Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 28, 1934 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 28, 1934
Page 11
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KOS5UTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA were her Bernlnghaus, Gade, her When Eye Is Gashed SWFA SfiniiTS ^^ mM - of ^^^-^^^^^^^ SWEA SCOUTS fORK & PLAY AT FT, Town (YlcOirntion I'lnnnod— The Logion voted at a meeting Monday night, to hold a carnival some time the early part of August. Definite plans will be made later. liaKc Sale Clears SSI!!— The Methodist Aid held a bake held last week Tuesday at Tn- terlaken park with 150 in attend- lanco. , Swea City, Juno 20— Boy Scouts jsale Saturday afternoon and oven- Sunday night from the 'ing in the Payers building, former' They cleared $13. camp a I. Kort Dod^o afl.or a week's jly the hakcry. oulinn. The scout master, (hoi l((!v. (J. II. McDowell, came homo I'lVolvc tu UNA Meet Saturday night, to fill his pulpit, ''"lie Royal Neighbor district con- Sundiiy. Buoll Pearson and ' Loland went after Hie boys. Vic'vention was at Rstherville Son for .Fop Kennedys—• A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. •loo Kennedy a week ago Tuesday. Other Sivea City. Mrs. Walter Bovis and children, George, Jimmie, and Walter Jr., are spending their vacation with relatives in West Union. They plan to be away several weeks. The Rev. and Mrs. Ervin Westerhold, formerly of Wausau, Wis., are now in charge of the Full Gospel Leo Wallace, 22, Fenton, is Dead Fenlon, Juno 25—Mr. and Mrs. John Wallace lost tlieir third son Leo, 22, Thursday, Juno 1-1. The young jiian foil sick about May 1 :nul vlnTi prK'umniila developed was taken to the McOreory IIOK- piU'J, WhiUomorp. M'JUK'CM complicated tlie case, and death followed. The youth was horn here August ?7, liili, and was confirmed in I ho Methodist, faith in IUSO hy tho R<'v. W. J. Witter, then local lias- tor. The Ilev. J. T. Snydcr, now pastor here, conducted funeral services at the church Saturday, June 16, and burial was made in the .Methodist cemetery. Resides the parents, six brothers survive: Clifford, Lakota; Maurice, Karl, Merwyn, Gordon, and •Herbert, at home. The Fort. Dodge camp is open to scouts 1 "!" 12 attended from Swea City. ll'or short periods during the sum-1 nicr, and work and play are super-; I'l'tfion-Atix. I'icnic Thursday— vised under direction of experts in i Tlio Lofrion and Auxiliary will scouting. The group had an excel- Ilo1<1 lllc annual dinner-picnic in week Wednesday, and a group j Mission here. The J. E. Thompsons ' to >lr8 rus lent vacation, and scout tricks. learned many 1 j Aiisust Gaae, J"" ••. and r»f Berninghaus, < tlier 'n Mr and Mrs. Gade, Ostwal^M^ 1 ;,,, vjsited ner rpHE COW-TESTER AT THE RIGHT has just finished the sum- ^..urday her JL mary of the herd record hook for the past year and is iioing over .- '' an( j Mrs, Otto Bell ht w lth the dairy farmer. Last year 1,2815 dairy fanners were mem- i mo She'will not U, ers of Iowa associations. The average tost association now pro- he 1 ' uo ' Iduced butterfat at a feed cost of 11.5 cents per pound as compared .with 14 cents a pound for those producing al. (lie level of all Io\va ,1 weir Funeral-— cows. Association members culled a little more than 10 per cent of A". .... «,,t nf town who at-| flio | r i nwl>1 , nrndncincr cows, nr one out of every 10, as unprofitable. Mr.] 11 ihlimout of townwhoat- thelr ' lowei , pro( ] uc j ng cows, or one out of every ,h»Donald Weir funeral If an Iowa dairymen followed (his practice, MO; LT Wednesday were: Mr. removed trom production. Cl B. Brayton, Kankakee, 1 /MM Blasely and Mr ilr.anfl »"°' Blasc iy f Manson, I troms, and the Carl Walkers, all of F nnrotliy; Mrs. Ray Algona; Mrs. Harold Kuecker, lt er ^i Mike 'Highberger, daughter Geraldine, and for Children's Kay— Children's day was observed in the Methodist church Sunday with a miscellaneous program and a demonstration of the work done