The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 18
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 18

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 18
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PAGE EIGHTEEN BLYTHEVn.LE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MARCH 17, 1949 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iuj r*t* pei HB« coi COQMCUCII* tr Muumuffi 1 on 1 um« P« u«>« J tune* IKJ line per day ... I umw PCI Utt- pei d«j ., • um«* pel UZM pei dfcj .. U tiuief (x:i up* D«I anf . MohtD p»i im« oro«reo tot inree tn sit lime* HBO KOpp«Q oeior* ejtpimtiun win be chart* •d lor me aunibei oj tiL-.rf cnr MO up pemxw *tia iujjusiit.ejil in Dili uiinitr Ail •ic.huwmea AaveriiBiim cnp> "ut auttea oy versim* residing dutsiai- <>i Uu citT must DC accompanied by cf$b ALAte* - *y oe e*si ly com pu ted I TOIL to* Hoiive utDie Aarertuune uraei luj iru-yumi m**i Uon* i*itt* tot <m» time raw . 'No rKhpourjbilHy wit) Qv Uilteu lui BOX* uuui our incorrect inserting a: my ciuA&itita im Ail »tt* we r«.s:*ictea UJ UK.II ptup^i cuu>3iiicbU'rfi Kt'.'ie *nu type fat Courier reserve* iQr riyu tt> *Uit 01 reject any MI Apurtmenf for Rent Services Ourtmn* munched and «trecb*d ;.] (Jr. J « ifirracf 8J-( M&k« your nome pretty loi spiing xpert Hun c'lowiniiB Service IF ynur> ] PEKKI.ICSS CI.KANKKS I I'lumr WJ Ulytlirvllle ! Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W, .]. Holland, Agency Planned Protection ULENCOK nm'Kl UUIUMNU 124 W «RH 8T Typewriter Unlurnlshed Apt. upstairs. 4-rooms ind cam. Aduits only- S35 cw. IMioliu 711 Yurtyu. 3;17-|>K-'AJ , Two room Apt. unstulrs. Ktnulshcd. Tv-'O room Aj>l. Downstairs Unfurnished. Plume 4675. 3!17-iik-:JO 2 room lumulicd iipitrtmeiit. Couple only. 1UI East Clicirry. I'hone ^5^5 2-room lurnlshert nj)t: and private bath. Couplo only 51G Lake. 3,0-pk-17 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS MHO Pnoiii For SoJc Misc. One room turni.sncd aimrtmcnt S6.00 week. *J.«i East Mo. • a|l5-i^-l« a room and taatli unfurnished n|it 719 W. ABll at. I'll. -J5C6. 3|l5-liH-22 room apartment I'Lintie W1Q I Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jolin-Uccre iniaolcbitKter O A ilalc tinrdcuc PhrtiR- 1M y:b-clt-tr 12 foot (Hwlii.v ciiso with 30IH|>rt;nsor: vvnlk-in Ijox, GxH with comprfKKiu 1 ; 2 scalos aii!iit !jlock; 3 candy cases :>M 4241. Luxura. 3-5 ck-ti Jeep parts now itvuilable at POOLE MOTOh CO w« CUD 111] all youi IIUKIK Uet Bcliulnr puru- Trom inn ioin- plflte line gl.l.lH PUOLt UWNKH ii OFK11A 1(111 6oulti H!E'iw a , tt] HI titrcfr Mo Pnone Stfele W CHAPMAN SERVIOP STATION UalD & U'vlMnn pnnui ^s&a uon t enftHligoi v(iui liunlly with faulty mtf— But LEE 1'IHES 12113-ct-tl Stnte certified Burclotle Di'l pine 78, cotton seed Burdette Plantation, Bunh'lte. State certified OtfdiMi am: Improved Arksoy soylieuns Burdette Pluntution, phone 782 1-22-t! Hiuh room (Ixturus Why |)^y more, wJicn you can buy lor 1ciiR L O Rol- liRon.' llnlhsnn Ave Phtniu S:il5 Loons Money to Loan Do you neeo a loan tn r^pull m TC modeIV Nr> down payment no itmrt gug.e nn rea tape FHA APPROVAL) HA Th z% RbK FOB DCTAJLS . Max Logan, Realtor *• Pfione ?uu4 Lynct 1 Dihidinp Blytn-villi Arfc AUTO LOANS FURNITURE LOANS . yuick Person ft lined Service Oeneral contract' Purchusp irorp 106 Bo tilth Phont 2928 * 8L1-CK-U Now tlna little junior is cniwlhig Keep ttic rugs clean wltti odnrlcw* Ktua Foam. Ueal'R Paltit Store 3|9-ck-4l» 1 O. I. O. boar for snte. Subject to registration. Jnck Ronlnson Implement Co. Phone 2371. 