Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1999 · Page 64
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 64

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 23, 1999
Page 64
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r-o PITTSnURGH POST-G AZBTTE P TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 23, 19')') TELEVISIONRADIO Song placement on TV an integral part of action By David Bauder The Associated Press LOS ANGELES On an early winter's night, songwriter John Hi-att hit the television jackpot. Joey and Dawson were discussing their relationship again on "Dawson's Creek." A piano in the background heralded Hiatt's 1987 ballad, "Have a Little Faith in Me." Less than an hour later on "Party of Five," Julia and Ned were trying to decide whether to break up. The music came in as an insistent plea: Hiatt's "Have a Little Faith in Me." Watching with a sense of renewed appreciation for her dad was Hiatt's 14-year-old daughter. "My stock went up with her and her friends quite a bit," he said. It did with his record company, too. The placement of songs in TV shows particularly those popular with a teen-aged audience are becoming a potent way to expose music and to juice sales. It has to be just the right song, though. And just the right moment. Matching the two is the job of people like John McCullough, Hollywood's most respected music supervisor, who recommends songs to television producers to enhance their scenes. Music has long played a vital role in movies, but less so in TV comedies and dramas. McCullough's work has helped change the thinking of TV and music executives. His placement of an Enya ballad added the perfect touch to a moonlit scene in "Northern Exposure." The BoDeans' "Closer to Free" became a hit song when McCullough suggested it as the theme for "Party of Five." Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" headed to the Top 10 after it was used during a key scene in Dawson and Joey's endless soap opera. Music is also frequently used on "Homicide: Life on the Street," "Providence" and "Beverly Hills 90210." Sometimes musicians come out from the background: "Ally McBeal" has made Vonda Shepard an integral part of the show, "New York Undercover" has acts like Tracy Chapman, Ray Charles and Nancy Wilson perform in a club featured in every episode of the series, and R.E.M. is taping an upcoming appearance on "Party of Five." Hiatt was happy to grant permis sion to producers who wanted to use "Have a Little Paith in Me." It has been used more than a dozen times in movies or television shows. "I certainly would think that any time someone can hear your music, possibly for the first time, then that's a good thing," he said. "As far as soaring record sales, I personally haven't exprienced that." It's still lucrative. A television iiroducer generally pays a licensing ee to the song's publisher to use the song, and the writer receives royalties every time it is played. It isn't always easy to match music and television. Networks like to create their own background music because it's cheaper. Sometimes artists don't want their work on TV or don't like a particular program. TV shows also generally can't afford the typical rate to license songs, so McCullough has to show executives how a discount may pav off later. "They've finally realized the value of 20 million viewers," he said. Atlantic Records saw the impact on McCain's "I'll