrolet production to its highest total in four years. 19c SALE 19c SA1E ANDERSON'S i Rite- Way Food Store SPECIALS FOB FBIDAY AND SATURDAY 1 9C | 9C Crackers, all-crisp Sodas, 2 Ib. box —-—— Corn Flakes, Jack Sprat, large packages, 2 pkgs. —-,- •— Cocoa, Mayflower, good baking grade „).„_ ' ••"« vou»uu»ir»ie harge hls -Perfect Rete,n- e 'Ut ^MeldV m 3Ut the Algona" ' m ' tQ "P. m. Please , Tuesday, come appointment. often the whole stomach Shields' any to voidable oper- la this oo g> anx satisfied l «6 commvurtty. No Fairfield Dean's, near Saturday afternoon. The Corwith, men are cousins, and the Wesley party met there an aged uncle of both, James Halford, from Ruthven, a brother of the men's mothers. Mrs. Lilly, Doctor Adams' housekeeper, lefj Monday, accompanied by a granddaughter, to visit a son in New Jersey. She will be gone three weeks. Mrs. Lilly has kept bouse for the doctor many years. The local Congregational and the Methodist Aid are invited to a meeting at Sexton this Thursday, when a guest day program will be presented. The former group Will furnish two numbers. Marian Paulson filled the Congregational pulpit at Buffalo Center Sunday. The pastor, the Rev. Mr. Boofljgarten, who has been sick, is now 2 Ib. package i Coffee, Good Cheer, a popular blend, 1 Ib. package ----------- -r Pork and Beans, Jack Spra];, tall 1 Ib. 12 oz. cans, 2 cans Pineapple, Mayflower, broken slices, No. 2 1-2 can Green Beans, Rockdale, cut, No. 2 cans, 2 cans ---- T Navy Beans, choice hand picked, 4 Ibs. — — - T Cake Flour, Jack Sprat, . _ 1 9C • ***» 7 bars -----Toilet Tissue, 1 9C 1 5JC . -. M 3C 1 9c 4 **_ 1 «f V mer Drink,'Ice Cream Powde 4 19c EGGS Fresh Fruit and Vegetable^ Flume Since January 1, Chevrolet has produced more than a half million cars and trucks. This tremendous total has broken all Chevrolet records for the last four years. And here is the reason behind it: no other manufacturer has so mueh-to affer as Chevrolet. , Chevrolet is the only low-priced car to give you patented Knee-Action, and only patented Knee-Action gives you shock-proof steering combined with the new joljt-proof gliding ride. 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