3J11-ck-i4 1 5UO Ib. capacity deep freeze, hreak- Insi set, inotnS \CK box, ln\vti tnower. lltieolcum rug. 50 Tt. RRrtlcn Uose. 1 oil cook stoves, 2 heaters. 852 N 10th. Your Late Model Car Is Here AT PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. CHECK OUR PRICE BEFORE YOU BUY 1948 Kurd Super Deluxe Fonlor, blue, has radio, heater, seat covers, and 1919 license. 1948 Ford Super DeLuxe 5-l'nssenger Coupe, grey, has radio & heater. 1945 Ford Super DeLuxe Tudm, maroon, equipped with radio & heater. 1947 F'ord Super DeLuxe 5-l'unsenger Coupe, heater, spotlight, and 1949 licence. 19-1U Ford Super DeLuxe Turinr, maroon, has heater, scat covers, and while sidewall tires. 1947 Ford Super DeLuxe 5-l'iissenger Coupe, maroon, radio, healer, seat covers, and overdrive. I94(> Ford Super DeLuxe Tudor, has radio, healer and seal covers. 194(i Sludcbaker I'ickitp, lias radio and heater. 1946 Chevrolet. FOR CHEAP TRANSPORTATION Sec Out Stock of LOW-PRICED OLDER MODELS 5th at Walnut Phone 4453 Notice Weal Knd Barber Shop hu niored > new locution »t 221 South Mil? ow open ior business. Hair cuts SOc Siiaves *uc and tonics 25c. Hours from m to tt p.m. Burl Davidson.' For Sale, Cars & Trucks NEED A CAR? You'll tfel mure car tor your noiicj at 01 Motor Co.'a Used ar Lot. Come in and check the quality of these cars. e) W Prater t>e<ian I my Licensi •id t'ord tiedan liy^y Licc-tise) <•/ Hudson riediin VI K.aisei tied an 41 foitt. iudoi t'ura 'iMttoi 4U 4U 1'ufloi io t-'onpe o tictlan 11635 IX) Jll'JiDI) H3U5.00 $131)500 «82500 S725DO SW500 jns ua 5195 00 Lost LOST 1 gr«n, new »ho«. If found call *»7l w 1V3. 3117-ck-ZO 4-monthj-old rrglttered whlt« coUle pup, with brown tips on «»™ "ad around eyee. Answers to name Butcn. | Strayed Friday, lieward. Finder call Famela Crallon, 298S or 559. 3|l«-ck-l9 Uronn plastic rimmed glass« with double leiu. lx»l Saturday. Reward Fli. 'JWl. J,15-ck-18 Lost pocket book containing Ident!- llcatlon card and papers. Liberal reward lor return. Phone Paul Byrum, MU or 4404. Business Opportunity O»re In Warden, Mo. Reasonable price. Owner selling due to 111 health See cnarles Hall at Warden, Mo Sewing BELTS, BUCKLES, covered button*, button notes. Mae Miller, Alma Bass, Klma Crowder, I'hone 3539. If no answer, 4932. 606 N. 5th. St. 3|15< pk-4[15 Private Rooms front bedioom, adjoins bath. Private entrance. Men preferred. 627 Walnut. Phone 2140. 3]17-pk-24 61 MOTOR CO nup ',4142 33-ck-tl for Rent Bed-room and Kitchen prlvlle«en It desired. Phone 3653. 305 Lake, . 3]17-pk-24 neat till W onvenient to butt] Mum ph '^'25 Uedroom private bath Ph 4641 FurjilstiCHl bedroom lion Uiose in, L!l« K. Uiivls. privileges 3il6-pk-19 2 netlroorna or icnt. batii. Phone apartment; K^s ». 