Be" almost instantly. Sales of his album more than doubled the week after the song's appearance on "Dawson's Creek," said Linda Ferrando, senior vice president at Atlantic. Anxious to expose its music any way it can, Atlantic has aggressively sought these TV tie-ins. It has a significant advantage: the company's corporate parent, Time Warner, also owns the WB, the hot new network for teen-agers. Corporate synergy makes it easier, for example, for producers with shows on the WB to license songs from Time Warner labels. But it has its dangers: McCullough said producers of "Dawson's Creek" were pressured to include songs from Time Warner labels, but they've insisted on also using songs from other labels. The executives walk a fine line with viewers. If they include too many Time Warner songs, viewers may suspect the music is a sales pitch instead of a key part of the show. At the end of each "Dawson's Creek," producers flash a graphic giving the name of the artists featured in each show. Again, this is a danger zone: Do viewers consider this helpful information or just another commercial? .'StoraiV King-size success leads ABC to plan for more Stephen King's three-part minis-eries "Storm of the Century" did so well in the Nielsen department last week the folks at ABC are already talking to the horrormaster about another. "We want to be in the Stephen King business," said Susan Lyne, ABC's executive vice president of movies and miniseries. And, she . added, he's ready for more. "He loves TV," she said. Lyne said ideas are already being bandied about but declined to discuss specifics. The conclusion of the three-part "Storm" aired Thursday night against NBC's powerhouse lineup including the farewell to George Clooney on "ER" and still generated ABC's best viewer figures for a Thursday with entertainment fare in nearly five years. The two-hour finale drew 19.2 million viewers, up 155 percent for ABC's usual performance in the time period. For the night, ABC averaged 16.7 million viewers to NBC's 29.2 million viewers. "I'm a little surprised," Lyne said of the numbers. "We're thrilled obviously." "Storm" starred Tim Daly, Deb-rah Farentino and Colm Feore. "This was not just a well-promoted miniseries," Lyne said. "Viewers TV NOTES got hooked despite the fact that they had a lot of choices. Stephen King has an extremely loyal audience." KIDS TV: The Kids' WB! Saturday morning schedule, which airs in Pittsburgh on Sunday mornings, edged out Fox Kids in children 2-11 for the first time thanks to the debut of Japanese animated hit, "Poke-mon." Kids' WB! averaged 1.1 million viewers (2.8 rating12 share) in the demographic on Feb. 13, a hair ahead of Fox's average of 1.07 million (2.712) and slightly behind ABC's 1.16 million (2.913), according to Nielsen Media Research. The Kids' WB! performance was the second-best performance for the block, up 17 percent in rating and 20 percent in share from the corresponding Saturday last year. "Pokemon," which is the top-rated kids show in syndication, delivered a 3.915 on the Kids' WB!, marking the network's best premiere for a children's series. The show will expand to the Kids' WB! weekday lineup when its syndication run ends this fall. From Post-Gazette wire services TALK SHOWS 7 a.m. WTAE: Good Morning America Weight-loss series; safeguarding drinking water. (CC) 26878 7 a.m. WPXI: Today Problem children; Dr. Joyce Brothers; author Elizabeth Strout ('Amy and Isabelle"). (CC) 82472 8 a.m. KDKA: This Morning Martha Stewart; home childbirth; wigs; citrus salmon. (CC) 59588 9 a.m. KDKA: Sally Jessy Raphael Paternity-test results. 