in daily vacation Bible school. In baptismal services following Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Moore's little boys were christened Robert Virgil, and William Uonjamin. the town park this Thursday afternoon at 6 o'clock. ('iiiiadiiins in Visit Hero— The Rev. and Mrs. Anthon Nelson, Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, are ! visiting this week with his mother, Mrs. Swan Nelson. S. S. I'icnic Has Crowd — plan to locate at Burt. Mrs. Anna Berg has returned to Swea City for the summer from Minneapolis, where she has been employed as housekeeper in a girls' boarding school. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Mitchell attended the 15th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Jorgensen at the C. K. Kerrins cottage at Ventura Heights Sunday. The Henry Myhr family is at Lake Okoboji this week In the Fred White cottage. Harriett Erickson Prepare now for coming Civil Service Exams; men, women, 18-50, common education, no experience, ?12Gf)-$2300, steady, pension, sample coaching lesson fi-PR.— L. H. Hall, Box 1083 B, iMihvaukco, Wis. . The Baptist Sunday school picnic 'accompanied them Wlicn In need of glasses Imvo your eyes thoroughly examined. DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa' nephew, of Dolcvan, Heidenwith, and Mrs. Pat-1 here. Mr> & £-\ Mr. and Mrs. Tom Mueller, Mrs. .„,.„, ^ a . ke '' V^" John McTipue, and the hitter's Mison City; Eloise Bla- daughtcr Marjori0p al , O f Koya i, 111.; Mr. and Mrs. spcnt ]ast Thursday at Irene Roon- Brayton, Mrs. au-aniu , g and Herman F an del's. Mrs. Glen Brayton^ ata ."M Fandel and her daughters Patricia 'in Sr Mr*. Arthur Green, Eugene soles, all Ilil; Mr. and Mrs. Wil-| Minn .; and Lillian Iffeir and Mr iffeir, Emmets Ik Weir, Clear 1 !"..'-„ r>:iv TC lr-Mr"andMrs. Geo. A. Weir,j and Theresa accom panied them to ",' O'Brien, and Kafflvieeni Royal fol . a wec k of visiting, jauer, aUjJfjUgona. The Carl Qstwalds, the Werner i Unlrvillo Yontli—' Gades, and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Bor^ hirthdav parly was ninghaus, West Bend, drove U E w GrcL t at the Sutherland Sunday to visit Adolpl Edwin ^ Mri and Mrs I M ueller and his three daughters Fairville, Sunday Mr. Mueller is a brother-in-law ol " ' - ' • —In*-— Ostwald and an uncle of Mrs. and Mrs. Gade. Cliristcnsen Kciinidii Held— The Christensen reunion was held at West Bond a week ago Sun; day. Those attending from bore i were Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Christen- l sen, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Christensen, and Viggo Cliristcnsen. Other relatives wore from Jewell and RingKlcd. To Summer al Los Angolcs— Keith Dye left last Tliursday for Los Angeles, Calif., to spend the I summer with his mother, Mrs. H. jtengdiihl. Ho makes his home with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jos. M. Dye, and will return in the Call to continue school work here. HHE TYPE of Inspeds XIMV World's Fair— Mrs. W. 0. Nelson spent last week, in Chicago visiting a daughter, Mrs. Clyde Buttorfield, and poultry waterer Ml . s Frank Naugle and son Virgil. J- shown above is being used ,sh 0 also attended the World's fair, l successfully by many Iowa farm- fe-n, George, andWlHam I ^M.and Mrs. HonryL a ucJ^Sr, crs , aooordi?K lo w . M . vcrno. ex- AU,nd Thompson Kounion- and master, granddaughter of Mr. and The Mrs. Lauck, who had been visiting i , Mr. and Mrs Sib daughters Dorothy m and Lloyd Walker. land Erwin Bruhns, Fair-1relatives and friends here since [also attended. Beer and lunch |served, i IVelirspnmi 17; Party— jie, daughter of Mr and Mrs. |ard Wehrspann, entertained Allowing girls in honor of her Ititfliday at a 5 o'clock lunch- Bast week Wednesday evening: ra Behnke, iLillian Kuecker, i Vaudt, Dorotihy Heidenwith, and Myrtle Barber, Evelyn ,..;, and Mathilda Wagner, all iere, and Irene Conners, Em- rarg. | Farmers Teams IVin- j North Farmers played klt- I against