3|14-|>k-21 Rooms at Alraham's Tourist Court 3-15-ck-3-2ii bedroom Ulythcvllle Hotel Phone Two acre5 ol land In city limits 3il4-pk-21 For Sa/e, Misc. Ugdon GOj'beans. Hnlpti Kourl. 6 ml. souin ol lily the villc, »niuly Rtrtge Store. 3;i5-pk-5|i5 Used 8 ft. I'orcolaln FrlgUlalre In Rood conclttlon. Plume 2556. 3|t7-pk-20 Harrows for fiRle. Let us sharpen your pjows now. Avoid the rush. Henry Wr*st brook's Shop T2S N. 1st. IJny PJione 4161 Night Phone 4U2 3t1S-ck-tl Services Tractor work for hire, By hour or ' acre. Phone 3S6L ;j;15-uk-22 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2029, Blythevillc or 205, Osceola 3-M-ck-'l-H Knr Sule Sweet Pntuto Seed Ptirta irii.n rnrlely I have B llnmcd qnntullv nl UU5 variety which are nonvy nro anrtlve type in<l are n. fc tree [rniii dl-;i*a.«p »p vnn will Tina Ortlrr.-: arrepUH] now wltn Ml'', rufti deposit Tni dclivpn by Marctl 1*1 E'rlced ^2 pr; nRniper 1'iuil Bynim Ulythi-vlllp Ark 1112-ck-ll We repair all kinds of stoves Guaranteed satlMactlon. McDanlel.s Auction 223! West Rose. '4 : U-cK-20 .•'AKMAI.L M With Cultivator. Planter Disc, Harrow aiicl Breakinp Plow. $2?50 Farmers Tractor & Truck Co Manila. Ark Phone 01. 2-23-i'k-ti KKKTH.IZEK We nave scvcnil conp OT a-tf-lB trial nave nnl Deen s\)t)Ken Int i'LANTGRH COOPERATIVE. UIN Hic'.nwAv 6] aom'n PHONF 120 for Sale, Real Estate Salesman Wanted C:m use two neat Industrious men ror ins tall nielit sa 1 llnf?. Weekly earri- IIIL;& Horn S60.QO tcS SOO.OO at start with promotion possible. We train and fur- lilsti trRiis|X)rtatloii See me at Hotel Noble. aiytlievlLlc. Thm-wlay and Friday tliJs week between 6 p m, nnd 7 p.m. .Hoy E. Jnme.s. 3[ia-pk-19 MAN WANTED — For Rawlctgh bust- e5G in CentraJ Mis.slssi[>pl County No experience needed to start. 1500 Inmlhcs RHwIeii;]] products sold 30 years. Hitles easy to make and profits Jarae. Start immediately. Write n«w- JelKh'K, Dcpt AKC-210-I90A. Memphis. U'enn,. or .see W. C, Bucrumun. 7lfi Clnrk. lilyUicvtlle. Ark yilS-pk-18 Uetlroom Private Bath. Pli. :(55T ComlortaoJe rjedrrM>m Phone 2675 LOOKING FOR A BARGAIN? WELL, WE HAVE IT! 1918 Chevrolet Uusiness Coupe, radio, heater, 1949| Arkansas license, driven only 12,000 miles. beauty for only . . . $1,595. 19-16 Chevrolet 5-l'assenger Coupe. Radio, heater and fog lights. This car has 1949 Arkansas license.! • Priced for quick sale . . . $1,295. 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe 5-Passenger Coupe, fog] lights, heater and defroster driven only 34,00 miles, as clean as new You'll have to see this one to appreciate it ... $1,095. 1942 Ford VS Tudor Sedan, a real good car . . . $895. 1941 Buick 4-doflr Sedan, radio and heater . . . $989. 1940 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, healer, runs good . . S789. Ford Tudor, a - . . $149. fishing ear, needs a little work I Bedroom, convenient to bath Close in. Men only. 310 W, Walnut. 