69304 9 a.m. WTAE: Regis & Kathie Lee Paul Anka; makeovers. 54472 9 a.m. WPXI: Montel Williams Estranged mothers and daughters. (CC) 63168 10 a.m. WTAE: Maury Teen boot-camps. (CC) 65435 10 a.m. WPXI: Jenny Jones Provocative dressers get makeovers. (CC) 29697 10 a.m. FAM: The 700 Club Tia and Tamera Mowry. 365507 1 1 a.m. WTAE: Roseanne Show Starting over. 25149 11 a.m. WPGH: Jerry Springer Women confront two-timing men. 41588 ' Noon WPGH: Rlckl Lake Teen pregnancy. 50675 1 p.m. WPGH: Forgive or Forget Violent argument; custody; drug abuser. 69323 4 p.m. KDKA: Roslo O'Donnell Matthew McConaughey; Laura Dern; Ron Howard. (CC) 6946 5 p.m. WCWB: Jerry Springer Romantic triangles come apart. 24526 5:30 p.m. WPCB: Studio 8:28 With Al Denison. 424746 9 p.m. CNN: Larry King Live Andy Rooney. (CC) 395588 11:35 p.m. KDKA: Late Show With David Letterman Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura; child scientists. (CC) 4140168 11:35 p.m. WPXI: The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Broncos John Elway, Mike Shanahan; Judge Judy Sheindlin; singer Shania Twain. (CC) 6364694 Midnight WPGH: Rickl Lake Mothers who dislike their former mate's new lover. (R) 221521 12:05 a.m. WTAE: Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher D.L. Hughley; Kelly Hu; Cyndi Mosteller. (CC) 7729569 12:35 a.m. KDKA: The Late Late Show With Tom Snyder Rosie O'Donnell. (CC) 9612279 12:35 a.m. WPXI: Late Night With Conan O'Brien Kevin Nealon; comedian Ed Byrne. (CC) 8008540 1:05 a.m. WTAE: The View Priscilla Presley; sibling rivalry; nutrition; Robert Klein. (CC) 6523298 1:35 a.m. WPXI: Later Kathy Na-jimy; host Peri Gilpin. (CC) 1194927 2:05 a.m. WPXI: Jenny Jones Unruly teens. (R) (CC) 5528989 3:05 a.m. WPXI: Howie Mandel In Hawaii. (CC) 4629540 U.H. mini, .mh.ii i.i in 'T"yiiiiiw m HI II IP Mill I II TO UJ ' ", . ' "' w. " i ! i wim '...-.... .... ......vV''- - naiiim ( ri mi-mi im iiininir m - i ii ifcftMil&lirlr1" tii'i,AftfT r - ,.,.J.. . 1 6 I 6:30 7 7:30 8 8:30 9 9:30 10 10:30 11 11:30 - 2 New "King Brown, Smith" (CC) CBS New (CC) Hollywood MO "Silent Senice" damped sub- "too Well: The Secret Ufe of Dri Duke" (Part 2) U999) Lauren NewtCC) Lalothow KDKA 39946 9439 Square 526 ' marine. ICC) 7168 call, Richard Chamoeilain, 4205 6950149 4140168 4 NowtiCC)8J0 lABCNtwiiCC) Inside EdrUon Entertainment Homo Improve- The Hugh!? Spin City (CC) Sports Night nypo Blue "Dead Gnl Walking" (CC) Now (CC) Nlghtlln WTAE 410 ICC) 4507 Tonlto694 mont 3255 ICCI2762 5746 ICC) 86859 2859 6945217 5525859 6 WW Newt 6694 Now 7946 Friend 4149 Friend 6830 Rock 3897 N'Rad.2304 Jutt 22101 WM 33781 Dateline NBC ICC) 67762 How Tom. T WTRf NOWQ3120 New 4472 Homo 1675 Froth 1976 M0 (CC) 71965 "Too Rich: Tho Socrot Ufo of Port Duke" 74052 New Late gwwCP rUnny If 62 Simp. 2014 SUr Trek: Next 60859 King 8965 PJ' 7472 " World Record 59743 (Now Cheer M'A'S'H Springer 9 W0V Nowo 8472 News 2052 Jeop.5897 Whool8236 Rock 1217 N'Rad.3052 Just 80149 WM 24472 Dateline NBC (CC) 84520 Nowo loo. 10 WW Nowo 6014 Nowo 5174 Sow. 3439 Frasior 6878 M0 (CC) 26439 "too Rtch! Tho Secret Ufo of Porto Puke" 29526 Nowo Late 11 Nowo (CC) 3168 NBC Nowo (CC) Joopardyl (CC) Wheel of For- 3rd Rock From iNowoRodo (CC) Jutt Shool Mo WM ft Grace