Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1934 · Page 12
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 12
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(PAGE FOUH KOSSUTtt COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Big_Crowd Attends Annual Reunion of Seneca Family .lrM\FM TRIRP I 11 _ _^ . 11 III lirniir nAin Ristau, Frank YoungwirtU, Elmer families had a picnic dinner at Earl ULIlULlI I llluL I O _~ £ _ T"\ ^- * ! ._ _. TT ? ._ J_ I II IfrKMh PfllK Em orv. Harold iRistau and Guy Nnal's Sunriav nnon. after which JENSEN TRIBE GATHERS FROM NEARJND FAR Seneca, June 26—The eighth annual reunion of the Jensen family was held Sunday at the Jensen brothers' farm. The following program was given: talk, the Rev. Mr. Faye, of Urbana, 111.; dialog, Audrey and Wallace Hanson, Bode; talk, Joe Hanson, Mason City; and the family history by J. H. Jensen. The following officers were elected for the coming year; President, H. N. Wilberg, of Ringsted; vice president, Lloyd Helgason, of Armstrong; secretary and treasurer, J. H. Jensen. The Jennie Jensen family will have charge of the program for the next year. August Nelsen, of Seneca, had charge of a stand from which was sold ice cream and pop. The attendance this year was 116, though there were a number of absences. List of Persons Attending. Those attending were: Mrs. Lloyd Grob.al and daughter Jean, of Schenectady, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. C. U. Faye and Christopher, of Urbana, 111.; Mrs. C. E. Anderson, of Dubuque; Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Shauger, of Waterloo; Mr. and Mrs. Helmer Hanson and children Audrey and Bobbie, Mrs. Julia Hanson, Minnie Hanson and Wallace Hanson, of Bode; Mrs. 0. Overn and Vivian, Billy, Bobbie, Dorothy and Esther Overn, of St. Paul; Joe Hanson, of Mason City; the Martin Jensens, of Algona; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Peterson and son Dennis, and Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Peterson, of Cedar Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Eisenschmidt and daughter, Louise, of Dubuque. lone and Marietta Helgason, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Helgason and Eugene, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Helgason, Oliver and Harry, and Mr. Harry Helgason, Armstrong; Mr. Safe Driving Hint By Iowa Motor Vehicle Dor>(. Thumbs Down on Thumb-Jerkers J-IITCH^HIKING seems to have become one of America's favorite modes of travel during recent years, but the wise motorist will do everything he possibly can to discourage it. Many drivers have been robbed by those they picked up; others have been sued for heavy damages by their "guests," after an accident and have paid! The practice of hitch-hiking also creates a dangerous situation on the street because youngsters stand out in the road when they should be safely, on the sidewalk. If you are naturally sociable and kind-hearted, you will find it difficult to turn clown hitch-hikers when you have plenty of room in your car, 'but to be on the safe side you must refuse them. Taking riders does not pay. MUHLEMAN SHOWS MOVIES TAKEN ON JAUNHN SOUTH Wesley, June 27—The Rev. W. G. Muhleman delivered an interesting illustrated lecture at the Methodist church Sunday evening, showing motion pictures taken mainly by himself on a recent trip .through 'southern states. On the trip He was accompanied by Mrs. ta »" Un * Four Corners The Mothers & Daughters club meets this week Thursday with Mrs. Jos. Elbert. The date was changed on account of the joint club picnic June 19. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cruikshank, daughter Mary, James Cruikshank, and Mrs. Alice Ditsworth left recently in the Arthur Cruikshank car for a week's visit with hte Arthur Jackmans, Liberty, Sask, Canada. They figured they would be almost of week on the road, as it LU VERNE PAIR ARE UNITED BY JUSTICE WHITE Lu Verne, June 27—Ruth, daughter of Ed Klasse, southeast ot Lu i Verne, was married to Percy, son of Mr. and Airs. David Wegner of »~-«v"~>j »v + .«... w .*,.*... ....„ 1*^.. Fairmont, last week Wednesday', at dHn * * roup CXpeCtS to b ° g ° ne te " Algona, the ceremony being read Ristau, Frank Youngwirth, Elmer Emory, Harold iRistau and Guy Oiddings and left a week ago Sunday. Milo and Al Miller, Enyin Ramus and Harold Hpf went with a house trailer in whidhi 'they .will live while on their trip, Go to Lake of the Woods- Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Huff, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Dehneft left last week Wednesday morning for the Lake of the Woods. The Dolvnert children are staying with Florence) Hoff and Junior Huff is visiting relatives at Plum Creek. The fish- days. dinner was served to the bridal party at the Fisher cafe. Friday afternoon a group of friends honored the bride with a post-nuptial shower at the