the Merchants on (public school diamond last k Wednesday evening. This was Ql-inntag game, but the Farm•on, 9-8. Last Thursday even- Ithe South Farmers played the 1 school boys, and the Farmers 17-6. lers to World's Fair— i Rev. H. D. Stahmers and Bierstedt, Fairville, and i Gade, R. N., Algona, motored lavenport Sunday afternoon to I Mrs. Stahmer's parents, and lay went on to the World's Friday, returned to thoir home at Stein, Minn., Monday. Mrs. Thomas Carmody has been sick abed since Friday. Her daughter, Mrs. H. C, Hargreaves, of Algona, and the latter's family were here Sunday. George Carmody visited friends at Emmetsburg Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gerhard Wehr- spann and their daughter June vis- tonsion pouHryman at Iowa State Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kesler and colege. The pipn extends down into'daughter Darlene attended a the water trough. When the water j Thompson reunion at Humboldt fills the trough up to a certain j Sunday. There were about a hun- poirit, the flow is stopped until itjdred in attendance this year. drops below the end of the pipe j again. Tn this type of waterer thO|,Sini for Dillard Itishops— - ' ' - -'- "-'-' <-••-'•• A son was i3 0m a..week ago Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Bishop, of Pilot Grove, formerly of Swea City. This is their first child. barrel must be air tight. Such equipment keeps a supply of clean water on the range at all times. ited the William Voights at ton Sunday. Mrs. Voight Fenis a daughter of the Wehrspanus, and June stayed with her sister for a further visit. Wm. McCaughly, Mason City, visited at P. J. Fuchsen's Sunday, and-Mrs. Irene Rooney accompanied him to Clear Lake to visit a Miss Masters, who runs a beauty Thursday evening, and. a large crowd attended. Mrs. Andrea Schoonhoven and her sister, Anna Anderson, are now operating a restaurant at Clear Lake. Lillian Heidenwith, who had been employed at Henry Lauck's three weeks, came home Sunday. William Hassack, Plymouth and Dodge dealer at Emmetsburg, was a business caller here Friday. Mrs. John Volk and her two chil- shop there. Tuesday. Mrs. Rooney returned 1 dren are spending a few days at Otto Esser's, Algona. Fred, son of Edward Greinert, of The Stahmer children are : their grandparents. i liaby is Baptized— i three weeks baby of Mr. and i. Henry Lauck was baptized at •Paul's Lutheran church Sun- and was named Henry Wil- Sponsors were the grand- William Meyer, aunt, Mrs. fin Lieb, and uncle, Fred Lauck. i High at Butter-Scorlng— ittermaker and Mrs. Ralph P'ett, Mr. and Mrs. Kern Eler- 8nd Conny Doyle attended a ' educational butter scoring it at Emmetsburg last Thurs- Mrs. Bartlett won high for °" in a butter scoring contest. b Awards Three Prizes— The Nick Meurers, Plover, visited Luclan Meurer Sunday. Mrs. Joe Meurer left this week Tuesday night for Menominee, Mich., to visit with Mr. and Mrs. William Frantz. Mrs. Frantz was formerly Anna Meurer.. Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Betake 1 drove to Chicago last Thursday, and will stay for most of the rest o£ the summer there with tilveir daughter, Mra. Wilhert Haberkamp, and other relatives. The Christ Meyers were Sunday dinner guests at William Wehr- spanu's, Ottosen, and the Otto Wichtendahls, Lotts Creek, and Mr. and Mrs. William Kuecker, West Bend, were also there. Minnie Elbert and Richard Vaughn spent the week-end at Leo Elbert's, Garner. The Peter EI- berts and the Leo Walters family were Sunday dinner guests at Bert Fuchsen's, West Bend. Fairville, is visiting at his brother Louis Greinert's. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reimers, Fenton, visited at Archie Voight's Sunday. The Joe Joyces, Emmetsburg visited the Irene Rooneys Sunday Prizes at the market Saturday Zumach evening mer Elbert, a 25-lb. sack of F Kate's Cafe, i groceries. and Archie Defeats Whittcinoi'e— Mallard tall nine played nemore here Sunday and won, Other Whittemore. J?7- D - Cordes before last with thd Hells, and also visited ttoe M!!,'?""