Dateline NBC Airport-parking inci- Nowt(CC) tonight Show m 7120 661! tuno3304 Sun 6385 8120 75217 lCC) 59168 dent. (CC) 84548 3118830 6364694 13 KlitU' Cre. Nightly lull- Tho NewtHour With Jim Lehrer Nova "Battle Alert in the Gulf " War- Novo Aircraft Carrier!" Aircraft cam- Frontline "Russian Roulette" Rus- Antique "Milwaukee, Wisconsin" WijtD turo7912 not4052 ICC) 51149 ships. (CC) 60897 er. CO 40033 sia. (CC) 43120 (Part 2) (CC) 33965 16 Kfotti'Croa- Nightly Bust- Tho NowtHow With Jla Lehrer Nova "Battle Alert in the Gulf" War- Nova Aircraft Carrier!" Aircraft cam- Frontline "Russian Roulette" Rus- Antique "Milwaukee, Wisconsin" WQQ( turoo6410 not 7762 ICC) 44859 ships. (CC) 53507 er. (CC) 33743 sia. ICC) 30830 (Part 2) (CC) 26675 19 The Cotby Show NewsRadlo (CC) Judge Jo I Judge Jo MoethatCC) Iciuokw (CC) Malcolm ft Ed- Between e7oth7 NowtRadlo (CC) The Cosby Show Nowfywed I The Dating WNPA 9946 11526 Browa 54743 Brow 11110 63491 82526 die 73439 or 64830 67439 43859 Oamo 45656 Game 13694 21 WW) New 37588 Now 51168 ET 94385 Fras'r 40052 Rock 89043 NowtRaoTo Jutt 97033 WM 28062 Dateline NBC ICO 25304 New Ion. 22 Friend (CO Tr Simpson Friend (CO The Simpson Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Dop- Felicity "love and Marriage" Green SUr Trek: The Next Generation Mod About too The Nanny (CC) WCW9 28830 42410 25255 48694 pelgangland" 33323 card ICO 20859 Relics" ICO 23946 90120 88507 27WKBN Now 71946 Now 95526 Sow. 47491 Nan. 84410 M0 ICC) 86439 "too Rich: Hie Secret Ufo of Port Quito" 89523 Now Late 29 W8PA Co. 48217 NotRadle Brown Browa " Mootha Clue. 26507 Mate. 88323 Bet 9562 NowtRedlo Co. 67491 flame 90168 Date 71255 33wvry New 93120 Now 84472 Wh'l 67217 jeep. 80656 Home 76965 Hug. 55472 Spin 46385 Sport 77304 NVPP Blue (CO 74656 Now Ngt 40 The 700 CluhTia and Tamera Nutrlt'nal Heal- Quick StudyRX Getting together 779526 Sports Week HI Place Merti Luther king: Historical Christian Now Richard WPCB Mowry. (R) 489526 Ing 327052 135975 834254 451743 Porspoctrv 769149 525269 Robert 204410 43 AT SB Home Imp. OraceFko Friend (CC) Simpsons Mootha (CC) Ctuolot Malcolm Botweea Now Roteame GraceFir 53 Homo Improve. Home Improve. Frailer (CC) Seinfeld (CO King of the Hil ThPJ(CC) Gulnneti World Record Prime- Newt 72236 M'A'S'H 32120 M'A'SH 37897 WPGH 77120 68472 50965 64656 36385 48120 time (CO 79149 63 wNFii Big 64255 Dat. 55507 PX 76043 Fire. 23410 USAF 19217 EHto Force 76007 Wlngt Over Work) 26584 Fire. 83878 USAF 64965 t" iiikiw..wjw''''i.'pJWi'ii"M'''wiimMonn,i 11.11 1. Ii .mini "TT 'TTTTIFTTTTTTV' "W'' 'm"V ""' 1,1 "''"" "i'iVmwiimij '- -"-'V -A..-- 1 m if m i'i'ii 1 11' .. 1 J.( 14-V' - r.- -'umiMi'iii - t - - J me Growing Pain Brotherly Love "Ront-a-KId" (1995) Leslie Nielsen, Christopher "Cloak and Dagger" i8:35j (1946) Gary Cooper, Wi Palmervobeft Growing Pain Walt Drtney Pretent "Backstage Ula 738746 941698 Lloyd. (CO 7757168 Alda. 44428149 1 19591472 Party" (CC) 211120 cu "Good Neighbor San" (6:45) (1964) Jack Lemmon, Romy Schnei- l"The Out-of-toweor" (1970) Jack Lemmon, Santf, "The Man Witt On Red Shoe" (9 40) (1985) 16m Hanks, OaDney iMovte (11:20) Lr"' der. Edward G. Rohmson. 54849946 Dennis. 9403897 Coleman. Ion Singer. 