Community hall. The gifts were presented by Guy Giddings Jr., Chicago, who with his mother is a guest at Elmer Emory's. The lit- ile lad was dressed as Cupid. Fol- Muhleman. The object was to arouse thd missionary and philanthropic in- Mrs. J. P. Nickerson, who had spent two weeks caring for her daughter and a new grandson at Britt, came home last Thursday. "•e>""**t ».i»v, ww* biiiu.ii ( i VJ^lllf-t l (JtLU by Justice H. B. White. Lenore S. S. Class Honors Member— Biegger and Walter Ruger were at- | The Senior Methodist woman's tendants. Following the ceremony jS. S. class and a few others were /iinnof. ,,m D c,^..,,^ •„ ii... i.»,j_i entertained at a birthday supper (n honor of Mrs. Nellie Gregory on the manse lawn Saturday afternoon. , Bible games were played, and an hour of visiting preceded supper. Aid Moots at Farm Home— The Presbybterian Aid met last week with Mrs. Hugh Colwell, north of Algona, last week Tuesday. The women Hueld the meeting in the afternoon and quite a number of men went later for supper. Schipnll School Has Picnic— Due to the fact that the teacher and most of the pupils of the Schipull school, east of town, had the mumps the last week of school, the annual picnic was postponed till this week Wednesday. Studios at Evnnston, HI.— Doris Baddeley left a week ago Tuesday for Evanston, where she will take summer school work. S'he has signed to teach at Pocahontas again next year. Methodist Board Has Picnic— The Methodist official board and cS^^^ss^rsi s^ u sss have ^^ |-the "poor whites." many of thej^^&m mountaineer whites live in the 1 "einian smallest and meanest of cabins, to 1 ^-n * » L »>dernan, Hum- ag ° , » c, following Satur- — ~" tkimu j. U.11.11C1 , Doris and LuElla, Mr. and Mrs. 0. A. Jensen and Eunice and May- ;day at C. N. Robinson's, and Mil- KhJ dred R °binson, who went to Hum- and apparently have nothing I enrich and sweeten life or 'arouse ambitions. Plows of the !"'7" " UU '" BO ". «'no went most primitive type which merely' wlth her> came back wlth her r>«~* -.r -T , "" """ " l "-'- iscratdli the ground were shown in,i parents Sund ay. The Robinsons nard. Mr. and Mrs. James Doocy, operation, and in two cases huma3i w . ere Sunday dinner guests of the beings were not. onlv o-nirH,,o- ^,,t Lindemans. Swea City. Many from Those attending from Ringsted were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. George Jensen and children Leona, Dicky and Dorothy Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Wilberg and son, Norman and Dicky, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Jensen, the Lester Jensen family, Mr. and Mrs. J. M Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Wendall Jensen and daughter Deloris. Those from Fenton were Mr and Mrs P. H. Jensen and daughter. Marlys and son Perry; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jensen, Bernice, Maurice, Dorcella Victoria, Florence and Calvin; Mr. and Mrs. Linus Jensen and daughter Beverly Mr and Mrs. August Nelson and daughter Betty; Mr. and Mrs Nels Withers; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Jensen and son Teddy; Mr. and Mrs Harry Widdel and children Marian and James; Mrs. Jennie Jensen son Bernon; Mrs. Anna Osborn and son Earl; Mr. and Mrs. Millen Jen beings were not only guiding but drawing the plows. A little boy Leona, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Walker who has been in poor health all spring, was taken - ~~~^. a ,, ctc OI1U , VU OL i ne, 1° the Kos suth hospital last week buildings and students at Rust '/ uesdav for medical treatment, and college, Holly Springs, Miss., andi ls now some what improved. except for the color of the young Tne C- N> Robinsons spent Sun- people the pictures migi'.it ' have day as suests of the Leo DeMuths, i«on t.v,«.= Q ~f Milfor1 was shown hitched to the plow which ibis mother held. - ---- -«.-—o. ..— ^^.^^ Pictures were shown of tliei 1 ? the Kos suth hospital last week , T-. _ , tTllftsriflV fm* rrtaHinal f *./sn f«-. «« A 1 been those of . , any well-equipped Milfor < 1 , and Duane DeMuth accom- lle^e is beautiful- p anied them home. Mrs. Robinson -,«*-„„ •**•_*-!-.__ ;» (PTlf? TVTi't! 1™\rtT\Tn + V> n__ — : ~i _____ T-» ,1 college. The ly situated. Doctor McCoy, president, a finel-ooking was shown. At the close, Mr. Mufoleman, asking permission of the audience, showed a reel of pictures U-ken in the blue-grass region of Kentucky where •highly-'bred and priceless race-horses seem to be supreme. Muda of the mountain scenery was grand. Mr. Mu'h'leman was --• .'shown trying his hand at milking!at Wm. Drayton^s. a goat, and apparently succeeding.! Smiths, Burt, were An offering was taken from Witham's. which Mr. Muhleman's expenses' are sisters. Ruth with | Robinson stayed for a visit 'the DeMuths. L. J. Lowman and Mrs. Verla Lowman and her daughter Jacqueline got home Saturday night from two weeks with relatives near Colfax, 