3]l6-ptc-2^ Bedroom ad Joining bath, 1037 WaJimi. at. I'hone 4yua. 3]i6-pK-i0 Kltcheti prlviIcye.s. Phom Sleepln;; TOOITIS for girls. Ph 2295 6 p.m. to 7, 3J16-pk-lCt A good thoroughly reconditioned F'iano in the vicinity oi Blythuville, for balance due if taken at once. Write or call Beard's Temple of Music, phone 2233, Puragould, Ark- sas. . 3-lG-ck-3-l ( J Any old range, oil r coal or electric, is good for $GO in trade on a brand new, 1'ull size Monarch electric range, equipped with full size oven, deep -veil cooker, clock and oven timer. Come in and see this bargain, priced at only $259.95 at HUBBARD & HOKK APPLIANCE CO. ftlilk t'oiits. Kxlru good producers Phone 38i>7. C. A. Hiinlon, Y> mile soutli city limits on Highway (il. 3-lG-pk-19 • Say, Look At This Special! • 1940 BUICK $795 Fordor Sedan, has radio, heater, and 19-19 license. A very clean car. John Deere J row busters with trip No 120. lltnck Ljirui (lottain. Hcc J H. UrcU, H. w. Wyllc Plantntlmi at Hick- nmn dcurt, 3 k l6-pk-lO UcUrnum Suite, kitchen tftblc c.nd 4 chairs like new, BanrtUn. Also will rctit nouse to buyer of I urn I lure 622 W Ash. 3.16-pk-IO Stork Jluc boggy and pud rii., 6162 1V> H!' OnttKiarcl Motor. Cull 252U altrr 6 pin. BARGAINS Duplex — Ideal location in 1 700 block on Walnut Street, goud •oiiilitimi. 2 jjas floor' runiiu-es. ii li:iths. attic fan, Harare and itoni^e Lot UO x MO. This would also make a nice -I - bedroom residence. Meed to .sell at §8,000. Terms. Cjifc •— Bpautit'ui 50 seat irst clast- pla-:e. A-l location in Highway 61 North, close to Blytheville. All mndern kitch- ;D and fixtui'es : G(iori busi- less, good loiixe. Owner leav- siate Shown by appointment only. JOHNNY MARR, Realtor ' 112 S Second Phone -1111 oi Female Help Wanted 'Two ladle?: with rnrs Fnur hourp work per rtfty Avenise earning $10 00 per day Work IK permanent and en* 3;9-pk-23 Wonted to Buy itlU UALl BRCXJKS MI'SIO STOJli •H xii airi-ck-ti We buy ut^ed fiimlcure Phone 2660 Jobs Wanted Uoofe or maid in home or cafe. Have tiealtn card Fannie May r<Jarner. 102 K.' Koosevelt. 3|M-pk-lB Whale oil today Is valued (or glycerine, soaps and creams. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnul Phone 578 Wn will iviv top salary to lady interested in permanent job with future—must be energetic 1'ke to meet public, experir-nceri in selling and in keeninji stock clean and orderly. Please address Box C 7,. Courier News (jiving "nil description of self and of irevioii.s experience. \ 3-17-ck-3-20' Read Cmiriei -lews Want Ads Mice 4-room. la oatn. 1 Dlocks ofi Mitin bli eot, ',2 ojnck Trom school I'ncc J2.1UU icrius CKKI a-riKnus aim oatn in tiosi. purt ot tne city Will entry ytxxl Loan rhl^ is '2 D10CK5 oil Main btrtict. D-rooina and tuttti, pHrtmily turntshcd Nuw renting lor M^ jicr uiontli Price sa.