18451679 48436507 ENC "letting Go" pB.osmaktt" 16:20) (1989) She'ley Hack. "Froth Hortet" (1988) Molly RingwaW. Co!lege student loves country l-Emma" (9:50) (1996! Gwyoetti Paltiow. Matchmaker s machina-LOVE '.4:401 Women reunite for friend's wedding. girl supposedly 16 and married. tions proe di'astrous ICC) ENC Alfred Hitch- "Stark" 16:20) (1985) Nicolas Surovy, MariKi Hen- "Good Ouyt, Bad Ouyt: Only the toeng Die Good" "Ag of Treatea" (9:35) (1993) Bi Brown, Ian I "Adventure of Sherlock Hofenet' MVSl. cock Hour ner, Denms Hopper, il997l Marcus Graham. McNeice. Amanda Pays. Smarter Brother" ENC The Virginia (6.15) A Time Remembered" I Wanted: Dead "The Lone Ranger" (1956) Clayton Moore, Jay "Shoot-Out at Medlcm Bend" (1957) tt Randolph "Hombre" (1967) Paul New- WEST. or AJtvo Silyerheeis, Lyte Betlger. Scott. James Craig. man. Frednc March. u.. "Major League H" (1994) Charlie Sheen. Lazy Cleveland ballplayers get "When Trumpet Fade" (1998) Ron Eldard, Zak "The Reciaceattirt Klflert" (1998) Chow to- The Soprano "Down Neck" (CC) "w new coach. (CO 136897 0nh. (CC) 273052 Fat, Mira Sorvwo. (CO 994168 537762 HBO "Fbthdanco" (5) (1983) Jen- ' League of Their Own" (6:45) (1992) Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, "Sp4ath" (1984) t Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah. Produce supplier loves "Bachelor Party" (1984) Tom PLUS niter Beals. (CO Madonna. (CO mermaid in New York. (CC) Hanks (CC) HBO "Late Bloomer" i5j (1996) "Snadowlandt" (6:45) (1993) t Anthony Hopkins, Debra Winger, Ed- The Larry iDemtt Mlfier lOut for Love B Beck Snortiy The Port of Latt Retort Refuge S!G. Connie Nelson. ward Hardwicke. (CC) Sander Show uvo(CO Lovers m Israel. (CC) la Shanghai (CC) M . y 'Tunny Farm" (6:05) (19881 tt Chevy Chase. Sportswnter and wife move "Boyi N the Hood" (1991) ttt Larry Fisttoume, ce Cube, Cuba Gooding t Murder of Crow" (1999) Tom Berenger. A dishonest lawyer must MAA to country cottage (CC) 62883033 Jr. (CC) 291323 prove hp is not a killer. (CC) 7854656 cuft Movieii) I "Overnight Delivery" (1996) t Reese Witnerspopn, "Niagara Niagara" (1997) tt Robin Turtney, Henry KiH m Rod" (9:35) (1996) tt M.ckey Rourke, "Mndola" (1115, (1996) ttt a"" 484694 Paul Rudd, (CC) 783014 Thomas. (CC! 9833453 Annabel Schofie'd. 20185491 (CO 5956385 ctb ovt :4:10J "Auttta Powort: International Man of Mytfery" "Hah" Baked" (1998) tt Dave ChappeUe, Guillermo "Pulp Fletton" (1994) ttt John Travolta, Samuel L Jackson. Two thugs, boier and enme iMU 37060052 (6:25) (1997) tt (CC) 71647149 Dim. (CC) 6661472 hoss meet their fates. ICC) 91140762 STAR?) "Twelfth NlgM" (5:45) (19) ttt Helena Bonbam Carter. Shase- "Cop Land" (1997) tt Sylvester Stallone. New Jersey sheriff tackles New "Michael" (9.45) (1996) tt John Travolta, Andie MacDowetl. Tabloid em- a spcare's twns and lovers, area 1890. (CC) vprK police cover-up. (CC) ployees disenver unkempt angel. (CC) TM. Movie (4:35) I "Seven Year In Tibet" (6:40) (1997) tt Brad Pitt David Thewlis. An egocentric Austrian "Th Blue lagooa" (1980) t Brooke Shields. Shipwrecked boy and girl "The Quick and the Dead" my' 33618743 meets the young Dalai Lama. (CC) 27255694 grow up as lovers. 7162656 (10:45) (CC) 96062217 .'TT1 ' .?''Mi? w'-'y''gyiyy.ijitwi'ijijiiiyi 'fTPyysrygfTyyriT'jy mftiwwm'."'ywwwii.iisnwpwii' wi' v imi-wf I. . - . '.. . .. ' M-at i J i u A -1 Jla. ill 1 13 .1111 f-i " r ' until 1 11 iimihhi 11 1 11 111 inn 111 1 11 11 111 ., Northern Expotur "Our Wedding" Law it Order "Confession" Slam. Biography "The Nicholas Brothers" Invettlgattve "Secret Life of a Sen- Cracker "Pilot" Admirer. (Part 2 of Law A Order "Trust" Accidental? " iCC) 458656 (CC) 762236 ' 748656 al Killer" 751120 2) (CC) 761507 (CC) 162472 "Call Nortfcide77r (1948) ttt James Stewart Chicago newsman "The ParaHw View" (1974) ttt Warren Beatty. Reporter traces corpo- Mariene Dietrich: Shadow and "Seven Sinner" (1940) ttt m" digs up story of framed man. 121965 rate assassmawn conspiracy. 