!* «* 'Storden, the of ai ^ - Cordes ' Mr - alld Mrs. ami i M r aau f*ters brought a M M,, S . lister fata, home last y- The eldest Bell rmained .ana Mrs. Louis pner Iday v *w, t at Earth for raie. of Lauck's M \,K >e Martin . , Albert and Hugo Mey- o Strueck- ' and Mrs ' . Lotts p ', rs ' Edw - ist Gal 'w k ' Mr ' and Mrs. West Bend : Mr. and ° ce T"t •'' n re ' Minn kltchenm aster, of „ Tieman ,— Fairmont, visited r. and Mrs. Edgar has Fred two ', S uncl ° visitors and Mr brother a few attended a re- weddiug celebration Kic'h'ard Potratz, and Mrs. Mrs. B. Mr. were: Mr. • Mr. and and Mrs. and '. and August * Mrs. William Potter, Norfolk, Neb., Mrs. Anna Gappa, Madelia, Minn., and a son of Mrs. Gappa are visiting at Peter Haag's Sr. Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Gappa are Haag daughters. Mrs. Harold Kuecker, Delevan, Minn., and her children are spending two or three weeks at William Kuecker's, West Bend, and J. E. Walker's, Whittemore. Dick and Bud, twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bartlett, spent a few days last week with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schroeder, Burt. Doctor and Mrs. McCreery ana the Oscar Polrots returned Sunday from a week in northern Minnesota, reporting good fishing and cool weather. Herman and Arthur Fandel drove to Remsen Sunday to bring home Father Edward Fandel, their brother, who will be here till July 3. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Jessen and their son Ralph got home Friday from Elmburst, 111., where they visited relatives! three weeks, Leona Dreyer, clerk at the Sumach meat market, spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer, Lotts Creek. Martin Wagner, employed at a chick hatchery at Spirit Lake, spent tto week-end with his uiot!n- •er, Mrs. Mathilda Wagner. Mrs. C. L. Cayanaugh entertained at bridge Friday afternoon. Mrs. Ray Oliver won the high score; Mrs. Sylvester Hayes, low. The B. E. Walkers and the Erwin Bargmans, West Bend, and the Elmo Barbers, here, picnicked at Emmetsburg Sunday. Irene Ccnners, EmnieUburg, vi- Sited last week Wednesday at Mat- Qiew J<jrgchbaum's._She is a — "** of Mrs". Kirsctibaum. Ralph Walker, here, and Amanda and Jack Diedrich and Lizzy ueis Rodman, drove to the Okobojis Sunday for the day. . M. F. Gronbach and his son George drove to Lu Verne Sunday to visit the former's daughter, Mis Herman Warmbler. Mrs. William Dau, Algona, an children spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs. Dau's mother-m-law Reduced Rates on ALL LOANS You can now secure a loan o $300.00 or less at our new low rate . Our new plan will mean a SUD stantial saving to you. The Federal offers you the mos complete loan service in the State Various loaning plans. Reduced payments. As long as 20 months to repay. WHY PAY MORE THAN OUR NEW LOW RATES? If you need money for any pur pose See H. N. Kruse phone 125 Representing Algon Federal Finance Co. Des Moinea nferlnin at Rnrt Lodge- Mrs. C. C. Gushing, Mrs. F. J. homson, and Carrie Harner drove Burt last Thursday and enter- SATISFIED CUSTOMERS- Have Built up Our Business! We are indeed proud to ad- nit it. Our business has been built almost exclusively through the recommendations of our thousands of satisfied customers. If our service pleases you, won't you tell your friends about us also? We are anxious to help them solve their laundering problems too. We promise faithfully to justify the confidence you have placed in us. KIRSCH LAUNDRY We wash every day. Phone 2C7 the Roy Mrs. Ann «<ivu. . , A rnon'tibly social given by tn Lutheran Y. P. S. was held "* *• It's a Grand Day for a Picnic ... So these farm folkf are glad the telephone called them together. • • v u A telephone is one of the most pleasant tld^s in life, especially in bad weather," one farm woman says. 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