^W Have gooo tcrmn on Uils Alw> Have sonic {jootl suburban property CtlfRp Lisi your property witn UP toi quick srtte-. BKU'I UUSS A: «AM c:uU\VlN. Rctilturb VOU'^ W Main ITiutlvA '2415 - jy I li — 41 'M Excellent ixxsition available ii General office work to nullified girl. 40 hour week, good start in salary, pleasant working conditions. Write Box 234 % Courier News. 3-17-ck-19 Correct PIANO TUNING And Expert Repair Work British Zone Police Report Crime Decline HAMBURG, Germany—(/P)—Germans of the British Zone are behaving themselves better, reported the public safety branch of the British Control Commission. Tlie police attributed the improvement to the currency reform last year which gave the Germans more things to buy in ;he shops and substantially reduced the black market. The total crime figure for Jan. 1948 was 101,510. By the end of he year this had dropped to 71,269. Read Tiurler News Want Adil Notice —AND SEE THESE CARS— 1911 Ponfiae Streamliner.!) J'lidur Sedan, topflight condition . . . S111-15. New 2-be<lroom home on i lolly St. with gas heat, garage. ;>tlic fan and laundry room. Good terms. Good 5-room house on Sliir- For Safe. Real Estate 4 room house and 0 room house price S4f>00 each. 5500 down -JIK! S35 mo. 8 -l-ruom ipts. ,i 15,000 §5000 down S100 mo. Come to Abraham's b nlcril( ' SU 5-1000.00 Terms. ATTENTION FARMFRS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Blytheville. Ark. ARKANSAS DRAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 2-14-ck-4-H We rcpnir U'(itches. Try us for fast seivii'-L's. Moore's, ^Oti-aOB East Main Direct 3il2-pk-4|12 foiirist Court between 9 a. m. and 11 ii. m. 3-15-ck-3-22 19-11 Mercury willi radiu and lu-ater. has 19.J9 license . $S25. condition, 1940 Buick 4-dnur Sedan, radio & healer. A very clean car . . . §795. 1939 La Salle. ..a beautiful cur has ils original 2-tone green finish, unusually clean 51095 1941 Chevrolet, unusually clean, has 19-19 license . . . 1947 Buick Super Tudor Sedan with radio, healer, and scat covers . . . very low mileage Guaranteed to be in excellent condition, and offered at a very • good price. 1942 Dodge '/.-Ton Pickup, mud grip lives, excellent condition . . . $795. 1940 Chevrolet 2-duor Sedan, beautiful blue refinlsh. . ' This car is tops . . . $825.. "When Better Cars Are Buill, Buick Will Build Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Wttavt mt Broadway BLYTHFAMI LK REALTY SPECIALS North Eleventh Htrect a i-rootii tlOUSC S«00. Cnrtl $1250 to SI750. Dnl- ancc O. I. LOftn J21.15 monthly. Weal side 3-roonl House, grocery business tn one room $1950. A real payltiB RTOccry buslnriwi on 31 hltvAF. priced riE:)xt. I'HONE FIELD'S 2M4 Real Estate Farms — City I 3 ropcvty LOAN: ID iniercciien ID ourtn'fe 01 «HUilft *-rr Noble Gill Agency Cecil Karls ~— F B Jovner REALTORS Clencne Bld^ Plump 3131 o-acre I rack of land on South 01 with nice 2-beclrouni home and rentals netting §50.00 per mo. Can ue finanted. Nico 5-room home on Walnut SM-eet; Highly desirahle locution—all modern conveniences DAVID RKAt. KSTATE CO. Bill Coil win, Salesmun Phones 15033-2486 3-10-ck-3-19 For Sale or Trade Guaranteed Radio Service AM-FM Television Violin Repair Experts Everything In Music BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main. Tel. 811 WHEN MINUTES COUNT The prorapi and efficient service oi Owens Pharmacists solves the problem Every prescription filled with meticulous care Free delivery