126410 Light Profile. 112217 811859 ANIM Pettburgh Peteburgh Animal I Animal Poc Good, the Bad and Ugty Animal Aiwmal Emor.Vot wild Retcuo flood, the Bad and Ugly BBC BBC New HARDtalk EattEndert EattEnder Ave Em The Brlttat Emptro (8:40) Murder Houte of Cardt Scrutiny: The Claw of 11 BET Rap 902120 227 633168 Planet Groove 599385 Hit Ut 508033 spar. The Comlcvlew 598656 tonight 860410 BRAVO Br)yB Brtl0 rtMind Art Inside the Actor Studio "Mary "Breaking Away" (1979) ttt Dennis Christopher. Indiana townie acts J as Matter: C turtle Parker Sax- "The Midnight Man" (1974) tt iCC) news. Stuart Masterson" Italian opposite college snobs. opbomst. Burt Lancaster. CLSPT Way It Wat On on One Challenge Challenge Thlt Week In Pro Football Tonight at the FlglrU Big Fight Boxing Hour Challenge Chabenge CNBC The Edge 58217 But. 52323 Upf. 66014 Chrlt Matthew 51743 Rivera Uve 71507 Now: William 74694 " Chrtt Matthew 64439 CNN World Moneyllne 151694 Cro. 924014 The World Today 308052 Larry King live 395588 CNN Late Edition 398675 Spo 676965 Money rnM Saturday Night Live "Damon Dally Show Stein' Money "Delirious" (1991) John Candy. Soap-opera wrrter enters dream (AJt. Saturday Night Live "Jim Carrey" Dally Show Stent' Money VUI" Wavans" (CC) 4694410 1339946 8545675 with women. 3369694 (CO 3348101 5638946 8661762 COURT Trl. 6532830 Prot Homicide: Street 9581526 Pro Coch Homicide: Street 9570410 Crime Storie 9580897 Prot Cock C-SPAN House of Repretentatlve 2940656 Primetlme Public Affalrt 2401120 Public Affair 2492472 nv Your New HouselFlx-lt Une America' Wlldernes Heritage: Vanished: Wttmw Protection Nw Detective: Forensic Set- The FBI Flies "The Unabomber" Vanished: Witness Protection 979471 Blinds. 979651 East 777168 Program 753588 once 766052 Kaoynski, 776439 Program 177304 DSC Lost Ship "The Ghost of Trafalgar" Invisible Place "Subtropolis" City The Great Egyptian "The Real Byzantium: The Lost Empire Archaeology Archaeology Great Cattle Great Castle CIVIL Agamemnon. infrastructures. Cleopatra" Cleopatra. "Heaven on Earth" ICC) (CC) of Europe of Europe DSC Understanding "Beauty " The sci- A Baby Story A Baby Story Family A Family ft Prevention' I Prevention' Tho Operation ''Reconstructive Trauma: Life m the ER A Roll of HLTH ence behind beauty, Friend Friend Body tense Body sense Hand Surgery" the Dice" DSC Work in Progress Carpet Repairs Furniture to Go Home Savvy Dream Uvlng Reunion A Wedding Sto- A Wedding St Work In Progress "Carpet Repairs' Furniture to Go Home Savvy HOME Mixing paint. ry ty Mixing parnt. DSC Acorn: The Na- Staghorn' Aru- Jaw & Claw Detectives of Pop-Scl: Popu- Real KWs, Real AcomtTheNa- Staghorn Are- Jaws A Claw Detective of Pop-ScL- Pope- Real Kid, Real KIDS ture Nut malBlte Paleoworid lar Science Advture ture Nut rnalBHo Paleoworld lar Science Advluret DSC The Thing Per The Best ofU Against the Law "Gun Owners on P.S. Suzanne Travel With CBS Classics "The Hippie Tempta- I Witness (Part 2 Scandal! "Up in I Remember "Three Mile Island" PEOP pie Do I Tn Somers, Harry (CC) Hon" of 5) ' Smoke" (CC) DSC Connection "Drop the Apple" Into the Un- strange but UFO Down to Earth "Reason to Wonder of the iNext Step "Glid- Extreme Machine "Image Impos- Ultratdence luitratdence SCI Smithsonian Institution. known Trw Believe" Sightings. Universe er Safari" sible" "Cosmic City". El Soup Fas. 277526 New Myst John Denver 151149 Wild on Runway 131385 Soup Nt 309859 Stern Stern ESPN Up 491101 . SportsCenter (CC) 951656 College Basketball Northwestern at Iowa. (L) 612255 CoHege Basketball Tennessee at Georgia. (L) 615149 Spo 660052 ESPN2 Sport Auto Racing Rpm College Basketball Georgetown at Rutgers. (L) 5347743 College Basketball (LI 1932410 Strong " Catholicism SpiritJohn Paul Dally Mass: Our Lady of the An- Mother Angelica 7222588 Catalog Holy Land Ros. Heaven VYhyFalthful? Fr. Groescnet JohnCrost KWI" 6783033 6774385 gel 7246168 4125120 l!63089 2835385 2844033 4137965 6822930 M New Add. 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Gong Dating Dating Gong Show GOLF Wonderful World of Golf Golf Acad. Golf Central Golf Channel Academy Golf Acad. ProfilePro " Golf Talk Live iR) Qotf Central Golf Acad. HGTV House Dr. Hands On Old House Workshop Gardening Gardener RoomRoom Decorating Kitchen Vac. Uvlng Gardening Gardener As K Happened: Waco Branch Da- 20th Century "Condemned: Life Mercury 13; The Secret Astro- Suicide Mission "Snipers'' Modern Marvel "Bombs" Bombs. Ships of Slaves: The Middle Pas-nlal vidians. 2697762 Beh. Bars" 6406781 nauts (CC) 6482101 ' Snipers. 6402965 1 6405052 sage 5626014 "TlnBandh'M1981)ttJuhnaeese,SeanCM "Can She Bake 1 Cherry Phr (1983) t Karen "Brair (9:35) (1985) ttt Jonathan Pryce, Robert De Nro, Kathenne Helmond. Bureaucrat take boy on time-and-space Odyssey. Black, Michael Emit. tracks fatal error in future megalopolis. .. 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Hereule: Journey "Two Men and Xena: Warrior Princes "Mortal Walker, Texas Ranger "Payback" "Crocodile Dunde If" (1988) tt Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowshi, Charles New York Undercover "School ua a Baby" 321930 Beloved" 384472 (CC) 393120 Dutton. (CC) 303507 Ties" (CC) 717946 VH1 Pop 259120 Pop 240472 Grammy 148675 Where Are They 157323 Behind the Music 144859 Where Are They 147946 " Pop 414120 Mu 202507 WGN H'se 595526 h's 586878 Fam. Fam. Vampire Slayer 282675 Felicity (CC) 202439 New (CO 205526 MacGyver 366236 RADIO MGISLIGI.T5 5 a.m. WYEP-FM (91.3) The World Cafe. (Repeats at 6 p.m.) 9 a.m. WDUQ-FM (90.5) Jazz with Bob Studebaker. Noon WDUQ-FM (90.5) Jazz with Evelynn Hawkins. 7 p.m. WQED-FM (89.3) Pitts burgh Symphony Orchestra: Bella Davidovich, piano; Yuri Temirkanov, conductor. Works of Slonimsky, Rim-sky-Korsakoff and Rachmaninoff . 7 p.m. WDUQ-FM (90.5) Jazz with Tony Mowod. 7 p.m. WYEP-FM (91 .3) Prosody: Local and international authors perform spoken word and poetry. 7:30 p.m. WYEP-FM (91.3) This Way Out: Gay & Lesbian Newsmagazine. Music, features and news from around the world. 9 p.m. WQED-FM (89.3) Adventures in Good Music: "Stop, Look, and Listen," an exploration of the interrelationship of music and art, particularly music and art at the turn of the 20th century. 10 p.m. WQED-FM (89.3) Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra: Pacific Chorale & soloists, John Alexander, conductor. Works of Corelli, Schubert and Bach. Midnight WQED-FM (89.3) Classics Overnight. For daily soap opera up-LA dates call PG Link at 412-261-1234; thenprcss 6600.

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