111. They also visited the world's fair, Chicago. The Herman Lindemans, Humboldt, were Sunday dinner guests The Ray at Everett were to be deducted and f'.ie balance placed at tfo-e disposal of the W. F. and Donald and Bobby. S. Wed Eitfit Years- Mr and Mrs. Alfred Eness, Ames, the Jens Halvorsen familv, Mr and Rr!h S h A *r bert U1 'estad 'and S on Bobby, Mrs. Linus Jensen and daughter Beverly spent Friday at the Otto Wilberg's celebrating the wflber Wedding ann iversary of the Celebration is Planned— The community will hold a Fourth of July celebration at the river north of Seneca. The Luther Leag Ue will sponsor the entertain- fnrf fV ? rograra is being prepared and the League will have an ice cream and pop stand. r Other Seneca News. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Eness of Ames, arrived at the latter's parental home, the Jens Halvorsens last week Tuesday to visit relatives till the last of this week. Orva Halvorsen, employed in Ames, came Sunday and will return with Mr and Mrs. Eness. Mr and Mrs. Otto Wilberg and daughters Jean and Dolores Mr and Mrs. Albert Ulestad and son S? b # Mnl ? nd Mrs " Alfred En ^ s and Orva Halvorsen, and a friend Pearl, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Walker, went back to Chicago last Thursday to resume nurses's training at St. Luke's hospital. lowing the opening of gift packages, lunch was served. Another wedding of interest to u Verne people was solemnized ast week Wednesday at the Methodist parsonage at Thompson, when the Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Heddle's daughter Nancy was married o Hubert, son of Dr. and Mrs. E. 3. Stewart, of the same town. The ?ev. Mr. Crosley, of Northwood, of- iciated. After a short wedding trip he couple will be at home at Marshalltown, where the bridegroom has employment. Dinner Honors Visiting Family— A family dinner was served at Arthur Krause's last week Wednesday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Benedict, and their son Danny, Mrs. Andrew Hanson, and Lillian Hanson, all of Milwaukee, who visited at Lu Verne last week. The William Larsons, Kanawha, were also guests. The Milwaukee people went home Sunday. A picnic took place at Emil Meyer's Friday evening honoring the Benedicts, and 25 were in attendance. Out of town guests included Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Harlow, Kanawha, Attend League Convention— A large number of members of the local Epworth League attended a district convention at Corwith last week Tuesday. The ,Rev. W. G Muhleman, of Algona, had dliarge of the communion service in the morning, and gave an illustrated talk on a recent trip to the south, In the evening. Richard Niver, accompanied by Mrs. Harold Pihil- nps, played a clarinet solo during tt.e morning program. Next year's meeting is to be at Clear Lake. Good Will Club Meets— The Sherman township Good Will club met last Thursday at Mrs. Julius Stripling's. Mrs. Harry Christenson was assistant hostess, and Mrs. Carl Swanson and Mrs J J. Wadleigh assisted in entertain- ng the children in honer of the birthday of their daughters, Thelma Swanson and Louise Wadleigh Ray There was a S°° d attendance of iretti members ' and more tllan 50 children were present. Fishermen Off,on Jaunt— 'Last week was chosen 'iby several parties of fishermen to go to northern Minnesota. One party consisted of Wm. Ristau, George families had a picnic dinner at Earl Noal's Sunday noon, after which business of the church was discussed. Other Ln Verne News. Carl Lang spent the week-end with tho home folks. He has been traveling tn northwest Iowa as salesman for Real Silk since finishing another year at Western Union college, Le Mars. Lois Eason, of Alton, has been at Dr. A. J. Eason's the past week. Mrs. Eason and Mary Susan were brought home from Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, Sunday. Eric Gramenz South Bend, Ind., and Mr ,and Mrs. Roy Gramenz, Mishawaka, Ind., were guests at the Matt and Fred Baumgartner Ironies last week. The Frank Devitbs have bsen 'having' asi guests Jiia mother «nd sister, Mrs. John Devitt. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Donovan und son, of Doloware, ). Mrs. Ingaills Swdslier and Treadwell Robertson, of Iowa City, visited at the W, S. and Consuela Hanna home last week. '(Mrs. Arnold Sanders and son Stuart and Mrs. Riddle spent last week visiting relatives an various places in Illinois. Supt. and Mrs. A. J, Evans spent several days in town last week. They have been visiting his mother at Decorah. Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Shultz are having a visit from their daughter, Mrs. Lillian Dull, Indiana, and her daughter. Jack Higgins, of Fort Dodge, is visiting his grandmother, Mrs. Nettie Von Draska. Betty Holdcroft left Monday for the Okobojls, where she has employment. 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