service Phone 2024 OWENS DRUG STORE You Are Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shi Feminine Apparel Mabel Hogan Jessie Srit Hotel Noble Rlrtg. Blytheville, Ark. I Have At All Times For Sale several traclun and equipment! both new and used I hate Jobil Deere. Farmall. Ford and olheil makes I nnw have nen Forcl tractors and equipment read> foil delivery at dealers* price I wlil trade (or most anvthin; joi| have. Terpis can bt arranged. See F. C. CROWE 1 mile sooth at Braggadocio. Mo 1 Uood « room nouse with bRth. attic »n Sec H. L ting. Manila Phone 97 Personal I'mrty nilnute phntosutlc service STEEN-a 8TI11J1O l|6-ck-tl DUPLEX PRICE CUT oitrrrti one I Kept dtiplc* oil Hi-arn limjinr tlooi luriutcc. ]ioi . srrccn (rum |>orch. I* now A reduced vnce ro*sesalon IMMEDIATELY. Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawbo ^SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF rn II 07 Rcrcs l&nrt 3 miles of HlythcvlUc House &. burn JI25 per ncrc. lyt acrcn house <!t 'i l>arnx,: ll^ acres n«w House & Darn; both tracts In Htoddftrd County, Mo Price 56,500 each immediate poMc.sMon en at] these See or calf R .M. HECK, llcaltor Lynch Bide, i'tiuno 2K)3 or 2U^1 555 Tor A'H'RACTIVE HOMKS 3 bedrooms, hardwood floors Lot 100 by 100 ft. One of tlie best locations in city. Will carry good loan. BERT ROSS & SAM GODWIN REALTORS Phone 2415—3816— E. M. TERRY KKALTOR rrrv An.itrftct & Hralty Co. ^1^ Walnut — Phnn« 2^81 lor Afttc cheap Ph 2566. 3:15-l)k-lB umccry ivnd ear-UK* with llvlnft QUBT- sr* l-n]ily rqutjHJpd and *tockMI U>1 JXTAJ Attract with <1«od $6500 ) U nannnn. llivw Mn ai2-pX-!6 We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 1'lenly of Parking Space Carry Your Money FARTHER WITH E-Z-ON 9m rt Wlndn BEAUTY PROTECTION 'CONVENIENCE AT EXCEPTIONALLY LOW COS! BUILDER'S SUPPLY Inc. • o Highw 61 Phon« tt» I! YOU NEED DEPENDABLE TRANSPORTATION AT LOW COST SM VRCAIU water lot Carolyn St OHy 3:11 -pk -II Wanted to Rent Wniitcct: ;t room* or more Itl good ciistnri. Kcasonivble. t'rtvMc house prc- icrrcd Ur. |» ft u| Stanley, 125 West \ 4 or 5 room house. If you don't HXe children, don'i call. Phono 4133, For Rent, Houses KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL room house, $3i per month. Phone Phone 2089 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry STILL & YOUNG'S USED CARS 1940 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan . . $695. 1947 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, maroon, a very nice car ... §1445. 1941 Ford Coupe, check this special price . . . »a95. 1942 Buick Special 4-door Sedan, new white sidewall tires . . . $895. 1940 Ford 2-door, has beautitul new paint, good as new . . . §825. 1941 Chevrolet 4-door . . here's a special . . . $595. 1942 Ford 4-door, black color . . $895. 1946 Ford 2 door, fully equipped, priced right... $1295 1937 Buick 4-door Sedan, a one-owner car ... $550. 1947 Ford 4-door, a city-driven car . . . $1550. Others to select from. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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